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Entropy and Negentropy

Ascension Class February 2016

This is the class for Wednesday, February 17th, 2016.


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  1. ENTROPY AND NEGENTROPY: Consciousness is energy, and energy is Conscious, and as such they are interchangeable. Energy is directed through many intelligent systems in which it either contracts or expands to lower or increase its frequency rate. When energy continually contracts, it is decreasing in amount through losses of energy, which lowers the frequency rate. When energy continually expands, it is increasing in amount through gains of energy, which heightens the frequency rate.  Our spiritual bodies are also systems of consciousness energy, thus they also lose or increase energy depending on many different factors.  We will attempt to drill down a bit further, into these factors and exposures, sourcing from both personal and impersonal forces. Everything has an energetic signature and is composed of spectrums of frequency arranged in form holding blueprints.  Our blueprint and Lightbody is an energetic system. For the Lightbody to be constricted and losing energy, the person is choosing destructive behaviors and/or is exposed to lower frequencies, which lose or leak energy. For the Lightbody to expand and increase energy, the person is choosing positive behaviors and/or is exposed to higher frequencies, which maintain or gain energy. Example how we leak energy, though unconscious mind control and implants that re-create previous pain experiences into recurring negative thoughts or negative emotions: Alien Implants are used to Mind Control the masses to form socially acceptable belief systems and shape anti-human value systems which are used to condition humanity to accept spiritual abuse from the Negative Aliens and to self-enforce their thought systems of hierarchical enslavement and fear. This is a divide and conquer strategy of the planet and humanity. Alien implants work in the human body similarly as the chemical process of geo-engineering is used in spraying chemtrails in the skies. Alien implants are a bio-engineering technology designed to shape the human body into the submission to NAA agendas, while chemical (nanoparticle) geo-engineering is used to control the weather by harming the ozone layer and create excessive methane gases. In both examples, when the foreign (unnatural) material is introduced to the natural body it disrupts the electromagnetic energetic balance and the homeostatic rhythm of the body. This puts the body in hyper-immunity state and/or adrenal exhaustion while fighting off the “invader”. Obviously, fighting the invader is like fighting off parasites, and this leaks energy, it weakens your body and consciousness, as such The body develops coping mechanisms to deal with the foreign invader while extreme stress is placed on the central nervous system, brain and immune system. Most people on earth live in this stress, and do not know how  to turn off or clear this stress.  As with chemtrails, alien implants most generally act as a “metallic” frequency overload and exposure to impact the overall bodily energies and its auric field. Eventually this imbalance disrupts the body organism and as a result, parasites, fungi, yeast and other microorganisms become overgrown and imbalanced in the body. It is important to understand that energetic parasites (this is just one byproduct of alien implants) eventually manifest turning into a variety of physical parasites in the human body. You will have more availability in your body system and consciousness systems to increase energy, increase light, increase frequency.  (2:00:57 minutes)
  2. Q & A: Discussion on recent awareness of Gravitational Corruption, here in our community we focus on the consciousness energy as the intelligence behind the form,  and take account of these subatomic forces as they relate to how matter is constructed. Since the bifurcation, there is a growing awareness of how gravity, because its largely unknown on the planet at this time, has been corrupted by those who know how to bend components of architecture to serve their energy harvesting agenda.  My personal feeling is that gravitational corruption or gravity devices harness EMF radiation as a type pf energy collection, and also to control holograms that are recorded in the false timelines or artificial timelines – somehow by controlling the photon they can perpetuate cycles to repeat over and over, similar to a matrix glitch, that goes unnoticed by humanity, because they cannot sense how the gravitational field is being corrupted. Discussion on gender amalgamation template the androgynous blueprint designed to heal and unite inner gender principle by embodying balanced prototype of both genders in one body, and how many young people since 2000 have this mission to heal gender problems on the planet, question on targeted aggression from being in power spots on the earth, such as Stargates, and clearing holographic inserts that can be implanted from future timelines that have recently come into our field, created during this time of bifurcation, are using brain entrainment technologies to change brain wave states safe when shielding, (Holosync), newly joining our community, where to start on educating ourselves on removing implants. (1:00:28 minutes)
  3. Clear Metatronic Code -In this meditation we will hold our intention to identify, locate and clear out 5th dimensional Metatronic Code. The Thothian Tree of Life is a Metatronic architecture that is used in Kabbalistic patterning by many esoteric Mystery Schools which is based on the FoL floral grid pattern that promotes the original 5th Sphere in the Tree of Life as a the point of which a new grid center point is manifested and to which the energetic spirals of energy are structured. As we work with the new energy movement based in Krystal Spirals, it is clear that the energies require passing through the 5th sphere, 5 dimension and 5th Chakra, all which may create a vulnerability for the Krystal Spiral arc to transmit correctly through the human body. The intention of this meditation is to clear this vulnerability and energetic weakness in our body in order to direct full arcing Krystal Spirals in their highest expression as per the Krystal Star mathematical formula that directly aligns to the diamond sun 12 Stand DNA template, as God would have it be. Take a nice deep belly breathe, place your fingers or palm on top of your thymus, gently massage or tap the area, now with your inner vision, as you massage the area, feel your consciousness penetrating your skin and going deeply inside the cells, to see the energy matrix of the body, go deeper into the gland, go deeper into the etheric body or go deeper still into energy blueprint of the thymus, now inside the energy blueprint of the thymus imagine you see a small tiny spark of glimmering blue light, intend to go deeper and follow the spark of blue light, the small crystalline blue light will start to turn into an aqua blue mist. You are inside the Aqua blue mist as it appears to saturate all that you can see, sense that inner sanctum deeply inside your higher heart complex where the blue mist penetrates all of your vision, allowing yourself to be covered and saturated within the blue mist.  (39:03 minutes)

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