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Law of One
The Law of One is practiced by the Advanced Races that promote Self-Responsibility and accountability in our Universal Time Matrix through the comprehension of the energetic interconnection that exists between all living things. The Law of One expresses and acknowledges the interconnection, value and interdependence of the spirit and Consciousness that animates all things. This is the path to GSF.

As the Original God Spirit bodies are sequentially being “Returned to the Rightful Owner” during this phase of planetary restoration, it is also the termination of the use of intermediaries directing and abusing human spiritual lightbodies in a false one-way exchange (called the poisoned chalice). A false exchange is a deception agenda that is used to promote the belief system or mind control that “this religion”, this “spiritual pathway”, this “modality” is the only way to “Become Closer to God”. Hence, the term "poisoned chalice" is about deception and trickery in misrepresentation of what is being offered. It applies to an object or situation which appears to be good when it is received or experienced, but then the truth is revealed later that the appearance was deceptive, lies have been told and that the situation was really poisonous for the spirit. The idea of the poisoned chalice was referred to by Benedict of Nursia in one of his exorcisms, inscripted on the Saint Benedict Medal: Be gone Satan! Never tempt me with your vanities! What you offer me is evil. Drink the poison yourself! 

Salvationistic models and Redemptive models of a required martyr’s blood in exchange for the world’s sins are complete. Many of these appointed “Intermediaries of God” have abused their knowledge and power over their vow to serve human beings as God’s humble servant. They have become drunk from the poisoned cup. When the ego nature takes control to manipulate outcomes that satisfy personal agendas over the will of God, black magic is being used. This is the understanding that when we are separated from consciousness and use esoteric knowledge to control others, the result is black magic. When we choose to serve agendas of personal power over others, greed or material wealth, we are easily corrupted by continually drinking from the poisoned chalice. 

This consumption of others energies has been the way many humans (and non-humans for the NAA) have abused the energetic consciousness power of the masses into an global enslavement program based upon misogyny and disdain for the “genetically undesirable”. The wounds of discrimination are based upon this model as it creates a continual enemy and war patterning designed to divide and conquer the human race. The genetic undesirable is considered the slave to a self-proclaimed Reptilian Master or Human Tyrant, who imposes his karmic load repeatedly upon the slave. This is a trick the dark controllers have been playing on all levels of human beings for at least the last 5,000 years. Unfortunately this mind control thoughtform passed down through the generations, altering human DNA by continuing this ignorance of race discrimination and its infection into the global social and economic structures. 

Holding the thought patterns of Christos intention in our Heart to Unify with the Original and Eternal God Spirit and with all of humanity, heals this pain inside caused from the “wound of discrimination”. Through these inspirations of Christ we will also terminate and clear the many ways the “poisoned chalice” has infected our daily lives. For we are about to drink from another cup…

The Eucharistic Body

In many Christian based religious traditions there are a variety of beliefs concerning this term and its use as a magical “rite” to represent the human body and human soul to be in Communion with Christ in order to become Confirmed by God. From Wikipedia : The Eucharist, also called Holy Communion, the Sacrament of the Altar, the Lord's Supper, and other names, is a sacrament or ordinance that Christians celebrate in accordance with the instruction that, according to the New Testament, Jesus gave at his Last Supper to do in his memory what he did when he gave his disciples bread, saying, "This is my body", and wine, saying, "This is my blood". 

This is a rite that describes the relationship of a human being to the Body of the Christos and its connection being made alive in the Blood of the Christ. According to the Guardians this “Eucharist” (or Eukakrist) is an actual “living spirit body” of the Christos Intelligence - it is a group body as well as a personal light body. It has been supported in the new architecture of Krystal Host to become manifested as an actual living consciousness body on the planet. This “Christ Body” is now able to manifest through the “House that God Built”, through the activation of the living light architecture blueprint held in our human DNA which activates our Inner Christ consciousness. 

This body is represented at two levels of physical function and stages of development, the “body structure” itself and the “bloodline”. The life blood of Christ must have a structure of which to carry and circulate, and that is represented by the Chalice. (The Holy Grail of Christ Blood) The Golden Chalice is the Golden Heart that circulates God’s Holy Blood to Creation, The Christos Bloodline. The Chalice “Eucharist body” as given to the planetary heart (as well as multiple areas becoming Diamond Heart Centers for the planet) is beating for the first time. This is rapidly changing the collective emotional body of the earth and human beings, as deep unconscious memories surface to be healed, as well as open to change the heart functions. The Christos body of the Eucharist ritual is represented by the taking of the bread, which is the representation of the new Unity Architecture as a “skeletal” structure that Houses the Christos Body on Earth. As the “Blood” can now give life to the “Body” - many of us are now experiencing additional changes within our own blood and bone matrix. (We are the microcosm to the macrocosm, as Starseeds we are designed to embody the ascending prototype first) Our skeletal bone structure and the marrow are responsible for the production of new red blood cells, and our core skeletal structure (bone matrix) is changing now to house the new “Christos Body”. The change to “blood and bone” has given many of us a new meaning to the term of “exhausted to the bone”! For months now we have been sleeping and laying down during the recalibration process. Indigos and Star beings evolving this “Christos” body prototype will experience both of the extremes, based on the self-responsibility to etherically clear the blocked energy patterns from the body and Auric field. Please meditate and work your tools to clear your body. Have a Happy Easter! (Newsletter: May 2011)

Today's Reflection

"The greatest medicine is the emptiness of everything." ~Atisha (11th century Tibetan Buddhist master)


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