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Ascension Glossary

Many of my clients and soul family have asked for a basic definition of some of the terms I use in client etheric sessions or the Ascension and Meditation Treatments I prescribe as homework. I have noticed that since my spiritual lineage is heavily weighted as a Sirian Council Incarnate that many of the terms have been described to me with a “Sirian” energetic resonance and terminology. This is an ongoing project so I appreciate your patience. If you have any terms of definition you would like to add to the glossary please email your request.


12-D Ray
12-D Shield
Akashic Records
alpha-to-omega clearing
Anti-time conflicts
Atomic Doorway
Axiatonal alignment
Curry grids
Electomagnetic Battery Body
Fire Letters
Indigo Races
Kristos race
Law of One
Ley lines
Monadic blueprint
Morphogenetic field
Primordial Imprints
Seed Crystals
Silicate Matrix
Sirian High Council
Spiritual Ascension
Starseed Identity Matrix
Time matrix(es)
void (in this context)
Ze Or Continuum

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