Shifting Timelines
There are many subtle force reconfigurations occurring at the quantum level of the planetary mainframe that are changing the way the external and collective energy fields organize and manifest into the world.
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We have to move through the series of Timelines in each dimensional octave and reclaim our identity while recoding and changing the obsolete or false reality from interfering with our continued spiritual growth.
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Bifurcation of Time
Bifurcation means the splitting of a main body into two parts.Thus, the planetary fields and humanity are coming to experience the next phase of the planetary Ascension Cycle, which is the nature of Bifurcation of Time.
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Sphinxthumb2December 2009

Setting the Stage

Lisa Renee

Dear Family,

Happy December to you as we reach the end of another time cycle. We are Setting the Stage now for the next evolutionary phases, in relationship to the final conflict countdown of Interdimensional dramas culminating around the 2012 timeline. The end of the Universal Ascension Cycle. The next year of 2010 will make significant movement forward into these unknown territories which should prove to be quite a wildcard year with many out of the blue spontaneous world events. These events are designed both at micro and macro level, to crumble many of the facades we have been living behind.  This will reveal what is really behind the curtain. Most of humanity has been living in dysfunction, pain and suffering, within a reality which completely misunderstands what is actually being perceived. With the consciousness technology of our own bodies and that of our planet being withheld from the masses, human beings have an extremely limited view of their own potentials and that makes us easy targets for deception and manipulation.

We are entering the energetic terrain of a strategic Interdimensional Chess Game of mental manipulation. The strategies are happening in the now moment, akin to the razor thin discernment of a hair trigger, for immediate actions to be taken when absolutely necessary. The Controllers, Defenders, Warriors, Revealers, Architects and Grail Line Keepers are all coming online to play this last round.

The final conflict is a term being used to describe the various agendas of control over this planetary templar or consciousness Stargate system, that have been in effect since at least 25,500 BC. This approximated timeline is the causation event in the time fields, when the Static Nets of control were implemented and installed into the consciousness fields or hologram of this planet. These holographic mind control inserts and related Static field crystal technology were used to overtake the global brain and to prepare for the final conflict times, the end of the consciousness cycle or precession of equinox, which is happening right now.

Since that time there have been successive bids from off planet competing agendas to overtake control of this planetary consciousness system, and the upcoming phase of the next two years will make definitive decisions for the direction and future of all life forms on this planet. The deciding factors of vibrational choice will be: Do you choose to participate willingly, responsibly in your own consciousness evolution and act upon that guidance? Will you raise your consciousness Station of Identity to levels of intelligence above the 3D collective hologram? You do not need to know exactly how you just need to sincerely participate in your own evolution. To act upon that guidance and commit to your God Source connection in every moment. Unwavering and fearless, choose to embody the eternal nature of your being, which is Love.

The Mental Body Upgrades

The Guardians gave us a primer in the April 2009 newsletter to prepare us for what is happening right now, as a part of the planetary upgrade and transition of our mental body.

(see April Newsletter)

So many of us have had an extremely difficult time recently dealing with illness, anxiety, mood swings, and fear programs that are still lodged in this part of the 3D collective mental body and therefore impacting our autonomic nervous system and physical cellular form. Last month’s newsletter was a system of suggested tools to help support the shift of your egoic mental body and therefore the station of your identity focus, to the higher octave system. There is a firm suggestion that it is imperative to relocate the station of your consciousness focus from a 3D mental body, to a higher octave frequency pattern now. We have been provided with a context and a series of tools, and with applied focus it is entirely possible and supported.

(If this pertinent to your current development last month's group meditation addresses this issue specifically. Please see November 2009 Meditation.)

So let us recap the microcosm version of the mental body as it applies to the experience of the perceived individuated self. The 3D mental body is an intelligence program that exists at the 3rd lightbody layer, the solar plexus and is the part of the personality program that controls the conscious mind matrix of the ego. This area of our lightbody houses the control program of the current embodied identity that the human being actually experiences as a self. This is where the majority of the human population is stuck, which means their identity is focused at the 3rd dimensional octave reality. If the consciousness is primarily stationed in this part of the lightbody, the 1st through 3rd layers, the being will only have the capacity to experience itself as a physical form identity. It cannot know of or perceive anything else. It relies on the octave of the ego intelligence to process its belief of the entire nature of reality, which at that octave level is finite, programmed and extremely limited.

Recently, because the stakes have been raised in the Interdimensional Chess Game with a bid for accelerated control over the mental body, this is not the best choice of where to reside as your primary identity or consciousness focus.

The limited linear senses of the egoic mental body largely distort the dissemination of external information, to form a misperception as the mental body is unable to synthesize energy signatures. The reading of energy signatures, as all things in form or formless have energy signatures, is a function within the emotional body’s higher intelligence when in observer mode. One must come into neutral association with all things witnessed, without judgment stemming from the mental body and discern the quality of energy from the octave it is emanating.

When learning to read energy signatures, the energy cannot lie, it just IS.

The interpretation from the observer’s judgment can be manipulated to distort the relative truth of what the energy signature actually is. The interpretation is different from each perceptible point or dimension one is viewing the object from. What we see with our human eyes is actually not what is. This misperception is a byproduct of using the mental body function to create our current 3D reality structures. Within this egoic structure lies, deception, manipulation and preying on the disadvantaged are a common trait that we have accepted in the operations of our day to day interactions.

The frequency knob has been turned up another notch on the dial and to the undisciplined ego mind this time may feel tortuous. Another level of the final conflict between the forces dismantling vs. controlling the old energy structures has begun. The constriction and expansion of these polarized forces will amplify and be felt in every area of our lives. This is why we must leave the mental body egoic dominance as the primary identity perception and learn the new language. The language to relearn is the higher sensory feeling function of the emotional body, while the egoic mind is disciplined to be kept in the now.

Macrocosm Mental Body

As all is interconnected and interrelated, the macrocosm of the human group mental body is projected as a collective consciousness into the planetary energetic grid architecture. This energetic grid architecture is the morphogenetic field structure or blueprint, that creates the dimensionalization of a time and space reality system. The entire human group mind containing its thought processes, belief systems and mental body constructs are all energy projections into one mass thought form expression. It is this mass thought form expression that continually manifests the collective world mental body, or 3D reality that we experience today. The current planetary dramas and inequities enforced between the world populations are the primary result of a 3rd dimensional group human mental body identity. As long as the group human mind chooses the current belief systems and constructs as a reality, it will be the experience projected at the macrocosm level. The problems created at the 3rd dimensional intelligence level are not resolvable by use of the same level of intelligence. This is why there are agendas to keep the consciousness intelligence controlled within the parameter of the existing 3D reality mental body, through a myriad of suppression technologies.

The mental body directly shapes the raw material forces and elementals into physical matter constructs, as all thought precedes actual form manifestation. Thought is the builder of form as a principle of mind, or the masculine principle. Emotive intelligence brings animation into these forms by literally breathing life into them, a principle of spirit or the feminine principle.  Thus, the final conflict of human consciousness on this planet is between finite dead structures and eternal living light structures. Structure without animation from the living life force is finite, and therefore is a dead structure, while structure animated with living life force, the spirit source, is eternally perpetuated as an alive structure. In order for the dead inorganic or finite structures to sustain they must feed on a living light source organic or infinite structure to animate them.

Because most human beings do not perceive the living light source that animates them from within, that power source is harnessed and siphoned for another’s use. Usually that is going to be a Power Elite or Controller agenda, which has been groomed and given the advantage to understand the system, as well as the off planet forces collaborating for their power to rule. What you do not use, you essentially lose in this 3D system, as the controllers know how the consciousness and energetic systems work and how to syphon them, while the masses are kept in the dark.

When we are not aware of our choice to call back our own consciousness power, our inherent divinity, our freedom and consciousness evolution is essentially stolen from us. Over time the repeated behavioral patterns manifest accumulated results of karmic imbalances increasing trauma, illness and degeneration. Over generations the karmic buildup of aberrant energies breakdown the genetic material and therefore, the lightbody and manifestation template of the human being. At a certain point the genetic material becomes so damaged that a perceptible consciousness that can connect to its direct source through its own will, is highly unlikely to impossible. This then creates the phenomena of an artificially created being such as a golum or soul-less, inorganic being.

This is indeed the result desired by the Controller Agenda working its plan on the mental body of the unsuspecting human masses at this time. However, there is extremely positive news for those in the Family of Light and for those of us participating and aware. These times will be quite easy for the awakened human family in comparison to those who are still asleep. That is why we have been prepared, trained and downloaded to help our human families shift into higher evolutionary possibilities. The stewardship of this planet will need to be aware of the agendas on both sides, to be informed and motivated to be in energetic self mastery. We are the Masters Returned and by now You Know Who You Are.

Oraphim Returns

The Oraphim are the original Founder Guardian specialized blueprint forms that were used as a prototype body for the 6D Indigo Family of consciousness. The blueprint bodies were stepped down in frequency as the 3D consciousness human forms were not able to hold the genetic material of a full Oraphim consciousness. The Oraphim blueprint is a Lyran-Sirian shapeshifter consciousness that has the ability to biologically transmute itself in and out of a dimensionalized time matrix. It also holds all Three Primal Sound Fields of the Blue Ray, Gold Ray and Violet Ray, and directs the frequency of all of the Founder Races of the Christ Consciousness. It is a full Rainbow Crystal Matrix Being. What we have learned is the Indigo 3 Polarity Integrator contracts, many of which have been recently released, have synthesized biological code that allows the template of the Oraphim blueprint to return to the Earth Plane. This is new Indigo 3 information as we had only been given detail in regard to the Nephilim Reversal Grid, focused on the hybridized code reversals on the planetary grid damaging the merkaba system, and other functions that the Indigo 3 Polarity Integrator was working to heal genetically for our planet.

Some of the Indigo 3’s have not only been diligently building bodies to rehabilitate the Nephilim consciousness from the original hybridization issues on the earth, but also to rebuild the template structure which allows an Oraphim blueprint to exist within a human body, or work through a human body at this density. It appears the Oraphim consciousness is a representative of the Founder Guardian Races and is making its debut within this density for the first time ever.

The Male Oraphim form carries a stronger electrical field and specializes in electrical field transmission, while the Female Oraphim carries the magnetic field and specializes in magnetic reception. Together they have the greatest ability of any biological race to transmit and receive the Founder Frequencies to structurally repair the Universal Blueprint Bodies all the way down to our density. They are the Keepers of the Universal Time Matrix, and the capacity for them to begin their creational purpose in genetic repair is now being revealed. The pure joy of this frequency has been felt by many of the Indigo Family attuned to the God Source, as we have realized at a cellular level new help is here. These are the Indigo Cosmic Parents.

The King and Queen Reunite

Recently with the new November time cycle, planetary grid healings have transpired with the opening of ancient portal systems in the England and Ireland area. The UK area is the natural 11th dimensional Stargate of the Earth and many mysteries and prophecies about the Ark Tools, the Rod and Staff, have surrounded this land mass. This is a primary area where the search for the Holy Grail has been ongoing for centuries.

A recent code transmission supported through the reconnection of these portals through timeline grid repair is about Reuniting the Queen with her King. This is represented in its highest expression of this archetype as Unity embodied through the bringing together of the pairs of opposite. The uniting of the Karmic split of the souls, the split between the masculine and feminine. This is largely a God Female Principle, Cosmic Mother Code Transmission and has become available to our planet at this time. This is a fabulous development.

This Ireland portal opening was linked to a significant repair in the timelines that also related to the Egyptian dynastic period. The dynastic lineages of Egypt are where, at a certain point in the histories or timelines a rip in time occurred, by using damaged portal systems. These systems, such as the Giza pyramid were doorways leading through multiple dimensions and the Extraterrestrials used them quite often. An abuse of power coupled with the damaged systems from the Atlantian cataclysm, created an incredible mess on the 4th dimension, otherwise known as the Astral plane. Giza is the 4D Stargate as well as the position of Ancient Portals that lead into the Sirian Gateway (6D) and all the way through Andromeda (9D).

The Matriarchal presence of the female fell, ripping her presence from the earth body, and the False King archetype was placed by the Controllers to rule the coming ages with the slant of patriarchal domination. The understanding is that at this moment in time within this particular historical lineage, the spirit was removed from its presence on the physical Earth plane. The last vestige of the embodied Kings and Queens were removed completely from the Earth plane. The damage incurred by this rip, split apart the masculine and feminine balance that had created neutral fields or spiritual marriage. This resulted in another wall or frequency fence being erected, making it impossible for the higher soul frequency to connect into the physical matter vibration at this incarnation level.

At this time The Matriarchal Grail Codes were stolen. Some were salvaged and that was what was taken to Ireland and hidden underground in a series of portal systems. Ireland later became the spawn of what is known as the lineage of Magog, that came further into power on the Earth through the stolen feminine coding. The Alchemy was known and the Magi line was corrupted to perform what was necessary, without the spirit or feminine intervention. The False King Male or tyrant with a greed for power, having stolen the male spirit without him knowing, possessed his body and made his Faustian pact with the Devil. Which as a metaphor means the love of power through stolen knowledge was bargained for by selling the soul, selling out the divine human’s birthright. This act was a catalyst in the timelines that would change the direction of human evolution at a planetary scale. This happened approximately 3,000-5,000 years ago.

Represented at the Macrocosm level there has been a genetic healing to reunite the larger planetary land mass of Ireland and England, as they were revealed to be masculine and feminine counterparts reseeding themselves to prepare for another wedded template. This is a new creation of spiritual marriage being seeded into the morphogenetic fields by releasing the matriarchal codes once more, to be found and carried by the rightful Kings and Queens, those who are the containers of the Spirit or God Source. This insight into the field tells us that another large push to heal the masculine is underway, and the reversal systems used to control the mental body now have a pathway that carries those out of the mental prison construct. The pathway leading out into a higher octave is now here and although we shall see some that will experience largely unpleasant circumstances, we are comforted to know that the pathway the gateway is opened and available in a way that was not previously available. This is very good news and supports us in healing the masculine mental body and making psycho-spiritual connections in the larger planetary group consciousness.

We are in this adventure together and until next, stay in the luminosity of your Avatar Heart Path.



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