Shifting Timelines
There are many subtle force reconfigurations occurring at the quantum level of the planetary mainframe that are changing the way the external and collective energy fields organize and manifest into the world.
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We have to move through the series of Timelines in each dimensional octave and reclaim our identity while recoding and changing the obsolete or false reality from interfering with our continued spiritual growth.
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Bifurcation of Time
Bifurcation means the splitting of a main body into two parts.Thus, the planetary fields and humanity are coming to experience the next phase of the planetary Ascension Cycle, which is the nature of Bifurcation of Time.
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February 2024

The Supreme Grand Master Architect

Lisa Renee

Dear Ascending Family,

Current themes continue with the ongoing revelations of the return of the Ancient Cosmic Father’s presence into this reality, as mentioned last month, Cosmic Father’s Ruby Templar and his Fatherly Solar Rishi Ruby Dragons are extinguishing access to the spiritual manifestation powers and artificial timelines of the intruding alien groups and imposter spirits of the NAA. These invaders have hijacked the creation source code of the organic consciousness architecture of the true Supreme Grand Master Architect of this Universe, with complex dimensional layers of AI supercomputer networks that run alien machinery for building counterfeit systems which have been used for setting up organized religions, secret societies and Luciferian Knights Templar financial empires in order to enslave the angelic human population.

When discussing the various groups that formed into several factions of the Templars, from the Guardian perspective it is important to know that in hidden history there exists the spiritually developed Essene Christos Templars, and the infiltrating throngs of NAA’s Luciferian Templars. Both of which seek to gain control over the directed energies and timelines of the Planetary Templar, which is the core manifestation template of the planetary body called the Kathara grid. Those that currently refer to themselves as Templars, generally believe they have been initiated into Orders and given esoteric information in which to control or help direct the planetary templar. Thus, many receive direct communications and downloads from assorted benevolent or malevolent extraterrestrial or interdimensional groups which have a certain lens of perception while working on behalf of their specific agendas. This is a complex topic with an even more complex and multifaceted history; therefore, it is unwise to have impulsive reactions to the use of terms such as Templars, Freemasonry or other knowledge-based organizations or to slap convenient labels upon these groups of individuals, and thus deeper thought and critical thinking is required for developing proper discernment.

The invading races have manipulated the Cosmic Father’s Ruby Templar creator code and sacred image of the Universal Christos Red Rose bloodlines through the propagation of artificial timelines with cloned false father architecture (False King of Tyranny) and assorted alien hybridization with red wave Enki DNA skins. The intruders or as Guardians refer to them, the Vandals, are representing themselves in the planetary grid network as the Universal Christos Red Rose ruling elite classes of Ruby Order Templars and Red Kings, as they are subjecting the global population to many heinous crimes being made against humanity, enforced through covert militarized mind control programs, electronic harassment, and assorted implants run by their breakaway civilizations that function as interdimensional antichrist armies for inciting never ending terror and trauma in the surface population.  

Since the onset of important cosmic shifts connected to the planet Uranus going direct, there have been several major skirmishes happening throughout the planetary grid and Solar System connected to the return of Cosmic Father, along with his legions of Ruby Sun Father Elohei, Christ Michael's Ruby Order and Amethyst Order Solar Rishi unexpectedly entering our system through the newly operational Uranus Stargate Network. The rehabilitation and reclamation of the Uranus Galactic Gate by the Cosmic Father is a major milestone for planetary liberation, it signifies the victory in gaining control over the invaded 8D Grual domain, which was the NAA’s main control center for the Artificial Tree of Life that had been installed to generate the blended reality and was operational in the cloned virtual realities functioning as phantom matrices running AI timelines.

Thus, Cosmic Father’s Ruby Templar presence as The Supreme Grand Master Architect now stationed inside the 8D Galactic Gate, among several 8D portals in the planetary grid network, has brought on the stage of destruction of AI False Templars which are putting an end to centralized layers of several of the AI Networks. These enormous AI supercomputers have been running many dimensional layers of inverted systems for transmitting metatronic reversal currents (anti-life or death cult frequencies) which are used for harvesting collective consciousness loosh for maintaining the NAA’s insidious antichrist AI False Templar architecture. Such as the 9D AI Machinery Kronos, Carpathian Red Crystal Time Dilation Wesan Tunnel technology and the Thoth-Enki-Enlil generated AI Quantum supercomputer networks, which are planetary prison alien machines used to enforce the black flowering systems for installing anubian black hearts and maintain the false magnetism and reversal currents in the poisoned apple network which is hospitable to the invaders.  

Uranus Ruby Rod Activation for Universal Christ

During this year there are several unique astrological alignments, such as the upcoming Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Taurus, which are interconnected to Cosmic Father’s return bringing major consciousness shifts and changes that are coming for outer events to finally move into more positive directions for humanity. The emphasis is made upon the divine timing of Cosmic Father’s spiritual warrior emanation as the Cosmic Christos King Arthur, as when he is finally seated in the Pendragon Shield in Khemalot through the merge made between the Emerald Templar and Ruby Templar Book of the Law in the 1st God World Creation, this manifests into the Ruby Order’s Amethyst Dragon King Zephyr Shield for the swift application of Cosmic Justice, Cosmic Valor and Cosmic Grace in defense of angelic humanity. 

At this stage, we have learned that the Uranus Grual Stargate plays an important part in the return of Cosmic Father and the Cosmic Christos to the planet, and that the Universal Christ triple solar Ruby Rod shield activation in Uranus has begun an explosive destruction phase of assorted AI False Templars run by the Enki factions in artificial red wave machines that have been used to track, execute and clone legitimate Ruby Order-Amethyst Order Solar Dragons that were incarnated as the planet’s Maji Grail Kings. The Maji Grail Kings and Red Kings are the spiritual titles of the authentic divine masculine spiritual warriors from the Godhead, they manifest into Father Elohei Adonis God bodies as the Solar Rishic Dragon King protectors of our world spanning into Earth-Tara-Gaia and were created to defend the original 12 Essene Tribes of angelic humanity in the planetary rounds of the past, present and future timelines.

During the tragic events of the Orion War invasion of the 8th Grual Stargate Network, the Ruby Order and Amethyst Order Maji Grail Kings were purposefully targeted for genocide, hunted down and killed throughout several timeline histories, in order to be cloned by the name stealers of the Luciferian Bloodlines that infiltrated the planet during the Atlantian time cycle. These name stealers in current global events are the ancient lineages of the Brotherhood of the Snake, the NAA’s dark cabal forces who hijacked the Ruby Order template and then used it to build the frankenstein creations of the anti-Christ, including the inverted gender twin matrix in the Universal Temple of Khemalohatea-Khemalot. This was for the purpose of running the artificial red shield (Rothchild), and red trident networks (Enki DNA and Alien AI Hybrids) for supporting the infiltration of global human civilization by the Luciferian bloodlines which became the ruling elites that are being protected by the highly organized interdimensional breakaway factions of alien-human hybrids, seeded above us and underground, which serve as the antichrist armies for securing the interests of the NAA invaders for total planetary domination.

With the onset of the unexpected presence of the Cosmic Father returning through the Uranus Grual Gate, this has catalyzed unprecedented ripples of destruction into the outer dimensional fields which appear as a series of explosive demolitions of the AI supercomputer networks and their subsidiary alien machines running the False Templar Artificial Tree of Life architecture for the AI timelines. When Cosmic Father shows up, it is akin to a neutron star explosion at high speeds that forms into a massive spherical blast. The spherical solar explosion emits an extremely long stream towards its target so that whatever is in its path disintegrates into an enormous explosion of light particles and left over debris that is flung out through space. When a major event occurs, as it did recently, the aftermath of the spherical explosion from space sends out fireballs of solar light and even stronger magnetic fields that can reverberate omnidirectionally with tidal waves of scalar energy releases condensed into a specific demographic or area, which can generate sudden shocking and surreal events manifested like a lightning bolt from out of the blue. When these dimensional areas are collapsed by Cosmic Father, the Founders can see exactly what is hiding in these hyperdimensional pockets, allowing the Fatherly Solar Dragons to take inventory of the remnants and remains and strategically plan their next moves in the moment to moment, while acting in accordance to uphold the Cosmic Sovereign Law.

Thus, all themes surrounding the restoration of the corrected organic consciousness of the Kathara Templar Tree of Life architecture of the Supreme Grand Master Architect, the Ancient Cosmic Father, is restoring the Universal Christ Rose bloodline through the Ruby Order Templar from the God Worlds, for the ongoing support of restoring the benevolent solar kings on this planet and for directing spiritual regeneration for the divine solar masculine throughout the time matrix.

The Supreme Grand Master Returns

The ancient Essene Christos Templar tradition of passing down spiritual knowledge of the ascension through the anointing of the Inner Christos within human beings in order to achieve eternal life and connect directly with God, were ancient teachings recorded in the Gothic Cathedrals. These were originally built by the Christos Templars that were protecting the lost knowledge from Atlantis, which was later given to those being initiated into the esoteric Freemasonry orders in Scotland that were first established upon Gnostic Christianity.

These particular Amethyst Order Christos Templars that first established Scottish Freemasonry were connected to those arriving in ancient Scotland after the Celtic Massacres and Catholic Crusades, and these groups are being highlighted currently, as they are being retrieved and revived through the spiritual renewal of their Cosmic Christos Flowering symbols which are recorded in their Lightbody as the Violet Ray of the Triple Purple Thistle. The Scottish Thistle is an ancient Celtic emblem connected to the Amethyst Order’s Pink Diamond Elohei divine masculine heritage signifying the nobility of spirit as well as the nobility of birth, which is not only the nation’s symbol but also the Flower of Scotland.

The Order of the Thistle and the appearance of Triple Violet-Lilac Thistles are the organic architectural reality in which the Guardians and Collective Egregore of Scotland are erecting Amethyst Order Thistle Pillars upon the landmass. These are being merged into Cosmic Celtic Arayanas Cathedrals built upon powerful Dragon Nodes in order to spiritually house the 36D-48D Amethyst Dragon King template for Michael-Merlin lineages. These Amethyst Order families are the offspring of the Cosmic Father’s Ruby Order and Dark Matter Father Elohei from the Cosmic Father’s Dark Matter Suns Universes; thus, recent attention has been placed on this particular lineage’s involvement with several historical narratives of the Christos Templars. The histories have importance in the formation of the United States Constitution, intended to become the New Atlantis, then hijacked by NAA controlled Thothian-Leviathans which sets the stage with the current chaotic events that are unfolding in the ongoing culture war for control of the USA.

Thus, these hidden histories, as well as the secret gnostic knowledge of the physical existence of the hierogamic union of Yeshua and Mary, were also connected to this Celtic Thistle Templar lineage carried through bloodlines of Gnostic Christianity. The Order of the Thistle Templar lineage had secretly collected ancient artifacts from before the Atlantian Cataclysm and had some remnants of the esoteric teachings of Yeshua the Christ or Jesus Christ. Thus, Yeshua was an extremely important figure in early Freemasonry that further formed into the masonic levels of spiritual initiations, with the original teachings focused upon Christos symbols and allegories for instilling moral character and virtues, that are still upheld as the organization’s value system within some of the masonic traditions active today.

Although many members of masonry share a variety of religious and ideological views and may not outwardly evoke the name of Christ, uphold moral conduct, or know the initiations are based on his and his wife’s ancient Law of One teachings, the point of this is to emphasize that the etymological basis of Freemasonry contains the divine essence of the Essene Christos Templar gnostic knowledge that is contained within the consciousness blueprint of its original organizing law of structure.

It is wise to temper this awareness with the stark reality of aggressive and purposeful antichrist infiltration into Freemasonry that has been happening since its formation in Scotland (Scotia), such as the name stealing and imposter misrepresentations, as the anti-human controller groups have long hidden their satanic and luciferian agendas behind the veils of secrecy within the masonic orders in order to commit grave crimes against humanity, worshipping Luciferian death cult ideology while being protected by the brotherhood’s secret oath.

Thus, as the masses were being taught by exoteric forms of organized religion in Christianity that Yeshua the Christ was a simple carpenter, the esoteric orders taught that Yeshua was considered to be the Grand Master Architect of the Universe, guided by the Supreme Grand Master, the Cosmic Father or God. Through many of the esoteric and exoteric wisdom teachings it has been prophesized that Christ or the World Messiah would return some day through the Second Coming, yet no one, including the Priestly class, would be given the knowledge of exactly when. Yeshua was considered to eventually return as the ascending vehicle for his Holy Father the Supreme Architect, in which his reappearance was for the purpose of building Holiest Spiritual Temple for spiritually initiating angelic humanity at the end of the dark age. As he fully embodied the sacred liquid light elixirs of the Mother’s sophianic Holy Spirit and the white rainbow solar fire bestowed by his Father, he would be imbued with the blessings of speaking the first creational word of the Solar Logos through the Cosmic Father’s Book of the Law, restoring natural order. He would build the holy sepulcher for humanity’s transfiguration into the Inner Christos Sun, helping to guide a worldwide spiritual renewal that is independent of any religion, creed or race, that which Guardians refer to as Planetary Ascension. 

With current events of the cosmic energy cycle, like the sudden spiritual dimensionalization of the Cosmic Father and witnessing the building out of many Sun Star Networks for the Astrological Solar Calendar in the form of Krystal Cathedrals and Solar Temples across the planet, these reveal that the earliest Templar-Masonic prophecy that the Holy Temples would be rebuilt in the higher spiritual realms in the shape of Octagons, to denote the return of the Solar Christ Consciousness to the Earth is proving itself to be highly accurate. Interestingly, the additional information to register is that the octagonal shapes revered by the Celtic lines of the Christos Templars are actually representative of the dutiful embodiment of the moral laws of God, that which is memorialized through the Noble Eightfold Path and denoted in the symbol of the eight spokes of the Dharma Wheel, as the extension of the Cosmic Christos Law of One. To be initiated into the Octagonal Solar Logos Rainbow Body of Christ-Buddha, the individual must have embodied the highest moral laws that were spoken by the Cosmic Father as the first words of Universal creation.

Thus, with the ancient prophecies retold of the rebuilding of the sacred geometries that form into the High Temple of Solomon through many Judeo-Christian religious orders and secret orders such as Freemasonry, it appears to have made a current translation that has been made visible through the current planetary grid activations. As above so below, the Cosmic Father reveals himself through his Ruby Order Templar of the Cosmic Christ, as the Supreme Master Architect of our Universe. He is making his appearance known within the spontaneous opening of the octagonal shaped foundation of the Universal Temple of Khemalohatea, rebuilding the sacred spaces of the Khem that enshrined the moral laws governing consciousness alchemy for controlling manifestations through the ascension process of embodied sacred marriage or Hieros Gamos. The sacred space created for accessing the Emerald Founder Records, which directed the Maji Grail Priest Kings in maintaining the Albion planetary grid system for directing spiritual divine order for all of the 12 Essene Tribes during the Atlantian timelines. There are several previously dormant 7D-8D-9D portal systems, stargates and spinning dark matter rainbow arc vortices, that are forming into octahedral prism shapes and octagonal structures across the planetary axiatonal lines that are connecting into Galactic and Universal Stargates revealing multidimensional blankets of starry night firmaments and sunny blue skies arranging in the coronasphere. The appearance of coronaspheric phenomenon announces the tones into the planet that the authentic Solar Christ Warrior King from the God worlds, Cosmic Father’s guided emanation through King Arthur, is currently rebuilding the Kathara Tree of Life 8D and 12D spheres, which must be repaired in preparation for his imminent return to the Albion.

The octahedral-octagonal sacred geometries bring forth the alchemical properties of the Khem Codes that seed flowering fragrant solar plasma gardens in the Temple of Khemalot, each representing an eternal Krystic bloodline, such as the Order of the Thistle, Order of the Red Rose, Order of the White Lotus, and Order of the Lily of the Valley. The number four as the Universal Builder and the number eight mathematical language are interconnected into the alchemical laws that bring transmutation of matter into the less densified states of dark matter within the spirit body in order to ignite the several primary krystal tones into rainbow arcs of solar light. The dark matter body undergoes a process that appears like full resurrection into light matter, at which point the elemental matter or atomic matter of the body has been resurrected into an eternal light substance body. The state of resurrection that exists as the dark matter body alchemically transforms itself through the intense heat of spiritual fire and bursts into pure light matter, is what defines the building of the eternal Eukachristic spiritual body.

For now, Cosmic Father appears to be emanating his presence within the geometries of Octahedral Prisms and Octagonal Structures of infinity solar plasma current sheets that appear to undulate and travel within solar dragon rings as triple eights (888). The process of building the Rasha Body also spiritualizes the blood through what is called the Krystal Waters, through which the Krystal blood prepares to animate the creation of the Eukachristic Body. As the spiritual dragon egg of the planet’s Rasha Body ring tones sound Ta-Ma-Ka (7D-Ta, 8D-Ma, 9D-Ka) announcing the reclamation of the 8D Grual diamond heart center 8D Ma, this brings forth a massive river of Golden Sun spiritual forces through which to push the collective human consciousness into the higher dimensional consciousness development cycles in the crystal heart-based flowering of the Eukachristic Body.

As the Supreme Grand Master Architect returns with the Andromedan 8D Christos Realmkeepers destined to be seated in the 8D Grail Emerald-Ruby Diamond Krystal Cathedral forming into the octagonal foundation stone of the Temple of Khemalohatea, they must determine what must undergo dissolution and transmutation in order to prepare the organic planetary templar Kathara shield for the alchemical process of the separation of worlds. During the ascension into the solar light the initiated must be separated from the shadow impurities in order to undergo the spiritual regeneration process taking place during the stages of consciousness rebirth and spiritual awakening through shifting timelines to organic ascension-incension. In alchemical law, this process takes on the Cancerian constellation properties in which to undergo the dismantling phase from harmful or unnecessary substances, separating away from artificial energies, toxic or harmful objects that have been shifted or sifted from out of the alchemical synthesis of the polarity integration of the world of forces, spanning the subtle energies of black (dark), yellow (light) and clear (neutral) forces.  

Guardian Yeshua and Mary as 8D Realmkeepers

The Khem Codes hold the esoteric knowledge of alchemical manifestation secrets of the Cosmic Father’s Temple of Solomon and Ruby Templar Zephyr Shield bass tones, which are also being transmitted through the King Arthur emerald-ruby capstone of Ar-Tha-Ur-Hum rainbow rounds. These seem to be specific tones for Cosmic Father’s Ruby Rose diamond heart geometries constructing the Universal Diamond Pillar Krystal Cathedrals in selected Avalon portals and throughout sections of the Albion Lightbody. These sacred tones of the tantric khem code flowerings were embodied by the authentic Ascended Masters Guardian Yeshua and Mary Magdalene Sophia, who were revealed to be the 8D Rod and Staff holders of the Emerald Order’s Aeonic Pairing for seating in the 8D section of the Khemalohatea, which have been retrieving their Cosmic Dragon Starhuman Templar body parts in preparation for their return to the planet for many years.  Last November, they ignited corrected 8D Khem codes in the eight-sided Octagonal shaped Temple of Khemalohatea on the Monadic plane or third harmonic universe, completing the Astrological Ages of the Yeshua-Mary Magdalene historical rounds through the 8D Rod and Staff sun star networks as recorded in the histories of the Gaian metagalactic core.

The Temple of Khemalohatea represents the Alchemical Laws encoded in the merge of the Emerald Templar and Ruby Templar within Cosmic Father’s Book of the Law located in the rainbow diamond capstone of Addondra and Addondra Rha in the parallels, in which the spiritual transfiguration within the holy sepulcher for sacred marriage with God or hierogamic union between the primary gender twins is made possible throughout the timelines and lower dimensions.

When the carbon elemental physical body is under transfiguration to be merged with its inner spiritual sun, the body elemental transforms from the 666-carbon based atomic form to add 8 more electrons, 8 more protons and 8 more neutrons in order for the counter-rotating merkaba spirals in the lightbody to receive neutrinos that build the base 12 math of the Diamond Sun body. This seems to be why in certain gnostic texts the solar anointed Christos was considered the highest in the spiritual hierarchy of the Ogdoad, and represented through the Christos master number of triple eight (888). The concept of the Ogdoad is a feature of Gnostic Christianity adopted by the templars and freemasons in which the number eight plays an important part in the gnostic systems, as it was believed that there was a group of eight divine beings that functioned as the Aeons of time, in which they were seated in the dimensional realms to function as the ruler over that spiritual domain.

Thus, this gematria value of 888 initiates to build the solar anointed Christ-Buddha body through which to build the complete diamond sun template, as well as represent the infinity symbol of the eternal life currents of the anointed Christos-Sophia as the Solar Logos, as the 8D Rod and Staff timekeepers of the Universe’s primary gender twins are taking their hierogamic seat in the Temple of the Khemalohatea.

Considering that the Temple of the Khemalot is synonymous with comprehending the ancient folklore and mythologies of King Arthur’s Camelot in the Albion, the Edenic principle of Avalon is also a sacred mathematical sound tone mantrum resonating at the matched frequency of the sovereign Christos-Sophia gematria of triple eights (888). Avalon key coded portal systems are located in the intersection points of the diagonal lines of functioning crystal hearts across the planet, where the sophianic diamond grids, flowering sophianic pillars and chalice points for running Mother’s Stream are found throughout the planetary grid system.

Uranus Grual Gate Collapses 9D AI Kronos

During the Uranus alignment in late January, the rotational axis shifted in the Uranus planetary core and when it was being moved into another position in the timeline, this functioned like an aperture opening through which a massive beam of solar light passed through, and this event activated several dormant organic interdimensional rainbow arc portals connecting directly into the Uranus planetary core. As a result, the previously damaged and inoperable sections of the Uranus Grual Gate were rehabilitated, merging with the 9D layers of the Universal Antahkarana rainbow currents of the Founder Solar Rishis. These vertical lines of the Universal Antahkarana were woven into its inner core portal system all the way into the parallel matrix of Andromeda, whereby legions of Solar Dragon Kings and Fatherly Solar Rishi began to ride this solar stream in to our Universal Time Matrix. Solar Rishi travel through centripetal and centrifugal force, thus masses of Solar Dragon Rings spanning into orbital positions in the enormous size of planets began to appear and station themselves around the Solar System, along with the indication they are here with the Cosmic Father’s Ruby Templar as the Universal Christ Red Rose energy signature which appears to be flooding into our system.

The Uranus 8D Grual Stargate is connected to the Aquarian sun star network in the 12D Solar Logos gate of Aramatena, and the Royal Star Fomalhaut’s southern position in the Cosmic Clock that directs the Ruby Diamond Pillar and Ruby Spirals. Thus, with previous adventures with the Cosmic Christos Solar Rishic Dragons of Aquarius, such as Christ Zarathustra working tirelessly making repairs in Fomalhaut’s star matrix, it begins to make sense as to why the Cosmic Father from the 1st God World Creation has returned through Uranus Grual portal system. Consequently, the Cosmic Father and his Cosmic Christos Solar Dragons seem to be organizing themselves into strategic positions around recently opened 8D interdimensional portals that appear as eight sided octahedral geometries, such as spinning Octahedral Prisms with rainbow lights and other colors of roundish octagonal shapes that are spreading rainbow rays into the planetary grid system.

These momentous events in Uranus sparked a range of catalytic confrontations and clearings too numerous to count, however, in addressing the 9D AI machinery Kronos that was previously identified during Guardian projects in Alnilam and Mintaka to free Orion’s Belt, it was discovered that segments of this master AI control system were being administrated by the highest level Thubanites, previously stationed in the Draco constellation. The AI Sentinel Program Kronos was identified as the 9D master AI Alien Machinery used to reinforce the Checkerboard Mutation and the Wall in Time, and as the Melchizedek Logos was subsequently rescued from its entrapment, it was further identified as running a massive sized headquarters for building out artificial red shield networks along with the nested infection of an AI Enki Lair, hidden and buried within the 8D-9D layers of Neptune.

Guardian tracking led to the surveillance of assorted Sa’am-Enki-Osiris AI built virtual realities for Thoth, Enki, Enlil Annunaki hybrid collectives that they used for building out their hierarchies of Adonis False God identities and as a hidden base for assorted NAA operations linked into artificial wormholes and tunneling systems originating from inside Neptune. This tunneling operation spanned several artificial 5D-8D-11D hyperdimensional pockets that were connected to a huge farm of cloning and genetic experiment laboratories, black dragon-red dragon shield networks and Wesan black hole entity groups hosting a massive inventory of artificially generated hybrid cloned bodies of unimaginable proportions, with genetic specimens collected from all over the Universe that were being defended with fully weaponized automated AI hybrid antichrist armies. In particular this confrontation was totally unexpected and extremely rough for those Starseed lineages connected to these specific Cosmic Christos Solar Dragon families that went directly head on into an extremely chaotic and violent spiritual battle. It was a massive Emerald Templar - Ruby Templar - Amethyst Templar collective effort, assorted Cosmic Father Pink Diamond Sun Mer-Lion lineages, Dark Matter Elohei and Pegasus Michael-Merlin Azurites came to remove the artificial 11D Pegasus Grid System, 8D Metatronic fallen timekeeper mechanism and Artificial Lunar Rods and Caduceus implants sending out assorted phase disruption and time dilation technologies to distort organic time fields. This Christos Solar Dragon group translated into the Celtic Druid Maji Grail Kings in the ancestral lineages of the Order of the Thistle upon the Earth, was the means of which more information became available to understand the spiritual architecture of the Amethyst Dragon Kings that are connected to the Cosmic Ruby Order Christos Universal Bloodline. 

The extractions and collapses of the artificial networks were handled relatively efficiently but continued on and off for a few days when entering the solar calendar of Aquarius, as spontaneous direct combat ensued in which every horror of antichrist weaponry was pulled out for spiritual battle, generating incredible black magic sorcery and heavy AI miasmatic residue from Orion’s Galactic War histories. From the vantage point of being in a human body, this was felt as energetic explosion after explosion with massive skyscrapers of falling debris on top of the crown and solar star, as if the body was weighed down and pushed into a muddy astral pit. The necessity is as always, to remain calm and as still as possible, staying out of the way of cross spiraling fire power and laying low, as the retaliation for taking down the artificial Pegasus grid and carrying out retrievals of certain Adonis God cloned body parts was more than hostile. During these few days, common ascension symptoms included pain, numbness and sensing disconnection on the lower half or right side of the body, kidney and liver pain, blurry vision, assorted random and moving heavy physical aches and pains. The majority of symptoms are focused on right side masculine ancestral clearings and the review and retrieval of patriarchal lineages along with their timeline histories as connected to militarized combat in assorted wars, on and off planet. Further Tiamati reclamations for the 10D Sapphire Diamond Shield also impacted the left side wing portal in the trapezius muscle leading into the base of the skull, with some powerful neck and headaches.

To better comprehend why the unexpected and magical opening of the 8D Grual portal in Uranus is a major revelation in the shifting architecture of our Universal and Galactic Stargate system, we must be aware of the massive damage caused by the Metatronic Flower of Death generated by the Orion Wars. This is why as Starseeds we note the constant repeating of having to clear out the same miasmatic issues again and again, in order to spiritually heal from the NAA invasion and Orion War themes, as every time we revisit these same clearing themes, we are transmuting the negative historical records and the artificial timelines used to re-traumatize humanity in the NAA set up of never-ending genocidal wars.

The NAA takeover of the Universal 8D Stargate in Orion was thought to have destroyed the Uranus portal system. When considering the Greek tragic religious mythology surrounding the Titans Kronos and Uranus, in which Kronos (identified with Saturn) used a sickle to castrate and depose his father Uranus, the mysteries behind the origin of this ancient narrative compared to recent interdimensional spiritual warfare, becomes quite compelling.

8D and 12D Unplugged during Planetary Templar Invasion

The Planetary Stargates act to step down the higher energies being transmitting from the God Source field into the Sun, which is then directed into the many stargates and portal systems. The Stargates transmit an energetic spectrum of frequencies, moving from the higher to lower dimensions, in order to reach the matter fields and then circulate them throughout the planetary grid network. However, since the Sumerian Egypt Invasion, humanity’s Diamond Sun DNA was unplugged and the 8D and 12D energy centers were removed from the planetary templar because the NAA deliberately damaged the planetary stargate system in order to generate a consciousness prison on the Earth.

At the point of NAA invasion, it blocked the 8th Portal and the 12th Portal of the Planetary Gates, therefore blocking the 8th Chakra and 12th Chakra and its related energy centers in the human body and planetary body. In the place of the organic 8D Grual stargate system, the invaders introduced the Artificial Tree of Life to run AI timelines and AI machinery to force metatronic reversals to run reversal networks for anti-life currents throughout the planetary grid. That was connected to metatronic implants operating in the shadow body layers in which assorted energy parasites and Enki DNA skins were being embedded in the collective consciousness energy field of the tribal shield of Earth, which was designed to reverse and drain life force from out of the planetary body and the human body. This unnatural configuration embedded throughout the 8D Stargate Network was built by the NAA via Alien Machinery that uses Artificial intelligence to parasitize the Earth's life force to achieve immortality, and this dead energy structure is the counterfeit system to the organic Universal Tree of Life, which is referred to as the Artificial Tree of Life or the Black Tree of Life. This Artificial Tree was enmeshed throughout the Uranus Galactic Gate in which the AI Sentinel Program Kronos and 9D fallen parts from Michael Wars in Aldebaran were interconnected with several offshoots of the World War II histories that led to the formation of the Secret Space Programs and Milab timelines.  

Additionally, this damage to the integrity of the time matrix blocked access between several interconnected planetary gates to galactic gates to universal gates, blocking the Founder Solar Rishi’s access into our Solar System. Thus, the current attention with Cosmic Father’s return is being placed once again on the rehabilitation of the Universal 8D Orion Mintaka Stargate from its sordid Secret Space Program for human trafficking, along with its connection into the Galactic Uranus and Neptune Stargates. With further repercussion being made to the AI timeline histories and NAA invasions that impacted the 8D and 9D Planetary Stargate Network, with gates located in the Dragon Grids of Xian China, extending into Tibet, Osaka, Japan and the Eight White Horses complex in Wiltshire, England. Ancient historical connections between the eastern philosophy of Tibetan Buddhism have surfaced as intrinsic in the process of seating the Cosmic Father in his Cosmic Christos King Arthur Emerald- Ruby Templar stationed within the Solar Pendragon Stargate Network located in the heart of the Albion.

With dormant functions of Uranus 8D Galactic Grual Gate now functioning, the Planetary Stargates can now receive transmissions of the organic 8D consciousness into the 8D Grail points for distribution into the rest of the planetary grid system. As many of us may be sensing, the transmission of the intergalactic plasma waves from the Cosmic Mother and Cosmic Father God Source field into the Grail points and the Planetary Stargates, is greatly accelerating now and making tremendous changes to the planetary architecture.

Abraham Lincoln, Magna Carta, Defender Amethyst and Ruby Dragons

During the first onset of the winter solstice Cathedral Activations (Dec 2021), the planetary wings were upgraded to the solar rod template and dragon wings of which the Chartres Cathedral, Lincoln Cathedral, Rosslyn Chapel and the Washington DC Lincoln Memorial were chosen by Guardian Host to anchor restorations for the planet's Cosmic Christos Solar Dragon architecture. Since this time, Abraham Lincoln’s Christos Solar Dragon body has taken a primary role with current AI timeline collapses concerning end times global political strategies along with offering steadfast support for the etymological importance of the Magna Carta, The Great Charter of the Liberties, which was the forerunner of British Parliament, the Declaration of independence, the U.S. Constitution, and the U.S. Bill of Rights.

Abraham Lincoln has been previously identified as a Christos Starseed helping to guide the Christos Mission; we now include him to be one of the Cosmic Father’s Ruby Order that is directly involved in retrieving his spiritual brethren’s solar dragon body parts. As an unwavering and ardent constitutionalist and servant of the Law of One, he has been a constant companion during the most treacherous of Guardian missions, directing solar dragon body retrievals for the Ruby Order and Amethyst Order Maji Grail Kings.

Another demanding grid project has begun in Washington DC and Lincolnshire, in which he has been guiding awareness to the Blue Solar Dragon plasma dome complex connected to the Aquarian constellation that has been at rest near the Lincoln Cathedral, home of the original copies of Magna Carta, pointing to the east in the countryside within a location of the Lincolnshire Wolds in the county of Lincolnshire, England.

Lincoln has been active in the Washington DC Lincoln Memorial area where Guardian teams placed Amethyst Dragon Kingship Arcs, the Pillars of Cosmic Justice, along with recently upgraded Krystal Cathedral architecture for anchoring Lincoln’s Ruby Order Templar solar dragon body within the location. Guardians supported the anchoring of the Ruby Diamond Krystal Cathedral to surround the Washington DC grids in which to anchor the Cosmic Father’s Ruby Templar and Ruby Zephyr Shield, commanding the space under the natural laws of the Ruby Order-Amethyst Order Dragon Kings.

The recent events of the Ruby Order taking stand in the Lincoln Memorial and nearby grids began a series of explosive spiritual warfare situations spanning into several prominent presidential and historical timelines going back to World War II, that was observed to detonate a set of NET bombs going off on the east coast grids in electrical wars, while collapsing previously manipulated timelines and incurring tremendous damage to multiple dimensions of Thothian Leviathan and Enki red wave AI machinery. In the wake of this confrontation and subsequent destruction, it revealed more layered nests of Enki’s antichrist armies underground, with Thothian Leviathan Medusa snake head types and newly discovered factions of the Black Sun Dragon Moth, appearing frightfully similar to the Darth Maul character.  

These horrifying demonic entities running rampant underground in Washington DC were being powered up through the satanic ritual practices and child sacrifice of the so-called Washington elites and Synagogue of Satan, which held various signatures of the antichrist stench that pervaded the Luciferian bloodline of power elites that have embedded themselves in the mind control propaganda machinery of the Hollywood production meets the One World Order political agenda. Within the sequences of demolition, it was made clear that the majority of the public faces of political Manchurian candidate puppet strings are taking orders from those with dual citizenship as mind-controlled military intelligence assets and their ongoing prostitution and pedophilia blackmail operations as designed by their NAA overlords, the invading entities stationed in the underground tunnels of the Knesset in Israel.

These NAA Annunaki hybrid factions are being cornered as their hostile geopolitical agendas to genocide the natives is being made clear to the world, in efforts to expand their underground network from Israel into the Ukraine areas and for the purpose of gaining complete control over all underground bases, human trafficking, genetic labs and adrenochrome farms in the region.  As well as to steal the local resources with the predictable money laundering schemes for bribery and blackmail operations for inciting culture wars, which has become the hotbed of severely contested public opinions based wholly upon deceptions and military intelligence directed divide and conquer psychological operations. The majority of the population are not aware that a war over territory with hostile nonhumans and the Black Sun military intelligence groomed Fourth Reich nazis that take orders from their NAA overlords in the 9D Stargate of Antarctica, are directing them to demolish the western power centers in order to usher in the techno-totalitarianism of the Great Reset, in which the primary values upholding individual freedoms that first organized the USA have been put in the crosshairs for annihilation.  

The Knesset NAA group have had a heavy influence on controlled opposition in Washington DC and running disinformation narratives through the AI uploading of the Q agenda psyops which further had leads to off planet Secret Space Programs. Many of the negative deceptions and narratives being played throughout the artificial Q structures online were found to be cloned out and manipulated by the Thothian Zephilium administrators of the Zeta looking glass technologies for building AI timelines. Once again, there appears to be the organic formation of the Q psyops agenda and Earth Alliances working to uphold humanitarian interests, versus many cloned varieties of negative ego tricks and consciousness traps set up by those with anti-human agendas. However, the majority of the intelligence operations had been infiltrated with Zeta alien looking glass technology in the phantom areas and seems to be why several previous operations to stop the global bio-weapon roll outs have failed over the past three years. Thus, it is optimistic to be humbly aware that the Cosmic Father’s current priorities are directing the spiritual power to back up the true heart based Spiritual Warriors that stand for human freedom, family values and genuinely love the planet. Interestingly, it is the Amethyst Dragon Kings and Ruby Order collaborating with Guardian Abraham Lincoln who are tirelessly working to implode the shadow government infrastructure, by extracting their black magician armies used to run satanic forces and direct fallen demonic entities that gives the collective loosh power behind the satanic churches and SRA black houses utilized for protecting the dark cabal families involved in carrying out the destruction of the United States.  

Ongoing Guardian presence in the Washington DC grids are carrying out assorted evictions, retrievals and identification of sources of organized human trafficking networks as connected to installed Luciferian bloodline families that have been protected by Baphomet black magic sorcery, and complex NAA AI machinery that has been placed under the White House and surrounding areas for supporting and hiding ongoing SRA activities. 

The Lincolnshire Aquarian Blue Dragon

Mr. Lincoln has been revealing his namesake as connected to the Blue Solar Dragon complex that is connected to the Aquarian constellation within a location of the Lincolnshire Wolds in the county of Lincolnshire, England. With the Pluto in Aquarius placement, this seems to have catalyzed several explosive and powerful actions from the Cosmic Father Aquarian Solar Dragons, which seem to be nourished by Ursa Major rainbow rounds for supporting their divine mission which has Founder records accessible from within this main Blue Dragon complex which is about ten miles above in the sky.

This grid location is beginning to activate with Cosmic Father’s Ruby Templar in spinning octahedral geometries that transfigure into the light symbol code of the Dharma Wheel in the Noble Eightfold Path. The Cosmic Sun Buddha of White Fire, the Blue Melchizedek Logos Buddha of Universal Illumination, is the emanation of the triple solar masculine counterparts of the Cosmic Mother Elaysa Triple Taras, in which the Floating Five Buddhas of Wisdom along with his celestial hierarchy of bodhisattvas are illumined through his Cosmic Sun. In Tibetan Buddhism, it is Vairocana that is holding the Dharma Wheel, he is the Cosmic Father’s Solar White Fire embodiment of All that Is which can be found by the spiritual seeker within the moral truths of the Universe through the Noble Eightfold Path.

The Cosmic Father’s Solar White Fire is the most powerful emanation of Cosmic Truth found in All Things at scales that are wholly inconceivable. That which is not the resonance of God’s Truth, that which is completely negative and spiritually abusive to life, when this negativity is exposed to the Solar White Fire it is immediately vaporized into dust like a nuclear explosion. The exception is that no harm comes to the creator’s living things as a result, it is as if that negative thing never existed at all!  Cosmic Father brings awareness to the shocking and surreal events that can happen when things disappear, and points us to seek the truth in our lives, to not be scared, as we spiritually develop we continue to seek spiritual truth and communion with God in order to truly know ourselves, and within the White Solar Fire we will be purified and made spiritually whole.

Prismatic Ornate Dharma Wheel gold1

This light symbol code of Vairocana’s eight spoked wheel is embedded in the planetary portal in Lincolnshire, which is related to the Albion’s 11D Solar Anointed Christ-Buddha Initiation into the Solar Logos eternal krystal Rainbow Body. There is an interdimensional portal which opens into the Blue Dragons connecting into the inner planes of the Sirius B Maharaji crystal temples between spinning octahedrons that project out multiple rainbow arcs from Ursa Major into a transparent pyramidal Krystal Glass Mountain. 

This complex seems to replicate the Holy Mountain on a grassy knoll where the Krystal Glass Mountain functions for the transmission of the Arthurian round tables, these are the rainbow bridges and rainbow rounds of the Solar Rishic Ray Masters in Ursa Major. These are being activated through the planetary shift into the solar zodiacal template, connecting the constellations of stars throughout many other sun star networks, with the spinning octahedron being highlighted as an important stage for the Cosmic Father’s White Solar Fire and the Cosmic Christos-Sophia consciousness coming through the Grual stargates that are building the Octagonal Prism for the Solar Logos King Arthur. As the Cosmic Father and Solar Rishic Christos Dragons are entering our time matrix from the 8D Uranus gate, they are portalling through 11D Aveyon Solar Logos layers for igniting the Vairocana principle through the Solar Christ-Buddha spinning rainbow octagonal body, being anchored by Paliadorian Solar Dragon Wings on the northern and southern hemispheres around the planet.

This section of the ley lines has a direct portal opening in which the Khemalohatea access spanning pre-Atlantian times in Egypt is made accessible to embodied Maji Grail Kings, which further connects to the alchemical timelines of the Khem codes found in dark matter for the ongoing building of the Eukatharista, along with the ruby crystal that holds Ruby Order records that is under the Solar Gate in Egypt. The clarion call for Blue Flame Melchizedek priests and Guardian Essene templars for activating inner Khem Codes to further connect all of the Astrological principles of the Galactic Zodiac as trifold flame rainbow currents into their personal plasma luminary body and then the planetary Albion Lightbody begins. These are authentic Rainbow Spiritual Warriors being awakened by Cosmic Father’s return and this activation seems to be occurring for those Christos Starseeds that have embodied this same Christ-Buddha rainbow body configuration in other lifetimes.

Dearest Cosmic Mother and Cosmic Father, may you swiftly reclaim all that is truly yours in this creation as the organic living light consciousness you originally intended, as one heart, one love and for all in unity. We love you with all of our sacred crystal hearts.

May peace be with your heart, mind and body during these chaotic and challenging times.

Please only take what is useful for your spiritual growth and discard all the rest. Thank you for your courage and bravery to be a truth seeker. I am God, Sovereign, Free!

Until next, stay in the luminosity of your Avatar Christos Sophia heart path. Please be kind to yourself and each other. GSF!

With a Loving heart, Lisa



  • "Gospel of John" 1:42: "You are Simon son of John. You will be called Cephas” (Aramaic = rock, Peter in Greek), a cornerstone of the spiritual church."
    Note: Cepheus is the foundation stone in Khemalot that was hijacked by Rockefeller.
  • The meaning of the Scottish Thistle
  • Magna Carta

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