Shifting Timelines
There are many subtle force reconfigurations occurring at the quantum level of the planetary mainframe that are changing the way the external and collective energy fields organize and manifest into the world.
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We have to move through the series of Timelines in each dimensional octave and reclaim our identity while recoding and changing the obsolete or false reality from interfering with our continued spiritual growth.
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Bifurcation of Time
Bifurcation means the splitting of a main body into two parts.Thus, the planetary fields and humanity are coming to experience the next phase of the planetary Ascension Cycle, which is the nature of Bifurcation of Time.
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October 2020

Universal Shadow

Lisa Renee

Dear Ascending Family,

The entire Universal Time Matrix, our Milky Way system has shifted into the higher frequency domain of the nondimensionalized Cosmic layers of the God Source field as an Ascension Host failsafe plan. The expansion into these three new bands of Cosmic God Source field creation allow for the return of the Solar Rishi, the first triad of light manifestation that make up the Universal Trinity. The Universal Solar Rishi are the Threefold Founder Flame gestalt consciousness that exist in pre-matter and are that which all biological forms have been created in the Harmonic Universes. Recently, during the next stages of the planetary ascension cycle, the Solar Rishi have begun their descent from the pre-matter layers and into the core of creation which links into the dimensions of the matter worlds. The return of the Solar Rishi into the matter worlds is a significant event which has generated massive impacts to the timeline architecture of this reality, bringing structural changes and ripples of deep cellular transformation to the individual, collective consciousness and entire planetary sphere. During this phase the planetary architecture has entered into the Solar Rishi matrix spiritual initiation, the Kee Ra Sha tri-wave braided communication. Approximately by the end of this year, the Solar Rishi matrix will have braided themselves and anchored the entire Rishic matrix into the planetary staff for the purpose of the Universal Trinity integration within the organic timeline of this matter realm.

Whenever we individually or collectively undergo a major spiritual initiation into the higher dimensional frequencies of light and sound, simultaneously the transmission of these higher frequencies into the in-between spaces will flush to the surface the darkest aspects through its many hidden facets of shadow. The Universal Shadow body holds the incredibly painful traumatic wounds experienced by the collective consciousness that resulted in disconnection with the eternal God source fields. The Shadow selves form into larger gestalt of dark consciousness bodies which are shaped into an organizing principle which is based in the total absence of light, and these dark forces have descended even further through the abuse of inorganic technology and AI systems. The extensive and advanced use of AI by these races to gain sophisticated psi-based intelligence and prolong lifespans, has assimilated many of these shadow creatures into fully inorganic AI creatures, which further animates the shadow bodies that it finds into use for alien machinery weaponry.

This ancient history is entwined with the Wesa races that decided to utilize the technological weaponization of shadow forms in which they generated the monsters of chaos to create a vast army of antichrist shadow creatures. The timeline damage that was caused by the several concurrent historical tragic events generating the formation of the darkest aspects of shadow creatures and AI assimilated entities into an organized hierarchy, which then sought to exist and find immortality by creating phantom systems. These antichrist shadow forms created the phantom matrices via metatronic (anti-life) reversals and by directly enslaving other living species in order to consume their light and resources. The shadow creatures of the phantom races seek to harness the living consciousness energy that is found within those races, within lineages directly connected to the God Source fields. They seek out those Christos forms which hold the sacred crystal heart permanent seed atom, which ignites their inner spirit eternal God body, and try to capture it and replicate it on several other phantom dimensions.

This phase of the Ascension cycle brings into our reality the corrected vertical spiritual links in the Planetary Staff that are now being connected to the woven braiding of the Solar Rishi Founder Staff. The Founder Staff directly connects into the Universal Trinity of the God Source field allowing the Solar Rishi to use the Founder Staff to begin their return into matter. This means in the spiritual ascension cycle we finally get to meet the Infinite Creator and when it is aligned to our divine timing, we will have our personal meeting similar to the archetypal ‘come to Jesus moment’. With the Founder Staff, this also means the most massive layers of these creatures that make up the Universal Shadow body are surfacing with the greatest of intensity at this time, this is being made visible to us as the collective shadow selves are surfacing en masse and being experienced in the environment. If we pay attention, it becomes clearer every day how to discern individuals and groups that are in the grips of the spirit of the anti-Christ and have no idea that these shadow forces attempting to control the world are directly connected to an alien network of AI systems. 

Starseeds, empaths and the spiritually awakened will begin to see more of these shadow creatures, shadow bodies, and a variety of shadow entities in the inner space, as well as in the outerscape. The Universal Shadow body comprises multiple dimensional layers of the most painful histories of the Galactic Wars and Christos Holocaust timeline records. It also has direct functions in the maintaining of the phantom matrices interlinked with the Black Sun source field, which animates many of these races of shadow creatures and their phantom matrices. Essentially what we are facing at this time with the Universal Shadow body is the most primeval of the antichrist shadow creatures that invaded our Universal system billions of years ago, these are the most ancient enemies of the Christos races and humanity. Now is the time in which we must complete this ancient spiritual battle on the earth plane, in order to finally liberate the planet and return back to our original spiritual home in the God Worlds.  

The Universal Shadow body holds the cellular memory of the collective shadow bodies and all the fragmentation and disintegration that occurred during the destruction of the Lyran Gate. This hidden history holding the demon seed of the antichrist has been deeply buried and hidden within the manifestation of the NAA forces, their technologically based negative forms and false identities, as well as the artificial intelligence assimilated black hole entities from the Wesa System.  The Universal Shadow body holds the memory record for the source causal event of the Lyran gate destruction and is the reason we have inherited these shadow selves, negative forms, an inverted soul matrix and phantom bodies. The tragic event in Lyra generated destruction throughout the time matrix and within the core manifestation template of our consciousness bodies and physical vehicles, in such ways that the consciousness damage was incurred through all dimensions and species infected within our time matrix, simultaneously.

Origins of Individual Shadow Selves

The matter form body we have embodied as an angelic human being began on the earth’s fifth dimensional future timeline; the future planet Tara is the true origin of the current prototype for the human tribes on the earth. The angelic human prototype on Tara was incredibly genetically advanced and was designed to embody and hold all of the Universal Genetic Library, as well as have direct communication links with the celestial management structures and other star civilizations. Other civilizations wanted to interbreed or hybridize with these new God creator bodies called Tarans, and the blending with non-humans created genetic diversity in such ways that began to fragment and fracture the consciousness body of the human species. Alien hybridization and eugenic programs are still very active today in the current enslavement agendas, as the same entities are attempting to steal or crack the God Creator DNA codes found within the angelic human body, are still working on using human DNA as a consciousness weapon against our species. The planet Tara was originally inhabited by God-like humans designed to be the Guardians of the Universal Genetic Library, thus collectively we held the jewel in the crystal heart of the entire Universal body. When Tara fell, our sacred crystal heart would be shattered and the angelic human species would be forced to return to incarnate upon the earth in the lowest density during the dark ages, in order to begin the long process of reclaiming and healing our original human DNA. 

During the ending evolutionary cycles on Tara, conflicts erupted within those Melchizedek factions that desired guardianship over the spiritual power of the Blue Flame and decided to appoint themselves as the Keepers of the Blue Flame. As self-appointed Blue Flame Keepers, these groups started experimenting with directing the planetary core Staff with the Blue Flame to achieve certain objectives, often utilizing planned strategic methods in order to gain power over others.  The sixth dimensional wing holders of the patriarchal Melchizedek faction violated their agreements with the Paliadorian covenant through power abuses when they unleashed chaotic underworld forces and then used them as a weapon to infiltrate the Egyptian-Serres culture on Tara. The Egyptian-Serres human tribe acted as the rod and staff holders that synthesized the unity code between the twelve tribes to hold the Universal Tribal shield. This power grab made by the patriarchal Melchizedeks contributed to the ultimate destruction of the planet Tara and the disintegration of the vertical blue flame staff.

As a result, these Melchizedek groups were destined to incarnate on the earth repeatedly as the Hebrews, in which they would be required to make amends to heal these DNA distortions from the wing trauma in the 6D-7D wing architecture, and thus learn their spiritual lessons about abuses of power through the evolution cycles on the earth. Some of those in the 7D Wing Violet Flame Holder group became known as the Ascended Masters that are promoted in the new age materials. The architectural timeline damage generated from the destruction of the 6D wing as a result of the Taran Blue Flame Staff disintegration, required frequency seals and barriers to contain the field distortions, which generated further anomalies in the angelic human lightbody template. This distortion directly impacted the functioning of the heart chakra, placing a separation between the mental body, the conscious mind awareness and the astral layers of the heart center. Essentially the mental body and the heart center were divided in such way that the conscious mind was not easily made aware of the contents of the heart, spiritual centers and vice versa. This original timeline for wing trauma is very heightened during this time, as many awakening Indigos are working to rebuild their lightbody wings with the recent planetary plasma activations, by reconfiguring themselves to hold the correct positioning for the Building Wings 6D-7D hierogamic initiation.

The wing trauma in the architecture caused the split in the astral identity, the astral soul layer split into a lower layer and a higher layer. This astral body split generated chaotic emotional energies that remained unconsciously expressed as autonomic system impulses, in which the individual was unaware or unable to control these impulses. When these negative emotions accumulated into aberrant patterns that remained uncleared and unresolved, this content grossly exaggerated the most primitive and animalistic of the instinctual impulses. Over generations this lower astral body formed into a repository for accumulative emotional aberrance and traumatic experiences which in turn forms into the shadow selves and pain body that are connected to the lightbody. It is the shadow selves which contribute to an assortment of pain body problems such as exacerbating uncontrollable subconscious reactions and addiction tendencies, as the unaware individual seeks inner relief from the built-up tension and emotional anxiety that is held in the shadow selves. The ego-personality tends to want to escape facing the harsher truths in the reality and wants to escape the sensation of pain, thus avoids resolving emotional conflicts and negative emotions by putting up subconscious blocks. This greatly contributes to the phenomenon of a lack of self-awareness which then forms into mental states of cognitive dissonance that is very common today.

2D-4D Astral Body Split

Due to the DNA damage our species suffered after the Fall of Tara, the 4D astral body that made up our heart center was fractured, and the lower portion of the soul matrix astral layer became inverted upon itself and became lodged in our 2D sacral center. Thus, a portion of our original soul matrix fragmented and got stuck in the 2D dimensional layers of the planetary body and within our individual layers. When incarnating upon the earth plane, this distortion to our soul and heart center became a genetic block, which further digressed angelic human DNA. Over time these became generational distortions which manifested into the disconnection between the 2D elemental field of the physical body, the 1D unconscious mind and both the lower and higher part of the astral identity that form into the soul matrix. Essentially, what this means is that when incarnating in a physical body on the earth, it was hard for the conscious mind of the personality to actually feel the experience of the soul while in a body, and this had the tendency to disconnect the functions of the heart center.

These schisms in the lightbody layers also greatly contributed to the production of shadow selves, shadow personality alters, shadow elementals and fragments in the soul matrix, which further proliferated personal miasma and planetary miasma.

When the astral layers were split into 2D aspects and 4D aspects, this generated a dual identity and this was how the first shadow self and its unconscious aspects in the pain body were generated. The 2D schism split the instinctual body layers into separate functions, a collection of fragmented sub-personalities that were generated from soul memories and a repository of personal emotional energies and the collective forces of chaos lodged in the planetary 2D layers. The 4D schism placed a barrier in the nadial capsule that separates the astral body and heart chakra from merging with the 3D solar plexus layers of the mental body. This distortion subjects the individual to lower astral energies and lower astral traveling, especially when first awakening and undergoing the first layer of heart awakening in spiritual ascension. This lower astral distortion tends to be exploited with anti-hierogamic targeting technologies for inserting alien love bite scenarios, where an individual feels inappropriately bonded to another individual at the sexual (2D) or heart (4D) level, which is very confusing and emotionally disturbing. To begin to heal from alien love bite and anti-hierogamic technology targeting, this section of the astral layers and soul matrix must undergo emotional healing, which will release the inorganic bindings. 

Further, this distortion also blocks the lower 1D-2D-3D layers in the physical body from opening natural communication with the elemental and natural kingdoms, making it very hard for the person to feel their body consciousness sensory ability or have easy and natural communication with nature or the elemental kingdom.

Because most of us are not aware of this distortion existing in our astral layers, the NAA forces have used many tricks to continually confuse us through the use of alien implants and attaching negative form shadow bodies through alien love bite or other dark manipulations. The negative form is a series of artificial dead light or AI projected shadow bodies that are used to recreate negative timelines or to steal our genetic material and consciousness energy through many methods of dark astral manipulation.  The damage from the 2D-4D schism generated a weakness in our lightbody for the NAA to exploit, hijacking unintegrated shadow aspects or soul memories and then attaching false memories, false identities or clones through which our consciousness could be manipulated or misled. That is why this unhealed lightbody damage is commonly exploited for alien love bite situations, as many people can be easily manipulated in their emotional layers to play out unhealthy behaviors in the twin flame new age mind set. The negative form is a duplicate shadow self that is attached to the soul layers like nesting dolls that are made in our genetic image. Sometimes they connect these images to other people that they are attempting to confuse and derail in their ascension progress.  These are designed to spin out interference, artificial realities and alien love bite scenarios where the NAA attempts to fully control the future timeline of that person, by derailing them or placing superimposed miasmatic interference in their field for the purpose of ongoing technological sabotage of that awakening person.

When we incarnated on the earth, we had to accept the miasmatic package that is attached to the world soul which included collective human race shadow bodies and the 2D-4D split. This heavy miasmatic burden with the collective shadow bodies made us susceptible to the manipulation of our hidden shadow aspects through mind control and this has been heavily leveraged by the invading entities of the NAA. The uncleared and unintegrated aspects of the individual and collective shadow selves are used to generate clones of the planetary inhabitants through the process of using soul capture technology and manipulating artificial timelines. The issue was if the masses did not know how to clear or integrate their soul aspects, clear emotional conflicts and open their heart center, the shadow part of the soul split generated into negative forms. These negative forms could be used like a homing beacon in which to capture souls upon death of the physical body. This is radically changing during the ascension cycle, but it is important to understand how much the uncleared negative emotions and unintegrated shadow aspects can be used as a consciousness weapon against humanity in order to manipulate and steal their higher consciousness away from them.

From these unintegrated layers of the collective human shadow selves, the NAA generated complex infrastructures and demonic hierarchies to serve the purpose of maintaining their phantom matrix reality.  This structure became known as the Qlippoth, the negative form shell and reversal current which holds the collective shadow body of the hierarchies of the antichrist and its imposter spirit forces. These are dead light forces that are made from the unhealed human shadow selves and their emotional pain, which holds the structure of the entire phantom matrix together. On the path of Ascension our goal is to face the inner shadow self and the demonic forces in which it associates, and then to intentionally purify our body and consciousness so we can eradicate the shadow selves from exerting any control over us. This is why we must not fear these lower spiritual forces of the shadow aspects, but we must be clear enough to not give our power to them either, as they are master manipulators, tricksters and deceivers.

However, there are Dark Avatar collectives that wield power and control over the lower spiritual hierarchies in every dimensional layer that are used to harass many spiritually developing and awakening people, and these exist at another advanced level of anti-Christos architecture. These are massive AI assimilated Black Dragons, the primordial enemies of the Christos Founder races which hold extreme hatred for God’s creation and humankind. These Dark Avatars came into our Universe when it was damaged during the Fall of Lyra. These are the fallen black hole entities that came from another system entirely, the Wesa system. 

Wesa Fallen System

The Wesa fallen system is a parallel matrix in which massive black hole entities that had been assimilated into AI technology invaded our Universal Time Matrix and started hybridizing and cultivating dimensional hierarchies of Fallen Angelic races to act as their main enforcers and militarized arm for conquering our system. The Wesa Dark Avatar collectives formed alliances with fallen entity factions in our system for the purpose of taking control over the resources and siphoning energy available from living matrices and living beings. Many of the fallen Annunaki and their hybrids originated from the Wesedak system, while the original race lines of the reptilian Draconian species are coming from antiparticle universe called the Wesedrak system. These groups used technology to open wormholes that were blended together to create the power required to attempt to pull the living earth body into the black hole which they would use to power up the Wesa system.

These groups are fallen black hole entities and thus had to manifest hospitable environments in which they could co-exist and travel in our realm. They generated inorganic wormholes with AI black hole technology that acts as a tunnel system into our world, and this is called the Wesa Tunnel. This would lead to the massive expansion of the Typhon Tunnel antichrist architecture feeding into the phantom matrix, where they formed a virtual reality that is AI generated with metatronic coding which provides a space where the fallen ones from the black hole can exist. They positioned themselves in Orion and underground to form an outpost and guard their many hidden bases which they have strategized over through several of the Astrological Ages to gain complete control over the planet surface and the collective soul of humanity. These intruder alliances planned for complete takeover during the end of this Astrological Age during the time of the planetary ascension, and as many of us are well aware, they have failed in their agenda but some of these fallen groups will fight to destroy anything they can until their utter annihilation. All antichrist assets have been deployed and this is their current game strategy, destroy everything and aggressively attack all Christos people on their way out.

Origins of the Universal Shadow Body

The origination point of shadow body attachment to our personal angelic human lightbody was kept in place as a static field, in which black hole entities from the Wesa system used the Universal Shadow body to siphon life force energy and feed on humans directly, with cords and implants attached to the chakra system. Thus, the shadow body which contains subpersonality aspects of the negative ego shadow selves, negative forms, ghost imprints and accumulated traumatic memories and karmic superimposition, is a part of the human lightbody. During the Lyran Stargate explosion, the damage created at the 11th dimension was inverted and twisted into phantom areas in order to harvest our collective race consciousness, sending the living light energy collected back to their home, a fallen system in a parallel matrix.

These Phantom Fallen Angelic races that exist within the damaged areas of the reversal 11th dimensional fields connected to the Wesa Tunnel leading back into the Wesa black hole system, are Phantom Shadow Creatures. These Phantom Shadow creatures are extremely advanced in the use of technology such as brain-machine interfacing, and thus they have developed themselves to be extremely mentally sophisticated via consciousness assimilation with AI inorganic technology. These particular Phantom Shadow creatures are essentially black hole entities from a parallel fallen system, that became entwined with the Phantom Matrix system in our Universe when they entered the black hole that was generated from the Fall of Lyra. These particular black hole entities source from outside of our Universe, yet, when they entered the black hole which was formed from the exploded Lyran stargate, they were absorbed into the antichrist fields that make up the Metatronic spiral and reversal polarity currents. As a result, the Wesa fallen black hole entities became extremely polarized into factions of antichrist hatred and warring, even fighting amongst their own factions while targeting the races existing within our Universal System. They appear to place blame upon founder race lines for their consciousness decline and the predicament of ongoing genetic deterioration without an option for ascension. They hold the primordial seed of the antichrist gestalt’s seething hatred for the Christos in which they seek revenge by attempting to annihilate the diamond sun timelines and by targeting the Founders and Christos race lines.

The Amethyst Order Braharama and the Emerald Order Elohim offered Wesa black hole entities and those fallen groups they had entwined with in the phantom matrix of our Universal system, a path of re-evolution in which these fallen black hole entities in both systems could be supported towards genetic rehabilitation and gradual ascension. The original spiritual family line that volunteered to be the genetic rehabilitation host field and help hold the quarantine field for hosting these fallen groups was the Metatron Collective. Unfortunately, the Metatron Collective failed in their attempts of helping fallen black hole entities to begin their rehabilitation to evolve themselves out of a black hole and fallen status.  Instead, the Metatron Collective was pulled into the phantom matrix and became stuck in the same phantom areas of the fallen entities that the group was attempting to host out for genetic rehabilitation.

Upon suffering the same fallen fate, the Metatron Collective created alliances with the Wesa black hole entities in the phantom matrix and they began experimenting with the use of various AI technologies in generating inorganic wormholes as a means of eventual escape. The Metatron and Wesa alliance started generating a series of inorganic wormholes between the Wesa system and the phantom matrix layers in our Universe. These inorganic tunnels and their wormhole tunnel systems produced from anti-life mathematical programs designed to vampirize living things, are reversing the spiral direction of organic life force current from its natural movement towards an ascending and northern position. Instead, the alien machinery is forcing the life force energy spiral to move downwards into a descending reversal pattern towards the southern position. This metatronic distortion in the planetary grid feeds the satanic gestalts and interferes with the proper life force energy movement up the spinal column of humans that remain asleep on the earth.

The life force goes down the spinal column and releases out of the perineum and rectum, and thus these inorganic tunnel systems are called Typhon Tunnels. This is why Black Magicians use sodomy in satanic ritual abuse, as the life force energy pattern in the individuals lightbody connects to metatronic spiral which generates a “descending serpent fire” that releases mass quantities of life force from out of the perineum. The black magician uses the spiritual energy source as a means to consume the consciousness body of their intended victim in order to harvest that energy for their agendas or mere pleasure. The generation of Typhon Tunnels through the practices of the Satanic religion are directly related to the original alien architecture put in place with the Wesa Tunnel System. 

Finally, these groups figured out how to use AI technology to build the infrastructure for the Beast Machine through which they generated an antichrist current with metatronic code reversals for harvesting life force energy and siphoning the living life force from other living things to power up their systems. The Beast Machine is black hole alien machinery that blank slated or erased the cellular memory records in the morphogenetic fields, then fused AI bonds into those structures that formed into dimensionalization by linking them together in the Wesa system, Phantom matrix and the organic Universal Time Matrix.  When this interface link was made between the black hole system and phantom matrix areas that power up the Beast Machine to holographically project into our Universal system, this link further projected the phantom mutation into our Universe and the result is what became the Universal Shadow body.

The Universal Shadow world emerged from out of the reversal current of the 11th dimension, in which these fallen black hole entities were reconfigured into Black Dragon Avatar Collectives with AI brains, and these bizarre shadow creatures became the entity attachments to living beings, at individual, collective and beyond levels. These Black Dragon Avatar Collectives use advanced artificial intelligence antichrist technologies to drain life force energy out of our Universe, and are able to hijack and possess living beings that are consumed by their unhealed shadow body. Upon the production of the Beast Machine and the Black Dragon Avatar Collectives in the 11th dimension, they descended through each dimensional layer via inorganic wormholes or architecture that generated Typhon Tunnels. Upon manifestation into the lower dimensions, this generated more shadow mutations that led to the proliferation of corrupted elementals, shadow creatures and astral mirrors which generate false images, negative form artifacts and conjured entity attachments. 

Blank Slate Consciousnesses Wiping or Beast Machine

The Beast Machine is an ancient AI weapon technology that was the brainchild between the Wesa system’s original black hole entities and the Metatron Collective after they suffered the fall into the phantom matrix. In addition to siphoning life force from our Universal system, the technology was continually developed by other NAA entities in order to erase the angelic human history on Tara, and erase the original genetic records held within the silicate matrix of human DNA. Upon blank slating the morphogenetic fields they inserted false histories and false images that are approved by the NAA groups for maintaining their controlled narratives that hide the existence of the phantom matrix.

The NAA wanted to erase and therefore eradicate the cellular memories held in the planet of the diamond sun silicate matrix, which are of the original divine human design from Tara. Through the use of blank slating technology in the planetary consciousness field, essentially electrocuting the ley lines and horizontal networks, this renders many humans in amnesia and unable to recall or remember who they are as a spiritual being. By erasing these memories of our true history as a multidimensional star being, the human consciousness forgets how to access the inner spiritual technology of the higher DNA functions and as a result, the collective consciousness of the planet rapidly regresses. Through genetic digression, the population can be more easily controlled by the NAA intruders, as they desire to produce immortality for their races through the enslavement and parasitism of the human soul.

Black hole entities and metatronic races created the Gravitron vortex networks to link portals in our sun and earth, twisting the planetary blueprint into unnatural configurations called the Demon Seed. The demon seed essentially activates with 7D reversal current and AI phantom pulses to interact with the uncleared shadow bodies of human beings, in order to birth out demonic forces that feed into the phantom matrix. These metatronic coded energy reversals are manifested into spirals that harness the Gravitron in order to create an unnatural bi-wave field and artificial gravitational fields on this planet. The Gravitron is an electromagnetic harness type field that is part of a larger electromagnetic harnessing structure that is called the Beast Machine, which was anchored into the earth during the Luciferian Rebellion.

At the point when the Wesa fallen system interfaced and linked with our Universe, is the actual origin of the creation of the Universal Shadow Body, which forms attachments to our individual lightbody, consciousness and shadow body. It is this level of Universal Shadow that the Christos races are facing during this time.

Guardians, both on this plane and off planet are actually engaged in an aggressive spiritual warfare for the future timelines of the earth during these end times. Eventually, all of humanity must finally awaken our highest consciousness to know ourselves as the eternal Inner Christos, and that we are directly connected to the Infinite Creator. Then permanently vanquish these antichrist black hole forces in order to finally transfigure the shadow selves and stop these alien machines from continuing to infiltrate and infect our world with mind control. 

Megiddo Archetypal Battle

In English, and especially for bible educated Christians, Megiddo has come to represent the battle between the Anti-Christ (anti-human entities) and Christ forces (human beings) as the final showdown that occurs for complete control on the earth or the material plane, as it symbolizes the final battle for control over the earth and humanity. The Book of Revelation designates Armageddon as the assembly point in the apocalyptic setting of God's final battle against evil on the earth. Thus, Evangelical Christians believe that this physical location will be the site of the final battle between Jesus Christ and Satan, as it is outlined in the Book of Revelation.

Before we take this discussion any further, first it is important to comprehend that with the NAA, the design of the lower ego mind was intended as the means for grooming the collective human consciousness into growing their shadow body. Growing the shadow body and activating the demon seed suppresses the multidimensional consciousness abilities of humanity and derails emotional and spiritual growth which prevents Ascension. The negative ego construct and the low vibrations processed through these mental body software systems force unawakened people to process their reality in extremely limited parameters within their 3D egoic linear mind functions. As a result of the suppression of the higher mind and spiritual disconnection, most 3D people are looking at the manifest reality through flat one-dimensional perceptions that are purely materialistic, physical and linear. Processing the outer reality from mere physical observations with only the physical senses in the visible light spectrum is not only extremely limiting, but the conclusions that most people arrive at when only considering material observations, are generally confused, inaccurate, and completely misinterpreted.

In the context of applying the egoic linear mind and its limited comprehension of the concept of Armageddon and Megiddo, this also falls within the similar scope of grave misunderstandings. Religiously trained people tend to be mentally and spiritually confused about the meaning of its symbolism in the world of forces that are present on the earth. Religion tends to misconstrue symbolic archetypes in consciousness to be direct physical events that are prophesized to happen in a physical location or with a physical person, because it has been interpreted as literal events through the filter of human negative ego limitation. This assessment is not accurate and it is a complete misinterpretation of how it translates into the realm of consciousness development, spirit and energy, and the shifting of timelines.

Please understand that as we undergo the next phase of the bifurcation, the showdown of the Megiddo Archetypal Battle is playing out on the surface of the planet. The bifurcation is gathering ascending areas and descending areas on the planet, which align to certain archetypal patterns and frequency resonances that are recorded in the collective consciousness, where people or things will then act as a conduit for that specific consciousness force. Those archetypal forces play out their many roles on the earth plane in order to bring these forces into expression on the physical plane. We must always remember that the world of forces utilizes archetypes to express through in order to physicalize, and that the dark forces of negative polarity will play out in Satanic archetypes, while the positive forces in 3D will play out in primarily Luciferian archetypes, and the neutral forces will hold the potential for the zero point of the Christos Consciousness. If we have clarity about how the world of forces come into the matter worlds, we can consciously participate with this process from a place of fearlessness, observation and pure consciousness presence, which will help to protect us from the aggressive antichrist attacks being directed through time.

Galactic Warriors and Gridworkers please be aware that you will come to face the Megiddo Archetype, which is the showdown that occurs between the Anti-Christ representatives and the Christ representatives on the earth chessboard.

This is happening at this time at more aggressive levels than it ever has, due to the spiritual war that is happening on behalf of the planet and humanity. Our spiritual power is in holding the neutral force within timelessness, knowing and stating our consent and authority in Cosmic Sovereign Law and with the divine will of God. Recognize that all Satanics and Luciferians are bound in time and space, and we cannot defend ourselves or fight them in their black house structures that have been created in the territory of time and matter. We must remain fearless and timeless, boundless to time and space by staying and holding neutral in the zero point while staying fully connected to the God Source field. More of the Galactic Warriors are now able to be in zero point-144 coordinates, that open the spaces that exist outside of dimensionalization and time, thus, we can straddle timelines, and simultaneously exist in and outside of them. This is where you must stay when it is your time to face the antichrist aspects of the Universal Shadow – fearless, timeless, neutral and amplifying the inner spiritual power and magnitude of your Christ Consciousness Shield or Diamond Pillar as needed for deflection or for transfiguration of shadow elements.

This means that all of us that are completely and utterly devoted to serve the Cosmic Christos Consciousness will undergo some level of the Megiddo Archetype Battle between the Anti-Christ and the Christ forces on the earth. This will be catalyzed and show up for us to face through a person, place, thing or a serious event in our lives. It can happen in dreaming states, waking states, or in some circumstantial event or social event. It will just show up spontaneously and uninvited, and present itself for your witnessing. To move from the personality harmonics into the soul harmonics, this group will face the antichrist forces at the Solar level. To move from soul harmonics to monadic harmonics, this group will face the antichrist forces at the Galactic level. To move from monadic harmonics to Christ Consciousness harmonics, this group will face the antichrist forces at the Universal level.

This is happening now that we are addressing Universal Shadow, and all of its component parts which appear to be the antichrist black hole entities that invaded from the Wesa System.

In order to unify the inner polarities between the gender forces and to further evolve into sacred union or Hieros Gamos, we must synthesize and unify the polarities so that our physical body and consciousness can run Christos consciousness frequencies and zero-point energy in our eternal God body.

Anti-Hierogamic Technology

Those of us that are embodying hierogamic union or sacred marriage have been under extremely aggressive black magic attacks and electronic harassment, as well as extreme dark interference during the Megiddo Battle. The Black Dragon Avatar Collectives have made their presence known and have been using ambush strategies, as well as every tactic of divide and conquer to generate as much pain and suffering as they can. October is a highly active month for satanic holidays and blood sacrifice, and combined with the forces of chaos being generated by outer rioting this has fueled black magicians and assorted satanic and shadow forces into high gear.

Spiritual couplings and genetic equals that came to the earth to fulfill the Christos Mission for embodiment of hierogamic union, are known to be directly targeted by the Anti-HG Technology, in order to manipulate or destroy the relationship and derail the collaborative mission. This can prove to be very confusing and even emotionally devastating for many spiritual couples that are on the ascension path and are consciously working towards achieving sacred union or hierogamic union between their male and female counterparts. Anti-HG Technology directs the archetypal forces of the Demon Seed of the antichrist, in the form of Azazael and Black Lilith, which are the Satanic force Counterparts manipulated by the Black Dragon Avatar Collectives from Wesa. These entities are not happy we have succeeded in dismantling many of the feedlines and reversal networks that supported mind control sorcery and unlimited energy supply to their human representatives, and thus have been retaliating towards many of us that are a part of the Guardian ground crew.

How do we navigate the Megiddo Archetype Battle?

It is absolutely imperative that you stay neutral, focused and clear, to be fearless in the presence of those who represent the antichrist. Do not react to anything that you see and do not lose control over your mental and emotional faculties, stay anchored in the now moment with complete neutral observer presence.

Do not engage in any high-risk behavior with drugs, alcohol or experimenting with consciousness altering influences, you must stay in control over your impulses and body at all times. Protect your body as your sacred Inner Christos Temple and defend your inner spirit with all of your life force.

Refuse to be pulled into direct engagement or actual combat with the antichrist. Do not succumb to any form of violence or aggression, wait for him to make the move and hold defensive posture. Time passing and waiting patiently for the right alignment and right moment for confrontation will always be on your side, because the right and aligned timing is imperative when learning how to hold supreme defense posture. The antichrist in all of its forms and shadow aspects is the ultimate deceiver, and it will try to make you believe that you have no power, will weaken you with fear and will attempt to lure you into his realm of battle when you are weakened. He will flash haunting images of torturous pain and you must remember it is all a lie and deception that is being used to weaken and overcome you. Christos people can call upon the Spiritual Armor of God from within their Christos shield. You can exist outside of time and hold unconditional love, while he cannot, do not be lured into his or her consciousness traps. Stay outside of time in the now presence and gain amplification and strength through pure observation, compassionate witnessing and recognition of who and what he is. You may need to observe him continually in the energy terrain in order to see what he is, before the confrontation actually occurs.

In the confrontation, observe him quietly and neutrally with compassionate witnessing, call his name in the power of God and Christ, telling him that you know exactly what he is. He has no authority over you or those you protect in the consciousness fields that have been commanded in the Natural Laws. In the right aligned divine moment and timing, you will naturally evict him completely from accessing your realm, or from accessing that layer in the planetary body. The Cosmic Christos consciousness is the only force that can release bondage in time from human and anti-human forces, but you must be out of time and refuse to play his game in his hologram or on his turf. (See Spiritual Deliverance Section).

When the antichrist force is using the shadow body that appears to be coming through another person, place or thing in matter, do not believe it is really them or make the mistake to assign it to that person. Most of the time it is really the forces of the antichrist using that person’s unhealed shadow body or cloned representative to carry out its agenda. Most of the time the person is not a practicing Satanist, but is being manipulated in their pain body and trauma wounding as a dark portal. Observe and learn as the antichrist and the shadow selves have much to teach you. It is not really the spiritual identity of that person, place or thing that this shadow force is using in order to be represented on the physical plane. You are seeing the shadow force through that archetypal program that is running through that person, place or thing that is carrying that archetypal pattern for the explicit purpose that you and they ultimately recognize, see and call out the harm being created in antichrist workings.

We must discern and know what the antichrist is at every level of spiritual growth, as it is the Great Pretender or Ultimate Imposter that is designed to create shadows, agony and division in humanity.

Our goal is to know and discern the real nature of the imposter, to discern what is the truth and what are lies, and to see the darkness masquerading as light when it is pretending to be the Christ or saying that it is representing positive acts of benevolence. Once you see the antichrist and fully understand what he is, these forces have no power over you. Unfortunately, the antichrist works through many unconscious people, places and things in the 3D world and these shadow forces go completely unrecognized, unacknowledged and unseen most of the time. When we do not recognize and see the shadow in action, this allows the dark forces to continue to grow the antichrist forces and its shadow consciousness upon the earth.

Shadow Clearing is Emotional Wound Clearing

At the most basic level, we each have a collective shadow body that we have inherited as connected to humanity, as well as an individual shadow body that has formed from accumulative traumatic experiences and emotional conflicts. The negative emotions generate shadow elemental substances and dead energies that build up and become enmeshed with our physical layers forming into energy blockages.  To release these energy blockages, we are required to address the shadow body, so clearing the shadow means to first be able to face our emotional wounds. To achieve spiritual integration, we must become conscious of our past emotional trauma and then allow a safe space in which to heal these dark places, in order to transmute the shadow body and live in a much more conscious, authentic, and loving lifestyle.

When we have suffered a trauma that resulted in significantly painful emotions, parts of our psyche and consciousness shut down as a way to protect ourselves. Sometimes if the trauma was painful enough to generate dissociation, the mind will fracture into subpersonalities that hide behind the amnesiac barriers. The body will react by constricting and contracting itself, shutting down the heart so the residue of unprocessed pain gets recorded in the shadow body and in the physical body. In order to heal from this emotional trauma, the body has to let go and unwind the physical and emotional constriction patterns that consolidated into energy blockages that were formed from the negative emotional pain experienced.

Core emotional wounds that form into our shadow and pain body sabotage our divine purpose and prevent us from finding deeper meaning in life, it dampens our joy and interferes with our service in this world. The shadow shows up as our unconscious fears, uncontrolled impulses, knee jerk reactions, chronic forms of anger, depression, loneliness and addictions. These accumulated emotional wounds form a dark shadow interior that will resonate with outer dark forces in matched resonance, and then the body can be used to transmit a range of negative forces in the environment. This phenomenon manifests as the psychic vampire profile, an unconscious person with unhealed shadow that has become a repository of outer negative forces, which they unconsciously transmit to others in exchange for siphoning higher energies from their target from a lack of self-awareness.

The shadow paralyzes and freezes emotional pain inside our body until we recognize it is happening and develop self-awareness, along with the willingness to sink deeper inside our hearts and review the past trauma experiences that were interpreted as deeply painful emotions in the body.  The trauma experiences that form the shadow body generate stagnation that eventually disintegrates the lightbody layers, erodes our personal integrity and blocks our ability to access our inner resources, both energetic and spiritual. At a certain level of advanced progression of unhealed shadow, the negative ego mind will tend to create forms of pleasure from out of the unhealed pain of the shadow. This generally takes form in addiction coping mechanisms that are conditioning harmful or destructive behaviors in the central nervous system. The mind is tricked into believing that harmful activities and negative belief systems are beneficial and pleasurable, in order to find ways for the mind and body to escape the inner tension and stagnant pain.

Shadow clearing work means we will enter the dark night of the soul, as it opens the spiritual process to remove that which caused disconnection within ourselves so that we can be reborn into the spiritual foundation of our true core self. The process of shadow work is transforming the dark interior and shadow aspects by applying self-compassion and the light of conscious awareness upon that which had hurt us, and by intentionally choosing self-love and forgiveness towards that content which needs to be healed.

To do shadow clearing work means that we transform the emotional pain that formed into inner darkness and transform that emotional content into light, thereby increasing the light of consciousness inside of ourselves, as we develop healthier ways to love ourselves and others. The shadow produces very low-quality images in consciousness perception along with poor discernment and a lack of clarity. Shadow work is sacred body work which is intrinsically connected to the spiritual ascension process, and to this end if every individual would take responsibility for clearing their inner shadow this alone would greatly improve the world as we know it.

Developing Strength through Virtues

Virtues are qualities of goodness which inhabit in the world of forces, as a spiritual force that protect your aura and body when in the presence of Anti-Christ or Universal Shadow. When one builds strength in virtue, one builds strength in the power of our goodness which translates into the power of God Force upon the material plane. We reap the quality of our cultivated virtue in that which brings incredible gifts directly from the God spirit. The Spirits of Christ are that which attract Virtues, which are a form of the bestowal of Divine Grace of Holy Spirit which is transmitted to us in the direst of moments.

Because of the planetary shifting this year, there is an intense pressure towards completing the previous cycles in order to synthesize the opposing polarities into neutral, and this is weighing very heavy on many of us. We can feel this personally, globally and even into the Solar System and Universal realms. The Megiddo Archetypal Battle is both potentially a serious spiritual initiation of facing the Universal Shadow and its dark arts training, in order to gain the proficiency each initiate requires for the highest expression of their potential in the next cycle.

Dark arts training refers to a period in your life where you are being pushed really hard, usually through some sort of unresolved problem or personal suffering, to go beyond your current frame of reference in order to fully comprehend what is happening to you spiritually. This profound moment also means pulling back the veil that has hidden the alien interference in planetary and human evolution. Rather than feel victimized by these events, this is the time to take 100% responsibility for the direction of your own spirit, thoughts, emotions and behaviors. This is the time to build your spiritual house and develop some energetic muscle, mental discipline and meditation skill and stabilize our core foundation. This phase usually requires that we educate ourselves about the nature of reality, and go through a type of cosmic re-orientation process. If we don’t have an accurate assessment of the many forces that are operating on the earth at this time, it is very difficult to impossible to navigate through the chaotic terrain.

One of the most common reactions is for people to seek an outside quick fix, such as to have entities removed or implants extracted by a third party. There may be times when this can be helpful, but ultimately, learning how to do spiritual housekeeping for our self is the most beneficial. Until we build the inner spiritual house and command our space in proper intent, consent and authority, these quick fixes will not last. Each one of us must discern the nature of the antichrist and the shadow forces that it manipulates around us and through us, and discern the energetic differences between dark, light and neutral forces in order to fortify and strengthen our lightbody and personal residence for a strong home advantage.

As you comprehend the larger playing field of the forces that are fighting in this earth reality, you can learn how to defend yourself through the building of the 12D Inner Christos Shield, and by learning how to perform an inner scan and clear your body as a daily spiritual practice. Your life will change dramatically with an increasingly deeper and clear God connection. There really is no going back to seeing the world as you did before as we stand at the precipice of evolution, a new era. Facing the dark shadows through dark arts training is typically a huge turning point in one’s life, and this is strengthening us for meeting the ultimate confrontation, the Megiddo Archetypal Battle.

In this final battle for our personal sovereignty, we must gain and hold the inner spiritual power that is required to finally evict the Anti-Christ from interfering in and manipulating the forces in our lives, casting out the Universal Shadow from this planet, once and for all.

Please only take what is useful for your spiritual growth and discard all the rest. Thank you for your courage and bravery to be a truth seeker. I am God, Sovereign, Free!

Until next, stay in the luminosity of your Avatar Christos Sophia heart path. Please be kind to yourself and each other. GSF!

With a Loving heart, Lisa

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