Shifting Timelines
There are many subtle force reconfigurations occurring at the quantum level of the planetary mainframe that are changing the way the external and collective energy fields organize and manifest into the world.
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We have to move through the series of Timelines in each dimensional octave and reclaim our identity while recoding and changing the obsolete or false reality from interfering with our continued spiritual growth.
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Bifurcation of Time
Bifurcation means the splitting of a main body into two parts.Thus, the planetary fields and humanity are coming to experience the next phase of the planetary Ascension Cycle, which is the nature of Bifurcation of Time.
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 Lifting Your Veil: Surviving the Ascension Process

June 2008

Lisa Renee


Dear Family,

As we move into June and throughout the summer months
, the energies will bring us many more opportunities to receive the direct clarity we have been waiting for that will distill our next movement forward. As we become better at maintaining the calm clear pool within our Still Point center, we will be able to crystallize our new direction, given the immense transformational changes we have recently undergone.

These changes are bringing such deep alchemy our very cells have shifted to accommodate an entirely new lens of perception. We are able to see with much more depth now. Personal revelations and Aha moments abound during this time. Those mysterious underlying energies that had been fueling abrupt changes in our life that were so puzzling a few weeks ago, are now actually starting to make some sense. The dust is beginning to settle so we can finally see above the clouds.

It was quite painful at times as we had to let immense layers of our attachments go, however, we have eradicated a lot of the falsity and illusory pathways that were once seemingly a part of our future destiny. Over the last months we have been extremely busy reconfiguring these pathways into the new energy reality of liberation. Dismantling these energetic structures and sometimes physical structures, we could discover all the tributaries that had been feeding various constructs that had been operating behind the scenes. This usually meant we hit into deep layers of the unconscious that were operating addictively or co-dependently as the last vestige or the bottom layer, revealing how our basic survival needs permeate into all levels of our existence. This also means from now on we will be slowing down a lot of the frenetic activity that had been taking up energy in our life. We will be getting more efficient and sustainable in how we run our resources.

The Truth Will Set Us Free

The theme of this time period has been the Truth Will Set Us Free, yet we may still feel melancholy for those people, places or things we have had to walk away from with loving detachment. A lot has been revealed lately and that realization of truth has had us changing many life patterns. Many of these situations had been life-long themes, that had us playing out conditioned responses keeping us stuck in perpetuating these cycles spread over many lifetimes. Many of those energies had been with us for so long they seemed like permanent identity fixtures or genuine friends, that gave us comfort and security.

Certain groups of us are being called to the carpet to finally realize that WE are who we have been waiting for. And making no excuses about it. There is a massive level of our divinity and its related intelligences that are a part of us and are making themselves known to us in a big way. It has been clearly stated and even administered with a catalytic lightning rod, that it is time to assume our real essence identity. It has been surreal having a level of our identity hidden until we could actually fathom it and begin to embody it fully. We have been trained for so long to dumb ourselves down or consider it blasphemous to think of ourselves as Huge as we have been revealed to be. We are still processing these exploding packets of revelation and attempting to gain our bearings. It is similar to walking around with 20 radio stations of frequency turned on at the same time. We are in the process of assimilating it all into a cohesive point through our ultimate singularity, The One Self.

Our energetic resonance has increased so much during March that our personal sphere of influence is dramatically impacting the fields around us. People and animals will now stare at you when you walk by because their soul being remembers this field of energy from somewhere else in time.

In the Ultimate Initiation, we have learned we had to free ourselves from these ongoing patterns and old soul programs by embodying the next levels of understanding non-attachment. We have been introduced to and sometimes felt forced into an accelerated level of applying greater detachment and acceptance of what is now happening to us in our lives. At this point with the immensity of forces interacting with us, applying any resistance to these forces is absolutely futile. We must bend like the reed with utmost flexibility and adaptability to accommodate the ever changing landscape.

Now it is time to add the receptivity piece to our practices of non-attachment, which creates a new balancing act. This is the Key to completing all of these obsolete situations and circumstances that are ending, with finality and closure, whatever they are. The opportunity to finally shut the door on all of those old patterns that seemed to resurface over and over is here NOW.

The Key: Applying Non-Attached Receptivity

When you become aware of recurring scenarios that are triggering intense emotional responses, take time to distance yourself from the situation. Especially if you have not been getting any change in responses and are still experiencing the same cycles of repetition. This may mean changing your day-to-day patterns, changing your location, or finding alternatives like doing a summer internship at Esalen, or taking a long dreamed of trip out of the country. Trying a new kind of scenario. Many times, when you take yourself out of your comfort zone by changing your daily patterns it allows a new energy to present itself, to manifest a completely new way of being. We will be further impulsed into these new directions sometime in June.

Many times there is energetic symbolism in the circumstances that are not what they appear to be on the surface. This means that what you feel or think is the issue, is only the illusion at surface level and diving deeper into the core or causation of the pattern will reveal its deeper truth. Until you see the deeper truth, the pattern or symbolism will repeat itself and continue to manifest its recurring theme. To free yourself from these recurring themes it is necessary to attain a complete level of non-attachment.

Generally the emotional charge that you attribute to a recurring life pattern is directly related to the degree you repeat the life pattern. To break the cycle, one must surrender to the process and cease resisting what has been presented or manifested in your life. Confrontation or attempting to force personal will on the situation will only multiply its intensity. To liberate yourself from the emotional bondage you may feel in these situations it is best to remove yourself energetically from the scenario completely. Diffuse your energies, do not engage in the drama or invest yourself in its outcome. When you actually walk away from the circumstance, you contribute to the completion of that particular theme. Begin expressing non-attachment in every possible situation in which you are mentally and emotionally invested. This can be applied to a material object, a person or any other type of relationship you may have.

However, it is important to understand the most effective use of applying non-attachment or neutral association, is to not confuse it with an emotional state of numbness or denial. Practice applying non-attachment to the end result while remaining open to the opportunities presented, as this is the most effective way to manifest the circumstances that are the true reflection of your God-Self.

In these new energies it is not possible to force outcomes or impose your will, to yield you positive results. Generally, you will feel the energy deflating and draining when there is some kind of imposition or force involved. Many times we may feel thwarted as the landscape changes very quickly in this new energetic environment and it challenges us to make micro-adjustments in our capacity to remain adaptable. To create a better sense of well being and inner peace, remember to stay in the flow of moving energy and that means flowing with the doorways that open and close with greater ease.

Practice maintaining your observer consciousness and apply non-attached receptivity to any emotionally charged patterns. Unconditional acceptance of whatever has been presented without the need to change it, or fit it into a context of a belief system will help release those items. This includes relationships with other souls, other people that are no longer serving you.

Planetary Update: Pylon Projects

Pylons are a part of planetary grid networks on the planet that act similar to a hard drive controller or mainframe on a computer system. Pylons store the data and direct the informational sequence of exactly how that information is to be organized, applied and distributed into the programming infrastructure. We could refer to the programming as the application software that contains human belief constructs and its reinforcement systems, such as varieties of race and cultural beliefs that are stored in the mainframe. The Lightworkers that are specialized as the Planetary Gridworkers during the Ascension cycle have reached a new access level in the planetary fields. Up to this point most of the grid network layers being accessed were the millions of intricate layers upon layers of the computer programs, existing at the software application or installation level. Rarely would one of us permeate past the massive grid program layers and get into working directly with the mainframe, or the planetary hard drive. In a sense this is like saying we have cleared enough of the cluttered templates and obsolete human mind programs, or applications that have been and are running, to now allow access into the hard drive mainframe. The Frequency access we have now allows us to see and work at the mainframe level. And so recently in those with this specialized planetary soul agreement, there have been planetary grid projects given specifically to recode the planetary hard drive. We could not exactly reboot the mainframe previously, as the devastation that would ripple out would create much human suffering. This is similar to saying that we are now reconfiguring the mainframe to the human liberation program. This is the timeline of the original planetary divine plan that serves to restore the energetic reality of the Law of One. This is what I refer to as the Ascension Plan B timeline, which the Starseed races have purposely incarnated here to support and facilitate.

Many of these Pylon Networks are comprised of humongous clusters of selenite or crystal rods, which have stored humongous amounts of data for eons of time. They are programmable, to emit certain code or frequencies and more specifically to direct scalar wave transmissions. Naturally they can be used for positive purposes such as uplifting humanity, or as mind control fences. These networks are key to what programs are installed and operational, which means these are what directly influence our group human soul to choose which timeline or software program we want to experience. Of course, we realize the issue here is that most humans are not aware or consciously participating in their own Ascension, so don't realize that they CAN choose.

Many of these pylon network stations were unseen to the human eye because they were existing in the 4th dimension and within the anti-particle timelines. A part of the science of Ascension is merging our particle universe with that of the anti-particle universe, layer by layer, frequency by frequency. The planetary hologram is starting to be merged enough, or to such degree that we are starting to see with our human eyes many of the things that were hidden from us on our planet over the last 26,000 years. This means new discoveries, treasures and other anomalies will suddenly be seen by human eyes. To a certain degree this means these pylon networks will also become visible to some of us soon. These are huge crystal deposits and massive crystal pylons organized in caves, portals and other power spots, such as Stargates on the earth. There are even some pylons standing on top as well as beneath the ocean’s surface. More pyramidal structures and archeological finds, Egyptian artifacts and proof of ET’s, as well as many other new discoveries will be made in this cycle and onward. This is directly from the anti-particle merge that we are witnessing into materialization in our particle universe.

We will be experiencing some amazing new benchmarks through these discoveries in human consciousness, that signify how close we actually are to witnessing large and palpable changes in our future destiny.

The Karma of Nations

It has been interesting to note that recently there has been much more clearing work with present time situations and key players concerning the Karma of Nations. Much of the tyranny and enslavement in these governance systems are revealing themselves at the most interesting levels. Many of the current power structures in place have been energized from events in recent recorded history, that manipulate the events to accommodate the current bloodlines in order to receive the money and power of governance.

At one point in human history, in Early Atlantian and Early Pharonic Lineages, those that were seen fit to rule were the wisest and most spiritually developed of beings. These were aptly named the Kings and Queens of the human race and were the crowning glory of human consciousness and wisdom.

With the draconian controller manipulations, the spiritually developed were hunted, killed and their resources stolen to finance great wars for power. This was a direct agenda of genocide against these Kings and Queens along with their light bearers. The draconian preferred bloodlines were then given the resources to buy their Titles and is how they purchased their seats or positions of power within the governing structures. This has happened time and time again, as we have forgotten who did what, but the great abuse of power that was set into motion can still be energetically sourced. One recent timeline revealed to us how the current Monarchs of England were handpicked by the draconian agenda since the rule of Henry VIII. Once the Seed Event was orchestrated to satisfy their agenda, these timelines were repeated with each generation. With our numb acceptance of the war and tyranny of men, we kept these programs running, energized and operational in the governmental structures that we see at work today. As these energetic structures and their intentional blueprints are revealing themselves, many of these structures are collapsing energetically. This is a very important milestone event which many of us will continue to observe with great interest.

Into the wild blue yonder, cloud cities here we come? Signing off with gratitude.

Until next, stay in the luminosity of your Heart and Soul Path.

We are here as One.

Love, Lisa

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