Shifting Timelines
There are many subtle force reconfigurations occurring at the quantum level of the planetary mainframe that are changing the way the external and collective energy fields organize and manifest into the world.
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We have to move through the series of Timelines in each dimensional octave and reclaim our identity while recoding and changing the obsolete or false reality from interfering with our continued spiritual growth.
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Bifurcation of Time
Bifurcation means the splitting of a main body into two parts.Thus, the planetary fields and humanity are coming to experience the next phase of the planetary Ascension Cycle, which is the nature of Bifurcation of Time.
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June 2021

Solar Coding, Crystal Body and DNA

Lisa Renee

Dear Ascending Family,

As we move through the eclipse season and into the Summer Solstice, the Sun is receiving a tremendous variation of solar streams in the form of highly refined electromagnetic frequencies from the Cosmic Founder Source Domains, directing plasma transmissions from the Pleiadian star system. These solar streams from the Pleiades are catalyzed by the return of Solar Christ Michael and Solar Christ Mary into dimensionalization, and are filled with golden cube solar codes that are transmitting activations to the human Crystal Body and DNA. During this phase, the solar coded streams are building the krystal holographic architecture to prepare for the density shift that is occurring soon which will radically change the base magnetism of the Earth and the Sun.

The Solar System is undergoing a momentous shift whereby the eleven main celestial bodies or planets are being magnetically synchronized with the shifting magnetic core in our Sun-Star. Our Sun is the eighth Sun Star from the Pleiades or Seven Sisters star cluster located in the Taurus Constellation. Our Sun passes through the Taurus constellation from mid-May to mid-June in which oceanic plasma waves are currently being transmitted and are reconnecting our Sun’s magnetic core to properly realign with the stars of her Seven Sisters. The reunification of our Sun with her Seven Sister Stars in the Taurus constellation, effectively purges out a tremendous amount of collective human race miasmatic record and nullifies the effects of the trauma timelines that happened as the result of the Fall of Tara.  

The solar streams in the form of solar winds enter the magnetosphere which is located in the ultraviolet layer of the ionosphere and directly control the planet’s internal magnetic field, which is currently being reconfigured into organic states of magnetism. The planetary magnetic field is the mechanism by which excessive molecular compaction was being generated by the NAA machinery to keep carbon matter locked down in time loops within extremely low frequencies and density. The magnetic field binds the mathematical programs and light symbol codes into the Earth’s holographic matrix and grid system to run specific archetypal patterns and extremely low qualities of consciousness energy, such as the artificial red wave pulses. As the artificial constructs of magnetism are being dismantled and creating significant shifts in the planetary magnetic field, the lunar distortions and assorted mind control programming used to enforce the controlled narrative in the 3D consciousness layers will dissolve and disappear. These very same constructs also form into the structures of the three levels of personality-ego in the human lightbody, so this level of dismantling can bring on stages of the ego death spiritual crisis and bifurcation madness in those not prepared. 

The planetary grid network has been rapidly shifting levels of electromagnetic polarity via the acceleration of tri-wave solar plasma light currents which are inspiriting matter through an ongoing process of solar symbiosis, a process which blends physical matter with solar fire plasma light symbol codes. The radical change in planetary magnetism has rippled effects in the grid network which are rearranging the structures of Crystal Body templates throughout the Solar System, and this directly impacts the human Crystal Body and its ability to transmit new instruction sets to the DNA.

As the vast amounts of solar plasma streams entering the magnetosphere run directly into the planetary crystal core and into the inner domains, this sets a new magnetic wave resonance pattern in the planetary grid. This organic magnetic wave pattern appears to have extremely amplified effects for activating the Crystal Body with new DNA tones within physical matter. There is an ascension wave of accelerated Crystal Body activation taking place in the collective race consciousness to attune the human lightbody into spiritual alignment with the solar codes of the Seven Sisters DNA musical tones. This is to help support the human race and spiritual families to be increasingly stabilized while experiencing the magnitude of shifts happening in the planetary ascension timeline, which includes the global revelation of the future disclosure events.

Magnetic Sound Tone Upgrades, Effects and Symptoms

The new magnetic wave tone in the crystal core being transmitted to the outer domains is the first individuated expression of God consciousness that is referred to as the Cosmic Monad or Emerald Ray, which is causing the outer grids to rapidly shift density and retune their magnetic sound tone properties. The rapid shift in density requires an electromagnetic synchronization to occur between the inner domains and outer domains that are connecting directly with these Emerald Ray sound tones that co-create new elemental forces while changing the magnetosphere. The sound elementals produce magnetic shifts which alters the rotational spin of the energy fields throughout the planetary grid, which further activates the atoms to adjust the spin rate in our cells, which are quickly rising in frequency and vibrating at a much faster rate.

Due to the ongoing eviction of alien machinery perpetuating false feminine magnetic fields and the modulation of the magnetosphere with organic violet ray transmissions being saturated with intense streams of higher frequencies from Scepter and Reuche light symbol codes, as designated by the Cosmic Founders, the base magnetic tone resonance in the planetary iron core has radically changed. Since the return of the Solar Rishi, the transmission of Scepter codes connected to the Code of the Violet Sun have been streaming into the planetary grid in order to lay the foundation for the Rha God Worlds 36D solar plasma tri-wave woven frequencies. The Code of the Violet Sun with Scepter transmissions from the Amethyst Order now being set in the planetary architecture for corrections to be made with Red Cube Violet Wave inversions, are resetting the 15D to 7D blended frequencies to run corrections in the ultra violet spectrum of the magnetosphere.

These magnetic tone shifts in the iron core generate a tremendous amount of energy and heat transfer which slightly raises global temperature and increases tension in the global tectonic plates. The tectonic plates are currently releasing the buildup of magnetic pressure through volcanic eruptions, hurricanes and a variety of climatic weather events. The mainstream climate change controversy is not due to human caused activities but is directly related to the mechanics of planetary ascension and the geo-engineering activities of the Controllers who are attempting to manage its impact upon human consciousness.

Significant and sudden geomagnetic shifts such as these generate wobbles, which interrupt the spin of the planet on its axis.  The rotational spin and effects of the magnetosphere are both structures that control the dimensional lens of what we are able to see visually in the light spectrum of our environment and greatly influences brain functions, how we process the outer reality and how the brain’s neural net interfaces with our spiritual layers. Some people may experience this density shift as the result of the changing magnetism as; a temporary loss of motor skills, inability to focus or concentrate, blurry vision, lack of physical balance, dizziness and a host of possible sensory experience changes.

Our angelic human DNA template is undergoing significant changes that are interconnected with the magnetic shifts occurring within the iron core and magnetosphere, this greatly influences the magnetic balance within the human body which may generate some physical upgrades that come with intense ascension symptoms. This current phase of organic magnetic alignment occurring in the planetary grid directly impacts the functions of the human bio-neurology, specifically within the human brain and brain waves that are being recalibrated during sleep state. The major brain glands are responsible for secreting hormones that regulate metabolic and biological base rhythms and these instructions are imprinted and sent from our blood. Metabolic and biological base rhythm upgrades can be disorienting like sensing a flashing on and flashing off in the reality, which is similar to experiencing a glitch in the matrix type of effect. Also, this magnetic biological reset may be experienced as a lapse of function in peripheral body parts, large joints or limbs, where some of the autonomic functions may suddenly feel glitchy, with loss of function momentarily or for a short duration.

Thus, this Summer Solstice phase is an intense spiritual ascension wave that is happening through solar symbiosis and an organic planetary magnetic reset. The bifurcating population are being rapidly transformed via Crystal Body activation in order for the higher monadic spiritual identity to make a decision on the best direction to spiritually progress forward. We are stationed at an important evolutionary marker, a meeting at the crossroads of an extremely intense consciousness transformation, the levels of which not every individual will be prepared to handle.  The higher consciousness monadic identity decides whether to continue walking through the painful disclosure events and global awakening in order to spiritually integrate back into wholeness, or to leave this realm and be transited into an ascension hosted plane that offers integrated consciousness support in a spiritual trauma healing environment. There is no stopping what is coming to liberate the planet, those who resist or obstruct the forward momentum of the collective consciousness evolution via the planetary ascension and disclosure event will be voluntarily leaving or will quickly deteriorate and be removed from the Earth.

Crystal Body Function with DNA

All incarnating angelic humans have a unique individual expression that is held within morphogenetic instruction sets that express the specific physical attributes that the consciousness chooses to manifest as its specific characteristics in form. The multidimensional blueprint which consciousness utilizes to experience individuated consciousness within a dimensionalized form or biology is the Crystal Body. The Crystal Body is critical in setting the electromagnetic spirals and foundation structure for the unique design and attributes of the individual’s DNA. The Crystal Body generates the instruction set for the entire biological energetic system through DNA, setting up the lightbody configuration which functions as the pre-matter construction for the shape of the actual matter form.

The Crystal Body is connected within the permanent seed atom of the higher heart center, and is wholly responsible for building the consciousness structure that holds the soul, monadic and higher spiritual bodies, by running the energetic circuitry that forms into merkaba spirals which further build into the complex webbing of the entire nadis structure. The nadis structure is essentially the entirety of the complex circuitry forming into the multidimensional layers of the central nervous system, which functions as the conduit for consciousness energy and light symbol codes. Therefore, it is the central nervous system or bio-neurology which is required to function correctly in order to run the soul, monadic and higher spiritual frequencies of light and sound throughout the brain, nervous system and body.  The Crystal Body functions as the multidimensional structure that interconnects consciousness energy and biology, it builds the necessary energy structures for the light and sound bodies to link with all of the higher spiritual bodies from within the physical form.

The Crystal Body remains mostly dormant in humans until consciousness growth stages of heart opening actually occur in the 8th Chakra center during the monadic integration phase. In the dormant phase, an individual’s DNA remains spiritually stagnant and is therefore largely being shaped through epigenetic exposures or environmental factors.  In many cases, the negative ego programs of over mentalized intellectualization directly block communication exchanges from the heart center into the Crystal Body. Hence the aggressive trauma-based mind control targeting used by the Controllers as the main spiritual warfare tactic to keep humanity in fear for the purpose of shutting down their higher heart center, which tends to result as inactivity within the Crystal Body.

Activation of the Crystal Body starts with opening our heart center towards feeling and experiencing more loving kindness, compassion and empathy for ourselves and others, which naturally occurs during the first stages of spiritual awakening.  After the heart center is able to feel and express unconditional love, the next stages of Crystal Body activation come from assorted ascension wave transmissions from the Sun or stellar bodies into the planetary grid, which include a variety of light symbol codes. The individual’s Crystal Body is interlinked with the entire Tribal Shield, which includes the Crystal Body blueprint for all of the variations of specific frequency arrangements for the 12 Tribes of the angelic human template. As a result of the plasma initiations and magnetic reset, the activation of the larger Crystal Body for the Tribal Shield memories and the Diamond Sun DNA information is methodically clearing and removing alien hybrid genetic codes, AI codes and an assortment of blood covenants that were used as consciousness traps. These genetic distortions in the personal DNA code must be cleared in order to generate the DNA signal handshake through each of the dimensional planes that are holding the Crystal Body matrix instruction set for the entire Tribal Shield DNA coding.

With the Summer Solstice, we are in an ascension wave in which solar plasma frequencies are being saturated through the planetary grid network to assist in monadic matrix integration for Crystal Body activation, which further leads to an acceleration in DNA assembly. This is the generation of hierogamic crystalline blueprints in the individual Crystal Body that further activate the crystal gene in the silicate matrix which then catalyzes a range of bio-spiritual plasmas.

Light Symbol Codes and DNA Signal

As we dedicate ourselves to serve our highest spiritual expression as a lifestyle, we will constantly be exposed to a variety of energetic exchanges of higher frequencies and light symbol codes sourcing from our monad, Avatar Christos and higher spiritual identities. Light symbol codes activate the Crystal Body to function in higher ways directing consciousness energy, light and sound codes into new arrangements of musical DNA tones. Light symbol codes can appear as platonic solids or light language, in which they are grouped together to form a complex mathematical pattern that holds an instruction set. Light symbol codes program and direct the consciousness energy within the fabric of light and sound grids that create the structures for manifestation.

The new arrangements of DNA musical tones start to activate higher potentials of the manifested DNA to come online and begin to make frequency alterations and adjustments to the physical body. Musical DNA tones are DNA Signals that arrange the pattern of the raw material substance of the DNA, such as the nucleotides and the protein chains. Human red blood cells contain DNA emitting signals. This is why it’s so important to not inject other species or foreign DNA substances directly into our blood stream. When another species DNA or an artificially generated genetic modified organism is injected into the bloodstream, this interferes with the human DNA’s ability to recognize other human DNA signals, and blocks DNA communication with all members of the same species.

It is important to know that the Controllers also use light symbol codes in mind control transmissions to stop or prevent organic light symbol code transmissions from activating the Crystal Body in humanity, which keeps human DNA potentials dormant. Light symbol codes can be used with high frequencies to program the body towards health, wellbeing and spiritual healing, and with negative intent they can be used with low frequencies to attack the subconscious with fear, disease and deterioration programs. Once we understand that it is possible to program disease or deterioration of human DNA by blocking the physical body’s ability to send an organic human DNA signal transmission, then the current toxic nanotech injection agenda can no longer be passed off as anything other than spiritual warfare.

Without our personal DNA signal being in perfect alignment to the harmonic phasing of the Earth body, it prevents most earthlings from accessing accurate species memory or ascension codes that are being recorded in the instruction sets of the Earth. It also means that an individual’s DNA is unable to recognize another member of their same species, as it confuses the DNA Signals and energetic communications made between humans. This is a major issue with humanity that has been involved with alien hybridization and that now require specific bioregenesis and spiritual rehabilitation of their DNA Signal. This is one reason the human race does not recognize the return of the Christ Consciousness DNA Signal, and does not acknowledge or know of the Krystal DNA pattern existing in the Earth body.

To control the perception of the conscious mind of humanity to automatically believe in the plandemic, the Controller groups program a series of pestilence and fear programs into the 1D-2D frequency areas of the subconscious layers so that they can direct the lowest frequencies targeting the dimensions above it. In the April 2021 newsletter the GOAT mind was discussed as a mind control program being used to control the human brain’s limbic system in order to gain compliance in the Controller agenda. The fabric of light and sound, or the grid is programmed from the dimension above where the symbol codes or mathematical programs are being placed and directed. If the Controller desires to target the 3D consciousness parameter with a series of programming codes sent via extremely low frequencies, the program is inserted in the 1D-2D spectrum in order to run the program in 3D. This is how the NAA capture human consciousness into 3D by running mind control programs throughout the planetary grid, by targeting each dimension by constructing an artificial machine or alien program in the dimensional grid that exists beneath the targeted area.

Emerald Crystal Body Activation in Solar System

The ongoing dismantling of the extensive artificial matrix of the Emerald Tablet system that was built by the Thothian-Zephilium as the result of the capture of the 11D holographic disc during the Essene Massacre and Essene Divide, has been the priority during this phase as the Emerald Order return. The extensive artificial networks and phantom matrices were built to generate assorted cloning centers for replicating holograms of Emerald Order representatives, AI imposters and the Founder Records. This cloning operation has been the primary strategy of aggressive spiritual warfare made against the Christos Mission by derailing the Code of the Blue Nile Indigo families with bait and switch consciousness traps. Although it has been discovered over the years that the content from the 11D holographic disc was uploaded into several of the NAA’s AI quantum servers, it does appear that there has been another major reclamation event that has occurred with the dismantling of these AI quantum supercomputer systems. The result of the ongoing Emerald Order reclamation seems to be the causal factor behind witnessing the recent Emerald Crystal Body Activation of the Solar System, this event interconnected the eleven planets and Sun with the Emerald Crystal Heart matrices by connecting them directly with the Emerald Order stationed in the Cosmic Founder Domains.  This aligned the planetary bodies in the Solar System to become synchronized within the complex chromatic formations of Rainbow Dragon King coding, which allowed for an assortment of colored Solar Dragons to enter our Universal Time Matrix for the first time.

Thus, the recent plasma activations streaming throughout our Solar System include the recalibration of the merkaba spirals into a base 12 krystal matrix which reconnected all eleven planets with the Sun to form into a massive Emerald Crystal Body matrix. This newly harmonized unified field formed into new krystal instruction sets for the dimensional particle-antiparticle blending into the harmonic universes being reconnected with the Cosmic Monad and Aurora Dragon Ray system, in the Tri-Matrix of Krystal Star. This appears to have returned the Emerald Order instruction sets for setting magnetic sound tones, along with chromatic plasma spiral patterns designed for chromosomal repairs by running these morphogenetic patterns throughout the twelve bodies in the Solar System. These are related to the Sophianic plasma shields that build flowering liquid plasma fields that emanate the higher heart tones of crystal flowers to birth an assortment of Solar Dragon coding. These are very high plasma frequency tones of the Tan Tri-Ahu-Ra instruction sets that are rapidly increasing the fundamental pulsation rhythms of the elements that compose matter on Earth.

The recent Emerald Crystal Body activation brought forth the recent embodiment of Holy Mother’s emanation into matter as the Triple Star Goddess Tara, which has also greatly impacted the planet’s electromagnetic balance within the hemispheres and equatorial band. This generated a ripple effect between the male right side and female left side gender principle aspects that are functioning within the physical body, which can greatly amplify gender distortions or rebalance them dependent on the consciousness state of an individual.  

For those in the Emerald Order lineage, the current integration phase post inner hierogamic templating is with Solar Rishic tri-phasic female coding which prepares the plasma luminary body architecture for running the sonic plasmas for the Emerald Crystal Body. The Emerald Crystal Body merges the Holy Mother’s aquamarine blues and greens, with Holy Father’s emerald and pastel magenta hues creating ribbons of periwinkle lavender streams of solar dragon breath.  The blue-green-lavender mixtures of solar dragon breath appear to connect with the various step-down frequencies of the diamond ray transmissions sourcing from the Cosmic Founder domains, functioning as the diamond ray carrier wave for reconnecting and integrating the Solar Dragon rainbow crystalline matrices which align with the Solar Dragon God Body. The Solar Dragon God Body is located in the Cosmic Founder Domain and holds assorted source creation codes that have been known as the work of the ancient builder races, intricate creation geometries and blueprints for building complex structures in perfect symmetry and harmony with the natural world, these are krystal programs held within golden dragon eggs, God seeds, ouroboros codes and much more.  Apparently, the Elohim and Lyrans are connected to this Cosmic Dragon lineage, in which Founder building tools have been used to construct our Universal Time Matrix, and some of the ancient temples and monoliths that were used as ley line markers for the planet’s holographic geography.

The magnitude of this Solar System event which catalyzes a major Solar and planetary magnetic reset upon humanity’s collective consciousness and physical body cannot be overstated. Our planet will not suffer major destructive pole shift surface cataclysms, but the major revelation will be in the form of the pressures created from the collective human race consciousness shift. Those on the ascending trajectory in the bifurcation of time are dropping density quickly and being propelled into the next set of dimensional frequency bands, which elevates consciousness perception into a new position within the next time vector. This creates a significant density shift for that individual which can be experienced as decompression illness, akin to what is described by deep sea divers. This feels like a tremendous amount of energetic pressure coming from inside the human body as the lightbody is being rearranged magnetically.

Those being propelled forward are entering a new vantage point of spiritual awakening in which their consciousness can perceive from a higher level of awareness, where they begin to perceive things in the reality that they did not perceive before. This new station of elevated conscious perception comes with an electromagnetic shift into organic magnetism of the solar female principle, which upgrades planetary and human DNA. The change into organic magnetism includes transfiguration from lunar forces to solar, inner gender principle rebalancing, and more spontaneous, synchronistic and harmonious manifestations occurring in the outer realm aligned to serve the personal divine plan or spiritual mission.

The acute phase of correcting magnetic realignment via reconnection with Crystal Body instruction sets is occurring within the window of the Solar Eclipse of June 10th through the March Equinox in 2022. If these physical symptoms are not present now, they may arise in the next nine months for the consciousness rebirthing necessary for preparing to navigate the planetary liberation and ascension timeline in 2022 and beyond.

Gemini and Vesica Pisces Corrections

During the height of the Electrical Peak cycle, Solar Christ Michael revealed himself to be the 13th Ring of Golden Fire surrounding the Earth in a Solar Dragon Ouroboros line connected into the Taurus constellation. During the Ring of Fire Solar Eclipse, Christ Michael and his counterpart Solar Christ Mary merged their hierogamic template with the Taurean matrix to function as the krystal rainbow bridge merging the Seven Sister Pleiades Central Sun to be correctly realigned with their 8th Sister Star, our Sun. When our Solar Christ beloveds merged within the Seven Sisters cluster a tremendous amount of solar golden coding for correct solar twinning and male-female heart twinning began transmitting throughout the plasma streams. In effect, there was a grand Solar Rainbow Dragon celebration in the Seven Sisters cluster as the Twin Sister Stars Tara and Tiamat were finally restored and reunited again in their complete Solar Dragon Queen or Solar Female Christ Mary emanation.

As the Sun moves out of Taurus and into the Gemini constellation for the pinnacle of the Summer Solstice transmissions, the Solar Rishi Dragon King families and the Lyrans are positioning themselves for a major architectural correction in the holographic matrix in the form of krystal mathematical spirals, which addresses the history of Vesica Pisces bi-wave distortions.  Over the last 5,500 years our planet was operating on a closed source system of finite energy supply that was continually recycling the consciousness energy in a forced energy current reversal. The Gemini constellation matrix was hijacked with assorted NAA technology to distort the Vesica Pisces geometry and its functioning within the planetary grid network.

The Vesica Pisces geometry is inherently sourced from the Solar Logos plane as it is connected to the properties of the Law of Gender, making it an important light symbol code used in the morphogenetic field instruction sets for setting correct alignments for gender and polarity in the creation of our time matrix.

The Vesica Pisces represents the first individuation from the Godhead in the form of divine masculine and divine feminine, setting into the matrix the potential for electron and proton merge to manifest the neutral or third field of creation, the offspring of Christos-Sophia. The Vesica Pisces holographic architecture was hijacked by the NAA in which they inverted the bi-wave geometry with alien machinery to generate energy harvesting devices, frequency fences and subatomic harnesses. The hijacked Vesica Pisces geometry was a primary device used in the alien grid systems to distort the spinning rotational axis of merkaba fields, which imploded staff currents and resulted in monadic reversals. These artificial machines were also embedded in the planetary logos, and were designed for generating a closed source system on the Earth in which the inversion of the bi-wave current was purposed to generate gender reversal, gender splitting and extreme polarity amplification. The bi-wave reversals were instrumental in the NAA’s ability to co-create phantom matrices which were responsible for generating a tremendous amount of miasma and dead energy, which created a massive parasitic infection in our system.

Gemini’s alchemical properties represent the duality twins, polarity synthesis, air elements and the incarnated personality matrix of the ego mind, in which Gemini’s astrological functions have been distorted with excessive negative polarity and miasma caused by the inverted Vesica Pisces geometries used by the NAA. The Gemini constellation matrix was an integral part of the NAA’s ability to run inverted bi-wave currents into the planetary grid network for a variety of purposes to enslave the planet, creating a host of matrix distortions related to keeping the grid locked down in reversal polarity, sexual misery, and gender reversal.

After the destruction of the Solar Logos matrix, the Gemini constellation was distorted with magnetic anomalies designed to run reversal polarity splitting patterns and to fragment consciousness in multiple dimensions as a strategy for energy harvesting. Gemini constellation’s organic function was to bring male-female balance through polarity synthesis to ultimately support achieving hierogamic unification. The NAA corrupted this function with mind control insertions of same sex twins, SRA twinning, and incest programs to prevent authentic polarity synthesis from occurring by targeting the sexual centers and 3D conscious mind. This set up monadic reversal patterns that prevented humanity from reuniting with their monadic family, as well as preventing the tri-wave geometry and trinity waves from running in the planetary grid.

The return of Emerald Order comprises the return of the true consciousness identity of the Solar Dragons reclaiming their Sun-Stars and constellation matrices, gradually taking over the functions of the 13 main constellations on the ecliptic path of the Sun, as the rightful Maji Grail Kings. It appears that Gemini is next in line for solar code restoration, as the Guardian Host gridwork project includes the restoration of the Vesica Pisces geometry and is removing its alien machinery infrastructure that was contained in the Gemini matrix.

Diamond Sun DNA Code Aquaelle Transmissions

The organic angelic human DNA, also known as Diamond Sun DNA is built upon gender pairs in which the mother’s lineage generates the genetic imprint for the magnetic particle base, and the father’s lineage generates the genetic imprint for the electrical anti-particle base. The unification of Gender Principle is inherently built into the original angelic human DNA which is designed to naturally evolve into the Christos-Sophia pattern of divine hierogamic union. Human DNA is composed of tiny sparks of crystalline frequencies that are arranged in electromagnetic light sparks that are bound by magnetism which forms into a crystalline matrix. The instruction set for the Diamond Sun DNA is held within the Crystal Body which must be activated through the opening heart center. As a result of NAA invasion and genetic mutations, very few humans on Earth held the entire silicate matrix instruction set in their DNA. Many distortions were being caused by the lunar matrix, artificial magnetic fields and assorted implants of alien machinery which generated damage in the Crystal Body. However, this is now changing during the planetary ascension stages of restoration of the solar feminine principle, as the organic magnetism resets and allows the Holy Mother lineages to generate the correct sound body imprints for the magnetic particle base, including corrections to upgrade the mitochondria and chromosomes.

Historically, the Keepers of the Flame and the genetic descendants of Yeshua from the Aquaelle matrix carried the krystal gene code for humanity which was essentially the silicate matrix imprint that held all twelve strands of DNA that was capable of biological ascension. Aquaelle is directly related to the daughter of Christ bloodlines that incarnated on earth from Andromeda, and this is also an embodiment coding potential for bringing forth the Diamond Sun body, which influences the potential of both male and female unification, hierogamic union. The progeny of Aquaelle was brought through the human tribes that became the male and female twins known as White Buffalo Calf Woman and White Navajo as the direct descendants protecting the mother solar twin coding on the Earth. The 12 strand DNA template is the original human genome first seeded upon Tara that was destroyed during the Fall, and was secretly being protected by certain tribes in the Earth grids during the Dark Age.

The 12 DNA strands of the core Diamond Sun DNA template each correspond to a dimensional band within the human lightbody. The DNA is the primary structure which consciousness translates into manifestation within a biological form. Each of the 12 DNA strands hold 24 seed codes and a total of 144 fire letters which connect to the subharmonic frequencies that make up each dimension. When these seed codes and fire letters are activated, this allows for dimensional expansion of the consciousness perception. Within each of the 12 strands of DNA are 12 base codes which control DNA’s magnetic force, and the 12 acceleration codes which control the DNA’s electrical force.

The male electrical codes and female magnetic codes are designed to plug into each other which accelerates the body’s frequency rate to merge into harmonious electromagnetic balance, which further ignites blood crystals that accelerate various biological processes to build out the lightbody.  During the intense phase of planetary plasma activations, the 12 strand Diamond Sun DNA base codes, acceleration codes, crystal seals and fire letters are being transmitted throughout the planetary grid network. Those that open their higher hearts during monadic integration with unconditional love, compassion and empathy, desiring to spiritually evolve will connect with their Crystal Body. The Crystal Body is being upgraded through the return of the Emerald Order, and thus will finally be able to transmit the necessary DNA seed codes to reassemble and activate a range of the Diamond Sun DNA templates and plasma lightbody codes in humanity.

Healing our Cosmic Human DNA

The human body is a living morphogenetic instruction set originally based upon a 12 strand DNA crystalline template that exists within greater instructions sets that form into the multiple layers of consciousness constructs of species, planetary, galactic, universal and cosmic morphogenetic blueprints. These morphogenetic blueprints and unique consciousness records held within the Diamond Sun DNA templates are arranged upon a crystalline lattice that extends in all directions and is organically designed for the process of ascension through multidimensional expansion. These crystalline properties are expressed through the organic genetic code and are the causal factors of the biological forms within this Universal creation. These crystalline structures of form are based upon blueprints, instruction sets and accumulated consciousness memories of that particular station of identity and its complex relationships and experiences that have occurred within the histories of timelines that are interconnected to other consciousness forms. All of this consciousness experience spanning the cosmos is recorded in angelic human DNA at the spiritual levels and biological levels forming into timelines or historical genetic records.

Thus, the human body is a holographic projection of living light, sound and electromagnetic waves that are built upon a holographic template of consciousness units which form into the unique crystalline lattice that is the personal DNA template. The DNA template further holds the cellular memory record for that individual and their collective stations of identity which are the source of collective memories that are being experienced by the original spiritual family.  DNA holds consciousness memory, and is responsible for the experiences we have in matter, its fire letter sequences form into 12 or more dimensions of time and space which can be experienced consciously when the DNA is functioning and operational. 

The organic DNA imprint is an instruction set made upon unique energy signatures which include languages of light and sound arranged upon a core template in which dimensional manifestation is made possible.  The core manifestation template in our Universe is built upon a 12 strand DNA template representing each of the 12-dimensional layers, which are interwoven within layers of sound and light symbol codes.  As we spiritually integrate our stations of identity that are existing throughout the time matrix, we are spiritually ascending via the process of plugging in DNA memory records from other dimensions of time and from higher dimensions of instruction sets. We may be integrating a memory from our spiritual DNA record existing through time, and this begins to weave in memories and frequency codes from higher creation cycles in dimensions of no time, by expanding into the feedback loop with the zero point. From the zero-point loop created in the crystalline lattice of the Diamond Sun DNA, the consciousness expansion continues to weave in memories and instruction sets, from what is referenced to be extremely high dimensions experiencing its creation cycle. An example would be the Scepter codes sourcing from the 36D instruction sets of the Rha God World Creation, in which these 36D codes are being interwoven through tri-phasic solar plasma streams, transmitting from the Solar Rishi into our time matrix from the 15D energy centers. These 36D codes are sent to support our creation cycle into a successful ascension cycle, that is being overlit by the Holy Father Solar Rishic principle and Guardian Host to correct masculine rod architecture and the violet ray transmissions from 7D into our time matrix.

The quality of DNA determines the amount of dimensionalized consciousness one can experience and process through the physical body. Humanity has been genetically manipulated to manifest DNA distortions within the biology and consciousness in order to suppress and control consciousness perception during the NAA war over gaining complete control of the Earth. By controlling and manipulating the DNA genetic expression through experimentation with genetic switches, turning them on or turning them off, the result is controlling and manipulating the consciousness perception of those embodied in the forms that hold that same DNA template. This agenda of genetic modification is the primary hidden purpose behind the creation of the pharmaceutical companies and shaping of western medicine that are controlled at the very top by nonhuman entities. 

Consciousness follows a transduction sequence through down stepped dimensionalized instruction sets in which the consciousness units generate a biological form in matter realms, whether this takes shape as planets, or a variety of species which includes people. Consciousness units flow into morphogenetic blueprints which form into counter rotating electromagnetic spirals of energy that run between multiple dimensions and form into the DNA-RNA imprint which is created upon the matrix of Gender Principle. The DNA represents both gender principles of the mother lineage through the forces of magnetism and the father lineage represents the electrical forces in creation. The Mother-Father lineage in gender principle is recorded in the DNA and RNA which imprints upon the biology and lightbody through the chakra or dimensionalized energy centers which run throughout the nadial structure, which forms into the direct neurological blueprint for that individuated consciousness. Further, the nadial structure runs the energetic frequency current that forms the unique signature of the manifest form of the DNA and RNA which activates the molecular structure, which further runs consciousness energy into the human bio-neurology through the central nervous system.

Mainstream science refuses to acknowledge the multidimensional electromagnetic reality of the human body and DNA, thus blocking further scientific discovery of the nature of consciousness. Thus, the DNA chain called the double helix in science only represents the observable material portions of the chemical and electrical components of the surface of the DNA itself. DNA is a multidimensional consciousness phenomenon in which there are levels of DNA structure performing functions for the human genetic imprint which have not been detected with current technology.  Crick, Watson and Franklin are credited with mapping the double helix structure formed by double stranded molecules of DNA in 1953, and it is noted that not much further information about human DNA has been shared with the public since, for obvious reasons to do with the NAA.

While it is accurate to say that much of humanity’s DNA has been unplugged, within the observable surface of the double helix there are multidimensional layers with many additional DNA strands which are designed to be reconnected. The DNA imprint in this material reality holds the potential for activating the 4th through the 12th DNA strands, but until science is freed from the Controller’s agenda, the scientific discovery and understanding of the multidimensional structure and function of human DNA and ascending consciousness is being thwarted.

Responsible Co-creation and DNA

Before learning responsible co-creation and manifesting skills, each individual must first learn how to de-manifest undesirable or negative patterns that have been recorded in the cellular memory of their DNA imprint. Activating higher DNA imprints does not happen unless the consciousness is willing to participate and explore the clearing release of previously recorded memories of fear-based thoughts or low frequency content such as trauma and miasma. The DNA record is the conduit through which the instruction set will project the energetic content into the holographic matrix that has been stored as data from the historical record of your cellular memory. It is that accumulated content recorded within the individuals DNA memory that operates the electromagnetic circuitry of those combined memories, that then becomes what is physically manifested into your life experience.  The quality of DNA is relative to the consciousness that you will experience in a body, and it is DNA that is wholly responsible for the manifestation of the external reality, which clearly reveals why there has been an ongoing spiritual war to suppress and damage organic angelic human DNA.

Thoughts and emotional memories are things recorded in the consciousness body that impact the quality of our consciousness experiences in the present. To align with the inner spiritual flow of divine purpose that connects directly to the positive external manifestation of events, we must connect with our heart center and then clear and transmute dense or negative cellular memory files from the past that were recorded in our DNA. Then we create new visualizations or positive emotional feelings by connecting them to future events, by living them in our imagination in the now moment. Meditation and prayerful intentions with loving kindness and an open and sincere heart are the most potent tools to achieve this manifestation skill, which aligns us with divine purpose and creative control.  When consciously intending to clear the past negative experiences or traumatizing events from out of our DNA record, this enlightens or recreates new memories from the now moment. Clearing pain and creating new memories with higher emotions like loving compassion, empathy and forgiveness, inserts new reality pictures, and the positive emotional sensations transform the record of pain in past events into loving future memory pictures.

Thus, the first step is gaining mastery over personal thoughts and belief systems by learning how to clear and remove dense slowly vibrating mental patterns such as fear-based thought forms produced by the negative ego and pain body. When we consciously participate in clearing negative ego and the pain body, we are removing and clearing dense thought patterns and replacing them with highly refined frequencies of higher thought forms filled with higher frequency emotional sensations.

Through the conscious participation and direct interaction with the lightbody or spiritual anatomy, the functions of corresponding DNA can be healed, repaired or altered to greatly accelerate expanding consciousness and biological and spiritual healing. The unique energetic signature of the DNA is carried in the morphogenetic instruction set and the consciousness after the expiration of the physical body. Whatever frequencies and energetic signature are present during the physical passage determines where the consciousness will travel to during the death passage. 

Ascension Timeline and Trinity Gate Load Out

Ascension is the divine birthright of all living souls on this planet and as promised by the Christos Founders of the Emerald Covenant serving the Law of One, it is open and available to everyone irrespective of any belief system or religious affiliation. The Christos Mission is based upon honoring the free will of every individual consciousness to choose the course of action that is believed to be the best experience for them, while offering information that supports the comprehension of the mechanics of planetary ascension along with the spiritual laws governing consciousness.

Regardless of any individual’s belief system or personal choice on whether or not to participate with the planetary ascension, every living being existing on the planet will undergo some form of transformation that results in a consciousness shift and ascension event. The individuals that refuse to elevate themselves beyond negative ego and awaken their heart center and inner spirit in order to practice the Universal Law of One principles of unity, unconditional love, peace and compassion will leave the planet. Although every human being will experience some level of the planetary ascension event in their consciousness body, not everyone will make the choice to remain on the matter plane and ascend with the Earth. Thus, they will be returning back to the spiritual world or Guardian hosted interdimensional transit station for an appropriate reeducation beyond mind control with a briefing to understand our inherent connection to divinity and the spiritual nature of reality.  This is known as the load out stage through the Trinity Gates during the bifurcation of time and this form of mass consciousness transiting for souls has already begun and will continue ongoing.

Observing the bifurcation load out stage on the physical plane in the context of current global events can be very difficult emotionally, especially for those unaware that we will be required to witness the painful truths hidden behind genocidal agendas and the many revelations of disclosure events. Thus, for lightworkers and Starseeds this is an event to prepare for and work your spiritual tools. It is important to keep an open mind, learn how to become more flexible and adaptable to spontaneous changes of perception, and to stay calm, peaceful and in the observer consciousness. This is a momentous time for human liberation, pray and meditate, awakening into greater realizations of the emotional betrayal that may be prevalent in many situations as they are being revealed to us. This is the time for radical self-care and knowing your physical and emotional limits, while supporting our loved ones and friends as best we can.

Please only take what is useful for your spiritual growth and discard all the rest. Thank you for your courage and bravery to be a truth seeker. I am God, Sovereign, Free!

Until next, stay in the luminosity of your Avatar Christos Sophia heart path. Please be kind to yourself and to each other. GSF!

With a Loving heart, Lisa

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    As we go through our emotional clearing process, sometimes it’s very helpful to complete the following relationship closure exercise. 

    Relationship Closure

    As we go through our emotional clearing process, sometimes it’s very helpful to complete the following relationship closure exercise. This exercise is very helpful in resolving crystallized patterns in the body by stating intentions and declarations that you are forgiving, releasing and closing this particular relationship that trauma, emotional fears or other abhorrent energies that were recorded as cellular memories in your energy field.

    Any time we experience shock or trauma it creates a memory imprint or residue in our energy field. To fully resolve, heal and clear these issues, recorded as traumas, in our physical body and other energy body systems, we need to become aware of that trauma in bringing it to the surface and allowing it to be released fully and with intention. Generally, I have found this helps clear and release emotional blocks much more effectively, efficiently and rapidly.

    For this exercise, you will need a pad of paper and a pen or pencil. So, as you are ready with your pen and your pad of paper, let’s begin the series of questions.

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    Dear Family,

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    We are governed by Energetic Laws of Principle and Consciousness in this Multiverse. Here are 5 Pillars towards realizing your purpose and reinstating your divine blueprint towards Cosmic Consciousness. We are entering entirely new territory, new fields of reality and new purpose. Yet these are still the foundations to help us remember how to focus our consciousness and create a smooth transition for ourselves. Intend god-purity in our purpose and the light will show us the way.

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