Shifting Timelines
There are many subtle force reconfigurations occurring at the quantum level of the planetary mainframe that are changing the way the external and collective energy fields organize and manifest into the world.
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We have to move through the series of Timelines in each dimensional octave and reclaim our identity while recoding and changing the obsolete or false reality from interfering with our continued spiritual growth.
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Bifurcation of Time
Bifurcation means the splitting of a main body into two parts.Thus, the planetary fields and humanity are coming to experience the next phase of the planetary Ascension Cycle, which is the nature of Bifurcation of Time.
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May 2023

Atlantian Solar Dragon Queen Merida

Lisa Renee

Dear Ascending Family,

For many years, Guardian Christos teams have been preparing the necessary architectural support for the impending Cosmic Elohei Emerald Founder showdown during the final conflict events in which they regain complete control over the Albion Lightbody and its 11D Stargate Network located in the United Kingdom. For now, it appears that the final conflict which completes this monumental task coincides with the global awakening event that catalyzes the organic ascension time wave that opens into the planetary disclosure events. Finally revealing to the asleep human population that anti-human forces that worship Luciferian and Satanic blood cult ideologies had invaded our planet, infiltrated our global governmental systems, genetically modified and cloned original human DNA, and have been stealing resources, mind controlling and enslaving humans all while rewriting history over the last 5,500 years.

This mission has required layer after layer of intelligence recon and remote viewing the Negative Alien Invasion history through the dark maze of phantom matrices and beyond, in order to identify and discover multidimensional stations of negative alien machinery imbeds, AI systems running reversal currents, along with toxic miasma shadows and mass archontic energy parasite infestations. Thus, there have been many covert operations of Guardian Host gridwork collaborations for the purpose of carrying out ongoing extractions of artificial timelines and evictions of the invading NAA entities and their extensive shadow armies of AI hybrid creatures and biological drone slave workers on multiple dimensions of reality.

Once many of these alien machinery networks, artificial timelines, cloned holograms are extracted and removed from out of the planetary matrix within a certain section of the dimensional field, THEN, it becomes possible to identify and discover the missing factual and authentic Christos identities and begin to recover them. During the discovery process the ground crew teams identify where our previous family members have been stuck in the artificial layers or phantom areas, and then the strategy and plan begins on how to reclaim many of the hidden and forgotten aspects of the Christos Founder Solar Rishi-Reisha Dragon people and Christos Essene Templars. These are the Founder’s Universal Melchizedek family that for a myriad of reasons had become trapped, enslaved or fractured in some section of the matter realm in the Earth timelines, when their original Ankh spiritual body and Maharata Christos Tribal Shield was shattered into pieces, during one or more of the alien invasion histories.

Thus, through the many years of spiritually dedicated slog deflecting the full spectrum of the NAA’s targeted attacks, the main job has been identifying AI systems of alien machinery and carrying out systematic evictions throughout the Albion Lightbody network. Finally, after another lengthy surrogacy for rebuilding Triple Solar Reisha diamond templates, we reached the time where Guardian Host made us aware of the glorious arrival of the 11D Atlantian Solar Dragon Queen Merida, from the earliest pre-invasion history of the golden age of Atlantian timelines. It has been emphasized by Holy Father that the reclamation of her spiritual identity in the Albion is integral to the hierogamic sacred marriage and seating of King Arthur as the second coming, along with the complete restoration of the 11D stargate network.

For those that are connected to these hidden histories or have embodied within the 11th Essene Tribe genetics that are currently spiritually awakening, it may be recognized how profoundly difficult this task has actually been, as it’s been thousands of years in the making. Atlantian Solar Dragon Queen Merida’s return marks the completion of the 22,000-year time cycle of NAA’s targeted Celtic-Druid Arthurian Grail line persecution since the time of Atlantis, as well as the tragic events leading up to the theft of the 11th Tribe CDT plate by Thothian Nibiruian forces that subsequently carried out the Eieyani Massacre. The current transmissions of military grade psychological weaponry have a special dehumanization flavor for targeting the white skinned, red-haired peoples of all ages, especially those that have direct genetic connections to the 11th Tribe’s Irish and Scottish lands, that house the 11D stargates and are the main locations of the crystalline grid control systems of the Albion network. The Controllers are doing all they can to put the genie back in the bottle, as the demoralization strategies have become blaringly obvious in the outerscape as they attempt to damage the awakening 11th Tribe genetics, with assorted slow kill methods and replacement strategies that are currently running at full tilt throughout the United Kingdom. Atlantian Solar Dragon Queen Merida’s re-emergence into the organic timelines and her return into the Albion network is the NAA’s worst nightmare, as she is the literal and figurative physical embodiment of the Cosmic Mother Rainbow Dragon, the Mother of the World, and protector of the Arthurian Grail line.

To introduce the Atlantian Solar Dragon Queen Merida, first we must understand the planetary negative alien invasion history and their intentional utter destruction of the organic spiritual consciousness of the Holy Mother’s presence and her sophianic daughter’s solar female principle in this planet, that was originally designed as a unified solar equal of eternal Cosmic Christos Consciousness.

Emancipation Cycle Awakened the Albion

During 2015, the planetary lightbody began another bifurcation stage in the grid network that initiated the Emancipation Cycle, which greatly accelerated the awakening of the Albion located in the United Kingdom. Guardian Host said this was to be the most important key in comprehending the divine purpose of human consciousness evolution and the process of spiritual ascension in order to become an initiated Cosmic Christ. We learned that the Holy Father’s Rise of Arthur was to be seated within the Albion with his divine counterpart in unified 11D Rod and Staff, and that this event was describing the means by which the Cosmic Holy Father, Cosmic Holy Mother and Cosmic Christos Consciousness are returning to manifest through the 11D stargate network as the Planetary Christ.

The seating of the Planetary Christ in the Albion via King Arthur and Queen Guinevere required vast amounts of planetary grid repairs to be made to the rod and staff architecture in order to host the triple solar masculine and the triple solar feminine Christ. This required the rebuilding of the Solomon Temple triple sun architecture to house the entire Christos Tribal Shield, for holding the complete Personal Christos Solar Logos records in the Albion. To build the organic rod architecture into the planetary matrix for the triple solar masculine through which to embody corrected timelines, it turns out it is the Holy Mother Sophia, Solar Feminine Melchizedek or Triple Solar Reisha that actually embodies and holds the triple solar rod instruction set within their right-side masculine embodiment. Thus, the first Blue Ray staff holders were originally embodied as Solar Feminine Melchizedeks, and they each had a genetic equal male partner that they would need to build the triple solar rod inside their beloved, during the integration phases of building the Solar Rishi-Reisha hierogamic union template.

Thus, after the Fall of Universal Melchizedek Logos, it was the remaining Solar Female Melchizedeks that were actually genetically key coded to be the Triple Rod holders for not only their divine masculine counterpart, but they also carried pre-incarnation agreements to build the rod into the planetary grid network. Their genetic equals are Michael-Metatron-Melchizedek Triple Solar Masculine Rod holders of the 11:11 for the 11D Stargate and they were primarily from the Amethyst Order Pegasus Braharama Elohei Mer lines, that were lost to them through the alien invasion during the Lyran wars. Thus, it is only through the Cosmic Mother Sophia’s diamond heart and our deep love and spiritual connection to her, that the divine masculine could awaken to build their corrected inner rod and achieve stages of building wings and inner hierogamic union. Or they would have to find the 11:11 rod template to reclaim their inner 12:12 masculine Christ electrical pattern through the spiritual love they embodied for the physically ascending female who was once a Solar Feminine Melchizedek that embodied the Blue Ray 13:13 Universal Mother Arc. Much of the “Build the Rod” was an ongoing Christos Mission project for the ascending family with Michael-Mary wing activations taking place on interdimensional planes and planetary stargates during sleep state. Solar Rishi - Solar Reisha flame bodies would act as spiritual surrogates for their genetically connected Christos family members in order to help them achieve the inner male-female balance that is necessary to build wings and the inner rod and staff without a physical partner available.

From microcosm to macrocosm, it was the small minority of Solar Female Melchizedeks who were building the corrected triple solar rod architecture into the planetary grid network. This was until we could retrieve Amethyst Dragon King Ezekiel as the Solar Rod holder and the divine masculine could awaken to that consciousness level, where he could reconstruct the solar rod inside of himself through the divine reflection of the sacred crystal heart of his genetic equal. Since approximately 2014, the triple rod instruction set is transmitted from the sophianic diamond heart principle in the Earth from 4D-7D-10D pillar gates, which acted as surrogacy for solar plasma transmissions when there is the physical absence of the beloved hierogamic partner. Thus, the mind control, victimizer targeting and alien love bite attacks made against the few Solar Feminine Melchizedeks on the planet have been and continue to be horrendous and incredibly challenging to overcome for this reason.

Additionally, Holy Father’s King Arthur embodiment with the corrected triple rod instruction set can only be built from within the Solar Female Melchizedek template connected to the Staff of Elaysa, and for the 11D stargate in the Albion, that Triple Solar Reisha is none other than Atlantian Solar Dragon Queen Merida. This is why the invaders did unspeakable things to destroy her consciousness body and erase her memory record from the Atlantian timelines, as the NAA knew in the future timeline at the end of the precession cycle, King Arthur would need the Solar Female Melchizedek family to be alive and physically embodied for the reassembly of his hierogamic partner and for the return of the Cosmic Christos-Sophia to the planet.

Thus, the Solar Female Melchizedek family has had the perilous job of waking up to transfigure inner lunar satanic forces of sexual misery programming, while identifying inorganic female principles and alien implants that block sophianic triple solar embodiment. Further, to make these lightbody corrections within in order to find and retrieve the planet’s original triple solar masculine rod holders, and as well to locate their own hierogamic partners. These are the Cosmic Christos Solar Dragon Kings (Rishi-Reisha) that have been trapped, plunged into stasis or had their massive consciousness body parts split apart and strewn across the planet by the invaders. They remain in states of amnesia until their body parts are reassembled and integrated, and thus the stolen history of the red nile cube Egyptian pantheon that tells of Isis returning her husband Osiris’s body parts in order to reanimate his consciousness and give birth to the offspring Horus, was hijacked by the NAA and designed to be a mockery of the Christ. However, the Egyptian storyline has many truthful nuggets describing the search to identify and retrieve spiritual body parts for Christos Solar Dragon Rishi-Reisha family, as the Solar Feminine Melchizedeks, not the lunar form Isis, have been searching for their beloved lost husbands and their Christos diamond sun body parts for multiple millennia.  

Once corrected rod proportions were set for the triple solar masculine at certain dimensional thresholds, then came the intense retrieval work of the Mother of Dragons and her Solar Feminine Melchizedek Mu’a staff holders of Elaysa. The game changer event happened during the Liberation of Ezekiel (January 2022), in which the Amethyst Order Dragon King who functions as the 8D Triple Solar Rod holder of our Galactic Center, Ezekiel was finally retrieved out of Iraq, Orion and the Gaian matrix. Then with great celebration, he was finally freed to rejoin with his Solar Feminine Melchizedek counterpart on the Christos Mission. Together, they hold the true north position in the Cosmic Clock of the Aeons and help to direct further triple solar rod corrections for other Christos Founder beings that have been lost throughout the planetary matrix. Currently, the Amethyst Order headquarters in Pegasus constellation seems to be the main focus for current rehabilitation of the 11D Rod architecture, as it is connected to the Cosmic Father’s Elohei Pink Diamond Sun Mer-Lion dragon lineages and the Dark Matter Suns network.

Fall of Solar Dragon Queens and Insertion of Moon Satellite

During the Atlantian Cataclysm cycle, after they conquered Dragon Queen Merida and stole the 11D Emerald Founder records that were entrusted in her Guardian protectorate, this was the last stand of the Solar Female Melchizedek’s that embodied the Blue Staff of Mu’a. The 11D Arthurian Grail lines are the Celtic-Druid Grail Bloodlines that reside within Ireland and Scotland, which has the highest percentage of people with naturally red hair. Thus, sadly the ongoing covert genocidal agendas to eradicate these lineages that hold the genetic records of the Celtic-Druid Grail Bloodlines have a long history of repeated campaigns known as the Celtic Massacres and Druid sacrifices.

Approximately 22,000 years ago, the NAA began the genocidal agenda to eradicate Celtic Kings Grail DNA and Melchizedek Christ Teachings from Atlantis, with RH Negative tracking, spreading disinformation, and destroying the records of humanity’s star origin and historical artifacts. During several campaigns to target and persecute the Arthurian Grail lines, many Celts were forced out and away from the lands in which they were born near the 11D gates of Albion and the 12D gates in the South of France. Many were captured as slaves and taken to the west coast of the Scottish mainland Hebrides, Iona and Skye, where they were either murdered or forced into slave work, religious conversion or some other indoctrination. Guardian retrievals of female Celtic Grail lines is ongoing and has been especially heightened in the outermost areas of the northernmost Scottish islands and sea, with an assortment of Solar Mary and Merida body parts having been returned or restored more recently.

The Dracs went to the Lemurian continent to finish off the genocidal massacres in Kauai some 22,000 years ago, in order to kill off all the remaining tribes of Solar Female Melchizedek’s that were also Mu’a staff holders. This was to prepare for a completely patriarchal society on Earth as run by the invaders which formed into the Atlantian Brotherhood of the Snake containing; Nibiruians, Thothian Leviathans and those connected to the Orion Group who later formed the Luciferian Covenant. This was the final genocide of the matriarchal society lineage of Solar Female Melchizedeks running civilizations on the Earth surface, that was aided by the Annunaki negotiations and agreements, and was the last stage of the Lemurian Holocaust and the end of the Atlantian Golden Age.

After the utter destruction during the Atlantian Cataclysm, the NAA brought in the moon craft which generated the dreaded lunar female principle, enabling the moon chain parasitic infiltration with sexual misery programming and the rapidly growing satanic force infection that resulted over the next thousands of years. The insertion of the Lunar Matrix was accomplished in part through dragging in the Moon satellite, to be used as a base of operations and for transmitting lunar broadcasts for magnetic field manipulation and mind control programs on NAA’s prison planet. Over generations, this digressed the human female principle through merkaba magnetic spin damage, molecular compaction, and associated reproductive distortions as lunar forces filled up the breath channel, sacral energy center and womb.

Most women on the planet lost control over their conscious choice to have sex, their higher participation in when to reproduce and bear children, and thus became enslaved through the NAA’s assorted genetic modifications for breeding programs and alien hybridization agendas, with their violent rape and misogynistic mindset being instilled into the population. Patriarchal organized religions, spiritual leaders or shamans started to crop up with narratives that women were infiltrated with unclean spirits, menstruation and black holes existing inside their wombs, making them prone to demonic possession and committing evil deeds. Thus, it was commonly thought that women were not to be trusted, were less than men, committed the original sin by disobeying God, and could not become enlightened or spiritually developed, thus they had to be owned and dominated by male brute strength. The Solar Female Melchizedeks who were commonly holding powerful roles supporting their community as legitimate Mother of Dragons and as the High Priestesses intermediating between the earthly kingdoms and Mother- Father God, were targeted for extermination.

Such are the many histories across the globe that ensued with the stories of female witch hunts and erupted hysterias of false accusations made of women supposedly doing the devils work, through which to effectively persecute and kill off the solar female with embodied sophianic wisdom, not unlike the misogynistic targeting that still persists even today.

This twisted NAA misogynistic narrative sourced in regard to this horrible history of lunar infection, of SRA human blood sacrifice and Moloch tanks that corrupted the planet, was indeed very damaging to the inner female principle existing within both the male and female biology. It is accurate to say in some cases, that the heavy distortions of human race miasma and the lunar magnetic spin in the lower section of the female reproductive organs made sacral solarization and lunar transfiguration of the breath channel much harder to achieve for women, unless they were holding Solar Female Melchizedek genetic records within their lightbody.

The planetary grid damage incurred by the invasion, the violent patriarchal mindset against females, and the magnetic distortions of the moon were devastating to the Essene Christos angelic human culture, which over time led to the Isis Treaty. This was an agreement made between Guardian Host and the alien invaders under the guise of genetic rehabilitation of fallen and damaged biological templates, but was a deception the NAA used to genetically alter the diamond sun template of the angelic human race in order to insert their preferred race lines of the NAA. The Isis Treaty generated a lot of difficulty for the solar females on the planet who were co-existing with their lunar sisters who had a natural affinity to be subconsciously possessed by Dark Alien Mother, and thus had tendencies to despise and attack them for no apparent reason other than carrying the inner solar light.

As the result of the havoc caused by the Moon, Guardian Host negotiated the Isis Treaty as the short-term solution to get Founder, Starseeds and Indigos with partially operating Christos diamond sun templates incarnated into the timelines, and to find lost spiritual family members and help to prepare for the final conflict of the 2012 timeline. The Isis Treaty was connected to the lunar female lineages of avian Egyptian-Serres modeled from original female staff holders in Taran timelines, which the controlling forces wanted to impregnate for the purpose of breeding programs aimed at genetically experimenting with the Code of the Blue Nile. These were of the highest and most complex Blue Flame Melchizedek genetics of the Emerald Founder’s diamond sun body design, which the NAA wanted for their own purposes of incarnating lunar consciousness and shadow entities onto the planet and in order to have superior genetic forms to gain dominion over the Earth and other territories.

The Search for Mother of Dragons Begins

During the magnetic peak cycle in 2021, Guardian gridworker teams became aware of several fiery interdimensional battles happening in the Kuiper Belt, the 10D Pluto Matrix, and 10D gate that plunged into the watery depths of the Seven Seas to recover the strewn dragon body parts of the Triple Solar Mary’s. Explosive spiritual warfare ensued in order to find, retrieve and reclaim the Triple Solar Mary’s diamond sun sophianic consciousness template and Universal Ankh body. This level of warfare and recovery was by far the most vile and vicious of the retaliations made towards the Emerald Guardian projects fulfilling the reclamation of Christos mission.

Solar Christ Mary is a title of the spiritually embodied triple solar daughters of the Cosmic Mother Dragon, or Holy Mother Sophia. Retrieving their spiritual parts and their identities meant facing our planet’s devastatingly painful history of invasion, and would take us through the dark maze of discovery that she was once completely embodied as the intelligent creator of this planetary matrix. It was her head or global brain they removed from the planetary logos or magnetosphere during the Gaian Wars. During evolutionary rounds, she embodied and took the Solar Dragon Maji Grail Queen position in an angelic human diamond sun form, and one such identity was during the Atlantian timelines when Dragon Queen Merida embodied as the 11D CDT plate holder and was a prolific ancient builder architect and city planner for the colonies.

Thus, any and all attempts to reassemble the histories of her existence are fraught with incredible interference and absurd amounts of chaos, confusion and gaslighting. Dragon Queen Merida is known for her genius level intelligence, symmetrical perfection of physical beauty, and her innate spiritual powers as the sacred breath of the holy spirit that animates living things. The NAA entities are unspeakably violent with their patriarchal domination flavor of misogynistic targeting to torture solar females, as they despise Merida, and the Holy Mother Sophia in all of her forms. Thus, the most severe levels of antichrist attacking surfaces when addressing any of the Solar Feminine Melchizedek Christ history, which can incite aggression coming from both humans and anti-humans. This is a theme that is very difficult to openly share with the nonexperiencer or uninitiated public, due to the extreme levels of NAA targeting and religious dogma that is utilized to shut down any open conversation in the search for the truth about the Solar Feminine Melchizedek Christ.

The war for retrieving the Triple Solar Reisha gestalts of Solar Mary’s body parts extended into several stargate conflicts beyond the 10th stargate network, which had many further links throughout the Albion network and the United Kingdom landmass. Many grid wars and off planet conflicts ensued as the result of reclaiming her massive spiritual body parts in the 10th stargate network and during Tiamat’s Edenic historical timelines, along with securing her hierogamic sacred union position with her Triple Solar Masculine Christ Michael husband, seated together in the Cosmic Clock of the Aeons. Reclaiming Solar Christ Mary’s Tiamat architecture as the Mother of Dragons connected to the Iron Age Christos-Sophia, the Jesus Christ Mission, was necessary for further discovering many of the other lost Triple Solar Goddess Reisha identities.

Her 8D Staff Mother of Dragon embodiment was instrumental in the building of many of the Gothic Cathedrals upon the dragon nodes and rose lines across modern day France, Belgium and Europe, which are still instrumental in planetary grid activations happening currently. Many are still holding astrotheological connections to the sun star networks, which hold the corrected triple solar principle of the Solar Dragon Queens within their celestial constellation patterns. Some sophianic codes are imbued within Black Madonna’s that originally were representing the Mother’s lunar enslavement in dark matter or how she was trapped in the corrupted earth element, and is part of how that enslavement was being enforced by the Vatican and Black Suns.

The solar synthesis cycle of Tantriahura brought the white diamond sun plasma transmissions from dual emerald krystal spiral currents outside of time, that were preparing our time matrix for many of Cosmic Mother’s spirit body principles to become manifested, within the Elaysian architecture that can hold the organic embodiments of the Triple Solar Feminine Christos Sophia. The 1st God World creations of Emerald Order are hosting the Elaysa Sun architecture for Elaysian fields linking into the Cosmic Hall of Records, which are being built throughout the planetary matrix in a series of organic light-sound-spirit holographic Crystal Cathedral Activations. These multidimensional grid activations in Gothic Cathedrals are reconnecting the Albion Lightbody to the many Sun Star networks, and include ongoing evictions of Black Dragon Queens and their hierarchies of lunar force demons used by the NAA to hijack and enslave the Triple Solar Feminine Christos Sophia.

During the pinnacle of the Pluto matrix recovery of Mother of Dragon Tiamat morphogenetic fields from the satanic inversions of the Kabbalah’s 10D Qlippoth dead energy currents, the Universal macrocosmic hierogamic union template for Aeonic Pairing in the Cosmic Clock began to assemble itself into a Cosmic Starhuman God-World travelling merkaba or an Emerald Order Universal Ankh Body.

The Universal Ankh Body supported the planet to prepare for the planetary Eukatharista activation that began systematically unlocking access into many parallel dimensions, which has now secured the planetary matrix up to 36D with Amethyst Order Rha God World hosting. This has significantly increased the forces of chaos and spiritual warfare in the environment but simultaneously, is rapidly pushing the Earth timelines forward towards the organic ascension time wave. This major event, along with many of the upgrades are correcting the dark matter template or Rasha Body for Cosmic Mother’s reappearance in the planet and to reclaim her triple solar daughters embodying the Mother of Dragon coding as Solar Dragon Queens. The Universal Ankh Body held God World infrastructure which was the foundation for securing transmigratory vessels of Solar Dragon Ouroboros Rings, required for Founder Rishi-Reisha to travel into our timelines and to catalyze the Cosmic Dragon Awakening throughout the planet.

This particular phase of Dragon Awakening began another stage of discovery connected to the restoration of the Cosmic Holy Mother principle and her triple solar daughter embodiments, many of whom were the High Priestess Melchizedek staff holders, spiritual leaders and ascension educators in Mother Goddess temples before the invasion, which were located on the coastlines of the Seven Seas.

To reseat the Emerald Order Holy Father King Arthur with his beloved counterpart White Sun Dragon Queen Merida-Guinevere-Brigid in the Albion, the 11D dragon templar controls located in Thuban and underneath the island of Malta would need to be returned to the Emerald Founders. The Malta temple structures were revealed to be sourced from the Hyperborean Celtic Essene Azurites from 7D Gaia. These same groups incarnated in later timelines on Earth in the 11D Essene Tribe of the Arthurian Grail lineages that were originally being protected by Merida during the Atlantian cycle. In Malta, they had originally built these incredible ancient builder structures for alignment with Thuban’s Dragon Templar, the Mother Dragon’s 11D timekeeper architecture located in the Draco constellation.

Once again, those Essene Tribes on the ground did not realize that both Thuban star and the 11th stargate had been invaded as the result of the 11th Tribe CDT plate being stolen along with Thoth’s betrayal of the Melchizedek’s, until the Celtic Massacres and hunting down the Melchizedeks became painfully evident. Their Christos Avatar consciousness was embodying the organic krystal architecture of Emerald Dragon Timekeepers in the Cosmic Clock of the Aeons that was covertly hidden throughout the 11D Albion lightbody network within many holographic features, such as in Malta, to be discovered later and reclaimed for the current final conflict timeline of the Christos Mission.

Merida Rebirths through Ankhulasa

The opening of dimensional locks in the parallels, revealed the 7D layers merged into 17D layers and then merged into 20D layers which opened access into a section of the Reisha World called Ankhulasa. This appears to be another dimension of Cosmic Spirit Sun Mother Reisha Matrices, that are made accessible during the ascension embodiment sequence reaching the sophianic plasma flowering of the Solar Female Melchizedek or Solar Reisha levels.

Ankhulasa sun star network holds the Lily of the Valley as the second coming of the Solar Female Christ-Melchizedek, and this appears as the spiritual family of the triple peach diamond suns with golden rose solar fires. The solar frequency transmission is that of a creamy peachsicle color wave that begins building within the sacral center for lunar to solar transfiguration, as a part of the embodiment of the Solar Feminine Christ. Interestingly, the sapphire blues and peach rays seem to begin the process of reversing the damage of the lunar forces upon the female’s sexual organs, restoring organic functions in several stages of sexual healing, which blooms roses in the genitals and returns conscious control over the reproductive cycle for those living in alignment to natural laws.  

These structures are necessary for the triple solar embodiment of King Arthur’s wife, as Solar Dragon Queen Merida-Guinevere-Brigid in their complete Mahara Reisha triple peachsicle solar suns spirit body, which is specific to her triple solar feminine embodiment as a cosmological principle.

The stage of preparing the 11D gates in the Albion began during the magnetic peak of last year, with anchoring the Emerald Order Ankh body and emerald dragon timekeeper pillars in which to seed the specific dragon ouroboros lines for Merida’s Solar Ankh Body. Merida’s Solar Body is held within a principle that is also held within Guinevere’s Universal Elaysa Solar Body, thus they are both the universal red rose carrier of triple peach rose lines which function as the protector of the Christos-Sophia Rose Grail lineages and their spiritualized blood genetic records. Through Merida’s solar divine spark carried through her dragon ouroboros lines, she ran her solar body frequencies into the planet in order to make the connections from the planetary triple rose lines into her peach rose sun-star network with the celestial star constellation pathways in the Albion leading all the way back to her eternal Aton Body, and then into Cosmic Mothers White Sun located in the God Worlds.

From this foundation, Guardian Host and Merida began the further building out of her peach diamond sun architecture, such as birthing peach dragon eggs, and peach dragon ouroboros lines circulating the Emerald Dragon Solar Feminine Melchizedek frequencies, which are being encased in the Solomon Temple copper rose gold failsafe architecture. This expanded into several Cathedrals in the United Kingdom landmass and beyond, to further build out the starry night dark firmament and Krystal Cathedral networks for hosting more of the returning Christos Founders Solar Rishi-Reisha’s, along with the preparations for the final culmination of seating King Arthur and all that entails. Thus, the peach diamond Krystal Cathedrals of Merida are to run the peach rays into the dragon nodes and further support the returning architecture for the incoming Triple Solar Reisha. They can embody through the triple suns of the peach rays and then become reunited with Merida’s Ankh Body, as the Mother of the World, in support of her triple solar daughters and returning their presence into this world.  

The Mother of Dragons Cathedral in Chartres is holding the Cosmic Elohei Mother’s Elaysan Dragon Wing (7D-17D-20D), which bridges into many layers of Krystal Cathedral architecture which is protecting the portal access into the Ankhulasa Sun star network. More of the Triple Solar Reisha daughters will come through Chartres in order to bring their sacred spirit suns and embody the Solar Feminine Christ principle in the Cathedrals built across the planet. Chartres hidden history with Arc tools has given it an important role which is connected to the second coming of Christ, as the Mother of the World, the Lily of the Valley, in her Peach Sun Ankh Body of the resurrected Solar Dragon Queen Merida, and her sophianic daughters.

11D Tribal Shield and Restoring the Records

To synchronize with Merida’s return, the planetary Maharata shield has been undergoing rehabilitation and merge with the 12th Astrological precession Founder Cosmic Cube Christos Tribal Shield, through the re-encryption of its main crystal keys. This has brought to surface the warring conflicts and Atlantian histories connected to the 11D stargate system in the United Kingdom. For many months, there has been difficult skirmishes with NAA Black Dragon Kings-Queens seated in the Albion network, with the most coveted placement being the 11D Daath position connected to Typhon Tunnels.

During Guardian projects in the Albion, they are utilizing the Cosmic Tribal Records in order to correct the Emerald Founder records stolen by Thothian Leviathan entities for reinstating the original 11D Essene Tribal Shield. This is in order to repair the organic timelines for the 11th dimensional field, through which Merida could finally reclaim her Atlantian Dragon Queen embodiment and staff codes and return to the Albion for protecting the 11th Tribe’s mission. The Arthurian Maji grail rod and staff holders embodied the Christos Tribal Shield and held the formation for the Cosmic Clock of the Aeons to function correctly within the time matrix. The Christos Tribal Shield is that which connects our 12-strand diamond sun blueprint to the collective Christos Tribal blueprint of the entire angelic human race and their Personal Christ identities.

In the Albion lightbody there is the intense struggle to reclaim the evolutionary rounds all the way back to the Paliadorian race seedings and recover the planetary crown jewel, which stores the eleventh dimensional instruction sets for restoring the pineal gland functions in the planet for the organic ascension timewave and King Arthur timeline. The 11D stargate is the planetary interface that holds the instruction set for the pineal gland and its connections are made in the center of the angelic human brain. With the stolen 11th Tribe Founder Records, the human race has suffered pineal cages around their crown making it harder to activate the 7D pink flame in the pineal gland, an issue which we believe King Arthur’s reseating will resolve for many of the awakening population.

The complete tri-matrix identity of the 10D-11D-12D Avatar layers merge into the three levels of frequency of the Universal Christos field, which make up the Krystic mind, the Buddhic mind and the Nirvanic mind. This unified trinity mind matrix is the blueprint record for the Christos Tribal Shield, and is how the entire human race can connect their inner Christos with the Christos Tribal Shield. To activate the diamond sun template of the human race, the quickest method is through the activation of the Christos Tribal Shield recorded in the Albion that holds the entire human race divine Christos blueprint, which represents the natural order of each consciousness body as it manifested identities throughout the timelines.

Recoding Albion’s 11D Dark Matter Template

Since the Easter window, there has been a tremendous amount of Amethyst Order Guardian gridwork rehabilitation, upgrades and reconnections happening for the merge occurring between the Cosmic Holy Father’s Dark Matter Suns from the God Worlds with the Universal Mother’s Dark Matter Matrix (HU6), and then down stepping corrections running into the dark matter template from the 11D layers of the Albion Lightbody network.

This new discovery of Cosmic Parent Elohei Dark Sun-Star networks for building out the starry night dark firmament is required for the massively sized Cosmic Cathedral sun-star network which seats the second coming of Christ, through the Triple Solar Masculine King Arthur and Triple Solar Feminine Queen Guinevere, as the 11D Rod and Staff diamond capstone. Thus, we have recently learned the vast scale of Cosmic Father’s Dark Matter Sun creations, and their critical importance in reclaiming the corrected triple rod architecture in the Albion. There was a Cosmic Elohei Solar Dragon Rishi-Reisha Quad Hierogamic Template installed into the Albion network, to help facilitate the transmission of Cosmic Father’s Dark Matter Suns through the Cosmic Starhuman Aeonic Pairing held in the Cosmic Clock. This appears to be another stage of the Universal Star Coupling architecture that builds out the correct dark matter template that is blended into both Universal Mother Dark Matter Matrix and the Cosmic Father’s Dark Matter sun star network, accessed from inside the Pegasus constellation corridor.

This is the Ursa Major Universal Father Rishic template being married with the Seven Sisters Pleiades Universal Mother Reisha Template inside the angelic human diamond sun lightbody instruction set, which occurs during the later stages of hierogamic union. Together, they represent the active principle of the heavenly solar masculine and the receptive principle of the heavenly solar feminine uniting through their shared constellations, which allows connection directly into the Cosmic Spiritual Sun or Seven Suns of Eireadonis. This provides the Universal Melchizedek Solar Rishi-Reisha template for hierogamic union for activating the Cosmic Clock of the Aeons for the Maji Grail Dragon Kings and Queens in their Emerald Dragon Templar, in order to restore the Emerald Founder Records and the organic rod placements for the biological clock shields needed to align with the organic ascending timelines.

Thus, the Cosmic Father’s 36D Cubed Threefold Founder Flames have emerged through the Pegasus constellation’s triple masculine rod architecture, to link the Amethyst Order’s Rha scepter codes into the 11D stargate network in the United Kingdom. (See Liberation of Pegasus in Ascension Glossary). The Cosmic Elohei Father has revealed his perfected creation of Dark Matter Suns which include Dark Matter Dragon Rings from the Rha God Worlds, where there are dark matter Elohei dragon races travelling through the parallel matrices which ride into our timelines. These Cosmic Father Dark Sun Elohei are connected to the Amethyst Order Solar Rishic Braharama aquatic races, which are the parents to those that are embodied in the Code of the Violet Sun. This encompasses many of the Holy Father’s pink-purplish-lilac sun-stars in Aquareion matrix and beyond, that include the Metatron-Meritaten spiritual families of Ascended Masters and the 11D Aveyon Essene Tribes of the King Arthur Maji Grail lines.

In the highest realms of God Worlds, this configuration is down stepping from the Cosmic Elohei Mother in her White Diamond Sun being fully merged with the Cosmic Father Elohei in his Pink Diamond Sun, which birthed another Christos offspring through organic black rainbow crystalline sun stars. These black diamond rainbow crystals and dark matter suns started to appear a few years ago with the starry night dark firmament architecture, and recently they appeared to generate a dark sun halo or fluffy black coronas which surround the inner sun stars of the Cosmic Elohei lineages.

When the Cosmic Father Elohei started to appear through the corrected Pegasai Elohei Mer lines holding the 11D Rod Template, it was observed there was a whole new section of dark rainbow sun star networks of organic Black Diamond Suns positioning for hierogamic merge, in order to expel the invaders Black Sun hierarchy. These have activated into yet another new layer of 36D Holy Father dark matter rainbow suns that project dark matter dragon rings that have been merged with the Holy Mother’s dark matter Rasha Body rings in the planet. This is a definite demonstration of supreme protection from the God Worlds for the Holy Mother Sophianic principle from the Cosmic Father Elohei, which are entering into our time matrix through Pegasus and into the dark matter template and interior of the planet, and thus, are extracting out the largest of the archontic parasites that were colonized deep in the Rasha Body of the planet. Thank you, Cosmic Father!

Thus, there appears to be a major influx of Dark Matter Suns with Ankh Body Dragon Rings uniting with the Holy Mother’s Dark Matter Template through the spans of gel rings for krystal re-encryption and hierogamic merge, which extends throughout the Rasha matrix layers of the Earth-Taran-Gaian timelines. When the Father’s Dark Elohei dragon rings merge with the Rasha gel rings in the planet, there are explosions of dark rainbow solar plasma flowerings and dark triple masculine rods that start to install within the Krystal Cathedral sections. These are being placed to defend the Earth’s grid and organic ascension timeline, with the main focus upon securing the grail points with Cosmic Father Dark Elohei, that are gliding into the dark matter layers in 2D-5D-8D-11D.

Thus, we have learned that this stage of recoding the Albion’s dark matter template was one of the most important pieces to restore the complete identity of the 11th Tribe Atlantian Dragon Queen Merida. Her chosen embodiment as the Triple Solar Reisha White Rainbow Dragon Mary-Dha of the Piscean Constellation, and as her embodied organic 11D CDT plate records come back into the planetary matrix, this recodes the planet into that which existed before the history of Eieyani massacre and the tragic Thothian betrayal.

Recently, Merida’s masculine hierogamic counterpart was revealed to be a Dark Matter Elohei Michael-Merlin, and that they shared twinned Pegasus Elohei Aquatic Mer consciousness bodies that are connected to 11D Aveyon, which were heavily damaged during the Lyran Wars. Thus, they both have been under a covert specific retrieval mission for the rehabilitation of their dark matter rainbow sun-stars, and this particular mission was being directed in stealth by the Cosmic Elohei Parents. For Merida’s return to this world as the 11D Staff of the King Arthur Grail lines, her aquatic Mer dragon body and organic rod and staff in the form of dual tridents needed to be fully merged in sacred union with her beloved husband, an Amethyst Order Pegasus Father Elohei, Michael-Merlin.

Dearest Cosmic Mother and Cosmic Father, may you swiftly reclaim all that is truly yours in this creation as the organic living light consciousness you originally intended, as one heart, one love and for all in unity. We love you with all of our sacred crystal hearts.

Peace be with your heart. Peace be with your mind. Peace be with your body. May all be with the Unconditional Love and Perfect Peace held in the eternal light of God and Christ.

Until next, stay in the luminosity of your Avatar Christos Sophia heart path. Please be kind to yourself and to each other. GSF!

With a Loving heart, Lisa

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