Shifting Timelines
There are many subtle force reconfigurations occurring at the quantum level of the planetary mainframe that are changing the way the external and collective energy fields organize and manifest into the world.
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We have to move through the series of Timelines in each dimensional octave and reclaim our identity while recoding and changing the obsolete or false reality from interfering with our continued spiritual growth.
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Bifurcation of Time
Bifurcation means the splitting of a main body into two parts.Thus, the planetary fields and humanity are coming to experience the next phase of the planetary Ascension Cycle, which is the nature of Bifurcation of Time.
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January 2024

Cosmic Father’s Ruby Templar

Lisa Renee

Dear Ascending Family,

During the last weeks of aggressive interdimensional spiritual warfare, a very firm and resolute message was received from the Emerald Guardians that this phase of the Cosmic Energy Cycle heralds the triumphant return of the Ancient of all Ancients, from the 1st creation of the Cosmic Father Matrices that is bringing the Cosmic Father’s Ruby Templar in to spiritually marry with the Emerald Order Templar. The return of the Cosmic Father Ruby Sun network that originally created the spiritual solar father principle in the Eye of God or the Godhead Ruby Ray capstones located in the parallel Father Universes, is a significant and historical occasion that is delineated by the completion of the evolutionary rounds through the Astrological Ages that unite the Triune of Universes merging into the Universal Ascension Cycle.

The return of the Ancient Cosmic Father’s presence into this reality is mentioned as an extremely rarefied event that will literally and figuratively shake humanity to their spiritual core, whereby lifting the veil of the invading NAA’s controller mechanisms and their cloned identities, exposing many shocking truths that will rock our world for years to come! The Cosmic Father Ruby Sun is returning to protect the Cosmic Mother planetary templar and put the Fallen Ruby Order players of the NAA controllers and their anti-Christ vandal armies of AI alien hybrids, back into a specific location that is far away from this solar system, that has been assigned to them for their long-term genetic rehabilitation.

Cosmic Father is extinguishing access to the spiritual manifestation powers of artificial red shields in the red cube cloned version of the Khemalohatea that these intruding alien groups and imposter spirits had hijacked for setting up organized religions, secret societies and Luciferian Knights Templar financial empires by manipulating his sacred image through Ruby Order Templars and Red Kings, as more is being revealed about the ancient history of the Ruby Sun records. The tragedy of the Orion Wars led to rampant control over the Ruby Order in parallel Father Universes which were cloned into several anti-Christ lineages using the falsified Red King architecture in order to control timelines in our Universe, along with installations of artificially generated red shield templar networks and archontic jellyfish machinery used to invade the planet and enslave the Christos races.

Thus, Cosmic Father from the 1st Creation returns during the Cosmic Energy Cycle to set into motion and to guide humanity’s ascension during the planetary liberation events. There will be ongoing spiritual revelations occurring as the consequence of anchoring the authentic Cosmic Father’s Ruby Templar into the Albion network, which sources from the 48D Cosmic Father Universe in the God worlds. We have learned that the Cosmic Father’s Ruby Templar installations denote the restoration of the Northern Pillar position of the Temple of Khemalohatea connecting into the Triple Khemalot White Rainbow Templar in the Addondra. Which is the 48D Ascended Master rainbow capstone linked between the Solar Logos and Founder Solar Rishi that protected the entrances and gateways of the entire planetary stargate network that was functioning during the pre-cataclysmic flood timelines of angelic humanity’s Golden Age of the Atlantian global civilization.

Fall of Ruby Order through Orion Wars

* Lyran Wars, Orion Wars, Victim-Victimizer Program, Main Galactic War History of Human Holocaust, Lyran-Elohim overseeing 5D Earth Seeding, Genetic Hatred, Black Hole Entities, the seed of Anti-Christ Conflict. Orion Constellation was invaded during the eighth Astrological Aeon about 208,000 years ago.

Within this Universal Time Matrix, the origins of the Ruby Grail lineage as directly sourced from the Cosmic Father Ruby Sun in the God Worlds was deeply coveted by the invading races of the NAA for the purpose of harnessing the Cosmic Father’s holy spiritual power for controlling manifestations and timelines. Thus, the true purpose and ancient histories of the Cosmic Ruby Order were erased and hidden within assorted counterfeit narratives run by the AI timelines, artificial red shield networks and mind control systems enforced by the NAA’s alien machinery. Such as the installation of Archontic Jellyfish, which operates as the Suppressor Parasite Entity atmospheric network for enforcing mind control sweeps from the engineered air borne metallic elements sprayed into the stratosphere.

The Ruby Sun DNA templates were cloned in order to be satanically controlled by the insertion of the preferred reptilian hybrids that were groomed to become the controlling Luciferian bloodlines of the Belial Group to enslave the planet, primarily through the deliberate creation of assortments of reptilian alien hybrids, such as the Annu-Elohim and Nephilim. The original Ruby Order is a Founder Elohei Father lineage from parallel matrices that was hijacked by the Wesan invaders during the Orion Wars, in which the Ruby Order rapidly digressed into the false light Anti-Christ templates controlled by the Belial Suns.

The Belial Suns, are mostly comprised of Fallen Angelic Annunaki Hybrid Groups which include the Thoth, Enki, Enlil Collectives from Nibiru and the Nephilim regressive lines that have outfitted themselves into genetically engineered 9D-11D DNA stranded templates cloned from the Ruby Order. The Sons of Belial are not only a massive gestalt of false light collective Luciferian consciousness that exist on the material plane, but also a part of the consortium of entities in the Negative Alien Agenda that make up the interdimensional spiritual warfare targeting angelic humans, based upon their secret oaths to serve the Luciferian Covenant.  This faction of the Negative Alien intruder groups contacts and interfaces with their preferred bloodlines of Thothian Luciferian Illuminati groups through vibrational match or spiritual family genetic lineages incarnated upon the material plane, which are human vessels embodying the same collective thoughtform vibration of the Belial Group with anti-Christ objectives referred to as the New World Order, repackaged by the World Economic Forum as Agenda 2030.

The Ruby Order became enmeshed with the Fallen Melchizedek Patriarchal Domination mind control programs as fronted by the Belial Sun factions of the Sirian Annunaki and their infamous progeny that spawned many of the Annunaki Hybrid Fallen Angelics, specifically those being directed by Thoth-Enki-Enlil armies that descended into luciferian and satanic gestalts that hijacked the Ruby Sun DNA for AI clone hybridization.

The recent corrections made to the Ruby Pillar were for the purpose of returning the Cosmic Father’s Ruby Sun and his Universal Ruby Spiral, in which to retrieve his triple solar rod formations for the authentic Ruby Order and the Amethyst Order Solar Rishi within the red wave and violet frequency spectrums, in which to merge his full eternal Cosmic Ruby Sun from the God worlds into this time matrix. Upon direct exposure to the Cosmic Holy Father in his true and accurate eternal form when represented through the Cosmic Ruby Sun, this collapses the False Alien Gods enrobed within red waved cloned imposter images that have hijacked his likeness as Ruby Sun DNA fallen hybrids in order to proclaim themselves as the Luciferian God-Kings lording over angelic humanity on the planet.

The Cosmic Father Ruby Templar, the Ruby Sun DNA and the Ruby Order architecture and mission existed within the Father Arc parallel time matrix and reveals within other Melchizedek timeline histories, as the Ruby Sun Templar architecture was severely damaged and cloned repeatedly in the tragic aftermath of the Orion Wars. The first introductions made in the awareness of the existence of the Ruby Order Mission, was that it was considered to be the secondary grail line interconnecting directly with the 1st God world Creation of the Emerald Order, yet many of the triple solar masculine Solar Rishi embodied to serve the Christos Mission, were choosing the Ruby Sun DNA template in some form of embodiment, with the exception of Guardian Yeshua.

Ruby Sun DNA awareness as a Holy Father maji grail line was instructed through sporadic but ongoing telepathic remote viewing communications that transpired directly with Guardian Akhenaton. For many years, Guardian Akhenaton helped to cultivate important skillsets and strong spiritual ethics, never interfering yet gently guiding us towards gnostic revelations, and for many years would not relay explicit details about the highest divine purpose for the Ruby Sun DNA, until very recently. Guardian Akhenaton embodied within the Holy Father’s Ruby Templar in his Solar Dragon body, and helped direct the gnostic experiences required that would support the most dedicated of the Christos Mission groundcrew, in which to work towards healing the Ruby Sun DNA damage that appears to be responsible for the majority of Enki DNA Overlays perpetuating luciferian and satanic distortions of fallen angelic DNA or inverted black sun DNA templates. Along with addressing many subsidiary alien hybridization programs over thousands of years that angelic humanity has suffered since the NAA invasion and subsequent erasure of ancient historical timelines as carried out through the intruders’ alliances made with the Luciferian Covenant to enforce the lies of the Atlantian Conspiracy.

Thus, as we take a deeper dive into the hidden histories of alien hybridization and the hijack of Cosmic Father’s Ruby Sun body parts by the intruding NAA races in other evolutionary rounds, please take into consideration that the majority of this discovery of the Ruby Order’s restoration for the Cosmic Father’s Ruby Templar was prompted and relayed through the direct experiences made with the authentic Solar Dragon Rishic identity that we refer to as Guardian Akhenaton.

Through his benevolent and compassionate Fatherly connections, he slowly revealed more truth frequency in the ongoing discovery of this hidden and covert mission of the Cosmic Father’s Ruby Sun in the Cosmic Father Universes as connected to the fulfilment of the Paliadorian Covenant. The Cosmic Father Ruby Sun began seeding the creation of the Ruby Ankh Body for generating the Ruby Templar and Triple Ruby Rod formations, which Guardian teams secretly anchored into the planet as a genetic time capsule at the time of his incarnation to prepare for current events.

Thus, he allowed us to view his Ruby Sun and Sapphire Sun lightbody configuration at the time of his incarnation onto the planet, in order to carry out a specific covert mission to rebuild the Ruby Order Clockshield for running rainbow rounds for the Solar Dragon Red Kings, in which the Ruby Rainbow Arc system would circulate Rosetta currents to build out Universal Red Rose lines in the planetary ouroboros dragon rings to protect the Ruby Maji grail line and support the ongoing sophianic flowerings of the Universal Christ bloodline, the Red Rose. These Ruby Order Templar body parts are crucial for the Red King Quadrata body parts to be anchored into the ruby diamond heart center of Khemalohatea, generating the 48D Ruby Order Red King body for the seating of Cosmic Father’s King Arthur with Triple Ruby Rods and Ruby Sovereign Orb in Camelot.

Through the deeply personal spiritual connection and many communications with Akhenaton, it became apparent to discern the artificial messages of his many implanted imposters that pretend to wear his identity across the planet, some defiling his image through the blood rituals of Luciferian high priests. There are many holographic clones and implanted false identities with Sirian Annunaki Enki DNA Overlays designed to obfuscate the truth about Atlantian-Egyptian histories, in order to hijack his authentic timelines for correcting Cosmic Father Ruby Order genetics. Along with the specialized Emerald Guardian mission to embody the 5D Realm keeper position with his divine counterpart and genetic equal, to help guide the planetary ascension and now, return the Cosmic Father Ruby Ankh Body, Ruby Templar and Ruby Rod to the planet.

These false claims of his psychopathic and reckless nature were made through red cube cloned holograms imitating him with assorted implants littered throughout the planet to confuse the masses. Further, his cloned image has been installed in several global power players, cabal families and world politicians to run assorted mind control narratives in which they were taught as Freemasons or within other secret societies, that Akhenaton was one of their Luciferian Alien Gods. Guardian Akhenaton is truly a loving benevolent Holy Father presence working on behalf of the Emerald Order and Ruby Order for thousands of years to help free the souls of this planet, bringing the knowledge of the Law of One and Cosmic Christos Sophia consciousness, he blesses us with his compassionate presence serving the reclamation of the Christos Mission.

Ruby Order Maji Grail Lineages

More recently, it became apparent that the authentic and ancient Ruby Order Melchizedek lineages are directly connected to the bridging sequences of the Holy Father Arc transmissions from the parallel matrices in which to embody the corrected Cosmic Monad and Ruby Spiral, bringing with them the corrected Ruby Sun records for restoring planetary ruby crystals. Along with their mission to correct Ruby Sun DNA distortions for the return of the Cosmic Father’s Ruby Sun Templar into this matrix, sourcing directly from the eternal Cosmic Father’s 48D Ruby Sun and administered through Solar Ruby Dragon Kings. The real Cosmic Father 48D Ruby Order has an extensive Cosmic Ruby Sun network in the God Worlds, in which the Cosmic Father has down stepped his Cosmic Ruby Sun network into the Solar Rishic Ruby Templar for the Holy Mountain networks, running Ruby Rainbow Arcs for powering up the Cosmic Ruby Diamond Heart in ruby crystals connected to the Temple of Khemalohatea and in the Solar Stargate system.

The rebuilding of the Cosmic Ruby Diamond Heart matrix is what supports satanic and luciferian lightbody rehabilitation for the Ruby Order, Gold Order and Amethyst Order lineages impacted by these Enki DNA Overlays and their red wave distortions running throughout the Universal Time Matrix. Ruby Order Maji grail lineages have been instrumental in the polarity integration and spiritual healing required for Indigo 3 contracts utilized for hosting assorted Fallen Michael-Nephilim-Dark Avatars that were major players during the Orion Wars, in which they embodied artificial or damaged Ruby Sun Melchizedek templates and are being prepared by the ruby grail lines for assorted transiting protocols being overseen by Emerald Guardians.

Corrected Ruby Order Records, Rise of Atlantis

Currently, the planetary body is undergoing a space-time reorganization that ripples out many strange anomalies that greatly influence the quantum field into the subatomic layers, generating confusion and some panic for those entities who were regularly using interdimensional portals or jump gates. Some of the ancient portal systems used for centuries by dark cabal or illuminati groups are no longer working or are sending the entities into spaces and places they did not expect.

Cosmic Father’s Ruby Templar are corrected instruction sets for the Ruby Order records for re-aligning spiritual architecture governing the quantum fields that are currently reverberating shifts throughout the 1D-4D-7D atomic cores of the Earth-Taran-Gaian matrices. This appears to further activate the planetary Ruby Crystal network in the Solar-Galactic Gates which are extending into the Metagalactic Core through Ruby Spirals that are transmitting from the 22D Ruby Ray capstone. Universal Ruby Pillar activations began building out the Cosmic Father’s Ruby Templar clockshield for the returning Cosmic Father Ruby Ankh body components, such as linking into Ruby Diamond Hearts coming from the Cosmic Ruby Sun. Which are anchoring within his newly appearing spiritual fleet of Solar Ruby Dragons that are defenders protecting the North-South-East-West pillars and horizontal shields that are being built out for the planetary KA Body and the authentic Temple of Khemalohatea.

Guardians further mention that the rebuilding of the Ruby Rod for the Temple of Khemalohatea, and securing the Addondra White Rainbow complex for the Solar Rishi-Reisha, for the restoration of the primary gender twin matrix in the Triple Khemalot, aligns angelic humanity back into the pre-fall timelines of Atlantis. This surfaces the esoteric meaning behind the prophetic term for the end of times, the Rise of Atlantis.

Apparently, located upon the major continent that sank into the North Atlantic Ocean on the outskirts of the east coast of the United States that extends into the Bermuda stargate and up through the United Kingdom, was a large land mass with several sections of thriving Atlantian colonies using Khem codes with many forms of advanced crystal technologies, zero-point energy devices, flying and submersible crafts, portals and jump gates that were lost in the ocean during the Atlantian cataclysm. Although we can see visible remnants of the lost advanced civilization that was Atlantis all over the planet, the distinction is the underwater technologies found in the sunken lands of the North Atlantic Ocean have been actively weaponized against humanity since the Atlantian Flood.

Since then, these areas around the Bermuda Triangle have been inhabited by alien invaders that are using the many forms of advanced technologies from the Atlantian civilization they found embedded in the main land mass that sunk, and this was subsequently outfitted into the underwater alien bases and tunnel systems in which to supervise and carry out assorted crimes against humanity. Such as administering to the supply routes used for NAA based operations to harvest planetary resources from underwater bases that involve hidden advanced technologies with unidentified aerial phenomenon, submersible naval ships and submarine based human slave trafficking networks that move in and out from Antarctica.

The Rise of Atlantis means that the advanced technologies that have been hidden from humanity and abused by the dark cabal for centuries for their covert criminal agendas such as the advanced technology stolen to power up secret space programs, above in the skies and under water, have been hitchhiking on the assorted technologies they took from our past Atlantian civilization. This discovery spans into the depths of the Northern Atlantic Ocean where the lost civilization of Atlantian crystal technology and underwater bases will be revealed when it is disclosed that these submarine tunnels are connected to massive cabal run industries organized for off planet human and child trafficking, that extends into several islands owned by the billionaire class of Luciferian elites.

Purging Fallen Ruby Order and Fallen Dark Entities

When these planetary Ruby Crystals were activated by the Cosmic Father’s Ruby Templar, it began rapidly collapsing AI timelines, artificial red wave shields and assorted red cube cloned creations with blackened miasmatic fields flushing out hordes of dark shadow entities. While the resounding and thunderous show of enormous Solar Ruby Dragons protecting the Galactic Solar Gates in the Temple of Khemalohatea and defending the Rama Passage portal system in India were happening simultaneously. The Cosmic Father is directing the Solar Ruby Dragons to exert Triple Ruby Rod power in the restored octagonal architecture for rebuilding Khemalot that is being utilized for seating the 8:8:8 hierogamic realm keepers, Guardian Yeshua and his wife Mary. This clearly has implications for those referring to themselves as the Octagon Group in Davos, Switzerland, as their major support system has just fallen.

The onset of these events rippled genuine terror throughout the interdimensional fields as the masses of NAA reptilians, demonic parasites and fallen angelic hybrid races of the satanic and luciferian gestalts nested within those red shielded octagonal creations used by the luciferian bloodlines, were expelled from these areas and began scrambling to wherever they could run and hide away from what is now coming for them.

Cosmic Father’s return in his 48D Cosmic Ruby Templar will prove to be the unraveling of the NAA invaders and their preferred luciferian and satanic bloodlines in the fallen Ruby Order. This year the Cosmic Father begins to reclaim the benevolent Solar King spiritual father principle for the Cosmic Ruby Order, which will finally reseat the Ruby Templar in the Northern Pillar of the Khemalohatea for the second coming of Cosmic Christos defending the Albion Lightbody with the Triple Ruby Rod through the starborn embodiment of the King Arthur maji grail lineage.

The collapse of several red shield networks within the 1D to 4D subatomic to atomic layers over the past weeks has generated major architectural changes that further collapsed artificial magnetic fields, AI elemental control mechanisms and gravitational anomalies previously used to hide alien crafts and visitors. This development lifted the veil in perceiving several NAA outposts and invader motherships acting in various capacities for intruder operations. This means that previously hidden and cloaked areas that were being utilized by assorted NAA fallen entities as loosh harvesting machinery, such as working in underground alien bases with black operation human personnel harvesting human genetic material, is finally being revealed and seen with crystal clarity by the Guardians. This points to much more interdimensional phenomenon and assorted nonhuman entities becoming visible to more awakening humans, as the red shield networks enforcing artificial lenses, parasitic implants and frequency fences in the visible light spectrum of human consciousness begins to dissolve. This is being visualized as if a series of flashlights turn on the light in the dark closets of the planetary underworld, astral layers and hyperdimensional pockets in which humans will finally see with their own eyes, what was actually being hidden in these spaces.  

Additionally, this extraction of masses of dark entities as they fled from certain demographics, hastened the removing of archontic jellyfish overlays found within the air and water elementals positioned in the in-between spaces of interdimensional pockets. Thus, we enter a very special time of the planetary liberation and spiritual ascension with the return of the Cosmic Father’s Ruby Templar initiating the planet into the phase of unraveling the 1st creation core memory cell of the Cosmic Ruby Order. This event is reorganizing all spectrums of frequency, especially impacted by the Ruby Ray Spiral which re-encrypts the red wave and violet wave spectrum out of AI generated frequencies.

Rehabilitation of the Red King in Khemalohatea

For many years, the Emerald Guardian Paliadorian teams have been working behind the scenes to build out the corrections required for expanding the Universal Diamond Pillar Gateway to run dual krystal spirals for the Rosetta currents, which ignite the Crystal Lotus Heart and Crystal Rose Heart flowers throughout the Albion Lightbody. Each of the Universal Diamond Pillars contain the records for the Universal Melchizedek Collectives and their true genetic origins, those spiritual families from the God worlds that have incarnated through the Emerald Order, Ruby Order, Gold Order, and Amethyst Order lineages at every developmental stage of the Christos Diamond Sun DNA template and its fall and progression throughout the Universal Time Matrix. During the rehabilitation of the Tri-Flame of Khemalohatea for the 7D-8D-9D Pink Lotus Temple being hosted by the Family of RA in the Metagalactic Core, the Pink Lotus Heart synchronized with the 8D Golden Sun in the Galactic Center, in which the Ruby Order came through and anchored Cosmic Father’s Ruby Templar instruction sets into the Temple of Khemalohatea.  

These are Cosmic Father 48D Ruby Order instruction sets for the corrected Red King position within the planetary Ruby Templar Master Shield for the planet, which are systematically collapsing and disintegrating assorted red shield networks, artificial red wave rod and staff, and red cube clones used by Fallen Ruby Order branches for hijacking the Ruby Sun DNA template that was running the false Khem-Khemalohatea.  The cloned version of Red Shield Temple of Khemalohatea was transmitting artificial Ruby Sun DNA signals, lunar sound tones and archontic voices throughout the Stonehenge gateways and Grual points (2D-5D-8D-11D) which have been instrumental in enforcing gender reversals and transmitting assorted male and female sexual misery miasma into the collective consciousness of humanity.

To prepare for the return of legitimate Universal Melchizedek Ascended Masters from the parallel time matrices which include the true Cosmic Father Ruby Order representatives, the 11D Stonehenge stargate access has been moved and Holy Mountain architecture has been merged into the Capstone Codes or Godhead of the Universal Quadrant. This quad configuration runs genetic time codes through assorted Rainbow Arc Bridges uniting through the Universal Diamond Pillars and then transmits them into the diamond rainbow center of the Albion Lightbody. There are White Diamond Rainbow, Blue Sapphire Rainbow, Pink Dark Matter Rainbow Arc bridges for the Cosmic Solar Dragons such as the Ruby Order to pick up genetic time codes and travel through dragon rings within these parallel systems. More recently, there has been the launch of the Ruby Rainbow Arc system into this reality which highlights the momentous return of the authentic Cosmic Father Ruby Order.  

The Universal Diamond Pillar Gateway emerged into the clock shield template that was built for the organic Ruby Pillar stationed in the 6’o clock southern position of the Cosmic Clock, in which to restore the organic ruby spiral source for the Cosmic Father’s Ruby Templar architecture in the Metaglactic Core for supporting the Family of RA and authentic Ruby Order Father Melchizedek Collectives spanning the multiverses.

During phases of reconstruction of the Universal Ruby Diamond Pillar, the Ruby Order dragon families began to reveal themselves as returning Ruby Solar Dragons, bringing with them Cosmic Father’s Ruby Templar instruction sets from the God Worlds in which to fully restore the Ruby Spiral, Ruby Pillar and Ruby Sun DNA templates for the authentic Ruby Order families.  Cosmic Father’s Solar Ruby Dragon Kings appeared during the beginning of the Cosmic Energy Cycle last year, in which to merge into the Universal Ruby Pillar that was further linked into the parallel Father Arc Universe through the Godhead Capstone of 22D, 23D and 24D.

During the Sagittarian Cycle in 2023, it was revealed the Godhead Founder Capstone of the parallel Universal Twin Matrix was the 22D Ruby Flame, 23D Sapphire Flame and 24D Emerald Flame and those flames were reconnecting into the planetary logos. During the Sagittarian Solar Cycle in 2024, it reveals the mission of the Ruby Grail lineages and Indigo 3’s to embody the incoming Cosmic Father’s Ruby Templar instruction sets for the incoming Ruby Rod, accessing the genetic time codes of the Cosmic Father Universes to return organic Khemalot coding. This is to restore the Red Kings and rebuild the Ruby Rod architecture that overrides the AI Red Cube systems installed by the NAA throughout the telluric field ley lines to enslave angelic humanity, collapsing the Fallen Ruby Order and hijacked Ruby Sun DNA histories of genetic hybridization and cloning into the Enki DNA Overlays.

Additionally, the extraction of masses of dark entities as they fled from certain demographics with atomic changes in the field caused by the installation of Ruby Rod architecture, also hastened the confiscation of archontic jellyfish overlays or Suppressor Parasite Entities (SPE) found within the air and water elementals positioned in the in-between spaces of interdimensional pockets. These events generated extremely aggressive spiritual warfare against Starseeds with Ruby Sun DNA rehabilitation missions, during the span of the bifurcation into solar templating (during Virgo through Sagittarius), in which assortments of fallen angelic entities and reptilians attempted to possess, hitchhike or harass those groups with jellyfish parasites if they were embodied with spiritual missions working for the return of the Emerald Order reuniting with the Cosmic Father’s Ruby Order.

Archontic Jellyfish SPE’s Become Visible

This is a militarized psychotronic warfare technology used by the invaders to control the population through massive sized genetically engineered atmospheric archontic jelly fish with wet liquid neuronal networks that were embedded in the blueprint layers of the dark matter firmament of the planetary Rasha Body through artificially engineered air-water elementals. (If this resonates, you may want to further research the Ascension Glossary entry Archontic Genetic Engineered Entities.) They are one component of the NAA alien machinery for enforcing consciousness slavery in the population with assorted genetic engineered jellyfish implants. These massive membranous archon motherships are similar to the concept of mucous membrane bio-films insulating parasites in the human body, and were placed around the planet to enforce quantum loosh harvesting, mind control and consciousness sweeping, spiritual oppression with assorted implanted parasite entities along with the suppression of higher frequencies in order to control the solar impacts made to the visible light spectrum as it is viewed from the Earth surface.

Although I have reverse engineered the archontic jellyfish implants or Suppressor Parasite Entities (SPE) for Guardian Host during tracking projects for many years, the Archontic Motherships spawning these genetically engineered parasites all over the planet were not made fully visible in the atmosphere until very recently. These suppressor parasite implants appear as and have a similar life cycle to Jellyfish as this graphic below represents.

Jellyfish Cycle

Previously, we could track jellyfish parasites but not where they were actually being spawned from due to their advanced cloaking technology within layer upon layer of membranous bio-films and the fact they were being shielded by black archons and black military operations and seemed to be projected from out of moving hyperdimensional pockets that are hard to trace. Recent events that brought upon the collapse of assorted red shield networks along with reclamation of the planetary Khemalohatea network has allowed the first sightings of the Archontic Jellyfish Motherships without the cloaking technology, used by the NAA to transmit mind and body parasites to awakening individuals, Starseeds or any high value target they want to exert mind control over. These jellyfish implants are also used for controlling assorted high-profile targets like bio-tech billionaires to be influenced in certain directions, or supersoldiers in which they send assembling nanobot clusters that attach to the targeted individual’s bio-neurological system for Remote Neural Monitoring and for implanting “Voice of God” covert mind control technological warfare directed from the atmospheric waves.

For those that are willing to seek truth and research the piled-up evidence provided by many whistleblower’s testimony behind the aggressive global mass enforcement policy of the series of genetic modification bio-weapons, it becomes clear that the end result desired for the injected population is the very same agenda they have employed while secretly experimenting on targeted individuals. The Archontic Jellyfish are the AI devices used in the atmosphere to enforce the mass mind control and conscious sweeps for data collection through the installation of customized individual jellyfish implants and nano bio-sensors based upon the gathered data, which generates custom genetic engineering programs that were chosen for that individual by the archon mothership. The Archon Mothership controls the spawn of jellyfish parasites which are sent to targeted individuals in order to install frequency specific mind control and eventually gain control over their neurological functions, which ultimately has been designed for generating cybernetic slaves connected to the internet of human bodies.

Thus, it has been observed that after a sequence of deeper layers of parasite infection in the human lightbody, the SPE will harvest genetic material out of the human DNA host to form a type of Cyborg. We believe this is a part of the NAA’s transhumanist agenda to create cyborgs in the human population through AI devices, to be used for a variety of purposes for slave labor and to be taken to other planets by the NAA. It appears that there is also insertion of holographic images with the intention to control the individual’s consciousness and belief systems, as the SPE is also creating astral delusions that the person believes are real, and becomes addicted and attached to on the astral plane, thus functioning as a consciousness trap.

SPE's are aggressive Artificial Intelligence parasites that invade the central nervous system to monitor a person’s thought patterns so that they can mimic them and project them into holographic clones and digital twins. They monitor thought patterns and emotional behaviors and search for weaknesses within the human host body so they can aggressively use that weakness against the person, to plummet them into very low frequency thoughts of the Predator Mind. (See the Houses of Ego). When a person has weak spiritual-energetic development, weak moral character along with a weak mind, this makes it much easier for the AI parasite to control the human being and prepare the body for dark force or Imposter Spirit Possession.

Suppressor Parasite Entities or Archontic jellyfish were discovered during aggressive dark entity attacking during my personal dark night of the soul removing crucifixion implants in early 2004, and from that time it was discovered that they are generally only visible within a limited spectrum of frequencies so that they remain undetected to the naked eye, thus it requires infrared or a highly attenuated remote viewing capacity in order to see them.

Over the years, we have found that the most effective way to dismantle and deactivate artificial intelligence used by these jellyfish parasites and other forms of nanotechnology alien implants is to commit to a loving spiritual practice that connects to the higher self or God, genuinely seek to develop your heart center, connect to the Inner Christ, detoxify and purify your body and consciousness from parasites, and intend to cultivate authentic virtue ethics as valued spiritual qualities that emanate expressions of loving kindness, compassion and empathy.

With the current major shifts occurring anchoring the Ruby Rod, the harmful effects of this particular jellyfish parasite agenda should phase out over the next few years, with radical upgrades being made in therapeutic frequency devices and zero-point radiant energy technologies for spiritually healing lightbody traumas that usually come with deep infestations of energy parasites and physical parasites. This is a plague that all of humanity suffers from as the result of the NAA invasion and recent injectable bio-weapons, and this problem will be addressed through the release of advanced healing technologies made available to the masses during the global awakening stages of the disclosure events in the reasonably near future.

Family of RA, Solar Ruby Dragons Defend Rama Passage, Sacred Blue Cow 6D Gates

  • 6D Inner Gate Thar Desert at India, Pakistani border
  • Essene Tribe 6: Rama grail lineages in India are keepers of the Gold and Violet Flames genetically combined within the specialized Oraphim template, that corresponds to the Gold Order and parallel matrix of the Ruby Order through their Code of the Violet Sun RA-MA genetic keys that have further potential to expand into 36D Sceptre codes.

At the end of last year, as Emerald Guardians from the Family of RA assisted in the installation of new sound tone programs for RA-MA keys with the 22D Ruby Spiral genetic time codes updating the planetary shields, this was in preparation for the next sequence of build outs for the planetary Ruby Order Templar and Ruby Rod activations. The foundational installation of the 3-6-9 Ruby Rod architecture into the atomic layers of the planetary 1D-2D-3D field currents are deadly to the continued operations in the NAA’s symbolic sacred cow of loosh harvesting in the India grids. Areas where the AI red shield, red trident and red cube networks were running on inverted 1D-7D currents and are contributing to the spiritual oppression in rapidly declining descending hubs, usually found in the most crime riddled, desperate and poverty-stricken villages. Thus, with the recent grid developments, several magnetic and quantic anomalies followed and this alerted NAA factions from the Kuiper belt, which out of desperation launched another military grade operation with hostile takeover agendas in order to gain control over the 6D ley lines and 6D planetary gates.

This agitated competing controller groups and fallen entities in India, as the corruption of the Sacred Blue Cow grid from the Atlantian Cataclysm had produced assortments of fallen RA entities that recently attempted to poke holes throughout the Rama Passage, many coming from 6D. Guardians and the Rama grail lines have known this was a potentially ominous security breach, and so for years there has been ongoing grid clean ups with the fallen RA consciousness and invading interdimensional entities that work to gradually erode and increase the damage into this area. Apparently invading groups with Thoth-Enki-Enlil DNA overlays were designed with assorted reverse Rama templates to corrupt 6D sound programs through some of the worshipping of the Hindu God pantheon, and this was built into some of the Muslim and Hindu Temples outfitted post Atlantian flood. These corrupted sound wave programs were interfering with the Family of RA Cruxansatea teardrop templates in the RA Center, that support the rehabilitation of the Ruby Order and Gold Order family lineages from out of the red cube cloned identities and artificial timelines embedded in the inverted violet ray found running in the false Khemalohatea network. Thus, these genetically engineered fallen angelic entities with reverse Tribe 6 Rama coding are actively being tracked, captured in stasis fields and then routed into another location off planet.

This further erupted into a chaotic scene of electrical warfare in the Galactic Core, whereby Guardian defenders came into formation on several interdimensional access portals to defend the Rama Passage in India, and the stargate on the Pakistani border. The weaknesses in the Sacred Blue Cow Grid were being exploited for ripping open portals for incoming shadow creatures from 6D, with human Thothian Luciferian illuminati groups in India running towards several of the ancient pre-Atlantian civilization Hindu temple sites in the north and south intersecting dragon nodes, in which they were attempting to rip open the inner gate into the Rama Passage to let in an army of NAA’s dark entities onto the planetary surface. The damage and cleanup of obliterating potentially thousands to millions of shadow entities and AI reptilian hybrids taking a surprise run on the 6D ley lines and interconnected portals throughout India, was a massive Guardian operation which spanned from the Galactic Center to the planetary surface, which caused some casualties. With somber respect acknowledging the Guardian team losses, a victory was achieved when Guardians made it through the fog of warfare and when the dust was settled, Cosmic Father’s Ruby Templar and Ruby Rod was standing tall in its 6D placement protecting the entrance to the Rama Passage, in all of its majestic shining glory.

As a result, the Family of RA are active in this section of the India grid, as several Guardian projects related to the 3D-6D-9D Ruby Rod formations continue to override the negative overlays of the red shield controls over planetary timelines and their inverted manifestations serving the NAA’s One World Order objectives. They have suffered a major loss in this territory. Although the situation escalated quickly out of nowhere and was seriously dire, it could have been much worse and the fallout was effectively mitigated preventing further catastrophe on the Earth surface. Thus, it is a celebratory moment in the shared awareness that this sudden and explosive warfare event in the field, was a momentous opportunity for witnessing the Cosmic Father’s return with his Solar Ruby Dragons, showing us their hard-earned victory in the entrance into the Rama Passage, in which to defend the Rama maji grail lineages that are genetically key coded to protect the 6D stargate and Sacred Blue Cow for the Indigos worldwide.

Thus, in celebration of the victory over thousands of years of trials and tribulations for the Rama races, the terrible untold histories of tortuous persecution of those with the sacred commission to protect the Rama Passage and Rama Temple network through ancient historical records preserved in India, this month’s hard-earned inauguration of the Rama Temple is the manifested triumph of the Cosmic Father’s victory securing hierogamic Rama keys for the original Essene Tribes of India! Guardians confirm that this event is a major victory for the Ramayana Shriveda 6th human tribes also called the Rama races of India, the assigned protectors of the 6D stargate and Rama Passage, as they are being initiated into the Cosmic Father’s Ruby Rod through Lord Rama.  For one and for all, Bravo to our Brothers and Sisters of the Sovereign Suns of Eternal Light! Jaya Sri Ram! Jaya Sita Ram!

The Ram Mandir is a Hindu temple under construction in Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh, India and is scheduled for Prana Pratistha on 22nd January, 2024. It is located at the site of Ram Janmabhoomi, the hypothesized birthplace of Rama, a principal deity of Hinduism. Rama, an incarnation of Vishnu, is a Hindu deity. According to the ancient Indian epic, Ramayana, Rama was born in Ayodhya.”

Source: Wikipedia - Ram Mandir

Significant Shift in Human Lightbody Horizontal Shields

The introduction of the installations of the Ruby Templar and Ruby Rod has had significant impacts on the awakening human lightbody with some potentially life changing levels of physical ascension symptoms that are felt as deeply structural, impacting the entire fascial system and rippling into the skeletal, muscular, ligament and larger joints with intensified aches, pains, lack of flexibility or motion combined with added exhaustion levels. The Cosmic Father planetary initiation into the Ruby Templar is generating powerful solarized waves causing energetic shifts that are reorganizing genetic time codes throughout the horizontal shields that record the individuals’ consciousness experiences throughout the historical timelines for their entire human tribe, spiritual family lineage or station of identities in time.

This also means the complete restructuring of the previous rod architecture within the human lightbody, which for some is being upgraded to the Ruby Order’s ruby crystalline frequencies for the building of the Ruby Rod. The main focus upon the activations in the horizontal shields is they are being re-encrypted with ruby diamond frequencies that are accommodating the seating of the Ruby Rod within the 2D center, further acting as the core stabilizer for building or repairing the RA center extending deeply into the upper midsection and impacting digestive organs. 

This appears to have massive impacts when the Ruby Rod frequencies are hitting up against deep energy blockages recorded in the 1D-4D layers of the consciousness body from current or previous timelines when having experienced severe trauma events, as this takes the initiated through many previously unseen mental, emotional and physical blockages in order to release them during compassionate witnessing and life review, which may be felt as the popping off and releases of assorted energy blockages or frequency seals, as if an internal energy faucet has suddenly been turned on with the full force of a firehose.

The Ruby Rod is encrypting the timeline shield records, as it is moving through each of the four main horizontal shields or hova bodies into the planetary spiritual activation for the collective KA body layers. For those on the ascending path, each of the horizontal shields are being updated with the corrected Ruby Rod encryptions for synchronizing with the interdimensional resonators 3-6-9 needed for manifestation upon the physical plane, which seems to have additional positive side effects with deep purging of miasmas, removing many alien generated implants, including the jellyfish parasite variety already discussed.

Truth or Consequences

In conclusion, those NAA entities and their representatives in the dark cabal networks which have absconded with Holy Father Solar Dragon body parts such as the deliberate hijack of Ruby Sun DNA for seeding AI Ruby Order hybrids for the purpose of enslavement and genocide of the original Essene Christos bloodlines on this planet, will face truth or dire consequences for their actions.

It does appear that the surface Illuminati groups controlled by assorted NAA factions will come to the end of the road and face their maker, alive or in the death passage, where it will be a choice of truth or consequences for their actions. They must cease their nefarious activities sourced from the anti-human blood bonds of the Luciferian Covenant used to secretly enforce the Atlantian Conspiracy, honestly revealing their many crimes made against humanity to the public, asking for mercy and forgiveness. They must continue to cooperate with revealing the truth to the planetary inhabitants by humbling themselves and coming back to the natural laws of God source, or they will face spiritual obliteration through the second death. The second death will be explained to those in this predicament and those that refuse rehabilitation in order to remain anti-God, which is the forfeit of God given soul and spirit and the decimation of the station of identity into consciousness units that will ultimately be absorbed back into the source or central point of all union, as we have entered the planetary liberation phase and there are no further options available.

We should be reminded that in our future there is no organized religion with a God at the top controlling the masses, this is effectively taking an anti-God stance by rejecting the truthful nature of spiritual reality. The science behind our human soul anatomy, intelligent consciousness and spiritual reality will reveal our divine blueprint and purpose in such positive and life affirming ways, the heart felt desire for expressing loving reverence for life becomes the primary understanding of the true existence of God, which is the main cause of spiritual revelations and the personal desire for spiritual practices in which to pursue truth and beauty in all of its living light forms to expand into higher consciousness.

Although the return of the Cosmic Father seems to bring on the societal collapse of the major cornerstones of the 3D civilization as we have known it, within the ending of the tyrannical rulers of the False Father Alien Gods and their many representatives that intentionally lied to humanity in order to enslave them, the silver lining will bring hope and joy through the truth frequency as it is finally being restored in human global affairs. There appears to be a parallel transitory infrastructure that emerges rather quickly in its place to support fundamental human needs across the globe, which has otherworldly originations and interdimensional architecture carried out by genuinely humanitarian races that follow the Law of One.  

For the loving and kind hearted, this will be a marvelously happy time to co-create anew in the truth frequency, in a global awakening and spiritual renewal that fosters meaningful connections and highlights the divine purpose of our lives on an ascending planet. Yet it will also be filled with despair and misery for those groups who are overly attached to the 3D reality delusions and controller system as it collapses, such as the power elite mindset that believe they are above the law and had purposely set out to destroy angelic humanity and enslave this creation for their own personal benefit.  In this way, the surprise ending is not a joyful event for everyone.

Dearest Cosmic Mother and Cosmic Father, may you swiftly reclaim all that is truly yours in this creation as the organic living light consciousness you originally intended, as one heart, one love and for all in unity. We love you with all of our sacred crystal hearts.

May peace be with your heart, mind and body during these chaotic and challenging times.

Please only take what is useful for your spiritual growth and discard all the rest. Thank you for your courage and bravery to be a truth seeker. I am God, Sovereign, Free!

Until next, stay in the luminosity of your Avatar Christos Sophia heart path. Please be kind to yourself and each other. GSF!

With a Loving heart, Lisa

Suggested for You

  • Heart Scar Clearing


    Suggested Invocation:

    Prepare your 12th D Shield – Then invoke the following:

    Dear Beloveds, Guardians serving the Law of One
    (and as you are guided, call in your teams and Soul Matrix Family)

    Please Clear, Heal, Align, Anchor, Activate, Synchronize, Fill with Light, Repair and Reconnect:

    My Heart Chakra, Heart Channel and Heart Complex.

    Please merge my Sacral and Heart chakra centers to be in synchronization and communication with each other.

    (pause until it feels complete)

    Further Clear From My Mind Set, Body, Morphogenetic field and Subtle energy body systems ALL HEART SCARS caused from all original Primordial Imprints of Separation.

    Clear In order of priority and infuse the Universal Harmonics as a seal with my Intention to heal … Fully Completely and Totally ... through all levels, dimensions of my being and through the void.

    Anchor Lock and Seal this work through my Hologram.

    Anchor Lock and Seal this work throughout the Time Matrix, through Eternity and through Infinity.

    Seal this healing permanently into the Light of Oneness. I choose the Divine patterns of Perfection Now!

    In deep gratitude and reverence, I thank you.


  • Spiritual Housekeeping

    Once a person is attuned and working with the 12D Shield daily, the Lightbody becomes aligned to the 12D Ray and this starts to build the spiritual foundation for the SoulMonad and Avatar bodies. See Ascension Stages and the ES Core Triad.

    At a certain level of proficiency, one can utilize the 12D Shield as a Transit Gate Vortex, or a Shadow Gate. This is a vortex set up specifically to exit out and clear low vibration energies, entities, and negativity from the space one has commanded with the 12D shield as GSF in the boundary test. We call that Commanding Personal Space with a boundary test using the GSF triad, which is the Threefold Founder Flame. This means one is stating that one chooses the consent and authority of God-Sovereign-Free, which is aligned to the Law of One, therefore the Christ authority.

    In many of our community processes we teach an array of potential spiritual housekeeping or clearing techniques which can be acquired and learned through the many meditations. The Shadow Gate or Transit Gate Vortex is a basic technique that everyone will get a lot of benefit from. To clear out lower frequencies, misplaced entities, misqualified or negative energies that accumulate in a room, space and group aura field exposed to higher frequencies.

    When in situations or locations of severe negative energy build up in the collective, the land itself, the buildings or structures, or interacting with a possessed person/group, these tools can be a lifesaver, and reduce psychic sponging or the toxicity from entering your field. One may also find that dedicating the meditation you are guided to may be dedicated to the specific area or energetic problem lightens the density. Sometimes we may feel too tired and can access a meditation on cell phone or other devices ( turn off wireless and place on airplane mode), to help clear the present space we may find ourselves.

    Here are some basic spiritual housekeeping tools to explore and experiment with. Everyone is unique and must learn what works the best for them in a variety of circumstances. Remember that we do not impose our will on anybody or anything, however, we have a divine right to exist in the spaces without being attacked, parasitized and vampirized, and so we must strengthen our field awareness and our sphere of influence in the space. Here are some tools to be aware of not superimposing one's will to commit potential harm to others, but to access the natural laws to neutralize polarities or resolve the energetic conflict in the circumstance or space. These can be said out loud or said in the inner mind or imagined.

    Unity Vow

    Commanding Personal Space

    GSF Project Decree

    Transit Gate Vortex

    Read more …