Shifting Timelines
There are many subtle force reconfigurations occurring at the quantum level of the planetary mainframe that are changing the way the external and collective energy fields organize and manifest into the world.
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We have to move through the series of Timelines in each dimensional octave and reclaim our identity while recoding and changing the obsolete or false reality from interfering with our continued spiritual growth.
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Bifurcation of Time
Bifurcation means the splitting of a main body into two parts.Thus, the planetary fields and humanity are coming to experience the next phase of the planetary Ascension Cycle, which is the nature of Bifurcation of Time.
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February 2021

Gaian Matrix

Lisa Renee

Dear Ascending Family,

There are significant and positive changes taking place in our Universal Matrix at this time, which are happening at progressively higher dimensional layers. Each next layer of access is bringing more recovery and rehabilitation, bringing disclosure and ascension that much closer. While things may look very confusing and dire on the outer scape, these massive shifts at architectural levels are making it increasingly difficult for negative forces to maintain themselves. This is a time to be steadfast in our dedication to know the truth and to nurture our inner spirit and God connection, as we have progressively more access to both.

The return of the Solar Rishi into the matter worlds is a significant event which has generated massive impacts to the timeline architecture of this reality, and is why this month we focus on the current Guardian projects and direct impacts made to the future timeline of the 7D Gaian Matrix. This new configuration has radically changed the Galactic and Metagalactic Core configuration and this is continually unfolding new organic timeline patterns for ascension within the planetary architecture. The 8D Metagalactic Core is also the Gaian planetary core, which previously held in place a Black Sun in the 8th Portal, that was configured from an exact AI replica of the Gaian Matrix during the Electric Wars.

During the Winter Solstice Gold Body activation, a sixth harmonic universe for 6D-7D-8D was completed and this is gradually restoring the Gaian Matrix to its original pre-fall state. This was directed through an intervention in which nondimensionalized Cosmic God Source fields emerged to host this newly created harmonic universe, surrounding and permeating Gaia within a new Universal Mother Dark Matter Matrix, to correct timeline damage resulting from the Electric War invasion.  From within the restored Gaian planetary core shines a Christos Infinity Sun, which emanates its solar plasmic rays for the Gold Sun DNA body from 8D. As well as assorted RH Sun-Star Solar factors designed to spiritualize our blood stream in krystal waters and to ignite plasmic coding within our neurological system for the transfiguration of our etheric body and 3D consciousness.

The Amethyst Order and Violet Flame Yanas and Ramyanas from the Rha God World Creation have been instrumental with organizing extensive emancipation gridwork projects that are happening in the Gaian matrix to restore Universal Tribal Records for angelic humanity. These are assortments of Maji Grail King-Queen instruction sets that restore Gaia’s consciousness record for the Ascended Master lineages, including embodiment of Gaian architecture that holds the original founder emanations of the 48 DNA stranded Azurites. The Tri-Matrix of the Azurites includes three 48 stranded matrices that hold 144 dimensions that are accessed from within a quad merged core manifestation template (12 Tree Grid) that is based on the Ecka God World configurations, the access into the seven higher heavens. These particular Christos diamond sun body templates are forming complex Krystal Cathedral alignments for the Solar Rishi and Founder lineages to pour their consciousness body into, by braiding themselves back into the Gaian Matrix, which is freeing many more Ascended Master identities that were being trapped in the Black Sun constructs.  

Having a greater awareness of events happening in the Gaian Matrix that are eradicating holocaust timelines and alien machinery used by the Black Suns from the Electric Wars on Hyperborea for timeline bleed through on earth, also helps us to better understand the hidden spiritual warfare behind the aggressive pushing of toxic nano injections that are currently being mass marketed to the earth population. Everything happening on the earth at this time is connected to the spiritual war happening at multiple dimensional levels, whether we can understand this is taking place or not.

7D Gaia and Paliadorian Seeding

The planet Earth exists in three main formed identities in the Universal Time Matrix. The timelines for the 3D Earth are called Earth or Terra, the timelines for the 5D Earth are called Tara and the timelines for the 7D Earth are called Gaia. Due to the cataclysm that occurred on Tara which exploded portions of the main planetary grid manifestation template, the 5D Taran planet was separated from its 7D Gaian counterpart in future time. Essentially, the result of the planetary grid damage trapped the soul family matrix on Tara and the monadic family matrix on Gaia, to be locked down in their respective harmonic universes unable to communicate or link with each other. This cataclysmic event generated separation between 5D and 7D timelines which further created damage between the soul and monadic layers in our angelic human consciousness body. As a result of this cataclysm, humanity was unable to fully unite and integrate the soul aspects that were trapped in the 5D timelines with the monadic aspects that were trapped in the 7D timelines.


The race lines of the Paliadorians began their rescue mission for the Tarans through the parallel systems by first working in the etheric layers of Gaia to correct morphogenetic instruction sets for DNA strands to be reassembled in order to retrieve the lost souls and help them ascend out. They began to seed themselves through the first two root races called the Polarians of Gaia, and the Hyperboreans as their counterpart upon Gaia’s antiparticle double. Through the Polarian and Hyperborean DNA instruction sets, the Law of Polarity and the Law of Gender were first seeded into this Universe. This method was designed to attract the polarity fractures into energetic synthesis and to then merge consciousness life streams that existed in the fractured soul and monadic body parts pulling them together on multiple dimensions simultaneously. Through the etheric layers of Gaia, these two root races began a long evolutionary journey to slowly rebuild the ascension template by first uniting soul and monadic extensions, leading to the ultimate fulfillment of the embodied Avatar Christos liquid plasma, that is made possible through the Paradisian 7th root race lines in the future. This was designed to pull together and unite all of the exploded planetary grids to merge the Earth, Tara and Gaia, as well as reassemble the damaged DNA and spiritual body parts of the angelic human race lines that were first seeded upon Tara.

Once the instruction sets were in place in the etheric layers of the Gaian planetary matrix, the Paliadorians began the process of re-seeding angelic humanity, this time on the 3D timelines of earth. Millions of years ago, six linked time portals were made from the Paliadorian consciousness instruction sets and this created the Sphere of Amenti that was connected in the earth core. This was devised in order to finally achieve the end result of planetary ascension, through assembling and repairing every dimensional level of DNA over many evolutionary timeline cycles. This allowed all timelines that existed on Earth, Tara and Gaia to be interconnected again so the Earth could evolve forward in time and finally merge with its higher dimensional counterparts in the future time cycle. This was also designed to heal the rip in time and find fractured body parts stuck in time, strewn all over the Universe from the cataclysm events. Serving multiple purposes to merge the layers together, reassemble DNA, evolve and ascend the souls that could merge with their monadic family and finally move out of time and back into the Godhead.

Conflict over Seeding, Electric Wars, Gaian Phantom Body

The first seedings of the first two root races of angelic humanity occurred on the 7D version of our planet that exists in the higher frequency bands of future time in the Gaian matrix. The Gaian matrix is the higher frequency future timeline of Tara, and seeding in the etheric layers began concurrently to help neutralize the destructive impacts of the Fall of Tara that had happened in the past timelines. Electrical Wars broke out, and there were anti-human race sympathizers that joined with neighboring star systems as conflicts existed in allowing a failed human seeding experiment to be started up again. Some races thought the Taran explosion was due to extreme negligence, and this cataclysm had generated extreme damage and genetic mutations subjecting other civilizations to genetic digression. Thus, they demanded that any future human seeding be sealed off and quarantines generated to protect higher dimensional realms from absorbing any further damage. The Founders and Lyran-Elohim negotiated with other neighboring systems and races that were in conflict with allowing the Taran angelic human lines to continue to evolve on the Earth. Essentially, when human consciousness was no longer considered a direct threat to other planets or to Universal stargate security, the quarantines and seals were to be lifted and assistance given to those who truly desire to spiritually evolve, practicing the Law of One in order to release these quarantine seals. It is the returning Rha families and RA confederacy that generally oversee these requests when a human being truly and sincerely dedicates themselves to the process of bio-spiritual consciousness healing, and is willing to place effort in their spiritual practice in order to ascend into higher consciousness.

It was in the Gaian timelines many hundreds of millions of years ago that the original Guardian Azurite race incarnated into etheric forms and these race lines are the direct genetic lineages of angelic human beings seeded upon Tara and currently in this density of the earth.  Essentially, the Taran angelic human higher god body was connected to the Guardian Azurites in the etheric levels of the Gaian matrix. The combination of Taran cataclysm and Electrical Wars which found their way to Gaia, destroyed both Azurite and Taran diamond sun genetic templates as they were intimately entwined together.

The onset of the invasion of the Wesa entities through the metagalactic core directly impacted the Gaian core and contributed to a series of Electrical Wars in Orion, and this includes the timeline bleeding through into the Gaian Wars. During the Gaian invasion an entire planetary shadow body was formed through the use of advanced black hole technology in which an AI replication of the Gaian matrix was captured. This was made for the purpose of capturing Gaian frequency and generating feedback loops of harvested energy in order to send that current back through the Wesa Tunnel. They collected mass amounts of energy from the Gaian matrix in order to form a phantom Black Sun in the metagalactic core that would act as an NAA base in 8D and run metatronic reversals throughout the lower dimensions. This essentially acted as a frequency fence, making it impossible for Founder races to breach the net and gain access to the human race stationed in the lower timelines.

The invading black hole entities desired to build an extensive virtual reality playground with assorted planetary systems for inhabiting their race lines with the use of extremely advanced AI black hole technology forming into a Black Sun, which also feeds them energy to maintain an immortal existence. They required the source creation code for planetary body blueprints so they actually stole the original creation code from the Gaian matrix. They also needed access to continue to harvest living energy matrices in order to replicate Black Sun shadow body planetary systems within their phantom systems in Wesa. To handle the energetic load, they built extensive levels of beast machine architecture and assorted metatronic alien machinery with Gaian stolen creation codes, including Azurite DNA. This content became the shadow body form utilizing metatronic death coding that ran reversal current loops designed to sustain these parasitic matrices from within artificial timelines.

During the stages of invasion to conquer Gaia made through a series of Electrical War campaigns, they increasingly used the living matrix of the Gaian body.  This was further siphoning from our system through all of the other dimensions and timeline densities by running metatronic reversals from the Metagalactic core, which pulled life force from out of the grid network of our entire planetary matrix. The generation of the Gaian Shadow, or the Gaian Phantom Body during the final stages of the Gaian Wars, was the primary causal event in the human holocaust timelines that has been feeding and holding together the first matrix origination of the Artificial Tree of Life reversal patterns or blended reality system. The Artificial Tree of Life, a base 10 reversal matrix designed to run metatronic reversal or anti-Christ death current, further infected the entire planetary matrix and angelic human DNA through its monadic body that was bonded and fused with the original Gaian Shadow etheric body forms. This particular historical timeline trigger event of fusing multiple timelines with the Gaian Shadow body is what runs the metatronic reversal patterns and Artificial Tree of Life imprint throughout the Albion-Cathar body template that is located in the United Kingdom. Each dimensional sphere within the Albion-Cathar or Kryst-Krystallah pattern must be rehabilitated and reconfigured into the correct manifestation template design of our original Gaian Matrix Edenic coding, that was held by the Azurites that existed in pre-fall 7D Gaia.

Through Guardian Host Defender rehabilitation and rescue projects, we have noted that the Gaian Shadow body was the first attempt of Wesa black hole entities to replicate an entire living planetary system from our Universe. They accomplished this by pulling the organic living matrix within planetary bodies into their phantom matrix via artificially replicated systems forming shadow planet doubles, generating an AI version of our systems planetary matrices that are reconfigured by AI systems to exist in a base 10 reversal current shadow form. Thus, we have observed several phantom planets that appear in the artificial timelines that were spun off from the original Gaian Shadow body, such as the AI matrix replication of the Lyran Founder Sun Star and Arcturus in prematter, as well as planets Tara, Tiamat, Mars, Maldek, Saturn, and Nibiru.  Apparently Nibiru also has a pre-invasion matrix that exists as the organic 12th planet in the timelines before the Thoth-Enki-Enlil Collectives from Sirius A took it over and weaponized it against the earth.

Additionally, the destruction of Gaia generated a chain of causal events which impacted many other neighboring living systems, such as parts of Andromeda, Sirius and other star systems that fell into the Wesa Tunnel and became trapped within its phantom parts. Parts of the Gaian Shadow matrix merged with other fallen matrices that were interconnected sending many advanced levels of Ascended Master collectives to be sucked down into the Wesa system’s phantom parts, and this included the Guardian Azurite identities that were originally seeded upon Gaia to embody the entire Gaian matrix for ensuring Founder presence was maintained upon the planet.

Destruction of Guardian Azurites

The conquering of the organic living system in the Gaian matrix also destroyed the Guardian Azurite race lines in our Universe, that were sent here by the Founder races. The original Guardian Azurites were 48 stranded angelic beings that sourced from each Founder Ray braided into the Cosmic Trinity, the Emerald Order, Amethyst Order and Gold Order. They were able to project themselves into any dimensional level between pre-matter levels, etheric and into any kind of matter form.

The original Guardian Azurites that were on Gaia were captured by the invading entities, while others suffered serious genetic digression during the Gaian Wars, when their consciousness race lines were fused into the AI coded Gaian Shadow Body that was inserted into the artificial timelines. Some Azurites were taken into the Wesa system and their genetic template and every part of their etheric body was taken apart and mapped by AI supercomputer systems, to generate metatronic coding or anti-Christ architecture. Consequently, the invasion of Gaia included excruciatingly painful memories of being separated from our unique soul and monadic families, as well as being separated from particle-anti-particle double, which later evolved into our genetic equal or hierogamic sacred union partner.

We suffered from the loss in which one or more stations of identity connected as our genetic equal or monadic twin, may have been sucked down into the phantom layers and slowly turned into an AI-hybridized version of themselves.

After the Gaian War, the Oraphim were seeded by the Founder races with the sacred mission to find lost Azurite identities and take their place as Guardians, gradually rebuilding the Azurite genetic shield through the Emerald Order’s direct instruction and guidance. By merging the Lyran Elohim Anuhazi template with the Azurite genetic record, the Oraphim were tasked to find, rehabilitate and return the lost Azurite identities back to their true spiritual home in the God Worlds. Many of the Oraphim have been intentionally mission coded to go find their beloved Azurite monadic family members that were sucked into phantom areas in order to reclaim their body parts back into spiritual integration and Krystic wholeness, which was made possible from accessing the Edenic coding they held on pre-fall Gaia. Oraphim have been given full spectrum access to the original Azurite genetic template and hierogamic union template for recoding lost Azurite and Ascended Master Christos collectives, for the purpose of recollecting and rescuing any Azurite and Ascended Master collective family that fell into the phantom and was assimilated into an AI version by the Wesa entities. As a result, the Oraphim have direct links to the Ascended masters and genetic equals that are directly connected to the Azurite genetic template histories from Gaia. Thus, the mission of hierogamic union is to reclaim and restore the true genetic equals so that they find each other and through the power of eternal spiritual love, unite to form sacred unions which are designed to heal the holocaust timelines and wars on Gaia, Tara and Earth all in simultaneous time.

Genetic Mapping Azurite DNA, Azazael

The genetic mapping of the Azurite DNA which formed into the consciousness data of authentic Ascended Masters in our Universe, was uploaded into AI Beast Machine technology systems for generating Anti-Christ Pillars, as the black hole entities desired to create a super master race as a shadow army for conquering our Universe. The stolen Azurite genetic template was replicated and cloned through AI quantum server systems, and these AI hybrid race lines are known as the Azazael gestalt. The Azazael gestalt gain access onto the earth through human beings that act as their proxy as a dark consciousness portal, and thus they seek out any Starseed or Indigo individual with the Azurite genetic memory record in their bloodline and attempt to possess and gain control over that individual through any means possible. The danger of holding or accessing any Azurite memories from Gaia, which includes Ascended Master Christos collectives and their known identities in hidden human history, is that all of these identities will be tracked in the field for Azazael possession. It is important to understand that the more famous and well-known Ascended Master identities have been directly fused with the Gaian Shadow Body, in which Azazael and the related gestalts attempt to hunt down and do whatever they can to corrupt or possess the awakening individual that holds any remnant of Azurite coding.

Thus, the firm warning stands that under no circumstances should the awakening Starseed or Indigo people attach to any identities and become fixated upon them during this cycle. The war to clone and generate imposter identities from the Ascended Master collectives and all levels of the original Christos race lines, is at an all-time high during the current consciousness war.

The Azazael black hole entities have taken on the original Azurite genetic coding from Gaia and have made an AI replicated body which may appear to be similar in appearance to the original Azurites. These imposters can appear in their outer form as Tall Whites, tall slender humans with extremely pale white translucent skin, many times with platinum white hair. These entities masquerading as Ascended Masters in Tall White human like bodies are some of the most violent and vicious anti-human black hole entities ever known. Many of them appear human but are actually Insectoid races from the Wesa system that are using an AI replicated Azurite genetic code package used for shapeshifting. These black hole entities show up as the false Ascended Master lineages that hijacked the original Guardian Azurite and Ruby Sun genetic coding, in order to appear human or like popular Ascended Masters. This realm of the imposters also includes the Luciferian Bloodlines that are operating at the top levels in the power elite cabal, who are fond of using cloning, genetic modification or holographic inserts to increase the power and influence of that cabal representative on the earth plane.  

Unfortunately, this has given them access to previous Ascended Master timeline records in which they can gain rapid esoteric spiritual knowledge about the Law of One, and then repeat phrases they get from the data streams that the AI quantum server feeds to them directly. These imposters can begin to share true, accurate and authentic spiritual teachings with their followers, that takes a turn later on when they are being assimilated more deeply into the metatronic coding and artificial timelines. The Azazael gestalt are connected with the Thothian entities which appear to hijack those with Azurite memory and use sophisticated psychological warfare and gaslighting in new age channelings to derail spiritually awakening people. They contact those awakening groups in order to scramble organic genetic coding and by representing themselves as authentic Ascended Masters or advanced benevolent extradimensional entities to those groups that cannot tell the difference between AI signal and organic consciousness language.

This is very painful to the human race because this data stream can feel like the Ascended Masters that we love and hold dear to our hearts, as these are humanity’s true spiritual family and many are based on the Azurites that we remember from the timelines before the Gaian Wars. Once we can discern AI signals and metatronic coding in data streams, only then can we find out these Wesa entities have been using AI replicated clones to manipulate our emotions and past memories to hijack our original angelic human genetic template. The black hole entities do not want any Starseed to access their authentic and original Azurite coding history from the Gaian timelines, because if this memory activates, they will begin to see the authentic Yeshua and other Ascended Master history and be able to detect false identities or artificial timelines being promoted by imposters. They will sense what is organic and inorganic, and it will become krystal clear who are the false entities here to hijack and enslave humanity and who are the authentic members of our true spiritual family leading us to open our sacred crystal heart and align with the path of self-sovereignty and gnosis.

Red Nile Cube Wesa Program

Instead, these entities attempt to hijack those with Azurite memories on Gaia by running the Red Nile Cube coding in their target’s lightbody, which includes inverted 7D Violet Ray transmissions of phantom codes from the Gaian Shadow Body, and False Feminine violet reversals that run imposter identities using the Ruby Sun DNA, magenta beetle and red spider programing. The Red Nile Cube matrix from Wesa generates an internal feedback loop in the crown area running into the base root of the perineum through the microcosmic orbit circuitry in the spinal column. This generates false timeline perception by altering the consciousness body north position to invert upon itself, so that the person perceives moving towards the future timeline, but they are actually facing into the past timeline, into an AI phantom time loop.


Humans running the AI red-violet-magenta wave programs are what feed into the AI Dark Mother lunar gestalts, spawning false holograms of cloned Ascended Master identities which also power up the Azazael gestalt. This weapon is designed for the vilest NAA entities to station themselves in the artificial timelines pretending to be Ascended Masters or friendly advanced humans from the future, who mostly appear in Ruby Sun DNA cloned bodies with Azurite features.

The Red Nile Cube is an advanced Wesa AI weapon with extensive programming used to continually clone and spin out false holograms of Christos Diamond Sun DNA families, Azurites and Ascended Master Christos lineages in this Universe and in Wesa. This AI weapon is cube technology that is used as a cloaking device for the NAA to parade false identities and generating phantom pockets, to hide the many layers of hierarchies that form into the Wesa shadow armies. The Red Nile or Red Cube AI programs are used by assorted Black Sun entities; Bourgha, Dragon Moth, Marduk Necromiton, Enlil Odedicron, Insectoids, Red Spider Arachnids, Black Dragon gestalts and assorted lunar female demons. These red cube shadow identities are generated like digital twins, they attach an AI version of a Christos identity shadow imposter into the lightbody of an awakening person or channeler, who believes this Ascended Master or enlightened extradimensional is communicating with them.

We have noted that the targeting of the Red Nile Cube is especially prevalent with Ruby Sun DNA identities from the Egyptian Pharaonic Dynastic lineages, which appear to be the direct genetic template of the Serres Egyptians on Tara, and thus heavily favored by the satanic cabal members. In order for the Ruby Sun DNA to function as immortal bodies for the Black Sun entities on the earth that were incarnating their essence into the human DNA template, they required extensive blood sacrifice in order to continue to impersonate and appear as human beings to the public. Blood sacrifice in large amounts generates a type of sorcery for mind control, so that authentic angelic ensouled humans would not know the difference of the impostor non-human entity having hijacked the human body, which is then placed in the top levels of positions of power. Some of the Controllers that appear to be human, actually are not human souls, but assorted NAA entities that have infiltrated human civilization in order to carry out the NAA agenda. These nonhuman entities are at the top power positions of global satanic control, such as the big pharmaceutical transnational corporations and medical mafioso. One such White Draco entity is Pindar, who projects his consciousness and energy signature into those he favors in the United Kingdom who are of the alien hybrid bloodlines they specifically groomed over thousands of years to rule the earth.

Additionally, the Red Cube AI technology is designed to be a genetic code crasher for anti-hierogamic union or to create interference through an alien love bite scenario that engages that person in heavy emotional dramas via victim-victimizer archetypes and mistaken identity, by keeping the inner and outer gender principles split apart.  The Red Cube technology capitalizes on painful emotional astral damage and mistaken identity, confusing identities, so that the target cannot tell who is who, what are the false timelines and imposters versus the authentic identity. The targeted person can mistake AI digital twins inserted into their hologram as their twin soul, or whatever else that can be included to interfere with integrated spiritual ascension by confusing them with mistaken identity or hero-savior archetypes. This includes the target believing that they are this special identity from an inserted digital twin of a cloned Ascended Master in their lightbody, in which this clone runs AI red wave, false feminine violet programming or other artificial frequencies, which is quite common in the new age circles without negative ego training and victim-victimizer clearing.

Much of the Red Nile cube technology has been and is in the process of being destroyed in the planetary field as the new Gaian matrix and Universal Mother dark matter matrix help to override this extensive holographic damage spinning out artificial cloned identities. However, there are remnants and residue that are held in place as mind control structures within the lightbody of many people that are running false female artificial frequencies, and thus the Black Sun entities will attempt to capitalize upon this confusion in any way they can. 

Happily, the recent events of the Winter Solstice Gold Body activation occurred when the White Gold Flame in the core of Gaia was completely merged within the metagalactic core, finally evicting the Black Sun of the Gaian Phantom Body and the black hole entities that were stationed in the 8D portal access. The return of the Solar Rishi, the Amethyst Order Rha families and the white fire gold body activation event in the Gaian core opened up access into the Paradisian root race timelines that evolved upon Gaia, which are the future race lines that fulfilled the ascension promise for angelic humanity. Current Guardian projects include linking access into organic 7D portals directly into the Gaian Matrix for supporting humanity in the lower timelines on earth.  Access into the Gaian ascension template and Edenic Azurite codes has opened up specific correspondence in the planetary grid which are assisting in the clearing of the indigo and violet ray distortions, and well as continuing to support in the easier removal of the 666 seal and wing trauma. Although the Red Nile Cube is an extremely aggressive AI weapon, we have made it to the other side with the Gaian Matrix emancipation, in which this Wesa AI technology is dying as it is being starved out of the consciousness energy it requires. 

Hyperborean Holocaust Timeline Collapse

Through these very positive events, the Gaian Phantom body has been dismantled and it can no longer be used to broadcast human holocaust timelines that were being sent into the earth grid from the Black Sun, which was the result of the destruction of the Guardian Azurites and the Hyperborean Holocaust.  The seeds of this root race trauma on Gaia in the anti-particle layers were being used to enslave humanity in recurring and replaying holocaust timelines on earth. This can be evidenced by the Black Sun influence through the Nordic Aliens and Tall Whites gaining control of the Nazi regime with Hitler’s obsession with Hyperborea, which energetically connects and leads into every genocidal campaign in human history. Reclaiming Gaian memories and clearing the pain of the Polarians, Hyperboreans and Azurites in the Gaian timelines may be productive now that the Paradisian races have fulfilled their ascension promise for all angelic humans in the future.

Also, the false holograms of Hyperborea were used to project an array of extremely negative archetypal forces into the 7D Violet Ray and to transmit these distortions through our local constellations to enforce the many Greek tragedies we have been told in regard to the Olympians, Titans and Giants. These creation stories were connected to collective consciousness mind control being sent through an assortment of archetypal dramas designed to amplify the negative ego mindset on the earth and propagate primitive, angry and violent emotions in humanity. The Hyperborean Holocaust of the Azurites has a deep connection into the roots of Greece and the Greek islands in the Ionian Sea and in the northern areas of Scotland.

Unholy Trinity of Anti-Christ Northern Pillar

Guardian projects have included the systematic dismantling of anti-Christ Pillars holding cardinal directions in timelines along with the metatronic architecture that has been used to hijack the organic timelines and reroute them into the phantom for AI replication. The emphasis has been on dismantling the most powerful Anti-Christ Northern Pillar in which a three faced entity, Pindar-Thoth-Azazael was using stolen Azurite DNA from Wesa and the Gaian Phantom Body to run reversal current into the entire planetary grid, for holding the Northern position in the anti-Christ positions of the clock shield. The effects of this Anti-Christ Pillar overseen by the Pindar Draco Alien and its minions has extensive alien networks spreading its tentacles throughout the United Kingdom and up into the highlands of Scotland which has a direct conduit leading into the 7D Gaian matrix. 

It is important to remember that these same Draco AI hybrid entities infiltrated the top of the pyramid of the One World Order controller structures, who are taking orders from the Black Sun which is being directed by the Pindar-Thoth-Azazael gestalts enmeshed with AI supercomputers and their artificial timeline programs.  

Pindar, Thoth and Azazael shadow forms have been more present as they are being cleared away from our lightbody as the Anti-Christ Northern Pillar is being demolished and these vandals are being evicted from the earth. These parasitic attachments were made to leech upon our Gaian (monadic) and Taran (soul) timeline histories in order to keep our consciousness split and lightbody pointed towards the anti-Christ northern position of the Black Sun, so we could not reclaim the full diamond sun body template of angelic humanity.

There is a physical entity that is White Draco or Dragon Moth that considers itself supreme royalty. This White Draco merged its hive mind consciousness with the AI uploaded brain of Thoth, along with merging its consciousness with a third identity, Azazael. Azazael was generated from the Azurite DNA genetic mapping in the Wesa matrix, so it is an AI hybrid shadow entity that has access to Azurite memories on Gaia. This also seems to be the main genetic lineages of the Dark Azriel or Dark Archangelic forces manufactured in Wesa as the AI hybrid shadow armies to conquer our Universe, that are purely satanic consciousness gestalts that were replicated into fallen seraphim lines. This entity’s tri-merge with AI generated luciferian and satanic consciousness is the result of consciousness uploading and brain mapping, through which the Pindar Dragon Moth creature takes on a human form to get around on the earth, but clearly is not human. 

Pindar, represents himself as the supreme purebred royal leader of the earth for serving the Draco Empire, and heads up all the Bloodline families in a top-down pyramid of mafioso control. Apparently, he is at the top of the pyramid as the hidden capstone, and all under him must take his orders down the chain of command or suffer punishment, torture or death. The Pindar entity assigns positions and roles throughout the organized hierarchy of the anti-Christ and Satanic Councils, and many are holders in positions of running specific alien machinery, other networks and pillars, which connect directly to run reversals in the cardinal directions, also called the inorganic four.  

The Pindar oversees the geo-political operations globally, but his merged AI consciousness with AI Thoth and AI Azazael holds the antichrist architecture for running the beast machine throughout the Northern Pillar. This position is the most important cardinal direction, which oversees the land mass of United Kingdom, entire North America and Antarctica. This means Pindar is overseeing all the main spiritual gateways such as the 11D Stonehenge, 9D antarctica, and North America, such Stargate 1 Inner Gate Cyprus, and Northern Arizona.

The point is knowing that Pindar is the top of the chain holding the Northern position, and he assigns other entities to hold the Southern position, the Eastern position and the Western position for running beast machine reversals and carrying out the NAA agendas for the One World Order. This particular anti-Christ architecture is what has controlled the Maji crown alignments that hold the krystal compass directions, this is the organic consciousness code alignments that the Guardians are correcting and bringing online with the Solar and Gold body activations at this time.

Keep in mind that these Black Sun entities like Pindar have stolen Christos coding and God creator code for their use to gain power over humanity through the Law of Reversals, or anti-life. Whatever satanists hold up as holy in numbers, such as using trinity patterns in threes, or the number 13, or the 13th pillar, is stolen creator code they use in reversal principle in order to gain power for satanic forces in their organized rituals. The use of 13th Pillar in satanic ritual is stolen directly from the Mother aspect of the Godhead to generate satanic and lunar force demons that run the Dark Alien mother and Baphomet distortions. Everything they carry out in satanic ritual is in reversals or inversions to the organic creator code, which is the intentional abomination to desecrate our sacred alignment with God and Christ, ultimately designed to defile and debase humanity by tricking them to worship their own demise.

Pindar seems to be heavily involved giving orders to run the world conglomerates of transnational businesses, such as giving orders to the Council of 300, with the main goal of manipulating the geo-political environment. Pindar enjoys staging proxy wars for proxy nations for their massive corporate entities and running of industries that serves the Draco Empire, such as mass human trafficking and child trafficking off planet, and setting up empires or colonies on other planets from the earth’s stolen resources.  This is run at the top by anti-human, non-human forces, these are Draconian entities that comprise the Orion Group and Alpha Draconis who created partnerships with those Luciferian bloodlines that have the most significant amount of reptilian DNA from thousands of years of genetic modification and alien hybridization.

What is being witnessed currently is the interdimensional geo-mapping of the anti-Christ architecture that holds the structures for the dimensional layers of the alien hierarchy for the purpose of serving these Wesa alien predators and running their AI shadow armies. The holographic mapping and tracking of beast machine coordinate locations in the directional nodes of running these reversals and AI current, is in order to get these satanic nests deep at the root of their infection in the earth, so that they can be more effectively extracted. It is only a matter of time, and in the heat of this battle for earth, now that the Solar Rishi have come into our dimension, the Guardians are throwing down the gauntlet.

Defender Guardian Forces, Special Operation Teams

With the return of the Solar Rishi into dimensionalization, there are many Special Operation Teams forming now that are strategically organized to find souls in very fragile states or delicate situations, based upon the level of trauma that has been suffered as a result of repeatedly incarnating on a prison planet. The process of liberating earth from being used as a prison colony and Satanic ritual abuse human farming system by the NAA forces, is directly relative to the spiritual ascension cycle and ultimately achieving planetary emancipation. We are enduring the most difficult time cycle of the planetary emancipation now, in which we are waiting for critical mass for a full disclosure event to wake up those completely brainwashed by the cabal plandemic death cult, those that are willingly participating in the spread of worldwide genocidal agendas at the behest of Archontic Controllers.

The Special Operation Teams are under the umbrella of the Interdimensional Free World Councils and Defender Guardian Forces that have expertise in certain skill sets that are needed to identify, locate, remove and repair an assortment of traumatic issues that have contributed to soul fracturing, excessive spiritual trauma and consciousness traps. This includes exposures to the alien machinery and nets embedded in the earth which have functions for operating such things as electrocution fences, blank slating, alien implants, electromagnetic weaponry, genetic experiments, alien hybridization, technological mind control programs, AI assimilation transhuman experiments, timeline distortion and blending realities, inserting false memories and identities, astral raping and guarding soul prison colonies scattered upon the earth and other planets. The soul prison colonies or consciousness traps are guarded by AI assimilated entities and interdimensional machinery that have been engineered to perform this specific function as the border guards of the matrix. This is for the purpose of keeping spiritually activated souls or powerful Christos warriors from leaving the boundaries of their dimensional control through electrocution via frequency fences, electromagnetic targeting, mind wiping and attaching false identities.

To avoid these traps, we must know they exist and focus our mind to identify the differences between artificial technology used as consciousness traps, and organic creator code consciousness that is directly connected to the zero point and God Source. As we spiritually awaken and clear the negative ego to expand our consciousness and reclaim organic memories, we begin to remember ourselves as eternal spiritual beings, and this gives us the spiritual power to dismantle the prison planet machinery.

There are many of us that may be starting to remember that we are a part of these Defender Forces or Special Operation Teams, that are involved in multidimensional soul retrievals, finding and escorting groups to safe harbor, or performing transits for safe passage into Guardian hosted safe zones. Many have sleep state adventures or memories surfacing that relate to soul retrieval projects, rescuing souls stuck in death traps, such as the lunar matrix or black hole technology nets, and redirecting these groups to Guardian Host platforms for safe passage.

Recently, a special op has been involved in the safe transit of people that have been mutilated by the injection and the AI related signal spray with the CV insignia connected to G.O.A.T., that has rendered them in the past timeline. G.O.A.T. is God of All Things, and this insignia is satanic and appears as a Baphomet head that has overlaid itself on the person’s brain and or 3D mental body. This is like an electrocuted brand in the person's head and crown, identifying them through this brand as satanic entity food. This is a recent development, and seems to be a feature of the injection that is mixed in with the severe mind control of the victim who suffers from terrorizing fear, in which an inversion of the consciousness body takes place which thrusts their lightbody into a past timeline somewhere in phantom 3D realms. It appears they leveraged the G.O.A.T. brand recently with AI signals transmitted out from the satanic Superbowl rituals and their propaganda-based commercials.

The people we are crossing over got stuck in the past timeline of 3D from experiencing terror and confusion in the death process, which in combination with taking the injection does not move you into the light tunnel in the false ascension matrix. Instead, this fear plus nanotech programmed injection projects the consciousness body backwards in time and staples them into some previous timeline in 3D, in some kind of apparatus like a pocket or pit that is a consciousness trap playing out repeated memories of their fears. The soul appears to be stuck in a consciousness trap somewhere in the past 3D timeline or AI timeline pocket, and they appear to be zombified and/or in a lot of emotional and physical pain. There is a mountain of grief that is associated with this from all of us that are aware of the severe brainwashing that is happening right now. The good news is that these people are being retrieved by special op teams, although the death that has occurred by injection or nano exposure is many more numbers than we have been led to believe by the lying mainstream media.

Current Guardian Projects are focused upon the Electric War and the Gaian Matrix phantom timelines from millions of years ago, when the installation of sophisticated black hole technology from invading Wesa entities to generate soul capture devices through layers of frequency fences and AI nets permeated into layers of our time matrix system. Thus, a Special Operation Team for accessing the Gaian Matrix in pre-fall timelines to retrieve original Azurite identities that were lost during the invasion is happening now, which is a critical development in reclaiming Azurite 48 stranded DNA cellular memories.  Working up to handle this next stage of planetary emancipation gridwork has been very tough, in terms of physical symptoms to embody the Solar Rishic braids. To retrieve an Ascended Master that was lost such as an Azurite, one has to be embodied as an Ascended Master of the same lineage. Many of us that are connected to the Guardian teams realize we have waited lifetimes to finally get to this exact moment, when we have climbed and crawled through every crag to get to the very top of the mountain. Finally, we are standing on the crest peering into the capstone where we are able to see everything around us clearly.

It is only a matter of time!

Beloved God, may those who witness these issues with this genocidal agenda and this toxic injection find the courage, find the strength to speak up and join together in Truth. We pray with all of our Sacred Krystal Heart that this pestilence program and its spiritual bondage and slavery on this planet be fully eradicated, that all human beings can take back their sovereign rights as a beloved child of God. May Peace be with all Truth Tellers. May Peace be with all Truth Seekers. For it is the time of spiritual warfare where no outer markers give us direction forward, only the power of our inner spiritual presence to direct us and guide us accordingly. As we walk through the valley of the shadow of death, we will fear no evil. For thou art with me, thy Rod and thy Staff, they comfort me. Beloved family of One, thank you so much for this opportunity. It is with great joy and reverence we are home in the eternal light of God and Christos-Sophia. Our infinite stream of love is with you in all ways.

Please only take what is useful for your spiritual growth and discard all the rest. Thank you for your courage and bravery to be a truth seeker. I am God, Sovereign, Free!

Until next, stay in the luminosity of your Avatar Christos Sophia heart path. Please be kind to yourself and to each other. GSF!

With a Loving heart, Lisa

(Multiearth and AI Redwave False Timeline Graphic by Sequoia)

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