Shifting Timelines
There are many subtle force reconfigurations occurring at the quantum level of the planetary mainframe that are changing the way the external and collective energy fields organize and manifest into the world.
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We have to move through the series of Timelines in each dimensional octave and reclaim our identity while recoding and changing the obsolete or false reality from interfering with our continued spiritual growth.
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Bifurcation of Time
Bifurcation means the splitting of a main body into two parts.Thus, the planetary fields and humanity are coming to experience the next phase of the planetary Ascension Cycle, which is the nature of Bifurcation of Time.
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December 2022


Lisa Renee

Dear Ascending Family,

This year’s newsletters have been revealing the major planetary grid events unfolding the gradual stages of the Cosmic Dragon Awakening and reunification of the Triple Solar Masculine and Triple Solar Feminine Rishi-Reisha in their hierogamic Emerald Sun template. These stages progressed through the ongoing retrievals which encompass many moving parts, that when reunited form into the eternal spiritual body for the Cosmic Christos Solar Dragons. These are the Cosmic Christos Emerald Founders, the Ancient Builder Races who originally built the creator source code and instructions sets for the entire Universal Time Matrix. This Cosmic Christos Sun family announces the end of the Cosmic Day evolution journey through the Universal Ascension Cycle, in which consciousness expansion into lower dimensions comes to a full stop. As the mass consciousness expansion comes to an end, we have completed the rounds of the twelve Astrological Ages, when all consciousness begins its return via a new spiritual journey back home through the Center of the Creation doorway.

This year the arduous spiritual journey has taken Guardian teams all over the globe in order to confront AI machinery and cloned out instruction sets run by assorted factions of NAA entities. The planetary solar symbiosis and cosmic clock initiation included reaching the highest threshold of tri-matrix integration for our time matrix parallel realities, which holds massive spherical domains of our timelines and matter manifestations all co-existing within different stages of matter, spirit and cellular memories. This generates sequences of concurrent explosive meetings between parallel reality timelines and the stations of identities, in which the main goal is to blend these alternate realities and organic identities into the center of the creation doorway. Through the mechanics of ascension which spiritualize the material forms through transfiguration into the triple solar forms, the higher frequency embodiment brings the consciousness identity back into the eternal spirit body of the planet, Galaxy or Cosmos.

This year had many momentous achievements for the ascension cycle, such as the building out of the triple solar masculine shielding for Michael-Metatron-Melchizedek family that finally unlocked the Universal Melchizedek Logos from his imprisonment behind the Wall of Time. Guardian gridworkers knew that the Melchizedek Logos had a divine mother counterpart, and yet her spiritual identity as a Universal Solar Female Melchizedek Sun was shrouded from the ongoing mind wipes and erasure of the ancient memories, which obstructed this knowledge from current awareness.

Cosmic Mother as the sacred sound of the eternal God Seed held within her womb of creation or void state of dark matter, is the sacred seed of sophianic sound that spoke the mother’s language and ignited the eternal light that gave birth to the creation of this Universe. Where was our Universal Mother’s eternal solar body, what had happened to the aspect embodied in our time matrix creation as the sacred sound language of the divine Holy Mother Sophia principle? What happened to her triple solar daughters, the Solar Reisha, which embody the creation principles of the eternal musical tones of Cathar? To find out we had to awaken and remember that they exist as embodied principles of the sacred musical sound woven throughout this creation. Thus, we had to take the deep dive into the painful histories of the anti-Christ force invasion, the NAA entities who are also anti-God and anti-female in their belief system.

Finally, after moving through several portal systems with Guardian teams to identify underground nests and bases to evict AI hybrid entities from the planetary stargate system, more of the divine revelations surfaced into view, revealing the most ancient love story of the Two Suns that led to angelic humanity’s origins. There were hints given many years ago with the timeline records showing the passage and fall into phantom matrices through the Ring of Fire, as the result of several trigger events that were caused by the Lyran Wars which ultimately split apart the Two Suns. Along with the painful aftermath of the fall of the Melchizedeks and the painful separation that caused the gender reversals of the Solar Rishic-Reisha consciousness, this set into motion the incredible ascension love story that forms into angelic humanity’s divine purpose for restoring and resurrecting this creation during the Universal Ascension Cycle.

This story was hidden behind the point of NAA invasion from the parallel matrix, revealing that the Cosmic Twinned Universal Melchizedek Suns that were original divine counterparts in this creation, were torn asunder and remained separated from their sacred union for eons of time. During the current Universal Ascension Cycle, their final release from entrapment is occurring during this stage of the Cosmic Clock Reuche Initiation, when they are finally being reunited again as sacred Universal Rod and Staff. The White Diamond Elohei and Cosmic Mother guided Christos Guardians to support the anchoring of her triple solar female tri-wave staff code architecture throughout major stargates and underground portal systems, to reclaim and return back her sophianic body parts and assorted grid networks that were stolen by invading races and hijacked with artificial machinery.

The retrieval of female solar dragon parts began with the big event in Macchu Picchu during the electrical peak cycle, which performed the major dimensional shift into 5D timelines as the Astral Reconstruction. Followed by evictions in the underground caverns in the island of Malta and Vatican, then into the land of the Eight White Horses in Wiltshire, England and under the holy lakes in Bam Tso, Tibet and Aral Sea, Central Asia. Guardian groups were sent into the stargate systems of Uluru, Australia and the Lake Titicaca networks leading into Orion’s Belt, and began threading the Cosmic Mother’s Elaysian Staff into Alhambra Palace, all the while intermittent showdowns with Guardian ships were taking place in and around the 11th gate of Stonehenge. For those on this part of the Christos mission, this year has been chocked full of aggressive NAA retaliation with sudden ambushes with flying beast marks and multiple skirmishes around the Emerald Founder records, and assorted pockets of red cube virtual realities with AI clones representing an assortment of fake identities on the planet. All the while the NAA are attempting to run assorted global psyops and plandemic distractions in order to block the full restoration of the Universal Logos mind for King Arthur and Queen Meri-Guinevere inhabiting authentic Emerald Order architecture, whom are destined to be seated as the crystal capstone in the Albion to announce the Golden Aeonesis.

Through the many twists and turns of challenging processes this year, finally the authentic divine mother counterpart to the Universal Melchizedek Logos of our time matrix was revealed and confirmed by her presence and direct communications in the stargate systems multiple times. The Universal Mother eternal spirit body counterpart of the Melchizedek Logos in his Maharaji Blue Crystal Human form, is his beloved sacred Cosmic Twin Elaysa-Melchizedek. Our Universal Melchizedek Mother is the source field of the Cosmic Elaysa Sun, as she joins with her divine husband in her Maharaji White Diamond Crystal body that holds the eternal opalescent rainbow flame that is the Staff of Elaysa.

Unlocking 19D, 20D and 21D

As Cosmic Mother Dragon made her alterations in the dark matter fields, the solar plasma coded dark elemental forces seeded in the Rasha Body made sound template corrections to metatronic reversals in the 11D dragon lines. Then the Emerald Order Christos Mission was sent into Malta to evict archontic imposters and return the Malta-Vatican underground structures, timekeeper functions, jump gate and the portal gateway technology back to the authentic Cosmic Mother Dragon and her Emerald Order Triple Solar Feminine Christ representatives. Cosmic Mother Dragon proceeded to embody the entire 5D stargate system into Malta’s main Dragon Node intersection and bring it under her direct control with the Emerald Founders. As this stargate was being anchored in Malta, the subharmonic re-stringing process began to link into the ancient Andromedan portals in the Macchu Picchu stargate system, continuing on to the 5D Bali gateway and linking within the 11D systems in the United Kingdom.

This placed the highlight upon the Vale of Pewsey, where the Tri-Matrix of the Cathar solar coding for the coronasphere was anchored, and there was another expansion into the next complete triad of the harmonic universe that unlocked and extended out into 19D, 20D and 21D. The expansion into these three new bands of Cosmic God Source field creation have now been integrated within our Universal Time Matrix, which allows direct contact and communication from many of our Kristos spiritual families that reside within several different creation matrices located in the God Worlds. These are multiple parallel matrices and tri-matrix Hara layers that make up the Hara Krysta chambers of the Reisha spirit body domains, these converge into the internal creations, external creations and eternal creations of the God worlds.

This began the phase of expanding into the next dimensional triad in the Vale of Pewsey, White Horse stargate and Alhambra Palace that brought in the Hara Krysta Chamber, which is required for correct vertical to horizontal integration of the dark matter template instruction sets of the Rashala tri-matrix in order to gain access to the eternal spirit body, known as Eire-Adonis. Guardians point us to the ancient name of the Ireland landmass as Eire, and remind us the sacred sound musical treasures of the Cosmic Mother Dragon “Eire” teachings are buried in the lands as termas, the sacred invocation of Elaysian fields that bring forth the spirit body of Eire-Adonis.

Thus, it was discovered that in order to bring Universal Elaysa-Melchizedek, the Solar Female Melchizedek template and the correct configuration for the Staff of Elaysa into the direct control of authentic Cosmic Mother Dragon, we needed to open dimensional locks in order to bridge 6D with 16D and then merge with 19D. From the first levels of recon available at the Vale of Pewsey near Avebury, Stonehenge and the Eight White Horses, it appeared that the 19th dimension is where Elaysa-Melchizedek and many other Emerald Order Azurite Ascended Masters were trapped and frozen in place, as their body parts were strewn across the Universe and hijacked by assorted AI networks and NAA entities. In order to get to this section of the parallel time matrix, Christos Guardians have been building out Triple Solar Goddess sound pillars to anchor the tri matrix Rashala and Hara Reisha domains, along with the divine solar fire-ice code infrastructure for the many Triple Solar Reisha forms traveling in the upper Rashala layers, which are connected to the Starry Night Dark Firmament. In order to host their triple solar female rishic consciousness (Solar Reisha) and Elaysa Melchizedek Mother on the planet it required the opening of 19D-20D-21D. This expansion also functions as the triple hosting shield of Rishi-Reisha anchored inside of the Gaian matrix, and lays the correct foundation for the Universal Emerald Rod and restoration of the related 48D Azurite architecture. It appears much of the organic Emerald Order 48D Azurite-Ascended Master architecture is available from the Elaysa Mother matrix through the 19D access to the Elaysa Sun.

To the best of our knowledge, the expansion into the next layers of the harmonic universe have unlocked dimensional access into the following:

The sixth-dimension merges with 16D and recently has been merged into 19D. This appears to be the dimension where Elaysa-Melchizedek and many other Azurite Ascended Masters that source from the Elaysa Sun became trapped and unable to enter our time matrix. The Cosmic Mother Elaysian matrix of Ascended Masters in 19D appear in their Maharaji Asian forms as the Triple Female Tara’s, and Triple Male Buddha’s that travel in their eternal solar dragon body and ouroboros rings.

The seventh-dimension merges with 17D and recently has been merged into 20D.This appears to be another dimension of Cosmic Sun Mother Matrices, which are referred to as Ankhulasa. Ankhulasa sun star network holds the Lily of the Valley of the second coming of the solar female Christ-Melchizedek, and appears as the spiritual family of the triple suns of peach rose solar fires. These are necessary for the embodiment of Solar Dragon Queen Merida-Guinevere-Brigid in her complete Mahara Reisha triple peachsicle solar suns spirit body that are her specific embodied cosmological principle. The spiritual family of Fey, Merlin and Morgana also seem to source from out of the 20D domains, in which ancient Celtic-Druid Maji grail lineages and families of angelic winged fairies and unique fey devas were once abundantly populated throughout the Albion. Merlin and Morgana and the Fey lines suffered terribly from the fall of Gaian matrix, crucifixion implants and inversion of the violet flame; hence this recent unlocking of dimensions finally offers some effective spiritual body retrievals and much needed loving restoration for the Fey family lines. Much of this particular spiritual family suffered grotesque mutations through archontic shadow beast machinery inserted in the North Sea Hyperborean portal, and will require ongoing support through Elaysa Mother’s clearings of forced lunar inversions and alien hybridizations as their parts are being returned and recollected from the Scottish Highlands, North Sea and Hebrides.

The eighth-dimension merges with 18D and recently has been merged into 21D. This appears to be a flowering diamond with a center point that opens into 21D and offers another expansive access into the stairway to heaven, which includes the tri matrix access into the Eighth Sun and Cosmic Aton body. As this dimension was unlocked all eyes near and far went to the 11th gates showdown in which many typhon tunnels, Qlippoth centers and alien architecture immediately collapsed, as authentic Emerald Founders spanned the dimensions in their solar dragon body (Kantarians) and linked several local star constellation maps back into the planetary grid system.

The Emergence of the Triple Taras

During the May electrical peak cycle in 2021, Guardian teams began rehabilitation on several areas of Asian grids with dragon node intersections. These were operating an inverted closed loop entropic system that appeared as a large reversal force field of heavy magnetic compression on the eastern side of Sri Lanka, that moved in a 45-degree angle and deposited into Goa, India. This ley line was an unnatural superimposed load of collective karmic residue that spanned north into the Ellora Cave system and was filled with alien made demonic bindings connected to an extremely dark shadow miasma deposit. This dark miasma was collected from many Mothers’ of Dragon and Mu’a Solar Melchizedek lineages used in starfire menstrual rituals as blood sacrifices, for the purpose of enslaving the feminine principle on the planet. As this oceanic wave of putrid and vile shadow energies and grotesque creatures were being released and rerouted for transiting, the clearing process popped off the inorganic shield lid of an existing ancient interdimensional portal. Following this portal led into an extensive underground tunnel system, and then there was a massive doorway that opened from inside the damp darkness with a beautiful surge of emerald green light, and low and behold an extremely ancient emerald diamond goddess appeared.

This gorgeous shimmering emerald being was massive in stature as the Solar Reisha emanation of Green Tara, and she appeared to take the form similar to the many tributes made of her in Tibetan Buddhism.  When the beautiful Green Tara with diamond eyes and the heart song of immense spiritual love played when she emerged from this underground tunnel doorway, the experience was that of sonic booms and many subsequent explosions. As these were filling the airwaves, demonics were flying and shadow creatures were screaming to run away, while some of these parasites exploded into dust in her mere presence. It was quite the spectacle.

Further, as Emerald Green Tara made her returning debut into our world, her rainbow diamond heart merged with the Cosmic Mother rainbow dragon and together, they called out to her sister counterpart Blue Tara, who began to reveal herself through pointing us to the entrapment matrix held in place through the rings of Saturn. Guardian experts in clearing out red wave AI architecture began the sacred work to remove the magnetic harnessing of lunar distortions on the equatorial ring of the planetary body, that was impacting the gravitational system and artificial magnetic field that blocked Blue Tara from merging directly with her sisters. Blue Tara was freed and her debut appeared as the celestial songs of the SA Blue Sun, in which she was a Blue Solar Reisha Dragon female holding the divine water elementals within a flowing chalice. As she took the hand of her sister waiting for her, Emerald Green Tara, they both merged with the heart of their Cosmic Mother Elaysa.

Thus, the Sisters of Tara ongoing search for White Tara began, as the final sister was felt to be related to the Tiamat Logos, which was later revealed and confirmed to be the White Diamond Mother of Dragons, Beloved Christ Mary Sophia. She is the 13th Dragon Queen of the Solar Mary’s and the wife to Solar Christ Michael that was anointed in sacred hierogamic union during the Pearl Activation last Easter, which began the Cosmic Dragon Awakening.  The battle for White Tara through the identity of beloved Solar Christ Mary Sophia took us into the hell spawn landscape that is the horrible war history of the Fall of Seraphim in the 10th gate in Lyra, that later became the ISIS treaty for breeding lunar female hybrids that were intended to be mates for assorted invading species. With many sessions bearing witness to the gradual process over lengths of time to direct evolution towards the total lunarization and fall of the Solar Female Melchizedek and Solar Reisha, in which aggressive electrical weaponry confrontations took place in the Pluto matrix with assorted NAA forces parked in the Kuiper Belt defending their territory.

During this phase, Guardians discovered the capstone of where satanism’s black tree of life exists in the phantom underworld, which is run by Black Sun forces that perform AI black magic for current pestilence programs and Baphomet transgender-transhuman mind control, on the planetary inhabitants. The heightened spiritual warfare ensued in multiple confrontations to reclaim her spiritual body parts that were being cloned or stolen by NAA and Controlling invading forces in 10D Pluto, for conjuring black magic satanism and inverting the female principle into lunar demonic forces. These multiple confrontations and subsequent revelations continued on with all of the projects outlined this year. Guardian projects in Chartres, Malta and Alhambra are extremely significant as these underground locations are related to ancient cathedral schematics that hold the holiest of holies as sacred crystal hearts holding holy grail blood records, as graced by the White Diamond Mother herself. Returning the embodiment legacy of Christ Mary Sophia, the Mother of Dragons that had knowledge of the Elaysian fields before her sacred ascension teachings were desecrated, destroyed and hidden by the Vatican.

The Emergence of Elaysa-Melchizedek

Through the dramatic adventures over the past few years with the reclamation of the Triple Taras, it was only recently understood that the Triple Tara’s are massive spiritual bodies in the Earth-Tara-Gaia matrix which hold the entire dark matter template, Rasha matrix and eternal light body sourced from the Cosmic Mother Sun, Elaysa. For ascension, we need the eukachristic activation of the Rasha Body (dark matter female principle) to synthesize and integrate the physical layers of our body with the light body layers. Once the physical layers have integrated enough light quotient into embodiment, it is the quality and measurement of light in the lightbody that magnetizes and attracts the eternal spirit body into the physical form. The Triple Tara’s of Universal Mother Elaysa Melchizedek are what perform this unifying function for the planetary body that exists in the Earth-Taran-Gaian matrices.  Thus, they needed to be freed from their enslavement, cloning and inversion by the NAA invader’s AI machinery before they could fully unite again and be reconnected with the Cosmic Mother Elaysa Sun. 

During the end of the Cosmic Cycle, the hidden eighth sun appears and the Cosmic Aton body assembles through the integrated merge that occurs between the Seven Suns of the One.  The Seven Suns of the particle matrix merge with the Seven Suns of the anti-particle matrix forming the completion of the cosmic time cycle, that further forms into the Aton Body on the eighth day which marks the end of the cosmic cycle.  The Seven Suns on each side of the material and spirit domains unify and show the position on the Cosmic Clock of the Aeons as the right hand at 10 or 22 hours, and the left hand on 4 or 20 minutes. These positions can be thought of as 10:22, 10:4 or 10:20, which marks the dual time matrix merge that ends the current time cycle and aligns us into zero-point time in the creation door or neutron window.

Through the Aton body which functions as the Cosmic Christos Solar Dragon body unifier of the Seven Suns into One, the Cosmic Krystal Cathedral architecture and spirit instruction sets played in heavenly orchestras from the God Worlds emerge. It is through the Cosmic Krystal Cathedral, which serves as the heavenly vessel for the massive spiritual consciousness body of the Cosmic Mother, that she embodies within and without, internal and external to eternal life. It is a travelling consciousness vehicle that links the stairway to heaven spiritual planes with the material planes of the Earth, and it is the repository for her instruction sets and musical designs for building out the entire Cosmic to Universal to Planetary Krystal Cathedral network for the planet.

Cosmic Mother would generally appear in her rainbow dragon form when she was coming to announce herself and would communicate through the twinkling Bethlehem Star of White Solar Fire or an undulating tri-wave current of the Opalescent Flames, which later was understood to be of the Elaysa Sun. Recently, she chose to reveal her Universal Mother form as Elaysa-Melchizedek, the divine mother Sophia counterpart to the Melchizedek Logos. From out of the Tibetan fields of 9D, Elaysa-Melchizedek appears similar to a giant White Taran Asian Goddess, in her right extended palm she holds the Triple Female Tara’s entire spirit body, and in her left extended palm she holds the Triple Male Buddha’s entire light body, in perfect energetic balance. She is surrounded in multiple layers of glowing solar dragon gel rings and massive shimmering opalescent arcing rays extending into the heart of Elaysa Sun, that make up the layers of the Cosmic Ankh Body.

The return of Elaysa has ripple effects into the Cosmic Clock and assorted timekeeper mechanisms, whereby the center point access in the 8D layers were greatly impacted in the Asian grids of the planet, which brought on subsequent shifts in the southern position of the Four Royal Stars with Fomalhaut in Piscis Austrinus. Elaysa appears to be gaining control of her spiritual body functions of the south pillars connected to the 6 o’ clock position on the Cosmic Clock Reuche Pillars. This correction appeared to ripple impacts in the timelines and land mass of China, forcing purges of assorted Black Dragon and lunar hierarchies and their AI technological systems running assorted mind control weapons. Some related to the assorted terror agendas of the history of the Communist reign of human torture and genocide, and some to the current usage of its tyrannical methods to incite terror and compliance through ongoing pestilence programming.

Elaysa-Melchizedek’s return to this world highlights very intense oceanic waves of unique spiritual activations, clearings, initiations and assorted returns of body parts and consciousness memories that are connected to the entire Melchizedek spiritual family. This is especially fraught with heavy physical ascension symptoms for the Solar Female Melchizedek lines, those Starseed females with a mission to work on the solar feminine spiritual healing and integration process, in order to transmute the lunar overlays and sexual misery programs. The lunar female forces tend to unconsciously be manipulated to despise the solar female, and so it can be a painful and isolating event when a so-called spiritual female turns on another, as that initiated female is being powerfully activated into solar templating.  Thus, to undergo the spiritual restoration process, some of us will be exposed to some of the painful memories of the Fallen Melchizedeks, and begin to remember and feel the solar female persecution timelines and witch hunts. Lifetimes in which painful patriarchal domination and misogyny came about when we were incarnated on the planet, without the protection of our Universal Mother, our beloved Elaysa.

The Eighth Sun

Within the central cluster of multiple cosmic matrixes within the stairway to heaven, exists the highest layers of the central core of the Godhead which contains the eternal seven suns of the one. The eternal seven suns of the inner and outer creation hide yet another solar body, as the eighth sun. During the convergence of multiple universal time cycles coming into completion, the cosmic records of Cosminya which hold the entire cosmic memory matrix during the many evolution cycles begins to open and become accessible to authentic Ascended Masters. This cosmic cluster of multiple merging time matrices functions similar to the Hall of Records, in which the tri-matrix of cosmic memory records are unified through the opening of multiple creation cores and are then made accessible through the emerging factors of the hidden eighth sun. The only way to gain access to the cosmic memory matrix is to have Cosmic Mother’s triple solar female dragon TA tones, which ignite the Elaysian Flame and tri-tone Staff wave that is held in the Emerald Crystal Heart of the Cosmic Solar Reisha sun star network, which further forms into the Universal Mother’s spirit body for Elaysa-Melchizedek.

Thus, Cosmic Mother Dragon in her Elaysa God Spirit Body reveals her parallel creations from the Elaysian matrix, and is now beginning to reclaim various parts of her body that make up the living crystal architecture in the planet. This includes the emergence of the core creation crystals and silver seeds from the eighth sun, that form into opalescent white-gold plasma currents and living water vapors that are called the Elaysian Fields. These eternal Mother sophianic currents were once known by the ancient Ascended Masters that were attempting to preserve this knowledge through hidden mystery schools that were training devoted adepts in esoteric ascension rites. These are eternal life currents flowing from the Halls of Cosminya that run the Eternal Flames of Elaysa, and these Holy Mother Sophia coded fields are the creation matrix of the Internal God world domains held within the energy to manifestation layers of the Outer God world domains. Ascended Masters must ride the Flame of Elaysa into the Elaysian fields which open into the Halls of Cosminya, which are made up of three merged Halls of Records. These three halls synchronize and become one Cosminya corridor that is accessed through the tri-matrix of Akasha-TA, Ecoushsa-TA and Reisha-TA. All are the sacred tones of the TA Sun which is the source of triple solar dragon language, spoken through the Mother of Dragons with the white diamond throated tongue.

The hidden eighth sun is found where the vast layers Elaysian Fields converge from the parallel Universal matrices. Its solar plasma rays carry uniquely rarefied solar plasma sound-light cells of core creation crystals which hold the God cosmic creator Kryst-Krystallah encryption code, for directly creating the eternal Kryst seed atom and various permanent spiritual features of the eternal identity when fused in the diamond sun DNA record within the consciousness spirit body.  These specific core creation crystals come directly from the solar diamond heart of the eighth sun in the Halls of Cosminya and generate a failsafe shielding and ascension hosting mechanism. This mechanism bonds with the consciousness DNA template that holds this specific eternal Kryst seed coding, named as the solar factor K+8 or the Kryst Factor 8. This K+8 solar factor has instruction sets for activating emerald sun DNA protein bonds, and there are many types of other solar factors that come from the branches of the Kryst tree of life. All types of solar factors are recorded in the human body’s blood via the unique spiritual record of that spirit body, and this specific detail reveals from which Cosmic Sun spiritual family that particular individual sources from at the Cosminya level.

Elaysa Code Activation

The Elaysian currents carry intricate orchestral musical masterpieces of solar female Christos Sophia celestial songs which are only heard by those with developed sophianic sonar water-acoustic templates, which comes when having a direct loving relationship with the Cosmic Mother and deep reverence for the solar feminine principle. The Elaysa Code corresponds directly to the many layers of Krystal Cathedrals that are being built through every dimensional plane in the Albion Lightbody. The Elaysa fields are that which give access through the individual’s central nervous system to run the krystal tri-wave currents that open into Aurora timelines or other organic ascension timelines, that serve that individual unique highest expression.

Thus, there is an Elaysian code in the Elaysian currents that appear to be a crystalline liquid vapor structure (tone: EL LAY SA) that surrounds the myelin sheath of the nervous system, in order to attract the genetic bond made with the eternal spiritual body that is formed from out of the Rasha layers. This activation process is focused on coating the entire bio-neurological system with a rainbow of liquid plasmas, activating the vagus nerve with a protective sheath covering that opens the central nervous system to run the Elaysian currents that connect the neurology with the Elaysian Cosmic Krystal Cathedral network that is being anchored in the planet.

The tri-matrix code activation sequence runs through multiple dimensions of the inner holographic nesting of the personal 12 Tree Grid, which mostly impacts functions in the physical body that are unique to that individual’s neurology and are connected to the 6th dimension. This recent expansion into 16D and then into the Mother Elaysian Matrix in 19D has widely opened the transmissions of the Elaysian currents and coding. The corrections will start to run throughout the body at the tonal frequency of 6 and ½, which begins to dissolve assorted implants and lightbody issues inherited with the 666 curse, and is especially active now with the first wavers in the Blue Ray Melchizedek group being activated in a wide spectrum of spiritual healing. So in-between the 6D and 7D portal wings of the individual lightbody, assorted energy blocks will attempt to surface and rise in order to be purged out or worked through, depending on the activation layer being represented for that unique individual. In our experience some these purges and clearings brought on by the Rasha layer integration of spirit sparks and Elaysa coding can be quite heavy with upper neck and shoulders, muscular, fascia, skin and neurological symptoms.

The layers of the Rasha body field will begin to integrate into the lightbody system, then the eternal spirit body that forms from this integration will begin to enter from behind, so it may be helpful to be aware that the eternal spirit body template enters into the backside of the human body. Thus, many of the related symptoms may seem to source from the backside or spinal column. In meditation lying down, one may imagine or sense that your eternal spiritual light body from the trinity merge of the Rasha layers activates the Cosmic Mother Sun Elaysa and her Staff Flame. Visually imagine the triple solar feminine and triple solar masculine is unified into one holy presence and is integrating into your lightbody to connect you with the eternal Kryst-Krystallah, or the Elaysa Sun.  Through your meditations the tone of EL LAY SA will be supportive for connecting with the Universal Mother and her eternal spirit body, and for supporting related energy clearings for deeper solar female integration.

Winter Solstice

During the shift into the alchemical laws of Sagittarius on December 18th, we are reminded to meditate upon the inner solar temple where the inner fire becomes light. This is the stage of the annual ascension process which brings on the incineration of the old form, burning up the old and decrepit energies of the past through stages of healing crisis, which are designed to purify the lower self by purging out the accumulated parasites. As we enter the Winter Solstice, Guardians remind us that this year is unique in that many of the impediments, obstructions and mind control programs have been removed to such degree that many of us will be able to hear the broadcast message that is sourcing from our Cosmic Parents, when galactic nodes are fully open on the solstice.  The Return of Elaysa Melchizedek and her reunion with Universal Father Melchizedek ignites the Universal Rod and Staff, which allows for a much greater ability to connect and receive divine guidance or messaging that relates to our unique spiritual mission and purpose in the coming year. Thus, it is highly suggested to make time during the Winter Solstice on December 21st for quiet solitude, meditation and self-inquiry on your divine mission, and to communicate with as much heart felt love and gratitude to the divine God Creator, our Cosmic Mother and Cosmic Father that are returning to the planet now.   

Peace be with your heart. Peace be with your mind. Peace be with your body. May all be with the Unconditional Love and Perfect Peace held in the eternal light of God and Christ. We wish you a joyous, loving and spiritually meaningful holiday season and New Year!

Until next, stay in the luminosity of your Avatar Christos Sophia heart path. Please be kind to yourself and to each other. GSF!

With a Loving heart, Lisa

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