Shifting Timelines
There are many subtle force reconfigurations occurring at the quantum level of the planetary mainframe that are changing the way the external and collective energy fields organize and manifest into the world.
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We have to move through the series of Timelines in each dimensional octave and reclaim our identity while recoding and changing the obsolete or false reality from interfering with our continued spiritual growth.
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Bifurcation of Time
Bifurcation means the splitting of a main body into two parts.Thus, the planetary fields and humanity are coming to experience the next phase of the planetary Ascension Cycle, which is the nature of Bifurcation of Time.
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December 2012


Lisa Renee


Announcement: We will offer an Open House for group Meditation with online streaming audios on the ES website on 12/21/2012, that will begin at 11:12 am PST. From our ES community to yours, we wish all of our Light Family many loving wishes for an incredibly blessed transition time as we countdown the end of this cycle together. Please connect with us in group meditation this day to celebrate the transition of humanity at the end of this cycle and join with our group’s blessings!

Dear Ascending Family,

At this time we have multiple stellar bodies in direct alignment with Earth, as well as the Earth core and Sun preparing to align directly with the Galactic Center. This Galactic Center is the Heart of all Universal creation where birth, death, resurrection and transformation happen at the end of each evolution cycle. During the In-breath cycle of Creation, the Ascension timeline, our true God parent returns to claim us. The Father God principle, The Yod or Finger of God is pushing us to align with the Mother’s heart-womb to benevolently force our inner and outer transformation. This transformation is another push towards congruence between the inner spiritual essence and unique energies through which we are all interconnected. We must learn how to be in harmony with the Universe, in harmony with ourselves, as then we become in harmony with all things. As we live in greater harmony with our real self, the abundant feeling of being ultimately connected to a benevolent and loving Universe is assured.

This month’s winter solstice alignment locks into place the Planetary Transharmonic Pillar, Mother Arc’s 13th gate, which is the direct portal into the Universal Heart and into the Cores of multiple Universes. This pillar moves into the Universal core and connects through the Mother’s Quintessence, the Cosmic Aether. The Quintessence of the Universal Mother God principle is the Cosmic Aether element, which sparks and animates the terrestrial matter of elemental life alchemically. The deep core of this Universal heart space, which holds the Holy Mother quintessence is the womb or Creatrix field. The Mother’s heart quintessence becomes propelled and infused within those beings that naturally recognize and accept to merge with her during this time. The application of heart quintessence to the DNA of physical matter is the potential sacred marriage and alchemical rising of the inner Christos. This infers that there will be tangible externalizations as the result of this element being introduced to the planetary energy body, which has not been introduced before. This gradual merge with the Heart of God will bathe Mother’s quintessence to flow into Pillars between the planetary body and the personal body. Some of us will hold, transmit or be the transfer agent of the Cosmic Aether to the planet, as not everyone is ready to embody this frequency.

The Cosmic Aether is the legendary philosopher stone that has been referred to in ancient alchemy practices. Many have tried to replicate it as an elixir of life in order to achieve immortality. However, in truth the Quintessence of Mothers Universal heart cannot be replicated. The ultimate in sacred alchemy and personal enlightenment is the great potential of this upcoming alignment. For those awakening it will be realized as the great milestone at the end of an era, the end of time as we have known it.

Those who are recognized as in alignment with the Oneness field of Unity architecture will be activated in their personal shields to be a local Transharmonic Pillar in the macrocosm. These personal pillars connect to the 13th circuitry gateways that fully lead out of this Universal system. Some of us will be using them to support the human soul transits that will occur during these end times.

Ending Dualism

To merge with the Oneness field is not a mental process it is a BE-ing process. One cannot think themselves into the Oneness, one must clear their mind and nervous system in order to be relaxed enough to truly just BE.

BE-ing is the Doorway that opens Consciousness.

For these reasons, during this time cycle it is especially important to stop pushing from your mind, and just BE. Be with these times, feel in the moment to moment, observe and resolve inner thoughts, be as present as possible to every activity or non-activity. This is a practice of total mindfulness, being aware of thoughts passing through in the now moment. Be willing to allow the shedding of the skin of painful behaviors fueled by negative thoughts and emotions. Pushing from the mind will be met with incredible resistance. The ego mind is dualistic so as the support for dualism ends, we must shift how we think and learn how to develop higher senses. Do your best to have an accepting attitude towards life changes as being appropriate consciousness evolution steps. Otherwise, they may cause pain from mental confusion or emotional attachments.

These times have had much sensationalism and anticipation, yet as we come to the close of 2012, we have been actively involved in the transition of the end times for quite a long while. We are presently entering the end of an extremely dark and dualistic cycle of time on this planet. Currently, the world of forces to which we are all exposed and the polarity extremes of those forces may appear to be much more amplified in physical matter. This amplification of forces creates an extreme pressure on our minds and bodies when we have resonance to their polarity pattern. This pushes personal alchemical and inner transformation that when met with a positive and accepting attitude, can shift the intense internal pressure. Internal pressure felt when polarity forces meet in the body is a part of the alchemical shift that can be utilized positively for consciousness growth. If one is willing to accept personal responsibility and accountability to shift destructive thoughts and their emotional states, internal pressure and the discordant pattern is released. The bar has been raised again and it requires quick and spontaneous adjustments to match rapidly changing frequency patterns.

The Armageddon Effect

The challenges humanity has living upon an Ascending planet is that we experience an extreme paradox of amplified duality in our life experience, while we are actually co-existing the closest to the non-duality essence of the source presence. This is due to the phenomena of polarity amplification, as the forces of duality amplify considerably when exposed to variations of higher frequencies. When a force intrinsically exists within non-duality and it is presented or exposed to a dual presence, explosions and implosions between these forces are inevitable. Most of these eruptions are from the level of schism existing between the dual nature of the thinking mind and the non-dual nature of intelligent consciousness. When there is a schism, this produces an internal Armageddon effect between the intelligent consciousness and the mental principled ego in the physical body. This experience is at the personal level and global level, where one may sense a battle between these forces is raging, in the body or in the environment. Such are these chaotic times many of us witness as we undergo the Ascension cycle on this transforming planet. For those reasons, we must disengage from any mental battle, on the inner or outer realms, and learn to refocus ourselves to find the stillness within.

This timeline is very important as the choice to accept personal sovereignty is very real and available. Personal harmony and greater balance are experienced as a tremendous blessing in our lives, when we have made it past mental obsessions or mind control. Conversely, if that choice is not made or upheld, the energetic consequence returns to be enslaved to the forces of mind control that inflict suffering. This is the time to walk the talk and step into personal responsibility for all emotions and thoughts that have been controlling our actions or directing our lifestyle.

End of Melchizedek Hosting

As the planetary consciousness is ending an evolutionary root race cycle, many of the issues of humanity are being repeated or are being surfaced at this time from our past cycles. These patterns repeat because humanity is in amnesia of the past and has forgotten who they really are as spiritual beings. As a result, many of these historical destructive patterns and wars happen, again and again, without being noticed by the masses. As an example, the Israel territory conflict is heightened at this time, as the Melchizedek lines and the House of David are attempting to work out this historical conflict, in the middle of the negative alien manipulation and mind control. Because of the nature of the history of hybridization and hosting of DNA rehabilitation in this last root race cycle, the Melchizedek genetics are being reviewed in the planetary timelines network.

The Melchizedek Priest-King lines, including the House of David or Solomon, have been manipulated by the negative alien influences to distort the planetary religious system, enforce crucifixion implants and planetary enslavement. The higher dimensional Melchizedek’s are working to repair timelines and the mental bodies that suffered the memory damage propagated from the holocaust histories and the many crusades of wars waged over God. These histories directly impact the stories told to create the belief systems manufactured around Jesus Christ and distorted the energy architecture of the Christos White Light. Re-patterning and rehabilitation of Melchizedek consciousness and its collective architecture is required to restore the correct alignments to the Christos Light fields and the Krystallah unity Merkaba patterns. Melchizedek’s collective mind also had memories of electron distortion damage that split and reversed the collective monad bodies.

This time requires a life review and the Melchizedek lineages being inventoried, through the multiple recorded histories of memory imbeds. As each human being has a life review, the same process happens at a macrocosm levels, with the root races and the specific genetic arrangement of the twelve tribes. Currently the focus has been on the Melchizedek Priest-King lines, which is a Universal consciousness that had fragmented itself into many other dimensions. This is a sequence of the rehabilitation of the masculine principled bodies that have been genetically compromised or fallen, through the activities promoted through the False King of Tyranny, on the earth. The monadic exploitation of the Melchizedek’s has specific issues related to electron distortion and mental body damage from severe trauma experiences. The Melchizedek’s are the genetic hosting race of the earth’s ascension cycle. Because we are coming to the close of a root race in this end cycle, their tour of duty with earth in this capacity is also ending or coming to completion. This allows a time of review and pause for genetic rehabilitation and integrative healing. This is the promise that Melchizedek’s would not be forgotten, even if they were fallen and forgot who they really are. This is made possible with the alignment to the Mother’s heart quintessence, to be rebirthed into the Creatrix field.

As a result of this development in the changing of the guard and the institution of genetic healing for the Melchizedek lines, many of us may experience the individual effects of this clearing and shift. Because the Melchizedek line suffered electron distortions, which manifested the False King of Tyranny through the root mind control history of Patriarchal Domination, this in effect is another level of masculine body reconstruction. For many of us it will be experienced as an increase of harmony in our personal body that will feel wonderful. However, if we are overly attached to something leaving, when we realize that it is not what it appears to be, it can be painful. Many times, shifts such as these bring the truth in the hidden circumstance to the surface for awareness. This is why learning greater acceptance and forgiveness is so critical for all of us now.

Cosmic Rage

Many different levels of delusions or belief systems are slowly being shattered as many beings begin to realize that their reality is not what they thought it was. This is happening on the earth and many other co-existing realities. There are many other advanced civilizations in simultaneous time that are based on higher mind concepts and not based on higher unity consciousness existing as the Cosmic Sovereign Law. These civilizations, including humanity, do not take into account the power of divine consciousness that selflessly exists within the field of pure love, but is not of a hive mind mentality. The exploration and struggle continue, to know conceptually what the vastness of God Source is from the mind, while those that embody pure love are capable of experiencing the source directly. This is the self-realization and spiritual exploration that is being grasped throughout many different dimensional spectrums of existence at this time. The meek shall inherit the earth through the heart of God.

When we realize that something we held sacred as a belief system is an illusion, or that we have been purposely manipulated and deceived through mind control, the vast Cosmic Rage is released. Cosmic Rage is the result of the many histories of fragmentation in which our Eternal Spirit fragmented into the pieces of the Immortal Spirit. As with each fragmentation into density we plunged, we experienced deeper and deeper schisms of separation from the Eternal God Source. This consecutively deeper fragmentation and separation from our Eternal Spirit was traumatizing to the collective Monadic and Soul Bodies. As we lost our Eternal source memory, some learned immortality was possible by trapping others, then consuming their collective spiritual light source. This is the plight of humanity on this planet. It is mistaken to believe that Immortality achieved through enslaving others, in order to consume their light source, is in equal partnership with the Eternal Sovereign Light of the God Source. This is the manifestation of False Immortal Gods in our Universal system, those that genetically modify and control others to serve them as slaves. This is a part of the forced reincarnation and false ascension grids used to enslave and trap souls for many cycles in the astral planes, to feed others in higher dimensions to keep their rank as an immortal spirit. This universe has been playing a game of False Gods, imposing roles of master and slave. As this Universal Game comes to an end and this game is revealed, the Cosmic Rage is released throughout many, many dimensions of existence.

This Cosmic Rage can be sympathetically felt in one’s body, and is especially heightened if there is unresolved anger in your body. As this ripples through the planetary fields, it can be experienced as feeling trapped, suffocating, wanting to flee, getting out of here, death thoughts, and feeling angry and irritable.

Please see the recent blog, Finding Inner Peace, to help resolve and clear anger issues.

Externalization of Eternal Light

As the Universal Mother’s heart returns to earth to claim her offspring, she sets out to release her Holy Sun, as the externalization of the Liquid Christos light. This Eternal Light is becoming tangible in matter forms in the physical world. This is a gradual embodiment process that will begin the rejuvenation of our various bodily forms by activating dormant light-body systems. The return of the Christos eternal light is the end of consumptive modeling on this planet thus it begins the gradual and necessary changes to various impacts upon a consumer based socio-economic system. This consumptive model both exists in the personal biology and in the collective consciousness as energy architecture. The microcosm and macrocosm are reflected in each other.

The consumptive modeling architecture was created by the False Gods who developed food chains and the enforced vampirism of others through genetic manipulation and mind control. The controllers still attempt to maintain their stronghold to enslave humanity in the propagation of media outlets to incite consumptive modeling fears. Genetic modification of foods, chemtrails in the air, oil and gas dependency, pharmaceutical drugs, lack of pure drinking water, debt enslavement, fear over our financial future, terrorism and war are all examples. These are all the controller games of consumptive modeling, on which they have had a platform of control to exploit humanity over the last dark cycle.

As the energy architecture of consumptive modeling collapses, so do the systems they have been using. These systems cease to be effective working models, as the externalization of consumptive modeling existing in people, as well as larger organizations will be less and less tolerated. This means the external act of manipulation to ensnare another in marketing, deception or schemes will simply stop working. The external use of force, deception or manipulation will be directed inside the personal self and personal body. This means anger, control, manipulation, or greed will create backlash to the person that is still thinking this way. Many of these beings, both human and non-human, are very confused at why their control mechanism do not work in the same way that they used to. This change begins with us as an individual, where we are evolving to the point of being weaned off of external addictions and cultivating inner sustenance as required for personal self-sovereignty.

The rage is being felt by those who realize they are not Eternal through the consumption of light, and that one must honor the sovereignty of each and every being in order to become Eternal. Naturally those that have had it their way controlling others for a long time, will not understand how this is changing and it will make them angry. This controller group cannot see the upper realms or timelines changing, as from lower vibration one cannot see the realms of Christed light beings. This in effect is the Law of One. Each immortal spirit can choose eternal life, however must be congruent with the existence of inner sustenance and the Cosmic Sovereign Law. The benevolence of God will show us the way to sovereignty, but not at the expense of consuming another’s light any longer. In order to do so one must be pure love, as God Is. Naturally this has manifested rage in those that seek to control, as no genetic manipulation, false reality or creature can be made to be eternal, as is the light of Christ in God’s domain. The more this Eternal light externalizes on the earth, the more fear the predator will exhibit in the external world. Its rage may be viewed in the collective fields. Like a child having a tantrum, seeing it for what it is. Observing events compassionately will dissolve its entrails and residue from impacting your life.

Love in Action

Many of us on the Ascension pathway have been undergoing the gradual initiation into higher frequency embodiment, the spiritual lightbody activation process for many years now. Some of us have not always been aware of the incredible challenges and workload we may have had in our life, is for the purpose of developing an important consciousness evolution skill-set. The required skill-sets of spiritual-energetic clearing, emotional healing, reclaiming body parts, mental body reprograming, learning Ascension mechanics, gridwork, commanding personal space, relationship skills, is the necessary self-mastery training for the ultimate Integrated Spiritual Ascension. Those Star beings that have been cultivated for future leadership roles have been undergoing consciousness training to fulfill these roles.

Integrated Spiritual Ascension is required for all future light leaders, planetary stewards and future re-educators to be God’s Love in Action on earth and beyond.

To become spiritually integrated requires commitment and discipline, to be compassionate as well as have a willingness to accept personal responsibility. Self-sovereignty cannot be upheld and modeled without personal responsibility and accountability. The Love in Action cultivated within these Light Groups is the skill set that has been developed for the changing of the guard on planet earth. This role is to guide an ascending humanity to accept the reality of Cosmic Citizenship, to be responsible towards other life forms that we share with the universe, and move into active multidimensional consciousness. It is this group that begins the next level of their spiritual mission in this coming year, with their particular level of skill set and expertise. This will continue for many years to come, both on and off planet.

Many of us have learned that the synthesis of extreme polarities in our life experience is how the inner alchemy is accomplished that directly and biologically expands our consciousness growth. We have to live it as experiences. In order to know God, we must face the shadow of fear and expand beyond its limitation. At this time, we are going to the next initiation level where any lower vibration is being expunged. For some the next initiation level is planetary service. In the years to come, humanity, whether the choice is to stay on earth or leave, will be required to be re-educated to end consumptive modeling and be rehabilitated from alien machinery and mind control. We have ascending human beings who are the principle of energy resting in God’s Love, or moving to be guardians of God’s Love in Action. Are you a placement holder of Love, or a planetary guardian of Love in Action? Both roles are very much valued and needed to support the billions of souls to transition through the ascension doorway.

False Parent

At this time as our Mother God Parent is returning her heart presence to the earth, many of us will have an opportunity to review the unhealed wounds we have around the False Paren. This is a victimizer software program and a collective miasma that has accumulated over many generations of dysfunction.

The False Parent is the confusion a child has with the belief system that our biological Mother or Father Parent should love, protect and nurture their offspring, but in actuality none of these emotional needs are met by the Parental role. Additionally, the desire to belong to a family in order to feel connected is not satisfied emotionally. Depending on the level of Parental dysfunction love and emotional needs are ingrained to be abusive, painful or selfish, and that belief system carries throughout the life experiences. Without correction of this dysfunction, the digression of the pattern continues to define love with all interpersonal relationships of the child leading into adulthood. As long as the pattern continues, the person will feel disconnected, loveless, have unsuccessful marriages, and will seek defense or coping mechanisms to fill the inner void.

The False parent is both a crude victimizer program and the byproduct of the planetary enslavement to produce disconnected and tyrannical human offspring that serve the alien agenda. How a civilization treats women and children is a definitive marker for the consciousness digression or development of a race. To develop consciousness and begin to heal the parental roles, as well as gender roles, this pattern will need to be understood as a cornerstone of humanities spiritual healing.

At this time we have an opportunity to come into the greater realization that our true Parent is our God Parent. As we find God deep within our heart center, we will begin to understand how we can be free of this abusive False Parent and all the pain we suffered from it. As we take responsibility as the real Parent, we completely forgive our biological parents and our Ancestors, and learn to Parent our child. We are the Mother, The Father and the Child. We are all three in One. We can access the inner God Parent, and ask them to Parent and love their Child, the physical body. To be a Parent, requires responsibility to the child. This is one way of understanding self-mastery. To be a firm but loving parent means that the child cannot be allowed to run amok with the body playing out all its whims and fancies. The child can hurt itself if it is not given proper parenting and loving discipline to learn.

During this time, spiritual reflection in order to forgive one’s Parents, forgive family issues and resolve other pain related to gender role confusion will be supported to complete these past patterns. Inner balance between the masculine and feminine energies requires that we be cleared of Mother/Father distortions. Sacred marriage with God is the layers of our own inner male and female in balance. Hieros Gamos is the representative of the Three in One, The Mother, The Father and the Holy Sun child. Through the sacred marriage between the Mother and Father Parent, the Christos Child is born. As we resolve past pain with our false parent, we remove the karmic buttons that have been damaging or have destroyed our relationships and marriages in adulthood. We then can be freed to have relationships that are sourced in Love and not karmic pain. The spiritual resolution of this will bring many of us an ability to experience the first relationships based purely on Love, with no karmic history, no gender distortion. Hierogamy or Sacred Marriage in Christos Light is fully possible now on planet earth!

Our personal sovereignty awaits us through the release of fears by applying personal responsibility to our thoughts and emotions. Choose your authority now, knowing that you are a God, Sovereign, Free Being. 

As one feels guided, if mental programs have been difficult to control, here is an exercise provided below to bring them to one’s surface awareness for clearing and resolution. Take inventory and get ready for 2013, a new year of many changes!

Describe your total responsibility for the Fear and any of your physical imbalances:

Describe the addictions, obsessions and negative thoughts you will stop NOW:

Describe your spiritual connection to the Universe:

Describe the Behaviors you will start:

Describe the Behaviors you will stop:

Describe your process of detachment:

When feeling mentally overwhelmed, return to read what you have written. Review the responsibility you agreed to have and the commitment you have made to yourself to be liberated from the bondage of the mind. Continue to practice now moment awareness and the many other tools available on our website. During this time let the world unfold and reveal its pathway without pushing to attempt to figure it all out. Allow things to be what they are, allow people to be where they are. When personal expectations are shattered from having attachments, practice the skill of allowing. Allow it to be the way that it is. Relax, Let Go and Allow. A new tomorrow of personal freedom can be achieved and is possible.

May these times bring peace to reside deeply in your heart. Stay in the luminosity of your Avatar heart path.

Love, Lisa

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