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November 2020

Ending Human Trafficking

Lisa Renee

Dear Ascending Family,

Foreword: The topic of Human Trafficking is highly polarizing and controversial and is the reason I’ve written a foreword to this month’s newsletter. It feels important to have a runway describing why this issue is so forbidden and extinguished from public discourse, and how successful the gaslighting is to distract humanity from connecting the dots and seeing it. The mainstream media mind control that is backed by the Power Elite and NAA forces aggressively use every psychological warfare tactic that they have at their disposal to attack and suppress the education of the public about this most dehumanizing and immoral crime against humanity – Human Trafficking. For a long while the Power Elite and their criminal cabal families have used compartmentalized government institutions and transnational business models to hide their illicit activities by framing their business operations as legitimate and lawful, while making obscene profits on the slavery, ritual abuse, sexual exploitation and sale of human beings. This is the inverted system of control that has been created by the Power Elite Controllers. In the external, the mainstream media’s mass psychological operations are intended to traumatize and infect our minds with powerful deceptions, gaslighting and bold face lies to emotionally trigger our pain body through the coordinated rhetoric that is being designed to demoralize and weaken the population. Deploying demoralization and dehumanization tactics against the masses generates mind control slaves, people that believe everything that is being said by the authorities and the mainstream media. Thus, people are groomed to do what they are told. Those that control the media, control the spin of the narrative in order to hide the many crimes of the elites.

This particular current flavor of targeted astral warfare for spreading the mind control infection passes into the collective consciousness and then pushes itself into the ascension-disclosure-spiritual communities. This further renders our groups efforts wholly unproductive while we chase our tails in never ending circular debates between the most traumatized and wounded egos. The untamed negative ego and pain body uses the hit and run method for playing the role of chaos-disrupter, in which the groups pain body vulnerabilities are skillfully manipulated to spread victim programming and divide and conquer strategies. Allowing ourselves to be emotionally manipulated through subconscious triggers by letting unhealed pain filter into our perceptions, weakens us in every way possible. By letting ourselves be spun out into destructive and divisive behaviors, we forfeit strong discernment and clarity, instead these uncontrolled impulses turn us into the hand puppet of the anti-human agendas. Thus, we have a most dire and grave problem in the truther and spiritual communities that threatens our individual and collective capacity to embody our higher expression and divine blueprint, to be an agent for spiritual consciousness transformation and disclosure. The spiritual warfare that humanity is facing now is a full-on attack aimed at the negative ego construct to incite our collective shadow and wounds, spinning people out of control and into paralyzing fears, unable to find their inner moral compass or aligned spiritual direction.

This particular negative ego divide and conquer infection is spreading through the elevation of taking offense as a tool to inhibit discourse, the constant state of those people that are offended by others personal beliefs or honest expression, for the smallest of perceived infractions. Otherwise said it is the complete waste of productive mental energy that is being directed to minutia and focusing on unimportant issues that ultimately serve no one and go nowhere. The tendency of the undisciplined negative ego is to instigate emotional dramas, point fingers, split hairs, and inflate inconsequential differences of opinion as if it’s the most insulting and egregious personal attack to ever take place in one’s personal reality bubble. This wastes our time, resources and precious energy that could have been directed to unify productive community efforts.

The political correctness and critical theory mind control operations that have been in use to groom emotionally wounded individuals on social media platforms, which comb the society and groups looking for the most minuscule and trivial of details to be offended by, has in my opinion, destroyed the critical thinking and common-sense within a generation. This powerful mind control centralizes the negative ego as the ultimate authority in which to personalize anything and everything that it sees in the outer world, magnifying the echo chamber of those insulted and offended people that are reinforcing their wounded egos. There is an epidemic of people becoming personally offended by any information or thing that is not in full agreement to that ego’s perceptions, which is most often an incredible display of rampant dark ignorance that is gaining ground even in the most spiritually minded communities. This military grade targeted mind control tactic primarily used on the Big Tech social media platforms and throughout the academic institutions has generated incredibly fragile minds, rewarded unstable and unethical personalities, while fueling misguided perceptions of classifications and division that are extremely harmful to the human soul and spiritual bodies.

This insidious infection of political correctness and personal offense damages our ability to truly unite together and gain strength in numbers in order to purposefully bring to the unaware public the most critically important issues that humanity is facing at this time. The minds of the masses are under unprecedented psycho-spiritual attack. Currently, we believe that the most pressing issue concerning the liberation of humanity is comprehending the massive scope and scale of Human Trafficking and child sex slavery that has been operating above the law throughout the globe. Until we can actually begin to educate ourselves and unravel this behemoth, humanity will never find freedom from their tyrannical oppressors. Humanity will need to come together beyond personal beliefs in order to disseminate, authenticate and observe factual evidence that has been hidden in the shadows through compartmentalization by the top corporate cabal members; child trafficking, practices of child sex ritual, child hunting, harvesting adrenochrome and group blood sacrifice, by coordinating and helping to bring these hidden subjects and truths into the light of day. These are some of the main practices and ongoing goals of the anti-human forces and those that support them, those entities that despise humanity and consider us slaves.

Thus, in regard to the emotionally challenging content in this newsletter, I ask each of you to feel into whether or not this topic is something you are ready for at this time. This is not for the faint of heart, it requires that we have worked our personal trauma pieces, have our compassion intact and are able to bear witness to this heart breaking hidden agenda. I’m requesting that the emotionally stable spiritual adults in the room who are ready, to please take care to read it and use whatever resources you can to continue to help educate others.  We need emotional adults in the spiritual community more than ever to recognize the importance of truthful information on the disclosure timeline, and to be willing to bear witness to what must be seen, heard, felt and directly experienced in order to know that that global Human Trafficking is very REAL. It is happening right under our noses, and most of us do not even know it exists all around us. Therefore, exploring the deeper awareness of the massive scope of global human trafficking and the obscenely profitable multinational businesses that it shelters, must be brought out to the masses and openly discussed in order to educate ourselves and to more effectively help rescue the earth’s children from this sickening scourge.

The most important and persistent problem for all of humanity is to know that this must be revealed as fact and that it is a colossal monstrosity embedded in a complex web of global organizations that are operating covertly on an international scale. We can be of support to global awakening by seeing the truth of this matter and by intentionally praying and being willing to document evidence about Human Trafficking, helping to connect the dots of how it works in order to educate others about it.  The entire global socio-economic-political systems are being run by a small group of criminal psychopaths that hijacked global governmental and intelligence organizations long ago in order to compartmentalize layers of corporate hierarchy that perpetuate these crimes, utilizing massively profitable multinational business models for perpetrating global Human Trafficking, Human Sexual Slavery and the Harvesting of Children.

One of the things that is so hard for most people to comprehend, is that at the top of the Controller pyramid, there is no rule of law and no accountability, these crimes are being committed at multinational levels and hidden behind the money laundering markets on Wall Street, while cover-ups are made by those in the top most management level positions in high governmental offices. These horrific crimes against children are being perpetrated at appalling levels and with impunity. This is because the Power Elite billionaire cabal crime families have had a few hundred years to rig the system in order for them to get away with these crimes through blackmail, bribery, SRA and having the unlimited power to make death threats for securing international business extortion deals that cannot be refused without ruining and extinguishing lives.

Thus, at this time we must stay awake to learn and know more about the massive scope of this most heinous crime against all of humanity, and dig deeper within our spirituality to find our courage and bravery to stand in the truth as One people. At the very least to be willing to seek and know the truth in this matter beyond the mainstream mind control narratives and when in the uncomfortable process of that discovery, to intentionally choose harmlessness and peace in every interaction we have when discussing this matter with others. This requires that we take responsibility for healing ourselves so that we can free ourselves of the emotional wounds and delusions that cloud our thinking and discernment, instead choosing to seek truth above all, even when the truth is painful. May we have the inner spiritual strength to embody the truth spirit so that we can genuinely overcome this global misery and end Human Trafficking, finding ways to be of service to others in productive and effective ways that genuinely help to support our spiritual communities and the world. Prepare yourself for knowing more about this anti-human scourge and ask within if you are willing to stay awake through the dark night to educate yourself, so that you can also join us to help put an end to all forms of Human Trafficking. ~Lisa Renee.

Ending Human Trafficking

The cruelty of the predators that despise humanity enough to carry out this genocidal enslavement agenda is unthinkable for most of us. However, we must awaken from our slumber to see that unrestricted mass human slavery and child sexual abuse IS the end result of this agenda. Only by being willing to see the scope of the gaslighting and false narratives redirecting our conscious perception away from the dire reality of human trafficking and sexual abuse of our children in mass, will these heinous crimes ever stop. We have to see that this exists and how it is done, before we can begin to unite together beyond politics or ego mind games, in order to stop this global tragedy from continuing unseen and unpunished. The NAA predators are committing violations against the group human soul on the earth, which also constitutes grave violations made against the natural laws. Humanity has entered the pinnacle time of the Ascension cycle in which the great accounting takes place, no one gets away with anything, as all of our choices have consequences in which we will face our creations and the judge and jury that exists within ourselves.

Things are not at all what they seem to be. The outer world is a cartoonish reality of astral shadows playing magic tricks with smoke and mirrors, so that all we can see on the external is an exaggerated caricature of the collective delusions based upon the false reality narrative of criminal psychopaths. This outer reality of the mainstream controlled narrative is now crumbling and in a free fall.  We have more spiritual support during this most challenging phase of the rising universal shadow in order to gather and reveal the scourge of Human Trafficking and its many subsidiary criminal enterprises to the unaware public. It has been expressly relayed that nothing will stop the global awakening or interrupt the ongoing process underway for dismantling the Human Trafficking anti-Christ networks, and that this crime against children and humanity is the most important and crucial part of meeting the future disclosure event in the ascending timeline. There is an ongoing collection of holographic records being taken from the planetary grid network to reverse engineer the timeline history and reveal the details of the perpetrators and alien architects behind the consciousness enslavement. This includes the compartmentalization and infiltration into the massive multinational corporatocracy which hides their multiple layered agendas for human trafficking, mass global slavery, trafficking children for sex and as a food source for the NAA factions. 

Therefore, the Guardian Host Christos families are on schedule with supporting humanity with the unfolding liberation of the planet in which the timeline of disclosure will be revealed through the public awareness of those committing crimes of mass Human Trafficking, then revealing the multinational corporate webs, underground tunnel systems and abandoned military bases that have been used as child slave internment camps. These have been efficiently run businesses disguised as multinational corporation storefronts, non-governmental organizations and charities supporting humanitarian causes. The most megalithic operations involved in these illicit crimes appear to be kept off the current digital, software or technological online systems, even off the dark web in order to remain completely untraceable online. Instead these operations, are similar in time to the late 1940’s, as these covert businesses are being run manually on typewriters and punched card systems reminiscent of the business enterprises and slave camps that were being supported by the criminal cabal during World War II. Both the United States government and Nazi German government used IBM punched card technology for some parts of their holocaust camp operations and for record keeping. For the Power Elite cabal families, they realized that free slave labor, trafficking children, killing deplorables and stealing the possessions and body parts of those captured in the camps, was an unimaginable boon of global wealth and power distribution that poured directly into the pockets of the cabal crime families.

World War II was a massively profitable business enterprise in which the organizational models for profiting from human slavery were taken underground in the United States and then globally organized to be applied to orphaned or abducted children, so that the capture and harvesting of the most vulnerable population would remain hidden. By taking these criminal operations underground and compartmentalizing every single job function on a need to know basis in order to protect national security, the government workers as well as the general public would not see slave camps and trafficking being operated at the highest levels, through infiltrated government and military offices by the shadow government.

What is Human Trafficking?

There are more human slaves in the world today than ever before in history and this fact of commoditizing human beings through forced slave labor, forced sexual slavery, along with the massive numbers of missing children have been so well hidden, that the majority of the public remains completely unaware of the scope of these crimes. This is not a peripheral issue; it is the fastest growing criminal enterprise in the world that yields billions to trillions in revenues through many assorted business models ranging from prostitution, massage parlors, pornography, drugs, blackmail operations and any kind of manufacturing or business which requires human labor that one can think of.

 The United States is the highest consumer of child sex paraphernalia and child exploitation content worldwide.

The majority of the child porn, prostitution rings or sexual exploitation happens online in the dark web where pedophiles have been largely protected from being caught or prosecuted by law enforcement. The truth in the matter is at the highest levels of law enforcement and alphabet agencies, the larger scale sex trafficking organizations are fully protected by the globalist criminal cabal. Thus, law enforcement investigations are stonewalled or bottlenecked in compartmentalized layers of never-ending bureaucracy so that the good people in law enforcement are unable to get any indictments or convictions in the area of large scale or multinational operations.

The crime of human trafficking affects virtually every country in the world and has been associated with transnational criminal organizations, criminal networks and local gangs, violations of labor and immigration codes, and government corruption. Transnational criminal organizations and subsidiary organizations, including transnational drug cartels are the drivers of crime, corruption, violence, and human misery. They remain largely unprosecuted because the bureaucracy in the governmental and justice system is rendered incapable of prosecuting the wealthiest of the Power Elite corporate criminals. Those in governmental power are generally unwilling to block the international bank accounts or seize the property and assets belonging to these cartels or shadow government operations, because they are in on the operations or have been bribed or threatened. In particular, the trafficking and smuggling of human beings by transnational criminal groups that smuggle adults and children between many country’s borders, is estimated in the trillions of illegal revenues annually which represents a full-blown global humanitarian crisis.

Historically, there are many disagreements regarding the definition of human trafficking among the supposed experts, politicians and scholars, and in my opinion, these are coordinated tactics designed to obfuscate and stop public discourse by confusing and conflating the main issues in order to bury and hide the information. Pay attention and notice that the mainstream media generally ignores the topics surrounding human trafficking and sexual exploitation of children, as if it does not exist or as if it is extremely rare. The mainstream news focuses on small time pimps and local child sex offenders, and not the multinational corporate or non-governmental agency environments that are running larger scale international trafficking operations, some based in profiting from disaster economies or reportedly helping refugees. Thus, it is exceedingly hard to get any level of accurate statistical analysis and numbers from a variety of governmental or non-governmental sources. The lack of synthesis present in the data available, from which to integrate the massive scope of global human trafficking into an accurate regional analysis for an overall global statistical count, appears to be nearly impossible to calculate or find. These statistics are unknown or extremely well-hidden due to its criminal nature and to hide that selling human beings for sex and labor is bar none the most profitable business on the earth. Human traffickers and child sex rings have not been effectively prosecuted or stopped because it is being fully protected by the shadow government and criminal cabal families who are connected to the satanic practices or have been compromised by other practicing child molesters in blackmail operations.  

The legal definition of human trafficking set forth in the Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2000 (TVPA) in which Congress defines severe forms of trafficking in persons as:

Sex trafficking in which a commercial sex act is induced by force, fraud, or coercion, or in which the person induced to perform such act has not attained 18 years of age; or

The recruitment, harboring, transportation, provision or obtaining of a person for labor or services, through the use of force, fraud, or coercion for the purpose of subjection to involuntary servitude, peonage, debt bondage, or slavery (8 U.S.C. § 1101).

Trafficking in persons means the grooming, transportation, transfer, harboring or receipt of persons, by means of the threat or force or other forms of coercion, of abduction, of fraud, of deception, of the abuse of power, or of a position of vulnerability for the purpose of exploitation.  Exploitation includes the exploitation of the prostitution of others or other forms of sexual exploitation, forced labor or services, slavery or practices similar to slavery, servitude or the removal of organs. Types of sex trafficking include prostitution, pornography, stripping, live-sex shows, mail-order brides, military prostitution, and sex tourism.  Labor trafficking is defined as the recruitment, harboring, transportation, provision, or obtaining of a person for labor services, through the use of force, fraud, or coercion for the purpose of subjection to involuntary servitude, peonage, debt bondage, or slavery.

This is a massive epidemic on planet earth, and it also exists off planet earth where humans are being trafficked by black military forces and non-human entities for various purposes such as Milab operations and this is referred to as Galactic Human Slavery. Generally, a person is culled for certain purposes and then recruited into covert military programs, or abducted, captured from their families and sold or bartered for many purposes including manual slave labor, sex trade, organ harvesting, manufacturing, technical or science engineering expertise, and for blood sacrifice. The person is mind controlled in several MKUltra trauma-based methods, generally under threat of physical force and injury, intimidation and torture to remain compliant and submissive to the acts they are being forced to perform for their handlers, who may be human or non-human entities.

Many of these human trafficking crime gangs work from lists of groups of desired people to be obtained for those paying for the abducted adult or child to be their slave in which they have specific skills or have certain physical descriptors. Human traffickers treat other humans and children they have abducted for slavery as a mere inventory product to be consumed in exchange for whatever black-market price is being set. Children are considered to be very valuable to both human and non-human child molester pedophiles, who place an order for the type of child they want to use as a sex slave, carry out fetishes or for the purpose of the blood ritual sacrifice. This means that most of the time when small untraceable children and infants are sold for sex, these children have a limited amount of time to live because they will ultimately be tortured and killed in the process of sex play or the predator acting out these sick and twisted fetishes with torture sex play toys. Many traffickers will sell damaged goods at a lower price, and that means sick or ill children that are near death, for those who enjoy murdering children to buy at discount.

Those that run these disgusting businesses, recruit or find people to abduct children like an order being placed for dinner on a restaurant’s menu, through communicating in coded words. Through the use of pedophilia symbols traffickers find customized specifications for children that are requested by their rich pedophile benefactors. This is where pedophile symbols using food symbols becomes relevant, as terms like hot dogs, chicken and cheese pizza take on sinister new meanings. Many of these recruiters or handlers are people that may be elderly looking, women or professional people that appear like normal and non-threatening citizens. In the most crime ridden and impoverished areas in the world, often children or young women are abducted right off the street and prostituted in full view of others walking by. In poverty stricken third world countries, children are grabbed from inattentive parents or offered a few hundred dollars in order to take the child. This level of human trafficking also brings in many hundreds of thousands to potentially millions of people per year into the slave trade, both on and off planet.

The mass scourge of global Human trafficking includes enslaving multiple millions of the most vulnerable population, young children, which are sold and abducted to be used as a consumer product for sex, labor, satanic rituals and organ harvesting.  Nearly 80 percent of global human trafficking is for sex and prostitution which supplies an incredible number of children, boys and girls that are abducted and groomed for servicing underground elite sex clubs or internet based, web driven child pornography networks. Pedophilia consumerism and child sex rings are a massive epidemic and booming business on the earth, do not let anyone tell you otherwise and arm yourself with truth and the facts.

Risk Factors for Trafficking

Children are deceived, manipulated, groomed, forced or coerced into prostitution every day, many by their own family members or someone they know.  One common characteristic or risk factor for prostituted girls is a history of childhood sexual abuse in the family or those adults in the environment. The themes of trauma, abandonment and disruption in family life that began in early childhood, are central to the narratives of young girls trafficked into commercial sexual exploitation. Satanic families that practice generational incest as a part of their religion, know that sexual abuse severely impairs a child’s brain making him or her easily pliable to trauma-based mind control and therefore the perfect candidate for sexual slavery in adulthood. The NAA use many brainwashing and thought implantation techniques for inciting sexual misery, related to incest and pedophilic fantasies because they are aware that sexually violating a child is the most egregious harm committed to the soul that is possible. Child molestation trauma, especially when it’s done repeatedly over time, generates many intense after effects of trauma that can leave deep emotional scars and even cause brain damage. The hard-core Satanists desire this trauma-based mind control in their own offspring as it creates a physical body without a full soul connection, a shell body that can be easily set up for entity possession and dark portal attachments that began in early childhood. This means that child molestation is soul and mind rape, and that disembodied entities once gaining access to the child, can access the child’s body and exploit and rape the child into adulthood, and no one understands the torture that is happening from the astral plane.

Nationally, the statistics tell us the average age at which girls first become exploited through prostitution is 10-12 years old, but direct service providers around the country report they have been encountering increasingly younger victims over the past decade. Children may not reveal sexual abuse because they feel shame or guilt, they worry that no one will believe them, they fear being removed from their home, and they or their family may have been threatened. The foster child system is known to be a haven for pedophiles, as the statistics of high risk for children put in the foster system to be sexually abused is well understood by those that work as counselors to help place children. Very young children may not have the language skills to report the sexual abuse and may not understand they are being abused, especially if the abuse started so early it is all they can remember. Children that are victims of satanic sexual rituals are generally not believed when they tell another adult, and if somehow this goes viral in the media, these events are promptly debunked as the child’s imaginary tales and the information is censored and buried quickly by the media.  

Victims of human trafficking, both international and domestic, share common risk factors and characteristics that place them at risk for being easily trafficked. Regardless of sex, age, immigration status or citizenship, certain commonalities exist among victims of trafficking, such as their vulnerability to be forced through fraud or coercion.  Traffickers prey on those with few economic opportunities and those families or individuals that are struggling in survival mode to meet basic needs.  Traffickers take advantage of the unequal status of women and girls in disadvantaged countries and communities, and capitalize on the demand for cheap, unprotected labor and the promotion of sex tourism in some countries. Other risk factors include poverty, young age, limited education, lack of work opportunities, lack of family support (e.g., orphaned, runaway, throwaway, homeless, family members collaborating with traffickers), history of previous sexual abuse, sexual identity confusion, drug abuse, health or mental health challenges, and living in high crime areas with rampant police and governmental corruption. Traffickers often deceive their victims through false promises of economic opportunities that await them in more affluent destination countries, such as the United States. Because the United States has a significant market demand for pedophilic consumerism, many criminals outside of the country who want to make large sums of money for trafficking children to the U.S. meet the supply. One child or trafficked girl can be made to have sex with 10 or 15 men per day on average, and so the criminals think of this as a business model with a great return on investment.

Obviously if these criminals were hunted down and prosecuted in an effective judicial and legal system that wanted to catch human traffickers and child molesters, this would send the message that children are not for sale in the U.S. The only way this will happen is to educate the public that the people that have been in the highest power positions have been actively protecting these criminal organizations at the behest of the Power Elite crime families. It is only in the last three years, that significant change in executive orders were implemented to go after international human traffickers, seizing their massive wealth in and outside of the United States, by curtailing their ability to access their resources and routes which allow them to continue to make billions from selling humans across the globe.

Trafficking into the U.S. through Open Borders

The United States is a major source of transit and a destination country for men, women and children, both United States citizens and foreign nationals, that are being victimized and exploited by human trafficking and sex rings. Drug traffickers in Central and South America are increasingly engaging in human trafficking to provide the supply of drugs and children demanded by the rich pedophile child molesters in the U.S., where the loose border controls in the southwest made it much easier for traffickers to smuggle in untraceable children that are snatched from the poorest areas.  Most of the human traffickers that were smuggling children from outside of the United States were driving vans across the southern border because there were unlimited points of gaining entry in which to remain undetected. Unsecured borders and cabal protected routes give human traffickers free and clear passage to transport their victims into the United States, as well as abducting children to leave the United States for an international buyer, with the majority being sold for sex trafficking and into child prostitution rings.

Timothy Ballard is the founder of Operation Underground Railroad which has gathered former CIA, law enforcement and skilled operatives that lead coordinated efforts to identify trafficking victims and rescue them from their captors. Timothy has worked for 17 years in undercover operations which included a tour of combating sex trafficking on the U.S. southern border. He stresses that strengthening the border wall has been one of the most effective tools in the rescuing of trafficked children. He goes on to say,

“The United States is one of the highest consumers of child sex in the world. As an undercover agent I have bought a child for sex on every single social media platform. The U.S. is also one of the wealthiest nations in the world and simple economics tells us what follows. Child traffickers, who currently control millions of enslaved children worldwide, want to get these children into the United States where they can force them into this lucrative illicit market. The State Department reports that around 10,000 children are smuggled into the U.S. annually and forced into the commercial sex trade. Add adults, and that number almost doubles. And when these evil actors act, we don’t want to lose the opportunity to stop them and liberate their captives. The wall gives us an opportunity to do just that.”

Obtaining reliable information beyond the corrupted officials by making human trafficking statistics and leads open source and available to helping law enforcement and those in Federal, State, and local governments is desperately needed to allocate resources and develop strategies to prosecute and prevent human trafficking. This corruption has to be dug out from the deep dark roots in the shadow government by identifying criminal cabal members protecting and supporting trafficking, and by severely prosecuting traffickers, in order to finally protect and serve the victims of this crime. This will not happen until the majority of the public understands the hidden scope and magnitude of human trafficking and child sexual slavery, by acknowledging that these crimes have been harbored and protected by those in the highest positions of governmental power, which explicitly serve the financial interests of the multinational corporatocracy that is being run by the Power Elite pedophiles that are wielding global tyranny.

Elite Pedophile Agenda

It is critical as spiritually mature adults that we understand the reasons the world economy, the unrestricted power and wealth that is given to the Power Elites through deep state organizations, is being run on the foundation of pedophilia, sodomy and child sex molester related activities. Only then can we understand why they seek to legalize and normalize sex with children - globally. This is purely an anti-human agenda that is designed to destroy and subjugate the entire human race, starting with attacking the most vulnerable, the infants and children. Children are unable to protect themselves from being abused and spiritually violated through molestation, and thus sexual abuse causes excessive damage to the mental and emotional functioning, as well as damage to the physical body for the rest of their lives. Sex with children is the most heinous and vile activity any person can do to cause great multidimensional harm to that person, as well as binding them energetically to an assortment of predatorial forces and parasitic entities. The spiritual damage that is incurred through this most depraved activity to oppress humanity cannot be overestimated.

The desperation of the NAA entities that are pushing to mainstream pedophilia by changing or eradicating laws of consent with children in sexual acts with adults, is not only because it is a food source for feeding vast arrays of unseen energy parasites, but also these personal violations greatly damage the human lightbody, such as reversing the direction of the inner merkaba shield. The predatorial parasites have been known to target what Guardian Host refers to as the “fallen tree” people (those with imploded root and sacral centers), to hijack their 2D sexual energies in order to keep the reversal grid networks in place in the lowest dimensions of the planet.

The psychiatric field utilized its latest edition of the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) to attempt to normalize the raping and sexual exploitation of children, by initially referring to pedophilia as a mere sexual orientation. The American Psychiatric Association (APA) has made its objective explicitly clear to the public, maintaining that the negative impact of child sexual abuse when adults have sex with children was overstated. Further they stated that, The vast majority of both men and women reported no negative sexual effects from their child sexual experiences.” At a July 2013 pedophilia conference held at UK’s prestigious University of Cambridge, research experts concluded: “Pedophilic interest is natural and normal for human males. At least a sizeable minority of normal males would like to have sex with children. Normal males are aroused by children.”  

This is the protection, support and proliferation of child sexual predators without any concern for the conditions it generates in society by leaving a trail of traumatized, victimized and suicidal children, in which the survivors largely grow up to be traumatized and addicted adults. Thus, the elites controlling the psychiatric profession embraces pedophilia as typical thoughtforms and sexual fantasies for normal males. The belief that pedophilia is a permanent, undisputable condition that is inherited from birth, is a downward spiral that relinquishes self-responsibility for adults that are sexually abusing children, which reveals the agenda for gradually normalizing and decriminalizing child sexual molesters and child pedophilia rings. Thus, there is a highly organized effort to normalize and legalize child rape which is moving faster because a growing segment of the global population is more aware than ever about the elite’s hidden criminal operation.

In my direct experience of planetary field work and energy sessions, as well as listening to the accounts of satanic ritual abuse and child rape survivors, the gloss over of pedophile-controlled organizations stating that child sexual abuse is not harmful, is a bold-faced lie of demonically twisted criminal psychopaths that ultimately are serving the NAA anti-human, global enslavement agendas. Again, the traumatic damage this deviant behavior generates in the victim’s human lightbody, impacts the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of each unique individual’s soul that cannot be overestimated. In my opinion this alone is the greatest travesty and spiritual violation to ever occur to human beings, rendering them consciousness slaves buried in trauma and emotional devastation, stunting consciousness growth, unable to directly experience their inner spirit and God connection.

The extent to which the earth is made a prison planet for producing consciousness slaves, is related to the extent to which humanity ignores and allows mass human trafficking and child sexual slavery to continue. Human trafficking and sexual slavery contribute to and organize as an enormous hidden shadow-demonic consciousness that is functioning as a global spiritual oppression that buries unhealed pain and trauma behind the collective subconscious amnesiac barriers. To finally evict these spiritual oppressions stunting the evolution of the human race, we must find the bravery and courage to finally face these ugly and painful shadows in order to begin the global spiritual healing process. 

We may never have an accurate analysis of how many children and adults have been abducted, raped and ritually tortured by the human and nonhuman predators using satanic ritual abuse methods since antiquity. However, in my research about six years ago to find some hard evidence of statistical analysis when scouring the internet, the following statistics were being provided by human trafficking organizations. Since that time, most of this online data has been totally scrubbed and censored by the Big Tech organizations, so some of these statistics may be hard to find and may not be fully corroborated until online censorship is finally abolished and freedom of speech is restored. We believe online censorship, shadow banning, digital profile destruction and character assassination campaigns are the aggressive actions taken across the globe by the elite pedophiles who are desperately attempting damage control on social media to stop the awakening population from understanding the Power Elite pedophilia network.

Thus, please take some time to reflect on these statistics below to deeply understand how massive this scourge actually is on the earth. Taking into account that these are people’s babies, children and loved ones that are suffering or have suffered in painful agony, never knowing what may have happened to their child when authorities just causally classify these events as just another number in the missing children cases. This is not human, in my experience this is the direct impact of nonhuman entity infiltration into our world.

Important Facts about Missing Persons

Where are these millions of missing children and adults going?

  • Every 40 seconds, a child goes missing in the U.S.
  • When a child goes missing, the first 3 hours are the most crucial in finding the child safely. Approximately 76.2% of abducted children who are murdered are dead within three hours of the abduction.
  • Every year, more than 800,000 children are reported missing in the United States.
  • In 1980, roughly 150,000 people were reported missing per year. Now the number is 900,000.
  • Over 2,300 Americans are reported missing every day.
  • In most jurisdictions, missing persons cases receive low priority. Authorities are already working homicides, robberies, rapes, assaults, traffic issues, and crime prevention.
  • There are as many as 100,000 active missing persons cases in the U.S. at any given time.
  • Out of the 692,944 people reported missing in 2010, 531,928 were under the age of 18.
  • It is estimated that at least 8 million children worldwide go missing each year.
  • It is estimated that nearly 800,000 children will be reported missing each year in the U.S; 40,000 children go missing each year in Brazil; 50,500 in Canada; 39,000 in France; 100,000 in Germany; and 45,000 in Mexico. An estimated 230,000 children go missing in the U.K. each year, or one child every 5 minutes.
  • Poor children are trafficked in many countries where missing children are not being tracked.
  • In most of the developing world including Africa, Asia and Latin America, no one is counting missing children. Additionally, there are no specific laws on missing children, no established protocol and no central missing child registries.
  • Of the 900,000 people reported missing each year in the U.S., 50,000 are over the age of 18. Half of missing adults are white, 30% are African American, and 20% are Latino.
  • Minority children make up 65% of all non-family abductions. African American children make up 42%.
  • Those with drug and alcohol addiction, psychiatric problems, and the elderly suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s make up the bulk of missing-adult cases.
  • Half of the 800,000 missing-juvenile cases reported each year are runaways. One quarter of missing-children cases are abductions committed by family members, often as a result of custody disputes. Approximately 100 are kidnappings by strangers. Of these, most of the victims are between 12 and 17, 80% are white, and 90% of the kidnappers are men. In more than half the cases, the victims are sexually assaulted.
  • In the United States alone, enough children are abducted by family members on an average day to fill a school bus every other hour, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  • According to the U.S. Department of State, there are no statistics that track the number of Americans who go missing in a foreign country in a given year. The United Kingdom does, however. In 2008, 481 British disappeared abroad, an increase from 401 the previous year and 336 in 2006.

Facts about Human Trafficking

  • Approximately 75-80% of human trafficking is for sex.
  • Researchers note that sex trafficking plays a major role in the spread of HIV and sexually transmitted diseases.
  • There are an estimated 27 million adults and 13 million children around the world who are victims of human trafficking.
  • Human traffickers often use a Sudanese phrase “use a slave to catch slaves,” meaning traffickers send “broken-in girls” to recruit younger girls into the sex trade. Sex traffickers often train girls themselves, raping them and teaching them sex acts.
  • Human trafficking not only involves sex and labor, but people are also trafficked for organ harvesting.
  • An estimated 30,000 victims of sex trafficking die each year from abuse, disease, torture, and neglect. Eighty percent of those sold into sexual slavery are under 24, and some are as young as six years old.
  • Ludwig “Tarzan” Fainberg, a convicted trafficker said, “You can buy a woman for $10,000 and make your money back in a week if she is pretty and young. Then everything else is profit.”
  • A human trafficker can earn 20 times what he or she paid for a girl. Provided the girl was not physically brutalized to the point of ruining her beauty, the pimp could sell her again for a greater price because he had trained her and broken her spirit, which saves future buyers the hassle. A 2003 study in the Netherlands found that, on average, a single sex slave earned her pimp at least $250,000 a year.
  • Although human trafficking is often a hidden crime and accurate statistics are difficult to obtain, researchers estimate that more than 80% of trafficking victims are female. Over 50% of human trafficking victims are children.
  • According to a 2009 Washington Times article, the Taliban buys children as young as seven years old to act as suicide bombers. The price for child suicide bombers is between $7,000-$14,000.
  • UNICEF estimates that 300,000 children younger than 18 are currently trafficked to serve in armed conflicts worldwide.
  • More than 30% of all trafficking cases in 2007-2008 involved children being sold into the sex industry.
  • The Western presence in Kosovo, such as NATO troops and civilians, have fueled the rapid growth of sex trafficking and forced prostitution. Amnesty International has reported that NATO soldiers, UN police, and Western aid workers “operated with near impunity in exploiting the victims of the sex traffickers.”
  • Over 71% of trafficked children show suicidal tendencies.
  • After sex, the most common form of human trafficking is forced labor. Researchers argue that as the economic crisis deepens, the number of people trafficked for forced labor will increase.
  • Most human trafficking in the United States occurs in New York, California and Florida.
  • Human traffickers often target young victims via the Internet, digital apps and cell phones.
  • Sex traffickers often recruit children because not only are children more unsuspecting and vulnerable than adults, but there is also a high market demand for young victims. Traffickers target victims on the telephone, on the Internet, through friends, at the mall, and in after-school programs.
  • Several countries rank high as source countries for human trafficking, including Belarus, the Republic of Moldova, the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Albania, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Romania, China, Thailand and Nigeria.
  • Belgium, Germany, Greece, Israel, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Thailand, Turkey, and the U.S. are ranked very high as destination countries of trafficked victims.
  • Women and children are trafficked to the U.S. largely to work in the sex industry (including strip clubs, peep and touch shows, massage parlors that offer sexual services, and prostitution). They are also trafficked to work in sweatshops, domestic servitude and agricultural work.
  • Sex traffickers use a variety of ways to condition their victims, including subjecting them to starvation, rape, gang rape, physical abuse, beating, confinement, threats of violence toward the victim and victim’s family, forced drug use and shame.
  • Family members will often sell children and other family members into slavery; the younger the victim, the more money the trafficker receives. For example, a 10-year-old named Gita was sold into a brothel by her aunt. The now 22-year-old recalls that when she refused to work, the older girls held her down and stuck a piece of cloth in her mouth so no one would hear her scream as she was raped by a customer. She would later contract HIV.
  • Human trafficking is one of the fastest growing criminal enterprises because it holds relatively low risk with high profit potential. Criminal organizations are increasingly attracted to human trafficking because, unlike drugs, humans can be sold repeatedly.
  • In approximately 54% of human trafficking cases the recruiter is a stranger, and in 46% of the cases the recruiters know the victim. 52% of human trafficking recruiters are men, 42% are women, and 6% are both men and women.
  • Some human traffickers recruit handicapped young girls, such as those suffering from Down Syndrome into the sex industry.
  • According to the FBI, a large human-trafficking organization in California in 2008 not only physically threatened and beat girls as young as 12 to work as prostitutes, they also regularly threatened them with witchcraft.
  • Human traffickers often work with corrupt government officials to obtain travel documents and seize passports.
  • Women and girls from racial minorities in the U.S. are disproportionately recruited by sex traffickers in the U.S.
  • The Sunday Telegraph in the U.K. reports that hundreds of children as young as six are brought to the U.K. as slaves each year.
  • Japan is considered the largest market for Asian women trafficked for sex.
  • Airports are often used by human traffickers to hold “slave auctions”, where women and children are sold into prostitution.
  • Human traffickers are increasingly trafficking pregnant women for their newborns. Babies are sold on the black market, where the profit is divided between the traffickers, doctors, lawyers, border officials and others. The mother is usually paid less than what is promised her, citing the cost of travel and creating false documents. A mother might receive as little as a few hundred dollars for her baby.
  • Due to globalization, every continent of the world has been involved in human trafficking, including a country as small as Iceland.
  • Many times, if a sex slave is arrested, she is imprisoned while her trafficker is able to buy his way out of trouble.
  • Today, slaves are cheaper than they have ever been in history. The population explosion has created a great supply of workers and globalization has created people who are vulnerable and easily enslaved.
  • Brazil and Thailand are generally considered to have the worst child sex trafficking records.
  • Nearly 7,000 Nepali girls as young as nine years old are sold every year into India’s red-light district, or 200,000 in the last decade. Ten thousand children between the ages of 6 and 14 are in Sri Lankan brothels.
  • Human trafficking victims face physical risks, such as drug and alcohol addiction, contracting STDs, sterility, miscarriages, forced abortions, vaginal and anal trauma, among others. Psychological effects include developing clinical depression, personality and dissociative disorders, suicidal tendencies, Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome, and Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome.
  • The AIDS epidemic in Africa has left many children orphaned, making them especially vulnerable to human trafficking.
  • According to the U.S. State Department, human trafficking is one of the greatest human rights challenges of this century, both in the United States and around the world.

Archontic Deception Strategies for Sexual Abuse, SRA

Guardian Host has supported us in comprehending the minds of criminal psychopaths because most of humanity is extremely naïve and unaware of the extent of mind control and the global tyranny that we have been exposed to over thousands of years. The Archontic Deception Strategies are used to socially engineer the death culture, a culture of fear, dishonesty, deception and human slavery. Thus, the Archontic Deception Strategies have been discussed to help us pinpoint the ongoing strategies showing themselves in the macrocosm, so that we can recognize the anti-human agendas and trauma patterns being purposely designed into our society by these psychopaths. If a technologically advanced extradimensional race has decided to implement a gradual takeover of a planet and its inhabitants, what kind of strategy would it use? First, they would look to how they could maximize the efficiency of the invasion process by generating mind-controlled slaves, and find methods to reduce the expenditure of resources and energies that they would have to generate themselves. Therefore, they mind control humans to carry out the slavery agendas as their prison wardens, who then they become complicit with these criminal acts in ways that buy their silence.

To achieve these goals the secretive infiltration of the highest power positions in the core societal organizational structures such as: religious institutions, medical, financial, governmental and legal systems, would be ideal to shape the death culture as a value system that generates the belief systems they want to manipulate in the masses. Otherwise said this is the mainstreaming of satanism into greater acceptance to become normalized within the human culture. Through the engineering of a labyrinth of self–enforced enslavement policies based on fear and intimidation among the earth inhabitants, learned helplessness and accepting tyrannical control through the invasion process is made much easier. The people on earth would be effectively groomed to enforce their own enslavement as well as enslave their own global human family by giving up their human rights and handing over their resources to the predators. This is very effective for planetary takeover and generating a full spectrum invasion with minimal resistance or revolt by inhabitants who are completely unaware they are being gradually invaded and set up for increasing levels of global slavery.

Out of the five main Archontic strategies discussed, two of them are focused upon psycho-emotional-spiritual attacks to cripple human civilization through setting up the conditions in which assorted forms of sexual abuse and sexual misery are spread throughout society. The sexual misery program extends to creating this sexual abuse as young as possible by targeting the world’s children in an assortment of mind control methods. The more covert strategy is actual child sacrifice through satanic ritual abuse and its related activities, in which the predators, human and nonhuman actually enjoy and even get intoxicated and addicted to the ritual torture and murder of children. Thus, the goal of mass human slavery is to keep them with a never-ending supply of mostly kids, which connects to the mass organized levels of human trafficking across the globe, which is further hidden behind multinational corporate fronts in order to maintain the supply in demand.

Although child sexual abuse and child molestation is at epidemic levels, the advanced levels of black magic learned by corrupt humans and inherited by the anti-Christ alien influence includes the dark realm of Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA). In order for the Power Elite criminal cabal to remain in power and in control over all the wealth and resources on this planet, their satanic and luciferian religion tells them that they are to practice satanic ritual abuse and black magic sorcery with blood sacrifice of the innocents, or make human sacrifices to their dark “gods” on specified religious holidays or seasons. Satanic high holy days or seasons can require as many human sacrifices as possible to the practicing Satanist, which can be blood sacrifices in their back yard, multiple child sacrifices on a church altar, or false flag operations in which many people are ritually killed in some kind of public event reported on the news as a lone shooter or random psychopathic killer.

This level is in the caste system of Satanic priesthood on the earth which is found to be propagated at the highest metaphysical levels by the seed of anti-Christ, these are nonhuman entities that entered our system through the Wesa Tunnel and then gained control over the Black Sun entities with AI further comprising the Orion Group. These entities value the killing of children and those that worship these satanic forces believe in the necessity of child sacrifice killings to maintain their wealth and power on the earth, which buys them protection and connection with the extradimensional parasitic entities of the NAA. They have gotten away with these crimes without prosecution for millennia, because they have been protected by the alien machinery and sorcery of assorted NAA forces. The NAA entities themselves consider children to be the most desirable object of which to torture the soul and to consume blood and body parts in order to illicit an addictive euphoric consciousness state. The entities have trained the criminal cabal members into an anti-human religion that the blood of a child is the purest, they can extract vital essences and power from the blood sacrifice and through consuming adrenalized blood of ritually sacrificed children. When they want more power for material success or something to gain, or there is something to cleanse, they believe to cleanse it with a child’s blood sacrifice. During the ritual sacrifice the nonphysical anti-Christ entities are present and feast on the tortured child’s painful emotions, fear and terror. Most commonly those in the higher caste bloodlines will abduct a child or children or a satanic family will give up one of their children from ritual incest as an offering during satanic ritual holidays. Cabal families have incestual sex with their children or younger nieces and nephews, in which the pregnancy of the young girl is hidden and considered the perfect offering in satanic ritual to help the family gain material wealth and power. Additionally, orphanages in all countries are frequently pillaged for this reason. This practice of child sacrifice is the most unbelievable and sickening to the sane mind and loving heart, yet, we must know this practice exists and the reasons behind it, to begin to effectively protect the children of the earth from this depravity and spiritual sickness.

Most frequently children of extremely poor people are either used this way in blood ritual, or will be a sexual slave or prostitute to service a group of satanic individuals. Child genital mutilation, child sex slavery, child porn, live sex with children on the internet and even child snuff films are a billion-dollar booming business. This is highly disturbing as we can observe that very little public education is available, and even fewer positions in government have done anything significant to prosecute the perpetrators of this global humanitarian crisis. It is worth noting that in three years the current presidential administration posted nearly 20 executive orders and comments on the white house website relating to the commitment being made from the administration to finally address and put an end to human trafficking. The recent emphasis was placed on ending child trafficking in the United States, as the nation with the most prolific consumerism of child sexual exploitation material, and yet not a peep is mentioned in the mainstream media. What does the silence tell you? We have to ask, who is benefiting from prostituting and having sex with our children?

Globalization and The Great Reset for Unlimited Access to Children

To bring to light the problem with globalization being used by the Power Elite Controllers to increase full spectrum dominance in every aspect of our lives in order to profit from and continue their hidden business activities of human trafficking, mass slave labor and unlimited access to the worlds’ children, is why this topic is being discussed.

The globalization agenda of the Great Reset is intended by the NAA to usher in the One World Order or Agenda 2030 as the fourth industrial wave transitioning humanity into transhumanism and technocratic control, which is planned to bring the complete and total slavery of the entire global population on the earth surface.

To achieve this Great Reset, an imaginary and concocted global pandemic has been created in which the last vestiges of human rights that are protected under the United States constitution and the Law of One of which it represents, are being viciously and ruthlessly attacked by the Anti-Christ forces. The U.S. Constitution is the foundation of our economic and social system, and it has outperformed the rest of the world’s other social and economic systems for centuries. But, according to the founder and chief executive chairman of the World Economic Forum, Americans shouldn’t have a say in this matter. We are supposed to transfer all our wealth and resources for the elite pedophiles to decide how to take complete control over our lives whether we like it or not. This is a radical move towards collectivism in which all personal autonomy, individuality and self-sovereignty is intended to be permanently destroyed, which is a remarkable and dangerous moment for personal freedom in the United States and across the planet.

Take note and pay attention to those in positions of globalist power or in the governments that are promoting the globalization-socialism agendas of the World Economic Forum and the Davos, Switzerland elites. Proclamations from Prince Charles and other elite world leaders as well as those politicos onboard with the globalist agendas, are publicly talking about changing the entire world all at once and soon.

The scale of change that globalist elites are calling for through the vehicle of the Great Reset, requires the implosion of the current world structure in order to lay the foundations for their One World Order tyranny. Pay attention to the flowery words and empty promises propagandizing the Great Reset with online pictures of deliriously happy people with key phrases like, “you’ll own nothing and be happy”.  This is the largest attempted stealing and transfer of national wealth and power for instigating global human slavery under the Luciferian Covenant, along with the theft of every last drop of global human resources through an orchestrated plandemic with the strong-arm response of bullies designed to abolish western culture. Expecting that nations hand over the reins of regional power to the Power Elite Controllers that finalizes their long-term plans to finally strip away all human rights, in which they own everything and everyone and begin the systematic confiscation of personal property, individual choice and the extermination of the undesirables.

So, what is globalization exactly, and how are they packaging globalization-socialism as the savior of humanity, which the Globalists tell us is designed to create more equity and fairness between all of the peoples and nations?

Globalization is the process through which all economic activity within regions are developing their business operations on an international scale, supposedly generating scaled up markets, better quality products, technological innovation and more job opportunities and wealth throughout the countries and companies that are participating. However, more accurately under this model, is the aggressive exploitation and infiltration of nations and entrepreneurial companies through massively organized criminal enterprises disguised as these multinational corporations. These corporations are carrying out a reign of economic terrorism in which to achieve full monopolization and economic dominance, which exerts control over access to the planetary resources. They don’t care what the system of human enslavement is called, whether it’s promoted under the guise of capitalism, socialism or communism, the goal is totalitarian control and monopolization of all markets and planetary resources for explicit use by the Power Elite pedophiles.

Further, globalization is a word that is used to describe the interdependence of the world’s economies, cultures and populations, in which the mainstream media propaganda is used to sell us on the idea that globalization is needed to create a fairer and more just world, in order to promote global prosperity and peace. This all sounds very positive. However, as long as the NAA and the Power Elite Controller death cult remain at the top of the pyramid of global control over the world economies and planetary resources, exacting complete control over our lives and this fact remains hidden from the global population, the crimes being committed against humanity will only continue at even more egregious levels. The top crimes against humanity at the top of the elite pedophile wish list are further expansions into unlimited Human Trafficking, Child Sexual Abuse and SRA across the globe being practiced openly and transparently, without any restrictions or penalty, because these anti-human practices are finally legalized and made unpunishable by those in control. No more hiding in the shadows and compartmentalization within the multinational conglomerates for the luciferian-satanists, in their vision of a perfect world the earth is now their unrestricted playground and the rest of us are poverty-stricken and mind-controlled slaves.  

Globalization under this Controller based model has already radically increased the wealth and power distribution to go straight up into the pockets of the one (1) percent Power Elite criminals, those that own all of or have some stake in the control over the colossus web of multinational corporations, Big Tech and world organizations. They are not shy about telling us how many billions they have already made from the lockdown that is destroying lives across the globe, the top wealthiest people have gained an enormous increase in billionaire wealth just this year. This is why the billionaires are increasing their obscene levels of global wealth while the middle classes and local business entrepreneurs are systematically being annihilated, in the ongoing schedule for forcing western nations to comply to the World Economic Forum’s Agenda 2030 goals. Economic terrorism is the general playbook of the intelligentsia used by the cabal crime families to strongarm sovereign nations or regions to give up their local resources for the criminal exploitation of those power brokers being backed by the Power Elite Controllers, in order to make obscene profits by servicing the global enslavement agendas. Here the agenda is being made fully transparent to us with the eyes to see, in the United States and in all other western nations.

Mass human slavery and indentured servitude is a booming big business and now through the pretty façade of selling humanity the need for globalization-socialism, they are pushing to take it to another level of complete and utter control over our lives, so that every last cell in our body will be bio-metrically measured for energy production in which to assign credits. They will assign us basic food, clothing and shelter, in their world nothing will be purchased anymore, but we will be subjected to what they decide to allow us to have, giving us no personal choice in the matter. Globalization-socialism is an anti-Christ propaganda which only appears to be positive and is so in imaginary theory only. It is impossible to practice in the current terrain, because the global population has been mind-controlled into the false narrative of free markets, free citizens and belief in the rule of the law that crimes against humanity will be prosecuted. This does not currently exist for the Power Elite pedophiles and it never has. The 3D reality mind control narrative in the media, controls mass perception into the complete subjugation of that which wholly serves their interest to enslave the entire population through the dependence on what they will decide as our fate.

The United Nations, World Bank, World Trade Organizations, NATO and International Monetary Fund are promoted to serve global free trade and enforce the rule of the law, to prevent economic disputes within nations that may arise into warfare, yet they are the same organizations that were put in place after World War II to fully protect the monopolies represented in the Power Elite Controller’s international business interests. Many of which rely on the hidden components of human slavery, human trafficking, drug running and child sexual slavery as a part of their international and off planet business models.

Those in the top power positions have been put there to protect the Power Elite Bloodlines wealth and power being generated from maintaining global poverty and mass human slavery, thus those that have control over the world economies and planetary resources do not want humanity to live in prosperity and peace. They want fear-based mind control slaves and cyborgs that do whatever they are told without questioning. They can continue to exploit humanity as slaves for free labor, free sex and for whatever pleases them with impunity.  The elites are fully aware that the populations that remain uneducated and impoverished, are living in survival consciousness and in constant fear of threats, and will be permanently distracted from perceiving their larger sinister goals of implementing complete global slavery through their techno-totalitarian model of globalization.  Thus, they sell this globalization- socialism and plandemic propaganda to the six monolithic media companies that own all global mainstream newspapers, broadcast networks, television and radio stations, which they fund in order to peddle and spread this utopian fantasy of the Great Reset or One World Order in order to end all poverty and increase global prosperity. Nothing is further from the truth, as these false narratives are used as the emotional baithook to lead the population directly into their full and complete control, as most everyone with a sane mind wants prosperity and peace for humanity and humanity’s children.

Thus, the majority of people are not aware of the Power Elite agenda that is aggressively pushing for increased globalization through the implementation of Marxist-socialist governmental structures in the western nations is not just for the purpose of centralizing global control by dissolving national sovereignty. The biggest secret of the globalization agenda is that through the highest cabal networks that have full control over all transnational corporate conglomerates, these are operating on an international scale on and off planet, in which implementing globalization and centralized automated bureaucratic control with AI makes human trafficking, global human slavery and genocide of the deplorables much easier to implement and manage.  

The transnational corporation conglomerates are operating as a monolithic entity under the same cabal crime families in the Controller group, using compartmentalization and hierarchical access levels, that can easily bury the evidence of mass human trafficking giving the cabal and NAA an easy supply and access to untold amounts of untraceable children that are born in the most impoverished areas of the earth. Thus, please know that the current Globalization and multiculturalism agenda represents human slavery, human trafficking, and child sexual abuse and blood ritual to be made open and available to the NAA at unprecedented levels. The accurate statistics and knowledge of the multiple millions of humans that are being abducted, enslaved, killed or tortured for blood and sex ritual every year for thousands of years, may never be known by the public. This is why they sell to the public the imaginary utopia of globalization-socialism; it is the same tactics of Mao, Stalin and the Nazi guards at the holocaust camps when they told the human prisoners they were just going to the hot showers. The cruelty of the predators that despise humanity enough to carry out this genocidal enslavement agenda is unthinkable for most of us. However, we must awaken from our slumber to see that unrestricted mass human slavery and child sexual abuse IS the end result of this agenda, and we must protect and serve the truth in this matter through our spiritual dedication to serve our highest power, God, Christ or the Christos Mission.

Only by being willing to see the scope of the gaslighting and false narratives redirecting our conscious perception away from the dire reality of human trafficking and sexual abuse of our children in mass quantities, will these heinous crimes ever stop. We have to see that this exists and how it is done, before we can begin to unite together beyond politics or ego mind games, in order to stop this global tragedy from continuing unseen and unpunished.

The extremely profitable business models in the giant multinational corporations are not being penalized or held accountable to the rule of law in situations that promote criminal behaviors that foster mass global slavery, human trafficking and child sexual exploitation. If people remain unaware of the global scale of these operations, that human trafficking, adrenochrome production, child and organ harvesting is run like an everyday corporate business model, then we will never actually see the scope in which this is happening and these crimes of human torture remain free to continue.

Intelligence Community Whistleblowers

Whistleblowers in the truther community have been directly involved in American military covert operations or within the intelligence communities and have publicly stated that ninety percent of the good people in the law enforcement community are trapped in a massively corrupt system rendering them totally ineffective. Many of them state emphatically that the secret intelligence community serves the interests of the Power Elite Controllers or Deep State, not the citizens of the United States. Currently we have all the surveillance technology we would ever need to gain the complete evidence of these crimes made against humanity, such as mass human trafficking and child sex rings, but the compartmentalization and bureaucracy is being implemented by those in power who are directly involved in the cover up of these crimes. The blackmail, bribery, hard factual evidence in communications along with compromising sex videos are more than adequate to convict the most violent and sick of these criminal psychopaths, if this information was given open source access across the intelligence and law enforcement communities, and these criminals were not being protected by those in the highest governmental positions and courts of law.

Bill Binney, an NSA whistleblower has said in public interviews that with ten people in thirty days, he could identify domestic enemies, every traitor, every elite child molester, and every money laundering white-collar criminal with the technology that is already in place in the intelligence community. All of the criminal activities in the world that are generating billions of dollars from human trafficking, child sexual slavery, money laundering and massive amounts of wealth stolen from the public tax payer, are being tracked and have been tracked by the NSA for the past fifteen years.

This is good news as it means that if the intelligence community and shadow government operatives can be removed to prevent the blocking of ethical and moral people from being placed in key law enforcement positions, all the evidence we could ever need to convict these criminals is fully available. And that will lead us to see with factual evidence who has been covering up human trafficking and behind the sale of human beings across the globe, laundering trillions of dollars from having sex with children.

Closing Comments

As a gentle reminder, the refusal to research or see that these depraved actions are rampant throughout our society is what allows the continuation of great harm to come to the earth’s children, by ignoring those who are raped, beaten and killed every day by their handlers and customers. The global structure which supports human trafficking and protects the elite’s preferences for child sexual molestation and sacrifice, allows these incredibly damaging acts to continue which is designed to destroy the entire human race. This horrendous soul violation must be seen and understood in order to be corrected, this anti-human structure must be seen in order to be transformed and stopped.

Can we forgive and send unconditional love to the predator living inside the pedophiles? Yes, of course, but we do not allow the predatorial behavior of traumatized and sick individuals to continue to wield harm and destruction against innocent bystanders or children, who have every right to live on the earth safely and unharmed. There must be consequences to the violent actions of sexual predators, those with the malintent to harm and kill others, by removing these predatory groups from having power positions and blending in with society. Currently the Controller structure supports them by putting them in the highest positions of overseeing child-based charities and missing children groups, those sexual predators are impostors  posing with in the humanitarian organizations or religious institutions. For this reason, as we bring Child Trafficking to light, all of the other covert and hidden prongs in the enslavement agenda tied into it begin to unravel into a larger disclosure picture and event.

Again, it is helpful to remember the first act of the natural law is that all living beings have the right to be as they are, but if you intend to harm and kill another, you lose that right. That is how it is in natural law. Be yourself, as long as you do not harm and violate others right to free expression and to live without threat to bodily harm. Molesting children generates incredible damage to the consciousness and lightbody, this alone greatly informs us that it is anti-life and evil. Predators that are intentionally producing soul fragmentation are committing a violation made against the soul. The NAA predators are committing violations against the group human soul on the earth, which also constitutes grave violations made against the natural laws, in which grave consequences will be the result. If this criminal depravity against children is not stopped, eventually any species propagating this level of deviant behavior will eventually annihilate itself. Humanity has entered the pinnacle time of the Ascension cycle in which the great accounting takes place, no one gets away with anything, as all of our choices have consequences in which we will face our creations and the judge and jury that exists within ourselves.

Please only take what is useful for your spiritual growth and discard all the rest. Please pray for all of humanity and those brave souls who are educating the public about the scourge of human trafficking through supporting global awakening and disclosure. Thank you for your courage and bravery to be a truth seeker. I am God, Sovereign, Free!

Until next, stay in the luminosity of your Avatar Christos Sophia heart path. Please be kind to yourself and each other. GSF!

With a Loving heart, Lisa


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    Ascension Dynamics 

    As the planet is accelerating into the higher reality fields and their higher resonating frequency patterns, it is clear that many of us are experiencing a densification and magnification of our 3rd dimensional reality. I have been speaking of the “demarcation point” between these reality systems, the 3rd Dimensional and Multidimensional realities, as being incredibly amplified especially now.  

    This will continue onward and it is best to prepare ourselves and learn the tools of managing our ego system and our “mind” fields. This is why comprehending our multidimensional anatomy is crucial as once you are aware of the levels of your own being, it becomes clear on how to manage your ego and the subconscious mind. We cannot be on auto-pilot with our consciousness anymore without paying the energetic price. There are NO Neutral thoughts and this new energy cycle will prove this to us, time and time again.  

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  • Command Personal Space


     Commanding Personal Space

    Fortify your 12D Shield. Intend the Unity Vow to make your Hub Handshake.

    Opening Statement

    Beloved God, Open All channels of light, clear all light fibers to be fully connected and resonant with the Living Light Code.

    We Set our Space in our Room with Our Unity Decree. Defender Warriors of Truth, Sovereignty, Liberation. The Christ Guardian races Serving the Law of One, from Across All the Multiverses We Call Upon You to Join US Now, anchor our space in the sovereign God Law.

    We Ask The Guardians, Councils of our Higher Selves, Evolution Support Teams, Starseed Identity Matrix, (can also add in the Mother Arc etc) aligned to the Law of One Mission to work together for the highest capacity of exchange of GOD’s infinite light, love and power in divine right order and harmony. My declaration of intention is to serve my Source. I commit to serve my Highest Power fully, completely, and totally. I am God, I am Sovereign, I am Free.

    Please Open the 12th Dimensional Vortex in counter clockwise motion into full expansion in the Celestial Christ Force Of Platinum and Aurora Light, Grid this Space entirely in the 12th Dimensional Pale Silver Light of Christ. Set the Spin Accordingly, Calibrate, Anchor Lock and Seal in this Hologram.

    North South East West – Earth- Sky and heart : We direct the Four Corners to Be Sealed in the Light of Unity and Oneness. We Are Impenetrable and Invincible. We ask the Aurora Forces of our Group Avatar of Ascension to Anchor this Space Sacred in Service to the Law of One of which We Serve.

    I claim my Divine Inheritance and Self Sovereign God Power NOW! I choose the Patterns of Perfection NOW For all Human Beings! I AM THE Diamond Heart NOW!

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