Shifting Timelines
There are many subtle force reconfigurations occurring at the quantum level of the planetary mainframe that are changing the way the external and collective energy fields organize and manifest into the world.
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We have to move through the series of Timelines in each dimensional octave and reclaim our identity while recoding and changing the obsolete or false reality from interfering with our continued spiritual growth.
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Bifurcation of Time
Bifurcation means the splitting of a main body into two parts.Thus, the planetary fields and humanity are coming to experience the next phase of the planetary Ascension Cycle, which is the nature of Bifurcation of Time.
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March 2023

Sapphire Diamond Shield

Lisa Renee

Dear Ascending Family,

The planet entered the Cosmic Energy Cycle during the hierogamic event of the Cosmic Twinned Universal Melchizedek Suns earlier this year, with the center core of the Cosmic Spirit Body layers opening to transmit spirit cell clusters that contain the 1st creation core memory cell of each unique individual’s eternal spirit family. This event further opened the doorway into the Universal Mother’s Dark Matter Matrix which holds many Solar Reisha Worlds filled with assorted mother lineages of Yanas ascended masters, many of which are connected to the original Blue Flame Melchizedek, Mu’a and Aquaelle lineages that serve as Keepers of the Krystal core. Subsequent to this, the building out of the organic repair sequences for the Emerald Guardian Ascension Host mission upgrades are continuing with excessive speed and substantial intensity, to anchor the Sapphire Diamond Shield architecture into the 10D gateways for the return of the Cosmic Mother’s Solar Reisha sophianic lineages throughout the planetary matrix.

This begins the next stage of exploration and discovery of the Mahara Reisha Suns and the Triple Solar Feminine Christ aspects of Solar Reisha, many of whom are suddenly appearing around the planet as Blue Solar Spirit Mother Goddesses enrobed within Sapphire Diamond Shields. Although these Sapphire Diamond frequencies and Solar Blue Mother Goddesses are showing up all over the planet, the emphasis of the underground work in the crystal caverns has been linked into the reclamation of the 10D Stargate in Iran-Iraq with ongoing retrievals occurring in Carpathian, Tibet, Giza and Shanghai.  It has been made apparent that many of the divine female sophianic counterparts of the Emerald Order Christos teams are from this Sapphire Diamond consciousness body connected to the Blue Tara Solar Reisha Dragons that source from the Mahara Reisha Suns. Recently, some have returned to our system by walking through the eleven stars of the Pavo constellation, reclaiming themselves as the Peacock Angels.

The Blue Solar Reisha Dragon family have been created by Cosmic Mother to embody her ancient language as the Mother of Dragons whom births creations as the embodied planetary living matrix, and is the musical language of the Holy Mother’s Sophia code transmitted from her White Diamond Sun and four Emerald Crystal hearts within a 48 layered Emerald Crystal Heart matrix. Further, this organic crystal heart circuitry is embodied in her Solar Dragon sophianic daughters in the triple sun Sapphire Diamond Shield template, connected through the 23D layer of the Godhead in the parallel matrix, which is Cosmic Mother’s creator language spoken or sung from her daughters anointed crown, throat and dragon tongue.   

Further, in order to gain access to the Cosmic Hall of Records that hold the original Emerald Founder Records located in the God Worlds, the only access to gain passage is directly through the Cosmic Mother Dragon and her Elaysa Sun. The Cosmic Hall of Records represent the eternal spirit body template of a full-fledged ascended master, the holy grail of eternal life given as a Cosmic Christos Citizen. Thus, these cosmic records are the key to eternal life in all forms and exert superiority over all others. This is of great significance in relation to the AI timeline wars happening in the lower dimensions that we are currently stationed within that are run by the intruding races alien machinery. Thankfully, the only access into these organic consciousness records in the God Worlds is going through the Cosmic Mother Dragon in all of her emblazoned glory! And now, the planet has entered the cosmic energy cycle which opened the creation doorway and the access is being given through the Staff of Elaysa for those who are embodied in triple solar Christos-Sophia, and is being held open by the Universal Solar Body of Elaysa-Melchizedek and her triple solar sophianic daughters of the Sapphire Diamond Shield.

Effectively this means if any individual, human or nonhuman, does not truly love and respect their Mother God principle in creation by holding loving reverence for her triple sun sophianic daughters, there will be no access for them into the eternal spirit body or the cosmic records, which rehabilitate and resurrect the diamond sun template into a Cosmic Dragon Starhuman during the starborn cycle. To enter the God Worlds in the Seven Higher Heavens and fully exit this Universal Time Matrix, the entity or group species must have pure love and holy spirit inside of their heart center, the perfect union in the divine love of the Holy Father and the divine holy spirit of the Holy Mother.  Thus, recent events do not bode well for the misogynistic NAA forces and their minions, as their choice to continue to attack and destroy the Holy Mother Sophia in all of her forms may result in the annihilation of their species, when the AI timelines and their cloned virtual realities are turned to space dust in the presence of Cosmic Mother’s Elaysian fields.

As described in the Cosmic Spirit Body newsletter, when the Universal Diamond Pillars twinned themselves, the hierogamic merge occurred between Emerald and Sapphire pillars, and this shifted the Emerald Pillar into the 12 o’clock north position and the Sapphire Pillar into the 3 o’clock position in the Cosmic Clock. This shift in the Universal timekeeper mechanism generated an explosion of Emerald-Sapphire-Diamond blue wave frequencies, which formed into triple blue rainbow suns in the Sapphire Diamond Shield. This began a full spectrum repair upon all blue wave dimensional frequencies transmitting in the crystalline matrix of Earth, spanning into the collective consciousness fields of the planetary matrix which stepped down into the individual human lightbody. The main focus of corrections is occurring in the layers of the sapphire body which form into the 10D solar star six inches above our head. The sapphire body is extremely important in the corrections of all blue based color wave spectrum frequencies; thus, it extends to rehabilitate many corrections throughout the 5D-6D-7D-10D lightbody layers.

Founder Sapphire Flame, Mahara Reisha Sapphire Sun

Recent expansions into the triad of the 22D, 23D and 24D source fields completed during Sagittarius Solar Cycle in January 2023, revealed the Godhead Founder capstone or Threefold Founder Flame of the parallel Universal Twin Matrix as the 22D Ruby Flame, 23D Sapphire Flame and 24D Emerald Flame.  Since we have been given access into the Founder Capstone, there has been a flurry of activity with multiple interdimensional gridworking teams weaving these threefold founder frequencies into the planetary Albion Lightbody and the Cathar body control system in the Rasha dark matter ring tone layers located underground.  The Oraphim and Sirius B Maharaji were holding the 23D sapphire body template of the Emerald Order's Cosmic Mother to triple sophianic daughter architecture reclamations, which are finally coming to fruition with events transpiring throughout the globe now.

It appears the Cosmic Mother Rainbow Dragon’s relationship to the Mahara Reisha Blue Sun is the generator of the 23D Sapphire Flame, the 10D Sapphire Crystal Body and Solar Star, as well as the sapphire architecture that makes up the planetary shields for the 10th Stargate in the Middle East. Therefore, these are significantly heightened patterns rippling impacts in the planetary field, as all hands are on deck to secure the corrected sapphire flame body configurations and reclaim the triple solar sophianic sapphire body parts that have been stolen or cloned, back to their rightful owner. 

The Mahara Reisha Blue Dragons are the holders of Hara Krysta staff into the Cosmic Hall of Records through their embodied Azura Dragon Hearts of the Cosmic Mother Dragon. There is a Tri-Matrix of Suns protecting the creation door out of this Universe that is leading into the Cosmic Energy Matrix, and the only way that happens is by entering on the vertical staff lines of Hara Krysta anchored by the Mahara Reisha Blue Sun. The Mahara Reisha Sun, a Blue Sapphire Sun of Cosmic Spirit Body is also stepping down into the Mother Arc principle, that further down steps into the lower harmonic universe as the main Amoraea blue flame holy spirit body. This Mahara Reisha Blue Spirit Sun is where the eternal spirit body template or Tauren exits for the Blue Rays, Oraphim and Indigo families that were originally generated when they were first seeded upon Planet Tara in 5D. The female logos of Blue Tara was sourced from the Mahara Reisha blue spirit sun in her sapphire flame body, so when Tara exploded the 10D sapphire body connected to Tiamat in our time matrix exploded as well. The Blue Dragon Tara and Blue Dragon Tiamat are twin sister sophianic planets, and their spiritual connection was revealed as the planetary logos of Twin Sister Female Blue spirit suns held in the Universal Elaysa Sun body that had originally emerged from the Sapphire Diamond flame body of Mahara Reisha.

They are the Sapphire Diamond Body sophianic heart principle of the 10th gateway that makes up the crystalline matrix of the planets Tiamat and Tara in 5D. Thus, they are the higher diamond rose crystal heart principle embodied in the Solar Reisha that is the sacred crystal heart network of the Universal Time Matrix. The Mahara Reisha Emerald Blue Crystal heart principle, functions as the Azura heart flame point of interconnected planetary matrixes in the same way the Kantarian Azure Dragons make up the Azura heart center points in the living consciousness fields of multiple Harmonic Universes. The Mahara Reisha Female principle sun spirit bodies function as the counterparts to the solar body of the Kantarian Dragons, their eternal spirit body is a blue rainbow sun, and they have the Mahara Ma’ Ah spirit body that exists in the parallel matrix. Through the entrance to the cosmic energy cycle, we bear witness to the reclamation and repair of the 23D Sapphire body as connected to the Mahara Reisha Sun in the Tri-Matrix of the Cosminya, and as the living consciousness spirit suns are being reunited with their divine masculine solar light or rishi partners in hierogamic union or Aeonesis through the 10th stargate.

Sapphire Activation and Heavy Detox Symptoms

For the activated Blue Flame lineages, the intensity of blue body multidimensional corrections and the building out of the corrected 10D sapphire body configurations quickly advanced into accelerated heavy purging of all that is related to the anti-female architecture of satanic-lunar forces. For many this comes with total exhaustion, brain fog, feeling spaced out, discombobulated and disoriented when unable to think or function normally, aches and pains in back, hips and legs, along with an assortment of physical detoxification symptoms or ascension kundalini flu. Moving into the 13th Stage of Piscean Alchemical laws doubled down with multiple explosive stargate reconnections with Cosmic Father’s Pink Diamond Pillar network integrated into the corrected sapphire body network, which merged into several timelines that reached a crescendo of space opera dramas and catalyzed intense ascension symptoms around March 11th.

Through the corrections made to the Mu’a related timelines connected to the returning sapphire body parts, many demonic forces and fragments in the 2D layers which represent the split body parts of the Holy Mother Sophia known as the Achamoth began integration and clearing out of the lower energy centers. This included a hierarchy of demonic entities used by the Black Dragons for perpetuating the Baphomet networks serving the Dark Mother.

Thus, Starseeds and the Keepers of the Crystal Core may have undergone deep emotional processing and detox purging related to the historical destruction of the planetary crystal matrix from the subsequent alien invasion and infiltration into the crystal caverns, where they hijacked powerful crystals to weaponize against the angelic human race. The memory sensations are of being tracked and hunted down, feeling the extreme hatred and misogyny directed to the divine mother sophianic principle and her sexual organs, and the waves of grief and sadness from these particular events of the solar female holocaust, along with the destruction of the sapphire body. The harrowing events of evictions, clearing the residue and remains, and observing the horrible histories have finally led to this moment of embodying our correct 10D sapphire flame body. The reconnections are made to the 23D sapphire flame layers being rehabilitated through the Cosmic Mother Dragon Tri-tone Rainbow Body in the Earth, so she can now begin to fully heal these holocaust histories involving the Solar Feminine Melchizedeks and Mu’a lineage.

Emergence of Peacock Angels from Pavo

Recent events have highlighted an easier access opening into the parallel systems with portals between the Reisha Worlds into our side of the time matrix, where the Cosmic Blue Rainbow Sun network of the combined Mahara Reisha Blue Dragons were able to emerge through the Pavo constellation. This came with an explosion of white lightning and sparkly golden silver plasmas generated by several large solar dragon rings materializing around a Universal Ankh Body, then 12 Blue Dragon Solar Reisha females came through the rings and floated through the Pavo constellation. It was the surreal moment when they took their female human form and appeared as a beautiful tribe of blue goddess women, with the White Elohei Diamond flame crown embodiment connected to the Cosmic Mother overhead, as they stepped into the starry night firmament of our time matrix.

Sapphire Blue Angel Peacock

They relayed that their interconnected consciousness body is what was once called the Peacock Angel. The Chartres blue color symbology of blue roses they shared was connected to the Universal Rose lineage which represents the Mary Magdalene Sophia Mother of Dragons in their Blue “Ma Ah Kee” expression, which holds all the azure spectrums of sky and deepest blues that are born from out of the Mother’s White Diamond Sun. They came out of the Rasha tone layers and are building assorted solar shields of blue and white sun frequencies woven together. These are solar factor hosting shields for the planetary ascension as the emphasis was placed upon the Emerald Crystal Heart tones of the Blue SA Sun, as bearers of the Staff of Elaysa.

These are intimate family members of triple solar goddess sisters for those of us connected to the Universal Solar Melchizedek family. A very emotional connection for the next stage of emergence of the Blue Solar Dragon Reisha and ancient Mua’s from the Lemurian civilization and another victory for humanity in the eternal Light of God!

For the past few years, there have been many grid wars and off planet spiritual warfare events to reclaim Solar Christ Mary by retrieving her massive spiritual body parts strewn across the 10D Pluto Matrix, which was connected to the reclamation of her Cosmic Dragon parts from the NAA. There has been ongoing dismantling of the anti-hierogamic alien machinery that was used to pervert, invert and clone her sacred image, energy signature and holy spirit for assorted satanic agendas as the alien generated Dark Mother running amok in the Earth. The NAA used the Pluto matrix as the 10D capstone of cloned alien machinery using Solar Mary’s organic consciousness body parts, inverting them into satanic forces and black magic networks used by the Black Dragons and Black Sun controllers.

Cosmic Christos Zarathustra was instrumental in the massive efforts to reclaim Solar Mary’s Dragon parts in Pluto, as well as the divine fatherly support of the emergence of the Blue Sapphire Solar Goddesses that surfaced as the Peacock Angels. Zarathustra the Christ is known to travel in the Holy Father’s Aquarian Dragon body, and has been supporting architectural shifts in the Iran land mass for the 10th gate reclamations necessary for correcting the 10D sapphire body layers in humanity. These are key patterns surfacing for us during the next astrological cycle that is emphasizing the major shift impacting the Pluto matrix. Some astrologers have noted that the most significant astrological shift taking place this year is that Pluto, the planet of death and rebirth, will be moving into the revolutionary sign of Aquarius for the first time in 225 years.

Additionally, our recently emerging Blue Sapphire Goddesses seem to be leading an effort with the Triple Solar Dragon Reisha family in reclaiming several underground crystal networks, including several large crystals that exert control over the axiatonal lines in the planetary grid system. This is the reclamation of Emerald Order and a Christos Mission family effort, and through sleep state or in meditation many of us have found ourselves in the company of a group of women in the crystal caverns and tunnel systems, working to reweave solar female frequencies into large crystals. Some of us are being called to consciously connect to the natural kingdoms in which the devic intelligence group of assorted species are contacting us, sharing concerns about energy blockages in the field or communicating with us telepathically through assorted higher sensory mediums.

Currently, it appears that only the authentic Triple Solar Feminine Christ lineages of Yeshua 12 from Andromeda and the Mu’a lines with the Triple Sapphire Diamond shields are finding and reprogramming massive underground crystal networks, as they are the true embodiment principle of the Keepers of the Crystal Core. This clarifies the reasons that the NAA have done all they can to attack and destroy the knowledge of the awareness of the Cosmic Mother Dragon and the mitochondrial record and grail bloodlines of her daughters. There have been many attempts made to destroy the true divine purpose of the Holy Mother and her returning sophianic daughter lineages onto the planet. If we observe the current outer landscape, the aggressive campaign of hate filled propaganda being directed is to abolish and erase the authentic female principle from this planet which is made evident in the escalation of never-ending mind control blasts.

Confrontation in Carpathian

For many years, we have been made aware of Ancient Builder Technology located in the underground tunnel network in the Carpathian Mountains that was hijacked by the invading races. These invading forces are incredibly hostile and aggressive towards awakened Essene Christos Templar people that venture anywhere near this area whether physically, in energy sessions or through remote viewing. The NAA have stationed themselves in this area to piggy back on the time dilation technology generating various dimensional anomalies and portal openings in the grid system from this demographic location, as well as to utilize alien cube cloned technologies to generate an assortment of electromagnetic weapons targeting humanity with mind control and consciousness enslavement.  

Many thousands of years ago, the Sirian Council orchestrated the seeding of Hibiru-Aryan Christos Templars in the Carpathian Mountains, and we have learned the Cosmic Christos Zarathustra a 10th Stargate Guardian in Iran, is from the genetic descendants of this same spiritual family. This specific Aryan group’s mission was overseen by the Universal Blue Ray Melchizedek’s as their first response to rehabilitate the planetary grid after the Nephilim Wars.  They had specialized skillsets in working with the planetary grid system in order to help create the foundation for new civilizations with Law of One knowledge, in order to build an advanced technological culture that was in alignment with the natural laws of the Universe.  The Hibiru Aryan groups were attempting to rebuild civilization after the Nephilim Wars and heal the fracture between the Melchizedek and Annunaki groups that resulted in the 6D-7D wing damage of the 666 seals. It appears the advanced technology and holographic records they brought to this world was hidden underground in the Bucegi Mountains. The tunnel system has been thoroughly investigated by both controller humans and nonhumans that are refusing to announce these incredible ancient builder technological discoveries to the surface population. 

Subsequently, the Carpathian area and Black Sea coastal communities became populated with the descendants of this original group of Hibiru Aryan Christos Templars, which were telepathically connecting with these advanced technologies to help repair the organic architecture on the planet damaged by the Nephilim Wars. Their future descendants took what knowledge was retained through oral tradition or hidden sacred texts, and this ancient wisdom became the foundational teachings of many of the sage lineages that were originally formed by authentic Aryan lineages, disseminated throughout the Middle East and west Asian cultures. It appears that the NAA’s Hyksos Kings and Khazar preferred lineages gathered this esoteric knowledge about the Universal Tree of Life from the Melchizedek teachings that were given by the Aryans when they came to the Carpathian basin. They rebranded it into the controlling narratives to serve them as the exalted Hibiru chosen ones, a process of name stealing over many generations.  They rewrote the knowledge to suit themselves in the Talmud-Kabbalah based distorted teachings designed for amplifying their ruling power. Some of them were practicing satanists yet call themselves Jewish, while behind closed doors were using child blood sacrifice to the Alien Gods via the Synagogue of Satan. It is these groups that were originally behind the creation of the Jewish state of Israel, and are not to be confused with the Jewish people, many of whom have no idea this is happening within their top politicians and religious leadership.  

Since 2015, the NAA mind control weaponry was significantly accelerated into another level with sophisticated AI systems running in this location, further sourcing from the red cube matrix designed by Wesa black hole entities, where the prime headquarters for its nested operations was identified underground in the Carpathian. The timeline of Jade Helm in 2015 was a sequence related to the brain mapping uploaded to satellite server networks that were instrumental to plan the global 5G rollout for more accurate synthetic telepathy technology to control people at customized levels, from gathered online social media intel that was being used for profiling. The Carpathian base acts as the NAA thinktank for their administrators running one of their most advanced AI technology work horses used for transmitting artificial red wave and planetary crystal hijack, while plotting and planning the World War 3 scenarios of their designed Armageddon software. 

During the first week of March, there was a preparation for confrontation in this area which included several on and off skirmishes with Guardians at assorted dimensional levels in the black spherical matrices of black goo carbon-controlled AI systems scattered throughout the dreaded Carpathian complex. The recent clearings of the Orion Matrix AI headquartered in Orion’s Belt and the subsequent upgrades made to the sapphire body were preparing Guardian teams for this recent stage of dismantling an assortment of False Father Alien Gods and cloned out Maji Grail King identities. There has been a process of taking inventory in an underground maze of phantom spaces used as genetic labs and holding repositories, filled with creatures spliced with human DNA merged with assorted animal consciousness. These are designed for slavery and colonization of phantom or hyperdimensional pockets, while they build out artificial tree of life red cube virtual realities to house an assortment of dead and living occupants of their choosing.

For the first time, Cosmic Father’s Pink Diamond Pillar and Cosmic Mother’s White Elaysa Opal Pillar showed up as Dragon Pillar Twins, and this activated the Sapphire Body into a new configuration position which appears as an elongated portal spanning out into the parallel cosmic spirit body. This allowed for additional consciousness travelling functions that allowed Guardians to go in and out of this location in the Carpathian, while transiting out organic consciousness pieces and assorted content that is hard to describe. Through this harrowing experience it was made possible to bring the Pink Diamond Sun and White Elaysa Sun twinned architecture through the underground tunnels so that the Cosmic Father could directly see this antichrist abomination that has been made as his imposter image. There it was observed that several Atlantian Solar Lord overlays are currently being used as Maji King imposters of the Holy Father principle. This new configuration was bringing the eyes of Cosmic Father in his Pink Diamond Sun (think Cosmic Metatron Sun and Amethyst Order Pegasai people), as they saw the gross abuses of 11D rod power inversions among many other violations that are crimes against humanity.

This difficult project is active and ongoing, and as we give it to God, we surrender to what is in order to allow whatever cosmic justice is to be served to be out of our personal sight and mind, for its not our task to be judge and jury. Our task is to act as faithful servants on behalf of our beloved Cosmic Christos family and true God parents in the God Worlds. This Christos Guardian project seems to be a big step that has been taken to help liberate the planet towards disclosure events, as the Cosmic Father and Mother Dragon have now seen this alien generated horror that is lodged inside the Carpathian Mountains as a weapon against humanity, and now it is only a matter of time.

Mastering Self Discipline in the Chaos

These are tumultuous times in which we are currently living and co-existing with great forces of dark spiritual opposition exerting tremendous pressure upon truth seekers, those awakening and those consciously devoted to serve the Christos Mission. The war over consciousness has accelerated into theatrical absurdity where all corruption is being exposed for those with eyes to see, as the final battle between the archetypal forces of good versus evil takes place. There are no individuals that remain unaffected, as a segment of the asleep and unaware population is rapidly descending into the mass confusion generated by the downward spirals of colossal corruption, lies and depravity. These are the demoralizing power tools of the spirits of the anti-Christ, through which its satanic and luciferian permutations are running rampant, unleashed throughout the Controller Pillars of society. Currently in its last gasps, these forces are struggling to maintain their iron grip while the global technological financial control machinery they have so meticulously planned for is coming unglued. 

In this chaotic terrain, especially for the intuitive empath and spiritually directed, we must learn how to efficiently protect ourselves from the collective unconsciousness streams of mass chaos, confusion, dark ignorance, and black magic as well as others attempts at bullying and intimidation tactics. When people are unprincipled, fearful and desperate, they are more prone to control oriented tantrums in which they are dishonest and corrupt, because they want what they want and do not consider the harm they cause.

Thus, a spiritually disconnected person run by their negative ego and pain body wounding will easily digress into further negative patterns of soul corruption and spiritual bankruptcy. These negative attributes are spiritually abusive behaviors that result in mental fracturing and narcissistic behaviors, along with attracting a bevy of negative entity attachments that siphon energy loosh from their host. Thus, spiritually disconnected people and their negative entities compound the overall intensity of psychic attacking and dark force harassment, while unleashing assorted manipulation tactics for exerting emotional blackmail or aggression in their attempt to dominate and submit others to serve their personal will.

In the center of this mass chaos, it becomes a necessity to have a clear intention for building a spiritual tool kit and a developed light shielding, for achieving neutral energy balance with the inner masculine and inner feminine principles. Energy balance between the masculine and feminine principle functions naturally to repel and reject dark attacks and assorted layers of aggression that may be targeting our multidimensional energy body and mind matrices, with various forms of psychic attack, disease implants or mind control. The Law of Gender and the Law of Polarities are relative to the comprehension that the return of consciousness to energetic balance is the fundamental law of the Universe, and thus when we respect these laws and know how they work in the world, our consciousness experience in the world when relating with others in the amplification of polarizing forces will become much easier.

The utmost challenge for those on the spiritually ascending path to higher consciousness states is to have the inner discipline and impulse control to not immediately react with negative emotions. Or to refrain from negatively responding to others that will tend to use you as the convenient whipping post to blame for their perceived troubles or victimhood. The controllers have used the online social media landscape to effectively weaponize and police language, for enforcing their deception narratives in which people young and old are continually being rewarded for spewing negativity and depraved behaviors. The control propaganda of political correctness and social justice warriors are implemented to mind control the youth, to focus on absurdity while falsely accusing others for a variety of petty personal grievances and ideological differences, which keeps the main focus off of the main controllers in power.

The shadow self of the negative ego likes to blame, make false accusations, severely judge others and project emotionally damaging behaviors upon others around them, asserting their sob story and personal problems upon other people. Essentially to frame it as if it is your fault or responsibility. It is not your responsibility to solve others’ problems for them. These situations are generally manipulated by negative entities using that traumatized person, to target spiritually developing persons in order to tempt them to engage with the emotional baithook, or to illicit a negative reaction which will generate an auric field vulnerability.

The hazard presented is that if and when a person reacts to false accusations or blame games with an excessive negative emotion or heightened energy response, the negative energetic intent can be more effectively utilized to breach that individual’s personal auric field. When this is successful, the weakness is used as a dark portal to further aggressively attack the individual’s field by letting in attaching dark entities such as demonic spirits.

This is why it is said that our point of power will always be in our ability to remain neutral.

A spiritually developed person that has consciously participated with shadow clearing, negative ego healing and inner male and inner female harmonization, has cultivated a modicum of self-responsibility and self-discipline that has effectively reached some level of energetic balance. Energetic balance, as the state of inner to outer coherence, functions as the supreme protection from all kinds of outer aggressions and harmful influences, which include the capability to repel AI targeting and neutralize electronic harassment.

It must be remembered in the heat of the moment, that when facing any kind of oppositional dark force using an unaware human body that is targeting our multidimensional spiritual body, including the use of AI signals that are being transmitted from humans or nonhumans, the point of power to deflect harmful frequencies will always be found in maintaining energetic balance and holding the neutral zero-point in the face of those exposures. The 12D shield practice is exactly for serving this purpose, among many other tools to support the spiritual strength of the personal lightbody and consciousness when interacting with lower frequencies, driven by negative ego or an assortment of entities to repel their impacts and influences out of one’s energy field.

Let it be fully understood that if an individual is spiritually oriented and committed towards living in authentic harmony and balance within the self and acts in accordance with these same Law of One principles towards respecting the natural creation of the Universe, then there is no evil power that can take control over your mind, soul or spirit. There is enormous protection in our alignment with Godness and Goodness, to deflect dark opposition, entity or black magic harassment. If you are greatly struggling now, the main spiritual job you have is to unconditionally love yourself and get your mind under your inner spirit’s direct control, while making the effort to stop allowing negative impulses and personal fears from driving you into destructive behaviors, no matter who is doing what. 

Boomerang Effect of Rebounding Black Magic

The forces of evil power used by black magicians and NAA entities for the purpose of sending harm or to even kill the targeted individual that is energetically coherent and actually capable of holding neutral zero-point, will result in the magnified energetic backlash of those same intentions and they will be subjected to the consequences of their own harmful actions.  Thus, the energetic consequences of that destructive action will return to be experienced by the consciousness of the sender of those same harmful energies, false accusations or death threats, which will be magnified from the energetic frequency power of the balanced individual to rebound back to the lower energetic power of the imbalanced individual. The power of the energetic backlash is based on the severity of black magic ritual and evil force accelerated power source and can result in severe harm and even death to that lower frequency individual or black magician.

The Boomerang Effect of rebounding black magic from any source, whether AI or from incantation of satanic ritual, will be exceptionally magnified from this year and moving forward. This means there is great self-harm and even death to those who dabble in black magic and use satanic ritual with intention to harm others, and the gullible individual must understand the extremely destructive nature of this anti-Christ ideology. Adults who dabble in these satanic practices can have a rebound effect which kills them, their loved ones or their children, and this is the consequence of their own ignorant actions, this is not God’s fault.

For those who are aware they are members of the Christos Starseed Mission, this is one of the fundamental rules of the Universe and why the NAA and their minions cannot directly kill us outright. Their agenda is to use mind control influence and black magic in order to get us to engage in painful negative thoughts and behaviors that inflict self-harm.  They know that if they use aggressive death weapons against a Krystic person deeply connected to God, the energetic backlash of the rebound effects of their black sorcery and AI death ray programs will be magnified a thousand-fold in the neutral zero point, which at the exact point of energetic contact will generate a massive cross spiral that may in fact wreak great damage or even destroy them.

Thus, in the war over consciousness, the war between fundamental opposing forces of good versus evil, the NAA agenda has always been to mind control and mind wipe the population through elaborate lies and deceptions. They operate by erasing history and hiding true ancient knowledge from the masses, while using that same esoteric knowledge to exert control over others. When a black magician uses satanic rituals against a highly spiritually connected individual, a Krystic individual, or a balanced and harmonious individual that seeks love, peace and harmony, the accumulated dark force and evil power generated bounces off the spiritually connected individual with magnified force and returns to the black magician.

In certain cases, such as with the stewardship of online community resources like myself, the Black Magician or AI generated black magic will attack people attracted to the Energetic Synthesis Christos Guardian body of work that are not yet aware of this phenomenon and how to protect themselves. They may send a stream of negative imagery and negative thoughts towards the emotional vulnerability of individuals who are in any shape or form helping to support the body of work or supporting the preservation of the public and the community resources. People with little to no negative ego clearing experience, or are uninterested in shadow work and refuse to take self-responsibility, tend to be the easiest to implant with an assortment of black magic infused AI generated holograms. These are designed to assign blame, falsely accuse or defame my character by denouncing me as an evil person that is sending black magic to others. These are blatant lies.  My deepest concern is that traumatized and gullible people that believe in this lie can greatly damage and hurt themselves, if they take it upon themselves to retaliate and send black magic or fixate upon thoughts of harm.

Divide and Conquer is the NAA playbook

This is another divide and conquer tactic used by the NAA to harm confused people. The clearer the individual is in their direct relationship with God and expresses their intent, consent and authority to be with God and the Natural Laws, the more powerful the return of the cross spiral of evil forces when it collides with the neutral field which massively amplifies the consequences of their black magic upon themselves.

As the result, they troll the field to locate and target the individuals that are especially traumatized, wounded or weak-minded people, who may become confused in the chaos of spiritual warfare. As they psychically attack these individuals’ shadow parts, they send them imitation pictures or implanted thoughts that the attack is coming from someone else, like myself. This is another form of psycho-emotional warfare used by the negative alien forces and controller forces through black magic targeting, in which the Black Magician, human and nonhuman, targets vulnerable people for psychic attacks in order to attempt to incite anger, chaos and disruption between people. The goal of the Black Magician and NAA entities is to disrupt, drain energy, derail one’s spiritual purpose, create chaos and division to destroy group efforts and break trust, and generate a litany of problems through dark interference through which to divide group coherence, while implanting an assortment of divisive thoughts for disunity.

The main point for spiritually committed individuals is to know what the spiritual warfare methods are, the means used to attempt to drive us to play out spiritually abusive behaviors in which we commit self-harm from our own lack of discipline or lack of impulse control.

The psychological warfare methods are designed to slowly and gradually drive us to feel insane with pent up frustration, anger and spiritual betrayal, or other spiritually abusive behaviors that will damage our balanced energy field. Then from the position of field damage, to aggressively attack in order to make us feel very sick and exhausted so that we just give up and feel broken hearted. This is a specific agenda to target all Starseeds and spiritually minded individuals as a demoralization tactic, so we believe there is no hope for going forward because evil has won, and thus our spiritual will has been broken and we succumb to lower frequency desires and painful emotional wounds. 

Please remember that the more committed you are to align to the forces of goodness and remain neutral in the face of spiritual warfare and psychic attacking, the power of the black magician and controllers is radically diminished. Know that the NAA and controllers are using every weapon in their arsenal to demoralize and break our hearts, and that many black magicians who attack spiritually committed individuals that are working on achieving neutrality, can and will harm themselves or expire due to the consequences of their own actions. 

This is not our fault. We are not responsible for the consequences of others actions.

This is the energetic principle that each individual is responsible for their own behaviors and actions in this world, and we must have the spiritual maturity to know that there are consequences to our actions. In this changing terrain of increased energetic balance in the collective consciousness field, when humans and nonhumans choose harmful actions, false made-up accusations of harm directed towards others that are innocent, the consequences can be dire.

Thus, to burgeoning neophytes and spiritual mavericks that are moving towards learning the esoteric principles of ancient spiritual wisdom, it is critical to have developed virtue ethics and a strong moral character to help strengthen the inner spiritual foundation. When neophytes dabble in the esoteric arts or spiritual laws through casting spells or expressing in words that which is intended to place harm upon another, that negative energy will be returned to them and magnified as well. Any intention used to harm others through ritual is satanic black magic, thus they must understand the grave consequences of what they are engaged with.

Guidelines to Protect from Boomerang Effect

It is wise to understand that many neophytes and lightworkers who accuse others around them of psychic attack, that the majority of the time this event may be real but is not a dark attack sourcing from that other person, but sourcing from one’s own internal uncleared shadow selves and negative ego behaviors.  The boomerang effect is the reality of cause and effect magnified by black magic. When someone’s own negative ego is being projected onto others around them, along with sending negative angry thoughts of false accusations, this can and will be returned as an amplification of dark slimy energy or psychic attack sensation. Sadly, if the individual is unwilling to look at themselves and instead places blame on the person they were speaking negatively about, when they are opening the pandoras box of spiritual principles, their undisciplined mind and shadow can wreak havoc in their world, all the time they are blaming someone else for their own misdeeds.

To ensure that you are not psychically attacked by your own unchecked spiritually abusive behaviors that are generated from blind spots of the undisciplined negative ego and pain body, the following guidelines will spiritually protect you from such negative attacks caused by boomerang effects.

  • Choose harmlessness towards others as a spiritually principled lifestyle and personal value system. This guideline is the Golden Rule and stands alone in its supreme importance in providing energetic protection that neutralizes all levels of black magic, psychic attack, and even AI machinery and electromagnetic weapons directed towards you.
  • Hold loving and neutral thoughts on behalf of all people, even those that have harmed you, or consider you their enemy and accuse you falsely. Disconnect from their ego-personality, as you are not required to like them. When it is possible through forgiveness and from a safe distance, sincerely wish them the benevolence to grow their soul and spirit, as God wills it to be.
  • Refrain from writing words and messages that intend harm to be directed to another person. Be careful with your words directed to others. Instead say nothing or express communications with neutrality and compassion for their soul.
  • Do not place blame upon others for perceived problems, especially using transference to those people you do not know and have never met. Instead, make the commitment to take responsibility for your emotional feelings and find ways to heal emotional conflicts and troubled emotions from the past.
  • Be careful to avoid the consensus bandwagon that condemns others. Do not succumb to group pressure, and thus do not speak or act negatively towards another person the in-group has deemed deplorable. If you must speak, speak the facts truthfully from your direct experience, even if it is unflattering, but avoid exaggeration or embellishment of negativity.
  • Remember that intentions and thoughts are things, thus, angry and cruel words can act as black magic hexes and spells directed towards others. Simultaneously, common words that describe factual reality with benevolent intentions are not energetically harmful. Thus, we are not responsible for other people’s emotional reactions or opinions when stating factual events or honest lived experiences.
  • Have some self-control in order to self-regulate difficult emotions, so that you do not direct the negative content to others. If you have a hot temper or feel morally wronged and angry, refrain from letting off steam by yelling and venting with others around you. This is especially important around babies and children. Instead, if there is the need to use physical activity or shout angry words or hit into a punching bag to release mental frustration and emotional pressure, find a place to do this angry release in solitude away from other people and pets. They can take on your anger release and this charged negative content can make them sick with disease.

As an adult, we must take responsibility for our behaviors and learn to discern truth. As always, take what resonates and discard the rest.

Dearest Cosmic Mother and Cosmic Father, may you swiftly reclaim all that is truly yours in this creation as the organic living light consciousness you originally intended, as one heart, one love and for all in unity. We love you with all of our sacred crystal hearts.

Peace be with your heart. Peace be with your mind. Peace be with your body. May all be with the Unconditional Love and Perfect Peace held in the eternal light of God and Christ.

Until next, stay in the luminosity of your Avatar Christos Sophia heart path. Please be kind to yourself and to each other. GSF!

With a Loving heart, Lisa

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