Shifting Timelines
There are many subtle force reconfigurations occurring at the quantum level of the planetary mainframe that are changing the way the external and collective energy fields organize and manifest into the world.
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We have to move through the series of Timelines in each dimensional octave and reclaim our identity while recoding and changing the obsolete or false reality from interfering with our continued spiritual growth.
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Bifurcation of Time
Bifurcation means the splitting of a main body into two parts.Thus, the planetary fields and humanity are coming to experience the next phase of the planetary Ascension Cycle, which is the nature of Bifurcation of Time.
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Lifting Your Veil Series:  Surviving the Ascension Process

January 2006 (extra edition)

Lisa Renee

This second installment for January is to discuss a significant phase that occurs in the process of initiation for many Lightworkers that I refer to as The Spiritual Nomad. Often when one reaches this transition phase of spiritual evolution, it can be so painfully unnerving to the personality and ego that it not only devastates one's self esteem, it also severely undermines our confidence to manifest even the most basic needs for our survival. It is precisely our root fears of survival that are being shaken to the core and unpeeled from us during this process. We are being prompted to work toward clearing these fears and perfecting our trust and surrender. It is extremely important to understand the dynamics of why this occurs and how common it actually is.

This will help you avoid the pitfall of allowing yourself to dwell in feelings of humiliation, shame and embarrassment, through this externalization of forces that transform your world in to what appears to be a great sacrifice. This is a crucial part of some of our Light Family's development and I want you to realize that you have many family members that either have already undergone this or are currently working through this phase of spiritual development. I promise you this is a temporary phase. So if you know anyone who is presently working through this, be sure to acknowledge their courage, strength and bravery to surrender to divine order and align to their soul's purpose. Send them love. This is the truth of what they are doing and it is to be honored and acknowledged.

We need to be more conscious of supporting those being recruited, the newbies, and the new additions of Child Indigos, Crystals and Aliens awakening to reinforce our divine purposes of bringing higher consciousness to this planet. We are moving forward incredibly swiftly.

What is the Spiritual Nomad?

Some questions to help define The Spiritual Nomad:

  • Are you currently jobless, juggling jobs, possibly homeless and relationship-less, much to your own bewilderment because you are an incredibly talented, skilled and loving being? You may even have an L.Ac, PhD, M.H.T or other assorted credentials after your name.
  • Do you feel invisible, like no one will hire you, love you or even recognize you? And really for no apparent reason, it feels like you have a mark on your forehead?
  • Are you unable to do anything as you did in the past to earn a living or live as you once did?
  • Are you a healer or working in the healing arts, running around trying to find a way to translate this into cash or a means of support?
  • Do you seem to travel a lot, drive or go long distances, or sleep in several different places in short periods of time, perhaps even on your ex's couch?
  • Do you feel confused about your purpose and identity in the world?
  • Are there people, such as your biological family or friends, who are completely shocked or troubled by your life, attempting to offer their advice on what went wrong with you?

My dear one, welcome to The Spiritual Nomad. Fun isn't it? The rest of this article is for you.

This is the time in one's life where every aspect of perceived security in the structure of the human world is completely unstable, unknown and unforeseen. Your life in all major areas such as relationship, money, career, residence is all abruptly halted, changed or terminated. You are left feeling isolated and standing in a place of total bewilderment wondering what happened to your life, the people in it and your former identity. This sets off every fear button you have because there is absolutely no sign post for what is going on, what is coming or why it's happening. There is only a sense that some force came in, picked you up out of your hologram and placed you into someone else's life. For a while, you may not recognize whose life it is. It is very much like the sensation captured in the Talking Heads song, Once in a Lifetime.

Where does that highway go?
And you may ask yourself
Am I right? Am I wrong?
And you may tell yourself

I have included the full lyrics for your amusement at the end of this newsletter just to remind you that there are many others walking this path and feeling just the same way you are!

In the process of our unraveling consciousness in this human drama, this is one of the experiences that we as spirit have set up, to create the experience of learning to fully surrender to divine forces. It is a complete dismantling of our ego and ego defenses. This is the crossroads where we start to leave the world of human order and align to the Divine Order. To many of our earthly cohorts, biological families and old energy friends, it will appear as if we have stepped off the edge of a chasm into a realm of insanity.

Groups will stand around shaking their heads, whispering how you have gone off your rocker and offer lots of advice and theories about your problems and issues. As the unsolicited advice starts mounting, generally suggesting that you are incompetent, less than, unrealistic, ungrounded, living in the clouds or just purely strange, your subconscious fear programs get triggered. Maybe, just maybe, could they be right? Internal pressures increase and you feel extremely conflicted about who you really are and what the heck you are doing with your life. This sets you off on a tangent of extreme inner examination and the re-evaluation of every goal, dream, thought and idea that you have had about your role in the world. Will I ever make it? Will I ever become self actualized? Will I have the ability to create abundance in my life?

This process is designed to cultivate the incredible inner strength needed to face yourself and your deepest fears of survival. You then become intimate with the universal Law of Abundance and learn how generous the universe really is, even if it's not all manifested in the order of your personal preference. You find that somehow, someway, all your base needs are being met, even though you have not the foggiest clue how it's happening or who some of the strangers are that have appeared in your life to support you in ways you would never imagine. You learn how to receive from total strangers, which is an illusion as everyone is Family, or from new sources. You learn how to acknowledge and receive these new ideas of abundance, which you were not formerly aware of.

It is common to feel a type of embarrassment at being in the situation you are in, yet simultaneously feeling gratitude at these blessings being demonstrated at the most mundane levels or even opulent levels of existence. Finally, you begin to trust and realize that you really are divinely protected and supported. You can relax now at least a little.

Here's an example of my own experience. I was classified as homeless, as the Spiritual Nomad and yet found myself staying in multi-million dollar mansions, and more than one at a time. The juxtaposition of having $20 to my name and hanging out in sprawling acreages with koi ponds, was quite bewildering to my brain and ego. I began to experience a new level of universal abundance and had to release my attachment to my ego's desire or need to create it as coming from me. That illusion was a tricky one to dispel. I spent many moments pondering the circumstances in which I found myself. It cultivated in me a trust that my needs would be met and that my spiritual path and mission was indeed supported in the physical world.

These experiences do cultivate a level of deep faith and trust in the Divine Order, even when you do not have any external validation of safety, and that safety could be monetary, emotional support or a place to call home with a bed in it. Even when you are feeling blind and disconnected, to face this uncertainty and to find yourself okay with it all, is a major revelation. When you realize that many of your deepest fears did not happen anyway, and if they did it really was not as bad as you once imagined it. My God, you can face just about anything. Your personal power begins to increase and your inner light glows ever more radiant.

If you find yourself smack dab in the center of this process, know that Spirit has many great plans and designs for you. It is important to work through all your fear, worry and obsessions. Then work to allow guidance, support and the light to shine on your path, even when it makes absolutely no logical sense. You are learning to work your new Higher Sensory Perceptions, and these antennae within you are being finely tuned for your new task and mission in the world.

You cannot make anything happen while you are in this process. So you must relax as best you can. You are in transition to your greater destiny. When relaxing you are expanding not constricting and the divine forces can more easily work through you and for you. Know that transformational forces are working magic in your life in ways you cannot comprehend. There really is a Divine Order to what is happening to you. Know that it is okay not to know. Get more comfortable with uncertainty and external chaos while you cultivate that impenetrable core of divine essence, to show the way for you and others. Finally, know that your Family is here. We get it, we know what it's like and we love you for walking the path with us.

Until next time, stay in the luminosity of your Heart and Soul Path! We are here as One!

 2006 Lisa Renee,

Once in a Lifetime

by Talking Heads

And you may find yourself living in a shotgun shack
And you may find yourself in another part of the world
And you may find yourself behind the wheel of a large automobile
And you may find yourself in a beautiful house, with a beautiful wife
And you may ask yourself "Well, how did I get here?"
Refrain 1:
Letting the days go by / let the water hold me down
Letting the days go by / water flowing underground
Into the blue again / after the money's gone
Once in a lifetime / water flowing underground
And you may ask yourself "How do I work this?"
And you may ask yourself "Where is that large automobile?"
And you may tell yourself "This is not my beautiful house!"
And you may tell yourself "This is not my beautiful wife!"
Water dissolving, and water removing
There is water at the bottom of the ocean
Carry the water at the bottom of the ocean
Remove the water at the bottom of the ocean!
Repeat Refrain 1, twice
And you may ask yourself "What is that beautiful house?"
And you may ask yourself "Where does that highway go?"
And you may ask yourself "Am I right? Am I wrong?"
And you may tell yourself "MY GOD! WHAT HAVE I DONE?"

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