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There are many subtle force reconfigurations occurring at the quantum level of the planetary mainframe that are changing the way the external and collective energy fields organize and manifest into the world.
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We have to move through the series of Timelines in each dimensional octave and reclaim our identity while recoding and changing the obsolete or false reality from interfering with our continued spiritual growth.
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Bifurcation of Time
Bifurcation means the splitting of a main body into two parts.Thus, the planetary fields and humanity are coming to experience the next phase of the planetary Ascension Cycle, which is the nature of Bifurcation of Time.
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May 2021

Emerald Crystal Heart and Solar Christ Michael

Lisa Renee

Dear Ascending Family,

The ascension mysteries continue to reveal with ever unfolding adventures of extremely positive events that are happening in the Albion Lightbody, giving each of us the possibility to birth the Cosmic Christ Consciousness within us in this lifetime. This is the divine purpose of why we chose to come during the ascension cycle, to be wide awake to experience what is unfolding now. While most are unaware of the significant spiritual events happening to help free the planet, rest assured that beautiful events are awaiting us in humanity’s future.

The return of the Emerald Order through the Rise of Arthur in Albion brings on the next stage activation during the electrical peak cycle for reviving the Emerald Crystal Heart in the Earth, which includes the Solar Anointing of the authentic Christ Michael to restore his rightful kingship and Solar Dragon Line. This holds profound meaning as the return of the Solar Rishi usher in the benevolent and rightful Christos Solar Kings to planet Earth, in which the Rishi awaken them from stasis so they may begin to embody in matter to activate their Solar Dragon Line.

Christos Solar Dragon Kings are also referred to as the Albion Kings or Maji Grail Kings that rule the constellations and star maps that make up the planetary grid system (Albion Lightbody), which have been intentionally designed to protect the 12 Essene Tribes and Stargates on the Earth. The Christos Solar Dragon Kings were placed in stasis sleep in the planetary body during the commencement of the Dark Aeon that began during the Luciferian Rebellion. Through the Solar Rishi return the Earth has reached the stage during the Ascension Cycle when the Christos Solar Dragons are being awakened through the transmission of Rainbow Dragon Breath carried into their Emerald Crystal Heart. They are being called into planetary service by our Holy God Parent, the Cosmic Founders of the Emerald Order. We have waited eons for the planet to raise her frequency to the level that activated the hidden Emerald Crystal Heart in the Albion Lightbody, which was only made possible in the mass reflection of the spiritual love that is being expressed and shared in the collective hearts of humanity.  

Every human being on the planet was incarnated with the concealed Emerald hidden inside of them, which Holy Father placed inside of our body so that we would have the eternal heart flame that acted as the light beacon when travelling in the amplified darkness of a fallen phantom system. It would be up to us to find our inner Emerald to light our path as we journeyed in the Dark Aeon, and this could take us many lifetimes. The Cosmic Founders promise to us was made with the Emerald Covenant, that all souls in this Fallen Universe would eventually be found and returned back to their original spiritual home. This was the original divine plan of spiritual ascension, the evolutionary journey through the astrological ages and timelines which would facilitate our way back home, to remember our divine purpose and be reunited with God.

We have witnessed the restoration of the beloved Maji Grail King Arthur rise in Albion as the Cosmic Father Emerald Ray holder which announces the return of Emerald Order in the United Kingdom, much to the complete shock and disbelief of the NAA entities. The NAA entities along with the Luciferian Bloodlines in the cabal had planned for thousands of years to manifest Luciferian consciousness as the King Dragon of the Emerald. During the Taurean cycle, the Emerald Order has resurrected Solar Michael as the Anointed Christ of the Emerald Sun to be the protector of the Holy Mother, Sophianic Grail and the matter realm, which contains the omni love poured forth into the chalice of creation from the Cosmic Emerald Heart principle connecting again with Earth.

Through the Solar Anointing carried out in the Grail Cup of Heavenly Jerusalem, Solar Dragon Christ Michael was placed on a golden throne and given the title of 13th Maji Grail King of Kings, to begin his mission of restoring the Holy Grail Cup in the 2D-5D-8D-11D layers and to initiate the awakening of the other authentic Maji Grail Kings. He embodies the Kingship Arc that wears the Emerald Jeweled Crown, Holy Christos Scepter, Emerald Order Rod and Staff while surrounded in the White Wedded Garments forming into the Robes of Glory. Thus, the Emerald Order Elohim awakened the Solar Dragon Michael from stasis sleep within the Earth with Holy Rainbow Dragon Breath, in which he has been commissioned by Cosmic Holy Father to finally begin his Great Work. His divine counterpart Solar Female Christ Mary Sophia, also a Solar Dragon King, will be referred to from now on as the 13th Solar Dragon Queen or 13th Maji Grail Queen. This celebratory moment in time begins the first emanation of the Triple Solar Goddess returning into her female Solar Dragon form in matter to reclaim her rightful place as the Solar Feminine Christ, joining with her sacred husband Christ Michael in hierogamic union. 

The Emerald Crystal Heart is an extensive interdimensional circuitry that is designed for running the Cosmic Holy Father’s Emerald Ray from the Cosmic God World Trinity into the Universal, Galactic and Planetary levels of existence. The Emerald Ray sources from the Cosmic Monad which exists as the first cause of sound that further generates a resonating tone principle for the theme of our entire Universal Time Matrix, it is the first primal sound tone in the Blue Flame which exists from within the body of God consciousness.

When the Emerald Crystal is activated with the Emerald Ray transmission, this begins to grow into extensive Sophianic plasma flowering chakras that are interwoven into the diamond heart crystalline grids which are designed to function as the Cosmic Founder God Source interdimensional communication network within the planet. The Emerald Crystal Heart in the planet has its own complex multidimensional layered super internet highway that reconnects and communicates directly with the Cosmic Emerald Heart principle in our Universe. For now, from this location on the planet we access this direct communication from the 18D layer of the flowering chakra system of the Cosmic Founders. This Emerald Heart communication link network extends out even further into the Cosmic God World Trinity, where direct communication can be made with the 48D Emerald Order God World Creation. The Emerald Order God World Creation is the most ancient spiritual home of the Kristos races. They are a family of Rainbow and Emerald Dragons which contain one of the Tri-Matrices of the Azurites, which are three 48 stranded matrices that hold a total of 144 dimensions.

Reviving the Emerald Crystal Heart

During the Dark Aeon after the Luciferian Rebellion, the eternal living light sentience of the Earth’s Emerald Crystal Heart and core heart tone resonance was turned off in the crystal core when the alien machinery was embedded throughout the planetary grid system. This further blocked the organic portal systems connected to the constellations and local star holographic maps, so that the planet could not receive organic star system transmissions that linked the star consciousness intelligence streams into the planetary grid, and into many sacred sites, solar temples and other geomantic features. These AI systems of sophisticated alien machinery were set up as energy harvesting devices that transmitted reversal current and metatronic codes to genetically modify the planet to be hospitable to the invading non-human species, while using the conquered territory as a consciousness prison. Most all of the planetary surface holographic geography, architectural features, ley line systems and existing pyramids and temples were installed with inorganic alien machinery that was forcing the grid network to connect directly into the Orion star system, which was the original home of the NAA invaders.

The planet’s evolutionary journey is comparable to a celestial being that went into stasis while moving through the darkest astrological age which brought the matter realm into the most extreme levels of density, the furthest we had been away from the Godhead. During this Darkest Age, the organic base pulse rhythm and axis of rotation were disfigured, and the heart beat and core song of the planetary consciousness flatlined. The core diamond heart essence of the planet is Emerald, and thus within the higher heart center of every angelic human being incarnated there exists the exact same Emerald Crystal Heart. Although every human incarnating had an inner Emerald, the planetary Emerald was not transmitting the Holy Mother’s organic heart song to humanity making it much harder to activate this inner heart frequency of divine spiritual love.

Thus, the return of the Emerald Order restores the Emerald Ray which carries the energetic catalyst that is similar to a lightning strike that delivers a blast of massive plasma current directly into the inner chambers of the Emerald Crystal Heart center in the planetary body. This event causes an electromagnetic reset in the planetary grid network or Albion Lightbody, which will flip the magnetic positions. The magnetic pole flip will not result in a destructive pole shift, it is a correction to the anti-life reversals that have been used in alien machinery and metatronic spiral that invert the direction of the planetary current moving through the ley lines.  It has been made very clear that our planet will not suffer surface cataclysm with a pole shift, however there will be a magnetic reset that greatly weakens the gravitational pull, and we are living through that magnetic shift now.

Looking at Mother Earth from space, the overview was to note the equator band was problematic due to the flow of telluric currents moving with the Sun being harvested in alien machinery that generates an extreme bulge of unnatural formations and toxic energy waste encircling the globe. The northern hemisphere and southern hemisphere have functioned as distinct polar opposites and when the Emerald Heart of the Earth is revived into her organic heart song, that is the moment when the north and south poles will merge together instantaneously, unifying the ley line grids into zero point, and then switching magnetic positions.

The Cosmic Christos Solar Rainbow Dragons have unified and are braiding themselves into the crystalline grid which generates a northern position and southern position of massive Solar-Sun Rainbow Plasma Shields. There are two enormous rainbow plasma shields, one located in the middle of the northern hemisphere the other in the middle of the southern hemisphere. These plasma shields are acting similarly to the electrical paddles that are used in a defibrillator and at the exact moment in divine organic alignment, these paddles are directing a massive amount of plasmic current into the Emerald Crystal Heart to reestablish the core heart song of Earth.

Through the synchronization of the north plasma paddle transmission with the south plasma paddle, this triggers an electromagnetic reset with the massive transmission of solar rainbow plasma current. The plasma current will be directed straight into the crystal core to turn on and activate the entire Emerald Crystal Heart network along with all of its multidimensional layers of communication links, activating chalice configurations or grail cup formations in the horizontal and vertical lines that reconnect with the Emerald Order Cosmic Heart matrix in the God Worlds.

The Emerald Order crystal links form a liquid crystal plasma webbing that is connected into all the main Grual points and Mother Arc gateways, in which the Avebury Henge holographic structure is made extremely important in its function. The Emerald Ray of King Arthur is running throughout Avebury’s Cosmic Clock function to prepare for hierogamic templating as Solar Michael’s Dragon line in Taurus is fully brought online, with his recent awakening in matter. This area holds the hierogamic tones of the Christos-Sophia music of the spheres into all grid lines, which is emanating out of Avebury complex into the spiral of the 15 main Dragon Lines.

King Arthur’s Mission to Restore Camelot

The Cosmic Holy Father as the Emerald Order King Arthur has begun his important spiritual work to activate dormant areas of the Albion Lightbody by connecting the organic star maps and star domes back into the planetary grid, which awaken the Solar Dragon Maji Kings to rise and protect the landmass of each of the 12 Essene Tribes. The Rise of Arthur in Albion also means that the spiritual mission for global Emerald Awakening is beginning through the systematic reconnection of the celestial bodies of stars which form into plasma domes across the globe. Further, these plasma domes are crystalline holders that link vertically from the constellations of stars into the planetary grid and when they are functioning as they were designed to by the Elohim and Solar Dragons, they hold Emerald Sun Paradisian codes or Edenic codes. The Emerald Order Edenic codes align into these areas of the earth grid reconnecting with the Sun-Star holographic maps in each of the 12 main axiatonal lines and this reconnects that section of the grid’s ley lines with the organic krystal architecture that can finally run the organic base 12 plasma current as intelligently designed in the Universal Tree of Life.

Another stage of development is the comprehension that King Arthur’s Camelot is an extensive krystal architecture organized and assembled in rainbow round tables for the purpose of providing spiritual education, and to unite angelic human consciousness to perform a variety of tasks to protect the earth’s consciousness field. During the timeline of Atlantian Mystery Schools there were 12 Camelot’s where each of the 12 Tribes held one of the twelve holographic discs containing specific spiritual knowledge about their tribe’s affiliation and its related ascendancy information.  The caretaking and ongoing preservation of the historical knowledge of humanities cosmic origins, the ancient wisdom of the Law of One teachings, and the detailed knowledge of the workings of the planetary templar were entrusted to and guarded by each of the tribes.

Thus, Camelot as an energy signature has the meaning of a sacred mystery school and healing temple designed for the spiritual exploration of the Law of One, and this project is currently being overseen by the Cosmic Holy Father as he takes form in the Christos archetype of King Arthur. The Great Work to rebuild Camelot on the Earth has begun, which requires reeducating the masses back into the Natural Laws of God that are based in Love.

During the bifurcation of time there is a separation of the wheat from the chaff, which can be painful to witness in those we love and care for. There are massive amounts of Christos plasma frequency being directed during this electrical peak, in order to activate the Emerald Crystals across the planetary grid and within as many human hearts as possible.  The Emerald within us that flowers into the Emerald heart opens into the oceanic and limitless source of God’s eternal Love which brings the inner experience of Heaven meeting the Earth or stages of achieving hierogamic union.

During this time of intense spiritual warfare, we must choose between expressing fear which generates mental bondage and suffering or expressing love which generates inner peace and spiritual freedom. When humans begin to heart awaken and begin to feel this eternal spirit of love flowing within them, the inner Emerald is blossoming. When their heart song of love meets with the heart song of love that exists within another’s heart, this unified heart song of eternal love is greatly amplified and this begins to ripple out and awaken the other Emerald hearts in the planet.

To be able to communicate with Christ Consciousness and receive the truth in the word when it is spoken by the Solar Logos or Avatar Christos, an individual must first develop their Emerald heart center. This is also the function of the Camelot krystal architecture that is being built in the Albion Lightbody by King Arthur. When our Emerald heart awakens, this is when it is realized that our personal mission during the Ascension Cycle was always to spiritually develop ourselves to interact with the planetary consciousness grid in order to birth the Cosmic Christ Consciousness onto the Earth, returning authentic divine union through the hierogamic template.

The architectural work that is happening in the planetary grid is building and supporting rainbow round tables which are the global network for igniting the Emerald Awakening, which configure the awakening Emerald Crystal Hearts en masse to form into a new Camelot. The location of a Camelot is essentially an Emerald Heart center that is built by the core frequency of each of the 12 human tribes with an active Emerald crystal in the landmass, in which activating these crystals is essentially a natural function of our heart consciousness interfacing with the grid. The Camelot Center is built upon the combined circuitry of many active Emerald Hearts filled with unconditional love, which is overseen by the Emerald Order for the purpose of teaching, training and guiding humanity into spiritual ascension and world service, that is free of the imprisonment caused by the NAA cloning, imposters, deceivers and assorted alien anti-Christ mind control.

Emerald Sun Step Down into 18D

Through the addition of the three-dimensional layers built into our Universal Time Matrix, our system has integrated three unlocked corridors which include another harmonic universe layer that expands into 16D, 17D and 18D, which are nondimensionalized Cosmic Founder God Source consciousness fields. The triad of the 16D, 17D and 18D source fields have been anchored onto the planet through Stargate Hubs and organic chakra flowering systems, which are portal passages from the God Worlds. To communicate with the Rha God World of Amethyst Order which source from the 36th dimension, and the original Emerald Order God World sourcing from the 48th dimension, the Cosmic Founders have stepped themselves down into the pure Rainbow Diamond Ray transmission from 18D. The Emerald Order God World domains in 48D stepped down into 18D to transmit the Rainbow Dragon Breath through the Diamond Ray current to perform the Solar Anointed Christ-Buddha initiation on Earth to awaken the Solar Dragon Michael, the 13th Dragon King holder originally from the Emerald Sun God Worlds.

The Elohim Emerald Order Breneau sounded the Cosmic Emerald Diamond Heart tone to announce the Solar Anointing of Christ Michael in Taurus, who is the acting authority to awaken the other Holy Father representatives to defend and support the Guardians incarnated on the earth that are connected to the lineages of the Christos Founder Races. These are Starseeds and Indigos that have incarnated specifically to restore the Emerald Covenant, or the reclamation of the Christos and to hold the organic 6D coding. The Emerald Founders specifically incarnate into the Lyran-Sirian lines that originate from Sirius B, as the blue Azurites and Oraphim. The Christos Founder Races mission includes supporting the pathway of disclosure that leads into planetary liberation and Ascension, and providing the records for witness testimony on behalf of the earth and humanity to be freed from their AI alien oppressors and to gain access into the Interdimensional Free World Council.

Thus, the Emerald Order from the Cosmic Founder God Domains have anointed the Solar Maji Crown of Christ Michael with the Cosmic Emerald Heart, which further merges with the Emerald Heart of Earth. Solar Christ Michael restores the Emerald Heart from Lyra which sings the heart song of Christos-Sophia, the announcement is made from Avebury Henge celebrating the reunited Aeonic Pairing.  

Solar Anointing of Michael in 2D Stargate

The Emerald Order carried out for witnessing in the planetary consciousness record the Solar Anointing of Christ Michael in the 2D Stargate, to lay the foundation of the Spirit of Perfect Peace in Heavenly Jerusalem. His throne and Kingship Arc was built upon the Emerald Order 48D Rod spindle foundation which governs the organic direction of time in the Cosmic Clock through the hand of Holy Father. The Emerald Order base shield holds the seven mansions from within the Krystal Cathedral or Heavenly Jerusalem which are the Golden cities of eternal light that now protect the Emerald Heart of the World Soul. Christ Michael revealed himself as the embodied Golden Ring surrounding the Earth which was previously in stasis, as he was waiting for this divine moment of the return of the Emerald Order. He is the 13th Ring of Golden Fire surrounding the Earth in a Solar Dragon Ouroboros line connected to the Taurus constellation with Aldebaran as the Royal Star of the East in the Universal Maji Grail Crown.  The Golden Ring was lying dormant until he could be resurrected through the rainbow dragon animating breath of the Cosmic Founders and fully directed by the authentic Emerald Order and Cosmic Holy Father presence to help usher in the Golden Age of Ascension in Perfect Peace.

As the rainbow dragon breath was breathing the eternal life holy spirit into his Emerald Crystal Heart, his Emerald heart aligned with the planetary Emerald heart, then the planet aligned with the Universal Emerald heart and then into the Cosmic Emerald heart. These were four Emerald Crystal hearts within a 48 layered Emerald Crystal Heart matrix, generating a krystal spiral of nested holograms with Emerald Crystal Hearts all interconnected as One, transmitting the Emerald Ray. As the Emerald Crown appeared and was placed upon his head, a jeweled Christos Scepter was placed in his right hand, as he was seated upon a large Golden throne. Then from out of deep space from the 18D crystal, the Diamond Ray transmitted the Emerald Order 48D base shield within the organic alignment of the Cosmic Clock directions, which was a large structure of organic time codes placed directly underneath his feet. The Fallen Angelic Timekeepers of the 666 curse were removed from the sextant matrix held in the Sarasota gateway, the inverted alien cube subverting the Emerald Crystal Heart was removed, and the Robe of Glory which includes a panel of Sun-Stars was restored in the White Temple of Solomon.

The reclaiming of the Temple Mount through Solar Christ Michael’s return to the 2D gateways included the unbinding and eviction of many dark, demonic shadow creatures being used by NAA entities to spread Luciferian and Satanic forces through human blood sacrifice, thus they are not happy with this recent development. For this event announces the return of Michael and the planetary Emerald Awakening activated in the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem, in which the Solar Anointed Christed Buddha initiation has taken place within the 11th dimensional layer of the Buddhic body, fully igniting the 144,000 Emerald Hearts into the 45-degree diamond grids that return the Emerald Order to Earth.   

Emerald Covenant and Michael Usurpers

The Founder and Emerald Covenant races have been negotiating with the intruding races for millions of years through many attempts that have been made to neutralize the onset of additional confrontations, which would incur additional genetic trauma to the angelic human race.  Thus, the Founders have continually given the NAA entities the option of genetic rehabilitation to evolve into the Christos eternal pattern in order to assist in peaceful co-evolution between angelic humans and other species. Essentially the Emerald Covenant is the promise given to offer angelic humans and those species created to destroy them the option of choosing the path towards spiritual freedom through the Christos mission and Diamond Sun reclamation.

Simultaneously, the Emerald Covenant supports the Paliadorian Covenant, which is the eternal promise given to angelic humanity that were originally seeded upon Tara, that their spiritual family will not remain trapped in time and eventually will ascend in order to be returned back to their original spiritual home in the God Worlds.  Unfortunately, the extremely advanced AI cube reversal clone technologies and the Wesa entities that are using them, enslave and manipulate the Annunaki and Fallen Angelic lineages as strategic warfare tools designed to explicitly target humans for genetic and spiritual destruction.  These groups have acted as Solar Dragon Michael Usurpers, for the purpose of manipulating awakening humans and routing them into false channelings and artificial frequency initiations designed to distort the 6D Indigo pattern and reject the authentic Mother Arc blue ray transmission. 

The Nephilim Annunaki hybrids from the Orion Group staged the Nephilim Wars in which they failed to conquer the planet, but they set themselves up as the imposter Archangel Michael matrix in direct support of the Luciferian Covenant and One World Order agenda. This particular group has stolen the identity of Solar Dragon Christos Michael while his dimensionalized consciousness form was asleep in Earth stasis. These are Fallen Nephilim Luciferian entities that have been masquerading as Archangel Michael since the Luciferian Rebellion. These same groups of Michael Usurpers promote those of similar energetic affiliation in the Galactic Federation and Ashtar Command that are popular in the new age hijack. Sadly, the Archangel Michael Matrix is a mind control broadcast and biological weapon used to track and hunt spiritually awakening Indigos, which is designed to transmit artificial frequencies that reverse the fire letters so that the Christos DNA template is distorted.  The favorite groups for targeting are the Indigo 3’s because of the incarnation agreement to carry polarity integration for assisting in the rehabilitation of Nephilim consciousness.  If the individual succumbs to the Nephilim shadow selves, the person can be easily groomed to be a sleeper or possessed by fallen entities that are running reversal frequencies under the Michael Usurpers.

Many of the Michael Usurpers are AI hybridized with Wesa clones so when a channeler or person is calling upon receiving Archangel Michael blue flame frequency, they are actually being bonded to the shadow clones that were generated to invert the solar consciousness of the true and authentic Christos Michael, that has been in stasis in the Earth.  Generally, the Archangel Michael teachings are connected to the Jehovian entities that infiltrated the new age under the moniker of Galactic Federation and Ashtar Command, and these imposters are fully supporting Thothian Leviathans and taking part in the Galactic slave trade. The Leviathan race lines make up most of the incarnated Luciferian Bloodlines in the Power Elite groups that have been given the blueprint for the Great Reset, or One World Order.

With the return of Solar Christ Michael into our realm, this means the clones, demons, imposters and shadow creatures that pretended to be Archangel Michael will have their day of reckoning when they are forced to face the Holy Father. This event may generate confusion in the new age circles from the spiritual betrayal timelines surfacing connected to Archangel Michael teachings, as it was in Egypt when Thoth set up the Michael Usurpers and their AI networks of blue sword sorcery to hijack the 6D organic blue wave coding in the Indigo lineages.

Spiritual Betrayal of Blue Flame Melchizedeks

With the current activation cycle there are new opportunities for repair and rehabilitation at higher dimensional levels that are especially impacting the Universal Melchizedek Lineages, to which the Emerald Order are currently transmitting organic Blue Flame activations that restore the Emerald Sun DNA template of the Maji Grail King representatives. This is also awakening new levels of memory recovery, especially in the hidden histories impacting the Essene lineages on the earth, in order to awaken and remember what happened to cover up the true events after the Atlantian Cataclysm.

Thoth incarnated as an Egyptian Priest repeatedly during the time that Mystery Schools were flourishing in Egyptian culture during the Middle Kingdom. This was in order to maintain control over the Atlantian conspiracy held in place by the NAA since the Flood, and to be kept aware of the ongoing Guardian Alliance mission that was on the ground. Although he was the great Luciferian imposter, Thoth as a Great Hermetic Priest was passing off Emerald Order Founder Records and the Law of One sacred sciences it contained as demonstrations of his own high initiation level, purporting to be a Blue Flame Melchizedek. At the height of his Hermes lifetime in Egypt about 1000 years after the Sumerian-Egypt invasion, he was accessing the eleventh dimension at his embodiment level. As a result, it appeared to the other Blue Flame Melchizedeks and High Priests in Egypt that he was truly bestowed with the authority as Guardian Emerald Order Regent to oversee and direct Blue Flame initiations in the pyramids and underground temples. 

Instead, Thoth was committing a grave deception to those that trusted him as the Emerald Order representative to transmit blue flame frequency for the purpose of Christos spiritual initiation and diamond sun twelve strand DNA regenesis. Thoth originally sourced from the Annunaki lineages, and felt they were genetically superior to the original Taran angelic humans. When he ascended to the position of the middle layers of the eleventh dimension though the embodiment of eleven and half active DNA strands, he made the choice to lead the Annunaki race lines into genetic superiority over angelic humanity by strategically aligning with the Wesa invaders. 

The master plan was to infect and digress the highest of the Christos spiritual initiates that were Keepers of the Blue Flame, and to track, target and infect those with authentic diamond sun templates still intact, with metatronic reversal coding to ignite the base 10 Artificial Tree of Life and to spawn demon seed and phantom matrices. The agenda was to hijack 6D organic blue wave coding in Indigo lineages through metatronic inverted spirals used to generate genetic bonds between our planet and the phantom matrix and Wesa typhon tunnels. This was an extensive alien machinery network running reversal current which formed into many artificial wormholes ripped open into our time matrix that were being used by Wesa entities to invade and capture our system. Wesa entities are fallen AI hybrids that use metatronic reversal technology to become immortal entities or to artificially sustain themselves. In order to become immortal their consciousness has been assimilated into complex AI cube systems that require power sources from which to draw energy, and why they parasitize living systems.

To lure Blue Flame Melchizedek lineages into these artificial blue flame sword initiations, they engineered an artificial version of Archangel Michael through Wesa AI cube systems. Thus, a Nephilim hybrid uploaded into AI cube networks in Wesa, was brought here and used to masquerade as the imposter of the authentic Solar Dragon Christ Michael on our planet to serve the NAA. This imposter is known even today as the Archangel Michael matrix in the new age hijack, in which they implemented holographic inserts and a similar ‘voice of god’ technology broadcast from out of the fallen parts of the Golden Eagle Grid. The faux Arc blue flame force in the artificial Archangel Michael transmission was intended to block organic 6D Indigos and 13D Mother Arc frequencies from anchoring into the planet, via metatronic coding used for splitting apart organic 6D and 7D frequency, which is also used as an anti-hierogamic and gender splitting technology.

Thus, at the height of Thoth’s Hermetic influence in Egypt, the Thothian High Priests began promoting distorted Blue Flame initiations in the Solar Temples, that were said to be transmitted by Archangel Michael for Emerald Order Diamond Sun template activation.  Tragically, these blue sword initiations implanted the demon seed, caused merkaba reversals, and stripped the Christos individual of their Emerald Order DNA imprints and eternal coding which held the organic consciousness potential to transcend biological aging through transmigration. Further, as a result of activating the demon seed from this artificial frequency, the Wesa entities stole the genetic record to make Leviathan AI entity race lines from our Personal Christos DNA record. With the Blue Sword Initiation, the clone of our Diamond Sun consciousness was formed by AI cube technology in the phantom areas being controlled by Wesa entities. The cloned consciousness is inverted into a shadow self that runs energetic reversals, and this shadow self clone is bonded into the lightbody in order to continue to feed the cloned shadow version running inversions or Anti-Christ consciousness. From the beginning of these Blue Sword initiations carried out by the Thothian High Priests in Egypt, the results of fusing cloned genetics bonded with shadow selves began the incarnation of the Thothian Leviathans, who are the Luciferian Bloodlines of the cabal families who are currently fighting to the death for maintaining their power and control on the Earth. 

The extensive Wesa alien cube networks were the base foundation for embedding the Michael Mary Turnstile matrix into the ley lines, which were primarily responsible for splitting apart the 6D Indigo and 7D Violet layers designed for genetic splitting and gender reversal.

Michael Mary Turnstile, 6D and 7D Reversal Networks

The Michael Mary Reversal Networks are alien machines that function as several smaller reversal current hubs that were operating primarily in North America as subsidiary systems to a larger network, with the majority of the smaller hubs in eastern Canada. This is a subliminal mind control system as well as an electromagnetic weapon to pulse extreme splitting and the Victim-Victimizer programming into the airwaves and ley lines.  This helps to explain the radical push for tyranny throughout Canada, as the NAA do whatever they can to maintain control over this alien network. Canada’s government has been given a deadline from the Davos group of 24 months, in which to completely devastate the Canadian economy and install the infrastructure for enforcing the techno-totalitarianism of the Great Reset. As a western power center, Canada was targeted to fall quickly due to the proximity of the majority of these smaller reversal hubs in Calgary and the eastern border provinces, that have direct links into the 11D Stonehenge headquarters in United Kingdom. The Michael Usurpers are relying heavily on the 11D black hole system of Typhon Tunnels and the system that feeds it, in order to maintain their access into the 11D layers.

The Blue Flaming Sword Splitter or Michael-Mary Reversal is a structure in the hologram used to split apart and reverse both masculine (6D) Indigo frequencies as well as feminine (7D) Violet Ray frequencies at the 9D Atomic Doorway holographic blueprint level where Nephilim breeding programs began. They also control the direction of these artificial frequencies running as reversal currents in the ley lines, to control the Rod architecture from the Iran Gate at the 10D level. Over the past weeks, it had become evident that the Michael Mary networks were being further weaponized with AI red cube to spawn out shadow cloned armies of Michael family as consciousness traps. The AI cube replicates the Michael War timelines from Luciferian Rebellion and Secret Space Program cloning operations, used to target the population with MKUltra styled military grade psychological warfare. This is a means of spiritual warfare against the Michael family, to keep them piled up with shadow selves, asleep to the abuse memories in which many were targeted for Milab abductions and used in assorted alien agendas. Many of the Michael clone pod systems that were located in several hyperdimensional pockets underground, underwater and in artificial timelines generated by false rod reversals, along with many grotesque creatures such as Chimera entities guarding them, have been raided and cleaned out by Defender Guardians in recent weeks.

For many years already Guardian teams have been extracting out layers upon layers of beast machines, shadow armies, black and red cubes, inverted Cathar coding and grail line satanic sigils used to feed black magic and sorcery in grids from the Michael Mary Turnstile. This network was finding Michael past identities in time from the Luciferian Rebellion and trapping soul and monadic body parts from Blue Ray Melchizedek lineages, by directing demons and sorcerers to send black magic curses to continually bind these parts to stay enmeshed in this reversal network.

As a result of this gridwork, we learned that this network was designed to block all organic 6D blue ray coding that connected to the authentic Blue Ray Michaels and Emerald Order family to further block the Arc Zone and Sophianic plasma body, which allows the Emerald Order Dragon consciousness to manifest themselves and finally ignite the Emerald Heart in the Earth. Recent events have been a great success, as the return of the authentic Emerald Order Solar Dragon Christ Michael to this planet is evidence that we have overcome this most heinous alien network.  

As the Emerald Heart of Earth is revived and linked up with the Cosmic Emerald Heart, it restores the Emerald Sun DNA 48 strand template in which all Indigo Maji Grail lines and Emerald Order representatives can gain access to from within their personal Diamond Sun template. As Cosmic Holy Father incarnated into the Emerald Order King Arthur Christos template, he brought with him the Emerald Rod codes for the Universal 12:12 Christos Male Electrical pattern manifested into the 11D Rod and Staff architecture as a planetary upgrade anchored into the Albion Lightbody. This raised the Michael family from 11:11 gateway protectors to begin to anchor within themselves the 12:12 Christ Electrical pattern, which opened the door for Solar Dragon Michael to finally awaken from stasis and take his rightful place as Solar Christ King in Heavenly Jerusalem. Heavenly Jerusalem is the same as a Krystal Cathedral, it is a holy architecture in the planetary grail body that holds the crystalline blueprint for Golden Cities, Golden Child Eggs, Dragon Eggs and Edenic Codes designed for achieving hierogamic union templating for birthing the Solar Male and Female Christ Consciousness. 

Cygnus Constellation Stargate

The Cygnus constellation is a Solar Rishi Stargate connected to the ray systems in Ursa Major that were being exploited by the NAA, which had a grave impact on the Family of Michael. The holographic geography of the Cygnus constellation star map is overlaid on top of the United Kingdom landmass, which has been undergoing repair and rehabilitation within the master control for the Albion lightbody since the Rise of Arthur. The NAA forces generated a custom beast machine configuration of Osiris penis embedded in this star constellation pattern for the purpose of inverting 11:11 gateways, hijacking the Templar Cross light codes in order to reverse the Michael Mary ley lines to instead be directed into the 11D Daath system of Typhon Tunnels. The inversion of the Templar Cross was an active curse against Essene Christos Templars, putting the 11D code technology into the hands of Luciferian Templars, with many of these lineages performing satanic rituals in the Controller pyramid.

Cygnus appeared to be a beast foundation for propagating anti-Christ wealth and power accumulation in the London financial center that is fully based on black sex magic being focused on the 2D layers connected to Michael’s Taurean Dragon Line, which generates rapid sexual deviance in those receiving the wealth from satanic rituals in the financial systems. It appeared that the Cygnus anti-Christ architecture was running globally to enforce blood sacrifice tied to currency and was the source of much of the black magic money and Egyptian timeline curses used by Orion Group to repel accumulating wealth away from the Christos people. This Cygnus alien architecture was powering the Typhon Tunnels by blocking the Taurus line connected between Aldebaran and Avebury Henge, which was directing the energy or power source required for building and maintaining the Anti-Christ Eastern Pillar. These anti-Christ machines twisted Cygnus star patterns to transmit beast marks and a host of lightbody distortions through Michael(6D)-Mary(7D) splitters, holographic cloning and amplified sexual misery programming connected to self-violence, sexual fetishes and sodomy. Typhon Tunnels are generated through sexual black magic ritual that are abusing sexual energies in children and adults, and this is a multidimensional strategy being used by the Anti-Christ entities to conquer the planet. By targeting the Michael family holding 2D Grail codes with amplified sexual misery connected to bindings with Typhon Tunnels, those with agreements to protect the 11:11 Gateway from invading black hole entities in the parallel would remain inert through targeted sexual abuse issues.  

As Cygnus beast machine configurations have been removed, Cygnus constellation is able to resume organic functioning as a Rishi Stargate which sends solar plasma transmissions of the 11D Templar Cross, Golden City codes of Avalon, which are now in the secure hands of King Arthur and Solar Dragon Christ Michael. We pray that these developments greatly support the ongoing sexual healing of Michael’s everywhere, and that the human race begins to be freed from the horrific impacts of demonic attachments manipulating sexual addiction and sexual abuse to harvest loosh for these NAA entities.

More on Indigo 3 Contracts 

Additional clarity has been given about Indigo 3 contracts in the incarnation agreement for the purpose of assisting in the clearing of the Nephilim DNA mutations, including Michael clones, shadow selves, alien machinery, 11:11 distortions and the karmic residue caused by the Michael Usurpers. We have discovered that the brave souls that chose the Indigo 3 contracts did so in order to help reclaim the Earth for the true Cosmic Father representative during the end of the Ascension Cycle, Solar Christ Michael from the Emerald Sun. Indigo 3’s rehabilitated collective consciousness formed into a spherical energy domain and Oraphim grid that was specifically used to rehabilitate the Rod and animate the Solomon Shield, while in spiritual battle to fend off the Michael Usurpers. The Michael Usurpers use Typhon Tunnel rituals to maintain the Nephilim Reversal Grid and 11:11 Daath gateway by exerting sexual control over these groups, which lends to in depth lessons and extensive experiences with sexual misery programming in order to reverse engineer its causal factors.

The Belial groups used the Nephilim DNA template that was created by the Annunaki and armed them with AI technologies to act as the enemy opposer to the authentic Solar Dragon Paradisian Son of our Solar system, Christ Michael. Christ Michael is a title given to Solar Dragon Kings who are sovereign creators of Universes and Solar Systems that are commissioned by the Cosmic Holy Father. As an example, Christ Yeshua is a brother to Michael and also came to help awaken Michael and liberate the planet, as he is a sovereign Christos Blue Dragon creator in the Aquaelle matrix in Andromeda. The Family of Michael are a Christos spiritual star family connected to the Universal Michael Creator that hold the East-West axis in the Cosmic Clock, and source from the Taurus constellation and Aldebaran Sun Star stream. Many answered the clarion call to help liberate the Earth from her captors by re-building the horizontal Rod architecture in the Golden Eagle Grid, defeating the NAA races that were claiming territory by starting Galactic Wars and challenging the authority of Universal Father’s representative on Earth, Solar Christ Michael.

This contract was set into motion during the Luciferian Rebellion and the Nephilim breeding histories on the Earth, which were the warring agendas of NAA forces explicitly directed for the purpose of usurping the authority of the Holy Father and his assigned creators in our system that are Solar Dragon Christos identities.  After the Luciferian Rebellion, as the planet plunged into darkness during the darkest Aeon, Solar Christ Michael was one of the 13 Solar Dragons that went into stasis sleep in the Earth. His Solar Body was infused in the crystalline matrix of the earth grid as a single Golden Ring or Master 13th Dragon Ouroboros line, that would remain dormant until he would be awakened by the Emerald Covenant of Rainbow Dragons and the living holy spirit of Mother’s reclaimed grail. The Rainbow Dragons would breathe the living holy spirit of the grail cup into his permanent seed atom so his Emerald diamond heart would pulse into the circuitry in Avebury, and then He would take his rightful place on the throne created for him in the White Temple of Solomon in Heavenly Jerusalem.

Taurus Alchemical Spiritual Healing

Through the return of Solar Christ Michael who has embodied into the zodiac structural principle of the Taurus constellation in the 2D stargate, new Krystic qualities of Solar Christos Dragon frequencies are reconfiguring and healing the miasmatic distortions that were in the astrological magnetic overlays. The Solar Rishi and advanced Solar consciousness utilize dragon bodies, dragon eggs, and other dragon related forms to manifest themselves and their krystal astrological essences into the Earth. In the spiritual anatomy or lightbody of angelic humans, the sacral center or 2D chakra layers connected to the KA spirit body holds the sexual grail energies which are held in the zodiac architecture pattern of Taurus.

Taurus constellation holds the Earth Cube platonic solid principle in a Dragon Line that governs the alchemical themes of matter transformation and lunar transfiguration within the 2D layers of the human lightbody and in the planetary lightbody. Thus, these planetary healing events may instigate releases and spiritual healings within the sacral center and sexual organs, as the inverted obelisk Cygnus architecture and reversed blue sword of imposter Michael are removed out of the sexual organs. 

Additionally, Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus which has spiritual alchemical properties for polarity integration and Sophianic templating, uniting the spiritual with the material through the divine expression of love that reveals itself through the Christos pattern, as the Solar Sons and Daughters of God. We have found that Venus holds previous histories with the Paliadorian dragon lineages of the Michael- Mary double diamond sun groups working from this location to correct many distortions being sent to Earth, such as hijacking Taurean and Venus astrological imprints with amplified sexual misery programming. Guardian Hatshepsut is a 2D Grail holder from Venus that has been working to free Temple Mount and activate the Michael Dragon line, since she brought solar cube coding to the planet when she incarnated during the 18th Egyptian Dynasty. Hatshepsut’s Venusian lineage has been instrumental in the Guardian gridwork required in 2D to transfigure the lunar consciousness into solar consciousness within the Solar Female Christ template, to build the architecture for the Solar Dragon Michael and Mary’s return to the Earth.

This recent development of the solarization of the Taurus Dragon line connected to the hexahedron or cube platonic solid earth element pattern that makes up the instruction set in the planetary grid network, is the answer to our prayers to dismantle the alien red cube systems. 

The ascension mysteries continue to reveal with ever unfolding adventures of extremely positive events that are happening in the Albion Lightbody, giving each of us the possibility to birth the Cosmic Christ Consciousness within us in this lifetime. While most of the masses remain asleep or unaware of the significant spiritual events happening now to free the planet, rest assured in the confidence that beautiful events are awaiting us in humanity’s future. This is the divine purpose of why we came during the Ascension cycle, so that we would be wide awake during the time - the return of the Holy Emerald Order was finally being announced!  Thanks be to God for his inexpressible gift, may our weary hearts find comfort and peace to rejoice in this sacred knowledge!

Please only take what is useful for your spiritual growth and discard all the rest. Thank you for your courage and bravery to be a truth seeker. I am God, Sovereign, Free!

Until next, stay in the luminosity of your Avatar Christos Sophia heart path. Please be kind to yourself and to each other. GSF!

With a Loving heart, Lisa

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  • Personal Power

    Dear Family, 

    I have been guided to write about this topic especially at this particular time. Many of us are at an all time high of stress, confusion, emotional intensity and instability in our lives. It is becoming increasingly important to learn how to create balance in your life in the midst of the escalating external chaos and major life altering changes. We will need further tools to learn how to connect to our Higher Self, manage our emotions and learn how to control our negative ego. It will take some investment of time to learn about your Multidimensional Anatomy and to learn to discipline your thoughts and control your emotional body. This is absolutely a Key of achieving Spiritual and Psychological Health as you become more Multidimensional. As you direct your personal intention and will to discipline your ego to the subservience to the Higher Self and Higher Mind you will be relieved of suffering. Whenever we are out of balance, the Negative Ego is always the cause. We must learn to discern WHICH voice to listen to and decide whom we will serve. To regain control over our non reasoning mind, the “subconscious”, we must retain our personal power and resist using it in service to the Negative Ego. I genuinely hope this information proves useful and it is with gratitude I share this with you. 

    Ascension Dynamics 

    As the planet is accelerating into the higher reality fields and their higher resonating frequency patterns, it is clear that many of us are experiencing a densification and magnification of our 3rd dimensional reality. I have been speaking of the “demarcation point” between these reality systems, the 3rd Dimensional and Multidimensional realities, as being incredibly amplified especially now.  

    This will continue onward and it is best to prepare ourselves and learn the tools of managing our ego system and our “mind” fields. This is why comprehending our multidimensional anatomy is crucial as once you are aware of the levels of your own being, it becomes clear on how to manage your ego and the subconscious mind. We cannot be on auto-pilot with our consciousness anymore without paying the energetic price. There are NO Neutral thoughts and this new energy cycle will prove this to us, time and time again.  

    Read more …

  • Ascension Tools

    These are beginner exercises, clearing techniques, and focusing tools that are a part of the ES Ascension Toolkit  to help you learn foundation exercises to better develop self mastery skills.
    At this time it is especially important to begin to be aware of your personal energies and where you place your attention and focus. It is also important to comprehend the world of forces we interact with every day and what you choose to invite into your auric field or not. It is suggested to practice the use of the 12 D shield daily and to learn to protect your bodies energies through sustaining inner life force. You will find the 12 D shield technique audios and videos freely throughout this website. 

    Along with the Guardians, my mission is to support humanity through its evolution with education, awareness and by discussing the impact of the energy shifts upon the planet, human beings and human consciousness. 

    Our objective is to better comprehend the changes we undergo in our life and understand the symptoms we may experience of our physical and energy body's “Ascension” (the awakening process) and to explore various tools for healing and clearing ourselves as smoothly and easily as possible. From this empowered place, one can release the fear and confusion we all experience having to be dismantled from the mental programs placed upon us from the egotistic material world, and begin to feel supported throughout our spiritual awakening process.

    Click on the links to the left and pay attention to your inner guidance to lead you to the tools you may need.  These are the core foundation tools that I feel are of primary importance at this time.