Shifting Timelines
There are many subtle force reconfigurations occurring at the quantum level of the planetary mainframe that are changing the way the external and collective energy fields organize and manifest into the world.
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We have to move through the series of Timelines in each dimensional octave and reclaim our identity while recoding and changing the obsolete or false reality from interfering with our continued spiritual growth.
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Bifurcation of Time
Bifurcation means the splitting of a main body into two parts.Thus, the planetary fields and humanity are coming to experience the next phase of the planetary Ascension Cycle, which is the nature of Bifurcation of Time.
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December 2020

Winter Solstice Gold Body Activation

Lisa Renee

Dear Ascending Family,

This month’s newsletter is a very brief summation about the current themes happening in the global shift, which are directly catalyzed by the Winter Solstice Gold Body Activation on December 21, 2020. 

Our Christmas present at the end of this challenging year is that the Universal Father Solar Rishi and the Cosmic Christos Consciousness families from the God World Source Domains have returned to this earth. We begin a new phase during the Ascension Cycle of which disclosure and meaningful access to truthful events in regard to crimes made against humanity will begin to be reported to the masses and will be enforced into accountability. The Solar Rishi will ultimately preside over the revelations of truth to the people of earth as well as holding interdimensional tribunals, as this is connected to the complete unpacking of the disclosure timeline which represents planetary ascension.

In light of recent events, I am starting with the macrocosm impacts of what streams may be influencing us now, and how changes in the planetary architecture are impacting us in our personal world.

First let’s briefly take an overview of the outer events, because it is important to know that what we are seeing as being reported by the mainstream controlled media and even many alternative channels, they are hiding information and not being accurate or truthful. When things are appearing to be really dire on the external, please remember that things are not at all what they seem to be. This is a time that we need to pay extra close attention and get quiet in so to listen internally for spiritual guidance. In the outer environment of accelerated chaos, coup attempts and the desire of the NAA cabal to generate overall destruction, we need to have common sense, and to stay awake and aware through the twists and turns of spontaneous changes and potential violence. Simultaneously, to do our very best to not succumb to the fear-based foghorns of the controlled narratives, which means to not succumb to fear or despair, which are the frequencies of demoralization which are being broadcast globally.

The outer reality of the mainstream controlled narrative is now crumbling and in a free fall. It does appear that the freefall towards exposing truth towards global disclosure has an epicenter which is within the United States, in which the web of the transnational criminal syndicates are being exposed through several foreign countries that have major tentacles operating in the corporatocracy that control the United States through the shadow government. As the global cabal falls from its limitless access to power and control, the ripple effects that are being generated from its descent, extend globally to many other nations that are also deeply impacted by what is happening in the changing infrastructure of the U.S. government and its military branches.  

Over the past few week’s confirmations are being made that the Guardian Host Christos families are on schedule with supporting humanity with the unfolding liberation of the planet in which the timeline of disclosure is made imminent. This includes the public being made aware of the Power Elite transnational criminal syndicate activities, revealing those positioned in the U.S. government that are involved in committing major crimes against humanity, which ultimately is what unravels the global trafficking schemes and SRA cult practices. These are chaotic times, and it has been made clear that there are armed forces engaging in mini-wars and armed scuffles in several covert operations. For many weeks there have been smaller conflicts escalating within the Power Elite satanic corporate structures and within foreign enemy infiltration, military intelligence against military intelligence in secret operations, thus, there are some large counter intelligence operations running now. This means to stay aware of personal surroundings especially if you live in big cities or on the coastline, which are the areas that tend to more targeted for false flags or inciting chaos. The profile of the Satanist-Luciferian cabal members is that if they cannot have full control over something, they will do whatever they can to completely destroy it and sadly, they desire to hurt people. So be aware that there is a hidden war in progress with several conflicts that are happening now for gaining control over the geo-political environment. When there are intelligence operations occurring in a covert manner the result surfacing in the outer world can get even more strange and surreal. This phase signifies the fight for the end game, and this is the fight for human sovereignty and consciousness freedom on the earth. With that awareness, we must have the emotional and spiritual maturity to know that there will be some casualties in this spiritual warfare, especially when people are not paying attention or by being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Thus, our job is to work all of our spiritual tools and to stay calm, help others stay calm, and to go deep within to connect directly with our inner guidance, surrendering to your highest expression and highest power by intentionally giving all that you are to serve your highest power or God source. 

Completing Previous Evolution Cycles

Because of the planetary shifting at the end of this year, there is an intense pressure towards completing the previous cycles in order to synthesize the opposing polarities into neutral, the clearing of shadow forms and shadow energies and this is weighing very heavy on many of us. We can feel this personally, globally and even into the Solar System and Universal realms. The Ophiuchus cycle is preparing us for the Winter solstice conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn on December 21st, forming what seems to be a powerful spiritual initiation for the higher expression of aligning to the new planetary architecture, which holds a completely different instruction set for planetary ascension on behalf of all earth inhabitants.

The bifurcation event of 2020 has changed the planetary architecture in which there has been profound structural changes as the result of reconfiguring the morphogenetic fields with the new cosmic blueprint which includes the Gold Sun DNA earth blueprint. This is the Angelic Human Gold Sun Solar body which acts as the ascending vehicle for all humanity on the earth. The earth’s ray spectrum of frequencies has merged and synthesized between the lower dimensional particle rays with the higher dimensional frequencies of the anti-particle rays, during which there was a source domain expansion into the Cosmic God Worlds out to what is being referenced as the 16D-17D and 18D God Source domain fields. The trinity of these nondimensionalized energy fields expanded into 16D-17D-18D and are considered to be the Cosmic God Source densities or God Source fields in which all of the four main God Worlds and their respective domains have originated.

When our Universal creation was finally reunited again with our Cosmic God Source fields, another harmonic universe emerged, and this newly reconfigured domain is considered to be the sixth harmonic universe, or HU6. The sixth harmonic universe has restored the correct morphogenetic pattern for our Universal Mother and Sophianic consciousness embodiment on the earth. This corrected Mother Dark Matter Matrix emerged directly from the Cosmic God Source fields of Source Domain 16, Source Domain 17 and Source Domain 18. The source domain of 16D is hosting and has emanated a new creation pattern for the sixth dimensional field, the source domain of 17D is hosting and has emanated a new creation pattern for the seventh dimensional field and the Source Domain of 18D is hosting and has completely reconfigured the eighth dimensional field. This new configuration has radically changed the Galactic and Metagalactic core configuration and this is continually unfolding new patterns in the planetary architecture. As a result of the Cosmic God Source field intervention to fully correct the entire morphogenetic patterns of the 6D-7D-8D fields into the living light Christos tri-wave architecture, from this hosting a completely new harmonic universe was birthed and formed. This is the emergence of our newly returned Mother Dark Matter Matrix, which holds the correct sound template for Sophianic consciousness embodiment along with the corrected sound vibration patterns for our entire Universal Time Matrix.

Four God World Domains

The Universal Prototype in the Law of Structure as it is related to the number four is revealing its truth to us now. Within all of Universal Creation there are Four God Worlds that directly originate from the God Source domain fields. As the macrocosmic blueprint shifts to reflect the four domains of the God Worlds, now comes the time during the Ascension Cycle that our lightbody will begin to reflect the exact same pattern, when we have spiritually evolved to this particular stage of lightbody development. The angelic human lightbody is evolving into an orb ascension vehicle with four main inner layers that act as the main incension hub. All earthlings will be given the possibility to access this particular Angelic Human Gold Sun DNA blueprint as their personal ascension orb vehicle, which seems to be the corrected morphogenetic pattern of the Gold Sun DNA designed for Fallen Angelic rehabilitation and Seraphim genetic alignment to the Christos architecture. This Gold Sun DNA activation generates a solar consciousness body from the synthesis of the inner polarities that are existing within the lunar consciousness and the metatronic inversion patterns which have been problematic on the earth. 

When at the stage of collapse of the outer chakra layers which begins the solar consciousness embodiment stages, the outer lightbody layer appears as four light orbs that correlate to the macrocosmic instruction set that comprises the four domains of the God worlds. What that means is that the individual Christos lightbody contains access to every domain from within the self, the pathway to the incension means that all access to everywhere is residing inside of you. At this stage of ascension embodiment into the solar body consciousness, there is no outer movement that takes you outside of yourself, all is inner connected and accessed from within the parameter of your ascension vehicle, which is a light orb within orbs, with four main functioning layers. Each of the four main functioning layers is a spherical orb in which you may access your core source Christos Sun or Personal Christ, and gain access to that section of the God world domains. The God world domains all emerge from the Core of Creation, and as we move in between these four layers, the four layers are braided in and out of the core of creation with the Solar Rishic tri-wave fields. The core of creation emanates into the next layer of which holds the Inner World Domain which have also been referred to as the Inner Hubs of creation. The Inner World Domain is powering the 12:12 electrical Christos masculine fields of creation, that merge and unify with the 13:13 electrical Christos feminine fields of creation, which holds the morphogenetic pattern for the base twelve Universal Androgynous Merkaba fields of Christos-Sophia or Kryst-Krystallah.

Thus, the Inner World Domain includes the spectrum of Universal Kundalini through 9D, 10D, 11D, 12D, and then the 13:13 electrical spin into the 13th Pillar or Mother Arc. The Inner World Domains of the 12:12 Electrical Christ pattern has emanated into the next layer which is the completely new reconfigured harmonic universe, but this is considered the Middle World Domain or the Universal Mother Dark Matter Matrix. The corrections that have been made to the 6D-7D-8D layers, are directly sourcing from the Cosmic God Trinity from the 16D, 17D and 18D nondimensionalized source domain fields. Thus, this new harmonic universe creation, the Middle World Domain of HU6 was generated from the purging and eviction of the Black Sun and Black Hole that was the Yahweh Matrix held in the 8D core, in which the black hole entities from Wesa have been evicted from the Galactic Core and Metagalactic core of our Universal Time Matrix. In its place, we have the true sound template of our Holy Mother and Sophianic presence, in which the Holy Mother’s organic nature and morphogenetic pattern has been returned to humanity. An entirely new harmonic universe was dedicated to her complete emanation in this Universal Time Matrix creation; thus, we now have full access to her on the earth and within every domain. From the Holy Mother source vibration from within the core of the Middle World Domain, now emerges the organic timelines in which we reside locally and experience the manifest reality on the earth. The Outer World Domain emanates the organic timelines in which we experience the space time continuum, and is where we reside as physical beings in the time matrix. The Outer Domain is the now the actual location from which we are stationed as an identity in the organic timelines on the earth plane.

The base orb is stationed at the base of our perineum and tailbone which extends just below our feet. This is the root connection made directly with Holy Father, the Solar Rishi, which acts as the Universal Solar conduit through the Core of Creation and to which merges the first dimensional layer with the 15D Holy Father, and the second dimensional layer with the 14D Gold Sun of Christos Sophia. The 14D Gold Ray access leads into portals in other parallel matrices and weaves in the Solar Rishic braids of the Universal Trinity within the base shield of the Gold Sun lightbody orb.

Gold Ray Seraphim Template and Gold Sun DNA

The Seraphim Gold Ray Founder races led by the Solar Christ-Michael gave their bloodline records, their Diamond Sun genetics, their collective consciousness to support the earth, to help reclaim the original 12 strand DNA of the angelic human being that was lost during the Fall of Tara.

During the seventh Astrological Precession since the NAA Invasion, the embodiment process was to bring in all of the aspects of the Cosmic Christos consciousness, directly through Christ Michael’s incarnation process, and to fully embody the entirety of the Gold Sun body, in which the Fallen Seraphim genetics could finally be resurrected.

Embodying this aspect of the Seraphim body was required in order to reclaim it from the DNA mutations accumulated from the alien hybridization and Michael cloning wars. The Fallen Angelics are largely mutations of the Fallen Seraphim, they are the dark angels that embody the reversal bi-wave consciousness of the Luciferian gestalt forces. The Michael Mary heart twinning is the fulfillment of the seventh cycle of the Christ Michael embodiment for the Gold Ray Seraphim Template in order to resurrect the Fallen Seraphim, or the Fallen Angelic consciousness.

Thus, in the seventh cycle of the reclamation of Christos Mission, this level of the Guardian Host rehabilitation mission for the Gold Ray Seraphim Template has met with victory at a global level. To ensure masculine rod healing for the distorted Seraphim 10 Strand DNA template, a pure Gold Sun 12 Strand core manifestation template for the Seraphim lineages has been generated as the Diamond Sun embodiment potential for the entirety of Christ-Michael Avian lineages.

May we hold a group prayer for many people who are suffering in the dark night of the soul, in that they too may feel the benevolent changes that are coming and that their burdens are cast to God. May they be blessed in knowing the return of Christos-Sophia, may they know that they are loved, cared for and are never forgotten.

Healing Prayer for Angelic Humanity

Beloved Holy Presence of God, we call upon the Agents of Spiritual Healing, the highest God forces of energetic balance, coherence, sanity and health to request the presence of Gods eternal spirit, the highest expression of truth, protection and healing for all humanity. In our direct connection and love for God, Christos-Sophia and the Holy Spirit, we know that all things are made possible.

Please bring clarity to each individual's personal vision, please allow them to feel the truth spirit and bring transparency to any situation that is being confused with interference and manipulation signatures, in so that all grief, suffering, pain and ancestral patterns, and their energetic results, can be released and healed, completely and totally, clarified in the highest eternal light of truth and dissolved in the Unconditional Love and Forgiveness of God. Please give our spiritual community the strength, power and endurance to move forward on the ascending path and the spiritual mission that is uniquely theirs. Guide all of us towards improved health, sanity and clarity during these chaotic times, and guide us with the inner wisdom to identify all healing sources that are to our healing benefit and to fully align with our personal and collective divine purposes.

We call upon the eternal Krystal forces, God forces to bless, and baptize us in so that our crystal heart, soul and spirit may rise to experience directly God’s love, compassion and care. May we focus God’s healing love and compassion for all of our community and towards all targeted persons to find the spiritual strength to remain clear, awake, conscious and self-aware.

May we hold prayers for all those whom are feeling unwell, are sick or in pain, scared and confused during this time. We bless our community and all people reading this prayer to be an Agent of Healing for God, if they so choose, and to be of Service to Others to bring peace, comfort and healing, as God would have it be. Holy Mother please bring comfort to those who need you most at this time, may the love, care and healing of the Holy Spirits and the Cosmic Mother presence be with you in mind, body and spirit, now.

Peace be with your heart. Peace be with your mind. Peace be with your body. May all be with the Unconditional Love and Perfect Peace held in the eternal light of God and Christ.

Thank God we are the Cosmic Christos serving the Cosmic Sovereign Law of One! Many GSF Blessings to all, and may your sacred crystal heart be radiant as a thousand Christos Infinity Suns!

Beloveds, we thank you for this opportunity. It is with great joy and reverence we are home in the eternal light of the Christos Infinity Suns. Our infinite stream of Love is with you in ALL ways. And so, it is.

Blessings for the Happiest of Holidays,  


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    ES has a commitment to integrity and we are working as a group with small resources to support and help as many human beings as we are capable, primarily through internet communication, to have an empowering context and tools that relieve the sensation of fear, anxiety, depression and extreme isolation when undergoing the natural and normal process of spiritual awakening. We hope these tools are of great service to you and those you feel may benefit, as you share them with others. We have provided a suggested empowerment tool in a separate email “Suggested Spiritual Homework Instructions- Building Aura Strength from Manipulation/Obfuscation” which we find indispensable and critical while undergoing spiritual awakening in the current planetary terrain. 

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    Blessings on your journey, Lisa Renee, Founder and the ES Team