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There are many subtle force reconfigurations occurring at the quantum level of the planetary mainframe that are changing the way the external and collective energy fields organize and manifest into the world.
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We have to move through the series of Timelines in each dimensional octave and reclaim our identity while recoding and changing the obsolete or false reality from interfering with our continued spiritual growth.
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Bifurcation of Time
Bifurcation means the splitting of a main body into two parts.Thus, the planetary fields and humanity are coming to experience the next phase of the planetary Ascension Cycle, which is the nature of Bifurcation of Time.
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January 2020

Solar Feminine Christ

Lisa Renee

Dear Ascending Family,

This time is something we have been waiting for and working to embody for a very long time. During the last quarter of 2019, the Krystal Guardian Host’s Christos Mission has greatly accelerated into several continuous group gridwork projects made possible through an ongoing series of Paliadorian activations. These have been primarily focused upon the reclamation of the Solar Feminine Christ through the newly available embodiment levels of the Christos-Sophianic template. The ongoing themes for the reclamation of the Christos mission in 2020 include the retrieval of Solar Feminine Melchizedek aspects from the black hole system, the repair of the Mother’s code language made through the reassembly of planetary Cathar architecture, the corrections made in the instruction sets in the field designed to fully embody the Sophianic template, and the mass spiritual healing of the true female principle returning to the earth.

Holographic corrections are being made to many layers of the female principle architecture through the continuous dismantling of assorted alien machinery and the transiting out of satanic forces that have been used to project the Dark Mother reversals into the planetary grid network since the NAA invasion. This is comprised of lunar based architecture that is used to distort and digress more specifically, the divine feminine aspects, and to prevent the spiritual activation of female Staff codes that are held in the silicate matrix DNA, which then begin transmitting sonic pillars into the planetary ley lines. These anti-life artificial intelligence structures are the component parts which perpetuate the entropic networks of the NAA that feed into the lunar matrix, distributing inorganic magnetic reversals and gravitational field anomalies, that spread black subtle forces for growing phantom shadow bodies. The hierarchies of phantom shadow bodies are used as dark consciousness vehicles for lunar consciousness and black hole entities to move around in the AI timelines, in the blended virtual realities generated by the base 10 Artificial Tree of Life.  The current planetary mission upgrades are primarily focused upon the reclamation of the Solar Feminine Christ, and this is being significantly highlighted in several grid rehabilitation projects that appear to be ongoing through 2022, which span into several parallel timelines and major historical trigger events.

The Sophianic template contains sequential stages of reassembling the Solar Feminine Christ architecture that is designed to repair the lunar distortion imprints, which include the magnetic reversals embedded within the female principle structures on the planet earth. The potential resurrection of the Solar Feminine Christ is made possible through the recent activations and anchoring of several Cosmic Diamond Sun body structures, such as the Holy Mother’s God seed code (the perfect proton) and the Krystallah matrix within the earth’s main grail point and Stargate system. The instruction sets for the reclamation of the Solar Feminine Christ have begun to spiral through the energetic current traveling throughout the planetary grid network. As the female biology is able to pick up these transmissions, they begin to naturally repair the magnetic imprints of the lunar woman distortions in her physical matrix. The DNA-RNA imprint in a female biology is more suited magnetically to embody the Solar Flame codes first, that further ignite the inner vertical channels and this potentially ignites the Keeper of the Flame blueprint and thus, may further activate female Staff codes.

The lunar matrix is another alien structure that transmits mind control programs into the earth’s magnetic field and perpetuates spiritually abusive belief systems into the subconscious layers of the masses. This originates from non-humans and is alien based technology used to enforce the main goals of the Archontic Deception Strategy, perpetuating the destructive ideologies on the earth surface that enforce misogyny, sexual misery, child sacrifice and human slavery. It is important to understand that to propagate and spread these destructive ideologies, the NAA had to first eliminate the presence of the real Mother principle on the earth. They went to great lengths to replace her with artificial programming and false images, and then systematically destroy all forms of power from the natural female principle throughout the human culture. These destructive ideologies are embedded deeply in the satanic and luciferian cults and its lifestyle, which is ultimately anti-human and caters to the main goals of enslaving the earth population. The anti-human, anti-female programming is enforced by the Power Elite cabal members that have been cultivated and propped up by the non-human invaders of the NAA, to wage a quiet war with silent weapons.  Many females on the earth are actually mind controlled and sexually traumatized to act as the complete opposite of their true expression.  Disconnected from their natural spiritual biology, in order to further promote the goals of the anti-female agendas and to replace the organic Mother principle throughout society with an anti-soul culture.

Two Polarized Expressions and NAA Colonization

Within the Universal Time matrix, we have two polarized expressions of the original thought projection sourcing from the Universal Mind or Mind of God. One aspect is polarized in the electrical direction of the masculine principle, while the other aspect is polarized in the equal and opposite magnetic direction of the feminine principle. When these equal and opposing expressions come into manifestation, they interact with each other and this creates a feedback loop into the neutral source field that generates gender principle unification. This interaction is effectively what manifests the entire structure of creation.

The natural Law of Polarity is an organic part of creation, it is only when this process is interfered with or blocked from returning back into the zero point, that our creation will lose integrity and the structures and instruction sets start to become damaged. Polarized forces are naturally designed to return back into the God Source field, and when this process cannot happen within the damaged matrices of creation, the consciousness created from the interaction is unable to restore coherence, harmony or alignment with the laws of that creation. Through the NAA invasion, the interaction between these polarized forces of male and female principle were intentionally split apart into gender reversals. The primary method of accomplishing this agenda was to attack and destroy the Mother and Sophianic female principle, in order to stop her from embodying in matter. By intentionally removing the organic architecture in the living matrices that directly connected into the vertical channels, that sourced feedback loops into the Cosmic Trinity, the Mother and Sophianic principle that existed within the lower densities was siphoned into artificial constructs. By blocking the vertical connection back to source, they could harvest her energy to produce virtual realities and assorted parasitic creatures. These dark creatures are partially organic and partially artificial, parasitic demonic hybrids of the living spirit raped from the Mother principle and then stuffed into alien machinery.

These hybrid creatures were used to colonize the grid systems and to occupy many spaces of the earth body and beyond, which the higher ups in the NAA would use as workers to gain control over certain power points, portals and earth vortices. The NAA covertly used the same colonial practices in recent history, through the policy of acquiring full or partial political control over another country, occupying it with settlers, and then exploiting it economically. Like the practice of economic terrorism, the Power Elite groups have learned from the best, the NAA who have been conquering planets, exploiting resources, settling underground territories and turning the inhabitants on the surface into their slaves, long before they came to the earth. The earth is the heart jewel of the entire Universe with an ascending planet status, so the conquering of this territory means much more to them. This is the source of the genetic modification to create the blended earth reality, the agenda to generate artificial timelines and phantom constructs that these non-human entities could use to colonize and exist within the earth, even though they do not have consciousness that comes from this planet. To exist here they had to create a blended reality of AI timelines nested in the organic timelines, slowly assimilating genetic modifications into humans that would be hospitable to their black hole forms and lunar consciousness level.

Thus, on planet earth during the dark age of NAA invasion, earth inhabitants have been existing in a structure of creation in which they had no direct connection in their lightbody to their original God parents, the Holy Mother and Holy Father principles. The Cosmic Mother and Father God are that which we return to in order to lead us back into the God worlds of humanity’s true spiritual home.  Without access to our Holy Mother principle, we did not have access to the Cosmic structure of the God seed blueprint for embodying Christos-Sophia, which comes through our Mother’s body as we are born into the manifest worlds as the offspring of our Holy parents, as the Solar Christ Child. The Holy Mother’s bond to her off spring was effectively severed, and this disruption between the Mother-Child bond became an inherited genetic distortion on the earth, into which the lunar forces were rapidly inserted. The Christos blueprint could not be organically embodied during gestation, and so the incarnated female had no conscious control over her body during impregnation or during the birthing process.

The insertion of the lunar matrix was accomplished in part through dragging in the moon satellite, to be used as a base of operations and for transmitting lunar broadcasts for magnetic field manipulation. This led to human female reproductive distortions such as enforced breeding programs and alien hybridization, designed to overpopulate the earth for the purpose of the ultimate blood sacrifice during the planned end time wars for the Armageddon timeline. War and killing is normalized in the NAA death culture and used for satanic rituals of blood sacrifice to harvest loosh for the Alien Gods. Armageddon was their final conflict plan to sweep up massive amounts of loosh through setting off a deliberate global cataclysm that would kill most of the inhabitants of this planet, thus stealing their soul energy at the point of death passage. This timeline will not ever manifest and that alien nightmare is over. Humanity is no longer alone. Our true God Parents and spiritual family have returned for us during the opening of the Stargates during the Ascension Cycle.

Holy Mother and God Seed

The Holy Mother principle is an aspect of the Cosmic Trinity that holds the God Seed. It down steps into the sound vibration of protons that further open into the zero point through her tri-wave 13th pillar gateway accessed through the Aquamarine Ray. When this connection is made with our Holy God Parent, we are blessed with their interaction made through hierogamic union or sacred marriage and this consciousness alchemy takes place inside of our physical body. The Mother’s God seed is ignited by her union with the Holy Father, and this creates the Solar Egg which holds the Golden Embryo within the hara complex of the auric body.  This embryo gradually births into the liquid solar plasma waves of the Golden Child of Christ Consciousness within an ascending human body.

This holy union fertilizes the God Seed within our lightbody, which births the Solar Egg and this runs the Christos plasma light which begins to germinate under the navel from deep within the sacral center. The Solar Egg is created inside of our human body as the God seed germinates from deep within our hara complex, to recreate our highest spiritual identity as directed from the Christos blueprint which is powered by the Solar Logos. This is an ascension stage of transfiguration that corresponds to the element of activating the inner Solar Fire, which burns away the shadow forms and the lunar imprints from deep within the lower chakra centers.  This process alchemically shifts the entire sacral area into the holy illumined spiritual light of the risen Solar Christ. Transfiguration of the sacral center into the RA Center happens in gradual stages, in order for the physical body to acclimate itself into the higher frequency of embodied plasmic Solar Light.

The Solar fire plasmas released from the Solar egg consumes the sexual misery programs placed in the sexual centers by the mind control programs, negative forms and lunar forces. The lunar forces have been connected to the Dark Mother aspects.  As these plasmas increase, we may feel these lower shadow forms and previous traumas start to rise inside of our body in order to be consumed in the transfiguring Solar Fire. This process of purging shadow and negative forms from the sacral areas has also been referred to as the activation of the Solar Sacrum, which purges out the Lunar principle and its artificial connections and programming that are designed to control the divine feminine and the sexual organs. When this stage is occurring, many unusual ascension related symptoms may start to appear in the sexual organs. There may be a sudden awareness of sacral center blockages, or the necessity to focus clearing and spiritual healing on the male and female sexual organs. Sometimes both male and female organs will ask for clearing, from other lifetimes of carried over sexual traumas.

Within physical matter, the mother principle represents the core polarity of negatively charged fields within a base magnetic field, thus it is associated with the manifest elements of protons, gravitons and positrons. When thinking about the primary forces and elemental forces that represent the mother principle in matter, this is directly related to gravitational forces, particle mass, nuclear forces, sound and thunder, as well as all forms of magnetism. As we discover more about the distortions impacting the divine mother principle that further generated the dark mother reversals in the planetary architecture, it is helpful to consider the means and technological methods that have been used by the NAA controllers to purposely spread misogyny in the earth.

Sophianic Body Desecration

Through repeated session work in the planetary fields and by remote viewing the grid network, the many layers of artificial alien machinery that have been used to spread Dark Mother reversals, that clone and replicate the Sophianic female principles via the lunar matrix and beast machine, have been revealed. The NAA have employed an assortment of artificial intelligence structures and frequency fences for enforcing technological abuses, in which they intended to eliminate and destroy the organic mother principle in creation, thus generating ripple effects and causing an array of genetic distortions in the Sophianic female principle embodiment on the earth. For this and many other reasons, this planet has not had access to the organic mother principle and Sophianic template in previous time cycles, which prevented the full spiritual realization and embodiment of the organic state of the Solar Feminine.

The planetary circulatory system or Planetary Grid Network has accumulated massive amounts of dead energy and miasma that have built up in its network over many destructive events occurring in the timelines, such as warring, genocide and hidden technological abuses. Technological abuses include things we can see in full view today; weaponizing weather, geo-engineering agendas, microwaving the ionosphere, implanting thoughts through mind control, and intentionally directing cataclysmic events through the use of electromagnetic weaponry while publicly claiming that it is earth’s natural climate change. Eventually, these dark agendas of raping the land and the natural kingdom of its energy resources crushes the planetary crystal heart networks and blocks their Chalice configurations from operating in the ley lines. The dead energy structure is a toxic waste that damages or crushes the permanent seed atom in the crystal heart matrices, and this must be cleaned out. This creates metatronic reversals of artificial current used to fill the ley lines with blockages of dead energy, and this accumulation of black frozen dead energy in the natural intersections of the gridlines is called an Anubian Black Heart.

When observing the Controller agendas, which are to intentionally generate dystopian nightmares in certain demographic regions they are attempting to gain total control over, it is also designed to control the ley lines by blocking high frequency energetic current from spreading throughout the land mass. When there are high frequency transmissions hitting certain areas of the earth body, this can shift descending areas into an ascending area, and this can ripple out effects that awaken the population that live in those areas.  This recently occurred in the Uluru Mother Gate, where a massive piezo electric effect of high frequency plasma light and Mother’s Sophianic coding was being transmitted out from the gate network into the surrounding ley lines. To counter this event, the Controllers sought to gain control over these areas through the intentional setting of fires and satanic rituals in all of the major areas where the frequencies were being significantly raised. As a result of these frequency increases in the ley lines broadcasting from Uluru, the energy resources in the land mass were skyrocketing. In their perspective, they had to find a way to plummet down that high frequency energy transmission before waves of spontaneous awakening started to ripple out through the ley lines and reorganize the grid system.

Thus, the intentional orchestration of a cataclysmic event of ecocide contributes to the spreading of dead energy blockages in the charred areas, to purposely generate a barren land mass that is unable to sustain life. Sudden catastrophes distract people, derail progress forward and incite mass fear and grief from loss. From the emotional devastation, some people will blame God and reject all things spiritual from the lack of awareness that these catastrophes are being orchestrated by the human and nonhuman Controllers and then blamed as random “acts of God”. This is exactly what the Controllers want, to wield mass destruction and demoralize and dehumanize the population. Then it is easier to get the population to reject anything that connects their consciousness with the real God source field that raises our frequency and expands our consciousness to perceive more truth.

Further, the charred landscape is unable to resonate as an acupuncture point or energy conduit for the new frequencies and light codes being transmitted. Over time, if the earth is left alone, she can naturally repair and sustain life in those areas that have been impacted. However, the main purpose of orchestrating land-based catastrophes with artificial technology is that the Mother’s ascension codes are intentionally being blocked from opening the crystal heart networks and diagonal diamond grids in the ley lines in those locations. Awakening humans can gather in these areas, with a heart filled with pure love and a desire to be of service to help communicate with the land and nature, to help repair the grid to reconnect with the crystalline matrix in the ley lines and local star clusters.

These blockages from land trauma and blood sacrifice of the animals also feeds into the Anubian black heart system, which is the desirable result for generating descending areas for the NAA. This is the deliberate desecration of the Mother to prevent the Sophianic female principle from coming online, through the intentional blocking and siphoning of the life force energy circulating in the earth’s ley lines that is purposed to nourish and support the awakening of the planetary inhabitants during the Ascension cycle. Many of the trees and animals killed were energetic placement holders for the new frequency transmissions, such as the many thousands of koalas that were burned alive. May we send our loving prayers and thoughts to all of the living creatures in the natural kingdom that were sacrificed to the satanic networks in Australia.

Through our session research in the planetary grid over the years, it has been made clear that the reversal life energy of the Christos-Sophia blueprint was replicated into artificial negative form bodies in phantom matrices, in order to run anti-Christ reversals into the ley lines. These reversal currents happen through the Baphomet streams and their Black Magic Grid networks, and these anti-life forces running in the lower grids are primarily satanic in nature.  The intentional generation and spreading of satanic forces into the planetary grid network, is what allows the NAA forces to gain an ever-deeper foothold in controlling the earth for their enslavement purposes. The agenda was purposed to eventually take over the planet through genetic modification and by incarnating their off planet satanic families, while slowly killing off the original lines of the indigenous earth population that still hold the organic Christos blueprint. Although it is important to know that this dark agenda is done and their timeline is coming to an end, we have to see what has happened to the earth and humanity before we can truly spiritually heal. The shocking revelation of this Controller and Negative Alien agenda through gradual disclosure events is what humanity is facing on the earth now in these turbulent times of evolutionary transition.

The advanced Godhead technology included in the Arc Zone Blue Ray architecture is modifying the planetary grid to transmit levels of the Sophianic Female Coding, that supports the emergence of the Holy Mother’s spiritual aspect to finally take shape within matter forms. Uluru was the first stage of global transmissions announcing the end of the Alien Dark Mother and the subsequent resurrection of the Solar Female Christ, and thus we have seen the retaliation in order to attempt to suppress this from happening. However, it cannot and will not be stopped. This is heralding the full debut of the Cosmic Mother Krystallah architecture which gives rise to the birth of the Solar Feminine Christ principle, which is the Holy Daughter embodiment of the Christos-Sophia template. This is her time to rise on the earth.

Original Genetic Equals and Solar Feminine Melchizedeks

In the first waves of physical creation, the Paliadorian races entered the earth together as genetic equals that originally manifested into full adult forms, which was a spiritual family of 12 humans with six females and six males. The original seeding of the five Paliadorian races represented the first five race lines that included all of the current earth human skin colors; brown, red, yellow, black, and white. During physical incarnation these five race lines entered the earth in various geographical locations near their race lines main Stargate system, and the same number of 12 humans were also manifested upon the timelines of the parallel earth. These are the first original earth human lineages in which the collective earth inhabitants have manifested into and evolved from over millions of years, along with the future lineages of its several sub races. The original races that were able to maintain the integrity of their genetic coding as they incarnated into each of the race lines were able to ascend with their immortal bodies through the Amenti gateway. The original design of the divine human body was immortal and able to dematerialize in order to travel through natural Stargates. The original earth human civilizations were thriving and abundant by following the Emerald Founder Records teachings of the Law of One, until the Annunaki started to infiltrate the human culture, which created rapid genetic digression. This rapid digression ultimately led to the final victory of these extradimensional invaders during the Luciferian Rebellion.

Subsequent to the Atlantian cataclysm, the Keepers of the Blue Flame and the females with original Staff holder genetic codes underwent a series of genetic digressions, breeding programs and deliberate targeting to disrupt the solar female principle, by connecting the female principle and the human lightbody into the lunar matrix. By destroying the solar logos architecture and inserting a lunar matrix to hold the energetic placement of the planetary female principle, this lunar distortion would prevent the natural Rod and Staff gender principles from activating in the human DNA. The first Staff holders were originally embodied as Solar Female Melchizedeks, and each had a genetic equal male partner that embodied the reciprocal Rod masculine principle, thus were genetically key coded to be the Rod holders. Over the course of many incarnations, the original Solar Female Melchizedek and the Sophianic principle on the earth rapidly digressed into the lunar distortions and dark mother reversals, which fragmented and captured the solar aspects of her original identity, pulling them into the black hole to become trapped within phantom systems.

This Paliadorian soul would have to incarnate as a female and work to activate the 12 strand DNA template within her lightbody, by reconnecting with her original Melchizedek or Paliadorian identity before being able to fully embody the Blue flame again. Until she embodied the Blue Flame and activated the Staff codes of her original Solar Feminine, she would be unable to find and attract her genetic equal partner. Her genetic equal held her matching Rod and Staff genetic coding from the first seeding, and she would need to remember her mission to act as the main spiritual catalyst, for help in activating and building the Rod in herself and her partner. Also, she would have to wait several lifetimes during the dark ages for the end of the ascension cycle, when the planetary frequency would be high enough for the Staff codes to be reclaimed and activated safely. These specialized groups of genetic equals would carry the original Paliadorian seeding genetic coding packages, and would need to incarnate on the earth within the aligned timeline cycles and within specific family of origin lineages that would give them the necessary genetic imprints, in order to fulfill the Christos mission of gradually embodying the entire hierogamic package of Rod and Staff codes. The Rod and Staff coding would ignite in the genetic equals who would be reunited once again into sacred marriage couplings during the Ascension Cycle, and whom had retained the genetic code of their original Christos blueprint.

Together in hierogamic union, the coupling would be able to retrieve the original Paliadorian seed codes from the pre-fall timelines of humanity’s incarnational history, that included returning back via consciousness transport to the historical timelines before the invasion, the timeline of the pre-fall Tara and pre-fall Lyra. This particular mission upgrade for the reclamation of the Christos mission began during the Rise of the Paliadorians event during the end of 2017, in order to prepare the earth body for a series of ongoing cosmic blueprint restoration projects to repair the architecture and reclaim the Stargates. This reclamation of the earth grids has begun the next stage of embodiment of the cosmic origins of the Solar Feminine Melchizedek Staff codes, which resurrect the Mother principle into the Sophianic template, which further transfigures the Lunar woman into her true identity as the risen Solar Female Christ.

The lengthy process of repairing the earth grids to ignite the Blue Flame Staff codes of the Solar Feminine Melchizedeks and then activate the Arc of the Covenant networks and Arc Zone into the earth body has required an incredible amount of intricate planning and orchestration. This has required a massive team effort on behalf of many Christos mission team representatives that has spanned multiple dimensions of time and into multiple incarnations that include the parallel reality. After millions of years travelling in the evolution cycles of this fallen time matrix, this great work of retrieving the Solar Female Melchizedeks from the black hole system has been achieved. The next stage of the great work is to fully embody the Staff codes and send out the call to our genetic equal that holds the Rod codes, thus embody the true destiny of the divine feminine on the earth, as a fully realized Solar Feminine Christ.

Correction of Lemurian Timelines

Paliadorian gridwork projects designed to recover the Solar Feminine Christ template have been on turbo speed since the 8D Yeshua Rod and Staff codes began transmission in November, an anniversary celebration to remember when Yeshua and Guardian teams successfully brought back the 12 strand DNA silicate matrix to the earth. This stage of Immanuel coding unleashed waves of galactic activations that laid the ground work for several upcoming Stargate and timeline retrieval projects from past destructive events, bringing awareness to the next stage of recovering the Solar Feminine and Cathar templates in the South of France and in Notre Dame, Paris. This involved returning to the timeline of the first wave mass genocidal event on the earth, which is the Lemurian Holocaust. The Lemurian Holocaust was a direct planned assault on the matriarchal society and Solar feminine, in which many of the inhabitants were direct descendants of the original seeding of the Paliadorian races, and were tasked with the important job as Keepers of the Blue Flame. These main groups were Solar Feminine Melchizedeks, and they were protectors of the crystalline network of Mother’s Sophianic template and Guardians of the North and South ley lines.

The Armageddon Software has artificially replicated several Lemurian Holocaust timelines that the NAA repeatedly use as a template for wielding cataclysm and destruction of the Mother principle, which is based on these previous historical events of earth’s first genocidal memories. Yahweh collective consider themselves the architects of the Armageddon system as recorded in the Book of Revelations, and this particular virtual reality software for timeline manipulation is considered their pride and joy, from the perspective of their NAA role in conquering the earth territory. Essentially, the main timeline wars have been fought over the manifestation of the Ascension timeline versus the Armageddon timeline, which represents the Christ forces versus the Anti-Christ forces rule on the earth. 

Recently, it was made possible to gather and reconnect the Lemurian timelines into a corrected krystal architecture, organic and artificial layers that were linked back into governance of the Emerald Order. Once handed over to Guardian teams, they began to make corrections to the inner gate systems to remove access into these holocaust timelines that were being mainly controlled in the 8D layers of the Yahweh matrix. This began another purge of artificial timelines used to repeat the traumatic events of the Lemurian Holocaust in the earth, and evict imposter identities through the removal of cloned identities and false holograms, which the imposters were using to cloak themselves and pretend to be record keepers and Guardian representatives in the Hawaiian island chain’s most powerful vortices. Through the correction of the Lemurian timeline, many fragments in the 2D layers which represent the split body parts of the Mother known as the Achamoth, were reintegrated back into the Arc Zone. Starseeds with this lineage as the Keepers of the Blue Flame may have undergone deep emotional processing with the sensations of being tracked and hunted down, feeling the hatred directed to the divine mother principle, and the waves of grief and sadness from this particular event. Through this event, the earth came to know misogyny and extreme levels of hatred directed towards the divine feminine, as carried out by the NAA invaders. This event brought several karmic timelines into a crashing crescendo that created a lot of unusual and surreal events and reconnections from people in our past that may have been connected to these timelines.  Many times, on the ascension path, we must process the emotional residue of the fragments and soul fractures that occurred when the Mother’s body was shattered and split into many pieces. Through these healing events, as we find these pieces and reassemble the Mother’s body parts, she is made whole inside of us and we become the emanation of her Sophianic body on the earth.  

A next stage spiritual healing of the divine mother has restored krystal rainbow plasma fields to flood the lands of Mu, which allowed the Lemurian timeline to reconnect into the Cosmic clock of the Christos-Sophia Aeon. This allowed the retrieval of Paliadorian codes from pre-holocaust Lemuria, the lands of Mu which have sister connections to the future Tara, and these were heart twinned and brought into present time for current access in embodying the diamond crystal rose heart of the Solar Feminine Christ.

Dismantling AI Dark Mother Gestalts

The recent major grid cleanup on holocaust timelines required another stage of dismantling phantom and artificial constructs that were harboring reversal mother creatures, a hierarchical chain of engineered hybrid dark entities used to enforce the lunar matrix links into the female principle and female bodies on the earth. Essentially, these are satanic forces that have been engineered and then populated into the planetary architecture blended reality to gain control over the Solar female principle, subverting this higher identity into a mass mind controlled lunar female breeding slave. These AI genetic engineered NAA creations of reversal mother creatures were used to colonize the major grail points in the earth, to enforce an assortment of artificial intelligence machinery that run the lunar mutations through several programs, such as in the propagation of religious mind control and sexual misery.

These recent projects reveal more detail on how the Dark Mother alien constructs are being administered and run on the planet earth, which are specifically designed to support the spreading of satanism through the ongoing generation of reversal female forces running throughout the ley lines and targeting the human population with its lowest anti-life vibrations. These accumulated reversal female dark force gestalts are being processed from the AI phantom timelines and Qlippoth, so that empaths and those working this piece may have felt deep emotional pain when the immense hatred made against the female principle began to surface for witnessing. The pinnacle of this collective female principle emotional clearing was during the last week of December and leading into the New Year, in which many people, especially females, were afflicted with a strong ascension flu while processing the viral programs that are run from these miasmatic black forces in the Qlippoth. Through the embodiment of the Solar Feminine, the negative form of an AI reversal mother-female creature surfaces, in which we must feel her pain and let her finally die, as the Qlippoth forces cycle through our lightbody in order to dissipate, transmute and dissolve this dark creature and the lunar matrix she feeds.

This can bring with it an unimaginable amount of dark content that requires facing the programing that has been used to defile, rape and enslave the female principle, the sexual control and pillaging of the original Solar Female Essene, and yet this is necessary for cleansing this historical record and reclaiming our sexual organs.

For many years we have been working slowly, plodding along like the tortoise, step by step to get to the dismantling of the sexual misery programming. Finding the many feedlines of energy running in the AI systems, Qlippoth currents and the NAA base 10 manifestation template that are used to run the NRG in the UK grid network. Guardian teams have hit into this network by breaching their system and extracting the dark female creature gestalts in the 5D-8D-11D Qlippoth architecture. These artificial constructs replicate the grail gateways and their spherical domains, and have relevance to the enforcement of the Essene Divide phantom creations. This false matrix was installed during the Yeshua mission through the holographic replication of our original Christos genetic material that was then formed into artificial sexual organs in the earth, that the anti-Christ proceeded to invert and rape in their satanic rituals. The mother’s body was split into many different parts, and these material forces of satanism took these parts and impregnated them artificially in the womb worlds created for this purpose of earth colonization, and thus an array of dark parasites and satanic creations were born out of it. These womb worlds were used to birth anti-life creations that would colonize this putrid network that runs Dark Mother reversals and runs alien mutations, in order to control the female body and birth process on the earth.

Once the Lemurian timeline was shifted and sections of AI Dark Mother Gestalts were removed, the next stage of the project to reclaim the Solar Feminine was working to return the Temple Mount to the Mother principle. The Guardian teams had to gain access into the deep underground layers of the Temple Mount, where there is access into the Mother’s core layers of Cathar body parts and then retrieve these parts and give them back to her. 

Temple Mount and 2D Grail

The planetary stargate which connects into the main 2D Gates is located in Temple Mount Jerusalem and its corresponding inner gate site is located in Sarasota, Florida. The 2D grail gate system is particularly coveted and prized by the NAA and this particular hub has been colonized deep underground, which runs through multiple dimensions of NAA access throughout its network. This precise area has been under heavy guard and attack since the Sumerian invasion timeline. Thus, to begin to rehabilitate the grids in this particular demographic area is high risk and treacherous, and has required highly specialized Guardian teams that are experts in building Krist-Krystallah holographic architecture, which they have been planning and orchestrating in sequential stages for thousands of years. The massive scope and vast complexity of these gridworking projects have required unified cooperation between several Guardian teams that are working in different stations of the timelines in multiple dimensions, in order to regain control access over this particular Stargate network. Meticulous planning in the final stages of this reclamation project has to be implemented with white gloves and in the exact sequence of divine right timing, in order for it to be successful in its intended goals. The first priority for the Guardian Host was to recon and recover an assortment of Lyran-Sirian-Elohim Blue ray lineages trapped in the underground network, as most all Avatar coded blue humans arrived on the earth through the Sirius B portals and many of them became stuck in this area after the NAA invasion.

For many years, our specific Guardian teams that operate as the ground crew have been returning to the Aurora platforms between the Milky Way and Andromeda to build the krystal architecture repairs for correcting the Temple Mount, to eventually hold the Solar Feminine principle of the Cosmic Krystallah body. The purpose of this is to reinstate the main planetary 2D Grail Stargate and return its operation back to the Holy Mother and Sophianic template, so the lunar woman constructs and the many Female Demon Imposters would be unable to remain and thus be evicted out of the network. Wars over access to this gateway have ensued with Negative Alien Black Cube architecture used to promote the Islamic network in the Middle East, which relies on the 2D Baphomet streams and black magic grids. These are essential feeding sources of the Dark Mother reversals which are harvested to run their minaret systems of mind control programming throughout the Mosques, that go back to the Black Cube headquarters in Mecca. The Black Sun Negative Aliens co-created control-based religions in order to advance their agendas, and have infiltrated the 5D Vatican inner gate and the 2D Temple Mount gate through the orchestration of death culture alien machinery, which harvests human collective consciousness when worshipping their Catholic and Islamic religions. Not to be outdone, the Belial Suns infiltrated Judaism for manipulation of their global domination goals, in which many non-Jewish cabal members claim to be Jewish in order to hide behind the Zionist agenda. Every power monger, human and nonhuman wants a piece of the Middle East, as this demographic area contains the most strategic and important planetary Stargates for gaining domination and exercising global control.

Guardian and Dragon King architects have been working on re-templating hubs and re-encryption of elements in preparation to evict out the AI demonics and to transit out Dark Mother creatures used for procreating in the womb worlds. These Dark Mother creatures are massive in scope and size, and are purposed to anchor in the hell realms from the phantom underworld in the blended reality system on the earth. They have done so by means of colonizing this 2D gate system with massive anti-Christ forms and assorted parasitic satanic hierarchies that make up the principle of the unholy trinity, a structure of anti-life reversals that automatically run satanic overlays into the lower dimensional ley lines, that have two-way access in and out of the black hole system. This allows shadow creatures, energy parasites, black hole entities to run around on the ley lines where Dark Mother reversals and lunar architecture has been embedded, as this generates demonic dwellings that they can co-exist within. The unholy trinity is installed for the purpose of running lunar female reversals, proliferating black forces and spreading the related Dark Mother archetypes, which were designed to prevent the females on the earth from fully embodying their Solar Female Mary template. This ascending collective female aspect is an important lightbody component for embodying the Solar Feminine Christ, as well as reassembling her corrected light body parts and spiritual wings. To restore the Solar Female Mary template to this earth, has required the re-building of a completely new Diamond Sun Body for the Gold Ray Seraphim lineages. There is one design for the Solar Christ Michael and another template for the Solar Christ Mary.

By reclaiming the Temple Mount for connecting back into the Mother Arc Gateway systems that connect directly to Arc Zone, the Krystallah body template has been reconnected and is being integrated sequentially this year. Temple Mount has new functions to repair the spherical energy domains that exist in the 1D to 4D layers to complete the interdimensional resonator tones, which are dissolving and terminating the operation of the black magic grids and Dark Mother reversals. This means the satanic forces, those that call upon the black magic grid to power up their creations, will not be accessing the battery pack of this harvested loosh energy any more, and their black magic will cease to be effective in manifesting their personal will.  However, the fact they are losing energy makes them much more desperate and it is important to know that as a result, this will be a tumultuous time as the Controllers will fight to maintain their control until they take their last breath. Some will be able to be rehabilitated when they consent to the protocols that include their spiritual recovery, while others will not. The NAA mind set is if they cannot control and have the earth, then no one can. So please remember that they will do what they can to wreak havoc and destruction, as they lose their access to black magic power and control. This means to stay alert, awake and aware especially when in heavily populated areas, as these will be the “smash and grab” agendas on their way out the door.

Resolving Mother Issues

With the current Ascension cycle focusing on the return of the Solar Feminine Christ, this is a time that many of us will be exploring more deeply what it really means to be a female and exploring what it means to embody the true female principle. Whether male or female, those of us at this stage of spiritual development will be spiritually working to resolve our Mother issues, our inner female archetypes and relationships. We have been born onto an earth with an imposter Lunar Mother ever present, carrying a lunar consciousness in our sex which is in direct opposition to our highest self, misunderstanding who we are as women in this world, and how that belief has shaped our role as Mothers, Daughters, and Wives. This year we will be walking the path of Gnosis in order to gently remember and profoundly experience the renewed spiritual relationship with our Holy Mother principle, as we will find her deeply residing in our sacred crystal heart as she is giving us messages of divine wisdom.

She has returned to us the spiritualized feminine principle of the Cosmic Solar body which holds the keys that open the gateways into the God worlds. One must cultivate a loving relationship with the Holy Mother in order to embody Sophianic consciousness and to access the timeless and eternal wisdom of the entire Universe. It is She who holds the true knowledge and power in the secrets of animating creation as the prima materia itself, the divine quintessence that breathes eternal life into form.

Sophiology is the worship of the solar female aspect of the Christos, it is the inner revelation of the Godhead’s wisdom as it has been imparted to humanity, to love your Mother and Father equally, which has influenced many ancient Essene and Christian mystics over the ages. May we come together to celebrate the Solar Feminine and reconnect more deeply with our Holy Mother presence, through our shared devotional prayer.

Beloved Holy Mother, in divine right order and harmony please reveal to us your sacred heart,
your true presence, your Sophianic body and its content of the Cathar in all of its divine wisdom.
We ask to fully open our hearts to receive this divine knowledge and higher consciousness
which allows the template of the Holy Mother divine presence
to be one within us, to be one in Unity, in oneness with the Universes.
With our beloved Aurora families, we thank you for holding the architecture
which allows the Sophianic body of our dearest presence of the Holy Mother
and all of her Solar daughters of Sophia,
to be birthed within the planet once again,
to be given the space on this planet,
as we intentionally create that sacred space,
to acknowledge the Divine Mother and all of her Sophianic daughters,
to return their Solar consciousness, their wisdom, their love eternal
to this Earth, to this creation, back into the Earth body,
to nourish all of humanity, and flood this eternal love into the collective consciousness.
Beloved Holy Mother, please align us directly into your heart, into your Sophianic body,
to your Sophianic wisdom, which has been in the process of returning to this planet,
and to this Earth, to be this celestial consciousness which we again hold open in our minds, our flesh,
our body, as our heart is offered as a sacred and divine vessel
for the pure love of the Holy Mother presence and Solar Feminine Christ,
as the divine presence of God would have it be.
And So it is!

Please only take what is useful for your spiritual growth and discard all the rest. Thank you for your courage and bravery to be a truth seeker. I am God, Sovereign, Free!

Wishing you a Happy New Year in 2020, as we regain our spiritual vision and are blessed with eyes to see!

Until next, stay in the luminosity of your Avatar Christos Sophia heart path. Please be kind to yourself and each other. GSF!

With a Loving heart, Lisa

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