Shifting Timelines
There are many subtle force reconfigurations occurring at the quantum level of the planetary mainframe that are changing the way the external and collective energy fields organize and manifest into the world.
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We have to move through the series of Timelines in each dimensional octave and reclaim our identity while recoding and changing the obsolete or false reality from interfering with our continued spiritual growth.
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Bifurcation of Time
Bifurcation means the splitting of a main body into two parts.Thus, the planetary fields and humanity are coming to experience the next phase of the planetary Ascension Cycle, which is the nature of Bifurcation of Time.
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September 2014

Quantum of Light

Lisa Renee


Dear Ascending Family,

For many years the Omniversal Family Tree of Krystal Star known as the Guardians, have been relaying a wide array of information about the Ascension process that our planet and human bodies undergo at the end of an Astrological Age. We are moving into another interval of the higher octave through the bifurcation of time fields, which results in the phenomena of timeline collapse. For many, this manifests as a bookend to delineate the ending of the past, such as ancestral patterns and forces many of us to undergo a resetting of our inner foundation and way of life. These phases of timeline collapse generally bring with them many levels of exit points, resetting and ego dismantling, in order to extract the false and reinstate a more accurate and progressive direction for the Soul. We must progress towards group consciousness and being of service to the whole. For those unaware of Ascension, the uninitiated or uninformed, this time can be confusing and painful to navigate. 

Currently little is understood about the consciousness evolution process or allowed into the mainstream to bring this topic into greater credibility, thus visibility to the masses.  

At the end of the Precession of Equinoxes, we align to the galactic core, Stargate portals open and we are eligible to proceed with an Ascension timeline, or the beginning of the next grand cycle. This propels us into the potential future timelines in higher octave systems that far exceed the current state of collective planetary consciousness. To access the higher future potentials there are also destructive timelines and probabilities that must come to an end or collapse.  When humanity refers to the past or future, it actually is referring to a particular sub-frequency along the space-time continuum. So when we clear a past trauma event in time, we generally are clearing blocked sub-frequencies that were located in our chakra system and lightbody, as well as the planetary body.

For those of us that came from the future time and remember those potentials of consciousness freedom, this alignment into the Galactic core is experienced with great celebration and relief. However, the compassion for the plight on earth has brought many of us here in the Ascension timeline from other galaxies, to help this planet's re-education process. From the more than 170 billion galaxies in the observable universe, to heal and evolve beyond war and enslavement.

Quantum Mechanics is Ascension Math

Ascension is the complex quantum mechanics governing the movement of consciousness or intelligent energy throughout time and space, in the past, present and future timelines. To more deeply explore and comprehend what the Ascension Cycle and its impact means to the planet and humanity, one would need to have a deeper understanding of Quantum Mechanics. Quantum Theory and Ascension Theory are deeply enmeshed and interrelated and both are heavily disputed and ridiculed in current mainstream sciences.

Quantum Mechanics is a branch of physics which deals with physical phenomena or "quantum" energy at the atomic and subatomic levels, providing a mathematical description of the dual particle-like and wave-like behavior and interactions between energy and matter. In physics, a quantum is the minimum amount of any physical entity involved in an interaction. Quantum is used to describe the fundamental framework for understanding how the Universe works at the smallest scales of energy units.

At the center of Quantum Mechanics is the Planck-Einstein relation. Planck-Einstein's energy–frequency relation relates the energy of a photon, the Quantum of Light, to its electromagnetic wave and rate of frequency. Essentially this formula quantifies the energy property of matter and its direct interrelationship with frequency and wavelength. This provides the framework for constructing quantum mechanical models at subatomic levels, which mathematically quantify the existence of multiple dimensions in time. 

Transferring and Converting Energy

In physics energy is a property of objects that is transferable in certain fundamental interactions. The energy in objects can be converted in form and transferred, but ultimately not created or destroyed. When we apply quantum understanding we start to apply the mathematical laws based on potential energy transference made through multiple dimensions in time. To clarify this point, accessing one's consciousness impacts the transference and conversion of light energy throughout multiple timelines.

Therefore the properties of energy, in its variety of forms, whether visible or non-visible, directly impact the scale of different qualities of consciousness (spiritual bodies) and light energy transference throughout multiple dimensions. Each dimension and its timeline are composed of subatomic particles of light moving at different frequencies and wavelengths. For example, the chakras work like magnetic devices in these multiple dimensions as they automatically attract the densest electromagnetic energy in their spectrum of light or energy from that dimension. When we focus on our chakras, we can help to convert these denser energies and intentionally transmute them with the higher light frequencies of our inner Christ spirit. 

This means that all light energy properties have potential interactions that control the movement of energy from place to place, thus adjusting qualities of energy-frequency in matter for the past, present and future. As we make the choice to participate with our light energy transference in whatever location in time, this directly impacts our consciousness evolution in every dimension. Our choices from moment to moment contain the energetic probability to either heal or harm our lightbody. This illustrates the energetic-frequency impact upon all living things based upon the choices of personal and collective consciousness, which exist within multiple dimensions and multiple timelines simultaneously.

Consequently, this also directly impacts the scale of different rates of intelligence and sentience operating within a form or body in multiple dimensions. So, it is accurate to say that Consciousness and its rate of intelligence can be converted in scale or transferred in form across time and space but ultimately not created or destroyed. By recognizing that our Soul and layers of Spiritual Bodies are states of consciousness and light energy-frequency and not religious dogma, we begin to see the scientific probability of the Soul. Our Soul exists in another dimension of time and space, until we choose to bring it here and embody its spectrum of light. One question to ask is what quality of energy-frequency are the Soul or Spiritual bodies? Can one attune one's mind and body to that specific energy-frequency in future time and what happens when you do? Is this energy-frequency measurable in result or resonance?

Consciousness is intelligent energy which can be expanded and directed by focused awareness, upon the radiant energy of the Spiritual Bodies through their Quantum of Light, independent of time. To physically interact with another dimension, the frequency of one's consciousness needs to be aligned to that dimension.

Expanding Consciousness is Light Transference

When we address Light as radiant energy-frequency it becomes clearer that a Quantum of Light is the Universe's way of transferring packets of intelligent energy into consciousness throughout time and space. Those packets of intelligent light energy-frequency are also called light symbol codes or DNA fire letters. These light codes are delivered to the planet and to a human body through energy-frequency current, which is called Kundalini. 

There is planetary Kundalini which directly interfaces with the human body Kundalini, which is located in the tailbone. The Kundalini and light codes received through the chakra system are absorbed into a form-holding blueprint, that is our 12 Tree Grid, and that stores information for how that "form" of new consciousness energy will manifest. The blueprint re-arranges itself in the Lightbody to align to the newly received templates of consciousness light and sound. This occurs at a microcosmic or personal human body level and at a macrocosmic planetary level, through the Solar System and Cosmos and is a part of the Quantum Mechanics of all creation. 

Image by P. Goldenlotus
Time Matrix Frequency Bands

Consciousness and matter are both forms of energy-frequency. What we think and how we feel generates electrical impulses, which travel from the Central Nervous System, the brain receivers and down through the spinal column and radiate from the chakras. The quality of that electrical energy governs the electromagnetic functioning of the chakras, which influence the overall frequency of one's lightbody. Personal consciousness is the sum total of all of one's thoughts, emotions, intelligence, beliefs, and attitudes as an energy-frequency. Personal consciousness originates as brain wave energy and the lightbody is energy-frequency, both forms of energy-frequency are intimately interconnected and influence each other. The generated frequencies are either positive or negative until synthesized. Chakra blockages are directly caused from the exchange of energy transmitted by one's consciousness or artificial structures or oppressions. This process is energy transference, which refers to the exchange or transfer of light energy between the physical body and the Lightbody.

Different colors of light, different energy-frequencies of light all create different properties of electromagnetic radiation waves and different amounts of radiant energy that interact with the Quantum of Light. Light with a lower energy-frequency will have a longer electromagnetic wavelength. The rate of frequency and wavelength are inversely proportional to each other. This means that as one increases, the other decreases and vice-a-versa. The product between the rate of frequency and its proportional wavelength is the measurement of the speed of light through space-time. This means that energy-frequency, wavelengths, oscillation of light are interdependent on each other in order to increase or decrease their properties existing within every object, body or creation.

As light travels in waves and bounces off an object this is called reflection.  When light travels and bounces off a human being, the impact of these forces upon one's energetic body and how they resonate with the fundamental frequency of one's being is called the Law of Resonance. How these forces of light resonate with the human energy field, as they are either compatible or not, will impact how that light code will refract through the internal DNA lens. The internal DNA lens, the state of the internal structure of lightbody, will dictate what experience the person will have when exposed to the ranges of energetic-frequency (Spectrum of Light). As a person meditates on inner stillness and intends to remove artificial machinery and clear the mental and emotional body from conflict, the internal energies and chakras become more transparent and balanced. More transparency and energetic balance allow a higher capacity to resonate and thus, reflect higher energy-frequencies of the light source. 

Light waves also bend and refract, this happens when the light waves are bent as they pass through a transparent object. The lens in a pair of eye glasses helps people see more clearly by bending the light rays to help the person's eye adjust reflected images at a distance, close up or far away.

Holographic Light Projector

Different lengths of light waves are all reflected in the same way, but not refracted in the same way. This is similar to how our personal consciousness and higher sensory perception actually work. We all share the same process in light reflection, yet we access different qualities of light waves and perceive the reality from a different clarity and perception from our personal refraction lens. As we remove and extract energies that cloud our DNA lens, we become clearer and more transparent in our consciousness light. 

The light particle waves at the highest frequency and shortest wavelengths bend or arc their light the most in relationship to the lens they are being refracted through at their source point.  This means that the higher energy-frequency light we are able to reflect and then refract, allows awareness to more levels of light wave refraction made throughout the time and space holograms.  Internal light reflection and refraction is what makes us capable of sensing multiple dimensions of unseen or invisible light spectrum. This is why awakened Starseeds sense more energy-frequency (Spectrum of Light) co-existing in these time spaces than those humans that have not been spiritually awakened. 

Light is a manifestation pattern of electromagnetic energy created by a combination of multiple bands of frequency within a dimension of time.  The various color spectrums of light delineate the dimensional quality of its energy-frequency and its location within time and space.  Light travels as waves and also travels in Quantum of Light streams of tiny micro-particles or packets of quantum energy. These ultra-micro-particles hold both properties of light and sound, which are the functioning base pairs of the same consciousness-energy unit. Together, when the quantum base pairs unite with the primal substance of God Source, this allows a feedback loop in our particle structure to circulate the eternal supply of God Source through our bodies and the planet.

The human body is a holographic light projector. The human central nervous system processes electrical impulses transmitted from the DNA code, which neurologically transmit to the brain the instruction sets to perceive external images as a context for reality. A person can only experience the levels of multidimensional reality that have been programmed into the DNA code and the personal 12 Tree Grid, the microcosmic portion of the holographic template. This DNA program only changes when a person awakens to participate with their consciousness and begins to inquire on their spiritual purpose and explore their connection with all things. 

If one looks at holograms from different angles, one sees objects from different perspectives, just like you would if you were looking at a real object. This is one way to recognize that there are many truths existing within the perspective of consciousness, when all of us are a holographic light projector. Holograms will appear to be moving as one walks past them, or by looking at them from different angles or locations in time. Holograms are nested within holograms and from different perspectives completely different  objects (and entities) will appear, depending on how you look at them. This is the example of Astral Mirrors. If one is viewing a hologram from underneath its dimensional structure, from a lower energetic-frequency let's say 4D, it will appear to be one thing. If viewing the dimensional structure from the dimension projecting that same hologram let's day 5D, it will look entirely different, and reveal itself to be a mirrored illusion. This is an example of the False Ascension matrix, a complex structure of astral mirrors that exists in sections of the Astral plane. 

Holograms contain whole views of the entire holographic image no matter how much that hologram fragments. If a tiny fragment of the hologram exists, the whole complete picture can be rebuilt from the instruction set, still held inside the tiniest quanta. 

When we apply the comprehension that available amounts of energy, radiant energy (light) and higher consciousness potential are all interchangeable, then we begin to perceive with much more clarity why Quantum Mechanics and Ascension theory are so controversial and ultimately suppressed from public awareness. The Archontic Deception Strategy is accomplished though promoting disinformation campaigns through the main pillars of society and through the stealing of energy resources, while instituting specific targeted forms of abuse that rank people into hierarchal class and discriminatory race systems. Quantum Mechanics and Ascension theory hold the keys to end the earth existence of impoverished and enslaved societies, based upon Tyrannical abuse of power and war over consciousness-energy.

Reclaiming Energy is Reclaiming Consciousness

Opening to the awareness of a Quantum reality as explained through Ascension theory, we begin to expand consciousness to become aware of our Lightbody, the Human Energy Field and its Spectrum of Frequency, that exist in multiple dimensions of time simultaneously. Both studies support the understanding that everything around and within us in the Universe is a form of energy, with a Rate of Vibration and Rate of Oscillation that determines the Rate of Fundamental Frequency.

Common energy forms include the kinetic energy of a moving object, the radiant energy carried by light and other electromagnetic radiation, the potential energy stored by the position of an object in a force field such as a gravitational, electric or magnetic field, and thermal energy. All of these forces, seen and unseen, are measurable and quantifiable. All of these forces exert influence on the quality of consciousness and influence the levels of higher sensory perception and sentience in life forms. This is why we must become aware of these energy forces and look deeper to become awake to who controls them. 

The Human Energy Field, the Lightbody, is a massive form of potential energy-frequency that is directed by the consciousness that exerts control over it. One question we must ask ourselves is what kind of consciousness has exerted control or influence over one's personal energy? What is the energy-frequency of that consciousness and who or what does it source from? What does controlling the world's energy supply through bogus scientific data have to do with the war over consciousness? 

This is of primary importance in learning how to exert control over one's consciousness as the first step to accessing the forms of energy existing within the human energy field, and directly influencing the energy-frequency of one's consciousness. Then we learn how to access the Higher Spiritual bodies which exist beyond the planetary schema in future timelines in order to embody the Cosmic Christ Consciousness. Generally, because of the mind controlled fields on planet most people will not access internal energy-frequency organically if they do not have any awareness that this world of energy exists. This point gives major leverage to those who seek to control the war over consciousness

If it is proven and understood that everything is energy in the mainstream, then the next logical step is to consider the energy-frequency implications that shape World Organizations, as well as to ask why the world energy and power supply has been completely controlled and suppressed.

Blocking Consciousness through Dual (False) Identities

When one learns to have control over the thoughts of one's mind, one begins to reclaim personal consciousness energies. When these stages of reclamation of consciousness progresses, one has control over the direction and actions of the physical body, all of its parts and reclaims the soul-spirit energies. Whoever controls the consciousness and energies, controls the mind, controls the body, and ultimately controls the Soul and Spirit bodies throughout ALL timelines. 

Once the consciousness-energy is mind controlled the consciousness is blocked through the manipulation of creating false and dual identities existing in other timelines.

This is also referred to as Astral Splitting of the Soul layers or Metatronic Reversal in the Monadic planes, which manifest as negative forms or shadow bodies. These false identities spin out artificial realities and artificial timelines which can be manipulated from other timelines by Controller entities, to directly impact what happens now on planet earth. This transpires through Alien Machinery and their related technologies that are marketed to push acceptable ways to expand mass consciousness appeal of the cyborg type hybridization of humanity through the Transhumanist agenda.  Essentially, this is the step of replicating the holographic inserts (Alien Implants) that have been made in the future timelines to be fully manifested in human bodies in this timeline of 3D earth. The technology does not address the core reasons the consciousness has been blocked on the earth from the Negative Alien Agenda in the first place, it serves as another Controller mechanism for genetic manipulation. 

This Alien Machinery issue is why the Kundalini energy has been blocked upon the earth in various ways, through a variety of combined personal implants and miasmic planetary distortions like crucifixion implants, reptilian tail implants, holographic inserts, blocked areas of the 12 Tree Grid, including energy blocks from alien implants in the base of the spine and base of the skull. Most humans that have been recycled on the earth for hundreds of thousands of years have their lightbody blocked this way to interfere with and stop their natural Kundalini activation. For earth seeds that do not experience Kundalini and have not experienced awakening, the energetic block exists specifically in their 4th DNA seal, so that they will remain stagnant and undeveloped in their consciousness. This is called the 2D/4D split and it is the causation of black matter, shadow bodies and negative forms littering the human energy field or lightbody. 

Over time these distortions manifested splitting between the elemental "physical" body layers, the subconscious mind and lower and higher aspects of the astral identity. These schisms generated shadow selves, and dark fragments in the astral layers that further proliferate into a great trash heap of personal and planetary miasma.

The genetic block and removal of these DNA tones created a dual identity in both the 2D and 4D, and this is how the shadow self and unconscious aspects were first generated in the digressed human DNA. The 2D schism in the instinctual body into separate functions, a collection of fragmented sub-personalities generated from soul memories and a repository of personal emotional energies and collective chaotic forces. The 4D schism placed a barrier in the nadial capsule that separates the astral body/heart chakra from merging with the 3D solar plexus mental body. This subjects the person to lower astral energies when they sleep and lower astral traveling. This blocks the lower bodies communication with the elemental kingdoms, making it very hard for the person to feel "body consciousness" or communication with nature or elemental kingdoms. It is the disconnection of consciousness. This blocks Kundalini activation until the person is willing to learn how to become aware and take control over their own consciousness and mental energies. 

What is Kundalini Energy?

Kundalini EnergyWe have heard the term Kundalini used to describe eastern practices of yoga and spiritual disciplines based on consciousness awakening. What we have not generally made the association that Kundalini and Ascension are interrelated and caused by the same force of energy. The progression through the Ascension stages of embodying higher spiritual consciousness is based on the Kundalini energy awakening inside the human body. 

The energetic life force current that makes up dimensionalization within the first nine dimensions is also called the Kundalini energy or Kundalini spirals. In the Ascension Stages of spiritual initiation we refer to the initiation into higher Spectrum of Frequency synonymous with Kundalini activation.

The Kundalini currents form into Trinity Waves, sets of three energy-frequencies that are woven into one triad current that builds Horizontal Triad Bodies and links into the matter worlds. There are a total of nine dimensions or spectrums of frequency that are woven into three main Kundalini triad currents. (3X3) Once all nine dimensions of frequency are activated in the human lightbody and unified in the heart, activation into the Threefold Founder Flame liquid plasmic light commences. Activating the Christos Consciousness into the rainbow fields known as Kunda-Ray. Kunda-Ray is the rainbow field of the Ascended Master Christ Collectives which unite with the Aurora rainbow fields of the same luminal crystalline light principle, or the Tri-Tone Luminaries from the Andromedan Galaxy.

When the Threefold Founder Flame is activated within the Lightbody, the vertical central column or hara line is expanded into the permanent 12D Shield which evolves over repeated dedication to one's ascension, to become a hydro-plasmic internal Pillar of Christos Light. This initiates the silica base of liquid crystalline from the Universal Quantum of Light, which resonates and calls upon the Holy Spirit of the Omniverses, the Mother Aqua Ray. 

All nine dimensions of the spectrum of frequency or the triad of three sets of Kundalini energies are coiled up within eight fetal cells located on the tailbone or coccyx. These eight fetal cells are created at the time of conception. The incarnating consciousness identities are connected in these intelligent layers of frequency, which are linked into the Silver Cord of the Soul and hold the Birth Transduction Sequence imprint of the entire Consciousness. The transduction sequence is the definition of when the "God Spark" connects to the core manifestation body, the 12 Tree Grid, which is our light body. It is how the spirit enters into matter, it is the blueprint record that projects our Consciousness identity out into the elemental physical manifest body.

The Kundalini coils in the coccyx are connected to the Silver Cord and to the Pineal Gland in the brain. When the Pineal Gland receives enough stimulation of higher dimensional spectrum of frequency activation into the higher soul bodies and DNA, spiritual activation or Kundalini awakening begins.

Guardian Projects of 3-6-9 Rod Repair

Currently due to the many problems with the lack of Kundalini awakening in the masses, the Guardians began a planetary grid project to help clear the miasma, shadow bodies and black matter stuck in the lower density field. The intention has been to assist in clearing out the black matter miasma, to allow the restringing of the sub-harmonics required in the transmission of the planetary body Kundalini spiral. This progress is related to the recent resurgence of Mothers Mitochondrial DNA recoding in the instruction sets of the planet. As a result, the subatomic structures of everything on the planet have been intensified.

As the Mother principle is returning energetic balance into the earth core through the magnetic field and expulsion of liquid plasma gases, the next step is to repair the Mitochondrial DNA record. Mitochondrial DNA is the DNA located in mitochondria structures within cells that convert energy and are related to the embodiment of spiritual consciousness (Soul Matrix and Monad). We have learned that the Mothers Mitochondrial DNA record is a source of generating primal substance, which is an omni-polar source of energy potential. In this potential sound waves are generating liquid plasma light. 

This plasma light is correcting architecture in the lower dimensions of matter, which allow for the potential of what is called the Rod, corrected clockwise spin rates of the masculine principle to return to some areas of the earth.

In each of the horizontal bodies, which encompass the masculine and mental principle of energy current, the last third of their harmonic structure, or the last 12 subharmonic strings for each harmonic triad concludes at 3D, 6D and 9D. These 3-6-9 bodies are required for correct energetic circulation of current to run throughout the merkabic bodies and to run the combined triad of Kundalini currents to spiral into their corrected pattern. The Merkaba does not spin correctly or spin at all if these subharmonic strings are damaged, running reversal or missing. The 12D Diamond Sun Body Consciousness of our higher Avatar Christos has the intelligence required to rebuild and repair these damaged lightbody structures.

Once the Kundalini current runs in corrected patterns to build the sub-harmonic strings in each of the 3-6-9 dimensions, the actual structure of the horizontal bodies can begin to build higher mental bodies and merge into their trinitized form. The corrected mental body patterns being rebuilt in each of these higher mind matrices, are also leading to Metatronic repair, which is a Nephilim 9D body correction. Electron splitting and reversal electron light patterns have manifested Metatronic Reversal in the masculine principle, therefore damaging the Rod structure in the Consciousness and its operational functions in the lightbody for human beings and the planetary body.

When these three harmonic triads are corrected throughout the horizontal triad bodies the lightbody structure known as the Masculine Rod starts to initiate and activate in the Lightbody. All three of these horizontal triad bodies in the 3rd, 6th, and 9th layers must be operating correctly and merged with the Female vertical principle Staff currents. This ultimately manifests Hieros Gamos or internal sacred marriage of the Christos-Sophia, the son and daughter of God principle. 

Timeline Collapse

For many people this time has required polarity integration between the dismantling and the newly reassembled parts of these required patterns being synthesized into one's consciousness. We are undergoing what is called Timeline Collapse within certain dimensions of our identities or collective consciousness on this planet, and the result can be intense to surreal at best for the awakened Starseeds. Another elevation to the next stair step rung of the ladder in the bifurcation in timelines, is opening its aperture and moving us to another location in space right now.

Although many people on earth cannot sense the physical perception of these changes happening deep in the subatomic layers, many are experiencing its polarizing impact on our sense of identity. There is a great inner purge occurring, all the hidden demons, devils, egos, aliens and their foreign substances and machinery in previous timelines are being ramped up to the surface. Most people in the masses are very confused by what they are looking at, and if it threatens their belief system, they tend to use an ego defense mechanism such as repression, suppression or projection in order to cope. 

This is vastly significant as it marks the astrological resolution of levels of the miasmatic blueprint of many karmic imprinted histories of black matter miasma, in both stellar and cellular memory record. The timing of when this release occurs is related to the bifurcation happening in the time fields, and the choice the consciousness has made in its journey back to the source fields. There are alternate paths of rehabilitation and evolutionary chains which all lead ultimately to the same singularity to join with the Source fields. 

Many miasma bodies, negative forms, and dark matter blueprints are being crushed into flying particles of quanta, which are returning back into the source fields through the Mother Aqua Portal. Through the Mother's higher spiritual body and crystal core we are accessing a new spiritual record, which holds the original blueprint of our highest expression. This is a cosmic convergence between the spiritual source, the stellar bodies liquid crystal plasma fields and the matter worlds at new levels. 

Krystal Palace

Our planetary logos is linking through the earth core and into the ultraviolet crystal located in the Mother earths Star body in Andromeda core, which generates rays of plasma gas and crystalline light source to circulate throughout the earth crust and up. Clearly this is significant to the changes directly related to the Sophianic body correction and our personal spiritual centers, mainly our crown chakra, our third eye (pineal) and our pituitary gland, our heart, our physical brain and our vibrational thought forms.

Activated Indigos may be experiencing deep cellular changes to their brain and heart, through the activation levels of their pituitary, pineal and thalamus functions. 

The center of the brain which is activated through later stages of spiritual Kundalini awakening is the anointing of Krystal Plasma Waters, which is located between the pineal and the pituitary and is called the Krystal Palace. The Krystal Palace is the alchemical brain wedded chamber, which activates Krystal Waters or anoints the Crown and brain with amrita oil. The amrita oil is activated through the sacred marriage between the Mother principle of the Pituitary Gland and the Father principle of the Pineal Gland. It is this oil that lights the Consciousness Lamp inside the brain. It's between the old brain at the back and the new brain at the front of the head, between the left and right hemispheres, sitting above the two Wings of the mysterious ventricles. It rests between the two large cerebrums at the anterior end of the cerebellum. The cerebellum is one of the oldest features of the brain, involved in coordinating muscular activity in the body. It's said that when the Krystal Palace is activated it becomes illuminated like a thousand suns. 

During spiritual initiation of the Krystal Palace hormones including oxytocin and vasopressin are released from the Pituitary Gland into the blood stream to facilitate the metamorphic birth and spiritualize the blood with Krystal Waters. The fact that the nerves and blood vessels that feed the eyes and middle ear pass through the cavernous sinus on either side of the sphenoid sinus leads us to speculate on the mechanisms behind both Celestial Music that is heard when the Krystal Palace is lit up, and changes in the eyes such as light emerging from them, changes of Consciousness seen in the eyes and faculty of transcendental vision itself. When the Krystal Palace is lit transcendental vision occurs. The rings around the iris in the eyes may start to lighten up in color, mostly into pale aqua blue rings.

Transcendental or multidimensional vision occurs due to increased Kundalini flow raising dopamine and many other brain neurotransmitters that change the instruction set of brain neural net and its impulses. All kinds of changes happen in the endocrine system, as well as the retinas, optic nerves, optic chiasm and occipital lobes. Including increased ATP production acting as a neurotransmitter, histamine increasing blood flow in the brain, and an increase in nitric oxide metabolism. The end result being that one has an increase in visual acuity, inner visions, inner lights, seeing auras and experiencing vivid dreams and symptoms of expanding consciousness.

Easing Kundalini and Ascension Symptoms

  • Learn the 12D shield, ES Core triad practices and make the consistent dedication to clear fear and pain in one's body.
  • Breathing exercises and relaxing the physical body as deeply as possible. Relax the mind, relax the body, allow the energy to move through you and visualize it moving in spirals up the spine and out of your crown. 
  • Stay as present in the now moment as possible, work on the mind stillness with the steps of Observe, Discern, Accept and Neutral to remain in Observer point. Clear and refocus your mind away from fear and controlling the result.
  • Take care of what you eat and drink, eat smaller and simpler meals. The body has to work harder to digest, so pay attention and listen to what the body really wants to eat.
  • Stay hydrated and soak in water or take salt baths. Toning, meditating and singing in the bath, can help immensely.
  • Allow yourself quiet time, rest and stay away from people and circumstances that are emotionally theatrical, manipulating and controlling. Be sure to clear yourself of engaging in these tendencies. Seek to find more harmony, peace and balance in one's life.
  • Research Kundalini and Ascension to be informed and speak and communicate with those people that understand and have experienced the same. Know that this is normal for humans to have spiritual awakenings, and many people undergo the exact same things that you are undergoing.
  • If your body feels constricted, engage in a physical activity to help the body be more open and relaxed. Be in Nature or walks with your pet, explore movement or massage. Intend to stay grounded and to ground your internal spirit in your body.  
  • If one has had serious abuse or trauma, therapy or counseling may be helpful with the intention to safely release trauma in a confidential space, held by a qualified individual. Focus on releasing issues related to the trauma, with a therapist that is experienced and compassionate and understands your spiritual orientation as a motivation and a support for the process of healing.

Please only take what is useful for your spiritual growth and discard all the rest. Thank you for your courage and bravery to be a truth seeker. 

I am the Cosmic Sovereign Law Made Manifest. I am God, Sovereign, Free!  

Until next stay in the luminosity of your Avatar Christos Sophia heart path. Please be kind to yourself and each other. GSF! 

With a Loving heart, Lisa


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  • Spiritual Housekeeping

    Once a person is attuned and working with the 12D Shield daily, the Lightbody becomes aligned to the 12D Ray and this starts to build the spiritual foundation for the SoulMonad and Avatar bodies. See Ascension Stages and the ES Core Triad.

    At a certain level of proficiency, one can utilize the 12D Shield as a Transit Gate Vortex, or a Shadow Gate. This is a vortex set up specifically to exit out and clear low vibration energies, entities, and negativity from the space one has commanded with the 12D shield as GSF in the boundary test. We call that Commanding Personal Space with a boundary test using the GSF triad, which is the Threefold Founder Flame. This means one is stating that one chooses the consent and authority of God-Sovereign-Free, which is aligned to the Law of One, therefore the Christ authority.

    In many of our community processes we teach an array of potential spiritual housekeeping or clearing techniques which can be acquired and learned through the many meditations. The Shadow Gate or Transit Gate Vortex is a basic technique that everyone will get a lot of benefit from. To clear out lower frequencies, misplaced entities, misqualified or negative energies that accumulate in a room, space and group aura field exposed to higher frequencies.

    When in situations or locations of severe negative energy build up in the collective, the land itself, the buildings or structures, or interacting with a possessed person/group, these tools can be a lifesaver, and reduce psychic sponging or the toxicity from entering your field. One may also find that dedicating the meditation you are guided to may be dedicated to the specific area or energetic problem lightens the density. Sometimes we may feel too tired and can access a meditation on cell phone or other devices ( turn off wireless and place on airplane mode), to help clear the present space we may find ourselves.

    Here are some basic spiritual housekeeping tools to explore and experiment with. Everyone is unique and must learn what works the best for them in a variety of circumstances. Remember that we do not impose our will on anybody or anything, however, we have a divine right to exist in the spaces without being attacked, parasitized and vampirized, and so we must strengthen our field awareness and our sphere of influence in the space. Here are some tools to be aware of not superimposing one's will to commit potential harm to others, but to access the natural laws to neutralize polarities or resolve the energetic conflict in the circumstance or space. These can be said out loud or said in the inner mind or imagined.

    Unity Vow

    Commanding Personal Space

    GSF Project Decree

    Transit Gate Vortex

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