Shifting Timelines
There are many subtle force reconfigurations occurring at the quantum level of the planetary mainframe that are changing the way the external and collective energy fields organize and manifest into the world.
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We have to move through the series of Timelines in each dimensional octave and reclaim our identity while recoding and changing the obsolete or false reality from interfering with our continued spiritual growth.
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Bifurcation of Time
Bifurcation means the splitting of a main body into two parts.Thus, the planetary fields and humanity are coming to experience the next phase of the planetary Ascension Cycle, which is the nature of Bifurcation of Time.
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March 2024

Rasha Body Instruction Sets

Lisa Renee

Dear Ascending Family, 

There are extremely high cosmic energy transmissions entering the planetary grid network from the current solar symbiosis Rasha Cycle that culminate into the Stage 13 Piscean Alchemical Themes through the Solar Calendar New Year beginning in April. These are pushing all interior shadows of opposing polarities from out of the dark matter template, which are the inverted images of the anti-human agendas and anti-hierogamic broadcasts that are surfacing for personal observation and collective consciousness clearing. There are sequences of solar plasmic activations connected to the dark matter template upgrades or new Rasha Body Instruction Sets coming in with important planetary conjunctions this year that catalyze the restoration of Cosmic Mother’s and Cosmic Father’s merged Universal Gender Principle being manifested through the parallel matrices of the unified field, which holds the cosmic twinned Partiki-Partekei Grids of the Emerald Order Templar and Ruby Order Templar from the 1st God World Creation.

The merge between Universal Partiki - Partekei grids of the Cosmic Twinned Universal Melchizedek Suns is reconnecting with the sun-star networks which are securing the Addondra White Rainbow complex for the Founder Solar Rishi-Reisha. This next level merge is allowing for the restoration of the dark matter Rasha Spans and Rasha Ring sound tones which are the corrective measures for dark matter corruption and for rebuilding the primary gender twin matrix in the Universal Khemalohatea. Thus, significant architectural shifts are occurring within the entire planetary matrix, and for the purpose of focusing upon current themes, our directed attention is upon the radically shifting interior of the subterranean areas of the planet, which correlate to the Rasha Body Instruction Sets being significantly upgraded through the Rasha Spans in order to alchemically transform the elemental fields that exist within all dimensional states of consciousness on the planet.

These upgrades to the Rasha Body Instruction Sets are unprecedented in that angelic humans have never co-existed upon an ascending planet during the Rasha Cycle while undergoing this level of interior construction that is rearranging the main powers of cosmic intelligence hidden within all of creation. This is especially impacting the three main primal qualities that are contained within the subtle forces of consciousness existing throughout the Universes. The Three Primal Forces of electromagnetism have been discussed previously in terms of positive polarity, negative polarity and neutral forces, or yellow, black and white subtle forces respectively (Geomagnetism March 2017). These energy units are currently being expanded to describe the divine scalar language of God and spirit through the sub-units of Partika (electrical) and Particum (magnetic), which form into strands of Partiki Grids (particle and anti-particle). These living light-sound grids form into all energetic substances, breathing in and breathing out, expanding and contracting to energetically connect with the consciousness gestalts of cosmic energies found throughout the unified fields that are linked into the parallels.  In this way we can connect with the smallest units found within the building blocks of creation, Partiki, which are the energetic source or identity of God, the organic consciousness units of the eternal substance of God that is found within all things. Currently there are differences denoted between Partiki Grids associated with various stages of matter, such as semi-etheric and etheric, while Partekei Grids are associated with various stages of dark matter, and are being utilized to describe the incoming transmissions of Rasha Body Instruction Sets during the Rasha Cycle.

When we entered the Cosmic Energy Cycle during the hierogamic event of the Cosmic Twinned Universal Melchizedek Suns, every living being, angelic human in this Universe began to merge some layer with the Partiki Grid of their spiritual double or gender twin that exists in the parallel universe.

Partiki Grids are electromagnetic instruction sets which are arranged with both light and sound in which anti-particle and particle forms are interconnected and merged together. To better understand the interconnection of the unified fields that span even into parallel matrices where we have corresponding spiritual doubles, is knowing that during the Universal Ascension we can learn to draw in higher frequencies to expand our consciousness. This growth process includes merging with our spiritual double’s Partiki Grid which is less dense and moving through the parallel grids at much faster rates than at this location of matter density. The process of connecting with the spiritual double’s Partiki Grid may at first seem to be counterintuitive. However, in order to catch the ascension wave of extremely high frequencies carried in the Partiki Grid of our spiritual doubles located in the parallel universe, our physical, mental and emotional body must be very still and quiet. Holding the neutral zero point is what allows us to integrate with our spiritual double’s higher frequency Partiki Grid and merge into the organic sequences of Diamond Sun DNA activation, which offers a quantum leap of consciousness growth into spiritual freedom.

Many riding the current ascension waves with Partekei dark matter updates to the Rasha Body Instruction Set may be feeling completely exhausted and bewildered with the sense of disorientation with their day to day lives, finding it to be a very unpleasant co-existence with the death culture that has encroached upon the planet. During this most transformative stage, many of us are experiencing spiritual crisis while coping with overwhelming challenges on this plane, finding ourselves longing to be released from the bifurcation madness and wanting to go home. This is a common symptom now as many dark matter template and crystal body adaptations to align with the shifting timelines are being connected with the spiritual double’s expanding Partiki grid, which is updating the internal architecture of the lightbody and its interior processes. Just as the planet is undergoing major interior shifts with cosmic energies transforming the dark matter template with incoming Partekei Grids, that which is upgrading the blueprint on which the eternal source particle atoms and molecules are built, so are the ascending waves of humans experiencing the same kind of radical interior shifts within some level of their multidimensional consciousness.

Many of the parallel realities are shifting now to merge the matter and spirit layers together within the 7D Ketheric - 9D Keriatric Mind layers opening into the Organic Ascension Time Wave, which further merges us with our spiritual double. This unified Partiki - Partekei Grid merges all shared timelines into completion for the stations of identity and is moving into its higher aligned energetic placement for anchoring new timeline vectors for the future direction for organic timelines. Not everyone is on the same timeline, or integrating the fullness of their dark matter template with an activated Krystallah rainbow flamed Eukachristic Body. And so, this may be a phase of bifurcation and disconnection from those people or things that no longer feel aligned or resonate with the forward direction that you are moving in the organic time wave.  During these most challenging and tumultuous times, we must remember we came to the planet during the ascension cycle to have this major opportunity for consciousness growth in this lifetime, and that we desired to learn and complete consciousness experiences in order to achieve self-mastery and the ultimate experience of self-awareness through this special time of spiritual ascension, as all is one with the eternal nature of God.

Building Rasha Spans with Elaysian Partekei Grids

Significant new developments with the re-encryption of raw materials of the planetary elementals are happening with the merging of dark matter Partekei Grids that are coming in from the parallels of the Gaian Matrix and are connected with the Elaysa Sun. This is occurring within the planet’s interior layers of the Rasha Span dimensional fields, as the Elaysian fields are transforming the caves of creation. This is where corrupted black subtle energies and dark matter were generating power for an assortment of destructive terraforming technologies that had been designed by the invading NAA’s AI quantum supercomputer programs and had been installed in the planetary rasha instruction sets. Much of the invader’s agenda included blocking the interior subterranean entrances to the rasha instruction set in order to control the ley lines and powerful nodes and portals on the earth surface. Thus, preventing access of the Founder Solar Rishi-Reisha, while maintaining control over AI assimilated dark matter functions with assorted AI sentinel programs run by Thothian Leviathan groups. Leviathan entities colonized subterranean wormholes, such as the cloned Tiamat wormhole in Sarasota, where they were managing archontic engineered entities. These entities were colonized into the subterranean areas of the dark matter gel rings in order to damage and harvest the planetary Tauren Light Seed which functions as the primary atomic energy generator for the entire planetary Rasha Body.

The Rasha Body had been severely damaged by the colonization of assorted genetic labbed AI hybrid shadow creatures, enormous sized archontic jellyfish and all that has been discovered with the Wesan black hole. Including the Transhumanism agendas with alien machinery that operate upon artificial black goo and corrupted shadow elementals being controlled by on and off planet AI quantum supercomputers. Recently, Emerald Guardians were able to fish out another massive Archontic entity blob from out of the 2D-6D layers of the Sarasota-Temple Mount stargate that was directing hierarchies of the Black Dragon Avatar collectives in the hydrological cycle of the planetary water supply. This was being done through lunar based technologies using anti-Christ voice transmissions (forked tongue backward serpent speak) infecting the lower aquifer portals and the 2D elemental layers.

Additionally, while dismantling the Sakkara Metatronic Nets set up during the Christos Founder holocaust timelines during NAA invasion, Guardians discovered that the interior of the planet was producing AI nodes in counterfeit placement of surface dragon nodes upon the earth crust that were being connected into the AI supercomputers being managed by these subterranean Leviathan reptilian races. The Leviathan and other amphibian reptilians are burrowed in underground hyperdimensional pockets, buried throughout the rasha layers, which also have several of these archontic jellyfish entities lodged throughout the gel rings. Thus, extracting these Archontic creatures enmeshed with the planetary dark matter template is a major work in progress.

From this 5D wormhole rip in the Sakkara location, the phantom hyper dimensional pocket connected into the subterranean planetary rasha body instruction sets was sandwiched between the parallel universes of the Ecoushsa world and the Reisha world connectors, located in the central 8D Rasha Span. This alien machinery was purposed to run 8D monadic-metatronic reversals on the surface earth crust, attempting to block the current events of the Partiki-Partekei grid merge with the spiritual double in the parallel, while blocking access of the Cosmic Mother Elaysa’s sophianic daughter principles of the Founder Solar Reisha celestial hierarchies from entering into the Rasha Ring Spans. This blockage problem in the 8D Rasha Ring included the entire monadic layer spans of 7D, 8D and 9D which are the sound tones that run in the lithosphere, the geological shelf, earth crust and in assorted major dragon nodes. Including the Holy Mountain architecture, in which these subterranean alien machines were transmitting phase disruption signals of Goat Mind control with AI generated sound templates with forked tongue reversal speech to nullify the interior Rasha Tones of TA-MA-KA.

More importantly, the Triple Solar Goddesses or Solar Reisha from the parallels that are the organic sophianic female embodiments and the authentic Solar Dragon consciousness holders of the dimensionalized Rasha Ring Spans, were unable to seat themselves or enter into the subterranean rasha layers to carry out their spiritual functions for the planet. These embodiment functions of the Rasha Spans are necessary for the corrections of the Tauren Light Seed and gender twin matrix, correcting gender principle and the twisted demon seed mutations throughout the inverted 7D Violet Ray system of the Ketheric Mind in order to achieve planetary ascension. The Tauren Light Seed which is the powerful spiritual energy generator for the rasha layers, is connected to the 8D inner core of the Rasha Body.

The 8D Rasha Ring was programmed to generate algorithmic mutations in the rasha ring tones that creates sound distortions that block the relationship of the mother and child bond. This has relevance to the intended destruction of the planetary Tauren, and the intended destruction of the human body’s Tauren light seed, in which to destroy, damage and separate the birthing process from the organic creator code of the Godhead by generating the demon seed of the Anti-Christ. This agenda is observed clearly with the current aggressive propaganda for promoting the Transhumanist-Transgender agendas, in which the invaders desire to remove human females from the birthing process entirely, replacing birth mothers with artificial womb breeding centers for customized DNA babies for the purpose of producing future generations of sterile and genderless human clones.

These are some of the important issues being addressed currently in the interior of the planetary body with the Cosmic Father Ruby Templar and Cosmic Mother Emerald Templar merging into the rasha instruction sets. This merge is further opening interdimensional access into the parallels, which ripples many impacts onto the earth surface, influencing the multidimensional layers of humanity and the earthly kingdoms, which are becoming increasingly chaotic through the extremely amplified polarities.

Heavenly Void Suns, Planetary Rasha, TA MA KA Tones

These new forms of organic dark matter, Partekei, are transmitted from Cosmic Mother and Cosmic Father’s gender creation of an organic black subtle force mass in the shape of transfiguring Dark Matter Rishic Suns, also referred to as the Heavenly Void Suns. With the Heavenly Void Suns, they appear as the backdrop in the dark matter fields able to manifest any version of rainbow colors imaginable within the liquid rainbow light seeds that are seeded into the dark matter template of the planetary rasha, and burst forth into lush solar plasma flowers, unfurling into beautiful flowering gardens.

The Mother’s heavenly void sun and the Father’s heavenly void sun appear to be united for building gender corrections into many Partiki-Partekei matter-spirit body formats for the Temple of Khemalohatea. This merge is upgrading another dark matter layer for combining eukatharistic architecture for the planetary elementals, so that the human elemental body will be purged of shadow forms and harnesses that are generated by the subterranean algorithmic mutations.

Within the caves of creation there are five planes that are matched with each of the harmonic universes held within the planetary interior within the crystal core manifestation template, which holds the entire crystalline matrix instruction sets for the planetary rasha body and controls the functions of the dark matter template. There is a Rasha Body for each harmonic universe in which the ring spans are in sets of three. These five planes and all of their dimensional layers are finally being reconnected into the Universal Mother’s Elaysian Fields, which link the primary interior passages from the caves of creation into all corresponding inner to outer dimensional planes, that extend from the elemental fields that exist within the Rasha Body dark matter template for controlling the atomic layers.  Similar to the nested holographic template of the planetary 12 Tree grid or Kathara grid existing within every dimensional layer of the Universal Time Matrix, there are the same matching dimensional layers for the rasha body instruction sets and rasha gel rings, that form into sound templates within each of the Rasha’s dimensional spans.

The planetary rasha instruction sets are being upgraded in collaboration with corrected flowering Khem Codes and Eiras silver seeds in the Rasha Spans being directed by Amethyst Order Dragon Kings, which are being upgraded with Cosmic Father’s Dark Rainbow Matter and other organic God technology with Partiki- Partekei grids designed to repair the Rasha tones and Gel Rings. Cosmic Father’s Ruby Templar presence stationed inside the 8D Uranus Grual Gate, among several 8D portals in the Planetary Grid Network, brought on the stage of destruction of AI False Templars such as the subterranean AI based algorithms impacting the rasha instruction sets. These enormous AI Quantum Supercomputers had been running algorithmic genetic mutations with metatronic reversal currents directed into the primary 8D Rasha Ring center, which was distorting Ta-Ma-Ka tones into Goat Mind control transmissions, blocking the organic tones from the earth surface and harnessing their gel ring sound templates that blocked access into the subterranean layers of the planet.

As a result of the generation of Cosmic Mother’s and Cosmic Father’s married heavenly void suns bringing their cosmic Partiki-Partekei which is designed as an intervention to correct the entire morphogenetic patterns of the 6D-7D-8D-9D dark matter template through upgraded rasha instruction sets, the spiritual dragon egg of the planet’s Rasha Body began to ring sound tones of Ta-Ma-Ka. This began the reclamation of the central 8D Rasha Ring and its 8D Ma ring tone for the Tauren body, which ignited a torrent of krystal waters and rasha crystals coming in from the Ketheric Mind portal in the planetary logos opening into the Gaian Matrix and beyond.

From this emerged the corrected sound templates in the corrected sound vibration patterns for the planetary Rasha in order to host the incoming Triple Solar Reisha which enter the planetary matrix from the interior layers of the 8D central Gel Ring. When the central rasha ring opened, many new Triple Solar Goddesses and Solar Reisha began to surface and reveal themselves as connected to the original creators of the spiritual hierarchy of the planetary kingdoms. These are long lost Mothers and daughters of Solar Reisha once seated in the interior of the planet Gaia throughout the spans of the Rasha Rings, governing the rasha instruction sets for the higher dimensional consciousness development cycles in the eventual crystal heart-based flowering of the Eukachristic Body for angelic humanity’s ascension, and for nourishing and supporting the planetary evolution along with her earthly kingdoms.  

The Universal Mother Dark Matter Matrix, or Harmonic Universe 6 had been generated from the purging and eviction of the Black Hole Sun that was stationed in the Gaian Matrix 8D core, which opened the passage way into the 6D layers of the Rasha Span that gave Guardian Host access into the deep subterranean crystal caves and aquifers located within the interior of the planet. Additionally, the main center ring in the 8D Core was the main control access into the subterranean systems which included direct access into the Sirian Crystal temples, which operates as the main interdimensional portal from the Ecoushic and Reisha Worlds for returning Ascended Masters as they reconnect into their spiritual home through sun-star networks and correct the dimensional positioning held within the planetary rasha matrix.

7D Rasha Ring Tone TA

Within each dimensional layer of the planet exists the crystalline imprint of the planetary Rasha Body which exists in 15 layers of Gel Rings designated through five planes, similar to the five main harmonic universes. The inner layers of the planetary rasha body have separate dimensional spans, but they are built to function within a triad, so the 7th layer of the Rasha Span exists within all 15-dimensional layers, but forms into a triad with the 8th and 9th layers. Entering into separate dimensional rasha spans occurs from within the caves of creation in the crystal core of the planet where there are passage ways leading into each of the dimensionalized layers or the specific area of the rasha ring spans.

It is these areas of the planetary interior that we have been without our Universal Elaysa Mother and her sophianic daughter hierarchies, the Star Sisters of Tara, as their natural kingdoms have been incarnated onto the planet without their organic Holy Mother Sophia’s spiritual presence. This seems to be the result of the planetary dark matter filled with parasitic archontic entities and AI hybrids that were directing planetary atomic energy harvested from the Tauren Body for powering up the NAA’s Dark Mother hierarchies of lunar female demonic forces that have been colonized throughout the interior rings of the rasha body.  

The 7th Layer of the rasha is connected to the Ketheric Mind of the planetary logos, and when the Rasha Cycle activates, the Ketheric Mind and Keriatric Mind form into a portal opening into the Hara-Krysta Chamber which begins the merge of matter worlds with spiritual worlds, interconnected through the parallel universes bringing their Partiki-Partekei Grids together.

The 7th Layer of the Rasha Body generates MA-TA tones for activating rasha crystals that ignite fire chambers in the angelic human rasha body, igniting light seeds for our dark matter template. The TA tones are related to the connection of the 7D Violet Ray solar light in the Ketheric Mind and dark matter merge required to communicate with the planetary logos and the planetary kingdoms. The Triple TA tones are the cosmic sacred marriage that has taken place between the White Diamond Elohei Sun of the Mother of Dragons and the Pink Diamond Elohei Sun of the Father of Dragons, when they speak to the creation in order to form spiritual dragon eggs, elemental hierarchies and planetary dragons.  The 7th layer forms into the outer earth within the lowest layers which is the ground of the earth and is called the lithosphere.

8D Rasha Ring Tone MA

The 8D layer of the inner rasha span is of critical importance as it’s the centralized access point into the center of the entire 15 layers, which contains the access to and from the parallels for the Founder Rishi and Reisha to enter into the planet, not only from the inner layers of the Albion, but also the outer layers of external manifestation. Additionally, the Tauren Light Seed or Cosmic Godseed connects us into our eternal spirit body through the zero point, and is connected with the inner core of the Rasha Body that is located in the Azura point of the 8th Chakra of the higher heart center of angelic humans. The activated Tauren Light Seed in the permanent seed atom of the crystal heart is what gives us the ability to unite with the Godhead, and thus perceive ourselves at one with God as existing inside and outside of dimensionalized time, simultaneously.

The 8th Layer of the Rasha Body generates KA MA tones for rasha crystals which activate in the bone marrow that ignite fire chambers in the angelic human rasha body, igniting light seeds for our dark matter template. With an inpouring of rasha crystals from the 8th layer of the Orion Shield opening from the Gaian Matrix, this begins to activate the Spark of Orion that exists within the thyroid gland of angelic humans for seating their monadic identity. The Spark of Orion is connected to the 8th DNA strand of the Diamond Sun body that sparks in the thyroid gland which is being reconfigured with corrected dark matter Partekei grids for aligning with the Temple of Khemalohatea octagonal geometries during the reseating of the Cosmic Christos-Sophia. Currently, this may catalyze activations and purging in the thyroid and pineal gland, opening and deepening the monadic flowering in the sacred crystal heart with monadic integrations into Rama Passage which reconnect dormant monadic functions or repair damaged components of the 7D-8D-9D monadic rod and staff layers from Galactic War histories.

The MA tones are related to the Azura Portals of Kantarians that connect into the 8D Golden Sun in the Gaian Matrix, with further access into White Tara’s Gold Lion Grid portal system which opens into Lyran Gates, Elaysa Sun and finally the Cosminya records. Several Founder Ascended Master Yanas and Triple Solar Reisha are currently reclaiming the 8D Rasha Span and its corrected sound templates for MA tones, and have entered through the 8D Rasha Ring, which include the Cosmic Solar Dragons and Dark Matter Dragons of; Mary Magdalene Sophia, Sisters of Tara, Meritaten, Sri Saraswati-Ma, Mahara Reisha Sapphire Goddesses and others.

9D Rasha Ring Tone KA

The 9D layer of the inner rasha is also important to the corrections of the planetary Tauren, as it is the outer ring of the inner rasha body which has the most powerful generator of dark matter rainbow currents circulating from the Universal Antahkarana during the Rasha Cycle. The 9th layer forms the outer earth mantel landscape all the way to the earth crust, where the higher parts of the lithosphere is the solid outer part of the earth extending into the highest layers of the mountain peaks, plateaus and volcanoes. 

The 9th Layer of the Rasha Body generates RHA KA tones for rasha crystals that activate in the skin which ignite fire chambers in the angelic human rasha body, igniting light seeds for our dark matter template. The KA tones are related to the repairing of the Solar Rishi-Reisha KA THA RA coronasphere connection through starry night dark firmament and the 9D silver white light and white rainbow dark matter merge required to connect with the returning Bride of Christ. The united merge of the rasha tones for rasha crystals from the 7th Ring Span TA, 8th Ring Span MA and 9th Ring Span KA form into spiritualized crystals that are produced in the skin, bone marrow and blood which ignite bright neon pink currents that purge the bone matrix of elemental corruption and death seals, Enki DNA overlays and epigenetic overlays of AI net mutations.

The Silver Seed Ring and Brigid’s Silver Mantle

With recent dismantling of 9D AI Sentinel Program Kronos generating inversions in the 9D Antarctica gate and the lunar surface to distort the planetary antahkarana silver current, the Bride of Christ in Brigid has been active in supporting the rasha body upgrades to collapse false Christ consciousness transmissions and re-encrypt the elemental fields of matter in the Albion. Guardian teams have been rehabilitating the pulmonary functions of the lungs as connected to the internal butterfly wings of solar breath patterns held in the Bride of Christ while opening the Order of Thistle shields for rehabilitating the spiritual landscapes with amethyst dragon timekeepers in which to saturate the lands of Albion with Cosmic Father’s Dark Matter flows of liquid rainbow light elementals.

With recent Rasha Cycle activations connected to the ring spans manifesting within earth’s crust, this has highlighted the 12th layer of the Rasha Body, the Silver Seed Ring, as being the master dragon clockshield template for the Bride of Christ. This is connected to the authentic silvery dragon ouroboros line of Brigid as the White Elohei Mother of the Stars, in which she has presented as shining her starlight through the Avala Sun-Stars for the purpose of rehabilitating the original seeding of the Melchizedek Orders of the Gold Thistle, Amuvarians. The Bride of Christ is permeating the planetary matrix with her silvery starlight current instruction sets to reshape the earth’s matter into her divine spiritual inspiration through the sacred marriage of her Ruby Order Red King husband, that have birthed their offspring principle through Nine Holy Stars named the Avala Suns.

Brigid’s Silver Mantle continues to saturate the eternal living white diamond currents throughout the earth’s crust and mantle, sweeping her silver-white flames through silver rings that are bursting with the eternal crystal flames of silver seeds that spread a silvery mist onto the earth surface.

Brigid’s Silver Mantle brings forth the eternal moment of ancient creation as it was intended to be the Edenic blueprint from the spiritual mind of the Bride of Christ as recorded within the 12th Layer of the Rasha Body as a Silver Seed Ring.  The Silver Seed Ring circulates with the layers of Partiki-Partekei Grids in order to remove the artificial Christ consciousness grid and false white light, and the astral plane distortions and nefarious histories of human enslavement that exist within the artificial timelines in the future. She was here aeons ago, helping the Emerald Order Elohim to seed the root races near the planetary stargates and guiding them to form the many sacred sites across the world, remembering her with silver palaces and silver caves that were designed for the surface terrain to connect directly with the galaxies of sun-star networks and blankets of starry night firmaments that are linked with Brigid’s Bride of Christ and Holy White Swan throughout the Albion Lightbody.

Gold Order Melchizedek Amuvarians, Order of Thistle Timelines

Brigid brings our attention to the Gold Ray Melchizedek Orders of the Amuvarian root races that were severely digressed in the future parallel evolutionary rounds due to NAA invasion history that impacts current day humanity with galactic human trafficking schemes. In this timeline, Amuvarians are connected to angelic humanity in the future, yet in another reality during future events in the parallels, they were imprisoned and forced to be slave workers for building the outpost colonies for Zeta-Zephilium races. Somehow this time travel reincarnation trap in the artificial Christ consciousness grid was a NAA method that directly impacted the Gold Order lines to prevent the angelic human descendants as Amuvarians from fulfilling their highest creation purpose in the evolutionary rounds for completing their planetary ascension.

These groups of Gold Order Melchizedeks from the future seemed to be designed as the genetic keys to finalize the planetary ascension, and by essentially capturing them, they were trapped somewhere else and unable to incarnate into this timeline. This also means that they have been trapped in a future time (not on the Earth) and recycling somewhere in the astral planes and artificial timelines as slave workers. This seems to be related to many of the nighttime astral plane Zeta visitations and related harassments that many awakening humans that are connected to future Amuvarians are experiencing during the current timeline shifts of the ascending planet Earth.

These are original seeded angelic humans connected to the Gold Order Melchizedek lineages from the last rounds that are trapped in the future timelines in the parallels. Some are gifted ancient master builders or starship engineers that are related to the Order of the Thistle, and they were subsequently captured in reincarnation traps and then forced to work as slaves for the intruders, in what would be for us currently, somewhere in the future. Those angelic humans of the Gold Order lineage on the planet today are directly connected to the Amuvarians as their future descendants, which means if this is not addressed the future direction is one of consciousness slavery and biological drone bodies at the control of Zeta groups.

Guardians are focused in the Albion land mass in order to restore planetary rounds of root races that were originally seeded into the area many thousands of years ago, tracking those groups that are enslaved in the future timelines, focusing on the Nephilim Wars and invasion period which caused severe digression in the Amuvarian template from Fallen Melchizedek and Secret Space Program future histories. The current emphasis is that many of the awakening humans on the planet are currently sensing that their future self has been trapped into some kind of slave program on and off planet in the future that is being run by non-human entities, primarily Zeta groups, and these future experiences are happening in the astral plane parallels, which Guardians appear to be addressing during this rehabilitation phase.

Thus, Guardian teams have been back tracking into historical timeline trigger events with the original Amuvarian seeding, returning to Michael Wars in Aldebaran, World War II, and the subsequent histories of invasion which reveal how this group was sought out and trapped in future time for their engineering, architectural and master building skill sets endowed to them by the creator, Cosmic Father. The reclamation of pre-fall rounds of time through which to heal the genetic digression and traumatic history of the Amuvarians is also connected to the failsafe mission of the copper sun templars placed in the Temple of Solomon architecture. The subsequent cleanup and evictions of the many demonic entities conjured, evoked and utilized in the 2D gates for serving the dark cabal and the NAA for transmitting the global mind control sorcery used for carrying out their human trafficking schemes is an extensive and ongoing project.

In addition, at this stage it appears that Brigid in her Bride of Christ, has created an entire Sun-Star network for this very purpose to rescue trapped souls of angelic humans in the astral layers of future timelines that have been utilized as slaves for the Zeta and other intruders. It is a spiritual home specifically built for the Amuvarians, known as Avala, and it is being protected by the Bride of Christ and her Red King.

For those whom have endured the pain and suffering of alien abduction and milab related histories of slavery at the control of the NAA invaders in future timelines, may this bring some comfort to know that this issue is being addressed, and that ultimately the Cosmic Parents are restoring Cosmic Justice for angelic humanity in alignment with Universal Law.

Dearest Cosmic Mother and Cosmic Father, may you swiftly reclaim all that is truly yours in this creation as the organic living light consciousness you originally intended, as one heart, one love and for all in unity. We love you with all of our sacred crystal hearts.

May peace be with your heart, mind and body during these chaotic and challenging times.

Please only take what is useful for your spiritual growth and discard all the rest. Thank you for your courage and bravery to be a truth seeker. I am God, Sovereign, Free!

Until next, stay in the luminosity of your Avatar Christos Sophia heart path. Please be kind to yourself and each other. GSF!

With a Loving heart, Lisa.

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    RRO or RTRO is the abbreviation for 'Return to Rightful Owner'.

    Due to recent positive developments with the Shield of Solomon overriding the planetary horizontal consciousness grid there has been a systematic release of Group Oversoul enslavement. It was revealed the Golden Eagle Grid harnessed consciousness power through the entrapment of various levels of human "spirit" bodies. At this time Guardians are releasing Monads that had been stapled to the Golden Eagle Grid, thereby trapping the consciousness from merging with their "rightful owner and human body".

    At this time [November 2010] many Monads that had been reversed or split from its original twin are now being reunited. (This is the beginning phases of the "Restoration" which is returning back God's natural laws to the physical plane.) In fact the Guardians explain that in the returning to this planet the rightful laws - all Spirit bodies and their energies that have been misdirected, stolen or used by external controller forces in this last dark cycle - MUST be returned to the Rightful Owner as he/she claims their authority as God and as a sovereign eternal being. They have given us a sample language of which to claim our rightful sovereignty in God's Natural Laws. Please feel free to utilize or share with all those you feel may benefit from this language.

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