Shifting Timelines
There are many subtle force reconfigurations occurring at the quantum level of the planetary mainframe that are changing the way the external and collective energy fields organize and manifest into the world.
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We have to move through the series of Timelines in each dimensional octave and reclaim our identity while recoding and changing the obsolete or false reality from interfering with our continued spiritual growth.
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Bifurcation of Time
Bifurcation means the splitting of a main body into two parts.Thus, the planetary fields and humanity are coming to experience the next phase of the planetary Ascension Cycle, which is the nature of Bifurcation of Time.
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Lifting Your Veil: Surviving the Ascension Process

July 2006

Lisa Renee

Little did I know how these monthly articles would come in some coherent sequence when I started to write them. Witnessing the divine plan in action is always awe inspiring. This month's article is a great example of continuation from last months. When we can connect the dots in these patterns to observe a congruent clarity, it relaxes our mind to fully trust being present to the moment. We then experience greater levels of divine grace and its perfection manifesting in our daily lives. This instills inner peace into our evolution process when we remember that really, All Is in Divine Right Order and Harmony. As an Ascending human, clearly the way this unfolding evolution of our Universe is revealed is on a Need to Know basis. Armed with faith and trust, knowing our soul plan while staying connected to the present moment, is what serves us well during this Ascension time. We have many special surprises, twists and turns yet to come.

Last month we addressed the Goddess Gateway as the beginning of the Cosmic Divine Feminine to merge into even deeper levels of our being. After having agreed to hold these new Goddess energies, we have been propelled into a profound cycle of Rebirth and birthing into the New Energy Worlds.

As we are aware May and June have been intense with activations peeling off deep emotional layers, many of which are related to the 2nd chakra. I admit I have had the most physical response to this last array of transmissions that I have had in my memory for years. My female body has been swollen, vulnerable, bloated and birthing new templates of consciousness in a watery mass of emotions. These new templates are planetary, as in the creational blueprints for a New Energy World. I would like to discuss in more detail these templates, and then discuss some of the symptoms we have been experiencing physically as we have been taking part in the creational process this last month.

New Blueprints 

Over the last month and ongoing, the Evolutionary Forces of Light have been working with many human beings to create new Morphogenetic Fields for the planet earth and for other Ascension mission purposes. I will remind you that we have agreements to do this. A way to describe a Morphogenetic Field is that it is a form-holding blueprint that stores information for how that form of consciousness will manifest. Morphogenetic Fields are comprised of templates of conscious light and sound which serve as the blueprints on which matter and conscious identity will then manifest. This occurs at a microcosmic and macrocosmic level and is a part of the mechanics of all creation.

All matter forms and forms of consciousness, including planetary bodies and human bodies, are manifested through these morphogenetic form-holding imprints. They exist as a quantity of crystalline energetic substance that is composed of specific patterns of frequency. That is why it is also called a crystal body. The universe is one massive field of consciousness embracing and containing all other forms, where all experiences of reality and manifestation takes place. Layers upon layers of morphogenetic fields exist at every level that form has manifest within each dimensional plane.

Some of the purposes described to me have been that our individual morphogenetic fields have been replicating templates from our own genetic material. This is why many of us are having sensations and symptoms that we are giving birth or are undergoing some birthing process. Our genetic material held in our personal blueprints or morphogenetic fields is being utilized for a larger purpose, as the creational templates for other life forms. Some of these templates we are working to design involve greater divergence for allowing less evolved life forms, fragments of consciousness or those damaged genetically to use these templates to manifest into forms they can evolve into more rapidly. They may then hold the greater levels of frequency needed to activate certain DNA, so they too can attach to the higher reality fields and ascend beyond third dimensional consciousness.

This process is being called a Host Matrix Transplant. This term seems to refer to getting those that need to be imprinted with certain genetic material that they are missing or that has been damaged, which is preventing the ability to biologically ascend. This allows them to be exposed to extremely high frequencies and pass through dimensional portals, without being damaged or short circuited.

There are also constructs of new matrices that are being put into place for new layers of planetary grid work. These new matrices will contain the original patterns of perfection, devoid of all cellular memory of past transgressions, human suffering or imbalance. As we have reached a critical mass as a group on this planet, light workers have become confident in the safety of their environment with a new ability to speak their truth. This is a large part of why we now have the ability to access and anchor these new morphogenetic fields that are being created.

These morphogenetic fields affect everything in their environment and as more and more morphogenetic fields are being created, holding these patterns of perfection, the energetic systems are changing. This is the Hundredth Monkey effect that results in the understanding of mass shifts in consciousness. The levels of frequency that a human can hold and access are governed by the information stored, the DNA in the personal and unified morphogenetic fields. Humans now have access to the morphogenetic fields embodying the blueprint of the divine plan of mother earth, her hidden history and human lineages, and the process of Ascending a species and planetary body. This will allow more and more people to become activated and then interested in understanding this information relating to their transformation or personal Ascension.

Masculine and Feminine Integration

Since we have been involved with these new creational forces working with these new blueprints and undergoing our personal Ascension process, there has been a lot of clearing of patterns to integrate our masculine and feminine energies. As I have mentioned activity around the 2nd chakra imbalances clearing rapidly since last May, many of us have been reviewing gender roles in ourselves and in our lives. What is it to be a divine human in a female body, or in a male body? We are still experimenting with that and working on the divine union templates.

I want to bring to your awareness that the throat or 5th chakra and the sacral or 2nd chakra, are two key creative energy centers that work together. I have received many reports that people are feeling constriction and clearing in their throat center. This sympathetic response in the throat or 5th chakra is also directly related to the accelerated 2nd chakra clearing over the last month. The 5th chakra is a vital part of humanity's spiritual awakening and as individuals awaken to the authentic aspect of their eternal self, a new voice is born as it aligns to speak spiritual will. The 5th chakra in principle is masculine energy and the 2nd chakra is feminine energy. As we are undergoing the masculine and feminine energy integration, this is one of the key processes we are experiencing and why these two creative points unify to work together on clearing old patterns.

The 5th chakra is our vocal expression that we use to command energy into form or manifestation. When we are aligned with what we are creating and speaking into manifestation, our throat chakra is open and clear. We are learning to be more comfortable speaking our truth in every circumstance.

Physical Updates - May and June Activation

I want to share the most common symptoms reported in our group over the last month. This began as the 2nd chakra clearing from the Starburst activation on May 26th and moved us into a birthing process for the new energetic blueprints. Our Evolution Teams mention this is temporary and will pass soon. It's a shift that occurs internally when we process and integrate this last set of energetic activations. Please know that we are doing mostly planetary and group work at this time.

Most common symptoms:

  • Dehydration with extreme thirst, dry mouth, sticky lips or tongue
  • Constipation, feeling intestinally blocked
  • Bowel changes, dark, black and tarry stools
  • Water weight gain, edema, swelling, especially in the lower abdomen
  • Female PMS-similar symptoms, break through periods, erratic periods
  • Headaches in third eye, top bands of head and cranium, dizziness
  • Neck and Shoulder stiffness and pain
  • Lower back pain, mostly from PMS like symptoms, and kidney dehydration
  • Morning sickness type of nausea
  • Throat tightness or constriction activity in the 5th chakra
  • The PMS and female cycle appears to be reactive as we go through the birthing process. I had morning sickness for about 2 weeks. My Guides have said many of us are holding new templates for the new energy worlds, yes that was plural, and are also birthing some inner levels into our 5th dimensional selves. Personally and for many others, it has been a labor physically.

So what has helped? The dropping density advice is:

Drink fluids. The high fluid intake has to continue. Believe it or not the edema is also coming from the severe dehydration and resultant imbalances of electrolytes. Remember the frequencies need water to conduct through our body's energy field. Find a mineral base or Vitamin C, like Alacer-Emergen-C with minerals, drink and give it your best shot. I have been doing calcium magnesium water, with liquid iodine and silica.

Sea Water. Get in Sea water when you can, stick your feet in the ocean. I was running on the beach with my motion sickness nausea and stopped to throw up. As soon as I stuck my legs in the waves of crashing sea water it recalibrated me and my nausea immediately stopped. I noticed that Surfing really helped me as I was being crashed over with waves. This is not the remedy for all of us, however, I was grateful to discover how much better I immediately felt. When you can, immerse your body in water.

Bodywork. Get a Thai type of massage or stretching, with extremely deep acupressure or massage. Any bodywork is very helpful.

Daily 2nd and 5th Chakra clearing. It has been necessary for me to do this consistently and regularly. Get the guides in there and clear those chakras to spin out the accumulative debris. Ask that whatever percentage you are carrying in there for the group or planet be released. Ask your Evolution teams to take it away from your field and transmute it to an equal or opposite energy exchange into full unification with Source.

Liquid type of Fasting. This seems to give our digestion and organs a break. Eat as simply and cleanly as you can if you do eat solid food. Now I understand why they were saying in late April, to do your cleanses. I think if I had done a more serious cleanse I probably would have had an easier time. Guides just winked on that one.

Quantum Energy work. I admit I am happy to have a Quantum (QXCI/SCIO) device. If you have any resources in this arena you may want to gift yourself a session with a bioenergetic practitioner that you resonate with. I have found it helps me a lot. I have been using the intestinal stimulation and female reproductive balancing, along with the nutrient balancing for these organs.

Humor. For goodness sakes laugh at every opportunity. The body needs as much levity as it can get.

Thank you for all the wonderful comments and emails sharing your experiences. I am profoundly grateful for all of you and the contribution you are here to share with me and all of US. We are doing this as a group and it's important to share our process as we are not alone. The symptoms lately have been pretty intense so it helps to talk about them and to know there is a larger purpose for it, and that our soul groups are sharing in this work.

Pay attention to your own inner guidance that will emerge to support this clearing. Follow that intuition. Allow yourself play time, safe time, sleep time and heal time. Do not take anything personally.

Stay in the luminosity of your heart and soul path, we are here as ONE.

2006 Lisa Renee,

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