Shifting Timelines
There are many subtle force reconfigurations occurring at the quantum level of the planetary mainframe that are changing the way the external and collective energy fields organize and manifest into the world.
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We have to move through the series of Timelines in each dimensional octave and reclaim our identity while recoding and changing the obsolete or false reality from interfering with our continued spiritual growth.
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Bifurcation of Time
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Lifting Your Veil: Surviving the Ascension Process

February 2009

Lisa Renee


Over the last year we entered the Galactic Consciousness Cycle and as a result, the dimensional doorways in our Stargate System have opened and begun their systematic layered reconnection to the Galactic Time Continuums or Galactic Dimensions. This has a humongous impact on our consciousness, our planet and the fallout we now observe with the crumbling systems of the old 3D paradigm. This crumbling of 3D will continue as these structures cannot exist in the same way within these new frequencies. Moving forward it is important to remember that no matter how things appear externally, your authority is that of your Inner God Light and that will serve and protect you in ways that your linear mind will not comprehend. 

As an example, a painful completion or ending of relationship is later revealed to have protected us from an obstacle that was not of our highest evolutionary expression. Or upon ending that circumstance we were given a completely new level of personal clarity, freedom and fulfillment. We have been twisting and turning so much lately, it is like our God parent has been consistently moving us out of harm’s way. Our experience is like we are driving bumper cars on Mr. Toad’s wild ride and yet the intelligence of the Universe is at work. With collapsing time fields and new dimensional energies flooding in we are consistently making micro adjustments to balance and calibrate ourselves every nanosecond.

Interdimensional Portal of God Consciousness

Now we are finally able to see the physical manifestations of what has been transpiring behind the veil, within the Interdimensional fields for a long while at the pre-manifestation levels. It feels that this year will be one that holds many spontaneous surprises. Legions of Light forces along with the embodied ground crew have been diligently working on all aspects of repairing and rehabilitating the structural integrity of the timelines and their dimensional matrices. Many of us in the Starseed family are the human acupuncture points of galactic frequencies, and anchor these energetic wave spectrums into the planetary grid itself. This is why so many in this group are called to travel to Stargates or other vortex locations on the planet. Our bodies are the ascension technology that literally anchor the frequencies by location, into the specific spin points on the planetary axiatonal or grid line surfaces. Sometimes we can do this remotely or we will be called to be or reside at that point physically. Recently our ES group went to Brazil and this was an example of a calling to be at a specific planetary vortex, in the physical.

If we pay attention we will actually start to see the holographic architecture or manifestation template that is behind all form manifestation. As more reality bubbles form around you, you will start to see the repeating pattern of the energetic themes connecting the individuals or circumstances in that hologram. Belief systems also create clear patterns of energetic or vibrational themes. You will note we each are our OWN UNIVERSE and our bodies are Interdimensional Portals of God consciousness, with each portal subject to its own interpretation of externally viewed events. Finally as we are experiencing that awareness it allows a disconnection from the artificial intelligences existing within the 3D illusion. We become the observer watching a movie and from the neutral observer view, we change the reality record. As the holographic architecture changes and is repaired**, the mass consciousness shifts.

We are at the Entry Point leading us into a new platform of energetic architecture that supports our new consciousness reality. Dismantling the old energy structure and completing old relationship patterns, has been like a demolition crew over last 60 days or so, with bombs were going off quite regularly.

Like a divine orchestra getting ready to play a symphony, everyone has their note to play upon reaching their cue on the ascension timeline. Like a divine conductor reading the sheets of a musical composition, moving through each of the lines while each person in the orchestra is waiting until it is the perfect time to play their musical instrument, or to sound their personal note. Together we are collaboratively making the most beautiful music known to this planet.

Planetary Galactivation Recap

Last month we talked about the Galactivating humans as a Starseed Project that will begin to physically anchor in 2009. 

Our individual bodies interface with the planetary body and as a result are undergoing a simultaneous Galactic activation and shift. When we understand better the micro and macro relationships it allows us to relax more into a process that begins to appear as cohesive, rather than random from the linear mind’s point of view. Since we have had such little context to allow a personal framework for our ascension evolution and how it impacts us, it feels important to recap some previous information.

The Guardians mentioned in the July 2008 newsletter, The Magnetic Change of the Global Brain, that our planet had reached a critical evolutionary point with its magnetic shift. According to them the particle ratio between electrons and protons in our planet’s magnetosphere had changed dramatically. As more protons were being created from our Sun the neutral field effects were beginning to be accessed. Looking back that was clearly an impetus that jumpstarted the Galactic Stargate openings and resulted in the related galactic frequency code and timeline records that came pouring into the cellular memory matrix of our planet. Naturally this will continue as we move forward, as we are just getting started.

Planetary Bodies move from one dimension to the next by magnetically drawing into their grid system the particles of the Unified field of energy for each dimension. A dimension is a grouping of energy units geometrically arranged and built upon a blueprint that refracts sound and light into a manifested form. In the Guardian context, a dimensional grouping is synonymous with a timeline of consciousness. All stations of our identity, such as what we have commonly referred to as past lives are actually all happening now on another dimensional plane or another timeline of consciousness. As we physically embody that dimensional plane or frequency spectrum, we are also embodying the identity and the historical record of what is happening on that particular timeline.

Note: When we are spiritually ascending or being activated into a new dimensional frequency within our lightbody, this is why it is so common to meet new beings that we may feel an instant familiarity or love connection with, such as soul family or a soul mate kind of sensation. At every level of dimensionalization you will have different beings that you connect with, both on the inner planes and in the physical world in order to share energy. This allows us to complete, heal and activate each other or experience the pleasure of recognition with a new/old spiritual friend. That being or person was not able to come into your holographic field of perception until you were able to hold that specific frequency and light quotient.

The relationship between the wave notes within the dimensional frequency bands are what create the holographic refraction of light and sound that allows consciousness to perceive the illusions of physical matter. While the consciousness has stationed its identity within a particular structure of dimensionalization, as per the example of our 3D human birth contracts, this imprints our personal consciousness with the snapshot of the collective mass consciousness planetary fields at our exact time of birth. It also allows for the conscious perception of an externalization of a particular reality system. To recap, it is our current structure of dimensionalization, our current holographic architecture and its matrices that control the mass consciousness perception of this reality system.

Now that we have been introduced and exposed to off planet frequencies and timelines, we will observe a lot of radical changes and out of the blue events that will come and go very quickly. These frequencies speed everything up and this will open up more off planet information to be relayed to the public. One such level of information that is becoming available quickly is our governments history and involvement with the planet Mars. Interesting planetary dynamics are being shared with us briefly, from the Guardian perspective on why it is happening now.

The Mars Records Open

In 2008 a Guardian planetary repair project was healing the distorted timelines and damage in the 4th dimensional planes and its related impact to the 4th strand of DNA, within the divine human body template. This was covered in many of the monthly articles on the Astral Reconfiguration throughout 2008. The 4th layer of the human body Chakra system houses the first level of the divinity, the soul matrix intelligence. The 4th layer of the human lightbody is impacted by the 4th layer of the planetary lightbody, also called the Astral dimensional plane. The 4th Dimensional Planetary Stargate leads us into the Astral plane layers and is locationally positioned in Giza, Egypt. The 4th Gate and the Astral Plane have had an incredibly long history with conflict over their control between both human and non human interests. For the last 25,000 years this Stargate which controls the trajectory of movement between our planet and our Sun, has been under the dominion of the controller forces, primarily factions of Annunaki, Nibiruans and Zeta. This is exactly why the pole shift agenda had been a probable timeline or rumor, because as long as they had control of this Stargate they used it as leverage. Please note as stated previously, the timelines and related memory of pole shift and invasion as rumored are no longer potential future realities. An unnatural 4D Stargate, a reversal black hole system or phantom matrix was connected to these portal systems that exist within the 4D astral planes and its stargate interface. Disconnecting this phantom matrix, healing soul fragments in 4D and its artificial ascension realities, was a part of the Astral Reconfiguration Guardian Project.

Now that the 4th Stargate has recently opened at its Galactic Interface levels, both in frequency and in timelines, these link into the future timelines of the planet Mars. Understand that the Planetary Stargates are the Earth's connection points into the Galactic and Universal Stargate Systems. Once sealed off and closed, these Stargates progressively begin to reopen during the Ascension Cycle.

Because the Mars Galactic timeline is opening through the 4th Stargate in Giza, it brings information to the surface about its history that will become increasingly hard to suppress. This brings us to the Montauk Project and the history of colonization on Mars between Orion Humans and Zetas or the Greys. These were dimensional blending projects with Alien technologies that allowed time travel to the future. Most of the collaborations between humans and aliens were of a negative nature, including genetic experiments, developing mind control programs and perfecting psychotronic warfare. I am counseled that the exacting details are irrelevant to discuss at this point, as there is a lot of information available about the Philadelphia Experiment (1943), and The Montauk Project (1983). What they are emphasizing or pointing out is that the hidden information over ET’s involvement with humans will happen through the 4D timelines, and it is life on Mars that will be the first sequence level of information released. They say this is just the beginning.

Nasa released an announcement on January 15th revealing that there is life on the planet Mars. 

Also, as an example, in July 2008 a strange manifestation was discovered on Montauk beach, along the Eastern Seaboard of Long Island, NY. The Montauk monster is an emanation of the particle and anti-particle timelines merging, that allows certain things to manifest into some kind of form through the Earth’s magnetic field pull. As certain fields are pulled closer into our physical dimension, the magnetic pull condenses the etheric based form into physical matter form. These inorganic beings cannot survive in this dimension physically. The Guardians mention this as one such example of this phenomena, as we have started merging anti-particle and particle time fields and are just beginning to experience this type of effect in the plane of physical matter. Additionally, when Galactic timelines merge including the Mars timelines, things previously unseen will become visible to our dimension.


Reference: Montauk Monster
Reference: Montauk Project

Knowing that many humans are susceptible to fear of the unknown, they ask we prepare ourselves and be informed. This may be a wild ride.

The 12D Commission

With the Galactic timelines opening and a new entry point emerging, I have been asked to write with more clarity on the 12D commission. The Melchizedek Guardian Groups are the groups that oversee and direct the planetary repair projects from 12D, that specifically result in the collapsing and clearing away of distorted timelines and the distorted historical human records that created DNA damage in the past, present and future. It is this group that works with the Universal holographic architecture in order to repair its structural integrity, back into the Ascension Timeline. The Ascension timeline would reflect the Pathway back to God Source connection, the return to the Zero Point God matrix the point of our creational genesis.

As more humans activate the 12D platinum frequency shields by calling it into this timeline, it creates a larger mass of accumulated 12D frequency into a planetary hub. It also activates the individual lightbody into a harmonic balance necessary to keep moving up the frequency ladder, in order to embody the Avatar or 12D level of consciousness. This is one of the purposes of the specific technique given with the 12D Shield exercise. The 12D hub operates like an Inter-dimensional Elevator that spans every level of dimension between 1 and 12. This allows for 12D Contact, the Cosmic Christ Group Avatar Consciousness to connect with 3D humanity on this plane. The first step is to build a personal platinum 12D shield and then expand it to create group pillars at community levels, planetary levels and so forth. In the beginning stages one is learning to acclimate to the frequency using the visual cue of being connected to the external 12D source hub, until one grows into the understanding that this frequency is being accessed from inside one's own body.

Eventually as the integrity of your lightbody expands, your entire vertical hara line and chakra column become one huge ray of platinum with white woven crystalline frequency. At this point of activation your 12D shield is permanent and you are called to spin larger fields from right inside your own body. Your body is now a God Technology that can impact larger planetary fields by stabilizing disharmonic environments or surface grids. This literally means you may choose to utilize your God Given Christ Light to circumvent disasters, clear timelines, and create harmonic patterns. At this level of activation your sphere of influence and impact to the planetary fields is much more expansive and immediate. Realizing that if your physical body has a 110 volt outlet it must be prepared gradually to handle a 1000 volt appliance. You will be put through your paces to understand how to handle this level of energetic power as it emanates from your body consciousness.

Prior to the planetary ascension activation of your lightbody at the 7th lightbody layer or violet flame induction, your lightbody does not interface with the planetary lightbody  or act as a planetary clearing mechanism, as a part of your organic functioning. Remember that your lightbody-aura is your personal holographic architecture that controls the functioning of your consciousness. As a lightworker you are always able to clear and support the direction of healing frequency with the focus of your conscious mind, however this is the first stage of energetic mastery. The vibrational impact and influence is amplified from pure observing consciousness, and is relative to the strength and clarity of conscious mind focus. It is imperative the conscious mind and 3D ego intelligence be directed to sublimate itself to the observer, so the first phase of disciplining your ego is to learn how to focus your mind. This is about the creational physics of an ascending consciousness and has nothing to do with any value assignment, in any shape or form.

Until you reach and build the 7th Frequency Planetary Ascension of your personal lightbody hologram, the planetary lightbody is clearing your personal lightbody. This is why many lightworkers connect to the earth and ground at the core, they are cleared by the Earth Mother this way. After Planetary Ascension your lightbody starts clearing the planetary lightbody and the mass human consciousness lightbody. Those Galactically activated are already involved with this as a group project and since it is a function of the Star genetics and DNA package, there is not any way to circumvent that agreement unless you decide to stop your evolution.

Moving on, these 12D earth hubs are the frequency orbits that support an anchor which allow the Melchizedek Guardian Groups to work alongside their human embodied counterparts. When we connect to the 12D hubs and we create a handshake with the Guardians, we are piercing holes in the frequency fence of the controller's artificial matrices. They cannot do this for us. If you are a beginner to planet grid repair, yet feel drawn to participate as a part of your God source expression using the 12D technique and these suggested processes are a great start. You will activate your lightbody at the same time you mentally begin to focus on these exercises. 

If we do not call it in, they are not able to descend enough vibrationally to create the 12D Handshake and get levels of repair work completed. This is a collaboration effort and project between embodied humans and our Christed Star and Light Families. We have been building the portal connection and the grid connection in this dimension by creating 12D pillars individually and within the collective body  of our ES community, which has a Group 12D Hub specifically to allow connection to the Guardian Groups. This creates a mutual connection of clearing miasma and karmic damage in the personal bodies, aligning to the original blueprint of the divine human body while building the communication and spiritual links to the Guardian Races.

Subsequently after the 12D handshake and hub is secured, we then are able to create an orbit into the Cosmic Trinity of Creation or the Cosmic Triad. The Cosmic Triad holds the Three Primal Sound fields of Creation and has all the Living Light Code and Geomancies to genetically repair the Universal, through the planetary/human body. It is also through the Cosmic Triad link ups that we connect in through to the Aurora or Edenic Races and the 13th Stargate portal, the Neutron Window opening into the Zero Point God Matrix. Through the 13th Gate we then are able to send soul fragments, inorganic entities and other races to be returned all the way back home, to be merged back into the Source Light.

As we move into the coming months this 12D frequency accumulation is important as the next Galactic Stargate opening is in the location of Kauai and the South of France. It is the 12D frequencies that must connect to these Stargates in order to activate them fully in the highest sequence. The galactic timelines once connected, will open massive healing completions over the Hawaiian land mass having to do with the Lemurian Holocaust. All of the timelines related to a Holocaust link together, so this may be an incredibly powerful time of healing as these memories resurface. Reframe your awareness to this healing purposes if and when this comes up in your healing process or healing gridwork for the planet.

In deep love and gratitude for our Galactic Families.

Stay in the luminosity of your Heart and God Path. We are here as One.
With love, Lisa

[**] Repaired (Context): The Guardian perspective is that many of the holographic layers in the manifestation templates were distorted and in such disrepair that the impending destruction of the original divine blueprint was highly probable without a direct intervention. Consciousness Intervention was planned during the Ascension Cycle and only possible if Star Seeded Beings and Indigo Races came to embody within the physical human template, in order to recode its genetics both at individual and planetary levels. This way it would not be an infringement on the free will of creation, as the embodied Starseed would be physically manifested as an earthly human and then genetically activated to remember to Call in for the Help of Light Forces and the Star Families. In this last dark cycle, most humans had forgotten their divine commission and were not calling for God Forces or evolutionary support. Additionally, through mind control agendas stemming from the more technologically advanced races blocking spiritual advancement, humanity was and is subject to enslavement without their conscious realization or informed consent. This resulted in damage to DNA that requires repair work in order to be activated during the Ascension Cycle.

Please note in order to distribute this Newsletter in other forums please do so with the following guidelines: Include author's credit, copyright and include the ES website url.



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