Shifting Timelines
There are many subtle force reconfigurations occurring at the quantum level of the planetary mainframe that are changing the way the external and collective energy fields organize and manifest into the world.
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We have to move through the series of Timelines in each dimensional octave and reclaim our identity while recoding and changing the obsolete or false reality from interfering with our continued spiritual growth.
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Bifurcation of Time
Bifurcation means the splitting of a main body into two parts.Thus, the planetary fields and humanity are coming to experience the next phase of the planetary Ascension Cycle, which is the nature of Bifurcation of Time.
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August 2010


Lisa Renee


Dear Family,

This newsletter series returns after an absence in the month of July, which created some public confusion that I would like to clarify now.
Writing these newsletters takes a lot of my personal energy and focus, and that space was simply not made available to me in the last weeks. Recently my planetary service commitments have radically increased, which means prioritizing that my health and sanity must take precedence. I am devoted and deeply committed to my service mission, yet it is crystal clear that the drain on my person and the organization known as Energetic Synthesis cannot continue to fulfill its tasks in the same way as in the past. I have no idea what this will look like as we all continue to move forward. We are standing in times of total mystery and uncertainty.

Most all of us at this time are being drastically reconfigured in the way we have been carrying out our lives. As these deep reconfigurations happen to me and within the Energetic Synthesis body of work, I appreciate your patience and compassion rather than criticism. I send my heartfelt appreciation and acknowledgment to all of us in this consciousness family who have been worked incredibly hard over the last weeks. I know how rough it has been for many of us as we have been experiencing the Shockwaves of the recent quakes forcing change upon us. Many of us who are designed to embody and bring these changes forward are plum exhausted.

These shockwaves will continue to ripple through us in this new cycle, yet it is driving us to our destiny to be a Complete Human Being. This has not been an easy time for those who have committed to spiritual transformation as their first priority over comfort, while existing in the 3D disintegrating structure. Ascending is not comfortable and many of us have been spiraled into a whole new level of experience of what that actually means for our human selves. Thank you to all of our Ascension Wave and Indigo Teams, as it is you that hold the courage to dream the dream for the rest of humanity. By holding the dream and never giving up, you are the promise that the dream will never die and that we can and will create a free planet for the future of humanity. We will live our dream.

A Huge Wake Up Call to Unify

Unity intelligence is a consciousness field that is non-polarized. It has neither an electric or magnetic spin charge, it is a neutral field. The Melchizedek Guardians and many others from the next Universal System are a part of the consciousness teams that have been working to repair grid structures by overriding reversal codes on this planet, so that these neutral fields are able to be accessed even while our planet is surrounded by a controller frequency fence. These fences are the mind control fields that propagate and feed into anti-life structures and their circulatory systems. They have impaired human consciousness evolution for thousands of years.

In order to poke holes through these fences those of us embodied in this density that have committed to serve the Law of One can create handshake hubs through the 12 D consciousness field. You cannot effectively spin the field if you are not aligned to the purposes of the 12D consciousness field, which is Unity. This means by spinning a 12D field into a vortex, after you have embodied the 12D Shield process, you can direct links to communicate with Guardian Intelligences while harmonizing and supporting the surrounding planetary grid. Handshake Hubs can be made with the Unity intelligence field and connected with the Guardian beings that are committed to serving consciousness freedom. The Guardian Consciousness is synonymous with Unity Avatar Intelligence. They do not exist within polarity systems.

Polarity exists in both extremes of positive and negative charge and it is this field charge that drives the perception of the ego consciousness. The ego and its personality program are bi-polar, so are unable to perceive or experience Unity intelligence because their self-awareness is externally experienced through the extremes of the polarized consciousness fields. There are new developments and links that have been made within the planetary consciousness structure to allow the choice of unification. You may have noticed the recent incredible consecutive and ongoing stream of Cosmic alignments and frequency transmissions, whether the recent Astrological Grand Cross, or the huge Solar Flare Tsunamis ejecting out of our Sun. Humanity is now getting A Huge Wake Up Call.

What Pill Are We Taking?

As we are well aware by now, the higher the frequency available to our human bodies and the consciousness matrices of the planet, the more the polarities are greatly amplified in the external reality. Everything takes on a quality of an extreme. Whether it’s the BP Oil Spill, Celebrity nervous breakdowns, or other current sensationalistic news designed to distract us, we can still observe how surreal these events are increasingly becoming. This lends to the bizarre quality of watching the Global Theatre of the Absurd, where more of us are becoming aware of events that seem just plain obvious as to what is really going on. As an example, how many pharmaceutical commercials can we watch and not become aware that someone behind a desk has become a medical drug pusher? Who is motivated to keep us drugged up, with the unceasing parade of new marketing campaigns to push pill taking? What pill ARE we taking? Does that pill control our mind, our beliefs? Now that we can see behind the dog and pony show it is clear there is a controlling agenda behind the show. The pig cannot be dressed up in red lipstick much longer. A pig is a pig and we have to call it what it is when we see it.

Many of us have noticed how surreal it has been watching people become unhinged around us as they lose control over themselves? Walking down the street in a metropolis setting with a large population has become increasingly bizarre as we observe the behavior in our environment. It is clear people are like internal pressure cookers exploding over very petty and temporary things, all the way through the spectrum to huge life altering events. This amplification is also a purification that increases the surfacing of distortions being witnessed in people, places and organizations. Nothing is spared from this necessary purification. We have to see what has been holding the façade up, and we are being made privy to seeing what goes on behind the scenes. Nothing can remain hidden very long in these new Unity architecture patterns as they are changing the physics of how the energies and space time are revealed to us as an observer. This is a relief to many of us that have nothing to hide and really just want to get on with it. This is a starting point in the unraveling that will give many of us the freedom we have been desiring to live our lives in, order to move forward into the new patterns that can be supported by the Unity or neutral framework.

Unity Architecture Begins

We are entering a cycle where Unity architecture patterns are being restored access to certain places within the planetary mass consciousness grid. This means more of us can access species race memory, this Unity pattern and its frequency of neutral or zero point if we attune to it from our inner self. This is accessed from inside of us as personal power and cannot be captured externally or controlled as an external force. This allows for experiences of greater spiritual self realization and our inner source connection to become greatly enhanced. This also amplifies polarity in the external reality so it’s been increasingly intense dealing with the amplification of the fear consciousness fighting for its control. This fear collective consciousness has been very aggressive lately, like in the bullying of those it perceives as weaker or stronger than itself. Lately many of us feel we have been put through the wringer as these ego polarized bullies have been pounding us hard to find a weakness they can exploit in some way. The ego keeps our attention focused on the external events, which generally means it is ignoring the inner voice and higher self message. There is purpose in everything, even in unpleasant events. This bullying behavior is common when a dominating ego loses perceived control. It then becomes increasingly desperate to find ways to control or manipulate external events to its favor. Desperate means give in to desperate measures and this is what we are observing in those confined to their ego structure of relating. It has not been pretty, although it is a necessary part of the collective consciousness transformation.

Unity Source Code

Fear consciousness or Anti–life forces have existed within this Universal System in multiple ways such as; Entities, both human and non-human that have been consumed by these forces, Group Fragmented Consciousness Fields, Artificial or distorted creations and certain forces of Physical Matter. Over eons of time many of these forces became increasingly distorted and advanced in their ability to survive through vampirism, parasitism or feeding on another's energy bodies. This phenomena is like an infection that happens at both the microcosm level through to the macrocosm level of our Universe. Because our reality is holographic in nature it means the infection is recorded in the blueprint of the entire structure. This means that consciousness possession through consumption can happen at all levels; the human body layer, planetary levels all the way through to infect the Universal body levels. It is this consumptive modeling and its consciousness possession that have created various infections in the structural integrity of our Universal creation. The Unity Intelligence, Crystal or Kryst template and its Eternal Life Code are synthesizing physical matter through the polarity of these forces in order to heal them. And some of them do not want to be healed.

The instructional language of our Space Time field matrices became distorted and damaged through the act of consuming others. The Crystal template or Unity Intelligence when physically embodied, has a function that acts as a re-encryption processor of overwriting distorted artificial code, death or anti life forces and replacing it with organic Source code or eternal life forces. This is a very similar process to using an anti-virus program on your computer hard drive. It scans for problems creating weakness in your computer's function and it eliminates or overwrites the virus instruction sets that were embedded in the computer’s mainframe language.

We are receiving a whole new Unity Source Code language at this time and it is purposed to overwrite the distorted code that has been used to consume others. Unity Intelligence source code is the language platform to end the consumptive modeling that has infected our blueprint. This means it is getting increasingly harder for those beings who are consumers, who either feed upon others to exist or have used others energies to serve themselves. These entities are being starved which is another reason why they are desperate and fighting aggressively now.

Another way to express this is that the Cosmic Christ Intelligence is a Unity Source Code that has access back into the direct God Source, therefore it is Eternal and does not need to consume anything to exist. Upon its return to the Earth during the Ascension cycle, its purpose is to incarnate on the Earth body to restore God’s Natural Laws and correct its blueprint back into the Divine Plan for creation.

The Divine Plan of a Complete Eternal Body

It was necessary to create the pairs of opposites and forces of polarity, in order to create physical matter and its level of vibrational densification within the time space matrices. If we could not embody God-Spirit at this 3D density level, the creation would be reduced to mineralized dust or elemental raw material at the return cycle. The Ascension or In Breath cycle is the return cycle underway now. The forces of polarity are necessary in order to fulfill the destiny of re-creating a Living Universal Body and A Complete Eternal Human Being, otherwise known as the Living Crystal Matrix or Kryst Template. This is why the process of bringing the God-Spirit and its Living Light to embody within physical matter is called Polarity Integration by Guardian consciousness. The forces of polarity must be synthesized, therefore mastered, within the physical experience to generate the alchemy required for the Living God Spirit to command the flesh. Otherwise, the flesh is controlled genetically by the mind control program, which when repeated over reincarnations into the same destructive pattern, can damage and destroy its original blueprint pattern. This means that it is possible to fragment the consciousness body so that it returns back to the Core of Creation, the In Breath of the God Source, in its elemental raw material form. From the Guardian perspective this choice is not the highest expression for humanity or the planet, and as such there has been an intervention from various ET races. These interventions have had varied results, as they ultimately interfere with the creation and the direction of evolution. We have both agendas present on the planet at this time and many of them are fighting for their control over the dominion of the space and time fields.

As a Complete Eternal Human Being, Neutral-Unity, we are able to synthesize the genetic material of the Universe, which allows all beings existing within the Universe the choice to experience the eternal Nature of God Source. It is through the activated DNA template of a Crystal Human Body that all forces of consciousness may be allowed to experience the God Source Fields. Many ET intelligences and their bodies have evolved out of the experience of sensory emotion. To perceive and experience emotion is the only way to feel and heal, which allows the ability to merge with the God Source Light. Without a feeling body or sensory perception field a consciousness cannot experience itself as a part of the Eternal God consciousness. Therefore, it cannot heal itself or rehabilitate itself. A major conflict in this Universal System is that many entities believe that they are God Intelligence through the Supreme Arrogance of the mental body. They do not know themselves as existing within the experiential field of the God Intelligence, as IT only exists within Unity Intelligence and Wholeness. Most of these beings have lost their emotional experience and therefore have lost their alignment to and with the God Source. One cannot be aligned to God’s Natural Laws and desire to enslave or consume others, for in this state of being there is no need to consume other’s energy in order to exist.

The Group Soul of Humanity chose to be the Universal Body of Unity to allow this magnificent process to be given to ALL Beings, no matter if they forgot who they are as they travel inside the many mansions of the Universal Body of God. 

Frequency Fences are Mind Control Fences

If we are to recognize this planet is enslaved in its mental body fields, therefore it has genetically enslaved the flesh through the systems we have been controlled to believe within the mind, it becomes clear. We need to get out of the mind fields in order to be Free. We need to free our bodies from mind control fences and their implants. We need to stop feeding matrices of division, separation, superiority or judgment. We need to stop feeding Gurus and self proclaimed authorities who want our money, our devotion and worship, to serve their self interest or exclusive motivations. We also need to ponder the possibility that No Thing is more powerful than God Source and the Attunement of a Pure Heart to serve God’s purpose.

God excludes No One.

Just Say No to Mudslinging

Recently there has been an accelerated pattern of mudslinging transpiring within various Consciousness Groups that is designed to keep fear and division alive among these groups to prevent them from actualizing higher patterns, such as joining together in Unification. This is a clever manipulation tactic of the undisciplined ego or the fear programs of controllers. So be aware, to not feed that game of division. Remain in engaged detachment and hold a neutral association to any events you may witness.

Unity intelligence and the potential of humanity coming together to Unify, is threatening to the ego programs and the beings that control and manipulate through fear programming. Currently how this manifests, is that the Consciousness Group attempts to assert that they know the Truth and no one independently has access to that Truth but them or by going through their specific teachings or organization. This is very similar to how the histories of many of the organized religions were created to operate and maintain control over their parishioners. Ultimately this ego pattern creates control through division between the teachings or information offered, that then exclude or intend to discredit another body of work without recognizing its inherent value of purpose.

The Age of Organized Religion and those self proclaimed Prophets of God that say they are in control of God’s technology, Spiritual Sciences and therefore in control of the human being's light body field and its consciousness, are coming to an end. The Age of the Guru with a group of followers is coming to an end. However, those who have been followers need to accept responsibility for themselves and trust the honesty of their inner core being and stop projecting the Guru dynamic on another. This archetype of Guru is the old energy architecture that feeds the consciousness enslavement matrices. It is time to go beyond the intellectual perception of your relationship to God, and into the knowing through feeling and experiencing your relationship to God inside yourself.

In the organic state of the Natural Laws of God inherent in the Divine Plan of Universal Creation nothing can be possessed by another, it simply IS. The time of Possession of Another’s Energy Field is coming to an End on this Earth, and it is the inherent right within the integrity of God’s source light to restore Freedom to the races of the Earth. Whether we choose to embody true Freedom within this reality structure or upon another planetary body, seem to be the crossroads of choice being made by the human race at this time.

Your Consciousness Power is Yours

As we have passed through the latest Ring of Fire in mid-July, it is a time of extremely deep and powerful purification. There is no longer a roadmap or certainty in these times that we now exist within on this planet. There is no outside information or external source we should allow to direct us here or there anymore, there is no one to blame for our troubles. We have to choose in our hearts what is aligned and true for us, while the Universe is removing anything in your path that prevents you from going internal to connect to your own direct God Source information.

Your personal power, your personal choice and the commitment of where you direct your consciousness stays with you and you alone. You are now a fully responsible divine human and will have lessons that continually allow you to make the choices to fully have that realization. This is what it means to allow the Divine Plan to be restored to the Earth, through its original design and blueprint. You cannot control it, possess it, force it upon others or demand it answer to your ego. The more you allow witnessing through non-judgment and surrender to what simply Is, you allow the God consciousness to steer your rudder and begin its process of re-harmonization to the hologram. This is radically changing your personal perception of reality, as well as the people around you that share a similar resonance. This is how you begin to go beyond polarity thinking and into direct knowing, which stems from being able to hold perfect neutrality to the external events. You are getting massive amounts of practice through your life experiences now. In order to have a direct knowing you must have the experience of that reality and information directly.

You cannot know through the intellect, a book or what an external source is telling you is the real truth. You are left with your feeling senses and that is all we have to go on reliably at this time. At this time, we are leaving the intellectual pursuit of Truth and coming into the direct knowing of Universal Truth. This means you will have incredible amounts of new information in the cellular memory of the planet to directly access, however the responsibility of your resonance to feel the energy signature beyond what an external source is telling you, is now totally your responsibility. The mass consciousness fields on this planet are now receiving and directing energetic intelligence, frequency intelligence fields in this way. If you pay attention to the external events you will begin to see this pattern changing in what creates the movement of the reality fields of this planetary hologram.

And as we come into our new adventure together thank you for sharing yourself with me. In deep love and gratitude for the tireless supporters of protecting the Human Spirit, Love is the God Power that will restore the Plan for humanity. As we become healed and neutral to the poison driving our personal needs, desires and pain projected onto others, we become the Servants of Love.

Thank you to our growing and expanding Guardian Family, willing to be disciplined and self contained in order to embody the Power of the One for the All.

To the ES container, thank you for your support and much love to our community at all of its levels of process. I love you.

Stay in the luminosity of your Avatar Heart Path. Be Gentle with your hearts and each other.

Love Always,


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