Shifting Timelines
There are many subtle force reconfigurations occurring at the quantum level of the planetary mainframe that are changing the way the external and collective energy fields organize and manifest into the world.
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We have to move through the series of Timelines in each dimensional octave and reclaim our identity while recoding and changing the obsolete or false reality from interfering with our continued spiritual growth.
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Bifurcation of Time
Bifurcation means the splitting of a main body into two parts.Thus, the planetary fields and humanity are coming to experience the next phase of the planetary Ascension Cycle, which is the nature of Bifurcation of Time.
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Lifting Your Veil: Surviving the Ascension Process

August 2006

Lisa Renee

As I am writing this month's installment it is still mid-July. Things happen so fast in these new energies I hope I can cover it all by the time we make it through to August.

The various levels of intersecting energies, astrological and other factors including this last Mercury in Retrograde, have had quite a few of us wondering which side is up. I had several clients and acquaintances ask what is going on with stalled and stopped projects unraveling, or computers, cars and communications breaking down around them. I noticed that this retrograde was experienced at an amplified level for many people. This new level of gravitational pull or density, had a new quality of being physically palpable as we moved through it.

This Retrograde has had that sensation of swimming against the tide, which is difficult even if you're a good swimmer. This month I got to that point where I realized it was time to just float and let the tide carry me in. It was getting abundantly clear that I was to focus on having better balance with my choices, as these polarity junctions were increasing in my life and for those around me. Many of us have had this feeling bubbling beneath the surface that creates a low level anxiety that is difficult to pin point. I noticed more inner dialogues like, are we are running out of time, there don't seem to be enough hours in the day, and how will I ever get to that?

At this time of our transition these polarity junctions of work vs. play, descending vs. ascending, 3rd Dimensional (3D) vs. Multidimensional (MD) have become increasingly amplified in our daily experience. It has become even clearer as we can see this dynamic playing out in the world at large, as a spiral of global events have mirrored this polarity amplification over the last month. It has become clear that we must direct ourselves to find inner and outer harmony. As we increase our harmony while interacting with these forces, we become better balanced in where we direct and focus our attention. We are then better aware of how we impact the world around us. We will then navigate ourselves through this transitory growth phase and its chaos from a place of being centered and connected.

Ask yourself what do you really feel like doing right now? Are you acting in obligation or really allowing the flow of your life to show you the way? Making clear choices in where we place ourselves, in balancing our work and play or rejuvenation, has become an imperative in our ability to function.

In these New Energies, as soon as an imbalance occurs a correction is made or an inner exhaustion surfaces immediately. You will notice these polarity issues occurring more and more at the macrocosmic level and then see them fully mirrored within your own microcosm of personal experience.

The Learning Curve - Balance

I thought I would share a recent example of my experience which made the above blaringly clear to me about balance. I recently have accepted more projects and have had an increase in my spiritual work with my teams. This has created a phase transition of new growth and commitments, which I am learning to navigate. I had planned a trip to Hawaii and in my inner vision I created this oasis, as a time organized for deep resting and rejuvenation. So as my trip neared, I went into my old ego programs of condensing and getting in lots of long hours in and attempting to catch up, where I felt I was lagging behind. I would condense all this work into very short period of time, because my ego justified that in the next week, I would be sprawled on the beach sleeping and meditating my days away.

The last week before my trip I could feel a deep exhaustion, yet I was still focused on a week away for my restful vacation and was not present to this pattern going on inside of me. The day before my trip I was toast. As I traveled with my companion and mate, it was apparent there was some odd heavy tension coming from somewhere within us.

Basically I wanted to just go somewhere and lay down and my mate wanted to gallivant across the country side and see every nook and cranny of the Island. His energy seemed to be amplified into overdrive against my need to relax and rest. He morphed into the Weekend Warrior for the whole week, with daily structure and high athletic activity. The vacation I experienced had many missed communications, aggressive interactions, emotional purging and feeling totally out of sync with the environment. This was not at all what I had envisioned.

I was bewildered over what the heck was going on and we were not even into the retrograde yet. The trip had an overall amplified, frenetic, disjointed, imbalanced quality to it. This polarity spectrum seemed huge as it played out around me. I returned home more tired than when I left. It was then that I realized I had put all my illusions of control and expectations on my trip and propagated an imbalance that continued when I left the mainland. My mate was also amplified to match my internal imbalance of polarities.

I learned that rather than give to myself what I need daily, to feel rejuvenated or connected to balance my work and play, I had created a separation of time by projecting myself into the future which I had allocated specifically for pleasure. I had been denying myself what I really needed daily in the now moment, as if I needed permission to receive it.

We have to be clear in maintaining our presence fully in the now and honoring ourselves for all we feel or need in every given moment. It was a new level of understanding that I could receive and open to abundance, by giving myself what I need every day. This clarity would bring greater balance and harmony into my life and I would feel more rested, doing less work per day. Maintaining inner balance during such an amplified time of outer chaos in our world is becoming incredibly important.


After last month's article on the Birthing project, I was amazed to get more tidbits in relationship to these new templates we have been busy creating. The process referred to last month as Host Matrix Transplant became better defined. During these past few months Lightworkers with this agreement, have been preparing rather vigorously for becoming Hosts, for many of the Guests on this planet. I found that terminology interesting and that so many of the Lightworkers incarnated here are to host this planet into its Ascension.

Over the last month it has shown up in my sessions that many Lightworkers now are preparing to host out large groups, quite large, by holding the energetic space and field for those that we have agreed to carry. No wonder we have been purifying and purging like no tomorrow, literally. The ability to host out others implies that our genetic field and frequency allows our guests to imprint themselves with what is needed, in order to be exposed to Ascension frequencies and passage through dimensional portals without being damaged or short circuited. I admit that I am honored to take part in this project even though the mystery weight gain these past few months has had my ego in a bit of a dither. Along with hundreds of my soul sisters all over the world that have emailed me about this. So, if you feel resonant with this material and have gained some mystery weight over the past few months that will not come off, you may be participating in this project. Thank you so much.

Latest Update - Particle Conversion

As I received this interesting energy alert on July 3rd, these birthing and hosting projects actually started to form a clearer picture in a more coherent process.

I was alerted to some interesting dynamics we are undergoing at this time, since the end of June and through December, 2006. This has those of us in our Lightworker Multidimensional Soul group experiencing a spectrum of interesting energetic fluctuations, including emotional upheavals and physical challenges. We are clearing up and completing a lot of our 3D leftover patterns and projects. Many of us are also feeling more tired as this is a grid project we have been working on when we leave our physical bodies at night. There are many Ascension projects in progress at this time.

The 3D Earth is going through the beginning phases of an expedited process of Particle Conversion, that will further catalyze humanity's progress into one of the increasing polarity spirals. Our downward or upward spiral of personal evolution will be exponentially increased by these forces. We are in the fulcrum of these two spirals of evolution and experiencing a greater level of its resulting amplification. These are from the activations earlier this year that are now hitting critical mass in the planetary fields and our personal energetic fields.

This Particle Conversion period is described as the separation of the Time Lines, within the Earth's Shield or field. This event is a progressive separation of the global particle fields, which they are saying will become permanent by the end of 2006. The Guardians have mentioned several times in the previous news articles a new delineation of space and time occurring in early 2006, between the 3rd Dimensional consciousness and the Multidimensional consciousness. This information appears to be related to the energetic mechanics of that delineation of space occurring in the frequency fields of the Earth.

At this time we are entering a period of preparation for an Earthly alignment with a Photon belt, Holographic beam, while in a type of Frequency Field Buffer to protect the grids from too much energetic exposure. If left unfiltered this upcoming exposure would create significant 3D planetary grid instability. This Buffer is being held by the Guardian Alliance (GA) and its races, as a type of energetic field blanket to stabilize the magnetic fields of the 3D particle base of the Earth. Corresponding geographical regions of planetary Safe Zones, are a part of the Frequency Hubs the GA have referred to that will be drawn into a co-resonance with the higher dimensional magnetic fields that sustain this Frequency Field Buffer blanket. This allows regions of the Earth and its populations to be protected within a stable Dimensional Energetic Bubble when this Photon Belt alignment creates this Particle Conversion of the timelines. (See the April and March Newsletters regarding the Deployment.)

Our Family of Light, The Guardians continue to strengthen and progressively amplify this Buffer Field Blanket for an array of purposes. This Frequency Field Buffer will collect and absorb the Stellar Activations forthcoming, holding these frequencies in suspension until approximately 2012. Unless otherwise updated or indicated, this is when they will be fully released into the Earth's Planetary Field. This is also being utilized to seal off any interference occurring from various counter evolutionary forces and their technologies, such as their Frequency Network Systems. These systems potentially disrupt the planetary grids creating intense weather or surface cataclysms, earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanic activity.

These Safe Zone areas with the anchored Frequency Field Buffer will remain more stable, environmentally, economically and politically. We will exist in these realities, 3D and MD side by side, within planetary regions and populations and each will experience a different set of events and frequencies until the final separation in 2012.

At this time our bodies and individual energy fields are being prepared to have the cognition and sense of these Safe Zones and we will be activated to feel the boundaries of these Frequency Field Buffer zones. We will feel naturally moved to be in these zones or hubs. There is no need for worry. This information is to let us know where the possible anxiety and cellular changes we have been feeling internally are actually stemming from. Previously, we have had no words or framework with which to describe what is happening to us.

The Amplification of this polarity drama will be experienced even more dramatically in this upcoming reality from 2006 and onward.

It is extremely important to not become entrenched in that illusion and allow ALL to choose whatever reality, whatever perspectives they desire. Our choices and beliefs will create the experiential reality we will perceive. If we are to acknowledge these challenges, we can be present and informed of what may be up coming. As we hold the belief of loving mutual resolution, we will gain mastery and the highest capacity of our reality experience. It is an amazing opportunity.

The Guardians, our Families of Light, will progressively promote assistance in working with the Law of One teachings, utilizing the 12th Dimensional Divine Blueprints, the 12th Dimensional base Codes and wave spectrum, so that all polarity and separation can be mended and tangibly integrated into the One, the central point of ALL UNION.

Please continue to connect with your Higher Self, the 12th Dimensional Blueprint and its platinum wave spectrum, while cultivating your Higher Sensory Perceptions. Talk and communicate with your Higher Self and Guidance daily.

Know how much we are loved and that we are really embarking into a completely new way of living, a place with unlimited expression and with great joy.

Stay in the luminosity of your heart and soul path, we are here as ONE.


2006 Lisa Renee,


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    Nature Devas

    There are many types of Devas both working at subhuman and superhuman levels.  Each group of Devas has specific work and methods to attain their goals and evolutionary purposes.  The evolution of Devas is speeding up in synchronization with evolution of the human family.  As humans learn to work more closely with the Devic evolution, they will learn how to heal and control their etheric bodies to a greater degree. They hold the patterns that underlie all living and growing things on the planet.  That includes the mineral, plants, and animal kingdom's as well as the elements of fire, air, earth and water.  Human bodies are governed by nature spirits where they are the spiritual equivalent of the cell, organisms and microorganisms that work together to make organs, tissues and glands function properly. Devas and nature spirits must be distinguished from each other.

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  • Breathwork Exercise


    To Re-Educate the Autonomic Nervous System and Balance the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Nervous System, Mental Relaxation Technique

    Daily - Three times a day for 10 minutes or 20 Minutes Once daily

    Lie down or find a comfortable position where you will be undisturbed for the allotted time. Breath naturally and easily, gradually letting your breaths become deeper and increasingly diagphramatic. (Low belly filling up deeply, protruding on inhale and emptying upon exhale)

    The goal is to focus on your breath Inhale and "feel" the in-breath as "cool" air inhaling and follow the stream of breath within your passages and exhale the "warm" air in out-breath through the nasal passages. The session goal is to begin a count of a total of 108 breaths Inhale and Exhale and ultimately maintain your focus on your breath without mental chatter disturbance. With consistent practice, one will begin to establish a " witness" function where you will be able to watch your emotional life, inner thoughts with much more objectivity and detachment.

    Section your 108 Breaths into 4 counts ( quadrants). Focus on your breath, Inhale and then Exhale, count Breath 1 and maintain focus through your count. If you find your mind wander, get distracted or begin inner dialogue, start back to Breath Count One and maintain as far as you may be focused throughout your breathwork session time. The Goal is to ultimately be able to complete the breathwork in one session sequence without needing to recount or restart session.

    Maintain count and focus through each of the 4 quadrant sets without starting over, building your endurance and focus throughout the 4 quadrants to a full 108 breath session without needing to restart count..

    Breath 1-27

    Breath 28-56

    Breath 57-73

    Breath 74-108 

    After mastering this technique, focused or guided meditation and visualization techniques become much more easy to achieve.