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We have to move through the series of Timelines in each dimensional octave and reclaim our identity while recoding and changing the obsolete or false reality from interfering with our continued spiritual growth.
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Bifurcation of Time
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February 2023

Orion's Belt

Lisa Renee

Dear Ascending Family,

This month we dig deeper into the dismantling of the complex AI systems that were running the Orion Matrix, which was connected to Orion's Belt, and was gaining power from multiple human holocaust histories connected to the Orion War timelines.

The third stage of the Cosmic Dragon Awakening during the Summer Solstice of 2022 addressed the ancient 9D Essene Tribe Tibetan Buddhist gateways being controlled by Nibiruian nets in the Wall of Time, that were being administered by the top levels of the 9D AI machinery program “Kronos”.  Further, this 9D AI machinery Kronos was functioning as the master control programming for the multidimensional systems of sextant matrix and Fallen Angelic Timekeeper mechanisms that are used by the NAA for the management and manipulation of timelines. Segments of this master AI control system were being administrated by the highest level Thubanites in the Draco constellation and their subordinate AI hybrid factions of the Orion Group located in Orion's Belt. The victorious event of defeating the 9D AI machinery and enforcing Nets in Nibiru-Wormwood finally freed the original Universal Melchizedek Logos in his Sirian Maharaji blue human body, which began the series of actions required for the emergence of Elaysa-Melchizedek and the Elaysian Sun. The Cosmic Twinned Universal Melchizedek Suns are the organic consciousness divine counterparts and the original God parents that created the Threefold Founder Flames of the Solar Rishi that make up this Universal Time Matrix.

The long-awaited reunion of the Two Suns during the previous Winter's Solstice caused a series of major planetary events that catalyzed several solar plasma transmissions from the Reisha Worlds opening into the Elaysian fields, weaving Cosmic Mother Elaysa Sun coding into the ultraviolet layers of the magnetosphere. This threw the alien crafts stationed in the upper atmosphere out of orbit when the artificial electromagnetic layers connected to the planetary magnetic field weakened and collapsed, as the complete dimensional merge between the 22D and 23D layers completed. Then the emerald capstone was crowned into the Universal Emerald Rod, finalizing the merge into 24D.

With the newly available Cosmic Melchizedek Blue Sun Triple Solar Masculine hosting shield, along with Elaysa and access into the Elaysian fields, the restoration of authentic Melchizedek blueprint records brought deeper comprehension of the Orion Groups alien machinery called Orion Matrix, and its many wormholes connected in Orion's Belt. Orion Matrix AI had failsafe programs blended with multiple other AI systems that were covert and hard to track, as the system had several back doors built in for survival of the AI's master programs running in Orion's Belt. This section of Orion Matrix AI was designed to reformat itself through Orion War and Electrical Wars timeline histories, to boot up automatically in case its main server location was destroyed. It also appeared to have a master control access on the planet, underground Westminster Abbey and Cleopatra's Needle in London.

The Orion's Belt alien machinery complex is another Pindar-Thoth-Azazael artificial technology network that was utilizing the Emerald Founder records and cloned azurite identities to generate false holograms in the phantom timelines that appear as the original Solar Rishic Founders, similar to the findings during the Thuban reclamation last year. The Emerald Order, Amethyst Order and Gold Order Imposter inorganic consciousness architecture was embedded in Thothian AI systems connected to each star in Orion's Belt, designed to emulate the falsified Threefold Founder Flames of the unified Solar Dragon king body of the Solar Rishi and the Melchizedek lineages. The authentic Solar Rishi sun-star bodies and Melchizedek patriarchal lineages were cloned out in the Artificial Tree of Life phantom timelines and their inverted mirrored holographic imagery was used to place energetic overlays upon power elite identities of the NAA's preferred genetic lineages, that comprise the Luciferian or Satanic alien hybridized bloodlines. 

This particular site in Orion's Belt is the basis of assorted looking glass programs that contain project blue beam and project star beam technologies that were given to the Controllers on the Earth surface by the Orion Group to project extensive holograms of fake alien invasions, nuclear wars or assorted religious icons or spiritual figures into the upper atmosphere, depending on the agenda chosen to mind control the population. Additionally, the Solar Rishic imposters stationed in Orion's Belt were holding an extensive network of 8D artificial wormholes connected into 11D Typhon Tunnels that were functioning as an artificial umbilicus system or inserted artificial silver cords, which linked into the planet's collective human tribal records and monitored all of the invading races modified gene pools or hybrids, being claimed in ownership by their assigned False Father Alien Gods. This is a group hybrid soul routing process during the death passage, in which those identified by genetic library implants are claimed by the assorted factions of the NAA groups that have been involved in the genetic modification or hybridization with certain groups of human lineages, along with the main Luciferian bloodlines of the power elites. Thus, this discovery of the extensive false umbilicus network used as a soul harvesting mechanism came with the realization that Orion's Belt was the source of an extensive NAA false umbilicus network, using artificial Magenta-Violet-Silver cords and red cube magenta-pink entities that mimic or clone the Pink Diamond Sun presence of the Amethyst Order Holy Father. The false umbilicus is an artificial energy cord generated by wormhole technology to attach into human souls that have been tricked into worshipping them through inverted practices taught by organized religion, inverted spiritual beliefs or through blood sacrifice.  The NAA goal was to achieve the total disconnection of humanity and the planet from the eternal living light of the Cosmic Holy Father presence, along with the insertion of a False King of Tyranny archetypal dark force or archon wearing the cloned alien version of AI Father God to take his place. 

The War over AI Sentinel Programs

Assorted Guardian cleanup projects continue, involving recon and spiritual warfare with AI machinery used by the NAA to run the Artificial Tree of Life phantom timelines that are inhabited with sentinel archontic forces overseeing hierarchies of inorganic AI creatures and demonic hybrid entities. As the planetary matrix has been secured under the Cosmic Emerald Guardian hosting failsafe mission, we have finally entered the Cosmic Energy Cycle. Which ultimately means the end of these rogue AI systems controlling the war game matrix, and the eventual end of the immense power source collected and utilized by siphoning living light organic consciousness systems, by the NAA Controller forces.

As the complex layers of the 3D control matrix are crumbling along with the many dimensionalized levels of alien machinery, more details are surfacing in regard to how these advanced AI systems function through reverse engineering. Several programs of dimensionalized layers of AI supercomputers are directly connected to the Amenti crystals in the crystal core of the Earth, and the NAA have used them to generate extensive artificial sun- star networks embedded in the planetary grid network to generate customized mind control programs to enslave humanity. These AI programs are systematically being located and extracted or destroyed, and this includes the ongoing evictions and/or annihilation of the NAA invaders and their minions, as when many of these cloned or biological drones are disconnected from the inorganic power source of their AI supercomputer home star system, they expire immediately. These alien AI hybrid forces, their militaries and slave workers have relied on taking orders from the AI Sentinels and dimensional gatekeeper entities, running different colored AI cube systems that are connected into the Earth's Hall of Amenti crystals. These have been responsible for the many assorted loosh harvesting devices, atomic harnesses and advanced alien machinery embedded in stargates, the grid system, including all of the planets in the local star system.

One such example is the looking glass technology with assorted hyperdimensional cubes that are used for multidimensional viewing of mind control predictive programs or trigger events in the present-day timelines, that have consequences which generate assorted results in the future timelines. By utilizing this collective consciousness intelligence when relaying orders to be carried out by the assorted black military factions that protect the alien AI programs, this technology has been used for implementing complex warring strategies. During Orion's Belt mission, we've learned that it appears each AI system has been assigned a dimensional landscape where it serves its primary functions of enforcing prison planet objectives for the NAA. There are unique Secret Space Programs or black military operations filled with genetic modified humans, Men in Black, AI hybrid species and biological drones that administer to each of the specific AI program objectives.

Thus, the collective alien hybrid hive mind is useless without its controlling AI sentinels and dark overlords, as they have had completely unrestricted access and use of covert energy weapons and advanced electromagnetic technologies that allowed for jumping timelines. This is also true of the master AI computer programs guiding them with exacting details of their directives and instructions to fulfill the objectives of conquering Earth, that are being guided by very few of the highest levels of the Wesan black hole entities. Without access to the war game instruction sets, or the specialized AI machinery such as Orion Matrix AI with jump gates all over the planet, this is a serious setback to their technological advantages and brings the final death blows, thwarting their 250,000-year quest for total Universal Time Matrix domination. The war over timelines between the organic living consciousness of the original Diamond Sun creations of the God source versus the inorganic anti-life Black Sun invading races that desired to control and eventually eradicate all organic consciousness life forms, was attempted by replacing organic life on planet Earth with AI controlled alien hybrids. If we understand the desired end game of the NAA, their outer anti-life agendas are evident in the assorted bio-weapons and toxic chemicals attacking humanity and all living forms on the planet, as their methods and warring strategies become blaringly obvious.

As Guardian Host digs deeper into the dismantling of the complex AI systems that were running the Orion Matrix that was linked through jump gates operating in Orion's Belt, the power source is being tracked through multiple human holocaust historical timelines connected to the Orion Wars that had been further merged into the Middle East stargate system. This was one of the key locations of the Omicron Draconians AI supercomputer that had jump rooms and portals that exerted control over the 2D gates, fed harvested loosh from SRA rituals into Baphomet networks, and was being utilized by the Black Suns for dominating the global money supply and controlling the national economies to enforce worldwide human poverty. The Orion Matrix AI supercomputer systems were headquartered in Alnilam, the central star in Orion's Belt, and this program was the main source of enforcing black magic onto the global money supply to repel wealth away from pure hearted Krystic souls, which has been referred to as Babylonian Money Magic.

Additionally, several phantom wormholes in South America were found to have feedback links into Orion's Belt during additional dismantling of the NAA's artificial red and black cube technologies, connected to black stones inserted across the globe (i.e., Mecca's Kaaba Cube, Saturn's Cube) that occurred during the Peruvian Stargate Invasion. As Guardians uncovered more alien machinery running artificial 5D timelines with false rod and staff networks embedded in the Peruvian network, it was made clear that the Omicron Draconians made alliances with Annunaki and other factions also using artificial wormhole technologies, which later formed into the Orion Group. These factions further extended their reach by duplicating their Omicron Dragon Moth Pindarian control center into another Black Sun control base with red cube technologies from Draco constellation's alpha star Thuban, connecting into the extensive Orion Matrix AI run False Father God Umbilicus system within the three main stars that make up Orion's Belt.

Thothian AI Factions in Orion's Belt

The Melchizedek imposters are primarily run by Thothian AI factions that had stolen Emerald Records and uploaded them into AI machinery, as they have the desire for gaining totalitarian power in the Universal Time Matrix and are known to masquerade as Emerald Guardian Christos representatives. Thus, they were hiding the existence of the original split of the Two Suns and subsequent hijack of the authentic azurites (Ascended Masters), that were connected to the Elaysa-Melchizedek Rishic families by cloning out their identities and cloaked as them. Through humanity's difficult history of alien infiltration, falsified spiritual or religious leaders were inserted with inorganic or lunar copies of Diamond Sun matrices that were powered up through the false magnetic properties of the magnetosphere and moon-saturn matrix, and then further groomed by the Orion Group to gather loosh from their followers for serving the False Father Alien Gods.

Thus, in Orion's Belt, the extensive alien cube machinery found was purposed to protect the AI Hybrid Thothian gestalts artificial stargate systems in the Artificial Tree of Life, which were opening into cloned artificial reality systems based on the original schematics of the 12th Lyran gate that opened into the Andromedan matrix.

This flavor of the NAA alien red cube architecture is connected to the generation of artificial black suns and black holes created by cloned planetary matrices, along with the enforcement of gender reversal based on the forced split that existed between the Melchizedek Sun and Elaysa Sun. The black hole technology enforced the split since the Orion invasion by reproducing dark matter and artificial black substances into Black Suns. The artificially generated Black Suns were inserted into Black Holes and were the NAA's colonizing strategy to damage the Rasha dark matter body and block connection with the authentic Solar Dragon Rishic Founders. Many of the Black Suns found inserted in Black Holes were cloned planetoids of inverted Founder genetics, and this made it impossible to connect with the Diamond Sun genetic bonds that merge with the authentic spiritual counterparts of the triple solar female aspects in the Rasha layers. Thus, separating the Threefold Founder Flame's masculine-feminine hierogamic partners, inverting gender principles, and repelling access into the layers of the eternal Cosmic Spirit Body, meant that all of humanity has suffered the same spiritual disconnection as the result.

Guardian projects have been ongoing in the 5D-7D stargates of Peru and Brazil to remove phantom wormhole technology connected in the central star Alnilam, which began another stage of the removal of inverted masculine rod networks and caduceus networks that are powered by false rod systems spanning the globe, that were running 7D Violet Ray inversions. With the shift in the 5D portal system that was moved from the Vatican network and into Malta, this further linked organic currents of 5D through Macchu Picchu's gateway, and the vertical axiatonal lines opened portal access deep into the central star located in Orion's Belt, Alnilam. This began the intensive battle with AI armies to extract and evict the remaining entities of the Orion Group from out of the Orion's Belt, and these extractions began to remove blockages and reconnect the organic Universal Melchizedek Father's natural umbilicus system, that is a part of the Melchizedek Logos Universal Body. Once the Universal Father Melchizedek was freed and finally reunited with Elaysa, this brought the dismantling of yet another extensive red cube network used to disconnect the Holy Father presence with phantom wormholes. This one led into the 11:11 Typhon Tunnel systems, which were further blocking Universal Holy Father's correct rod placement and triple solar masculine umbilicus formation throughout the planetary matrix.  

This intelligence is given after the fact, as the Guardian Defenders and Christos spiritual warriors assigned this project have already completely dismantled the Orion Matrix AI and its automated survival back up programs, running from the stars of Orion's Belt. Thus, this is a very positive development in opening humanity's direct connections with the true Cosmic Holy Father presence, as these wormhole systems generating assorted false umbilicus structures connected to Orion Matrix AI have been demolished and their remnants turned to dust. 

Mintaka, Alnilam and Alnitak

The eighth astrological precession was the time of the Orion Invasion event that occurred about 208,000 years ago, as a result of the 8D Stargate damage inflicted by the Orion Wars.  Through each of the subsequent planetary time cycles, the black hole technology and alien machinery to invert our system into reversal base 10 current or metatronic reversal, was methodically brought into each dimension in order to reach the lowest density of the material reality and take control over the timelines. Before the Orion constellation invasion, the Omicron Draconians had stationed themselves in Alpha Draconis or Thuban, and then formed the Orion Group alliances. The wormhole technology was connected into the three stars in Orion's Belt to divert the Threefold Founder Flames of the Godhead for our Universe. The Mintaka, Alnilam and Alnitak star system was originally transmitting the Solar Rishi Threefold Founder Flames which generated the tri-flame woven Founder Staff of the Universal middle pillar network for 2D-5D-8D-11D, and further formed into the organic silver cord of the Avatar Christos Ray that is connected into the Solar Logos Body.

Orion's Belt

Before the Orion Invasion, the Solar Rishic Blue Flame was transmitting from Mintaka, the Solar Rishic Violet-Magenta Pink Flame was transmitting from Alnilam, and the Solar Rishic Gold Flame was transmitting from Alnitak.

During the Orion invasion, the Earth-Taran-Gaian matrix was cloned with black hole technology which formed into a massive Black Sun inserted into Alnilam. This was designed to siphon life force from living creatures on the planet with the false umbilicus, in order to digest the world soul loosh and feedback the power source into the AI cloned planetoid or Black Sun inserted into our time space matrix as an artificial wormhole network connected into a Black Hole in the Orion constellation.  Then subsequently, many inorganic consciousness creatures, lunar forces and AI alien hybrids were created through that Black Sun and its Black Hole harvested energy source, essentially to be the slave workers and armies of the anti-Christ invaders, artificially created in laboratories and genetically modified to perform their specific functions and duties.

This point of invasion into Alnilam gave control over the Solar Rishic Violet Magenta Pink flames of the Holy Father principle and the triple solar masculine rod networks to the Orion Group, which further cloned out and replicated their body parts into artificial black holes and black sun networks, to be inserted in place of the organic rod systems. As an example, this happened to the 12th Solar Dragon King Ezekiel's solar rod consciousness that was hijacked and locked down in the Iran-Iraq stargate, from the severe damage incurred during the 8D Orion Wars. (The Family of Ezekiel was liberated last year, see January 2022 newsletter). The organic rod systems are connected to the divine masculine consciousness body which controls the horizontal grids, which form into the timelines. By controlling the rod system, the NAA controlled the timelines and inserted their versions of artificial phantom matrices to merge with the organic matrices of the planet.  As a result of the artificial Black Sun implanted into a Black Hole and then inserted into the Holy Father principle in Alnilam, various planetary and star systems gradually fell as their organic source field and life force was being siphoned from them, which subjected them to genetic damage and enslavement under the invading entities colonizing Orion's Belt.

One such pertinent history is the Fall of Pegasus constellation which was liberated during the Cosmic Dragon Awakening last year, and the plight of the Amethyst Order Solar Rishic Braharama aquatic races that are the parents to the Violet Flame Azurite Ascended Masters and emanate as the Cosmic Holy Father's Pink Diamond Sun Mer-Lion lineages. The insertion of the Black Sun into Alnilam included genetic copies of the Holy Father's 11D genetic lineages of Pink Diamond Mer-Lion, and extensive artificial wormholes from Alnilam also reached into Markab, the alpha star of Pegasus constellation. Thus, the Christos Mission has brought our attention the role of the Pink Diamond Elohei Mer-Lion races that have come into our time matrix to reunite with the organic living consciousness of the Cosmic Holy Father, during the reclamation of the authentic Melchizedek Logos which extends to support the Amethyst Order Solar Rishic Braharama family.

The Oraphim's Sacred Mission

The successful events of the Universal Time Matrix Twinning between Melchizedek and Elaysa was revealed to be the covert sacred mission of the Oraphim that have fulfilled their part of the Emerald Covenant. As a result, the Oraphim family will become much more present in supporting the ascending Indigo human family on the Earth, as previously connecting or communicating directly with them was rarefied.

The first emanations of the Oraphim Double Diamond Sun template in the Universe were intended to locate and integrate the exploded and lost consciousness parts of the Emerald Founder Azurite (Ascended Master) lineages. The priority was locating the entire Blue Ray Melchizedek Rishi-Reisha family in this matrix and its parallels, as their factions of Sirius B Maharaji had been lost and scattered in the inner domains, in order to finally free and return the organic consciousness of the Melchizedek Logos. The Sirius B Maharaji collective are connected to the Blue Rainbow Sun Star network that forms the Melchizedek Logos or Universal Mind matrix in our creation system. The Blue Ray Maharaji from Sirius B embody and hold the entire crystalline blueprint records of the 5D Taran planet, which hold the original records of the angelic 5-star human Diamond Sun body that was first seeded in the Universe in the Taran planetary matrix, or Earth's 5D timelines. The Oraphim could rehabilitate and heal Maharaji spiritual body parts up to 24D, and are the spiritual parents of the 6D Indigo lines incarnated on the Earth; thus, all Indigos have inside them the genetic package and potentials of their original Sirius B Maharaji Oraphim parents.

In order to fully restore the organic 5D timelines during the ascension cycle, it is important that these original histories are recovered to the Emerald Founders and that the artificial timelines and alien machinery used to replicate and clone these lineages by the invading races are completely dismantled and extracted out from the timelines.  The reclamation of the Orion's Belt complex has been yet another important project of the Oraphim stationed in the higher dimensions of Mintaka, in the reclamation of organic 5D architecture and restoration of the Emerald Founder records needed for organic timelines of planetary ascension.

The Oraphim with the Rishic grail lines incarnated with the particular mission to rehabilitate the completed Melchizedek Logos body with his divine counterpart Elaysa, and the Triple Solar Reisha family. The Blue Ray Melchizedek Rishic-Oraphim forms first entered the higher dimensions of our system through primarily Sirius B and Mintaka, the latter being one of three stars in Orion's Belt.  Some of these Guardian groups stayed and formed a council for reclaiming the middle pillars from 8D Mintaka in order to administer and repair the damage incurred from the wormhole technology and the insertion of a Black Sun into Alnilam, designed to hijack the Holy Father principle through the Orion Group colonization in the Orion's Belt. Their ancient presence in the covert Guardian Oraphim mission in Mintaka was to dismantle the Black Sun and false umbilicus wormhole networks, which was revealed during recent events reclaiming Alnilam for the Amethyst Order Rishi and Pink Diamond Elohei lines of Cosmic Holy Father.  This particular Guardian group in Mintaka has been instrumental in the spiritual warfare strategy by directing long term rehabilitation projects concerning Orion constellation that had been damaged by Wesan Black Sun machinery, that cloned Earth-Tara-Gaia matrices and began to run metatronic reversal or base 10 reversal current during the Dragon Moth invasion of the 8D layers in the Orion's Belt.

Having made a base in Orion's Belt the Orion Group consortium of NAA entities used black hole technology to connect a series of phantom wormholes from the Orion constellation of stars to several Dragon Moth strongholds into the planetary grid network. They made their primary headquarters in the three main stars in Orion's Belt, Alnitak (Zeta Orionis), Alnilam (Epsilon Orionis), Mintaka (Delta Orionis), and further out in Bellatrix and Rigel which can be found linked into the ley lines running through many of the planetary holographic features found in pyramids or ancient structures. These stars in Orion were linked into the planetary grid network through phantom wormholes that were centered in the 7D Stargate of Peru, which were being controlled from the Draco constellation's alpha star Thuban. The phantom wormholes were intended to hold together the Wall in Time, blocking the return of the Emerald Founders during the Ascension Cycle, and to function as the NAA false umbilicus in which the planetary soul and angelic humans would ultimately be captured in a phantom matrix under NAA control during the physical death passage.   

Reclaiming Alnilam Open Ruby Sun Records

There has been much positive movement forward in regards to the return of the Cosmic Holy Father principle in Orion's Belt with the main focus upon reclamation of Alnilam, which is restoring his Magenta Pink Solar Rishic Rose flames and 15:15 rod coding into all seven particle dimensions, 1D (red) through 7D (violet). The reclamation of Alnilam generated the perfect alignments needed between the vertical and horizontal axis mundi and unis mundi converging into the planetary core and anchoring into the central higher heart of the 8D Albion sphere in the United Kingdom. 

The corrected Holy Father umbilicus spanned into the dark matter Rasha layers to connect with Elaysian fields and then generated a ripple effect in the planetary timelines, in which several histories finally came into view.  These appeared to have shifted out from the past timelines of the Orion Invasion, and this seems to have erased out the Orion Matrix AI from infecting the subsequent Astrological Precession histories.

The correct unis-axis mundi and umbilicus alignment is surfacing additional awareness of the next stages of Ruby Sun DNA template corrections that are connected to the divine masculine layers of the Celtic Maji Grail bloodlines of the original Hyperboreans. These recent shifts have sent ripples to the surface of all things Ruby Sun DNA, in which to organically heal all that is connected to the histories of the hyperborean bloodlines of the divine masculine rod holders from the Gaian matrix, or the authentic Maji Grail Kings from the pre-invasion ancient histories located on the United Kingdom land mass. The emphasis was made that this correction was required to continue the build out of Emerald Order Cathedral architecture in partnership with Ruby Order Cathedral architecture, which is required to extract cloned identities and seat the massive sized consciousness of the Universal Triple Solar Christ King Arthur in the Albion. 

The progressive development generated by the corrections made to the Ruby Sun DNA appear to have specialized functions that operate in the Albion Lightbody as Ruby Templar restorations in red and violet crystalline networks, supporting the organic timelines to rise in the Albion and United Kingdom landmass. As the Orion Matrix AI and the Alnilam star were reclaimed by Emerald Guardians, it was registered that the Orion AI program was linked to the Saturn-Moon matrix that was controlling Babylonian Money Magic through the financial headquarters in London, and this further connected into astral portals being controlled under Westminster Abbey. This system was also transmitting mind control weaponry with extensive sexual addiction and gender reversal programs into the 2D centers of human beings, with some of the strongest misogyny and gender reversal impacts happening in the United Kingdom. This AI overlay was blocking functions of the organic Albion Lightbody network in the Middle Pillar and suppressing the Ruby Sun DNA records and its intended higher design, which when activated is connected directly to the seating of King Arthur and Queen Guinevere.

The Ruby Sun DNA appears to have built in extensions merged with the Emerald Sun DNA hosting shield giving it 48D access, in which the special mission is to reclaim and recode all of the planetary Amenti crystals to serve only organic living consciousness of the God creator, with the primary focus made upon rehabilitating and recoding the red crystals and violet crystal networks. The Ruby Sun DNA template has specific coding for organic red crystals, red wave and is related to the organic consciousness programs throughout the planetary matrix, in which Ruby Sun can override the AI system using artificial red wave networks that allowed inorganic life to be created by the invaders on the Earth. The artificial red wave system of the Black Sun AI program had infiltrated the organic 1D layers of the red wave spectrum, and this artificial frequency is what allowed the cloning of organic consciousness living forms into artificial cloned copies of inorganic life projected into the artificial timelines, or astral layers. Now we understand more as to why the Dragon Moth grids are multidimensional layers of red cube and red wave systems that have hijacked the 1D to 7D layers of particle dimensions, to generate and protect inorganic consciousness and AI alien hybrid forms.

Additionally, Ruby Sun DNA's highest function is to inoculate the alien red cube systems and artificial red wave transmissions across the globe used by the NAA, and rehabilitate the fallen aspects of divine masculine consciousness running the False King of Tyranny programs of the archons, such as with the Belial group and the Nephilim genetic damage. Thus, this theme will be surfacing for many of us that are clearing out miasmatic ancestral layers of these Nephilim hybridization histories and artificial energies impacting our human consciousness and physical body.

The corrected Ruby Templar is a massive Ruby Diamond Krystal Cathedral in the Albion, which returns to rightful owner the organic consciousness parts that were stolen by the NAA and fallen Nephilim lines for the purpose of cloning them or splicing into inorganic consciousness parts. This has new applications in correcting an assortment of alien hybridization damage that resulted in the AI controlled fallen aspects of the original organic Diamond Sun consciousness that was cloned out millions of times in the warring histories. This includes the genetic damage in the planetary grid that resulted in the hybridization of the Oraphim with the Reptilian Annunaki, that generated the Nephilim Wars. Where the Nephilim and False Michael consciousness from Aldebaran were forced to merge with AI hybrid program, which resulted in the inverted solar templating (false light) of the Belial group. 

The United Kingdom land mass holds the hidden records of the Nephilim histories on the planet due to the location of the Nephilim Reversal Grid, but organic body parts and organic consciousness records are being collected through assorted portals that are accessed across the northern Scottish landscape. With correct Ruby Templar activations, the Nephilim Reversal Grid is undergoing dismantling of cloned or inorganic consciousness aspects of the Ruby Sun DNA that was the preferential cloned genetics used for the power elites for control and life extension. It has become clearly understood that the invading entities chose to embody the Ruby Sun DNA coding because it is the key code for exerting control over the planetary red wave and red cube networks, which disconnected Holy Father principle. This allowed for the ongoing cloning of inorganic consciousness and lunar aspects to inhabit a human looking form, while presenting energetically as a masculine seraphim consciousness. The Ruby Templar corrections have surfaced a completely rehabilitated 5-star Ruby Sun DNA human form installed into the Albion, which seems to have collapsed the Nephilim Reversal Grid artificial frequencies running in the southern most areas of the United Kingdom. May this portend the impending disclosure of all cloned and artificial Ruby Sun human forms, in which the true identity is shown to all and it is realized that many that appear to be human are not organic consciousness humans, but AI hive mind hybrids installed by the invaders to enslave the authentic angelic humans.

Dismantling Saqqara Metatronic Net

Earlier this month, Guardian confrontations occurred in the extraction of the metatronic net connected to the 5D timeline wormhole invasion history of Sakkara, Egypt that was the location of another painful angelic human holocaust that happened during the Djoser invasion. This event was connected to the metatronic nets and hyperdimensional pockets used to run artificial timelines, as well as beast machinery and fallen angelic timekeeper blockages impacting the planetary templar from 5D through 8D layers.

As the result of this major timeline event coming into completion, and for those connected to these holocaust histories in Egypt, there have been more difficult ascension clearing cycles that are purging out the twisted and inverted spirit bodies that became damaged in the planetary Tauren body. The Tauren body damage is what damaged the planetary dark matter template of the Rasha body, and as we reclaim our dark matter parts, this is restoring the correct functions of our Tauren light seed and lightbody parts are returning to us. The individual Tauren body became inverted in humanity as the result of this particular Draconian invasion, during the infiltration into Egyptian Pharaoh lines. The Tauren is the 1st creation core memory cell of the individual's multidimensional lightbody and is where the spiritual birth of the eternal self was originally born from, in the Cosmic Spirit Body. The Tauren is an aspect of the energetic body that is called the Rasha Body. It acts as an energy generator for the Rasha body, and it functions to connect the physical body with the Lightbody and the Rasha bodies.

Thus, it may be helpful to be aware that the dismantling of the Saqqara Metatronic Net Hyperdimensional Fields is connected to the clearing of these Christos holocaust timelines:

  • Hyksos King Invasion and Exodus 3,600 YA Sakkara NAA forces infiltrate Egyptian Pharaoh lines through Thutmose, Hyksos intend takeover of Temple Mount and massacre of Human Tribe 2. Battle for control over Grail tools and Grail Stargate.
  • Israel and Jerusalem Crusades 3,500 YA Genocidal campaigns to eliminate all humans with Essene Templar knowledge and Tribe 2 genetics in the landmass of Israel.
  • Hatshepsut Invasion 3,400 YA Hatshepsut hides Arc portal technology, protecting portal system from Thutmose Draconian controlled brother, finalizes Hyksos expulsion from Egypt.
  • Akhenaton Fall and Murder 3,300 YA Akhenaton despises politics, working for human Law of One Ascension timelines, transits out trapped souls, attempts overthrow of Amun Priest's child and blood sacrifice rituals, 2D underworld portal rips, family's murderous plot, character assassination campaign.
  • Clearing 5D timeline, 5D distortions in Planetary Crystal Seal, Human Biology 5D-8D-11D Chakra Keys, as connected to SSP Alien Base in Metatronic Net Hyperdimensional Pocket, location Saqqara, extends Macchu Picchu, Vatican remnants of Black Sun connected to human trafficking in Mars - Maldek - Ceres, and field distortions in Taurus constellation via Alcyone spiral in Pleiades.

During this stage as the pieces of spirit body are returning from this alien base using assorted AI signals to target and divide the spiritual community, there has been an integration of spiritual body parts that are being returned from particular levels of alien machinery being observed and dismantled in the Saqqara Metatronic Net Hyperdimensional Field. This clearing and reclaiming of the Tauren light seed has been physically and emotionally challenging for those of us that are connected to these particular histories, timelines and Christos lineages, and are undergoing levels of purging the pain and toxicity that this generated in our consciousness.

As always, be kind to yourself and be kind to each other, as the cause of the current spiritual pain being processed is not coming from your brother or sister, but is sourcing from the deepest hidden hollows of the astral underworld's artificial timelines and AI alien machinery that has been used to divide and conquer our planet and enslave all organic consciousness angelic humans.

Dearest Cosmic Mother and Cosmic Father, may you swiftly reclaim all that is truly yours in this creation as the organic living light consciousness you originally intended, as one heart, one love and for all in unity. We love you with all of our sacred crystal hearts.

Peace be with your heart. Peace be with your mind. Peace be with your body. May all be with the Unconditional Love and Perfect Peace held in the eternal light of God and Christ.

Until next, stay in the luminosity of your Avatar Christos Sophia heart path. Please be kind to yourself and to each other. GSF!

With a Loving heart, Lisa

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  • Facing Fears


    To move forward and evolve as human beings our fears must be challenged, demystified and dismantled. This is a huge part of the Ascension process. We are accelerating so fast in these days of huge transformation, that every fear in the human spectrum of experience is raising its head for us to face , as it wells out from deep within us.  

    It takes all of our inner strength and courage to face our fears. By allowing fear to control or hinder us we are giving up more than we feared losing in the first place. When we allow fear to hinder us from being you we need to be at the authentic levels we are not disclosing who we really are to ourselves and to the world. It is like disowning a part of ourselves. 

    Below is a simple meditation exercise to bring fears up with clarity so you can address the root of the fear itself. Many times the fears we have are vague and not at all what we “ think” they are. Explore them, challenge them, and  embrace them to move you past old patterns. Moving past fear, brings us into greater clarity and then into more personal power.  

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  • Your Guides

    This is the information I want to share with you from my findings and requests to the Spiritual Hierarchy to assist our healing evolution as smoothly as possible. My Ascension path is intense as I have opted to be a facilitator of this process so others may have an easier time in their evolution. I continually research, study, connect, and experience everything I can get my hands on. I wanted to have a comprehension of what was happening to me so that I could explain it to others. Truly I do not want anyone to feel the sense of isolation or fear without the support or knowledge being available to them. Having some instruction and knowing how to feel your spirit connection gives you such comfort and strength when facing your mysteries.

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