Shifting Timelines
There are many subtle force reconfigurations occurring at the quantum level of the planetary mainframe that are changing the way the external and collective energy fields organize and manifest into the world.
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We have to move through the series of Timelines in each dimensional octave and reclaim our identity while recoding and changing the obsolete or false reality from interfering with our continued spiritual growth.
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Bifurcation of Time
Bifurcation means the splitting of a main body into two parts.Thus, the planetary fields and humanity are coming to experience the next phase of the planetary Ascension Cycle, which is the nature of Bifurcation of Time.
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Lifting Your Veil: Surviving the Ascension Process

May 2009

Lisa Renee

Dear Family,

These have been strange days. Where we seem to experience our day-to-day life as existing within abrupt and erratic pockets of time and space. This is an experience of interval-time as these new frequencies are pulling us beyond the duality matrix, beyond the duality perception. We are experiencing the pushing and pulling between the old energetic structure and the platform of our new energetic reality. We are being asked to hold the core of our essence and truth vibration in the midst of some challenging external events. Ever developing the continuing strength of our core and sublimation of our ego’s need to impose its will on the situation. Not my will but God’s will! Divine surrender has taken on another level of meaning for us at this time. There is nothing else to do but surrender to the moment that’s in front of you.

It makes for interesting moments of spontaneous synchronicity and 'out of the blue' movements, in between long runways of quiet or stillness. It gives us a sensation of magnetic choppiness in how we actually feel the external energies moving around us. That choppiness can make us feel disoriented, like what day is this, to feeling slightly dizzy, like what’s going on in my brain? We have needed a lot of time to sleep, to meditate or lay down in order to integrate our new selves. Others are still in the phase of completions and have been coming full circle with the many people, places or things from the past identity. Some examples have been reconciling or ending family of origin or ancestral issues.

We are in the beginning stages of another profound phase of Rebirthing of our consciousness, rebirthing of ourselves. Many of us are in the first phases of the second coming. This means we are emerging into the authentic wholeness of our core truth and embodying that more fully as a physical reality. Many of the Indigos and Lightworkers are being asked to step up into new levels of participation with the Galactic based frequencies, which requires we discard all the past information and learn completely new ways of relating to spirit. We are being asked to comprehend that what we referred to as Spirit actually has many different levels of intelligence, and that we may need to quantify that intelligence to increase our discernment. We are all the many facets of the One, yet we each have a unique note to play in the prism of God consciousness. Additionally, many of us after June 7th and the Festival of Humanity, will be set onto completely new life patterns and spiritual purposes.

As mentioned last month, 2009 is the year of the planetary 5th dimensional lightbody upgrade with many shifts adjusting our mental body, throat chakra and the energetic umbilicus connections. This new umbilicus will be adjusted to the still point area under the breast bone, in between our ribcage and we will feel a lot of energies swirling about in there. (see last month’s newsletter.) This has the capacity to open a direct channel in our lightbody to experience God consciousness, expanding us even further beyond our soul matrix connections. This represents the first level of our 3D human mental body expanding into the higher archetype of the 5D human group mind, and therefore divine will becomes an experience of the self. More of us will leave the concept of Me, Myself and I, and move into comprehending the experiential reality of We or Us. These are the first evolutionary phases of humanity experiencing Unity as a consciousness rather than a concept.

Some of us will be travelling to the 5th dimensional Stargate in Machu Picchu, Peru, if it is needed for us to pick up 5D coding in order to fully integrate these changes. Many have already been there to pick up the 5D coding. This lightbody upgrade will accelerate in more of the Indigo and Starseed population during the ascension wave scheduled to kick off approximately May 8th, and reaching crescendo on May 11, 2009. Then these ascension waves will move out in larger concentric circles impacting more of the general human population. The Guardians tell us this is one of the most profound times that we as a race are beginning. That we have waited eons for what is going to happen energetically in the next two months.

Physically Flattened Out

This is a crucial time to feel your inner discernment with your physical body and decide what is best for you from a place of empowerment and not fear. We want to help you find that discernment within to understand that sometimes your God self is utilizing a disease state to shift your body beyond old energetic patterns. Your God self will also choose to isolate you from others if you need to be alone to undergo this deep level of transmutation work.

The 5D symptoms have been intense and more so for those of you that have required an extremely fast shift in the cellular molecular structure, in order to handle the new energetic platform your God self has chosen for you. It can actually feel like you have been mowed down or flattened out. This is an extremely important time when you realize that your spirit has actually taken over many of the bodily functions. What you think is disease or trauma is not actually what is going on for you in your spiritual body development.

For some of us, depending how quickly we had to get up to speed this looked really severe and extreme at the physical 3D level. This extreme physical shift looked like a severe dysfunction and many of us may have appeared to be a complete mystery to the medical system. Those of us that are choosing or have chosen that fast transmutation path, appear to be anomalies and medical miracles all at the same time. Our current 3D medical system is not equipped to comprehend or handle many of these strange symptom patterns. The medical system in these ascension cases is unable to answer the question, what is going on with the body? These abrupt physical symptoms are appearing now and will continue to accelerate in the human population as the ascension energies continue. Be absolutely clear, do not panic, do not go into fear. Communicate with your guidance and your bodies and use this time allotted to rest and recover. Know that this is a time of rebirth and sometimes in order for us to rebirth ourselves it may feel like a death process.

Common Symptom Patterns

Since the bloodline is clearing and the umbilicus is moving upwards, the symptoms prevalent are: intestinal and stomach distresses, gallbladder issues, herniated tissues in and around the stomach and lower abdomen, sometimes bloodletting or bleeding tissues. Common symptoms are nausea, digestive upsets and intestinal complaints. The spleen is also coming online and being activated, so spleen flutters or energies on the left ribcage area may also be experienced. The Throat area as well as the back of the neck have been active, swollen or a bit painful. Kundalini flu and viral symptoms are also a way that our physical body transmutes and burns out old DNA patterns. Microorganisms such as virus and bacteria also play their role with shifting the cellular consciousness and at times honoring this as a process within our body is extremely helpful.

Note: This is not referring to the latest fear propaganda around the swine flu. See Dr. Leonard Horowitz’s brilliant research on this subject. Stay connected to your spirit, take care of yourself and stay out of fear programs.

We have been reminded several times that the physical body is an alchemical container of polarity synthesis. As we transmute lower density patterns, as we transmute carbon based biology into higher silica states, we sometimes undergo huge purges or events that are purposed to shift the cellular consciousness. This is required in order for the physical body to actually embody more of its soul intelligence, more of its divinity. Literally we are carving a space inside our bodies to carry more and more of the descending consciousness of our God Self, which is the literal process of Ascension.

This requires lower density patterns, including emotional conflicts or old traumas to be moved out, and sometimes in order to accomplish that quickly the spirit decides to physically flatten out the body. Even though it is not pleasant, try to trust that your higher intelligence knows the best path and cooperate with the process. Do not resist. This is requiring the highest levels of surrender, adaptability and flexibility in TRUSTING YOUR SPIRIT!

Resurrection Template

At the Full Moon festival of Easter, the weekend of April 12th began the human embodiment prototype program of the Resurrection Template. This is a project taken on by a smaller niche of Starseeds that have agreed to be the first level of human ascension prototypes. If you are a Starseed and noticed you were physically flattened out on Easter weekend, ask your God Self if you are a contributor for seeding this template into the planetary consciousness fields. In most cases this appeared as the archetypal death, then after three days resurrected. Then moving into the integration of the seven days of creation as a pattern to build the new energy reality structure within the holographic identity.

In many cases spirit uses archetypes and mathematical code to integrate itself into physical matter. The Christ archetype is one such pattern. The embodied Christ master number is 33. The higher octave of this pattern is 333. Many of us will be seeing these sets of numbers and others, flashing in our consciousness awareness. 3333 also represents the higher octave of the Trinitized Form, the Embodied Christ. The Triad, Trinity, Triangle and all sets of threes are highly active in the holographic reprogramming of the fields and are a part of the shift happening right now.

The resurrection template is the base human model upgrade utilized to create the new energy architecture for the new platform moving us beyond the duality matrix. It is a template of the Christ Intelligence designed to adjust the lightbody’s time clock to the age of the Christ Avatar, which is the biological human age of 33. This was a part of the original divine human design that we would begin to embody our 12D Avatar consciousness at the biological age of 33.

It is not everybody’s job to embody this process, however it is worth mentioning to our Starseed family who may be involved in this project and not clear what is happening to them. If this is your role, know you are on schedule and that you may have felt phantom death energy during this integration process. Phantom death energy is a sensation of feeling the death of the physical body, however it is not a literal death and should not be taken as such. As our bodies are undergoing humongous shifts as designed by our God Self, the old physics governing our bodies are also changing. What may appear unresolvable or desperate, will and can manifest a literal miracle. Miracles are a byproduct of God consciousness.

The Three Festivals

The Guardians mention we are entering a critical phase of our human group consciousness based on the energetic principles and alignments of this year’s Three Full Moon Festivals. Triads and trinities are the manifestation base of creation and many of the alignments and frequency exchanges happen within a triad pattern. The power of the Trinity is being actualized within the field of the planet now and this is happening in alignment to the Three Major Full Moon Festivals.

The Resurrection template was aligned to be deployed to humanity with the First Festival, The Festival of Easter. Now we are ready to experience the download or the energy transmission of the Festival of Buddha or Wesak, on May 8th, 2009, which coincides with the massive Ascension Wave of 5D coding. There is also an astrological triple conjunction occurring at this exact time as memorialized below by Barbara Hand Clow:

“The triple conjunction of Jupiter/Chiron/Neptune in 26 Aquarius, the Triple Conjunction, intensifies throughout this lunation and then it culminates during the New Moon in Gemini May 24. It inspires expansion of spiritual healing. Earth's quarantine from the rest of the universe is lifting and we are on schedule to be welcomed back into communion with the universe. Our movement out of separation from our home, the cosmos is going to happen no matter what, so the only choice we each have is to heal ourselves to participate consciously in our cosmic birth.”

Also for those of us interested in understanding more about the Wesak festival here is more detail:

“Wesak is a time of unusual inflow of life and of spiritual stimulation, serving to vitalize the aspiration of all humanity. At the time of the festival through the united effort of the principles of the Christ Love and the Buddha Light or Illumination working in closest cooperation, there is opened a channel of communication between humanity and deity, through which an approach can be made to those who guide our planet, so that aspirants are able to contact energies not otherwise easily available.”

For more detail:

Clearly there are extremely potent energies being exposed to our planet and these are very exciting times indeed.

Planet Gridkeeper briefing

In preparation for the upcoming Festival of Buddha, there has been much Stargate and portal activity focused now in Wesak Valley, in the area of Tibet bordering India. This is the location of the 9th dimensional Stargate, which is the Galactic station that connects into the Andromeda constellation. Guardian forces have been clearing a network which they refer to as the Asian Grid. Since the second week of April our group has been involved in the 9th gate of Tibet pretty consistently. If you are a gridworker you may be aware of the Dalai Lama and other Tibetan lineage related energies being prominent in your awareness. Over the past few weeks, the Dalai Lama had his gallbladder removed which was three sizes larger than normal. Many of the ES family are aware of the Guardian stance on the gallbladder meridian being a 4D Astral Gateway into our physical body, a meridian and energetic entrance between the lightbody and the physical body. As a 4D Astral entity you’d probably want to hang on to the Dalai Lama to ride on his spiritual coat-tails as a portal on out of here too.

Since the Galactic frequency outpouring since October, the 9D SG is also opening contact into the inner earth, and these areas are strategic to the Incension program, which connects to Inner Hub Worlds. Like the Lemurians, there are factions deciding how they can flee to the Inner Earth timelines and spaces, or gain access into the Inner Hub Worlds that access into these Inner Earth Gates. They are trying to slide on out with us into these portals, and yet they do not have the encryption nor the code to do so. They have no agreement with the Aurora, Elemental Command or the Guardian Races, as they have refused the rehabilitation programs. As these areas of the Inner Earth timelines are revealed, it gives us insight to another layer of what the Tibetan Guardians were assigned to as protectors of this area for the Earth.

May we send our Sacred Heart of One to Bless our Tibetan brothers and sisters with love and gratitude during this time. Be fearless in shining your Truth in the world.

Until next, stay in the luminosity of your Heart and Soul Path. We are here as One.

Love, Lisa

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