Shifting Timelines
There are many subtle force reconfigurations occurring at the quantum level of the planetary mainframe that are changing the way the external and collective energy fields organize and manifest into the world.
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We have to move through the series of Timelines in each dimensional octave and reclaim our identity while recoding and changing the obsolete or false reality from interfering with our continued spiritual growth.
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Bifurcation of Time
Bifurcation means the splitting of a main body into two parts.Thus, the planetary fields and humanity are coming to experience the next phase of the planetary Ascension Cycle, which is the nature of Bifurcation of Time.
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Lifting Your Veil: Surviving the Ascension Process

January 2008

Lisa Renee


This first newsletter of the New Year contains some current planetary events, as well as a discussion of the Annual Energetic Theme for our planet's experience in 2008. The over-lighting theme for this coming year will be living and breathing our soul's full Luminosity of the Heart, as we delve into the higher consciousness expression of the Nineteenth Portal known as The Sun in classic Tarot. 

This year we will enter a New Chapter of Evolution as we are at the gateway of expanding into the Galactic Consciousness Cycle. This Cycle will begin to reveal to humanity the Luminaries of the Next Universe. In this cycle as the New Age (circa 1987-2007) draws to a close and many humans will grow to the next level of spiritual maturity. It will be because they have to in order to adapt and survive. Many more hidden mysteries will be revealed. Esoteric soul physics will be more common place and there will be more exposure and disclosure to many of the perpetrated untruths that have been told in the public arena.

It is now the Era to initiate humans into Galactic Consciousness, by introducing the existence of many other life forms impacting our Worlds. This will be a year most challenging to those without a spiritual-energetic framework, or those still holding inflexible attitudes or unyielding modes of behavior. For those of us ready to face the Truth in our Hearts no matter what, it will be a year that is quite liberating and successful in personal achievement and planetary actualization.

Humanity is now standing at an entry point, a window of opportunity that is critical to our future and the evolutionary direction of our lives. This is like being poised between the in-breath and out-breath cycles of creation. We have inhaled our last breath and we now lie suspended in the still point area that exists between each breath. We are ready to embark on the New Chapter being written for Humanity, along with a New Cycle of creation, for individual aspirations while servicing group goals. Our Strategic Alliances with others are gaining momentum in this New Year giving us the renewed passion and strength necessary for our upcoming Ascension Projects.  For many of us that had been holding down the fort, either in isolation or by our own personal efforts, now it is the time to share the workload, to have more time to play and more utilizable resources.


We stand at a gateway that has the possibility to lead us through several different Dimensional Doorways. These Dimensional Doorways are the same thing as different Timelines. These different timelines are constructs of dimensional frequency spectrum that hold different life patterns and different emotional choices for our soul life stream journey. Ultimately from the position of Ascension Mechanics the choices that are made, through the stair step creational model of how the soul consciousness evolves through time and space within the Universal Time Matrix, are viewed from the Observer in a completely impartial way and detached from any desired result.

However, it is crucial to know that the soul and its life stream will be swept into the reality system or timeline of its most matched vibratory compliment. You can consciously participate in this process or not.  We have noted throughout this year the amplified polarity becoming tangibly visible in the external manifest of our group reality, or the collective human race planetary hologram. The coming months will be the most surreal of our Ascension experiences thus far, with the frequency split between realities or timelines becoming much more physically apparent. We will be observing two types of timelines unraveling throughout this year, although there are more than two timelines available. It is easy to describe the essence of the two prevalent choices in the timelines. They are either based in Love frequencies in an Ascending Timeline or Fear based energies in a Descending Timeline. Naturally this is very simple to distinguish intellectually, yet incredibly challenging to remain steadfast in, when the external world is completely disintegrating. Some of these different timelines may ultimately lead us to the same soul goal, however the question is Who do you choose to serve as your priority right now? Choose well as it will impact you in such ways that the fear energies will feel immensely ruthless and unrelenting. The love based energies will create a core stabilization allowing a total sensation of calm and inner peace.

Note: Learning how to stabilize and anchor the Love based frequencies, such as using the 12D shield process, will allow you to spin energies that stabilize your home and other environments. Once you are adept with this process you will recognize the impact you can have in your personal environment and then larger environments. This creates an inner core strength and confidence as your being starts to function purely from within, knowing the immediate terrain of personal safety and care is fully at one with God Source, rather than from outside or separate to self. This year as the external world is dismantling, this will be an important tool to learn to navigate. The next step is then to fully comprehend this as an energetic state of being.

The Mouth of God

We are almost positioned at the Zero Point connection that spirals us through the Mouth of God, which will drastically magnify and propel us towards a certain directed destiny path.

This reference to the Mouth of God is the consequence of the upcoming cosmic event that has been mentioned in previous newsletters about the Andromedan Activations. Many of us have been in a phase of aggressively preparing our bodies in order to transduce these new Andromedan energies, as a human acupuncture point for the planet.

Remember that the Mouth of God is also a reference point to an energetic command and control center in our lightbody. It is the 9th Chakra, also called the Atomic Doorway and is the projector of God Consciousness Units. These filter frequency very similar to a light projector, through the back of your medulla oblongata at the base of your neck at the brain stem. Andromeda energies are referred to by the Guardians as sourcing 9th Dimensional frequency or Planetary Kundalini Current. These will certainly activate the 9th dimensional axiatonal lines on the right side of our human body, as well as filter up into the 9th Chakra at the base of the neck. This frequency is dull silver in its color spectrum running vertically from your middle right toe and up through the middle right finger, into the base of your neck. When this aspect of the lightbody is activated, it creates a macrocosmic orbit with planetary kundalini forces that looks like a moving gyroscope, a sphere of spiraling frequencies around your upper body and head.

Andromedan Preparations

The preparations necessary have included some radical biological upgrades such as New Starseed Templates, coupled with etheric body clearings of ancestral miasma, with a side order of purging the old patriarchal domination programs. The first wave of patriarchal exorcisms were radically hastened to purge around the 9/9 Doorway, which collapsed another round of parallel dimensional realities leading into the phantom matrix [1]. When those systems were collapsed many soul fragments were collected and reclaimed into Source energy. Some Starseeds have these clean up agreements for the planet as part of the Galactic Clean Up Crew and have been diligently working with the recovery and healing of these fragments of consciousness. There is also systematic collapsing of holographic tanks in the phantom matrix that had enslaved various levels of consciousness. Many of these systems are inserts into a future time and space, designed to latch onto this 3D reality. This is estimated to be an ongoing project for the Galactic and Universal crews through the end of 2009.

It is also important to describe that a type of calibrated Neurological Entrainment to these frequencies with a brain upgrade was necessary, in order to allow for the cognitive use of these higher functioning parts. Our spiritual teams are familiarizing many of us with the zero point fields of source energy. We are leaving binary fields of electro-magnetism and moving into the trinitized and zero point fields. These Trinity Fields represent the particle-antiparticle merge of our energy bodies into a completely new field of Holiness that is to comprise our new Trinitized Form and its energy body template. These Fields amplify Source Energy within our bodies. Tesla technologies and Zero Point Field Generators have been showing up for many of us when we are searching for healing facilitation for our bodies. This is totally aligned to the divine purpose of Ascension preparation and not a random event.

Different neurological sensations in the body like tingling, oscillation of energies, pins and needles, surging, liquid heat in the base or parts of your cranium, combined with eye color changes, temporary clouding and vision changes are completely common.

You will notice now and ongoing that many more of the mass human population will suffer from disease miasmas that are embedded in the human hologram, especially diseases of the brain and nervous system. These are largely being activated from the intensity of these new frequencies being introduced to the spiritually unprepared physical and energetic bodies. In the 3D population events of strokes, brain events (TIA), vascular dementia, Parkinson's, multiple sclerosis, schizophrenia, cerebellar disorders, as well as in base of brain and brain stem functions will increase.

Healers, you may find yourself working endlessly during this time to remove and clear human holographic miasma plugs in your clients. There is no need to hold fear around these areas, however you do need to be directly informed. As you commit to your soul every day and ask how to stabilize your physical, you will receive the help that you need. You may be called to share this information with others who may be unaware that the energies will impact their physical body in such radical ways. However, there will be a time that you may need neurological and brain support therapies or supplementation. This can radically help support other neurological ascension symptoms that can be related to radiation and EMF overexposure, such as depression, emotional instability, anxiety, frayed nerves or adrenal fatigue.

Ascension Plan B Timeline -  Transharmonic Cycle

For the Ascension Plan B related Timeline, the group that has chosen this path are ahead of the anticipated schedule that was originally thought to transpire at the end of 2012. A part of the Ascension Mechanics for 2008 is that Andromeda's Galactic Core spirals in and connects to our Milky Way Galactic Core during the pinnacle event of our planetary Ascension cycle. As our Galactic center and the Andromedan Galactic core intersect they fuse, igniting a phase-lock that opens up many ancient Dimensional Doorways leading to the Transharmonic Universe and those are the Ascension timeline cycles. Another way to say this is that humanity is finally intersecting with the Cosmic Trinity opening our Universal System into the Original Core of our Creation, the Center point of All Union. Within these Triad intersections are the Dimensional Doorways that lead to the Ascension Timelines outside of this Universal Time Matrix. This is the Human Ascension Revelatory Path of the Luminaries to Come, connecting with the membrane of the Next Universal Cycle of Creation. This is what is meant symbolically as we are - to be given the Keys to the Kingdom in God's House of Many Mansions. This is the 12D divine blueprint for Humanity as the Self Sovereign God power made manifest, as our divine destiny to fully navigate as Free Beings through the Higher Heavens and their creational realms.

Spiraling outside of our Universal dimensionalized structure of form is the location of the Ascended Masters. Many of these Beings of Light have not been able to access humanity until this New Year cycle intersects with the Earth Core, MilkyWay, Orion, Andromedan Activation. The Guardians have described to me, One Way Dimensional Doorways, which are prevalent in our Universal Stargate System as our Planet was Quarantined in order to protect it from destruction eons ago.

These are the Beings of Light, many of whom are the progenitors of the human species, that have fully Ascended their consciousness outside of our Time Matrix. This is considered by the Guardian Races to be the True Ascension path meant for the human species, as the Oversoul is finally liberated from existence within this system and can choose many other evolutionary paths into the Higher Creational Realms. Within these realms there is no perceived separation, suffering or duality, as our consciousness has experienced on the 3D Earth plane. It is our ultimate return to At-One-Ment with our Source our True Parent.

With the Andromedan Core link up to the Milk Way Core and our Earth Core, the Transharmonic Universe Timelines will now be available for access at this level of human consciousness after eons of time. This transpires as a result of the multidimensional intersection and timeline grids collapse that was anchored into our time zone, as a part of the events of March 2007 and ongoing. This was a part of implementing the Ascension Plan B Timeline Project, which is not the original stair step Ascension model planned to merge humanity and the planet with its 5th Dimensional Counterpart. This Cosmic Trinity intersection is a Transharmonic Conversion Point. The place which connects to the middle time zone and the Inner Earth time zone, which leads up to the 12D Blueprints that exist for the planetary body. It is also the Dimensional Doorway leading us to the Next Universal Cycle evolving us into our destiny as a fully Ascended Race of Beings.

Descending Timeline - Dark Night of the Planetary Soul

Whether conscious of this fact or not, Humanity is now making critical decisions in how it continues to experience itself in the creational matrix. The human creational matrix is comprised of many old dark and obsolete programs, existing from the previous evolutionary cycles. These are holographic reality programs of pain, suffering, separation and war. There is also still a phantom matrix reality system that is a type of Fallen existence within our Universal System.

These obsolete human matrix programs or timelines, are like looking at the grooves embedded in an old vinyl LP record. To support this visualization, imagine that humanity has been playing the same LP with the same song over and over again, without realizing that there are thousands of new songs that could be played. While this old song has been repeating, certain controlling powers that hear the music have been silently watching.  These controllers understand the Ascension Mechanics and how timelines actually work, while noticing that most humans do not believe or even know that they exist.  As they watch the humans play the same song, they place a huge scratch on the record, damaging the grooves and obliterating as many of the songs on the record as possible. They decide to exploit the unknowing humans by controlling them en masse, to continually stay inside of a finite space, inside their old holographic reality.  Some of them even decide to lure humans into a false reality system inside a phantom matrix. So by placing a huge scratch where the old song ends, they design it to automatically skip back to the beginning of the same old song. They have been able to do this many times over many evolution cycles. It was not until recently that human beings began to realize the same song could have been changed, to play another tune a very long time ago. Many 3D humans continue to run along the same decrepit grooves in the old record, and when this song stops and replays again in this cycle, it will run the Dark Night of the Soul Program on the Earth. This is why we are at the critical time of decision in the choice the soul makes, as it meets up with this particular intersection.

The Guardians estimate that this has been transpiring for upwards to 30,000 years in this planet's time cycles.  This Patriarchal Dominion Enslavement Program is the last Holographic Reality Program, along with its related Holographic Inserts and phantom matrix programs, and has been replaying in the human evolutionary cycle since the Atlantian Root Race Cycle.

The vibratory critical mass within groups of people will indeed be the deciding factor resulting in the frequency split through the different timelines or dimensions. More cities and community living areas will reflect either a harmonized or discordant group vibration, that will either repel or attract certain levels of consciousness.  Most Humans will be sharing the experience of intensified energies in these time splits as a sensation of instability, mystery and that anything can happen at the drop of a hat.

Those that may get stuck in the lower spiral of these energies will be repeating the old timeline along with the Theme for 2007, that was astrologically represented in the Eighteenth Portal of Consciousness known as the Moon in classic Tarot. (See article from January 2007).

This may serve to stabilize the learning process for these souls who will be outwardly appearing to have a Dark Night of the Soul process, along with the planetary version of that same dismantling. The dark night of the soul is a necessary alchemical process of evolution in a polarity system such as ours. Attempt to view those going through this process with the utmost compassion and still remain neutral in perception. Many times, the circumstances we perceive as painful can be the greatest act of compassion in creating salvation for those ultimately seeking true liberation for their soul's journey. Please do hold space for these groups of human beings in your hearts during this year. It will be a confusing and sometimes painful year for many as they undergo the dark night of the soul process.

With this Moon influence in its higher expression, one can come to see and experience themselves more deeply as an evolving body-soul consciousness, through intense polarity or suffering of the dark night. It is a time of contemplation of the inner mysteries of God-Self and to go beyond beliefs and identity structures. As with any repeated pattern or cycle, if we did not listen the first time the pressure applied is immensely more powerful and perceived as incredibly dense or painful the next time around. This is the danger inherent in our Timeline Cycles now, we will always have an offering or opportunity to choose something higher, yet if you have not controlled your lower impulses of negativity, it will be much more challenging to control them within the current unrelenting energy-scape.

Some keywords for the Tarot of Moon are:


  • Lack of clarity, Tension, Doubt, Fantasy
  • Deception, Psychological conflict, Obscured vision
  • Confusion, Illusion, Fear, Worry
  • Romanticism, Anxiety, Apprehension, Unrealistic ideas

The Nineteenth Portal of the Sun - Inner Radiance

Those that have had sufficient practice facing the trials and challenges of the Moon influence over the last year in 2007, have developed the necessary strength of character and the guidelines to lead. We have been totally reorganized within our personal structure and have increased our direct body consciousness. This is the Key to the direct emotional cognition function of our body's inherent wisdom in using the discernment of Higher Sensory Perception. A new Self Mastery has emerged.

As we enter this 19th portal there is also a new level of awakening, a deep conviction about our place in the Cosmos. In this level of our spiritual unfoldment we reach what the Ancients refer to as the Regeneration. As a conscious rebirthing process, our very being will be rejuvenated as the Rays of our Inner Sun pour into our bodies to provide new vital energies. We can direct this Solar Energy to bring comfort and peace with added enthusiasm and new excitement into our experiences. We are transformed into a New Person.

At this stage we feel the liberation from the past limitations we had imposed on ourselves as unworthy failures or disappointments. In this process of our soul actualization the Sun symbolizes attainment, enlightenment and the illumination of our masculine and feminine sides operating in balance. Our energy draining attachments fade away and we are able to experience life feeling supported in the Limitless Light of the Sun. A much needed vigor will be appearing and returning with these energetic influences. As we go inward, to face into the Sun we will be ignited in the desire to return to the One. Imagine Yourself as a Sun God. Now is the time to let your Light Shine.

Some keywords for The Sun are:

  • Attainment of body, mind, soul harmony
  • Finding the sense, meaning behind the chaos
  • Understanding of One's Purpose and Relationship to Inner Self
  • Knowledge enhanced with Compassion
  • Service to Others (STO) is the source of fulfillment, success, love and joy

Until next, stay in the luminosity of your Heart and Soul Path. We are here as One.

Love, Lisa

[1] The Phantom Matrix: A fallen region of lower-dimensional spectrum originally from our Universal Time Matrix. It became a slowly degenerating black-hole reality and contains a fallen parallel Earth that the Bible refers to as the bottomless pit, Hades or Hell. Nevertheless, if one fell into this, say via the Falcon or Phoenix wormholes, on the basis of frequency affiliation one wouldn't necessarily encounter sheer misery and torment. There would be upper portions of this reality which initially might be indistinguishable from Earth as it is today, though one would soon realize the control and suppression was greater and from an ET government. It would also appear as an astral frequency dimension with no death of the body, except that one would slowly die in an imperceptively imploding black-hole system, capable of lasting some hundreds of millions of years without external and internal sustenance.


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    Along with the Guardians, my mission is to support humanity through its evolution with education, awareness and by discussing the impact of the energy shifts upon the planet, human beings and human consciousness. 

    Our objective is to better comprehend the changes we undergo in our life and understand the symptoms we may experience of our physical and energy body's “Ascension” (the awakening process) and to explore various tools for healing and clearing ourselves as smoothly and easily as possible. From this empowered place, one can release the fear and confusion we all experience having to be dismantled from the mental programs placed upon us from the egotistic material world, and begin to feel supported throughout our spiritual awakening process.

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    So our core support practice is you wake up in the morning and your first step is to make a daily declaration of your intention to resolve the authority problem between the ego personality and God. And that can be simply stated in these words or words of your own that feel emotionally charged and connected to you such as:

    My declaration of intention to serve my source.
    I commit to serve my highest power fully completely and totally.

    I am God.  I am Sovereign.  I am Free.

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