Shifting Timelines
There are many subtle force reconfigurations occurring at the quantum level of the planetary mainframe that are changing the way the external and collective energy fields organize and manifest into the world.
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We have to move through the series of Timelines in each dimensional octave and reclaim our identity while recoding and changing the obsolete or false reality from interfering with our continued spiritual growth.
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Bifurcation of Time
Bifurcation means the splitting of a main body into two parts.Thus, the planetary fields and humanity are coming to experience the next phase of the planetary Ascension Cycle, which is the nature of Bifurcation of Time.
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Lifting Your Veil: Surviving the Ascension Process

June 2007

Lisa Renee 

Dear Ascending Family,

Welcome to June and thank you so much for being here.
 I cannot tell you enough how appreciative I am that you are here in this space now and are on the planet contributing to this Ascension Cycle and thus, the healing of the whole human species and many other life forms. 

If you are reading this message it is not by accident, as it holds a very specific frequency that attracts the energetic resonance of a Starseed or Indigo Soul. It takes one to know one, and we are waking up en masse on the planet now during this Ascension Cycle. If the last month was a rough go for you I want to help you remember just why you are here.

May was really a huge wake up call for those in the family of Lightworkers, the Starseeds and Indigos, as these groups are being taken to the next level of their light frequency or initiation very quickly. That also means those moving into more stewardship or leadership, the Agents of Transformation, were given a lot more information to chew on in order to understand their upcoming roles. Many are now receiving a quick induction into the latest energy dynamics, impacts, larger agendas and the fact that we have much more than the human species involved and interested in our development and Ascension process. The dispelling of our illusions seem to happen now at the speed of light or at a mile a minute, and it can at times be jaw dropping to realize how far we have actually come. The Truth is really stranger than any fiction. 

I want to support you in recognizing your magnificent contribution and to give you some insight into where you are, and to express my gratitude on behalf of the Guardian Races.


Starseeds and Indigos have agreed to be the first soul groups to participate directly during this time, in the human species evolution as the Heavenly Hosts of Ascension.

There are many reasons for this and volumes of material have been provided on my website and on many other sites, with Ascension writers now surfacing as an educational resource for you. As you may have guessed we have quite a job to do Hosting out the many Guests, embodied here on the 3D Planet called Earth. And well, how can I say this? The goal is that our soul group get at least clear enough of the implants, suppressions, entities and negative programming to bring us to a semi-remembrance level of conscious, as to just why we are here. To get enough of our cellular memory activated to catalyze us to be more interactive with our soul purposes and start collaborating with those serving the Light and Law of One.

These last month’s have been a huge milestone for our soul group’s departure from the 3D reality fields and their negative ego level of human consciousness. For many years we have been undergoing the process of transmutation, which requires that we had to be purified, detoxed and cleansed from every cell, pore and atom of our being. Every memory in our light fibers must be cleansed of the residue of living out of harmony with our true nature and soul purposes.

This means that we are embodying the new divine human prototype, through getting the rewiring upgrades and living the day-to-day example of our gradual biological transmutation into multidimensionality. Yet still drive our cars, go to work and pay our bills. As we are able to more fully embody aspects of our light divinity, frequency and coding we steadily purify our physical forms to leave the 3D carbon based biological blueprint. This 3D blueprint is what we agreed to at the point of our incarnation into the 3D realm of consciousness. As we move into embodying in progressively less dense states of form, our blueprints are also changing. As we are moving now to a Silica based biology blueprint, it also ends our 3D blueprint agreements. As a result so much of our old identity and its 3D structures based on these old agreements, have finally ended over the last months. For many of us it was a total relief.

This is just one of the mechanics of how we dimensionally shift our bodies and our consciousness to move into the higher reality frequency systems. Additionally from the process of embodying less density our particles actually change in their rotational spin and axis points. This is how our new biological functioning allows for our consciousness to actually tune in, to actually perceive the other reality multidimensional systems. These Reality Systems are in fact in the very same space that we inhabit, however the beings and life in these other systems are just vibrating at different frequency levels and rates of speed.

Next Wave of Ascension Initiates Activated

At whatever level of light body activation, many of us had huge releases this last month to prepare for a large cycle of dropping density pretty quickly. For many it manifested in a very physical way, such as illness or unusual changes in the body. Since so many of us were passed out, feverish with the kundalini flu, I wanted to fill you in on why last month’s Ascension Wave was so intense. We are literally leaving carbon based biology to become able to receive these new encodements, which activate our DNA to create crystalline bodies. The Guardians mention a new level for our bodies called the Trinitized Form that is beginning to assemble. This is the physical embodiment of the Cosmic Trinity and it is happening for the beings that are able to hold these levels of frequencies now.

Personally the intense kundalini releases began for me on Saturday, May 12th.  I have experienced a large shift and initiation, to now work with the Guardian beings residing within something they have referred to as the Transharmonic Universes

The Transharmonic Universe is now able to be accessed at this level of human consciousness after eons of time. This transpired as a result of the multidimensional intersection and timeline grid collapse, that was anchored into our time zone as apart of the events in March 2007. This intersection is a transharmonic conversion point, the place which connects to the middle time zone and the Inner Earth time zone, which leads up to where the 12D Blueprints for the planetary body are. (see the April newsletter for more detail).  

A totally isolated space was created for me to complete this initiation and integration without distraction. I always have a chuckle because with my packed back-to-back schedule when I find a space suddenly created for complete isolation, I know something Big is up.  Many of us were guided to be prone, flat out on our back and pretty motionless during the pinnacle of the Ascension Waves the last half of May. Many of us had the kundalini flu in varying degrees which often manifests as more aches, stiffness and pain in the body, as old crusty energy is getting released to the surface.

Largely this Ascension wave began to open and clear a critical mass level of 6th and 7th dimensional energy Meridians within our bodies and within the Planetary Ley lines. In observing the patterns I saw this mirrored in our bodies where our shoulder areas are, the left and right scapula to the front of shoulder and neck areas. These sections of our body were having more pain through sympathetic resonance with these 6D and 7D energies being surfaced and cleared. Think of an energy sphere opening on each shoulder where the indentation is, on the right and left side of your body going from front to back. The energy runs down vertically on the Right Side masculine and the Left side feminine. 

We are purifying this level of density from our physical vehicle and I do notice that the Guardian Races incarnated here, the Planetary Stewards, are doing more of the physicalized manifestations of its clearing and release.

This has been a huge Initiation cycle for us as a race, period.

6D and 7D Energies Clearing - The Enslavement Programs

These 6th-7th Frequency Meridians are connected to energetic openings called the WINGS, that are on the top of our shoulders and run down each side of our body. The 6th portal WING is in your Top Shoulder Indent Right Side masculine, the 7D portal WING is on the Left Shoulder Indent on the feminine Side.  The 6D portal represents, among many other things, the Twin Flame Merge within our bodies that synthesizes the Divine Union within our Hologram. When we start to build our 6D lightbody, our masculine and feminine energies attempt to merge a pathway up our chakra column, connecting into the base of the brain and synthesizing out of the 6th chakra at the 3rd eye. When completed we are holding the inner template of divine union and able to outwardly manifest our divine union partnership.

The 7D energies of our left side and feminine body represent our completion and Liberation from the repeated cycles of reincarnation into the 3D Physical Worlds. This is the freedom from karma, being freed from Cause and Effect as in the dispensation of the Violet Flame. Both of these energy centers work together and impact our bodies together. The 7D Portal Wing also represents the Crucified Female Principle of Christ Energy as it has been quite distorted within our personal energy bodies. We can view this outwardly manifested from our hologram and view the external results of a crucified female principle of energy in our world today. 

Once we complete the frequency accretion and building of our 7D lightbody we are freed from the 3D reincarnation wheel and have a fully activated unified chakra column. This is one of the embodiments in a human soul’s process of Planetary Ascension. The 6D and 7D Ley lines have been extremely blocked in the planetary grids and have not been activated on our planet or within our human consciousness for eons of time.  There have been extensive frequency fences placed at these levels to purposely thwart the planetary and individual light body accretion and soul completion at these dimensional levels. This way the souls of human consciousness would be stuck in rounds of 3D dimensional reincarnation experiences, never getting off the wheel of rebirth but constantly coming back into the lower form worlds of density. Stuck in the incarnational cycles of density with a consciousness level of pure identification with its physical matter, it became harder with each evolutionary cycle for the human race to recognize its true nature as a multidimensional and God being.

Thus with this last Ascension Wave, we are in the process of clearing many structures of human enslavement both at planetary and personal levels. This includes freeing the human of bondage to its negative ego system. The Solar Plexus Activation underway and described last month, is a part of the divine plan to begin the dismantling of these human ego enslavement systems. We will begin to see these ego systems dismantling more in the external manifest, and coming soon to a theater near you. 

The Ley lines, meridian and axiatonal lines or grid systems that conducts frequencies throughout our bodies are an exact mirror to the planet grid system. They exist in our personal holographic template and are reflected from within the larger mirror of the planet’s own meridian and template system. This is one way to describe our micro and macro system of nested holographic energy templates that generate within an infinity spiral of ever expanding spinning fractals. Artist Alex Grey has captured and depicted these human meridian and etheric nadial structure systems perfectly. If you are not familiar with the work of this visionary artist, I highly suggest visiting his website or getting his book Sacred Mirrors. If you have not developed your inner vision to see etheric or nadial structures yet this will be immensely helpful you to understand what our energy bodies look like. Visit him at

More about the Cosmic Trinity

Our physical elemental bodies are getting re-encrypted to the new God Particles of the Trinitized Form or the Tri-Wave of Wholeness. The Aurora Forces, a part of the new Elemental command which look like an Aurora Borelais, are helping us with the re-encryption process and may appear to us like Shapeshifter Elements such as Wind Sylphs. This Tri-Wave or Trinitized Form is the embodiment of the Cosmic Sovereign Law of One, this is our 12D blueprint and the original intention created for the human species. This is our original Oneness before we split into a polarized, duality reality system. This split created a Bi-Wave Form that manifested as separate Masculine/Feminine Principles existing within a Living Light Dimensional System and its separate time matrices. These are also called the particle and anti particle universes, so that when we merge with our anti-particle double, we as a species become whole again. We then embody the Tri-Wave Form again. These Bi-Wave matrices in the lower levels of density were one expression of this separation. Being lost and asleep in this density, they were taken over by those in service to the negative ego and Service to Self energies. Hence our soul reclamation mission  in this Ascension Cycle is to reclaim our fragments and to rehabilitate those that have been lost and fragmented in the 3D illusion.

New Dispensation

For those of us in the process of embodying the Trinitized Form, the Guardians have mentioned it is time to embody a new level of Co-creation Manifestation. It takes this level of light body to hold this dispensation, as it would harm a body not prepared physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically. For those of us that are ready, it has to do with the embodiment of the Cosmic Christ Manifestation. It is of incredibly high frequency and impossible for most humans to embody, however some of us are way beyond 3D human consciousness now.

It is a shield between the heart and solar plexus center, that they are outfitting in those of us that have been recruited for the next level of World Service, and will be ready for full release and activation just in time for the June 15th to Early July Mission Re-Assignments. They have mentioned the time for dispensation as the time of the Festival of Humanity, the completion of the trinity of festivals the Spiritual Hierarchy undergo in the April through June months. (April: Festival of Christ, May: Festival of Wesak, June: Festival of Humanity). It will have shown its affects by July. The prerequisite is that we will need to have had sufficient negative ego and mental discipline training. It is purely for World Service and mostly for the Boddhisattva group leaving their soul agreements of Redeemer, Savior and Scapegoat. The term Boddhisattva is now being redefined in the new energy.  The Guardians have mentioned the soul agreements of Redemptive Vehicle, (further defined at the end of this newsletter) were very much needed at times during the human incarnational cycles, but now this tour of duty is complete and ended. Halleluiah!

Shadow Uproar

Remember, when the light is about to become incredibly bright the underbelly is revealed and comes to surface. You will always see this pattern if you pay attention. This is why you may experience the emotional intensity of psychic sponging and possible energy attack sensations during this time. Lately, those in initiation cycles had a huge test of mastery over Facing Fear, as it appeared in the Illusion of our Hologram. There has been an increase of shadow aspects and darkness that have crept in to test our resolve and our conviction in holding the Light of our Truth.  

I have observed in myself that I had no reaction to something that manifested in quite a dramatic way, to test my fear. When it appeared, I did have recall in remembering that this was something buried within me as a deep fear from my childhood, which seems like eons ago, and so far removed.  As I observed it in myself with complete neutrality, this event was entirely empowering and liberating for me. Use these scenarios to strengthen yourself and remember it is our fear that disempowers us from achieving liberation from the human ego’s suffering. When this burden is lifted true freedom is experienced.

During these intense times, take care of you right now. Work your Ascension Tools. Develop the strength and focus of your mind. Stay out of fear. You are on schedule.

Until next, stay in the luminosity of your Heart and Soul Path. We are here as One.

Love, Lisa

Redemptive vehicle: A vehicle utilized and purposed to bring the unification of Christ Expressions, The Trinitized Form into One Collective. One who begins, realizes and consummates the Divine Right Order and Plan, in order to restore the lower form worlds of the Adam Kadmon or human species model.  In terms of the physical universe of eternity, The Christ is the Redemptive vehicle used to make God's children partners in the anointed Sonship of Light, fully capable of spiritual work in the dimensional worlds of Higher Intelligence. For those affected by the Fall, the Christ comes to restore the image and similitude that was lost. To open the threshold gates or stargates to the actual Garment of Light that Man is to put on if he is to attain the level of the original Adam Kadmon, or the 12 Strand DNA Divine Human. 

Divine Right Order: an instrument of affirmation which assists in co-creating in the Image and Similitude of The One, Parent Creator Source. This vibrational harmonic When Spoken, resonates and sets into motion Cosmic Sovereign Law, the Highest Truth and Justice for the Whole of Creation. Unified Movement in at-one-ment with the Perfection of the Seed Atom of our Parent Creator. Asking for Divine Wisdom in being the instrument. That the Highest Truth manifest in Love shall allow only Truth to manifest, Justice to reign supreme and Love to bring forth Harmony, Liberty, Freedom and Peace, United in One.

2007 Lisa Renee,

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