Shifting Timelines
There are many subtle force reconfigurations occurring at the quantum level of the planetary mainframe that are changing the way the external and collective energy fields organize and manifest into the world.
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We have to move through the series of Timelines in each dimensional octave and reclaim our identity while recoding and changing the obsolete or false reality from interfering with our continued spiritual growth.
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Bifurcation of Time
Bifurcation means the splitting of a main body into two parts.Thus, the planetary fields and humanity are coming to experience the next phase of the planetary Ascension Cycle, which is the nature of Bifurcation of Time.
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Lifting Your Veil: Surviving the Ascension Process

November 2008

Lisa Renee


At this time we have more dimensional variation of experiential realities on this planet in the current holographic reality we are sharing as a group consciousness, than in the histories of human evolution. This level of energetic expansion or evolution and sometimes constriction or de-evolution, is a part of the merging of the polarities into a neutral or zero point. What many are beginning to understand is that we must embody a new spiritual wisdom and the paradoxes inherent in such wisdom. Such as experiencing the self/no self realization first hand. We must learn greater acceptance for all things no matter how they appear. This is the deeper comprehension of the alchemical processes we undergo as a part of the internal and external synthesizing of energetic polarities. Accepting this is key in order to participate smoothly with the intense and accelerating energies on our planet today. Participating smoothly means you are not judging, emotionally invested or attached to needing a specific outcome. Attachment to a specific outcome will create suffering.

Vibrational Choice

We are standing at the crossroads, best represented by the choice of taking the Red Pill or the Blue Pill, in the movie the Matrix. (

This is a time of Vibrational Choice. Vibrational choice means if you are not participating in this understanding, that it is your responsibility to direct your consciousness or the choice will be made for you. This is not personal, it is based on the physics of the energetic laws that govern the mechanics of creation. The multidimensional timeline and direction of your consciousness will be based upon the energetic signature and vibration you are holding. This is not a fear based statement, it is just that simple, to declare your intention to serve Source first authentically from your heart. That is all that is needed. Just as the movie portrays, it is about choosing the Red Pill in order to be freed from the Matrix. However, there are still many people unaware that they have a choice right now.

To not participate with these energies, with the right attitude and alignment is becoming increasingly painful. As we move forward, if you persist in holding any denial of polarity or shadow you will increasingly experience abrupt surprises. The denial is a part of the old 3D energies, including many philosophies prevalent in the New Age. Denial is Deception. It is about something that is unseen because it is hidden. Nothing will be hidden anymore and we will have to face it. Everything has to be alchemized, nothing is being left out or behind. The group awareness of this, as conscious participation with the energies is expanding this year and ongoing. This is due to the Red Pill choice and the expansion of Galactic Energies we are exposed to now, as we moved into the Galactic Consciousness Cycle in 2008. These energies have created new levels of extremes and have given us the surreal quality of what we may perceive as happening now.

This also means that we will experience more of the Reality Bubble phenomena as many groups of consciousness will break off and reform, to support the reality of their vibrational choosing. You will note variations of the Red Pill and Blue Pill choices. We are all in various phases of our personal ascension process, spiritual evolution or dimensional initiation and are being dispersed into more defined roles and experiences. There is no value difference given in our Cosmic Classroom as All is One with the Source. Yet we each have very specific and unique energetic and genetic configurations to share with this planet and the cosmos, as a part of this Universal Cycle of Ultimate Evolution. We have choice in this matter now and this will impact our future consciousness direction in an inexpressibly humongous way. It is important that we play our divine puzzle piece, even if that means you are being isolated so that you may learn to hold a state of pure beingness and not get swept away in the external pressures and old belief systems.

Reality Bubbles

Our planet has just reached another dimensional plateau which is a pinnacle time in our Ascension process. We are now observing more extreme variations of the Reality Bubbles that are forming around us and this is becoming more surreal by the minute. The Red Pill and the Blue Pill vibrational choices being made now are amplifying this experience. The Reality Bubble is like a frequency split, you become consciously aware that you are experiencing a very different energetic reality to those around you. You start to view these many small and larger reality bubbles and scenarios that people are having all simultaneously in the same perceived time and space. If you stand back and observe it you will notice the patterns of events all happening within layered sequences, very much like Russian nesting dolls. (

This is when you really experience the reality as a hologram and can see it all as incredibly interconnected. Being able to connect the micro views of our reality in seeing what’s playing out in your personal life, to the macro views of what’s happening on the planetary scale, are becoming more apparent in the patterns we observe. When you experience this, you realize nothing is personal and nothing should be taken as such. In our current ascension process we are continuing to go through deeper levels of the dismantling of our 3D identity as an experience of ourselves. Now we see the larger 3D identity structures that supported them externally in the world also dismantling. All of which is completely relative to the larger patterns that interconnect human beings with the current planetary and Universal shift.

A Reality Bubble feels like you are watching a reality from the outside, as if it’s inside some invisible energetic container. The events happen from a vantage point as if you are on the outside of the container, or one step removed rather than being engaged with what’s happening on the inside. You may feel inside your own reality bubble when you are introduced to other situations that may or may not feel resonant or relative to your energetic being. As you experience this it has a surreal quality to it, you may even feel invisible to those you are viewing in the other reality bubble. The reality bubble experiences can create more finger pointing scenarios if someone is looking for something on the outside to blame. As Always be Neutral.

More of us are now aware of experiencing a variation of this frequency split or bifurcation in our current reality. This happens throughout our day-to-day experience, as well as what is magnified back to us as a reflection of what is happening with the global mass consciousness.

Energetic Architecture

As we move through the next evolutionary window this month we are ramping up our inner God technologies, the intelligence of our own consciousness and its lightbody vehicle, to reveal new wisdom about the hidden technology that powers our planetary holographic reality. This is the God technology of the multidimensional holographic anatomy that functions simultaneously as an interface to our multidimensional holographic reality. When we are able to consciously direct our personal energetic holographic anatomy, we then direct control over our planetary holographic reality. What we see in the world now is a reflection of the weighted average of the mass global human consciousness, and its apparent lack of spiritual understanding or its spiritual blindness.

Much of this information has been hidden from humanities view. It is this energetic architecture that creates the various levels of mind programming and the ability to control the energetic manipulation of the masses. It is also this knowledge that allows the keys to the kingdom and therefore Freedom. These energetic structures are invisible to the 3D and the five senses and become apparent when one has reached a certain level of multidimensional sight and higher sensory perception. This is also a function of activated DNA or Star Seeded genetic memories. More of us, especially Starseeds are having this multidimensional sight restored now. This is a function of our lightbody, which when activated in its potential has nadis structures and nerve endings that function like energetic receivers of multidimensional broadcast. Most all humans have been deactivated from this potential from a history of genetic manipulation, where the human DNA is not able to plug itself into the multiple layers of its strands. This is one of the Star Races purposes to contribute to the planet and humanity to help support the DNA to plug in again.

Some of us are now being prepared and deployed to work directly with these levels of the planetary energetic architecture. Previously only the human power elite and off planet non-human intelligences were privy to this technology. As a part of our new spiritual wisdom and the acceptance of our role as Guardians for this planet, some of us have accepted this as the next level of our mission. And this may take shape in an accelerated phase of physical movement or travel to certain locations or Stargates on the Planet.

It is important to realize everything that appears to have form or content has an energetic blueprint and therefore an energetic architecture. This applies to persons, places, things, corporations, organizations, structures, anything and everything. It is this knowledge and lack thereof, that has manipulated humanity to accept barbarism as normal for eons of time. Barbarism that is sustained breaks down the genetic integrity of the consciousness form. That means it genetically digresses the form, therefore eventually destroying the species. Nothing manifests without the architectural blueprint and its intended goal. Nothing is random. Which helps us recognize that something, some force of intelligence is operating intentionally to de-evolve the human being into further states of barbarism, to keep it enslaved and to possibly destroy itself. The state of our planet and its consciousness has been under the control of an energetic architecture that directs the impulses of belief and experience. Who is directing these impulses? The question must be asked. Why is fear and separation continually saturated in the media and all aspects of the social economic structures? Who is gaining from this? This means that it is coming from more than human ignorance. And it is this ignorance that must be stopped if we are to accept our Guardianship role and therefore the cultivation of the divine human potential. This is how we change the Global Human Agreement, by taking back our sovereign control.


This is one level of realization manifesting now that is about a clearer understanding of our role as New Energy Stewards of the Energetic Architecture, or accepting Guardianship of this Planet. We are retrieving the technology and its information, thus recognizing that we have been asleep to for eons of time.  We had been operating solely under other forces such as the non-human intelligences. At this time this is a smaller niche of beings I am addressing, yet many more will potentially awaken to this service role in the future.

As we come to a certain level of our ascension and therefore descend our divinity to embody within us, this means is that the intelligence of the higher selves in the various layers have reached a certain critical mass or embodiment within our auric lightbody. Many over this year have had a similar process likened to a walk-in event, which is a merge with their higher aspect of divinity. This identity has intelligences and memory that are designed to support the potential both personally and globally. Many are being trained to relax into allowing the creative forces to flow, as they are able to access new levels of this intelligence. You must master this from where the impulses are sourcing, and commonly this means solitude. Learning how to just Be. Is this impulse coming from an ego program? From manipulation, from the mass fields, or is it divinely sourced?

When this happens you start to become at one with your purpose and role on the planet. The embodiment of your divinity is simultaneous to the realization of your divine purpose.

You will realize that New Energy Stewardship requires you to become energetically sustainable on the inner levels of your being. To be sustainable is to be nourished by your own inner connection to Source, there is no need to attach outwardly to ANYTHING. All things feed on something energetically. You are either sustained in your inner source or you are an energetic vampire to something external.

All spiritual leadership and accepted stewards of the plan will be put in the position to ultimately learn and master this energetic understanding. Your spiritual influence will not be used to siphon energies externally, such as from your own groups, as has been common in the past. There is no guru relationship except the one you have with yourself. This begins the New Energy Age of Empowerment Within, en masse. The 12th dimensional shield is an exercise that begins to expand this level of understanding and is one of the purposes for which it was given. (Please see the website for the free audio of this technique).

Next Phases of the Spiritual Nomad

Some of us have these detailed agreements to work with the planetary energetic architecture, as explained briefly above. This group will be creating energetic hubs, safe zones and linking orbits between the Cosmic Intelligences and the Planetary Energetic Architecture. This architecture is configured and referred to as the grids or ley lines, as well as other planetary, solar and universal energetic structures. These beings will be moving around or taking trips to specific locations on the planet to perform this mission. This will be accelerating from the end of this year and throughout 2009.

If you are aware of a being with this agreement, please remember to support them as you are able. This has required an incredible amount of ego dismantling and the ability to listen purely to the direction of Source energy communication. It is not everyone’s role on the planet and this group should be honored and loved for their service, as it looks quite different from accepted social norms. We love our family of Spiritual Nomads!

Bloodline Clearing Continues

Since the holographic insert memories around the histories and allegories of the Christ crucifixion story, Quetzalcoatl and the Nephilim hybridization of Annu races with human beings, or the Christ consciousness with the Serpent, and their related timeline collapse there have been a lot of intense symptoms. These clearings have had relationship to the history of the many wars that have been declared in the name of a God, and the havoc resulting from the death, sacrifice and trauma of the consciousness that participated in those events.

If you resonate with this and you feel your body is clearing these memories, consider taking kidney herbs and supporting the cleansing of your kidney, bladder and urinary tract. The Master Cleanse and many other herbal remedies are very supportive for your body now. Some of us may feel this more in our Liver as the Ancestral relationships to clearing also impact the liver. As you feel your detoxification organs, tune in and work with your various healing modalities and physical supports. We have seen a lot of kidney infections present themselves, and if you are aware of a framework that can support you without fear, it passes through much easier. Grant ease to your physical body and ask Source for assistance. Do not allow any guilt or shame in your sacred body temple for all the extra space, sleep, recovery and help you need right now. This is big stuff and it is a time to just ALLOW. (Check out last month’s article for more about the bloodline clearing).

Galactic Timelines of Nibiru

In the last days of October we have had an extension of a planetary dimensional Stargate, to align into the orbit of the ancient planet Nibiru and its related timeline. This is a Galactic timeline of Human History coming to repeat itself and to be cleared form the cellular memories involving this planet. We are not going into detail of this event at this time, however, but to say that this has created a massive impact to the planetary field. This is creating an energetic impetus into another big evolutionary cycle forthcoming in Mid-November. This planetary orbit has been spoken of as planet-x and has much prophecy, hypothesis and speculation around it. Memories of these as possible timeline programs such as Invasion and Pole Shift, have brought up fears to be cleared in the bodies. Please know this is not a timeline program that will be manifested in the Ascension Cycle, even if there are those that still propagate the fear of its possibility. Do not dwell on this, allow it to pass through as you observe it from your witness consciousness. There will be a struggle for control using these programs and their memories, as a last bid for takeover. Human counterparts to these bloodlines will be implementing stages of control over the populace. The pole shift and invasion scenario are obsolete, but are still manipulated in the False Ascension Matrix Timelines in the astral layers. More and more of this is losing a foothold, as most of the energetic architecture to support it has been removed from the planet. This is a continuing planetary grid project at this time.

The aggression is temporary and may be experienced now by the ultra-sensitives and those residing in the United Kingdom especially. Maintain self-sovereign power by extracting yourself from any distraction. Focus all of your God Power and defend your Source Light by claiming what is yours. You are an Eternal Being. Practice owning your God Power at All times with fierceness. If you are one of the few Galactic beings impacted by this timeline memory, you may feel drawn to clear and recalibrate your root chakra.

Stay in the luminosity of your heart and soul path. We are here as One.

Love, Lisa

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    Those higher frequencies administered in a Stellar Activation Cycle, such as what we are experiencing now, are sourced from the Galactic and Cosmic planes and are absorbed into the stepped down layers of the Unified, Planetary and Human Energy Fields. These frequencies and light activations are absorbed at the higher plane levels and systematically descend into the various energetic layers until entering the world of form (density and matter). All life forms are energy placement holders and we act as the conduits of this energetic frequency to be penetrated through the planetary shield and its dimensional grid system. As this occurs and the frequency reaches levels of a percentage of critical mass, the grids that create the dimensional plane of “time and space” of which we experience as humans at this level of consciousness, begins to change and be altered. The reality of which we have experienced up to this point in this incarnation a nd our perception of that reality is beginning to be altered in rather drastic ways.

    We are transiting through a major cycle of completion and onto another phase transition of our Ascension process. We are in an intensified cycle of evolution when the planet and its inhabitants are exposed to greater amounts of frequency and light (higher energy frequency patterns). These Higher Energy frequencies are introduced through the Unified Fields (The energy fields of all living things, individual and collective, including our planetary system) in very systematic and mechanical process that could be referred to as a Stellar Activation. As the Earth accelerates in vibratory frequency the human body and its energetic counterparts are required to also increase relative to the Earth’s increased vibratory frequency.

    Those higher frequencies administered in a Stellar Activation Cycle, such as what we are experiencing now, are sourced from the Galactic and Cosmic planes and are absorbed into the stepped down layers of the Unified, Planetary and Human Energy Fields. These frequencies and light activations are absorbed at the higher plane levels and systematically descend into the various energetic layers until entering the world of form (density and matter). All life forms are energy placement holders and we act as the conduits of this energetic frequency to be penetrated through the planetary shield and its dimensional grid system. As this occurs and the frequency reaches levels of a percentage of critical mass, the grids that create the dimensional plane of “time and space” of which we experience as humans at this level of consciousness, begins to change and be altered. The reality of which we have experienced up to this point in this incarnation a nd our perception of that reality is beginning to be altered in rather drastic ways.

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  • ES Core Triad Practice

    DEVELOP SKILL SET FOR DAILY USE – Three Steps plus Daily Guidelines

    Step One:

    Daily Declaration of Intention (resolve the authority problem between Ego and God)

    My declaration of intention is to serve my Source.
    I commit to serve my highest power fully, completely and totally.
    I am God. I am Sovereign. I am Free!

    Step Two:

    AM/PM practice the 12D Shield to Learn how to Command Personal Space

     The 12th Dimensional Shield is to protect your body to receive an increasing flow of higher frequencies.

    The First stage in working with the 12 D shield is to achieve the following PERSONAL results:

    • To fortify and strengthen our Aura and Energy Field by reconnecting to the Over-soul Matrix and the 12 D Blueprint
    • To learn energetic boundaries of our Aura and to be able to boundary test discordant energies that are uninvited
    • To re-imprint the body to physical sustainability and health (achieved by energetic balance)
    • To allow communication links to be restored with Spiritual Forces and Star Families
    • To begin a process of reawakening dormant energy receivers and/or repairing damaged genetic imprints
    • To empower our cells to reawaken to our True Origin, including decoding light language and the hidden history of the human race.

    After this has been practiced with commitment and dedication on a regular basis, new levels of awareness will begin to emerge. Let this express itself freely and do your best to allow and do not place judgment on any experiences you may have. All of us are unique and may have different variations of experiences.

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