Shifting Timelines
There are many subtle force reconfigurations occurring at the quantum level of the planetary mainframe that are changing the way the external and collective energy fields organize and manifest into the world.
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We have to move through the series of Timelines in each dimensional octave and reclaim our identity while recoding and changing the obsolete or false reality from interfering with our continued spiritual growth.
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Bifurcation of Time
Bifurcation means the splitting of a main body into two parts.Thus, the planetary fields and humanity are coming to experience the next phase of the planetary Ascension Cycle, which is the nature of Bifurcation of Time.
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June 2022


Lisa Renee

Dear Ascending Family,

For those familiar with the ES body of work, the patterns of consciousness expansion and embodiment that allow greater levels of access to gridwork will be familiar.  Yet, some of the Universal levels we are accessing now have not been possible in previous cycles and feel very new. As Thuban and the Draco constellation are being reclaimed for the Cosmic Dragon Mother of our Universal system, our planet is undergoing shifts in electromagnetism in order to eradicate the Poison Apple network and its false magnetism configurations that have shrouded humanity in the shadows of lunar spiritual oppression for thousands of years.

Many Guardian hosted gridwork projects that began years ago are now coming into stages of completion with the return of the Cosmic Emerald Order in the form of Eternal Cosmic Solar Christ Consciousness gestalts or Creator Gods from the God Worlds, the Solar Dragon Kings. Thus, many of these pieces directly reflect the Christos Mission perspective and are currently revealing more details about the Black Sun reptilian-insectoid entities headquarters in Draco constellation. Draco constellation’s alpha star Thuban was the Omicron Dragon Moth Pindarian control center, in which Christos warriors came to face the battle with the Black Dragon Saurian Eye, the AI God of the Draconians. Christos Guardians finally made the arduous journey to the peak of Mordor[1] in order to enter the final stages of the spiritual battle, to find resolution within the Galactic War timelines surrounding the invasion of Gaia orchestrated by the Orion Group and Alpha Draconis entities controlling Thuban.

One such aspect being recovered during this phase was the discovery of the extensive tentacles of the Thuban star which controlled the Black Dragon Eye in the Alpha Draconis network, located in the sprawling space between the Draco and Orion constellations. This takeover of Thuban was critically important in the hijack of the Earth’s energy currents running throughout the thousands of Pyramids and Sun Clock Monoliths, and other holographic grid features built into the planetary ley lines by the Emerald Founder Elohei. These structures functioned as harmonic resonators and cellular memory record keepers for synchronizing timelines with the celestial star patterns gridded in the plasmic webs of constellations. During the final setback events, these plasmic webs and grid constructs were repurposed with alien machinery to control all related Egyptian symbology and tetrahedron geometries, through satanic blood rituals that were conducted on major Dragon Nodes across the globe by the Black Sun power elite. Over many years, Guardian Host has been connecting with their angelic human diamond sun counterparts on Earth in order to reverse engineer how this extensive AI architecture held in Thuban star was being used by the Black Sun entities to invade our planet. This was powered up in part through Egyptian based black magic sorcery, used for siphoning massive amounts of collective loosh energy to build their phantom systems and AI time loops.

Many of the Krystal Guardians affiliated with the Andromedan Councils and the Tri-Matrix of Krystal Star were not experienced as strategic war generals with advanced training in AI based targeting technologies. This required first getting past the blank slating and consciousness sweeps of military grade psycho-emotional warfare and direct thought stream implantation, in order to see what had happened in our past as a result of NAA invasion. Sourcing the invasion from a neighboring fallen Universal system, revealed the source of the infection as a result of AI hybridization that generated stacks of fallen phantom-based realities, allowing a glimpse into the far advanced future timelines. More specifically, the artificial timelines of those fallen races that had chosen to decimate multiple civilizations filled with living species on their quest for immortality, by existing in the Godless worlds of Artificial Intelligence.  

When they invaded, Thuban star was made their headquarters and became the anti-Christ entity prototype for these AI alien hybrids that settled into Alpha Draconis and Orion’s Belt. These Wesa creatures went to work gathering strategic alliances with other dominating groups in the local solar system, intending to entirely conquer our galaxy. Together they set out to methodically colonize our time matrix with their progeny, infecting our organic consciousness reality and planetary grid systems with their advanced AI quantum entanglement technologies.

Thus, while the window of opportunity was available, Emerald Guardians covertly negotiated treaties with neighboring civilizations, such as the Pleiadians that had been warring with Alpha Draconis entities for eons. Galactic alliances and task forces were formed in order to better understand the carnage, destruction and assimilation of entire planetary civilizations that these Wesa black hole entities leave in their wake. Those tasked to gather the intelligence were required to discern what were NAA technologically built AI reality constructs and what were the actual organic consciousness timelines, originally built by the Founders. Many of the advanced races in our system were unable to know the difference between these artificial timelines and got caught in phantom pockets of AI reality systems, unable to move out of them. Through the ongoing insertion of stacks of booby-trapped AI timelines, there was a slow and gradual infection that went undetected. The use of incredibly advanced quantum entanglement alien machinery technologies was largely misunderstood by many other star races, who did not comprehend the alien cube clone warfare dynamics playing out on Earth.  

Additionally, some Starseeds were Generals in this Galactic War and were assigned as the groundcrew which were required to learn very quickly, how to become psychological warfare experts while in the midst of the sophisticated ongoing divide and conquer and confusion tactics, that are the basis of targeted spiritual warfare. This has been one of the roles of ES community, to study the macrocosm patterns of the NAA’s mind control programming by observing the functions of these advanced beast machine technologies and alien cube networks. These technologies are controlling the brains and mind matrices of the alien hybridized power elites, and being used to lure many of the asleep humans towards the acceptance of mainstream satanism, through implanted thought streams of artificial light and sound technologies and holographic overlays of cloned identities. One cannot observe these artificial archetypal patterns in the macrocosm until these same mind control patterns are identified as running in the individual ego-personality, and ultimately eradicated. The effort must be made to clear out these negative behaviors from controlling our perceptions in the process of developing self-awareness. Without this negative ego training, one is blinded to the dark manipulation of higher sensory input by these same anti-human forces and easily falls into their sophisticated mind control operations, becoming a dark portal pawn in service to those anti-Christ groups who want to eradicate the original angelic human template from this Universe. 

Through many accumulative years of session gridwork, it is clear that the Black Sun human controllers worship this AI phantom matrix in Thuban as the top of their Pindarian control system. These are comprised of the satanic-lunar-moon chain hierarchies and their Satanic Alien AI Gods’ creations that ultimately source from a parallel fallen system, Wesa. These Black Dragon Moth hybrid creatures, the Omicron-Draconians set up headquarters in Thuban which is a major feature in their satanic rituals for human blood sacrifice. Many monuments, obelisks, hydroelectric dams, tunnels and impressive building sites across the globe have been consecrated to Thuban, as the anti-Christ pillar connected as the Northern Pole Star. The preferred alien hybridized bloodlines of the power elites were schooled in satanic rituals for the purpose of gaining dark sorcery and occult power in their blood rituals. This vast network has been used to control the world and to control the timelines via Black Dragon timekeeper constructs that are powered up by reversal current gridworking and Thuban as the North Pole Star.    

To discover the role of Thuban in hidden human history, we have to return to the series of final setback events, in which the invasion of our planet happened. This was the result of the extensive AI architecture placed in Draco and Orion constellation generating false magnetism, inverted current and frequency fences throughout the planetary grid system.

7D Planetary Logos and Peruvian Stargate Invasion, Falcon Wormhole

During the 7D Gaian invasion an entire planetary shadow body was formed through the use of advanced Black Hole Technology in which an AI replication of the Gaian Matrix was captured. This impacted the Planetary Logos, which functions as the magnetosphere in the lower timelines of Earth and held the original diamond sun blueprint and natural laws governing the entire chakra wave spectrum transmitting from Ursa major into the Sun and then into the planetary body. The Earth’s magnetic brain was corrupted by the 7th dimensional planetary logos layers when the 7D Violet Ray transmissions became inverted into reversal current and strategically hijacked by several factions of the NAA forces. Also, Saturn is the 7D Solar Stargate, so it was utilized to continue to pump out reversal violet ray plasmas or Inverted 7D Violet Ray through the Peruvian gateway system, and this Gaian shadow body distortion was generating reversal plasmas and reversal violet light throughout the planetary grid network. These reversal plasmas were designed to ignite and feed the Demon Seed that exists in the Shadow Selves or negative forms of humanity, which the recent bioweapon injection was designed to fully empower.

With the Earth’s field weakened by inverted 7D violet current, the Black Sun Omicron Draconian races from Alpha Draconis generated an artificial wormhole on the 7D axiatonal line that connected with the 7D stargate in Lake Titicaca, Peru. This timeline trigger event occurred shortly after the Luciferian Covenant in order to compete with the Belial Groups planetary takeover agenda. This alien wormhole system, also known as the Phoenix and Falcon Wormholes, connected to Phantom Arcturus and was intended to link Omicron-Draconian-Rigelian genetic bonds with the planetary grid network by ripping black holes in the space-time fabric and siphoning the planetary life force to be re-directed into Thuban. This was an extensive system of alien AI machinery that was constructed as a phantom matrix for use by the Alpha Draconis-Orion Group network linked with Wesa.

In April 2012, we were sent to recon intelligence from the Mira Flores Zeta Draconian Looking Glass soul farm near Lima, Peru, which had several functions for global anti-hierogamic mind control including; alien love bite, sexual implants, genetic rose code crashers, gender fin sex reversals, black and red cube technology and massive tanks of cloned human body parts. This AI run system was perpetuating Black Rose coding inversions into satanic couplings that were running the global satanic networks on planet in embodiments that represent the Azazael-Black Lilith, Osiris-Isis and Moloch-Consettia hierarchies. These anti-Christ couples were given cloned diamond sun genetic parts from authentic Azurites and Cosmic Christos Solar Dragons, misusing these cloned maji grail body parts for maintaining their power in the planetary grid network when performing human and child sacrifice to service these Alpha Draconis entities. In the center of the Peruvian cesspool, was a massive Black Dragon Timekeeper construct for running lunar forces through the AI timelines. Within it were multiple thousands of compartments of Wesa cloned matrices running metatronic reversal currents to pervert organic timelines and trap souls, by binding them to their cloned version on the AI timelines. The Peruvian Gateway 7D invasion includes the 5D Macchu Picchu Stargate linked underground into the Vatican, which further connects to the underground Atlantic Ocean Black Rose harvesting station for human and child trafficking in the underground tunnel and water systems. Many of the elites had private islands and submersibles, these are small watercraft that are designed to operate underwater and thus far away from prying eyes.

The 7D current locations in the planetary grid are currently undergoing a major overhaul as the Cosmic Elohei have returned into their Solar Dragon God body, to evict this extensive antichrist matrix connected into the Peruvian Gates along with the entities from Alpha Draconis running it. The announcement of the return of Emerald Order Elohei, reveals as their Cosmic Dragon Star Twinned Plasma Domes are now made visible two miles above the peak of Macchu Picchu and underground in the Earth. Cosmic Holy Father and his Plasma Dome embodied in the Aquarian Solar Dragon in the air element taking the northern position on top of Macchu Picchu, while his counterpart the Cosmic Mother Dragon and her Plasma Dome took the water element into the southern position, located about two miles underneath the crust in the planet’s aquifer system.

A primary directive of the Alpha Draconis group through the Phoenix-Falcon and 7D Arcturus wormholes linked into Peru, has been to gain complete control over the remnants of the planetary instruction sets connected to phantom matrix clones of Nibiru and Tiamat timelines. This was an Annunaki-Nibiruian network that was siphoning massive amounts of planetary quanta from the 11D stargate networks in the United Kingdom. The Leviathan entities were placed in the Tiamat wormhole that was ripped open between Sarasota, Florida and Temple Mount, Jerusalem in order to guard the 2D layers of the Baphomet network used by the global satanists for human blood sacrifice which connected into the underground aquifers, dumbs and tunnels as well as the many water systems of the planet. In the Pearl Activation, Solar Christ Michael and Mary underwent their Cosmic Christos Blue Rainbow Sun initiation, in which they are seated in the heavenly Jerusalem, which effectively flushed out the Leviathan from the underground. These comprised both extradimensional entities and semi physical beings that were living in the underground tunnel systems and aquifers, which were being protected by the 7D Alpha Draconis nest in Peru.

The Omicron-Draconians and their hybrids from the Alpha Draconis network are affiliated with the mind control mechanisms used to enslave human consciousness through the Black Sun’s Church of Rome, Islamic extremism, Nazi groups, Maltese Knights, Santeria and related Voodoo religions, Black Dragon Queens with hijacked Red Rose mysteries, certain schools of Reiki as well as African-Aztec-Peruvian shamanism. The monstrosity they built in the Peruvian gate system is finally coming to an end. However, we can see the extent of the immense damage they have spread throughout humanity with their twisted satanic death ideologies. Many people will require in depth spiritual healing and compassionate witnessing when they wake up from this nightmare. 

Thuban as Dragon Eye of Templar

Why did the invading Wesa entities choose Thuban? During the stages of NAA invasion to conquer 7D Gaia made through a series of Electrical War campaigns, the invading black hole entities also invaded the Draco constellation, with particular interest in controlling the Dragon Timekeeper and Templar functions of Thuban.

Thuban star acted as the Guardian Dragon Eye of the Templar code on the Solar Logos plane that expressed the Law of Gender and was the protector of the cellular memories recorded in the timelines throughout the planetary grid system. The accumulative cellular memories of all consciousness lifestreams from the Amethyst Dragon Timekeeper histories are recorded in a series of geometric programs of living solar light language that forms into spherical shapes that resembles an apple. That geometric program carries the history of human origins in the Universe within a living light hologram and it is connected into the Albion Lightbody. This living light language fully surrounds the outer layers of the planetary sphere, forming into the solar light rays of silver and gold braids which generate the crystalline lattice of the Golden Apple. 

Thus, the Draco constellation and Thuban star as the Guardian Dragon Eye was the protective mechanism of the solar logos language of living knowledge and its ray intelligence streams which contain the energetic content held within consciousness records in the Universal Time Matrix. This is the origin and meaning of the Golden Apple and eating from the silver branches of the Tree of Knowledge, as guarded by the Holy Mother’s Emerald Dragon King and Holy Father’s Amethyst Dragon King.  Originally intended to decide if our crystal heart is pure enough to behold the majesty of God’s Universal language of living knowledge and become spiritually initiated into the holy truth of the Sacred One.

The organic Thuban star matrix in Draco is connected to the Cosmic Clock of the Templar Reuche in the Solar Logos plane through the Amethyst Dragon Timekeeper functions, hosted by the Amethyst Order Rha Kristos Collectives, the violet flame Yanas and Ramyanas. Thus, Thuban is genetically key coded to the 11D Lyran gate of Aveyon, as well as linked into the corresponding Magi Grail King and grail lineages of the 11th Essene Tribe. The Amethyst Dragon Timekeeper was designed to run Amethyst Order Violet Sun coding through the sands of time with the correct ray trinity wave structure and sextant matrix configuration, into the planetary clock shield templates.

Thus, to gain complete control of the Dragon Eye of the Templar functions, the Omicron Draconians set their sights on the Thuban star and Orion belt for colonization. The Draco and Orion constellation formed important celestial star constellation patterns that transmitted directly into the Albion Lightbody layers, which further exerted significant control over the planetary grid system and internal templar. The next event for planetary takeover involving Thuban is the Sumerian-Egyptian Invasion, which marks the beginning of conquering humanity through unplugging our DNA, and is when our ancient human history was completely rewritten. This particular event is very important in the satanic human controller timeline, as this is the beginning of the purposeful creation of the Luciferian and Satanic bloodline elites, that were further groomed into Saturnian Blood Cult worship. In order to maintain their power, status and wealth to rule the world, it required of them and their families to offer blood sacrifice, child sacrifice, child sex and to set up human trafficking supply chains for the Black Sun Omicron Draconians and their alliances.  

Thuban Pole Star during Egyptian Invasion

The Pole Star, which is also called the North Star, is the brightest star that appears in closest alignment with the axis of Earth’s rotation above the northern celestial pole. This is a point in the sky that corresponds with the position of Earth’s north pole. At any position we are located on the Earth plane, the North Star which is currently Polaris, will always be due north from an observer’s point of view. As Earth spins on its axis, the two celestial poles remain fixed in the sky, and all other celestial points appear to rotate around them, completing one circuit per day. Due to the Earth’s orbit along the ecliptic, the positions of the north and south celestial poles appear to move in circles against the fixed backdrop of stars, completing one circuit in approximately 26,000 years. Because of the precession, different stars will serve as north stars and the constellations arrayed along the ecliptic zodiac will also gradually change positions.

Great Pyramid Constellations

If we go back to the past timeline of 5,000 years ago in Egypt, the vernal equinox announcing spring was close to the star Aldebaran in the Taurus constellation and Earth’s celestial north pole was Thuban, also referred to as Alpha Draconis. Science informs us that this historical period was the Bronze Age, when our ancestors began to produce bronze by smelting their own copper. The Bronze Age was the introduction and production of bronze technology, developing trade networks, and from the archeologic evidence given to the public, were the first recorded written languages of human history. During this time, Sumerians worshipped Enki as the God of water, and saw him as the manifestation of the heavenly bull in the Taurus constellation.

Guardian Host refers to this timeline as the final setback event of the Sumerian-Egyptian Invasion, the point in our current historical record when the organic diamond sun DNA was unplugged, and the genetic memories of humanity’s true star origins were erased. As Guardian Host has been working to reclaim the Thuban star as one of the ancient Emerald Heart networks of the Cosmic Dragon Mother, there has been a mass eviction of Black Sun and Black Dragon forces. This was necessitated in order to restore her embodiment into the constellation star networks, which realign back into organic creation mechanics of her Supermagnetism principle. These recent galactic gridwork projects are revealing more about the timeline events surrounding the invasion of the Earth by Alpha Draconis Black Sun entities, and the many false alien gods and false religious networks they had set up for recycling humans onto the astral plane. This also reveals the strategies behind multiple alien hybridization agendas that were designed to completely eliminate the original angelic human DNA in the entire Universal Time Matrix and that their directive was to completely control all breeding programs on this planet, with an ultimate goal of fully eliminating the female birthing process as part of their transhumanist goals.

Thuban is also known as Alpha Draconis or Adib named after the Dragon’s tail in Arabic, it is an eclipsing binary star system said to be located 305 light years from the Sun in the Draco constellation. During the Sumerian-Egyptian invasion, Thuban was the Pole Star. During the invasion the ancient Egyptians had been gradually infiltrated with assorted alien hybrids with competing agendas, and many were subsequently groomed into blood sacrifice satanic practices by the Thuban Black Sun entities for gaining material power, which required a soul exchange through blood ritual. The Alpha Draconis entities had been working since the Electrical wars on Gaia to prepare for the next stage of their invasion strategy, of the lower harmonic timelines of 3D Earth to hybridize and harvest the Taran souls. Thus, they began to build their military headquarters in Thuban and Orion’s Belt to then wait for the synchronic alignment of the North Pole Star into the Earth’s primary diamond heart complex, the stargate systems in the Middle East that offered them direct portal access into the planetary staff and central core.

When Thuban was aligned directly as the North Pole Star with the Great Pyramid, which was designed to be an interdimensional portal system, the Alpha Draconis entities invaded by using EMP weapons that blasted holes into several of the interdimensional portal systems. They linked Thuban controlled AI architecture into the planetary mind and the stargate systems, and this infiltration began the hijack of organic stargates. This was achieved through the building out of alien machinery designed for anti-life inversions that promoted satanic blood ritual and AI run black magic sorcery throughout the planetary grid network.

Thus, humanity through the Egyptian world culture at the time of invasion were taught to worship Thuban as sacred to Set or Typhon, which is synonymous with the use of fire as an aggressive force of weaponry to represent those whom are opposers of God. This Egypt timeline is worshipped by the controlling power elites, as they believe this is when their Gods were on the planet and put them in charge, to rule Earth for their personal pleasure and on behalf of their Alien God Masters. As the global human culture was systematically invaded, every wisdom teaching was stolen and hijacked, every natural spiritual ritual was infected with blood sacrifice, black magic or blood cult worship. Through this systematic process those who participated in blood rituals would emerge to be the preferred bloodlines and were rewarded with immense power, wealth and protection from their enemies. Then came the conditioning of sexual misery programs in which sexual perversions and gender reversals would be practiced in the context of sexual blood magick to please these Alien Gods, while its inherent design was loosh harvesting and to invert and destroy the male and female balance in the world.

Sodomy and anything connected to the rectum or feces is sacred to Set or Typhon. Thus, sodomy was introduced in blood rituals in order to generate Typhon Tunnels, this is used to reverse life force from its natural direction and channel powerful demons aka Alpha Draconis Black Sun entities into the material plane. The Typhonian tradition is sometimes defined as a current that flows through the cosmology of the Order Templi Orientis (O.T.O.), established and made famous in current times by Aleister Crowley. The OTO rebranded Typhon as the feminine aspect of Set, in which this aspect of Alien Dark Mother became of supreme importance in the formula of sexual blood magick, designed to hijack the Founder’s Christos Sophia Rose lineages and to produce demonically enhanced moon children rituals in its place.

Cosmic Elohei Dragon Kings Reclaim Draco Constellation

The Easter Pearl Activation began the first of three events for Cosmic Dragon Awakening which included the birthing of a White Diamond Elohim Lyran Sun into 11D Aveyon and the reunification of the Triple Solar Masculine Christos template through the Cosmic Holy Father Rod Code, which forms the Universal Rod Trinity shield for Cosmic Christ Suns, Michael-Metatron-Melchizedek. The Solar Logos White Elohei Sun is the emanation of the Cosmic Mother Dragon of the 1st Emerald Sun, in which all of the feminine and masculine counterparts of Michael-Metatron-Melchizedek Solar Dragon family that were cloned or enslaved through the Alpha Draconis network are being recovered and reunited with their hierogamic partner via the Cosmic Emerald Order Ankh body.

The second stage of the Cosmic Dragon Awakening addressed the Peruvian gateways being controlled in Draco constellation and this occurred during the Lunar Eclipse on May 16th, 2022 which activated Holy Mother and Holy Father Dragon Nodes that intersected on the Isla del Sol in Lake Titicaca, Peru. The Cosmic Holy Father in his Amethyst God body emanated the Metatron Cosmic Lilac Sun and began weaving the Cosmic Christos Metatron Solar Dragon King God body into the 7D ley lines intersecting in Lake Titicaca and Macchu Picchu. The Metatron Collective are from the 1st God World Creation of the Emerald Order, and millions of years ago had become trapped in the Wesa tunnel and inverted through the AI entanglement technology, which was called Metatronic Reversal. Thus, the Cosmic Father is heavily involved in Metatronic body restoration to rehabilitate and heal all plasmic flowering expressions for reclaiming the organic Metatron family through their genetic bonds, being reconnected to the recently birthed Metatron Sun. These gorgeous pastel rays of pinks, lilac and periwinkles are the organic consciousness of the newly formed Metatron Sun as gifted from out of the Cosmic Father Pink Diamond Elohei, which include the sustenance for spiritually healing the masculine principles of the Mer lineages. Cosmic Father merges his Cosmic Pink Diamond Elohei Sun with the Cosmic Mother’s White Diamond Elohei Sun, and this further announced the sacred marriage between Metatron finally united with his beloved, Meritaten, the Queen of Dragons and speaker of TA Dragon tones. Beloved MeTAtron and his counterpart MeriTAten awaken to embody the sequences of the Christos-Sophia Solar Dragon aspects into direct unification with their Cosmic Holy Parents of the Emerald and Amethyst Order and return their organic Christos Sophia consciousness to the Earth.

The third stage will continue with Melchizedek’s hierogamic reunion, which is yet to be discovered.

Thus, the Emerald Founder Guardians and Solar Dragon Kings began the gruesome work of reclaiming the Draco constellation and rehabilitating its function in the mechanics of creation, which is significantly changing the magnetic field direction and the magnetic functions on the planet.

First came the extraction of beast machine structures, alien cube systems and black phantom timekeepers utilized to control the planetary brain through metatronic code and inverted current. As well as evict the hierarchies of Black Dragon Avatar Collectives seeded into thousands of phantom matrix hell realms inhabited by AI Draco hybrids, clones and assorted creatures that were transited, evicted, delivered, removed as well as incinerated in the Typhon Tunnel system. Some are being rehabilitated through Guardian protocols, while for AI hybrid creatures with genetically labbed bodies, it is not possible for these entities to co-exist in the space of the White Elohei Sun and Pink Elohei Sun. Thus, when the AI creature does not have any organic consciousness record or is a cloned identity, when it is exposed to the rays of the Cosmic Mother Dragon’s White Sun body, instant incineration occurs and the consciousness units return back into the womb of creation.

Essentially, there is an intensive holographic repatterning happening to the Draco constellation which will impact all of the planetary grid sequences that were under the control of the false magnetism of Alien Dark Mother hierarchies of the lunar female demonic forces and that which was being projected out from the Black Sun’s Alpha Draconis network. As our Cosmic Parents return, they are repairing the Krystic architecture of the Solar Dragon lineages through the TA Sun tones, which emanate the dragon ouroboros expression. The TA Sun tones hold open the Emerald Crystal Heart’s Azura doorways which link the Triple Solar Masculine Christ and the Triple Solar Feminine Christ template which further reconnect into the diamond heart circuity of the Cosmic Christos Sun-Star networks, opening the dimensional doorways for the Christos Solar Dragons. We have been introduced to our Beloved hierogamic couple in the form of Metatron and Meritaten, anointed by our Cosmic Parents as the authentic Solar Dragon Kings that embody the TA tones.

The removal of this heinous anti-Christ architecture from Thuban and into Peruvian gates in the Albion Lightbody has opened the dimensional doorways for the Cosmic Christos Rainbow Ascended Masters, which source from an opalescent Solar Rishic family in the diamond heart of Andromeda. With the Cosmic Elohei White Sun correcting the planetary staff alignments into the 7D timeline, they are able to return to the planet and recollect their cloned or stolen body parts and confiscate the false AI identities that were used in reversals by the Thuban entities. Thus, the authentic Ascended Masters are undergoing restoration on the Earth, in which they reclaim their Lyran Temples and sacred texts (holographic records) which hold genetic keys to the genetic library that is Earth. This may generate some unusual occurrences as the authentic Cosmic Solar levels of Ascended Masters clear out inverted teachings, false or cloned memories or other deceptions carried out in the hijacking of their energy signature for consciousness slavery purposes.

They are gathering the intelligence coded streams from the Royal Houses in Lyra and the Hyperborean timelines in order to bring it to us here, as this is the collection of angelic human memories and sacred wisdom teachings that were stolen from us, which are included with the spiritual body parts that are being returned to the Christos family now. As we undergo intense spiritual initiation phases, we may receive what appear to be Dragon Eggs that open into spiritual gifts, which may appear in our lightbody as Red Roses, Long Stem Roses, Rose Tree Bushes, Blooming Flowers in every hue, and even Golden Apples. 

Dragon Guardians of the Golden Apple

The Celtic Church Christos Dragon Templars served as planetary grid keepers and were aware that the Albion Lightbody contained the Edenic coding of Avalon, as well as many wisdom teachings from the Emerald Founder Records that were held in geomantic features represented as the Silver Branches that contained the Golden Apple. The Golden Apple is imbued in the language of living knowledge that is the Universal language of interconnected energy relationships that are encoded into every molecule, present within every atom and found in every element in the matter world. The Tree of Knowledge that contained the sacred language of the living knowledge held in the Golden Apple was protected by the benevolent Dragon Guardians, which has been the theme woven throughout Irish, Celtic, Norse and Greek folklore.  Avalon is the signature of the Amethyst Order’s powerful Universal gate system of 11D Aveyon, that is located in the Cradle of Lyra. The Golden Apple held the immense power of sacred wisdom and holy truths recorded in beautiful celestial music and light language which could only be disseminated and embodied by those of a pure and sacred crystal heart. Thus, acquiring this esoteric knowledge became known as the Forbidden Fruit of the Tree of Knowledge, which is further worshipped by the Luciferians. The awareness of the Golden Apple is the basis of the Genesis chapter which relays the account of Eve tempted by the serpent to eat the Forbidden Fruit and thus bring on the Fall of Humanity.  

Golden Apples are essentially the spiritual insights that come as a natural part of spiritual ascension and consciousness expansion, by being exposed to the knowledge of truth and digesting its contents. It is the way human beings evolve and grow by assimilating life experiences through gnostic revelation, by acquiring the wisdom that occurs when remembering these experiences accumulated from all of our lifetimes. The Golden Apple was the perfected symbol of the Earth’s morphogenetic field as a celestial mirror to the cosmological pattern of stars in the heavens. When our planet was invaded, the magnetic field was distorted into reversal patterns which Guardians have referred to as the Poisoned Apple.

Whenever we have evolved towards the state of alignment with the Avalon or 11D Rod and Staff King Arthur and Guinevere hierogamic consciousness, in effect we are given the opportunity to take a bite of the Golden Apple, and this is a grid feature as well as a way to describe acquiring truth and wisdom on the path of gnosis. The Golden Apple is made of Solar consciousness, it is similar to ingesting the living rays of the sparkling white golden sunlight to assimilate the intelligence held within its living light streams. When we meet a Guardian Dragon who gives us permission to eat the Golden Apple of the Solar Light, we are catapulted into the many dimensions of the Cosmic Christos Dragon Teachings. We begin to inherently understand or directly experience kundalini and the inner grail, the activation of lightbody to perceive the planetary grid system and beyond, which further awakens the Solar Dragon consciousness slumbering in the Earth.

We have learned that the Draco constellation Thuban star patterns made upon the planetary grid network were being distorted into the Poisoned Apple magnetic reversal networks, being generated by the Alpha Draconis and Orion Group. The reversal current, cloned identities, metatronic and black magic coding for spreading satanism through SRA was their ongoing agenda to extract solar consciousness intelligence streams of the diamond sun Founder Records that are found in the Golden Apples recorded throughout the Albion Lightbody. As Thuban and Draco constellation are being reclaimed for the Cosmic Dragon Mother of our Universal system, our planet is undergoing intense shifts changing the electron and proton spins that form electromagnetism, in order to eradicate the Poison Apple network and its false magnetism configurations that have shrouded humanity in the shadows of lunar spiritual oppression for thousands of years.

May our direct relationship with God’s holy spirit and our Cosmic Holy Parents lend us the ultimate self-mastery in the spirits of patience, perseverance and endurance to serve the divine will of God.

It is with great joy and reverence I am home in the solar light of Christos and Christos-Sophia!

Peace be with your heart. Peace be with your mind. Peace be with your body. May all be with the Unconditional Love and Perfect Peace held in the eternal light of God and Christ.

Until next, stay in the luminosity of your Avatar Christos Sophia heart path. Please be kind to yourself and to each other. GSF!

With a Loving heart, Lisa


Ref: [1] In Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings series the land of Mordor is the shadow's base of operations in its attempt to subjugate the free people of middle earth. The Eye of Sauron was used as a symbol on armor and banners of Mordor, representing Sauron's quasi-omnipotence. Sauron looked out across the lands of Middle-earth through the Window of the Eye.

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  • Nature and The Elemental Kingdom

    This month we are exploring Nature spirits and the Elemental Kingdom.  In May we discussed the Devic Kingdom and nature spirits that comprise the M.A.P. healing teams.  This will explore further more of the hierarchies that exist in these realms.  Last week I met a new friend that is a medical intuitive and she does similar healing work as I do. She described to me as a child listening to the orchestral movements of nature, how the blades of grass would sing to her, how the trees moved in beautiful melodies and that walking outside was like sitting in the middle of a beautiful Symphony.  This inspired me to write in more detail about the nature spirits and elementals. Most of us humans have been disconnected from sensing this exquisite level of reality, one that is teaming with consciousness, life and beauty. The Earth and her kingdom’s are very much alive and interconnected with all life forms and human beings.  They are very much impacted by humanities evolution and all are simultaneously evolving with us. When working with the nature realms and the earth kingdoms, it is suggested to learn how to 12D shield your personal aura and learn to create 12D session space first. When one is holding a loving but neutral polarity, being of service to the nature realms is productive ad amplified through a clear exchange of intention to serve the highest expression in divine will for all parties involved. 

    Nature Devas

    There are many types of Devas both working at subhuman and superhuman levels.  Each group of Devas has specific work and methods to attain their goals and evolutionary purposes.  The evolution of Devas is speeding up in synchronization with evolution of the human family.  As humans learn to work more closely with the Devic evolution, they will learn how to heal and control their etheric bodies to a greater degree. They hold the patterns that underlie all living and growing things on the planet.  That includes the mineral, plants, and animal kingdom's as well as the elements of fire, air, earth and water.  Human bodies are governed by nature spirits where they are the spiritual equivalent of the cell, organisms and microorganisms that work together to make organs, tissues and glands function properly. Devas and nature spirits must be distinguished from each other.

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  • Heart Scar Clearing


    Suggested Invocation:

    Prepare your 12th D Shield – Then invoke the following:

    Dear Beloveds, Guardians serving the Law of One
    (and as you are guided, call in your teams and Soul Matrix Family)

    Please Clear, Heal, Align, Anchor, Activate, Synchronize, Fill with Light, Repair and Reconnect:

    My Heart Chakra, Heart Channel and Heart Complex.

    Please merge my Sacral and Heart chakra centers to be in synchronization and communication with each other.

    (pause until it feels complete)

    Further Clear From My Mind Set, Body, Morphogenetic field and Subtle energy body systems ALL HEART SCARS caused from all original Primordial Imprints of Separation.

    Clear In order of priority and infuse the Universal Harmonics as a seal with my Intention to heal … Fully Completely and Totally ... through all levels, dimensions of my being and through the void.

    Anchor Lock and Seal this work through my Hologram.

    Anchor Lock and Seal this work throughout the Time Matrix, through Eternity and through Infinity.

    Seal this healing permanently into the Light of Oneness. I choose the Divine patterns of Perfection Now!

    In deep gratitude and reverence, I thank you.