Shifting Timelines
There are many subtle force reconfigurations occurring at the quantum level of the planetary mainframe that are changing the way the external and collective energy fields organize and manifest into the world.
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We have to move through the series of Timelines in each dimensional octave and reclaim our identity while recoding and changing the obsolete or false reality from interfering with our continued spiritual growth.
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Bifurcation of Time
Bifurcation means the splitting of a main body into two parts.Thus, the planetary fields and humanity are coming to experience the next phase of the planetary Ascension Cycle, which is the nature of Bifurcation of Time.
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Lifting Your Veil: Surviving the Ascension Process

May 2008

Lisa Renee

Dear Family,

There is a tremendous amount of new activity emerging and the energies are wilder than any E-Ticket rollercoaster ride at Disneyland. (For those that remember the E Ticket!) Over the last months a new level of Starseed Awakening has appeared and made itself known to those that have stewardship or leadership agreements during the Ascension Cycle.

Many have been abruptly awakened into their next level of identity and stimulated to begin to comprehend their upcoming role on this planet, while others have been quietly reassigned. These reassignments may feel as though all on the horizon has shifted (as last month's Vantage Point newsletter described). Some may be in preparation for the shift where reality will change at the drop of a hat, if it has not already. We have started to get into the groove and to understand that our lives necessitate constant micro adjustments and change, that can and may happen at every moment. This is because we are experiencing collapsing fields of probable realities very quickly these days, as we move into simultaneous time field experience.

This is a smaller niche of beings I am addressing now and you know who you are.

The Stewardship of the Plan

For those of us that have accepted Stewardship and Representation for the Cosmic Sovereign Law and Divine Plan of this Planet, where we are able to be of service can change our location or shift our realities quite a lot. We now belong to the Plan and separate interests or ego desires will fall by the wayside. We will not feel like doing anything else, as our drive to be God in Action will supersede our personality program. Our energetic resonance has increased so much during March, that our personal sphere of influence is dramatically impacting the fields around us. People and animals may now stare when you walk by because their soul being remembers this field of energy, from somewhere else in time.

Right now is a pinnacle timeline moving the human race into the final phase of Aeons, which we could consider the final conflict drama.

This phase of Aeons beginning for our Starseed Planetary Stewardship Group is where the peddle hits the metal. Our personal metal will be tested for faith, strength and soul integrity in the face off with our negative ego and the 3D illusions that have been implanted or entrained in us. This is to ferret out in every way, any place we may have a weakness of faith, as we must become single pointed in your focus now.

Spiritual Maturity

One pointed devotion and vigilance is required for the perfection in this spiritual path, to return to the One. This is applying non-negotiable spirituality, the wisdom and maturity to accept and acknowledge our responsibility to our soul and to humanity at this time. This is about applying our personal will and the dedication it takes to fully surrender to the will of God and the Divine Plan, especially in the face of adversity and challenge. We will need to gather all of our light-worker tools and unify with each other in groups.

And this is why.

Our group soul work has changed the future timeline fields and many of us now exist connected outside of the controllers' field of atomic harness. This is not pleasing to the controller group and so targeting or negotiating with the Starseeds in the standard controller fashion has been accelerated. The standard controller program is a task force which uses manipulation to influence the principle of Divide and Conquer. They are aware that if they keep us separate and in spiritual ego we will lose our group unity, cohesion and power. Therefore, it is absolutely crucial to be hyperaware and vigilant if you are leading groups, and to be aware of this program operating to divide our Light Family and Starseed Network. They will attempt to lure Powerful Leaders of Light into temptation and other programs, in order to corrupt their integrity. Those who do not take the bait will then be discredited or accused by others.

Under no circumstance can you accept those beliefs or statements using division, separation or spiritual ego through comparison or judgment.

Attempt to educate and support yourself to empower your groups using principles of resonance, to allow each being to discern aligned energies and to choose within themselves. Support people to understand that imposing oneself on another in any way is antichrist behavior, and is actively manipulated and holographically inserted by the dark energies.

As an Example: say you know someone and you feel that you received a psychic impression about their field of energy. You did not receive permission from them to scan their field, however you are very intuitive and you happen to get a lot of information about them. It seems important and you are caring, so you contact this person and decide to tell them of your psychic discoveries. You may decide to tell them you saw evil spirits and attachments sucking off their energy. You may want to help them clear these things and decide to tell them what you saw. The person may go into fear and exacerbate all the negativity that YOU WERE JUST MANIPULATED TO PLACE IN THEM, without your conscious participation. This unravels astral tags, cords, inserts and other implants that the dark manipulated you to direct energetically to this person. This is what I refer to as Fishing with a bait hook and is a common astral faux pas that the dark uses to manipulate lightworkers. This my dears is an EGO PITFALL and must absolutely be avoided. Do not intrude, scan or impose your energies on another unless you have been directly requested or asked to do so. If you are the recipient of this unsolicited attention DO NOT ENGAGE and if guided do not respond. Prayers of goodwill sent, which the person can receive as a blessing in any way they choose is an entirely different story.

Refrain from engaging in gossip or saying negative things about another spiritual leader. Most of us have no idea what that person has undergone in order to be in that position and we should apply compassion before judgment. All of us that are accepting group leadership energy dynamics are HERE for a specific purpose, for the utilization of certain codes and to be the light beacon for the beings that are needed for that specific genetic configuration. You will find a huge variation of methods and modalities available to each and every classroom of being that exists here. We must apply the future memory of our knowledge to know all paths lead back to the One, at some point in time.

Counterforce Methods

Our discernment will need to be assessed in greater ways, as we must recognize one of the great Universal Laws operating in this Time Matrix system. As we move forward be aware of the Pairs of Opposites and the Law of Polarity, to allow a neutral association as a response to it. Consciously remove and clear all emotional conflict with the pairs of opposites and polarities when they come up. It will become increasingly evident during these times that All is Responded to with Polarity.

We must comprehend that during this Final Conflict with the Power of the Eternal Light exemplified and embodied, the Dark will respond in its likeness with its counterforce.

Further, it will respond in a Powerful Illusion that you must Deny as the Truth.

For this you will be required to master navigating the Realm of 3D and the Realm of Ego Illusions. The counterforce uses the following methodology:

· Manipulation of earth frequencies through scalar waves, mind control and chemtrails

·  Enforcing psychological energetic barriers that separate planetary races, as well as galactic races from each other

· Disconnecting DNA through a variety of ways, such as enforcing technology that breaks down the Human DNA code, through genetically modified foods, pharmaceuticals, vaccinations, poisoned air, water and food supply.

· Encouraging race war conflicts and division through projections of prejudice, greed, sex, religion, as well as by creating resentments in survival or base emotional frequencies in humans.

· Controlling use of fear aimed at inciting the instinctual levels of primal urges and those required for survival; such as addictions, sexual manipulations (2nd chakra), food, water, money, shelter, scarcity, etc. (1st chakra)

· Creating False leaders or prophets for the masses to be swayed by, either to trust or to be a scapegoat for a problem.

· Influencing the mass energy fields into a condition of frenzy or the desired outcome of mass opinions, through news and media exploits.

· Rewarding those who obey and punishing those who do not

· Saying you are free when you are really enslaved

· In short using Divide and Conquer, Separation and Polarity consciousness.

Time to Unify

Through your accelerated trial-by-fire initiations and the many who were catapulted by the Sirian Activations that began last July, you have become a finely tuned instrument for God Source and now you KNOW what the Truth Vibration really Is. The Truth Vibration is experienced as a direct cognition or cellular knowingness, it does not source from mind fields. Attempt to feel information and where it is sourcing or impulsing from. Can you feel it inside your core being and heart, or do you feel it as voices coming from inside or around your head?

Our soul mission is to Unify all creation with Unity consciousness vibration, The Universal Frequency of Love and Cosmic Christ Intelligences. We can heal the internal separation by synthesizing the polarities of our 3D electromagnetism into the zero point or neutral field. Remember the Zero Point or Neutral field is the God Matrix, the Energetic Core and Source of all Creation, the Still Point of Wholeness.

Our God Consciousness is not polarized, yet our physical body is, except for the Embodied Avatars. This is a physical body requirement in order to exist within these fields of 3D reality. The Lightworkers have been working to heal and lay the groundwork of Soul Biological Encodements, so advanced consciousness can increasingly incarnate here and further transmute the physical bodies out of the polarity schism. This is why we have been consistently requested to anchor and embody our soul light codes and to remember to reconnect to God consciousness, while in physical form. This is specifically designed to evolve the human race physical system we incarnated into, so that the body will have the capacity to accept the frequencies of the Universal Cosmic Intelligence. This is Unity consciousness and beyond, and contains the energetic reality of the human race's experiential Sovereignty in the Kingdoms. This reality and our true sustaining source are way beyond the finite space matrices created from the controller's parasitic use of our planet and the enslavement of our race.

Remember as we are healing the polarity in our body, it is represented as an Electrical male principle right side, and a Magnetic female principle left side, field that operates separately when you are born into 3D. Your consciousness will still be subject to being filtered through your body and your perceptions will be inherently distorted in this physical polarity. This will give you a tendency to process data in binary thinking, either/or, good/bad, and experience all of the human projections of polarized thinking. We can improve these states of perception through the higher awareness of applying the Universal Law of One, or when we anchor higher levels of our God light consciousness. As we increase our light quotient and frequency we achieve more balanced states of perception, thinking and the energetic processing of data. However, this way of processing and thinking is not fully eradicated until we have merged and are physically existing in a full neutral field. Remember the neutral field has the power to override the system programming. We can only experience it conceptually from our relative level of polarity, as we are unable to have the fully embodied experiential reality. A way to explain this is we can only think of Unity from where we exist, relative to our consciousness ability to perceive while embodied. Our experience of Unity is Infinite and will adjust as we expand into ever higher frequency fields. This is also a spiritual goal of our Ascension Plan, biological ascension merging us into the neutral fields of our completion as divine beings, embodying the Cosmic Christ Intelligences. This will be a full system override of all false matrices and illusions in existence.

Be the Word

We are largely still in the belief that we are the physical body system along with its programmed structure of enslavement. In the interim we must use principles of the energetic reality of Oneness until we are actually healed and merged to experience the actual Oneness as an energetic reality inside our being and in our world. This is referred to as Being the Word.

A way to Be the Word is to hold and train yourself to be in full presence in the moment. When you are knocked out of the state, use a deep inhale breath of 4 counts, hold 4 counts, and exhale 4 counts, which will help you come back into the now.

A simple way to Be the Word is to say with full presence after your breathing, I Am God. I Am Sovereign. I Am Free. I Am the Law of One Made Manifest.

Practice saying, feeling, sensing and being the frequency of these words. Work with your Cosmic Christ Shield or 12D Shield practice and tune into the Transharmonic Pillar. The Transharmonic Pillar is the Timeline Portal with access to the Ascension Plan B or Cosmic Christ Intelligences, as well as the Guardian races of our Star Families. This helps to entrain your physical systems to the energetic reality of our God consciousness. This will also allow your God consciousness to evolve your bodies more quickly and reprogram your physical systems to hold this zero point and neutral frequency. Nothing can manipulate you when you are standing in your power, clarity and purpose.

However, we will find our human parts, such as being physically exhausted as vulnerabilities. Or our less aware family members can and will be a potential weakness, in maintaining our power. The external energies are extremely chaotic and we will continually need to find our center and ways to balance ourselves. Many of us in large cities will need to find refuge in nature among Trees and Forests, as well as soaking in the ocean and other bodies of water. This counter acts the excessive amounts of EMF in the environment and soothes our physical system. Also there has been guidance that Tall Trees have an energetic signature that hide your coordinates and give an actively serving Starseed a much needed respite from the energetic deluge. Personally, I will be investigating this!

During this phase of time we will need to be impeccable with honoring our personal truth in the face of adversity and being honest with ourselves. We will also need to be adaptable in aligning to serve our physical needs of rest and recovery. We will have the creative solutions to get what is needed presented to us, however it will be manifested way outside of any thought process you have had in the past. Expect miracles as a way of life.

Trinitized Family

There is a new level of emerging family units that contain advanced consciousness children, who are accepting a group role to initiate the Trinitized Form, as an energetic principle of trinity to exist within the entire family itself. This is a bit exhausting as a task as not all of the members of the family unit may be at the same vibrational level. So, the one that is densest will have the most catching up to do and will be experiencing an overwhelm. Usually this is one of the parents. Emotional purging and dropping density symptoms such as the kundalini flu, will be an overall pattern present in the family. The Group Family Trinity will be a harmonically averaged group energy field that when stabilized, will strengthen the overall family unit in a very powerful way. For now, it will create a feeling of sequester or separation from other families as if you are existing within your own magic bubble. This is similar to the standard isolation we undergo during the Spiritual Ascension lightbody building process. When we are integrating, social interactions with others are kept to a bare minimum as if you have a sign on your forehead that says "Do not talk to me!" Obsolete 3D structures and those beings totally immersed in those structures will be weeded out from interaction with your family. Much of this will happen naturally through a growing apart and a drift off type of pattern. This is not from any source of judgment but will be necessitated because of the frequency split that is transpiring. It will be abundantly clear who and what resonates with your family unit and what does not. If there are some strange dynamics happening in your family, try to relax into the transformation and stay out of worry. Know that your children have agreed to participate in these changes and the instability may be a part of the evolutionary change.

Unification Points in the Sovereignty Grid

Many of us in the Starseed Planetary Stewardship and Leadership Group are now getting impulsed and directed with the next level of our group projects. The focus now will be on the Unification Principle, and each of us depending on our personal lens of perception and lineage will be guided to facilitate a body of work, group or community project. Some of us will need to travel extensively while others will do this in their own demographic community and host others from out of town. The overall objective is to create Unification points on the Sovereignty Grid to strengthen, expand and create a network of support for our Families of Light, both on the inner and outer planes. We will need as a group to unify ourselves and lay the groundwork to create the new value system for the New Earth energetic reality. This is the comprehension of the Universal Laws of creation, God Energy Physics and Principles of being in harmony with All of Life. This will be learning the principles of the new paradigm and value system, beginning to create structures to support them as we move forward to actually experience this as an emerging energetic reality. We will need to remember that this project will be responded to with Polarity, as our light will be met by dark forces.  We will need to be vigilant with our discernment and listen to our feeling senses for resonance.

Massive Light-Body Integrations

If you are experiencing total exhaustion and needing a lot of sleep, please know that you are not alone. Since the March Equinox Activation we have been undergoing another level of personality dissolution, physical body adjustments and attunements. Since we have accelerated the timelines in March (see the New Vantage Point newletter), for many of us it necessitated an aggressive upgrade to our physical self. There is a sprouting of the wings of the Merkaba layers that I have been consistently observing in our galactic family. Also, the zero point field energetic gridwork is being prepared, as well as further miasmatic clean ups. All we need to greet the particle acceleration to smoothly run in our bodies and blend the particle and anti-particle systems and stations of our identity is happening now. Thank you Aurora!  Many of us have chosen this physical identity to be the body of Ascension and our Last Embodied Ascended Form, and its Consciousness Identity is working with us personally, along with many other evolution teams. It is interesting for me with my lineage, to observe that many of these stations of Identity are sourcing or affiliated with the Egyptian 18th Dynastic period.

This has been a long missive, which I hope you have found empowering and supportive. We do not have the luxury to be in denial of our responsibility any longer. It is the time of our self-mastery to return to this Earth to reclaim the divine inheritance and liberation for all human beings. I am deeply humbled and grateful to be among you and call you my family.

Stay in the luminosity of your heart and soul path. We are here as One.

Love, Lisa


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