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There are many subtle force reconfigurations occurring at the quantum level of the planetary mainframe that are changing the way the external and collective energy fields organize and manifest into the world.
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We have to move through the series of Timelines in each dimensional octave and reclaim our identity while recoding and changing the obsolete or false reality from interfering with our continued spiritual growth.
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Bifurcation of Time
Bifurcation means the splitting of a main body into two parts.Thus, the planetary fields and humanity are coming to experience the next phase of the planetary Ascension Cycle, which is the nature of Bifurcation of Time.
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April 2013

Clarifying Gender Principles

Lisa Renee


Dear Ascending Family,

From the Guardian perspective, Spiritual Ascension comprises the Science of the Spirit, encompassing the entire quantum mechanics of how spirit and matter travel throughout time and space. At certain levels of frequency conjunction within the spiral of time, access to higher blueprints that create new energy templates is made possible. The planet has reached that axis in time where the gender principle of creation in this world will be tested for energetic integrity on every level it exists. As we begin a new cycle, there are new Krystal Star hosted energy blueprints that redefine gender centers and their energetic positions in the instruction sets of the gridwork on the planet. Essentially this is a planetary body merkaba shift between the counter rotating spirals of the masculine and feminine energies. What this means is that everything having to do with masculine and feminine principles of energy on this planet is undergoing some kind of transformation at the blueprint level.


These new energy templates exist in the in-between spaces known as the unmanifest field. When there are changes in the unmanifest field it will eventually manifest when connected to a consciousness, individual or group, that resonates with the frequency and content of that new blueprint. If the individual or group consciousness such as collective humanity does not resonate or recognize that energetic blueprint, it will remain in the unmanifest field as dormant. This means it is not being accessed or activated into physical manifestation. This is one reason Ascension knowledge is hidden and there is a direct agenda to dumb down humans through mind controlled ego filters. If we do not know about the true nature of our spiritual consciousness, our ego ignorance will block us from that potential experience. This happens all the time with the controlled suppression of new technologies and scientific discoveries. This is the principal reason to reprogram our belief systems to allow for unlimited patterns of integrative thought. If we remain open to receive anything that is in alignment to our highest expression with God Source, we are allowing unimaginable ways that spirit may manifest blessings into our reality.

Clarifying Gender Issues

Now that this is becoming available in the planetary consciousness field it will directly impact and transform the embodiments of the masculine and feminine energies. Primarily this will be a time in which all gender issues will be explored, discovered and redefined to energetically transform into clarity and truth that is entirely new on planet. This will greatly impact all relationships with a focus on partnerships, marriages, and other unions. On this journey of deep discovery for humankind, learning how to become energetically balanced males and females, we stand at an evolutionary precipice which will bring to the surface all hidden thoughts and behaviors. We must look at our history, our social memes and recognize what has happened to shape our culture as a race of men and women. As we regain the sense of what it means to live in true humanity, united as men and women, we will be pushed to look at the good, the bad and the ugly. We cannot be in denial of deceptions held up around us without suffering great consequences.

As humanity biologically evolves through the Spiritual Ascension process, there is the alchemical process of synthesizing the pairs of opposing forces within the auric spiritual-energetic bodies. As we are exposed to these frequencies, they activate our spiritual progress and we will naturally attract experiences such as other people and circumstances that are designed to help us further spiritually develop. Most of these types of spiritually based experiences or relationships will push to the surface energetic imbalances, such as fears or unresolved pain that exist in the mental and emotional body. This is the only way we can become aware of our inner imbalances, especially gender principle imbalances. These issues must surface in our awareness so that we can recognize them in order to take responsibility for them. In making new choices we can regain our energetic balance that is aligned to our true core essence. If we do not understand the context of our experience or relationship as a purposed evolutionary journey, we can become stuck in obsolete co-dependent patterns and mired in looping painful issues. The experience of surfacing energetic imbalances is designed by the higher spiritual intelligence and not ego preferences. This means that until the ego programs are neutralized, the person’s ascension pathway will be littered with suffering, through mental confusion and dark manipulation. This is why Ascension context coupled with negative ego clearing is highly suggested in order to experience the easiest and most harmonious progress through one’s spiritual ascension. This awareness is important to apply in all relationship settings by building context that the person appearing in your life right now, is there by either divine design or ego dark manipulation. In these next weeks if one is not clear of the current personal relationship design, one will be given that clarity and the responsibility to make required changes to further spiritual development.

Relationships are for Spiritual Development

In Ascension context the synthesizing of the pairs of energetic opposites into unity is also referred to as polarity integration, energetic synthesis or spiritual marriage. This also has the exact same meaning when applied to gender unification, which is the energetic balance between the masculine principle and feminine principle. To biologically evolve spiritually the energetic balance between the masculine and feminine energies within the self must be unified.

Every relationship we have is designed for spiritual development and especially now at the time of ascension, humanity is extremely impacted by the changes that have occurred to the male-female dynamic as it connects to our personal growth.

Most people are unaware that many relationships on planet today are directly attracted by the spirit-self in order to resolve past ancestral patterns, clear blockages, and integrate forces of polarity. All relationships are directly designed for personal growth and spiritual expansion. At this time relationships will collapse or destruct from the imbalances which apply pressure of ego needs, desires and expectations. Without this evolutionary context towards relationships, one is left confused and potentially manipulated by personal pain. That pain is manipulated by dark forces that keep fear as the primary wound used to keep the person disempowered in destructive relationship settings. In these new energies, many destructive relationships based on deception that the dark forces use to obstruct further spiritual expansion in one or both parties will terminate. Embrace these changes if they occur as they are divine interventions to protect your heart and soul, to unite with your true spiritual purpose. This action is sourced in spiritual freedom.

Significant Impact to all Relationships

The same process of polarity integration is transpiring now in the blueprint of the planetary logos or brain. This changes the collective brain configuration thus potentially shifting the thought forms in those human beings that are open to receive those new instruction sets and frequencies. As a result, this new cycle begins intense, rapid and spontaneous changes that significantly impact the energetic balance or energetic schism existing between the male and female principles. This impact will be thematic for a long time and will catalyze momentous transformation in all things having to do with gender, with male and female roles defined through archetypes, marriage, relationships, intimates, partnerships, friendships, family and group dynamics. Many of us will be undergoing deep transformations, exploration and discovery in all permutations of relating in the world based on our gender, as a man or as a woman, both or androgynous.

True spiritual marriage is a deep alchemical process of spiritual ascension and therefore is a part of understanding the necessity of polarity integration between the gender principles. Without polarity integration there cannot be biological spiritual evolution or its byproduct, true spiritual marriage, which is the energetic unification between the gender principles.

Energetic Polarity is Gender Principle of Creation

All things exist within the Gender Principle of Creation, The Natural Law of Polarity also referred to as the Pairs of Opposites. One will notice the same repeated pattern in absolutely every energetic force or form in matter. Every person, place or thing will have an energetic polarity that is balanced or weighted in one form of energetic polarity or it’s opposite. This is represented also within our gender bodies, which expresses a polarity in matter form as male or female. While our physical body exists in one polarity form in matter, our internal energies exist at both male and female principles. Our right side is electric and works as a transmitter, which is the active force principle of the male gender. Our left side is magnetic and works as a receiver, which is the passive force principle of the female gender. Our male electron is positively charged which interacts with the female proton which is negatively charged. These two forces together create the range of electromagnetism we experience on the planet.

To be balanced, harmonized and peaceful with one’s self, one must acknowledge the inner polarity and acknowledge the value and necessity of both gender principles in order to truly know thyself. Our life experiences show us the lessons for our consciousness to learn to bring balance to our inner polarities so that we may achieve sacred marriage and union with our internal spirit. If we become wounded in our male or female, we may choose to exist in one predominate polarity, which we act out into the world. These gender energetic imbalances lead to pain, suffering and the eventual destruction of our self.

To deny polarity exists is to deny Universal Mechanics and the organic Natural Laws of Creation. To unify polarity is to come into balance and unity between the pairs of opposite. As we bring balance to the inner polarities we exude that balance into the world, becoming a harmonizing and healing influence with everything around us. We exude peace and contentment as we feel our sense of purpose being fulfilled. Our sense of connection and life purpose is radiated throughout all living things as we live within the synchronicity of our divine alignment with spirit. This is achieved through the energetic synthesis of these inner polarities brought into unity and balance. Every being is ultimately designed to accomplish this with their consciousness, and is fully capable of achieving this return to balance, in order to experience connection with all things. At this time the inner and outer energetic balance will be supported by those who seek it with much greater ease on the planet.

Wound of Soul Abuse in Relationships

Consciousness is energetic intelligence which can be both undifferentiated units of qualities of energy or arranged in specific blueprints that direct or influence all matter forms. What is contained in the blueprint will govern the form, govern the body and thought-forms and direct the intelligence and the energies associated with that blueprint. This extends to all gender principles, which are influential in all ways human beings believe is the nature of reality and the nature of male-female relationships. Those relationships have been defined by the negative alien influence of thought-forms, belief systems, identity archetypes, how those energies are directed and by whom. These anti-life energies have been purposely distorted through patriarchal domination mind control, which has severely damaged the natural balance that exists between the male and female principle. This has emotionally devastated and spiritually stunted all human beings to some extent. Some of the most traumatizing events are those painful memories from distortions existing between men and women being forced to abuse each other, over and over. These gender principle distortions have been used to propagate some of the deepest levels of spiritual abuse, sexual misery and personal torture that could occur to a race of beings. Many people feel this pain as soul crushing and there are reasons for that, which are warranted from the cellular memories of hidden human history. True spiritual marriage as a part of natural biological spiritual ascension, was stolen from humanity through the alien invasion. The pain of that theft and emotional abuse has damaged many people’s hearts. The heart damage both physical and energetic, has blocked the soul’s center of communication with the entire body. For this reason, there is an unconscious terror in accessing the heart center because the soul wound is so painful for so many on the earth.

With this clarity it would make perfect sense that in order to change the body or heal the heart, one must first change or heal the energetic blueprint or spiritual plan. When we become aware of painful distortions, we have the power through applied consciousness to change our energetic blueprint. This example is well understood in the field of general construction, to add another bedroom, put recessed lighting in a kitchen, to re-wire the electrical outlets, one would hire a construction crew to draw up the plans and then remodel the existing home structure to reflect those plans. If the new plans are shoddy, if the workers are careless about the quality of their work, and the supervisor is without knowledge of how to build to the specification in the plans, the final result of the new construction can be disastrous.

Humanity has experienced the same disastrous result to their home planet by following the energetic blueprint put in place by the alien controllers. This planet is our home and it’s guided by alien sociopaths using an energetic blueprint designed to harm and enslave the human race, through behaviors that inflict soul damage and heart abuse. In order to change this structure, we have to recognize the alien blueprint and how the controllers capitalize on the collective fear of humanity to keep it in place. When we can recognize the fear program, we can refuse its control over our personal sovereignty as eternal soul beings. This gives us the personal power to replace the alien blueprint with a new healthy, balanced, life affirming and humanitarian plan for our individual selves, relationships, our families, children, communities and eventually the entire planet.

Achieving Inner Balance to Spiritual Marriage

This construction crew example works in the exact same way for every part of our personal multidimensional energy bodies, there are plans for each body that govern exactly how that body functions at all levels, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. If one is willing to become aware of these bodies, one can increase the health of the bodies to reconnect to higher levels in order to remove stress, fear, confusion and pain. As one grows in awareness and desires to connect with the consciousness intelligence of each body’s blueprint plan, one is able to make frequency alterations that impact how that body and its energies function. This is a direct function of the HGS template, building new plans for the self, humanity and the planet. As the bodies and their energies function in a more connected cohesive manner, they begin to integrate and reconnect the intelligent energies communicating between each other. That reconnection to intelligent energies includes the ability of the physical body to communicate between the Soul, the Monad or oversoul, and the Christos Avatar. The Christos Avatar changes the energy architecture or plan to reflect trinitized forms, which override all previous intermediaries that have acted vampiric towards the being, in order to directly exchange with the eternal source. Eventually when stabilized, this purges the shadow selves and this higher inner communication changes all of the external communication in one’s personal relationships. One goes beyond karmic entanglements of shadow manipulation, relationship confusion and expands to a new ability to experience and enjoy truly loving balanced and healthy relationships. This is a direct result of one’s spiritual ascension progress which results in inner spiritual marriage.

All Behavior is Related to Spiritual Stages of Development

The process of spiritual reconnection integrates the energetic balance between each of the bodies, and that balance activates increasing levels of higher spiritual intelligence. Thus, developing higher consciousness intelligence manifests higher form and function throughout all of the levels of the being. This level of higher consciousness is free from manipulated mind control, which superimposes directly on the nervous system to influence thoughts and behaviors. This free consciousness is a natural state enjoyed on other planets by advanced races that are not imprisoned by artificial frequency fences, as they are on planet earth.

Higher form and function are a natural byproduct of increasing intelligence that operates in alignment to the organic evolution that exists as a part of the energetic flow of nature. Some examples of higher functions are cellular telepathy, transmutation, bilocation, communication with all of nature and creatures. This alignment to the natural flow creates harmony between all of its bodily parts, and then functions as a part of an integrated whole. When functioning as an integrated energetic whole, deviant behaviors, such as the addictive patterns that create disease, like cancer are eradicated. This is true at both microcosmic personal levels and macrocosmic global or group levels.

Recognizing Deviant Behavior as Soul Disconnection

Conversely the more fragmented and damaged a person’s energetic body is, operating or not operating, the more distorted the thoughts and behaviors become. These deviations are manifested as addictions, perversions and a wide array of damaging disorders that can be well observed in the individual as destructive to the self and destructive to others. When one is continually destructive to the self or others, eventually the soul layers fragment and split. When a human being is soul split, they will exhibit tendencies that are called schizophrenia, dissociative personality, sociopathy, show lack of empathy and an array of psychological distortions that lead to insanity. Insanity is a description of the existence of hell realms, is how to easily recognize possession through satanic anti-life behaviors, that are controlled by the possessing entity. The possessing entity can also be hijacking the negative alien body also. The alien body’s hive mind is controlled by the satanic spirit, who is trolling for bodies to experience certain realities. Entities both human and non-human that possess others bodies are referred to as satanic or anti–life forces, as no other type of light being will choose to possess the body and control the free will of another being. A Christos life force being will never take over another’s body or attempt to control any person to propagate destructive acts. However, the Christos being is the only being that can deliver any entity from its satanic bondage, back into the heart of the God Source creator, if it is so divinely orchestrated.

Insanity is a diseased mind diseased or disconnected soul, which leads the being to choose to continually inflict destruction and harm to the self and others. If continual destructive abusive behavior is not stopped, it will damage the soul through fragmentation and genetic degradation. Insanity is a way to define behaviors which create soul destruction, which ultimately disconnect the body and mind from the soul. When a being is soul disconnected they experience an unquenchable thirst of desire, black depression, pain and suffering at great levels.

Satanic anti-life behaviors in humans and non-humans are a result of being soul disconnected, and as a result they consume and exist on other people’s soul and vital energies. With this clarity there is nothing to fear about deviant behavior when it is understood that these entities are completely disconnected from the eternal soul. Hence their extreme hatred is generated towards people that are fully ensouled or at spiritual stages leading towards the Christos embodiment. The Eternal Soul of Christ is the only way the bondage of servitude to the dark forces is permanently removed. It is for this reason all representations of Christ on earth have been aggressively distorted to grotesque mutations by the Controllers. This has no bearing on what the actual Truth is, as the Law is to be revealed in the Eternal Light.

Correction through Eternal Soul Reconnection

Corrections of extremely harmful deviant behaviors that are rampant in today’s global society such as; pedophilia, addiction, blood lust cravings towards murder, torturing other humans and animals for amusement or monetary gain, hearing tormented voices that are mistaken as Acts of God rather than possession, are all distortions that can be solved at the energy blueprint level of the individual human being's aura. All of these deviant behaviors at their core causation are the result of soul disconnection or soul damage, which resulted in entity possession. Some people may believe that most of these behaviors are karmically aligned in their nature, however this is largely stemming from ignorance promoted in the hijack of the new age belief systems. If we believe these conditions are just penance and karmic in nature, most humans will not question the reasons its happening and allow it to continue. It’s a belief used to keep the sheep inside the pen and to not question its authority made from the Dark Master.

Severe soul damage, enslavement through fragmentation with genetic biological destruction of an entire species is not a “god ordained” energetic rebalancing of karmic power abuses (cause and effect) from other lifetimes. However, in order to permanently heal these deviant behaviors rampant in global society at the individual level (microcosmic blueprint) experience, they also have to be corrected at the planetary (macrocosmic blueprint) level of experience.

Calling out the Dark Force Where It Hides

When we recognize that these negative behaviors are not normal and should be identified as physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually destructive to the entire human race, this is the beginning of the real global awakening that can take place. The change starts within us. It is up to us to create the new normal as we learn to choose healthy and life affirming behaviors. If we cannot recognize deviant, unnatural, alien mind control behaviors that we have been told are normal tragedies to accept, we are destined to allow the insanity to repeat the same destructive patterns over and over. We cannot free ourselves from something or someone that we cannot see, recognize or identify. We must call out these dark forces wherever they hide or they remain cloaked in shadows of deception. We cannot heal these issues until we source them, recognize them as deviant behaviors and then join together as a race to vanquish them. A race devoted to life affirming values that are committed to end this sociopathic insanity from imposing its will upon our children and enslaving the peoples of this earth. Even though it’s ugly, together we have to see it before we can begin to heal it from continuing to wield its destruction upon the human race.

Trinitized Form is the Merging of Spiritual Body Triads

Spiritual Ascension is the expansion related to the embodiment of specific spiritual-energetic triad bodies, which contain intelligence. These levels of intelligence are created as energetic consciousness bodies that are organized in trinities or triads. These triads of spiritual energetic intelligence hold dimensional frequencies which connect to the time and space of that particular plane of existence. When all aspects of the individual triad of intelligence are working and communicating together as an integrated whole this is called a Trinitized Form. Commonly we refer to the Soul Triad as organized between three distinct dimensional planes of time and space, described as 4D, 5D, and 6D. There are distinct Stages of Spiritual Body development in relationship to the energetic merging of these polarities of forces, that directly impact gender centers. The integration of these forces results in the integration between the masculine and feminine counterparts existing within each triad.

Currently the blueprint restoration of the trinity architecture that is necessary to unite spiritual marriage at all three evolving levels, is being supported in the planetary logos. This changes the nature of all gender based relationships to be brought into energetic reconciliation. All of these spiritual marriage stages of development may be held by an extension, twin or genetic equal incarnated or existing in another dimension. More humans will attract relationships from these future timelines, noted as stages that are designed as levels of spiritual marriage, to support the integration of gender polarities and end past timeline karmic patterns. With spiritual relationship awareness at certain stages, couples can travel through the spiritual marriage developments together consciously. Each gender may have a timeline or stage that is the complement required for their gender opposite partner’s polarity integration. These are briefly described as a guideline for the following spiritual stages of development:

Level One Triad: Spiritual Marriage

Stage 1 - Alchemical Union 2D-4D Astral Relationship, Ancestral miasma, Sexual amplification, Karmic issues, Past timeline memories, Phantom matrices, False Ascension Matrix, Black Magician trauma or Astral Dark Arts Training, Negative Forms or Clones, Egyptian Trauma, Lemurian Trauma, Inner Child trauma, Telepathic, Victim-Victimizer for healing, High Risk dark manipulation and Trickster, acts as the Catalyzer for Spiritual Ascension and Awakening.

Stage 2 - Soul Mate 5D, Future Earth lines, Pleiadian influence, 5D Ascension memories, Mayan Calendar influence, Shamanic studies, False Umbilicus reset, Soul Extension shared identity, Resolving Ego Archetypes in identity, Study of Archetypes and patterns, Tarot, Numerology, Astrology and all of the Alchemical Union influencers.

Stage 3 - Twin Soul 6D, Sirian and Indigo Blue Ray Influence, Jesus/Magdalene influence, other planet or future memories, Soul Extension shared identity, Geometric shapes or Crystal modalities, all of the Alchemical Union influencers, when Level One Triad is integrated the whole triad 4D-5D-6D merges to evolve to Rod and Staff Union.

Level Two Triad: Sacred Union or Rod and Staff Union

Stage 1 - Karmic Monad 7D, Arcturian influence, Inner Christ Crucifixion Memories, Monadic extension, Ascended Masters, ET histories, Monad Dark Arts Training, Cathars, Human Family of Origin genetic clearing, Planet Gridwork and Stargates, Planetary Miasma.

Stage 2 - Reversal Monad 8D, Orion and Lyran influence, Nephilim and Atlantean Overlays, Lord Michael Overlays, Patriarchal-King Reversal or Matriarchal-Queen Reversal healing, Reverse Electrons or Metatronic Reversal, Genetic Hybrid healing, Etheric Surgery, NRG architecture dismantling, Black Heart re-encryption, Orion wars, Solar Cross, Alien Implants, Galactic Miasma, all of the previous influencers.

Stage 3 - Monadic Twin 9D, Andromedan Influence, Aquarion influence, Genetic Equal, Rod and Staff, Galactic Stargates, all of the previous influencers, when Level Two Triad is integrated the whole triad 7D-8D-9D merges to evolve to Hieros Gamos.

Level Three Triad: Hieros Gamos Union

Stage 1 – Solar Egg 10D, Monad Twin or Genetic Equals integrate Solar Illuminated Light.

Stage 2 – Buddhic Egg 11D, Monad Twin or Genetic Equals integrate Lunar Reflected Light.

Stage 3 – Cosmic Egg - Christos Embodied 12D, Monad Twin or Genetic Equal synthesizes the Solar and Lunar Light, which when integrated Embodies the Cosmic Christos Avatar of Liquid Aurora Light. Together they share One merged Diamond Sun Body and One Crown.

Synchronicity in Gender Reconciliation

When undergoing the alchemical process of energetic synthesis, the polarities of male or female principles will amplify in extremes as they appear as manifest forms in matter. Many times, this is played out unconsciously by human beings through their gender roles as gender has a manifested and energetic polarity. However, if we can face these polarity extremes with conscious participation and quiet awareness, we will be transparent to the chaos generated from the extreme amplification of these forces. This is especially potent when observing gender reconciliation of polarity extremes as it is transpiring on the planet today. Being the compassionate witness reconciles the opposing forces into the neutral point, which when holding neutral is the point of power that will resolve extremes into aligned synchronicity.

Synchronicity alignment is that state which is egoless, yet aware and aligned to the natural flow of events that naturally self-organize. Through paying attention to the now moment, one becomes aligned to the synchronicity of the natural flow of events. When choosing to be present to synchronic alignments in your everyday life, these circumstances and people will organize to the most coherent resonant pattern. This is so much more effective and effortless in the expending of life force to bring about the most mutually beneficially outcome for all parties that is possible. This synchronistic arrangement is sourced from spiritual-energetic intelligence and not the mental or ego intelligence. The ability to have this awareness will become more important as we observe extreme conflicts between gender, surfacing in our personal relationships designed for spiritual marriage.

The Evolution Blueprint

The successful future of humanities development to progress as an intelligent species is completely interdependent on the scientific comprehension that biological Spiritual Ascension is the basis of all quantum mechanics, that organize the energetic momentum of an evolving holographic reality. The energetic momentum through time and space fields is based on a biological expanding evolutionary blueprint, which is part and parcel of the spiritual-energetic development of a planet and its races. Everything in matter form manifestation contains layers of architecture and energetic blueprint, called morphogenetic fields, without exception. This would mean that the nature of energetic intelligence, defined as the Soul intelligence would be proven as a scientific reality, as well as a consciousness-energetic reality. To understand that the energetic intelligence inherent in all things, seen and unseen, whether animate or inanimate, is to begin to comprehend the vast nature of consciousness.

These are affirmations to seal your gender unification as a single or couple:

I Accept the Male and Female within Me. I AM Perfect Balance.

I AM in Sacred Marriage. My Partner and I serve God’s plan together and share our Love with the World.

Until next stay in the luminosity of your Avatar heart path. Please be kind to yourself and each other.

Love, Lisa

Suggested for You

  • Emotional Release

    amethyst4Emotional Release -1

    Sometimes in conjunction with our energy work we will best be served to have catharsis to surface and acknowledge painful emotional patterns in order to see them clearly and forgive them in ourselves and others.

    Forgiveness and Forgetfulness frees the pain from impacting your body.

    For a complete emotional release you may want to ask yourself a few questions about a few of the social experiences creating frustrations:

    • What is your pay off for your disease/pain?
    • What people do you need to forgive?
    • What do you feel guilty for?
    • Do you have the wisdom to know the difference?  
    • What can you change, what do you need to accept?
    • Are you being totally honest with yourself?

    After each question is complete and you have answered them (it’s preferable to write them down), REPEAT OUTLOUD STEP A.

    STEP A:

    Even though I feel or have this (answer to each question), I deeply and completely accept and forgive myself.

    STEP B:

    Use affirmation to repattern/refocus every time you have an anxious or negative thought. State it as your intention when you wake up in the morning. 

    I stand in my truth.  I move forward with joy.  I have spiritual understanding.


  • Fear Release Chakras

    In the second phase of the Core Fear Matrix Removal Program we will go through each of the layers of the chakras and chakras system and have the chakras balanced and attuned as we remove core fears. It is best to Invocate outloud or you can use this in a group setting of meditation.

    Prepare for the Chakra Attunement and Fear Removal

    Beloveds we call forth our greater god self, the Masters and evolution support team and over lighting Angel of healing in service to light and law of the One of which we serve.

    Beloveds please install the lattice work of light into the layers of each of the chakra systems, fully, completely and totally clearing any and all fear based programs logged there.  

    We call in the platinum ray to sweep through our field, clearing and removing all imbalanced energies or imbalanced matrixes within our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

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