Shifting Timelines
There are many subtle force reconfigurations occurring at the quantum level of the planetary mainframe that are changing the way the external and collective energy fields organize and manifest into the world.
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We have to move through the series of Timelines in each dimensional octave and reclaim our identity while recoding and changing the obsolete or false reality from interfering with our continued spiritual growth.
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Bifurcation of Time
Bifurcation means the splitting of a main body into two parts.Thus, the planetary fields and humanity are coming to experience the next phase of the planetary Ascension Cycle, which is the nature of Bifurcation of Time.
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Lifting Your Veil: Surviving the Ascension Process

January 2009

Lisa Renee


HAPPY AND BLESSED NEW YEAR! This first newsletter of the New Year discusses some current planetary events, as well as the Annual Energetic Theme for our planet's experience in 2009. The over-lighting theme for this coming year will be The Messenger of God revealed, as in the metaphor of Archangel Gabriel blowing his Trumpet of God's Revelation. In fact, Gabriel means the Messenger of God or the hero of God. Gabriel represents the power of God's Life Breath being brought into our consciousness where we can be asleep no more. We're understanding there are Universal Laws governing our reality and there are definitive archetypal patterns to absolutely all cycles of consciousness movement and expression. In this year of 2009 the planetary mass consciousness will experience the Portal of Judgment in this physical dimension.

The Portal of Judgment

We will observe this theme being emphasized in all facets, vantage points and perceptions playing out in the many layers of the holographic reality of our world this year. From each vibrational choice having been made there is the possibility of an entirely different perspective. For those who have not learned the difference between energetic discernment and ego judgment, they will need to assert external control mechanisms. This means that relative levels of distortion will be present and we will see many people develop a compelling need to proselytize and convert others. The urgency will be felt by many people, some of whom will feel the need to control their belief systems by re-asserting their personal will and control over their environments. This is how the group reality bubbles will form, where these old belief systems that people resist changing can be kept alive. This is how the ego plays the safety game, it thinks it is safe by controlling its environment, by imposing its personal beliefs. We may observe some of us regressing back into the Fanatical behavior, such as standing on the street corner with a megaphone announcing scriptural references to passersby. Everyone will feel the deep need to be the REVEALER of Truth.

The Global Awakening has been quickened with the recent social-economic downturns. This is a first level structure dismantling that will inspire many more people to ask the internal questions which they have been distracted from, into forgetting. More spiritual inquiry, self examination and opening to the inner spiritual influences is increasingly prevalent now. In this terrain much of humanity will be removed from the normal perceptive ranges of thinking and linear processing. Creative thinking, intuitive messages and feeling mechanisms will be more utilized because we have to change. The old way is not working anymore and new creative resolutions must be applied. Because proper ego training or discipline has not been applied for most of humanity, we will see both extremes operating simultaneously. We have witnessed more extremes of polarity and this is a part of experiencing the frequency splits between the levels of consciousness experience. This will continue as a pattern. Most of the masses are people that are not able to properly assess their reality, as they are still not aware of its delusion. Delusion creates deception and that makes for a harder challenge when one is attempting to receive and understand the impulses and messages coming from the higher self. Hence it creates more extreme behaviors like the example of the fanatic trying to convert others with their megaphone. This being really feels that it is the right thing to do! The right to own your personal discernment of truth versus the ego judgment to will it upon others, is the distinction to be made at this time. The Portal of Judgment will exacerbate these human behaviors.

The Law of Cause and Effect

During this year if we are ignorant to the Law of Cause and Effect and we are unconscious of how it operates in our lives, it will become like a punishing tyrant. This blind perception will create much misery in our lives, especially if we try to reason mentally what has gone wrong. Things are just not going to be working for you in the same way if you are really attached to the 3D structures. We are seeing the mass human scale of cause and effect, come back for us to witness in a global way. This is so we can see what has not been working and make the changes necessary to shift the paradigm, shift the belief systems. We are being challenged to hear the message, in a sense hear the call of Gabriel's trumpet that has sounded for us to get the message that we must make the changes in our daily lives. Not just the changes in our daily lives, but in all the relative ways needed in our social, economic and governmental structures, and the ways we live and interact as human beings. Through trial and error, through our personal experience we must discover the truth for ourselves. This cycle of extreme global events will awaken us from our inertia if we allow ourselves to listen to it. We will be able to clearly see the error of the patterns that have gone before us and be adaptable to the change, if we are able to be sincere and honest with ourselves. It is the time of correction. Ultimately humanity is standing at a choice point and opportunity, to experience realization and revelation through the extreme events of the cause and effect that we are witnessing. This is a moment of decision. We can choose to be illumined in the heavenly light and be the revealer of truth or descend into the obsessions of the loss of personal control and destruction. We all are standing on the threshold about to experience an entirely new reality, a greater reality.

Changing of the Guard

Last year we entered the first phases of anchoring the Galactic or Cosmic Consciousness on this planet. This was the first reconnection on our planet of the returning of human history, galactic record and its related frequency codes. These frequencies and codes began to flood into our energetic grid systems when the planetary galactic stargate systems were opened. As mentioned in the past few newsletters we have had a major galactic stargate opening in the United Kingdom. This has brought into our planetary dimension's frequencies, entities and creatures that have never existed within our human planes before. This creates some interesting dynamics, as we will experience both the most pure level of the cosmic crystal consciousness, Unity or Christ consciousness, and the origination source of the anti-christ creations. Many of these creations require healing and rehabilitation. We are entering the timelines of the core causation and source of the seed conflict of the Galactic race wars between the Anti-Life and the Eternal Life Forces. And it is in physical matter this conflict will be completed fully, finally and completely in the Ascension Cycle or 2012 Timeline. The time has come for the Changing of the Guard on this planet.

Last year the first waves of ascending humans were introduced to the Luminaries of the Next Universal Cycle. The Aurora Fields, The Diamond Ray and the Aquamarine Ray are emanations stemming from the next Universe. We were given more energetic responsibility as energetic placement holders, and for many of us it meant much of our old life was dismantled and dissolved. We were informed the Changing of the Guard was happening and we were the ones we were waiting for. We went through the painstaking task of the personal and group reevaluation of every single iota of our self and spiritual integrity. We had to release all attachments, as 2008 was a destruction of all that was not coming with us in this next cycle of our new prototype or the budding of our new protoform. We are embodying the new prototype for the human race, and we learned last year how excruciating the physical process of that alchemy could be. Our elemental vehicles were shifted, re-encrypted and the density and darkness was expelled from every possible level of our cellular, molecular and atomic matrix. Many of us are ready to transform and shed the painful cocoon we have been inhabiting and step into becoming our butterfly form. This is in a pinnacle process now as we are close to a major embodiment, an embodiment that has never happened before in the history of humanity. This is our Galactivation.


Those that have the agreement to be the first human prototypes are underway in a process of Galactic walk-in or Galactivation. This ascension wave began in October 2008 when the Galactic planetary stargate opened. This is not a walk-in of an entirely new Oversoul, this is the entire Monadic Galactic Family of One consciousness completing and walking into the extension of its physical human embodiment. It is the physical human that has agreed to be the Galactic Singularity point, an Interdimensional Portal of God Consciousness. I have been briefed that these Galactivating humans are Starseeds, and that this was one of the achievements planned for the group of Starseeds on this planet; the ability to complete this level of galactic consciousness embodiment. This activation level is what allows the physical bodies to begin to transmit and breath the zero point field, neutral field from the higher heart centers. The Thymus chakra and heart chakra change axiatonal line hook ups to the Universal Galactic Core. It is the God Matrix source field and its healing and rehabilitating capabilities are beyond our human verbal expression. The physical bodies have undergone tremendous levels of dropping density and detoxification in every shape and form imaginable, in order to handle these frequencies that would short out most human body's electrical circuitry. The first wave of Galactivating humans will be presented in 2009. This small group of beings are changing the timelines, the bloodlines and ending the agreements of the Redemptive Vehicle or the Redeemer Complex.

In this timeline that begins the cycle of the Changing of the Guard, we are beginning to finally end the role and the 3D contracts, or the necessity of the Galactic Polarity Integrator. The polarity integrator has had the role of holding the Christ redemptive vehicle agreement for the whole of human consciousness. We are ending the agreement of being the Redeemer and stepping into becoming the Revealer.

The Revealer is the Messenger of God Source Realized.

What is a Redemptive Vehicle Contract?

A vehicle utilized and purposed to bring the unification of Christ Expressions, the Trinitized Form into One Collective. One who begins, realizes and consummates to restore the Divine Right Order and Plan in the lower form worlds of the Adam Kadmon or human species model. In terms of the physical universe of eternity, the Christ is the Redemptive vehicle used to make God's children partners in the anointed Sonship of Light, fully capable of spiritual work in the dimensional worlds of Higher Intelligence. For those affected by the Fall, the Christ comes to restore the image and similitude that was lost, and to open the threshold gates or stargates, to the actual garment of Light that Man is to put on if he is to attain the level of the original Adam Kadmon, the 12 Strand DNA Divine Human.

The redemptive vehicle contract is also the support to alchemize the energetic cause and effect, the karmic results from of the accumulated belief systems on this planet. Like the belief that a human being such as Jesus the Christ, was required to be killed for the salvation for humanity. The same energetic result stems from all human parallel belief systems that include that a sacrifice to God must be made to ensure salvation. This false belief system is a deviant program created by the core Christ Crucifixion Insert, which was a distorted belief system propagated by an energetic holographic insert and mind control program placed into the human beings' collective mind matrix. This manipulated the human being to believe, both subconsciously and consciously, that it was necessary to kill each other in the name of God for our personal salvation. The human beings collective mind is a part of the planetary light body. The planetary mind matrix is also called the Logos and exists at the 7th dimensional level of the planet field. This is the field of the Violet Flame and comprises the planet's magnetosphere. (Please refer to my last newsletters for more information on the planetary Crucifixion insert). This is why in this last year and ongoing, the 7th plane and the Violet Ray have been critical missions of planetary grid healing repair work.

Because so many humans on this planet have belief systems based on a Cross/Crucifixion theology, the energetic cause and effect was disastrous to the expansion of humanity's consciousness to achieve liberation, sovereignty and Godhood in the Ascension cycles. Certain beings agreed to incarnate, the Redeemers, to alchemically transform the energetic manifestations, the implants and the holographic architecture of this distorted belief pattern where sacrifice was necessary to appease God. This required much soul retrieval and soul healing work on a planetary scale. These suffering souls, having been killed in the wars over God or made as a blood sacrifice, were the energetic power sources harnessed to retain the crucifixion insert and its belief system's architecture. One of the main systems of planetary control is the religious fundamental Christian programming. These programs were manipulated to condition the planetary field and the collective human mind into believing these as Truths and revelations from God. When these were the mind control manipulations to worship a False God, the energetic results of which were vampiric siphoning of the group human divine soul.

Over eons of time as these repeated patterns were played out by humans, like the need to make sacrifices to God in order to be saved, they were recorded as karmic record into the planet, the human biology and the bloodlines. This resulted in terrible genetic damage. This prevented human beings from easily accessing their own inner spiritual connections to God, as it was so hard to experience the sensations of feeling God consciousness. The dominating controller forces wanting to maintain power over humanity utilized this genetic vulnerability, and amplified them into further weaknesses designed to break down and fragment the human divine spirit. These fragmentations are what create more levels of aberrant, discordant and dense vibrational qualities for the human experience and the planetary hologram, which support that consciousness reality. These fragmentations make up a huge part of the astral plane distortions.

The Planet Grid Healing Commission

In 2009, a specific focus is on our group healing commission that will be brought into more awareness as we heal this together, as a planetary and cosmic community. Those of us that are planetary repair type gridworkers, those of us being recruited into this group healing mission are beginning to understand the necessity of healing and repairing the planetary and human body holographic architecture. All qualities of consciousness, all consciousness experience as a reality comes from the energetic blueprint or the architecture, existing in the pre-manifestation levels of the physical. We are agreeing to take the energetic responsibility and beginning to interact with these levels, in order to bear witness to humanities hidden history and heal these distortions. It seems my body of work will revolve around my comprehension of healing these programs and how they have been inserted into mass mind control programs on this planet. It is this ancient knowledge of how the hologram works that allows our consciousness to change instantly. As when the belief systems change, when the mind control is gone the human is free to choose a more expanded perspective. Humanities mind has been enslaved and controlled, and it is through the understanding of the hologram that we will see exactly how this has been accomplished. And with freedom humanity can reclaim its divine inheritance to be a knower of God.

The Time is Now.

Stay in the luminosity of your heart and Soul Path. We are together as One!

Love, Lisa

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