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This month we are exploring Nature spirits and the Elemental Kingdom.  In May we discussed the Devic Kingdom and nature spirits that comprise the M.A.P. healing teams.  This will explore further more of the hierarchies that exist in these realms.  Last week I met a new friend that is a medical intuitive and she does similar healing work as I do. She described to me as a child listening to the orchestral movements of nature, how the blades of grass would sing to her, how the trees moved in beautiful melodies and that walking outside was like sitting in the middle of a beautiful Symphony.  This inspired me to write in more detail about the nature spirits and elementals. Most of us humans have been disconnected from sensing this exquisite level of reality, one that is teaming with consciousness, life and beauty. The Earth and her kingdom’s are very much alive and interconnected with all life forms and human beings.  They are very much impacted by humanities evolution and all are simultaneously evolving with us. When working with the nature realms and the earth kingdoms, it is suggested to learn how to 12D shield your personal aura and learn to create 12D session space first. When one is holding a loving but neutral polarity, being of service to the nature realms is productive ad amplified through a clear exchange of intention to serve the highest expression in divine will for all parties involved. 

Nature Devas

There are many types of Devas both working at subhuman and superhuman levels.  Each group of Devas has specific work and methods to attain their goals and evolutionary purposes.  The evolution of Devas is speeding up in synchronization with evolution of the human family.  As humans learn to work more closely with the Devic evolution, they will learn how to heal and control their etheric bodies to a greater degree. They hold the patterns that underlie all living and growing things on the planet.  That includes the mineral, plants, and animal kingdom's as well as the elements of fire, air, earth and water.  Human bodies are governed by nature spirits where they are the spiritual equivalent of the cell, organisms and microorganisms that work together to make organs, tissues and glands function properly. Devas and nature spirits must be distinguished from each other.

Devas are the architects that guide forces to give form, structure and energy to the plant world.  They carry the archetypal patterns for each of the material forms.  The nature spirits actually do the work of building the plants.  They channel the etheric forces they receive into physically constructing the particular plant patterns they are receiving from the Deva.  Nature spirits are like the physical workers who carry out the architects blueprint.  They vary in size from an inch to three or 4 ft. tall; the nature spirits are mostly composed of the etheric matter.  Very few people on the planet have been able to fully visualize them. Most of the written account of detailed communication with nature spirits has been documented by a spiritual community in Scotland called Findhorn.  Quite a few of the well known spiritual leaders and metaphysical speakers, such as Caroline Myss, have spent time there.

Have you ever stopped to think what causes a flower or plant to bloom or how it has a certain color or a certain fragrance?  There is a level of consciousness of tiny etheric beings who work to manifest these qualities.  Apparently the plant kingdom on planet Earth is one of the most advanced in this galaxy. We have an amazing array of nature spirits and elementals in very complex formation to provide so many variations of flora fauna, that we as humans get to experience.

The Elemental Kingdom

Within each of the four elements are nature spirits that are the spiritual essence of the element.  Nature spirits of earth are called Gnomes.  The nature spirits of water are called Undines.  The nature spirits of fire are called Salamanders.  The nature spirits of air are called Sylphs.  These beings are made up of etheric substance that is unique and specific to their particular element.  They are living entities inhabiting worlds of their own.  They have the power to change size and appearance at will.  They cannot however change the foundational law or characteristic of the element they work with, nor work in another element realm.

The atmosphere that humanity has created is poisonous and toxic to the nature spirits.  As humanity became industrialized we destroyed much of nature in its natural abundance.  Many of the nature spirits withdrew into areas of seclusion or left entirely.  Slowly humanity is waking up to the fact that the world we created is not only poisonous to nature but to ourselves as well.  As we transition into this New Energy, new alternatives to environmentally benign products and ways to work in harmony with nature will become apparent and necessary.  The ecological and sustainable freedom movement is already beginning a trend in our transition as it is now become an economical imperative.  The ultimate spiritual maturity of humanity is to take responsible environmental action and take all kingdoms of earth into our awareness, working in conscious cooperation with these nature kingdoms.  It is time for these evolutions to work in mutual love, trust and cooperation.

There are many kinds of Gnomes, each working with a particular part of the Earth, such as the mineral and gem kingdom's.  It is interesting that gnomes have been a part of collective humanities supposed mythology, whereas we can go to the garden supply store or Home Depot and get one of those red hat plaster gnomes for the garden.  Little did we know the truth in that reality!  Gnomes work with a hierarchy of minerals and gemstones.  People have a hard time realizing that minerals are alive.  The signature of life in the mineral kingdom is the crystal formation the Gnome has created.  In reality the mineral kingdom is most important to life.  It makes up the crust of the earth upon which humans and animals live.  The mineral kingdom provides the basic source of nutrients in that plants are rooted in the mineral soil, plants then nourish the physical bodies of humans and animals, animals then being a food source for humans as well.  Without the mineral kingdom, the plant, animal and human kingdom could not survive.

The Undines are the elementals that compose water.  Etheric in nature they exist within the water itself and why they cannot be seen with normal physical vision.  It has been interesting to see recently the popularity of the body of work by Dr. Masuro Emoto with his book, The Hidden Messages of Water. Dr. Masuro has gained international notoriety for his groundbreaking work regarding the effect of words/thoughts and feelings on the water and it's crystallized forms.  He discovered that crystals formed in frozen water change when specific thoughts are directed towards them.  Dr. Masuro has stated he believes water is the messenger of God and that he has further documented this in his research scientifically.  Clearly water is only one of the many “ messenger's” of God, it just so happens one human being was able to find a way to physically document the impact human thoughts and words have upon another life form, such as water. In the near future we will further our scientific research to find more discoveries within our world, and nature, that it is teaming with conscious awareness and fully responds to human interaction. This begins the era of humanities new awareness of the responsibilities of our impact with all living creatures and the realization that many of these life forms are under our care as the stewards of this planet.

The Salamanders are the spirits of fire.  Fire would not exist without these beings present.  Some people have seen them as small balls of light, usually they are perceived in a lizard-like shape.  Salamanders have the ability to extend their size or diminish it.  If you ever need to light a campfire in the wilderness, call to the salamanders and they will help you!  They are greatly affected, as with all nature spirits, by human thinking and thought forms.  Inharmonious conditions in a home or area can cause these beings to act.  They are like children in that they don't fully understand the result of their action. Many of the indigenous cultures considered fire the strongest and most powerful of all elements.  Fire and flame is greatly purifying and powerful for those who use fire in a ritual setting.  We have lit candles in memory of others, to evoke powers in our self, to call upon the saints, as offerings to the gods.  Fire amplifies the power of our own intention when focused upon. Always use fire with the highest intention for the highest good.

The Sylphs are air spirits.  Their element has the highest vibration rate of the four elements.  They are volatile and changeable, the wind is their particular vehicle.  They work through the gasses and ethers of the stratospheres of Earth.  The air spirits are associated with mental aspects, one of their functions is to help humans receive inspiration. The Sylphs are drawn to those using their minds in the creative arts.  They can be called upon for creative inspiration in this way.

Negative Elementals

There are other types of elementals that are different from the ones described above.  They are created by thought forms from elemental essence.  They are one of the reasons it is so important for humans to control their negative thoughts.  Negative thoughts such as fear, violence or sadness create these little beings which are called astral elementals.  They get lodged and create energetic blocks in the human aura or Energy Field.  It is important that human beings refrain from the manipulation of these elemental forces until self mastery and consciousness of the soul has attained a certain level.  If a person has a victim consciousness, he or she is easily manipulated by these elementals of lower order and vibration.  One way to create negative elementals is to drink too much alcohol, or take drugs or be in prolonged negative emotion states.  The buildup of these toxic thoughts and substances weaken the energetic field, and eventually created imbalance in the bodies that lead to disease.

Despite our best efforts, just the process of living upon this planet we are exposed to many negative influences.  There are many ways to clear them from your Energy Field.  It just takes awareness, intention and focus.

Specific Healing Tool:

Work with the process of creating your personal 12 D Shield with platinum liquid light. Once in your shield you may call upon other modalities to work with aligning healthful frequencies in your body. If you're having any health challenges with a nonspecific body part or internal organ, you can ask the elementals to “live”within that organ, within the tissue, and work to repair and restore the organ to its perfect representation of the divine blueprint.  Ask your God source to send the Aurora Light elementals to the organ and tissue you need to repaired.  Give them permission to live inside your organ to heal it fully, completely and totally.  It is best to work in co-creation and focus with the elementals on visualizing your body part completely restored and full of healing liquid light, a least the first few times when making your request.  As long as it's in harmony, they may stay there for as long as necessary.  You may feel them as these tiny little assembly-line workers, you can feel the activity and the buzzing energy of it.  It reminds me of the sound of a hummingbird or bumblebee buzzing.  You can perceive the tiny-ness, yet profound quality of the interaction as you hone your ability to perceive these energies.

Healing Suggestions to Attune to the Elemental Earth:

Activities to help you attune with our Mother Earth include:

Carrying your 12 D shield and expanding it to harmonize with the earth. Sitting or sleeping directly on the ground, walking barefoot, gardening, camping, hiking, anything that allows you to see, hear, especially feel, the Earth. While doing any of these things, focus on bonding, and becoming one with the Earth Mother. Attempt a regular interaction with nature as its very healing and supportive for us.

Stay in the luminosity of your heart and soul path! We are here as ONE!

Blessings !
Lisa Renee

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