Shifting Timelines
There are many subtle force reconfigurations occurring at the quantum level of the planetary mainframe that are changing the way the external and collective energy fields organize and manifest into the world.
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We have to move through the series of Timelines in each dimensional octave and reclaim our identity while recoding and changing the obsolete or false reality from interfering with our continued spiritual growth.
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Bifurcation of Time
Bifurcation means the splitting of a main body into two parts.Thus, the planetary fields and humanity are coming to experience the next phase of the planetary Ascension Cycle, which is the nature of Bifurcation of Time.
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January 2014

The Solar Sacrum

Lisa Renee

Dear Ascending Family,

Since the bifurcation of timelines began, the Universal Cosmic Clock is undergoing a Zero Point recalibration throughout each of the planetary chains that are a part of our Solar System's evolution. The Solar System recalibration to Zero Point is changing the four main directions of the true North, South, East and West nodes, as coordinate location points within the constellations. This is saying the constellations that are directly a part of the multiple millions of stellar bodies that interact with our planet are changing distance and moving position, from what may be considered a gravitational fixed point in time. These constellation coordinate points are time vectors responsible for electromagnetic energy placement within spin points, both counterclockwise and clockwise, and rotational axis. This controls the rate of spin of electrons, protons, and neutrons that exist in both matter and anti-matter. The rate of spin and axis of rotation at microscopic scales are the quantum mechanics, which govern the measurement of time and space in our harmonic universe. This year our planet will access sequential spirals of zero point consciousness sourcing from the corridors of the God Worlds, the Seven Higher Heaven Universes. The Universal Founder Source fields are opening to us in an omnidirectional way, so that we are able to freely access the Eternal Living Light, which illuminates and brings to the surface where all shadow and falsity had remained hidden. This is a very big year in the evolutionary direction of Ascension for humanity and the planet. Many lives will be changed permanently.


During this cycle, the Founders are altering the holographic structure of the Universal Tree of Life, and that recalibration to Zero Point impacts our personal Tree of Life. Everything contained in the instruction set is recorded in our personal Tree of Life, which is our spiritual consciousness blueprint. Those of us on the Ascension timeline have begun to experience deep alterations to our second internal layers, the areas of the sacral-sexual chakras and the 2nd dimensional blueprint of our personal Tree of Life. The Universal Founder Gold Ray, of the Rishic Suns, is sequentially merging into the 2nd dimensional gates and timelines of the origin of the planetary consciousness field. The Universal Gold Ray is a Solar principle, which is completely shifting these areas from the control of lunar based forces or Moon Chain lineages, into Solar based forces. As the quarantines are lifted beyond the Solar System ring-pass-not in the future time fields, those holding enough light quotient are undergoing a complete reconfiguration of their sacral energy centers from lunar influences to solar influences. This is the beginning stage of the birth of The Solar Sacrum for human beings on the earth.


2D Fiber Optic Upgrade

The process of synchronization with the ascending spiral of time is based upon this personal Tree of Life reconfiguration and its solar light upgrade in the sacral-sexual energy centers. During this year we will be facing the issues required to heal our lightbody in our sacral-sex center, which impacts our entire Hara complex and Krystal body. For our monadic body to hold the Avatar Christos liquid light within the seat of the hara complex, our sacral-sex centers must be healed into small plasmic solar suns. Many of us will experience direct spiritual sexual healing and rejuvenation to our sexual organs this year during the sleeping state. This is a part of the Aurora re-encryption of our elemental-emotional body, which shifts our lower chakra centers from carbon density resonance to silica based resonance. Silica is formed as a crystalline structure which allows a higher resonating quality of light and frequency transference. Currently, most fiber optics that transmits telecommunication over extremely long distances are made from silica. This is similar to our elemental bodies getting a fiber optic telecommunication upgrade. As we undergo this reconfiguration, this has a direct implication on our relationships, marriages, sexual intimates and everything imaginable that is directly related to our sexual energies. This reconfiguration completely shifts our 2D elemental body and all of our inner space chakra centers. The elemental-emotional body is the part of the lightbody which opens into the inner quantum realms of our consciousness.

This may be a difficult time for those feeling pushed into inquiring on the nature of our deep sexual urges and energies, and exploring how we feel about ourselves, our partners and others in this context. In our current society, we have been wounded terribly to feel ashamed, guilty or scared of our sexuality, especially in coming to terms with the true nature of its sacred purpose. There is a tremendous underbelly of dark sexual manipulation through designed secrecy programs, which are promoted to keep humans sexually miserable and marriages emotionally unbearable.

This year we will be facing the sexual misery mind control programs and their influence upon us from the past, in order to terminate their influence on us in the future.

Once we comprehend the sexual–spiritual basis that connects us directly with God, then we know we have the ethical responsibility to heal and take care of our bodies sacred sexual and creative energies. When we do not know how to lovingly care for our sexual organs and sexual energies, we may feel painfully confused about self-love and self-acceptance. This results in many sexual distortions as well as sexual transmitted diseases, which impact our psycho-emotional state and wellbeing. As we move into the reconfiguration of our sexual energy center from lunar control into The Solar Sacrum, we must come face to face with our buried sexual fears and deepest instinctual motivations in raw transparency. This is happening for both genders, although males and females may have unique sexual issues to bring to the surface, this healing event will remove the walls of separation between the sexes. This is an incredible spiritual healing opportunity for those who consciously participate and desire truly loving sacred unions!

Shedding the Lunar Woman

Humanity has been in a dark cycle of separation, which dedicated the female principle as made in the image of the Moon Goddess, as the stages of being a woman were matched to the shadowy reflections and phases of Lunar light. Being equated to the secondary reflection of the male solar light, was the set up for descending the female image to be linked with monsters of darkness and hidden mystery, where the seeds of misogyny on earth began. The fear of the spiritual womb power inherent in females was robbed through rape, humiliation and menstrual disgrace. These fears feed the Dark Witch Female archetypes, such as the Black Widow Mother promoted by the voodoo superstitions in the moon chain lineages. This hell spawn Mother would eat her young and decapitate her husband, if she was not put in her place, kept barefoot and pregnant and commandeered by her husband. The fear of menstruation as evil, dirty, or a punishment for sin, the fears of the female sexual organs swallowing up the male, are still being massively fueled by the dark ignorance promoted to subjugate women to the status of breeders or prostitutes. In many places in the world today, women are told the only life purpose they are good for is as brood mare or for the whims of male pleasure.

With the solar sacrum upgrade, the female principle and instinctual-emotional body within us must learn to be illuminated from within the radiant light of solar forces. The moon represents the mirror which reflects the mysteries of God, as well as the hidden shadow side of the solar light. The lunar force hides what we cannot see inside ourselves. Many times, we refuse to face our inner shadow from the primal spiritual fear of falling into the watery abyss of dark nothingness. Now in this cycle, we will see what was buried as our Sacral Center is gradually filled with the radiance of solar light. This means many moon based rituals that are directly associated and implicated as a part of the female principle, are changing their meaning now. This may create confusion or pain in women as they come to the realization of the necessity of leaving behind moon based rituals. The sense of the connection to the Moon Goddess and its mythos will begin to naturally fall away as one listens to the earth. Many women and men, have been taught to feel empowered through the many ancient lunar teachings of cycles from the moon lineages. As those who deeply connected with the moon as a source of ritual may begin to feel estranged from the past ceremonies, which once had felt empowering and supportive.

It is time for the High Priestess to enter between the Pillars at the Temple of Solomon, embodied with a full wedded garment of light, forever dissolving the crescent moon and shadows underneath her feet. For she is the Wife of the Lamb of God Jesus Christ and it is her destiny to build the holy architecture of the New Jerusalem on earth, in perfect love and sacred marriage with her husband.

We are leaving the lunar influence behind as these lineages have been inherently responsible for the gender separation and sexual schism, which stole humanities right and ability to live in sacred spiritual marriage. The Moon Chain lineages history with the earth hold the hidden meaning behind the sexual misery programs and the main reason for extremely mismatched and unhappy marital relations promoted upon the human race. The Moon Chain lineages entered this planet through the Asian gates, and as such the epicenter of these Moon Chain belief systems will be highly concentrated in the cultural beliefs observed in the Asian regions of the planet, like China, India, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, and Indonesia.

The following is a summation of the hidden historical reasons contributing to these sexual distortions and why humanity must depart from the Lunar cycle and influence of the Moon Chain lines.

Moon Chain Beings

Moon Chain Beings are soulless entities, like the Greys and Zetas that have been engineered or cloned by the Annunaki, Draconian and Necromitons whom have placed these beings as workers on various planets. Moon chain lineages are also cast offs from other cycles of evolution between multiple planets in our Solar System. These are beings that were not rehabilitated in past cycles when they lost their capacity to incarnate as a human soul. The Annunaki have shaped this planet in the last 50,000 years as a type of prison for undesirables and allowed Orion groups to send their criminals from other planets to incarnate on the earth. For this reason, the earth became a type of galactic way station for wanderers. The moon chain lineages have been directly involved both karmically and technologically with purposely creating the Sexual Misery program in the human race during this Dark Age. One reason is that the human sexual energies which connect into the soul body matrix are by far the easiest to manipulate and have a high yield of energy to harvest from. Soulless entities require an external energy source to exist for long periods of time and as such they harvest human and planetary life force energy. Some of these soulless entities became the housing for the collective spirit of Luciferian forces and for Satanic Forces. This is what it means when the term Luciferian Annunaki or Satanic Draconian is used as a descriptor. It defines a being that made a choice at some point from actions taken, that allowed an agreement with the spiritual forces of those levels of consciousness to use or possess the body or entity.

These anti-life energies purposely distort, through patriarchal domination mind control, which severely damages the natural energetic balance that exists between the male and female principle. This has emotionally devastated and spiritually stunted all human beings to some extent. Some of the most traumatizing events are those painful memories from distortions existing between men and women being forced to sexually abuse each other, over and over. These gender principle distortions have been used to propagate some of the deepest levels of spiritual abuse and sexual misery that could occur to a race of beings. For this reason, there is an unconscious terror around accessing the heart center because the soul wound is so painful for so many on the earth.

Sexual Misery Programs

In order to separate humanity from accessing true sacred marriage during the course of natural spiritual development towards hierogamic divine union, the NRG Grids promote sexual misery mind control, which is designed to influence spiritual disconnection through all means sexual. The NRG grids are supervised by the Annunaki, who also direct its energetic resources to the Moon Chains that are working for them.

The sexual misery program is to intentionally distort, manipulate and abuse the creative life force of the sexual energies, therefore abuse the spiritual body energies, in all human beings incarnated on this planet.

Upon hijack of these 2D-4D energy centers, false white light or false Christ consciousness grids were eventually used on planet from the astral plane, to misguide and trap human being's spiritual energies. The damage promoted in these centers also resulted in emotional distortions and extreme aberrant accumulated energies in the lower bodily energy centers of the collective. This was taken advantage of by the negative alien's anti-christ spirits to splinter the collective soul energies rather than integrate and heal them, by controlling and abusing humanities sexual energies. By promoting painful distortions around the sexual act through religion, judgment, misogyny, gender roles and corrupting our relationship to our mother and father parent, our race descended into sexual misery and marital incompatibility. This is known as the sexual misery program propagated and hierarchically distributed by the Moon Chain lunar lineages. These lineages are not indigenous to the earth but came to extra-dimensional control through the process of invasion, deception and parasitism. There are multiple layers of inorganic architecture and mind control that have been artificially created to control, deceive, separate, confuse, torture and steal human being's sexual life force and it is a violation against the human soul. These violations wound the soul body, as the trauma level in events such as rape or sexual torture, fragment the soul into near destruction. When the soul fragments from any kind of intense trauma, it shuts down the soul connection, heart connection and systematically splinters the layers of the mental bodies. If this is not healed, the soul fragments are unable to embody at all, and exist in fragments strewn across the planetary consciousness grids. The physical result is a disconnected soul from its incarnated human body. The soul is outside the physical self and may exist in fragments, rather than energetically integrated to be embodied.

This spiritual disconnection is the result of most all human diseases, brain dysfunction and related psycho-emotional distortions, many with clinical references to schizoid, narcissism, and psychopathy. Once a soul is fragmented the body is very easy to control through addiction or to possess by reversal life forces, such as Satanic forces. Obviously to feed the chain of hungry ghosts, to possess a human body in order to gain access into its energetic source is desirable for them. One way to incite influences that will shape belief systems for possession is to use mind control on the human population. One main collective mind control archetype that is used to reverse the Christos female attributes, is through the holographic insert use of the Princess Code.

The Princess Code or Reversal Mother Forces

To instigate the sexual misery mind control program, archetypal filters to control the minds of the collective were installed in the planetary consciousness. The Princess Code is a collective planetary archetype filter that was inserted technologically by the NAA, into human consciousness to purposely distort the female principle and female gender roles. As a result, this archetype can also be referred to as stemming from the dark female or dark mother forces that are manipulated by the Satanic and Luciferian spirits in their ritual alchemy to impose their timelines and future probabilities upon the current earth consciousness. The dark female archetype and reversal female forces can manifest within a male body and a female body, and is designed to distort the female spiritual principle in both men and women.

The unhealed cellular memories in the timelines that are used to feed this false female archetype on earth are related to the painful histories of Tiamat. This is a False Mother consciousness program designed to inflict pain and suffering upon the earth. When the NAA invaded the planet during the Atlantian cycle, the consciousness program installed in the Planetary Logos was designed to enslave the inhabitants of the planet, based in Orion Patriarchal Domination through a persistent strategy of shaping mind control through Archontic Deception Behavior. This began the planet's dark age of misogyny. The Orion group was aware that to manifest creation they require both male and female consciousness counterparts to merge with each other. Just as the reversal electrons were manipulating the male mind principle into controlled tyrannical thoughts, the protons were manipulated at the subatomic level, changing chemical elements to compact down the female heart feeling principle energies into the underworld dimensions.

To keep the reversal mother energy and heart trapped in the lower dimensions, the Princess Code hologram was installed at the atomic level to be used by the NAA forces as the counterpart to the controllers for the False King of Tyranny. The False King of Tyranny archetype mates with the Princess Code archetype, who grows into adulthood into the Ice Queen, to maintain the control through the Power Elite and their belief systems promoted throughout media, society and as an inherent part of grooming both boys and girls to adopt this abusive behavior and belief system as adults. This dysfunction further promotes the sexual misery program and the Moloch related soul abuse, so that children will not grow into well balanced adults capable of creating truly loving, healthy, happy spiritual marriages. Sexual misery manifests genetic distortions, which are generally known as sexually transmitted diseases and other genetic related abnormalities.

Princess Code Narcissistic Profile

This collective archetypal identity filter is used to manipulate both males and females in the instinctual 2D body. In its extreme ego dominating identity, this dark female archetype becomes a thoughtform possession used for satanic based manipulation. One may notice that in western culture, all the little girls are conditioned to react and adore pink princess related images, cartoons and toys. Just try to get a girl a toy that is not pink! In the Asian cultures girls are conditioned to westernized designer labels, sexualized cartoons, pigtails and stuffed toys. Generally, this teenage princess image is used to titillate white western men. This princess conditioning begins as early as possible even as a baby. Once the princess archetype is conditioned to the point of ego identification, the following beliefs and behaviors are reinforced in a child into adulthood.

  1. Astral fantasy that the Knight in Shining Armor will ride in on his white horse and will sweep her off her feet, saving her from doom, poverty, low status and unhappiness.
  2. Superior beliefs that she is a Princess and then deserving as a Queen, thus she makes demands of self-entitled treatment and expectations.
  3. Believes she has to manipulate the male target of her Knight Fantasy, into marrying her and then he will become the King. Sexual manipulation, seduction and deception to get power or material goods are common.
  4. Generally feels that she is deserving of wealth, jewels or status symbols and will blame or use others to get these designer material goods.
  5. General disregard for others, even those she is close with, in the relentless pursuit of her storybook fantasies and personal goals.
  6. Cosmetic surgery or extreme manipulation methods to make her appear to be that of a beautiful princess to others.
  7. Spin doctors the reality, creates self-promotion stories, to suit her image of perfection or image based on her reality bubble, which is built upon delusion and deception.
  8. Narcissism through emotional fracturing and immaturity is masking her outward superiority complex and potentially tantrums, hysterics and upheavals.
  9. Refuses to listen to accurate assessments or facts and may lash out when her delusion or reality bubble is being threatened.
  10. Key themes: manipulator, seducer, jezebel, femme fatale, fantasizer, Victim-Victimizer, lasher/slasher, guilt trip punisher, man-eater, strings attached, conditional.

These destructive ego behaviors are the basis of promoting severe addiction, sexual disconnection and narcissism, which are disastrous emotional habits when desiring to create a happy, healthy marriage, relationship or family based on love and trust. When highly habitualized, it is very difficult for the female to change her sense of identity without comprehending the emotional damage it is creating in her life and in the lives of others. The inner addictive void creates a never ending cycle of emptiness, of great longing and loneliness which feeds into the mind control manipulation of the moon chain lines.

As an example, at this time the Asian grids are feeding Princess Codes as well as sexual robot fantasies to disconnect men and women from intimacy and heart based relations. Anime and Manga violent porn cartoons of sexual robots, have extensive architecture powering into the NRG networks as a battery source. These items are being exploited to shape trends or beliefs, which create massive deviations that are imbalanced and unhealthy for the human being who is unaware they are being negatively manipulated through these mind control systems. During this time, many young Asian girls have decided to have radical cosmetic surgery on their features to appear like their favorite or adored anime or manga cartoon character. Affluent teenage girls are asking their parents for elective breast and vaginal surgeries while their sisters in Muslim countries are having their sexual organs forcibly mutilated from barbaric religious beliefs. Both of these destructive acts are designed for sexual-genital mutilation, which distorts the natural vital energies from running harmoniously in the sexual organs and is influenced by the Princess Code.

Tiamat, the Wounded Goddess

The phantom energy generated from the exploded planet Tiamat is used to power up reversal female archetypes on our planet, used by the moon chain forces, such as the Princess Code.

Tiamat is the collective consciousness of the dark goddess, wounded, enslaved and abused female archetype in the holographic architecture, which is the source of energy used to currently distort women and the female principle on this planet today. Tiamat was a planet in our Solar System that exploded into bits and is congealed in a false phantom body.

Tiamat was the ancient living Goddess of the 10th Gate, Iran-Iraq, when there was an Eden, and she was the living intelligence gatekeeper to the Christ-Buddha-Avatar consciousness matrix. She was exploded into bits by the Moon Chain lineages that used her essence to recreate lunar forces to replicate her female essence into reversal formats. The destruction of Tiamat like a heaven and earth principle living together in perfect harmony, is synonymous with the destruction of sacred marriage or union of opposites, the split in the wall in time and the shift to patriarchal domination and its electron distortion.

The ancient unhealed pain of Tiamat is part of the construct used as a phantom system to artificially inflict these painful memories and its sexual misery upon the human race. They squirreled parts of her wounded body bits in 2D, and used her consciousness to move in and out of time portals. To keep this pain hidden and the female enslaved, the controllers keep excessive war and misogyny circulated in the previous areas of Eden, in the areas of Iraq and Iran.

This phantom body is connected to the NRG Grid feed line in Stonehenge, and is something that holds the Vesica Pisces harness through this construct, which distorts our true sacred spiritual marriage of divine equals. Nibiru the Annunaki planet has used the female planet Tiamat post explosion as the female balance to power its artificial machinery. This keeps its movement to and with this earth in an artificial orbit. The Leviathan races were systematically evicted from the 2D gates and Tiamat the wounded collective goddess is being systematically reclaimed into her wholeness through the Solar Consciousness of the Aurora Mother. For collective humanity this event means that the wounded female memories in the elemental-emotional body that were trapped in reversal, will start to unwind and 2D emotional healing will happen in ways that were not previously possible. This is occurring on the ascending spiral of the bifurcation of time transpiring on the earth now. Some of the population will leave this earth to complete their spiritual development on another planet or they will do it here now. This Guardian project was commenced during the Sarasota Gridwork project, last September and early October 2013.)

The Moloch Battery

As much as people would like to ignore the dark consciousness that exists within the satanic forces or luciferian spirits, these forces do have vast implications for human beings on this planet. Therefore, it is wise to seek greater awareness for improved personal discernment, only if one has a clear comprehension and dedication that one's complete spiritual authority is with the Eternal God Light in Christ.

Moloch is a soul binding entity and energetic container used in SRA rituals. Many times, Moloch is used in the satanic ritual to collect and disperse the human being's vital energies to hierarchies of Satanic spirits. When a percentage of the human being's vital forces and spiritual energies are collected by satanic spirits, the person is high risk for soul binding, mental fragmentation or schizoid, dark manipulation and possession.

The Moloch is a type of siphoning construct that is used by the Moon Chain entities as well as Satanic forces to mark the children of earth with the Moloch signature as early as possible. Some of the accepted common ways this begins as early as possible is through genital mutilation, such as circumcision. Sometimes a pregnant mother will dedicate her unborn child to the moon in a ritual that feeds Moloch. These are called moon children, whose rituals were started by Alistair Crowley. The purpose of this is to cultivate the children of the earth to feed the sexual misery program into adulthood, and to give up their sovereignty and sexual energies for continued parasitism by these forces.

Moloch is also the entity called upon for accumulating personal wealth in SRA. This entails making a covenant with Satanic forces in order to have use over the collective forces attached to the Moloch tank, in order to manifest material goods or wealth on one's behalf. This means one is stealing other people's life force in order to use that stolen life force to manifest wealth, power or status for themselves or their groups. This has been demonstrated in the Bohemian Grove Rituals with a mock child sacrifice to the statue of Moloch. This is done because the person or group believes they are superior, elitists, and that they do not want to do the work to generate that life force on their own personal merits or character and ethics. When you make a covenant with Satanics you are binding yourself to feed energies to that entity in exchange for a material or other earthly and temporary privileges. There is always eventually, a consequence of great pain and soul suffering. The deal one may make is to give up your child, to sell your soul, so that one gives away their sovereignty to the entity who feeds off of their life force. In Africa, there are black magicians who steal orphaned children and kill them at the site of one's business, in order to accumulate wealth for the business owner. Where did the belief that when one kills a child, they will receive personal wealth originate? This is a Moloch mind control program to set up blood and sexual sacrifice of the children on this planet. When one is allowing consent to the authority of Satanic or Luciferian spirits, the God force will not interfere with your choice until you renounce that authority.

Moloch is defined as both the receptacle battery tank and the quality of collected satanic force. It intentionally promotes sexual predators that perpetrate the use of victim-victimizer software, in the form of any kind of violence and abuse, especially sexual abuse focused upon the soul capture of children. This is why one can observe with common sense that pedophiles, child pornographers and sexual abusers, are hidden in the power elite and do not get any real jail time unless there is huge media frenzy. This program starts at childhood and remains as an attached Moloch software that can infect the multidimensional bodies, especially with genital implants, a device that takes sexual energy into adulthood. In the UK, a high degree of genital implants such as uterine brands in girls and women, have been observed over the years. The purpose of this etheric brand was to commandeer the uterus ownership away from the female and give it to the entities and humans who use the Moloch battery tank to stay in power.

A child that is infected with Moloch will grow into adulthood and in high probability, exchange roles from the victim to the victimizer to perpetuate the Moloch sexual energy capture program. Various levels of child abuse will exacerbate the perversion of addiction to the Moloch program into adulthood. The Moloch abuse directly results in sexual misery programming, where the child's sexual confusion, gender confusion, marital confusion, deviant fetishes, traumatizes the emotional body. Therefore, this traumatizes the soul propagating abusive types of relationships both interpersonal and intimate, based on the learned patterns of dysfunction and abuse.

The Moloch worship mind control is related to the Moon Chain lineages that are karmically responsible for the sexual misery programs, which have stolen sacred marriage sexuality away from the general population of earth. This has been greatly accomplished through the NRG network and promoting hatred, guilt and shame upon all matters related to sexuality, as well as promoting addiction related sexual release, fully disconnected from the sexual partners as objects.

Satanics and Luciferians are well aware who controls the mind controls the soul. By starting sexual trauma as young as possible, they hope to fragment the mind as well as the soul. When a person is sexually traumatized it is the worst damage one can commit to the soul, and that act alone can fragment the personality into schizoid disorder. When this occurs, the satanic entity can bind or use the person much more easily, and so the goal of sexual torture is mental fragmentation as well as soul fragmentation. CIA programs test the use of sexual domination or torture, such as in MK Ultra and Monarch programs, and use orgasm as a form of mind control as they are well aware of the power over the individual body and collective humanity to controlled subservience through acts of sexual abuse.

At this time when and if this resonates with you, we can reclaim sexual parts as well as recognize levels of trauma committed to our innocence, especially through sexual experiences. If this feels complete for you personally, then this is an impact you may observe more in the world around you, and you may be called upon to help release Moloch programs.

Some suggested tools:

  1. Resign From Moloch Matrix.
  2. Consecrate your genitals as holy objects dedicated to the purposes of God/Christ.
  3. Practice conscious loving sexual acts and be loving and appreciative of your genitals.
  4. Bless all children as Children of God, claimed in the Christ or Krystal Star.
  5. Clear all implants or structure you become aware of on your genitals and sacral areas.
  6. Send all beings bound to Moloch in SRA to Mothers Aqua Portal, set up portal for this specific reason.

Even though this is very difficult material, this shift to reveal the Moloch's is very optimistic in that the structures of energetic containment are being revealed, so that they can be dismantled from use. This is extremely positive news for humanity. This is a longer term project to stimulate self-awareness, so allow this information to settle at your own pace and do not feel pressurized. This is for your discernment if it indeed becomes relevant in your life.

Healing Inner Violence

No partner or casual relationship that one has intimate relations with either sexual or platonic, is accidental or by chance. We are ending casual relationships and all relationships will be first and foremost about personal transformation and spiritual development. Relationships that have been entered into on the basis of deception or pathology such as addiction, fantasy or sexual misery using Princess Code, Hero/Savior, Tyrant King, and Ice Queen, will crumble hard and fast. We are being taught to move away from destructive archetypes that play mind games and delude our perception between our intimate relations and sexuality.

Once it is realized that all relationships are about spiritual growth through applied life lessons, you can participate with that comprehension in order to easily graduate to the next level. Applying non-attachment and unconditional forgiveness in your relationships will allow you to skip the harder more painful lessons. Eventually through your balanced self-mastery, you will have access to create the most loving, spiritual marriage you ever could imagine. This year we have this possibility and it will continue to grow stronger as more of us wake up and remember to live our divine purpose and love again.

Take steps to clear and heal your emotional state, as well as mind, body and spirit, when you recognize inner pain or inner violence towards self or others, and inquire on the nature and source of the pain or fear. Continue to develop a skill set to transcend pain and fear and improve communication skills and lifestyle habits. We have a bevy of tools here in ES to help with that process. When these skills are mastered as a way of everyday life, they are much easier to apply in husband-wife, partner/spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend or Alchemical union. Some changes that are unique in these types of Christos based partnerships extend further to extremely deep transparency, honesty and intuitive knowing in the evolving dynamics of the relationship. This new type of Christos based relationship is ever evolving and peacefully, ever loving!

Birthing the Solar Sacrum

The second internal layer of our Tree of Life is the elemental-emotional body, which operates as the instinctual layer of the ego which generally remains a hidden part of the unconscious mind. The first part of spiritual healing is to be willing to pay attention to emotional and sexual drives and one's motivations though dedicated self-awareness. The second layer is directly impacted by the first layer to the degree the painful memory is experienced in the person's hard drive. (See last month's newsletter). This second layer could also be called the pain body. It is the location where unresolved pain memories will manifest as instinctual drives within the person's ego. If the 1D storage memories are not identified or cleared, the pain of these memories creates walls of separation in the 2D layer as a pain body. The pain body further creates walls of separation, which manifest in the ego as seven primary mental and emotional states identified above. These walls of separation isolate the ego self in the person and as the person identifies with that ego state they become disconnected from their inner spirit. This disconnection from the inner spirit creates a wall where another part of the ego identity may split off and may hide itself from pain. This identity could have been created when one is a baby, a six year old child, a teenager or even in other timelines. This phenomenon is called ego sub-personalities. The goal of our inner spirit is to find and locate these sub-personalities to heal them, reclaim them as Children of God so that the spiritual light can be reintegrated and brought back into wholeness.

Using this chart below may be helpful to identify and participate with the reconfiguration transpiring throughout this year in one's sacral centers and inner space chakras. Intend and ask Holy Christos Golden Ray to help heal all the walls of separation in one's 2D elemental-emotional body and to bring the sexual-sacral areas into balance with unified loving patterns of inner sacred marriage.

 Tree of Life Branches

2nd Tree and Sacral Chakra

Grounding Ray Sacred Marriage (HG)

Merging with 14D Rishic Sun and 8D Gold Ray

Balancing Archetype
for Sacred Marriage

Sovereign Son and Daughter

Negative Archetype
- Blocked Sacral Chakra

Martyr, Scapegoat

Negative Archetype
Too Open Sacral Chakra

Addict, Fanatic, Seducer

Tri-Wave Unified Pattern

Strong Core Self Identity, Emotional Competency, Letting Go, Harmony with Relationships and Sexuality

Fear Thoughtforms
Negative Polarity

Codependent Relationships, Addictions, Betrayals, Abandonment, Rejection, Guilt, Shame, Sexual confusion

Love Thoughtforms
Positive Polarity

Healthy Relationships, Creativity, Loving connections, Acceptance of Self and others, Sexual clarity

2D Unconscious Pain/Separation                
Seven Main Areas

1. Unworthiness
2. Shame / Guilt
3. Lack of Trust / Self Doubt
4. Betrayal / Abandonment
5. Anger / Rage
6. Fear         
7. Entrapment / Enslavement

For additional tools on developing practical communication skills to help enlighten current relationships into Christos heart based relationships, this week's blog may be supportive in the sacral center shifting to evolve our behaviors within intimate relationships. See Krystic Relationships here.

This year our consciousness will be focusing on reclaiming the Radiant Light for the birth of the Solar Sacrum Center as a God-Sovereign-Free being. Be very gentle with your heart and gentle with others, as this sacral center reconfiguration will Rock our World around the Cosmic Clock. Congratulations to our Ascension Families and to all a very Happy New Year.

Until next stay in the luminosity of your Avatar Christ heart path. Please be kind to yourself and each other. GSF!

With a Loving heart, Lisa

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    Dear Family, 

    I have been guided to write about this topic especially at this particular time. Many of us are at an all time high of stress, confusion, emotional intensity and instability in our lives. It is becoming increasingly important to learn how to create balance in your life in the midst of the escalating external chaos and major life altering changes. We will need further tools to learn how to connect to our Higher Self, manage our emotions and learn how to control our negative ego. It will take some investment of time to learn about your Multidimensional Anatomy and to learn to discipline your thoughts and control your emotional body. This is absolutely a Key of achieving Spiritual and Psychological Health as you become more Multidimensional. As you direct your personal intention and will to discipline your ego to the subservience to the Higher Self and Higher Mind you will be relieved of suffering. Whenever we are out of balance, the Negative Ego is always the cause. We must learn to discern WHICH voice to listen to and decide whom we will serve. To regain control over our non reasoning mind, the “subconscious”, we must retain our personal power and resist using it in service to the Negative Ego. I genuinely hope this information proves useful and it is with gratitude I share this with you. 

    Ascension Dynamics 

    As the planet is accelerating into the higher reality fields and their higher resonating frequency patterns, it is clear that many of us are experiencing a densification and magnification of our 3rd dimensional reality. I have been speaking of the “demarcation point” between these reality systems, the 3rd Dimensional and Multidimensional realities, as being incredibly amplified especially now.  

    This will continue onward and it is best to prepare ourselves and learn the tools of managing our ego system and our “mind” fields. This is why comprehending our multidimensional anatomy is crucial as once you are aware of the levels of your own being, it becomes clear on how to manage your ego and the subconscious mind. We cannot be on auto-pilot with our consciousness anymore without paying the energetic price. There are NO Neutral thoughts and this new energy cycle will prove this to us, time and time again.  

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    These articles, exercises, meditations and newsletters are an Introduction to the Ascension material in our library to help you begin to develop a context on your personal Ascension Journey. Along with the Guardians, my mission is to support humanity through its evolution with education, awareness and by discussing the impact of the energy shifts upon the planet, human beings and human consciousness.

    Our objective is to better comprehend the symptoms we may experience of our physical and energy body's “Ascension” (the awakening process) and to explore various tools for healing and clearing ourselves as smoothly and easily as possible. From this empowered place, one can release the fear and confusion we all experience having to be dismantled from the mental programs placed upon us from the egotistic material world, and begin to feel supported throughout our spiritual awakening process.

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