Shifting Timelines
There are many subtle force reconfigurations occurring at the quantum level of the planetary mainframe that are changing the way the external and collective energy fields organize and manifest into the world.
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We have to move through the series of Timelines in each dimensional octave and reclaim our identity while recoding and changing the obsolete or false reality from interfering with our continued spiritual growth.
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Bifurcation of Time
Bifurcation means the splitting of a main body into two parts.Thus, the planetary fields and humanity are coming to experience the next phase of the planetary Ascension Cycle, which is the nature of Bifurcation of Time.
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DNA Body

Lifting Your Veil: Surviving the Ascension Process

September 2005

Lisa Renee

Last month we addressed the meaning of Ascension and why we as humans are experiencing various awakening symptoms at this time. Last month many of us were working with the incredible activation forces through the 8:8 portal energies and consequently, many of us went through a myriad of transmutational symptoms. Many of us felt physically ill and had many people around us feeling sick, getting sick and last minute hospital emergency room trips. This is a time of profound cellular reorganization and many of us are physically dropping density to shed these lower emotional patterns and old genetic patterns, through our physical selves by manifesting a particular illness.

This is a time to pay attention to the messages around you, stay alert and present, and take care of yourselves more than ever. I speak of this continually as it is important for you to prepare mentally for this process with peace and surrender.

Remember on Monday August 8, 2005 we were given an opportunity to walk through a doorway of an accelerated awakening of our own personal truth? What does this mean?

On August 8th the Star system of Sirius broadcast to us a genetic remembrance of our higher selves. This is like a broadcast of the truth patterns of who we really are as God Self Unlimited Beings. This energetic activation to the planet was of high frequency, and when it is our time to integrate these energies we may experience some physical down time. It is an unraveling of the dark layers that cover our personal truth and the light of our inner essence. Many of us had fear this last month as the feeling was that something so intense was happening to us, it had an unknown quality to it. I was aware of this myself and when I felt incredibly off and ill, I had feelings like this grip me too!

Some are here as Genetic Pathcutters

Recently, I’ve seen this rapid increase in a particular evolution pattern occurring around me, my clients, and those on the Ascension timeline. I would like to share these experiences with you so that it may shed a new perspective on why some of us at this time are feeling exacerbated symptoms that are viral in nature. Some of the souls experiencing this are here on the planet acting as Genetic Pathcutters. Dear lightworker, are you one of these?

A Genetic Pathcutter is an incarnated soul with a specific contract to work with various levels of clearing and releasing old cellular patterns held in the human DNA, and consequently the planetary grids. I mention incarnated, as one must be in a human body to do this particular work for the good of the planet, which is incredibly important at this time of Ascension. There are many levels to this contract and it is unique to each soul’s energetic signature. However, I want to be specific as there is one level of patterning that many lightworkers are aggressively working with at this time. This is within the levels of planetary microbial balancing particular to the ancestral viral patterns held in the human biology.

A while ago during a session with my guides they informed me that there were going to be new viral strains introduced to and discovered on the planet. They explained there was an evolutionary purpose for this, and that this was designed to burn out and clear old disease patterns in the ancestral and karmic lines. Apparently these distortions were created by fear and belief systems, which over time were genetically encoded in human DNA and resulted in various forms of dis-ease or imbalance. These dis-ease patterns were then encoded and passed down from generation to generation. Levels of the passed down distorted or flawed DNA, would result in a dissipation of the original form of the disease. The disease and its pattern would sometimes skip generations. The dissipated pattern of the original disease would then manifest in future generations in lesser forms. This inherited genetic disease patterning is known in homeopathy or in spiritual language as a miasma.

However, there is still much of this miasma patterning on the planet and in the human DNA. Now that we have reached a time of such energetic acceleration, a tipping point is about to occur. We now have opportunities to really clear and transform many of the old patterns of humanity including disease. Many lightworkers are stepping up to the plate in this regard and honoring their contracts to clear these patterns, not only for their ancestral genetic line but also for planetary purposes. We are currently witnessing huge upheavals forcing the transformation and restructuring of the many imbalances within our society. Our recent Katrina, natural disaster in New Orleans and its aftermath certainly created a mass wake-up call in this regard. It was also widely reported that there were grave expectation of new levels of disease appearing in the area due to the microbes and toxins in the water. Mother Nature has now made it very clear to humanity that she is actively involved and calling for our transformation.

I was relatively uninvolved in comprehending this matter until last year when I directly experienced it myself. Shortly after that experience, I began to see an increase of these same symptoms in those around me. I made a quick mental note to myself. Oh my! This is what the Guides were talking about!

Last November I had quite an intense time of spiritual growth with constant personal activations, remembrances and a series of events that forced me to train my mind to be in the now moment. Recognizing that I needed an ascension time-out retreat, I had devoted a weekend for myself to work with one special spiritual clearing exercise. I specifically requested assistance in the healing of all of my heart scars from my heart chakra and heart complex in simultaneous time. It was a rather powerful meditation for me. That evening I woke up in the middle of the night sweating, feeling sick, flu-like and restless. Sticking to my pillow, I thought to myself Wow I am really sick, and passed out until the morning. I woke up covered with a red crawling rash all over my upper body. Alarmed, it had me scampering about, somewhat disgruntled as I was determined to inquire why this had happened. I realized that I had released some heavy trauma impacts from my heart chakra, but why this rash?

I had come down with a case of shingles, the herpes zoster virus or the varicella virus of chicken pox. I had never had shingles before and as careful as I am to maintain my health and immunity, I was surprised at this manifestation. When I asked my guides, they maintained that I had volunteered to run some extra virus through my energy field and transmute a unit of this viral pattern. Apparently, I had contracts with the virus. This at first sounded a bit too messiah complex for my ego, so I continued to ask them questions. Could this be plausible?

They continued to tell me that in early November in the Los Angeles to Malibu area, there had been retro-virus patterns installed or anchored into the planet Ley-lines. This viral pattern was rather evolved in nature and would cause auto immune dysfunction in a segment of the population. Many lightworkers had taken a unit of this viral pattern to dissipate its strain and its relative strength so that it would not be as harmful to those of the population with a lowered immunity or capacity to handle such a strain of virus. This viral pattern was here to begin a clearing and recoding, in a way that would force evolutionary balance into our human fields and bodies. It would force us to look at negative emotional patterns deeply imbedded in our subconscious that were causing disease. If we do not pay attention to these messages these patterns will intensify until we do.

This information rang true to me and my heart was expanded on hearing it. I was immediately humbled and went about the business of peacefully getting myself healed. A few days later my dog became alarmingly ill. I scanned his energy field to find he was covered with viral patterns too! It was the first time I realized how intricately involved our animals, indeed all the animals are, in participating in this planet’s evolution process. My dog had been running some of these energies for me as well! Upon seeing this, I had us both under energetic and spiritual care and shortly we were both feeling as good as new. Once I surrendered to this process and focused on my healing with peace, I was healed up in half the time it would normally take for the average person. When I had this realization I felt fully honored by my contract. I felt aligned and fully supported by spirit.

A week later my soul sister called me to inquire what impressions I was getting and feeling about the current cosmic weather. I have a wonderful network of lightworkers around me. We all share events and impressions among ourselves to help us verify and witness each other’s experiences. Sometimes these incidents are so far away from the average 3D experiences that we need a nonjudgmental soul family member, to bring us back to the ground if needed. It is like an internal checking system. My friend went on to tell me that her guidance teams had asked her to work out and clear some viral patterns in the San Diego grid system. She had never encountered this before and felt a bit surprised at such a request. I was immediately animated and told her all about my recent event in Los Angeles and my discussion with the guides. It totally verified her experience and we were able to share and complete our mutual understanding of participating in this viral cleansing.

A month later I had a series of clients, all lightworkers show up at my office with the shingles or some other viral-related outbreak. All of them were from the Los Angeles area. Some mentioned their animals had been sick too with some weird mystery virus. Several of them had friends or family with some current viral condition. I passed out my viral protocols and began assisting my clients energetically, and those that were ready to hear about Genetic Pathcutting got the full uncensored story. Upon hearing the offering, many of them felt relieved as it felt resonant for them as well. Clearly once you have an explanation for some of these symptoms you can relax the mind and just get down to the business of healing and moving through it, knowing it’s all a part of the divine plan. Many of them healed so quickly that it reduced their downtime considerably. The key is to bring in peace and RELAX!

September Was Unbelievably Intense

As the months have continued, I have seen the viral patterns spread out even further. This last month has been unbelievably intense and I have really seen an acceleration of flu and viral-type symptoms manifesting in people. People from all over the state started to call me, asking what the heck is happening? Many felt really scared, concerned that something was seriously wrong with them. It seems that some of the patterns we are experiencing here on the west coast are now starting to reach a critical mass in other places as well. Certain vortices on the planetary lines are in need of rebalancing and cleansing, and many more of us are getting called to work with the viral patterns in our own demographic areas. This will continue and I want you to be relaxed and aware if and when this becomes a possibility in your reality.

To find peace during this time of Lifting Your Veil, I began to really grasp that surviving and enjoying our material reality requires understanding the Symbolic Meaning of Things. It behooves us to have an accurate way of relating with these things and their circumstances as symbolic of something larger, rather than just relating to these events from the surface level of how they appear to the conscious mind. This surface perception of our conscious mind is truly spiritual blindness. If we give our power to this, we then view physicality as a purposeless fear-based mundane reality. When in truth, nothing in our experience is random and EVERYTHING is Intelligent! Physical matter, including our physical body, is a set of spirit dream-symbols composed only of ENERGY behaving in fixed patterns. These patterns obey the symbolic structure of the great Dream that we as spirit have dreamt for ourselves. When we utilize such intelligence in relating with these material forces it leads to accurate assessments and material results, our health and wealth improve, allowing more peaceful integration with nature.

So what is the energetic symbolism of Infections, Fevers and Virus? Ego-Transcendence, releasing old patterns of self-identity and behavior. It is just so fascinating! Certainly, it helps us to ease into our evolution process with a greater understanding.

Further, if you are resonant with being a Genetic Pathcutter there are many possibilities to work with to make yourself more comfortable with this process. Sometimes it is just the conscious awareness of this understanding that makes it so much smoother. I have found flower essences, vow releases, and asking for guidance and support from the spiritual hierarchy to be priceless. I do suggest and advocate for keeping your physical body in harmony via healthful food, water, supplements and good habits as essential. Building your immunity and core physical foundation is key right now. Know that you can ask away for support and tune in to get all the help, information and guidance you need.

Stay in the luminosity of your heart and soul path. We are here as ONE!

Lisa Renee

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