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We have to move through the series of Timelines in each dimensional octave and reclaim our identity while recoding and changing the obsolete or false reality from interfering with our continued spiritual growth.
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September 2022

Confrontation in Malta

Lisa Renee

Dear Ascending Family,

During the Dog Days of Summer, as Sirius rises alongside the Sun marking the hottest days of the year, the explosive fiery confrontations of Megiddo level battles continue to rage on between the Cosmic Emerald Order Christos Elohei Founders and the black hole entities that form the bulk of the Black Sun intruding races since the Luciferian Rebellion.  Given this year is the major planetary initiation of the Eukatharista activation, many multidimensional doorways have been opened into the corridor worlds, inner and in-between spaces and places bringing refreshing new frequencies, living beings and the exciting sense of exploring co-existence with these newly discovered realities. Simultaneously, as these new doorways open, other doorways that lead to the past or previous timelines of miasmatic pain and trauma have been slammed shut, applying great pressure that forces us to evolve, to figure out problems and grow through change. As the doorways slam shut from the past timelines with memories that we enjoy or still remember, there are watery waves of grief and sorrow that are being deeply emotionally processed, as the previous ways of living on the planet are over. Each individual is now being reshaped, remade, reconfigured in some way, and those heart awakened are being delivered into the organic timelines of new beginnings in order to deeply discover the more authentic spiritualized version of themselves. From within the center of tragedy and chaotic whirlwinds that form into the current global events, upon the ashes of old, something new is being born or even resurrected from within.

The heat and fervor of spiritual battle continued throughout the mid-August magnetic peak cycle and was carried into the 9-11 Armageddon timeline date stamp without pause. This generated some of the most intense interdimensional confrontations in the grid timeline wars ever witnessed, as the anti-human NAA invaders continue on in their electromagnetic battle to the death for maintaining their control over the Earth.  

As the Cosmic Elohei parents further descend into the planetary grid network through the Albion lightbody control center located in the United Kingdom, the major spiritual battle for controlling this specific 11D network through the extraction and eviction of assorted black hole generated AI hybrid chimeric creatures is currently underway.  Extensive Pindarian anti-Christ architecture embedded in many of the geomantic features of the Albion architecture and programmed with the most aggressive AI silent sound weaponry for black magic sorcery is being witnessed and extracted by Guardians. Shadow creatures hidden in the black shrouds and clouded puffs of collective consciousness miasma for the purpose of enforcing the global mind control transmissions droning on to obey and serve the lunar consciousness of the Black Queen, are dissolving like dark rainclouds being chased away by the brightest rays of sunlight. This particular mind control weapon was designed as dark cloaking protection for the anti-Christ hierarchies carrying out satanic rituals in the Cathedral grid network in the United Kingdom, for running the massive sprawling global empire of the galactic human trafficking networks that were hidden in the folds of the flowing royal robes of the Black Dragon Queen monarchy. 

During the August magnetic peak cycle, a Confrontation in Malta ensued in which it was made crystal clear that the Triple Solar Goddess power gateway installed by Christos Mission spiritual family thousands of years ago, was located underneath the island and was feeding mass amounts of energy quanta into the Vatican 5D inner gate system.  It was also made clear that the Vatican 5D gateway under the control of the NAA operated as the planetary reversal network that was also powering up the global Pindarian controller system of Black Dragon Queens, stationed as collective Dark Alien Mother shadow gestalts with an umbilicus nested deep in the United Kingdom landmass.

Further, during the current timeline wars we’ve discovered that Malta holds specific Emerald Dragon Templar architecture using Templar Cross geomantic structures that were built by the Emerald Order Elohim during the Celtic massacre as an 11D jump gate that was connected into various portal systems. The most important portal system was linking from underneath Malta’s Triple Solar Goddess architecture leading into the Newgrange monument in Ireland, which serves as the entry point to an 11D Mother Arc gateway.

Message for Christos Mission Family

For awakened Starseeds connected to the Cosmic Emerald Order Elohei lineages of the Cosmic Christos Solar Dragons with cellular memory records of our spiritual mission, we are enduring the final battle in the timeline wars, which has amplified the energetic challenges we face at multidimensional scale. Not only are we enduring the surface physical war with military grade mind control with brainwashed people promoting the harmful bio-weapon injection designed to destroy the original angelic human DNA, through forced genetic bonding with nano composites of self-assembling metal materials used for AI alien hybridization, but we are also facing extremely hostile dark entity backlash when awakened Starseeds are singled out because we are the genetic holders of the original Diamond Sun Founders DNA records that anchor the planetary ascension timeline.

There is no sugar coating this phase of heightened spiritual warfare, the current state of the anti-Christ death culture instigates the agonizing desperation of wanting to escape, to flee from those in the global population who are gripped in carrying out harmful anti-human agendas of self-destructive madness. We must remember that we were made for these tumultuous times, as we are facing the heat of this spiritual battle for the ultimate liberation of angelic humanity so that all humans can have the opportunity to evolve into the consciousness freedom that exists in the future timelines. Each individual is either currently asleep, or awake at this position of the bifurcation in the timelines to know without doubt that humanity, our children are under aggressive siege.

While facing this reality, our most potent state is to remember that God is Love, and to do our very best to embody this inner blessing as a prayerful wish for all on the planet to achieve this consciousness freedom someday. Beloved Cosmic Christos family of Emerald Founder Elohim and Indigo Blue Ray, we have been preparing lifetimes to be fearless in the face of these end time challenges and to awaken to remember that we must build the architecture of loving kindness and compassion inside of us in order to return our knowledge of the authentic Cosmic Holy Mother Sophia into this world. We are blessed with the privilege to know that the ultimate power of God and the truth of the Inner Christos is with us now through the presence of our Cosmic Parents, and that divine alignment within our crystal heart to be in right relationship to our highest loving expression, is all that really matters. Take peace and comfort in this ultimate truth that IS our direct relationship with our God creator, knowing you are not alone in this spiritual warfare, as we are sharing this heavy burden together. Our unique energy signature and spiritual name is known and written in the eternal sacred scrolls of God in the ancient records of the perfect Cosmic Order, thus none of us will be left behind no matter what happens.

Dark Alien Mother in Malta

As Cosmic Mother Dragon made her alterations in the dark matter fields with her organic Supermagnetism during the magnetic peak, the solar plasma coded dark elemental forces seeded in the Rasha body made sound template corrections to metatronic reversals in the 11D dragon lines. Then like a clear bell ringing its clarion call for those purely devoted to serve our Cosmic Holy Mother, it was the divine timing for the Emerald Order Christos mission to be sent into Malta.

Beneath the southern tip of Italy in the western Mediterranean Sea, is the nine-mile-long island of Malta. As an ancient center of civilization, Malta was considered to be one of the most strategic points on the planet, as it was a major port and intersection point between the Middle East, Europe, Asia and Africa. Science has told us that Malta's ancient name is "Melita" which is derived from the Latin word for honey. Thus, Malta's ancient symbol was a bee along with the honeycomb’s hexagonal cells, which also brings to mind the light symbol code of unity, which is the meaning of the six-pointed merkaba star of Christos Sophia. Melita apparently has its origin in "Mel" or "Mer" that in Ancient Egyptian culture was referring to the function and purpose of the pyramids specifically placed on the powerful ley lines or dragon nodes. This reference is interesting to note with the recent liberation of the Elohei Mer lineages through the 11D-12D layers of the Pegasus constellation.

Additionally, our beloved guide Guardian Akhenaton, pointed out to compassionately witness the historical connections between the ancient solar goddess worship in the Maltese island culture that was also found in Egypt as the Mer-Lion Sekhmet Mother. The White Lion Temples were representing the vertical lines to communicate with the Emerald Order Anuhazi mother lineages during the Amarna period of Akhenaton. His mission and purpose which was to return the sacred Law of One teachings during the 18th Dynasty timeline, was carried over from his awakened memories of Atlantian culture as connected to the direct genetic lineage of the Celtic Essenes from Hyperborea, whom were also in Malta.

The island of Malta is the location of several important dragon lines that intersect into a powerful Mother Arc gateway built by the Hyperboreans during the Celtic massacre period, which belong in the rightful control of the authentic Mother of Dragons, the Celtic Triple Goddess lineages of Mary Magdalene Sophia, Meritaten of Aton and Merida-Guinevere-Brigid. We were made aware that the authentic Celtic Essene groups from Hyperborea, the progenitors of the original Nazarene Christos Teachings, built many of the temples and underground octagon structures connected to the Emerald Dragon Templar architecture that formed into a jump gate located in the island of Malta.

As a result, Malta is an extremely powerful spiritual source of the Triple Solar Feminine Christ or Triple Solar Goddess energies that was purposely exploited, inverted and hijacked by several aspiring rulers and their burgeoning ancient empires. More importantly, it was being currently controlled by the Black Nobility of the Vatican Black Sun network and several of their orders of the Maltese Cross, linked into the United Kingdom monarchy for the purpose of waging timeline wars and global domination. In the sacred Krystal Tree of Life, the Trinity of Krystallah Sun-Stars emerged from Aquaelle matrix in the 4D-7D-10D spheres of solar symbiosis activations that united the Triple Solar Christ Mary collective consciousness with their correct star constellation origins. Thus, the risen Triple Solar Sister Sophia Stars, Sisters of Avalon, were reunited and crowned White Diamond Solar Dragon Queens; as Mary Magdalene Sophia, Meritaten and Merida-Guinevere-Brigid were resurrected into hierogamic union with their Christos Triple Solar Masculine counterparts, and further were merged into the Emerald Order’s Cosmic White Diamond Sun of the Cosmic Mother Dragon.

To reseat the Emerald Order Holy Father King Arthur with his beloved counterpart White Sun Dragon Queen Merida-Guinevere-Brigid in the Albion, the 11D dragon templar controls located in Thuban and underneath the island of Malta would need to be returned to the Emerald Founders. These temple structures were revealed to be sourced from the Hyperborean Celtic Essene Azurites from 7D Gaia that originally built them for alignment with Thuban’s Dragon Templar, the timekeeper architecture in the Draco constellation. Their Christos Avatar consciousness was embodying the organic krystal architecture of Emerald Dragon Timekeepers in the Cosmic Clock of the Aeons that was covertly hidden throughout the Albion lightbody network within many holographic features, such as Malta, to be discovered and reclaimed for the current final conflict timeline of the Christos Mission. Thus, the Guardian confrontation in Malta began eight days of harrowing spiritual battles for the Templar controls with an assortment of Black Dragon AI hybrid creatures, black magicians and Black Scorpion Queen entities at the top of the satanic hierarchy of lunar female demons, along with many giant shadow chimeric creatures that existed in the underground catacombs and portals.

These shadow creatures were placed there in hyperdimensional pockets by Black Sun entities to wield control over the female principle and colonize lunar consciousness forms as the Dark Alien Mother into its related inverted Grual networks, which extended into the Moon’s lunar matrix. This amassed tremendous energy sources for building shadow creature armies and demonic hierarchies in order to protect the underground tunnels for those nonhumans at the top of the pyramid, running the Satanic Ritual Abuse throughout the unholy global alliance of the Vatican, United Kingdom, Washington D.C. power centers, along with assorted NAA globalist agendas.

Relocation of 5D Vatican Inner Stargate

Effectively, the Guardian Host mission was to evict archontic imposters and return the Malta underground structures, timekeeper functions, jump gate and the portal gateway technology back to the authentic Cosmic Mother Dragon and her Emerald Order Triple Solar Feminine Christ representatives. This seems to be newly comprised of the Council of Twelve original Mu’a from the Lemurian timeline that is connected into the Easter Island Gate and the Anuhazi White Lion Temple in the Lyran stargate. This Council of Royal Houses of Elohei formed multiple shields of Emerald Order Rose Rings that surround the Krystal Cathedral dwelling that houses the Cosmic Christos Sophia Rainbow Solar Dragon Elohei in this density. They appeared in a massive rainbow shield network over the Vatican location with a massive plasma dragon star dome on top of Saint Peter’s Basilica, as the Guardians of the Twelve Pillars emanated arcs of rainbow rounds in a sparkling display of solar rainbow fireworks. Currently, the reclamation of the extensive and sprawling architecture in the Vatican City is underway, and may yet reveal more surprising events over the next weeks. 

When this Emerald Rose Ring shield was rendered complete through the returning presence of the Emerald Order Cosmic Mother Sun in her pre-fall Atlantian Solar Dragon Ouroboros Line, in this moment she moved the 5D inner stargate from out of its location underneath the Vatican and relocated the opening of the stargate hub into the Mother Arc ancient portal system on the island of Malta. Cosmic Mother Dragon proceeded to embody the entire 5D stargate system into Malta’s main Dragon Node intersection and bring it under her direct control with the Emerald Founders. This action simultaneously extracted and dissolved dark hierarchies of screaming demons existing in the underground tunnel system which appear like knotted up intestines, all while completely removing NAA entity access into the relocated 5D stargate system and 5D timelines. Blessed be the return of our true Holy Cosmic Mother!

As this stargate was being anchored in Malta, the subharmonic re-stringing process began to link into the ancient Andromedan portals in the Macchu Picchu stargate system, continuing on to the 5D Bali gateway and linking within the 11D systems in the United Kingdom, particularly Newgrange, Ireland and then into Stonehenge. This appears to have been securing the 5D ascension timelines into phase lock with the Emerald Dragon Timekeeper architecture for ensuring corrected Krystic clock shield alignment for 5D vertical, horizontal and diagonal grid lines firmly anchored and supported by the Elohei Triple Great Lion Networks. Additionally, as the complexity of these planetary gates were being restrung into the 5D Malta gate and further linked in the 11D Albion lightbody layers, it came with the foreboding sensation of a fierce showdown about to explode in the United Kingdom grids, as the Stonehenge timekeeper architecture was being placed in the control of the Emerald Order Guardians. Indeed, there have been some outer events that mirror the results of the hidden interdimensional conflict, such as the recent death of the Queen of England, and the dissolution of power held by the Knights of Malta, as broadcast in the mainstream news.

The relocation of a stargate hub system in the inner templar planetary architecture has never been witnessed before, nor ever thought to be possible in our wildest dreams. As a general rule, stargates are ancient permanent stationary hubs that are an intrinsic part of the original mechanics of creation of our Universal Time matrix and thus are considered to be infinite immovable structures.

What those of us witnessed in the Guardian group confrontation in Malta was magical but exceedingly difficult, as this satanic system of Dark Alien Mother was built upon piles of dead human bodies and an ocean of blood sacrifice of children for thousands of years. Thus, this difficult and painful mission was similar to the grueling process of the liberation of a holocaust death camp and transiting the lost souls that were subsequently able to be moved out. Although it was finally accomplished and successful in its objectives, it was deeply raw and emotional and thus did not come with an elated feeling of celebration or victory. We compassionately witness to feel the pain of the Cosmic Mother in the shared realization of what atrocities have been done in her name, and this comes with the battle-weary shock of perceiving the heavy pall of many generations of tragic human deaths that were caused by the shadows of this anti-Christ abomination. Tragically, the NAA masterfully deploy extensive mind control inserts to divert attention away from the truth and whisper demonic thoughts into the minds of unaware people twisting them to believe that we are their enemy, using the predictable divide and conquer tactics to blame those involved in this mission in order to paint them as frauds or evil doers. The character assassination campaigns against the ES community and those involved rages on alongside the spiritual warfare, thus it takes a thicker skin, a deep spiritual commitment and higher level of emotional maturity to handle the responsibility of this knowledge.

Our solace comes in the light of truth to know that one day, all tears will be wiped away, and human suffering and consciousness slavery at the hands of intruding anti-human alien forces will end, and all will have the benefit of experiencing spiritual renewal and a new beginning. This is the promise of the Emerald Covenant, the return of the Emerald Order that is liberating this planet from its prison wardens now. This moment of pure self-realization and consciousness awakening is referred to as the Dawn of Aurora, the exact moment of epiphany on the ascension destiny path when our ancient spiritual sight and memories are fully restored in the eternal light and truth, and we fully recognize our God creator.   

Carthage Influence on Malta

There are impactful historical events in the timelines that connect the blood sacrifice teachings of the Canaanites from Carthage as infiltrating the Maltese island culture, which later formed into the legacies which include the Knights of Malta.  The Canaanites left their indelible imprint when a group of ancient satanic priests from Carthage, who worshipped Baal and Moloch through child blood sacrifices, came to the island and began to use the many catacombs, tunnels and underground structures for inverting goddess worship by carrying out their covert satanic blood rituals. The subterranean passages and caverns span the entire island and were intersecting with the catacombs beneath Rome which were siphoning the spiritual power of the Mother Goddess principle. Malta’s temples, catacombs, caves and tunnels were specifically built upon powerful intersecting Dragon nodes and portal systems that also have connections into the Albion controls in the United Kingdom, and these intelligent systems were genetically coded into the Dragon Templar originally built and placed there by the Emerald Order Founders.

Before the rise of the Black Nobility behind the Vatican City, Carthage was the bustling capital of the ancient Carthaginian civilization in what is now Tunisia, the northernmost point of Africa. Carthage was one of the most important trading hubs of the Ancient Mediterranean world and one of the most affluent cities, from which descended the contemporary lineages of the Canaanites, which later became the bloodlines of the Black Nobility and Khazars. The Black Nobility branch went on to found the secret society power centers in Italy and Switzerland, such as through the Vatican, Knights of Malta and Venetians, which would grow into occupying one sector of the unholy trinity of its current globalist power base. The Khazars are the present occupants of Israel that are now behind the globalist push to instigate world wars and fully occupy Ukraine. These are satanic led imposters who present themselves deceptively to the public leaders of the Jewish people, in order to infiltrate into the local culture with a benign storefront, yet behind closed doors are heavily organized in practicing satanic blood cult worshipping rituals across the planetary grid network as demanded by the invading NAA forces.

In Carthage, the Canaanites worshipped Baal and Moloch through satanic ritual and human child blood sacrifices for gaining material power and power over others, and this is why the power elite satanists greatly revere this particular history in the Mediterranean. Blood sacrifice and demon binding humans to the invading NAA forces, was taught to them from the Draco Black Suns that further infiltrated Greek sacred texts and the 5D stargate in Italy to build the Church of Rome, while spreading the NAA religious mind control of a satanic ritualized Christ for passive obedience of the global population.

The Vatican City in Rome is one of the NAA Black Sun entity’s main control bases and global headquarters as the spiritual center used for carrying out the satanic ritual and funding their global elite pedophile satanic agendas. This underground architecture of tunnel systems connecting into the 5D inner stargate underneath the Vatican extended directly into Malta, and this grid network and other globalist activities were under the direct supervision of the order of the Knights of Malta via Black Nobility or Jesuit Order. Recent grid wars have recently shifted the internal power structures of these secret orders. We are observing the top hierarchy of nonhuman controller power that designed the religious centers for the purpose of global human slavery and building their satanic empires to control the planet, crumble.

Knights of Malta

The Sovereign Military Order of Malta is a closed fraternity of Roman Catholics, the majority of which are direct descendants of the highest Black Nobility of the aristocratic luciferian or satanic bloodlines, often serving in the military. Many have extensive ancestral records connecting them to aristocratic coats of arms going back multiple hundreds of years and are further linked to ancient Carthage, Luciferian Knights Templar factions and more recently, German linked Nazism. It is well known that some of the death camp scientists and high-ranking Nazis were issued false identities with Sovereign Knight of Malta passports that allowed them to escape from prosecution of war crimes. The Order of Malta is a non-territorial state, whose headquarters are in the city of Rome and has the status of extraterritoriality, as if it were an embassy, which gives its members diplomatic immunity.

The Order of Malta is an internationally recognized sovereign state similar to the Vatican that uses the inverted outer façade of being a charitable humanitarian organization, when its primary function is to maintain controller-based power for the NAA at all costs. It operates as another secret society brotherhood for the protection of the NAA controller’s interests run through the unholy global alliance, as well as their prominent members of aristocracy, politicians, finance bankers, business leaders and military intelligence agencies, such as those embedded in the CIA and MI6.

The holographic geography of the Cygnus constellation star map is overlaid on top of the United Kingdom landmass, and the NAA utilized this inversion of the Templar Cross with Cygnus for the purpose of inverting 11:11 gateways in the United Kingdom, which included the beast machine’s 11D Daath system of Typhon Tunnels. The inversion of the Templar Cross and the Maltese Cross was an active anti-Christ curse made against the authentic Essene Christos Templars, by putting the 11D code technology into the hands of Luciferian Templars, with many of these lineages performing child sacrifice satanic rituals in the Controller pyramid. The comprehension of the esoteric power that comes with controlling the planetary templar in order to control timelines, by wielding the power of the Templar Cross that opens into 11D Typhon Tunnels and links into Thuban star, is the real meaning behind the symbol of the Maltese Cross. This planetary power source in the Albion given to the controllers by the NAA’s beast machine architecture is why the controllers and their secret societies regularly flaunt the Templar or Maltese Cross as a powerful status symbol upon their royal regalia or uniforms.

The Maltese Cross was an emblem of the Knights of Saint Joseph who were led by the Turkish from Rhodes to make the pilgrimage to the Mother Goddess known to be in Malta. The cross of the eight beatitudes or of the beatitudes is an eight-pointed cross that the Templars used as a key for the construction and decipherment of a secret alphabet, it would also serve as a base symbol for the octagonal layout of the Templar chapels. The Knights of Malta wore uniforms similar to the Luciferian Knights Templar, in which the stylized cross we see on their uniforms is a representation of having gained control over the planetary templar and the movement of photons of light that create time, and this is commonly known as a Maltese cross. Photons of light at the quantum level flash on and flash off in a pattern that appears similar as the Maltese Cross.  Thus, the Maltese cross is a common feature of the monarch’s crown and pope's religious garments, representing that he or she is the head of these Orders and directing world events by control of the inner templar and divine rule. The Protestant branch of the Knights of Malta is the Order of St. John of Jerusalem. Queen Elizabeth II was appointed as the Sovereign Head, which is said to be ordained to give unwavering obedience to carry out the direction of world affairs as relayed by the Black Pope.

Thus, many may not be aware that Queen Elizabeth II was given the title Queen of Malta and that she visited the island frequently, she even has her own personal flag and a memorial plaque in Valletta. Prince Philip was stationed in Malta as an officer of the Royal Navy in which Queen Elizabeth II, then Princess Elizabeth and Duchess of Edinburgh, lived in Villa Guardamangia in Pietà on Malta between November 1949 and 1951. Malta was part of the British Commonwealth of Nations until 1964. Princess Elizabeth thus became the Queen of Malta and head of the Commonwealth of Nations at the coronation. However, it can be noted that monarchs all over the world throughout the ages have worn a version of the Maltese Cross on their tiaras or crowns, in which the Maltese Cross is connected to the Templar architecture that was underneath Malta and in the ultimate control and direction of the Vatican along with NAA protection.

Imposter Hijack of Templars and King Solomon

Over the years, we have discovered repeatedly that the anti-Christ confuses and twists the Christos intelligence and spiritual knowledge into aberrations, reversals, inversions and perversions through the use of dark imposters manipulated by nonhuman NAA forces. Since the Luciferian Covenant was made on the Earth there has been an ongoing battle for this knowledge, in which the true ancient wisdom keepers were consistently hunted down and massacred. A major timeline trigger event began with the Celtic invasions 9,500 years ago, when the NAA and Illuminati groups attempted to create a super-race of genetic elites. This placed hijacked Ruby Sun DNA, through their propagated lines which evolved into Freemasonry, Knights Templar, Rosicrucian’s, Jesuits and other secret societies such as the Knights of Malta, that persist with a similar hermetic esoteric knowledge that is primarily used in the negative polarity of Service to Self.

During the pivotal historical timeline trigger events of anti-Christ warring, there were factions of these imposters who assumed the Christos Templar identity that organized themselves into the Luciferian Knights Templars. These same Canaanite groups from Carthage infiltrated the Christos Essene Templar teachings that were in the protection of King Solomon in Jerusalem, where they were able to generate demonic grimoires and satanic sigils for gaining ritual power from the Solomon Keys. These blood sacrifice rituals were directly connected to conjuring lunar demons in the Baphomet network, used to further the interests of conquest among the Luciferian Knights Templars. Thus, these Knighted orders have been constantly conflated together through history and in mainstream narratives, it is very confusing with all the lies we have been told. However, these same groups appear to be the originators and direct ancestors of several of these modern secret orders running the world today, such as those in the top levels of the Knights of Malta, Blackwater and Council of 300.

From Ascension Glossary:

  • Reference from Historical Timeline Trigger Events: Approximately 9,500 YA, Knight Templar Invasion, Essene Templar Massacre - Takeover of Celtic Templar lines, NAA attempt to create super-race of Controllers for earth, genetic elitism, lineage of Freemasonry, massacre of those who do not comply. Hidden esoteric knowledge agenda.
  • Reference from Historical Timeline Trigger Events: 1,700 YA, During the Council of Nicea, NAA and Luciferian Knights Templar cover story to hide the Christos Mission and humanities star origins, False Alien God worship and Blood Sacrifice based religion that became the Canonized Bible.

These histories are connected and relevant as the Maji Grail King Solomon was recently retrieved and integrated with his organic Christos body parts, which further activate and repair the Shield of Solomon.  King Solomon is the bloodline bearer or holder of the Christos three king lineage, and this is the foundation 12:12 template for the Triple Masculine Christ and its rod instruction set made in the Temple of Solomon, which is both a planetary architecture and personal lightbody system. Recent events made it possible to recover the authentic Maji Grail King Solomon, so that his accurate DNA blood records and dragon king body parts were finally reclaimed to the rightful owner. It appears his identity enslavement was entwined with the history of John the Baptist, given that they both have Solar Dragon King functions that intersect more intimately because they are associated with the alchemical Laws of Gemini.

As the real King Solomon presents, his importance in the copper blood records of the original Christos Diamond Sun races is discovered, as this authentic copper blood code changes the internal configuration of the inner solar temple. This is the inner dwelling lightbody architecture which unites the Triple Solar Masculine Christ with the counterpart of the Triple Solar Feminine Christ to co-create the Cosmic Starhuman coupling through the solar architecture known as the Temple of Solomon.

Recovering the Solomon codes seems to be connected to the ancient builder templates in the Emerald Founder records, as the Temple of Solomon in Heavenly Jerusalem (2D Stargate) is the golden cube that held the original first or authentic Emerald Dragon Kings on the planet. This returning architecture embodied by Maji Grail King Solomon is that which resurrects the Solomon Shield network and also represents the Solar temple for shields of the Triple Masculine Christ. The recovery of this Solomon Shield network seems to bring some of the genetically connected Golden Seraphim lineages into wholeness onto the Golden Eagle Grid. This rehabilitation is supporting the amassing of these King Solomon coded Masculine Winged Light Arc Angels under Cosmic Christ Michael’s direction in the ley lines, which are to serve and protect the Christos people on the Earth. It is as if all the demons under satanic control by the inverted Solomon Keys used in blood ritual through the historical timelines of the Knights Templar grimoires and black magic grids, were transited or resurrected into the original pure Arcing Solar Light forms. They were restored to the pre-fall timeline when they were originally divinely connected to the heart of God, and thus, completely serving God’s divine plan for Cosmic Order. The Solomon Shield has direct relevance to repair the functions of the planetary rod system, the rehabilitation of the Golden Eagle Grid, and is in alignment to the 16D access gate to the Interdimensional Free World Council in the Cosmic Domain.

When we are connecting with the timeline that holds the destruction of the Temple of Solomon, this goes incredibly deep into the awareness of the utter destruction of the divine male and divine female united as Christos Sophia. The gender reversals were put into place when King Solomon’s Temple architecture and his golden keys were hijacked with sexual reversals. Once again, it brings up the recent history which holds the importance of Alistair Crowley and his organizations, when calling upon the demonic grimoires based on the Temple of Solomon writings, sigils, keys, and that which summons, evokes or brings forward the names of entities in the devic realms. They are bound to respond to their energetic name when called, and this points to the understanding of the natural kingdoms being enslaved by those who use blood ritual to conjure demons for selfish motives, and the slow inversion and corruption of elemental forces used in astral bindings to serve satanic priests or black magicians, in ways our reality was never designed to function or exist.

The mirror symmetry reflection of the organic blueprint of Temple of Solomon seems to be included in the instruction set for the failsafe mission that creates the Solar Dragon Copper Rose Gold architecture, which has also been seeded and installed into the Albion body. This was also required for the Holy Father’s return in the Emerald Order’s Rise of King Arthur with his Solar Queen in the Albion, as the rebuilding of the Temple of Solomon was needed in order to hold the Triple Masculine Christ of King Arthur in the planetary field. This is rippling out changes in the horizontal timeline functions, which seems to cut off the satanist supply of the Solomon keys and demonic grimoires in black magic spellcasting. This is a necessary function of protecting the timekeeper and control functions of the inner templar, that which operates as the direct control access into the Albion lightbody, and includes aspects of Cosmic Holy Mothers purest shining one, the Cathar coding.

May our direct relationship with God’s holy spirit and our Cosmic Holy Parents lend us the ultimate self-mastery in the spirits of patience, perseverance and endurance to serve the divine will of God.

Peace be with your heart. Peace be with your mind. Peace be with your body. May all be with the Unconditional Love and Perfect Peace held in the eternal light of God and Christ.

Until next, stay in the luminosity of your Avatar Christos Sophia heart path. Please be kind to yourself and to each other. GSF!

With a Loving heart, Lisa


The love story of Queen Elizabeth II in Malta
The Pope's Knights
Malta’s Secret Elongated Skulls Are Not Humans: Ancient Alien Heads?

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