Shifting Timelines
There are many subtle force reconfigurations occurring at the quantum level of the planetary mainframe that are changing the way the external and collective energy fields organize and manifest into the world.
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We have to move through the series of Timelines in each dimensional octave and reclaim our identity while recoding and changing the obsolete or false reality from interfering with our continued spiritual growth.
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Bifurcation of Time
Bifurcation means the splitting of a main body into two parts.Thus, the planetary fields and humanity are coming to experience the next phase of the planetary Ascension Cycle, which is the nature of Bifurcation of Time.
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Lifting Your Veil Series:  Surviving the Ascension Process

January 2006

Lisa Renee

 Here we are at a specific point in our journey the long awaited ascent, The Nexus linking us to the New World we have been dreaming into existence for a very, very long time. Dear family, as we move into 2006 take a deep inhalation and remember the precious breath of your life that you have given to this great accomplishment. You have worked so hard, using your faith as an internal compass to navigate blind in a sandstorm, and your conviction that has contributed so much to lay this important groundwork for our world. This incredible contribution of faith has created this bridge into the New Realities. I have so much gratitude for all of your assistance, your healing, your clearing, your recovery, your pain, your growth, and finally your incredible endurance and courage to lay down the emotional baggage. This helped you find an inner strength that you never knew you could possess, in order to walk over that threshold into an entirely new way of living and experiencing. This holds huge opportunities for all of us that are walking this time cycle of Ascension, especially those of us consciously participating.

It has not been easy yet none of us would have done it any other way. We have made it to an entirely new level of experience. This will be the theme of 2006 The Nexus, the link between these realities that allows us to walk into the experience we have known and felt as the truth within our hearts. Previously, we could not see it in our outer world and it gave us great confusion and pain to experience such a dichotomy, between what we were feeling internally and what we were seeing externally. In this year these two polarities will integrate and blend, where our heart’s vision can begin externally manifesting into the world.

Storybook of Dreams – Part II

As has been mentioned a few times, last year was the year of Choice and Decision. Those choices, those dreams we were imagining were laying important groundwork for our future selves in more profound ways than many of us were consciously aware of at the time. By this, I mean that those choices, those dreams will create manifestations and experiences that will profoundly change the way we live our lives from this point forward.

As we have reached an incredibly important link to new dimensions, the Nexus to these new realities, nothing will ever be the same again. This will be just like having a new chapter of the story book of your life open and emerge as a Part II. You will be writing this new book as you go along, aligned to your soul’s purposes. Anything can happen and anything is possible. The Part I of your book is now CLOSING and will not reopen. You will have no need to relive those chapters any more. As you move forward from this year of 2006 onward, you will not recognize that identity in Part I and it will increasingly become like an old dream. Like a tape you remember playing, but it is hard to feel like that identity was ever really You. You will have awakened from your old dream into a lightness of a new being. This realization will be such a wondrous relief It feels so wonderful to be finally awake!

Dismantling Continues

I want you to begin to recognize that there is an order to the chaos that you can perceive as you undergo this transformation into the New Realities. When you are able to see a road map of what is unraveling you will not get as personally overwhelmed, and can apply this knowledge to your part of the golden bridge that our group has been weaving. Learning more about tarot, numerology and astrology may offer insights in navigating and charting your course in its multitude of synchronicities. Nothing is random and there is a definite science to creation and evolution. This is also why I emphasize the themes that we are undergoing at the macro or planetary level, as we leave the choice and decision year and move into the year of nexus. No matter who you are or where you were born, we are all impacted by the planetary macro level as it influences our own personal microcosm. The end of 2005 was really the fork in the road, or where the rubber met the road, (See November Newsletter), and brought a sense of completion and clearing up of the past. No more pretending or being on your soul path halfway. It was the All or Nothing point. We have learned that if we do not live in our truth, we will face further disruption and inner chaos.

Not everyone here has made the choice to move into higher realities at the same pace or on the same timeline. We will witness many others in timelines and circumstances playing out around us, which we will not be engaged in. This time of 2006 will be a tumultuous one for both inner realizations and chaos in our external world. Many things are being and will continue to be uncovered all at once. The truth of these many scenarios that have been conflicted or out of integrity, at all levels for many years are coming into light to be fully seen. When the light is turned on inside a dark room, we finally see what has been in there the whole time without our previous awareness. Needless to say this can be very disturbing.

We will see this happening more and more to people around us who we never thought would have the capacity to awaken to this level. At times, we will also have much compassion for those still living out the old energies and patterns. However, our clarity will be enhanced so that it will feel like standing on a new platform, invincible to these effects. There will be many more surreal moments as these realities merge, as we will be sharing space with and viewing all kinds of different dimensions that humans will be experiencing. All is as it needs to be and it’s important to stay in your soul’s integrity of purpose. Do not feel compelled to pull anyone out of a situation you have labeled as painful or negative. These souls have chosen this method of growth and acceptance of this is the best and highest vision you can give to all those around you. Give unconditional acceptance and unconditional love to their being, no matter what they choose.

We will continually see more external chaos caused by people, circumstances and things leaving the planet, more dismantling and reconstructing. The planet will continue to take part in her transformation along with us, in upheavals creating mass exodus of populations. As the opportunities are emerging for us to assume our true identities and purpose, it is important to stay grounded in your own purpose and identity, staying out of judgment or labeling. This will be an INTENSE year watching others around us, so having a daily practice will be very important to your wellbeing, in staying centered and connected.

The Star Emerges

In 2006 we will be experiencing archetypal energies that are associated with the tarot card The Star. The keywords of The Star are Feminine Transcendence and Feminine Transfiguration. This means that many of us embodying the new female spiritual warrior prototype, will be emerging even further into the restructuring of our female roles in society and beginning to cultivate leadership among women. This is the infusion of goddess energy penetrating every pore within our daily lives. Note to my many spiritual warrior goddesses, you will be recruited for new and exciting journeys and missions. Be prepared for the unexpected! With Aquarius as its ruling sign, The Star is a beautiful card that draws from the pool of undifferentiated creative potential, to empower manifesting the perfect structure. It looks to the creation of unlimited possibilities in the future. It speaks of amazing new revelations and opportunities emerging to guide you to your place in destiny. It tells you that you are being guided in the right direction, that there is nothing you have to do to bring this destiny to you, you are in the right place at the right time. These energies suggest clarity of vision, spiritual insight, and most importantly that unexpected help will be coming with a guiding light to support your future. You are intuitively heading in the direction you should be on your own personal path in life. This is a harbinger of great change and abundance, that enters your life through many unexpected and varied ways. The catch of this abundance is that it is relative to the level of soul integrity that you are able to express, without hindrances from your past or your upbringing. That means no bargaining of your heart or accepting less for yourself. Your intuition will be extremely heightened at this time and it can bring on flashes of insight to guide you through the many decisions you are going to be facing this coming year.

The portal of the Star is about facing and knowing your own inner revelations. When truly facing yourself you are better equipped to adjust your imbalances, resolve conflicts and live in alignment with your truth, the law. The sustained light of your revelation clears and purifies the mind of negative energy left over from traumatic memories. The ego is then able to direct its attention to the inner presence of god power and manifest its destiny.

An interesting note is the seven smaller stars represent the seven chakra system, while the larger star represents the unification of all chakras igniting the pineal gland, the third eye. This in turn transforms our vision of perceiving reality from the human eye to the eye of the soul. Be ready for an inspired and in-spirited life.

Synchronicity in Numbers

Further, it is interesting to note that the Star card is represented in the tarot as number seventeen, which in numerology represents transition, an in-between state before the new destiny of success appears. As we leave 2005, a seven year of spiritual inquiry and self examination, we leave this inner journey to begin learning to master manifestations in the material world, in the eight year of 2006. We take the energies and lessons of the number seventeen (1+7), to pass our test in self mastery into the success of material abundance as represented by the number eight.

The sheer power of these forces will continue urging you to transform your life at the deepest levels. So it will be extremely important to stay in touch with your highest intentions and focus on how you are continually creating a better life for yourself and others. Our challenge this year is to achieve a high degree of detachment, and to understand that power and influence must be used for the benefit of mankind. Relative to our alignment to spiritual will and our ability to surrender to the faith within us, this year will bring in incredible amounts of spiritual support and divine intervention. Life will take on an entirely new magical and mystical experience. The invisible will become VISIBLE.

Group Energies

It is time to concentrate on your upcoming role and what your special contribution will be in this New Reality. Know that you have abilities, skills and power that others do not. Your experiences, especially over the last six to seven years, have created an entire library and wellspring of knowledge within you. It is a treasury that will finally be ready to be shared with others now that they are ready to hear you and receive your gifts.

This year we will also really begin working, creating and experiencing in our soul groups or light networks. Unity in Diversity may well be a keynote for us as we expand our genius within a group collective with an objective. This will be a great support system for us as we find our soul family, who will recognize us and assist in key parts of our progress in moving forward in our mission.
Overall this will be a year of living in an entirely different way. Many of us will reach the point of seeing our work manifest in this world and we will be ecstatic, to finally see our accomplishments come to fruition. As one of the many I am so excited to witness our growth in this way. We each have such important roles to play in our New World. Dream and imagine the optimum for yourself always.

Until then stay in the luminosity of your Heart and Soul Path, We Are here as One!

Lisa Renee

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  • Spiritual Housekeeping

    Once a person is attuned and working with the 12D Shield daily, the Lightbody becomes aligned to the 12D Ray and this starts to build the spiritual foundation for the SoulMonad and Avatar bodies. See Ascension Stages and the ES Core Triad.

    At a certain level of proficiency, one can utilize the 12D Shield as a Transit Gate Vortex, or a Shadow Gate. This is a vortex set up specifically to exit out and clear low vibration energies, entities, and negativity from the space one has commanded with the 12D shield as GSF in the boundary test. We call that Commanding Personal Space with a boundary test using the GSF triad, which is the Threefold Founder Flame. This means one is stating that one chooses the consent and authority of God-Sovereign-Free, which is aligned to the Law of One, therefore the Christ authority.

    In many of our community processes we teach an array of potential spiritual housekeeping or clearing techniques which can be acquired and learned through the many meditations. The Shadow Gate or Transit Gate Vortex is a basic technique that everyone will get a lot of benefit from. To clear out lower frequencies, misplaced entities, misqualified or negative energies that accumulate in a room, space and group aura field exposed to higher frequencies.

    When in situations or locations of severe negative energy build up in the collective, the land itself, the buildings or structures, or interacting with a possessed person/group, these tools can be a lifesaver, and reduce psychic sponging or the toxicity from entering your field. One may also find that dedicating the meditation you are guided to may be dedicated to the specific area or energetic problem lightens the density. Sometimes we may feel too tired and can access a meditation on cell phone or other devices ( turn off wireless and place on airplane mode), to help clear the present space we may find ourselves.

    Here are some basic spiritual housekeeping tools to explore and experiment with. Everyone is unique and must learn what works the best for them in a variety of circumstances. Remember that we do not impose our will on anybody or anything, however, we have a divine right to exist in the spaces without being attacked, parasitized and vampirized, and so we must strengthen our field awareness and our sphere of influence in the space. Here are some tools to be aware of not superimposing one's will to commit potential harm to others, but to access the natural laws to neutralize polarities or resolve the energetic conflict in the circumstance or space. These can be said out loud or said in the inner mind or imagined.

    Unity Vow

    Commanding Personal Space

    GSF Project Decree

    Transit Gate Vortex

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    These articles are an Introduction to the Ascension material in our library to help you begin to develop a context on your personal Ascension Journey. Along with the Guardians, my mission is to support humanity through its evolution with education, awareness and by discussing the impact of the energy shifts upon the planet, human beings and human consciousness. 

    Our objective is to better comprehend the changes we undergo in our life and understand the symptoms we may experience of our physical and energy body's “Ascension” (the awakening process) and to explore various tools for healing and clearing ourselves as smoothly and easily as possible. From this empowered place, one can release the fear and confusion we all experience having to be dismantled from the mental programs placed upon us from the egotistic material world, and begin to feel supported throughout our spiritual awakening process.

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