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Law of One
The Law of One is practiced by the Advanced Races that promote Self-Responsibility and accountability in our Universal Time Matrix through the comprehension of the energetic interconnection that exists between all living things. The Law of One expresses and acknowledges the interconnection, value and interdependence of the spirit and Consciousness that animates all things. This is the path to GSF.

Those of us that have been clarifying our new identity, as we move into the next stage of our emergence into the world are starting to sense that we are being pushed through our limits. The energetic influences in the collective consciousness fields are ready to pop from the internalized pressure. Some of us are feeling like we are being catapulted into some new level of the stratosphere. Wherever we are, whatever we do, we are getting a very big push to transform at inner and outer layers. Some of us are getting pushed to get up to speed, to re-educate our belief system, get over self-delusions, to get our inner or outer clearing work done. This is preparing us to show up for something new that is on the horizon. Some of us are experiencing physical accidents, business disappointments, personal chaos and emotional tragedies. Some of us are being pushed hard, in whatever level of self-mastery and spiritual mission we have signed up for. Many of us feel like we have not had restful sleep for weeks, with all of this energetic pressure and pushing towards the upcoming deadline. We are in a window of opportunity which forces confrontation between the areas where there is truth and the areas where there is deception, both of these agendas in the timelines are being revealed. This phase is the pressure of extreme energetic constriction that is bottlenecking in the external fields and is ready to explode into another level of expansion. In this phase, do not fight against the pressure of the current, but allow it to be what it is and let go through neutrality and transparency. All of this chaotic activity, no matter what form it may take in your life, is about one thing – PAY ATTENTION. There is an incredible amount of forces pushing energetic chaos, disruption and interference into the collective consciousness fields, in the form of technological mind control and holographic inserts. Do not fall asleep at the wheel and let the auto pilot drive the car. This means that you are in the driver's seat, hands firmly on the wheel, paying careful attention to the road in front of you.

Some of us may have been wondering what in the heck we are missing. What is it that eludes you in the clarity of the self, your mission and purpose? The clarity of the current energetic terrain, what's happening in the environment, the community around you? What is really happening to humanity and the planet? Where is the context that allows the human mind to be free of artificial control and dark manipulation?

We ask you to consider this. How Much Are You Willing to Know?

What if it was clear that the resolution to every problem that exists on this planet, economic, political or social, was fully resolvable by committing to and reclaiming your inner spiritual identity? That all accumulated pain, suffering, sickness and atrocity, even cataclysms, are based in spiritual-energetic disconnection, whether that form is human or nonhuman? That in the big picture, it really does not matter what person is the President, what organization is spraying chemtrails, running the cabals, or financing negative alien black op projects. They are a symbol of the collective mind controlled puppet that is playing out their role as the unseen force manipulates negative ego behavior to keep the same 3D structures in place which feeds the same energetic vampires. They will just pluck another dominating Tyrant from the masses with the same narrative designed to play out the same fear manipulation program, until humanity takes a stand and says they have had enough blood-letting. All of this archetype of drama is the collective shadow aspect that runs amok and hides behind the distorted smoke and mirrors to scare the crap out of all of us. That disconnected shadow aspect has no real power over us, even when it inhabits a negative alien form, a demonic form, when you finally understand what it is. When we know what it is, we can see how it exists and why it is manifesting that way on the planet. It exists both as a collective force and as groups of entities, which are possessed by this force and exist both as en-souled and soulless beings. These False Gods manipulating this reality from behind the Astral mirror, act as energetic intermediaries and can only exist as a vampire feeding on other alive human organisms. They exist in a state looking for instant gratification to feed their never-ending hunger, never satiated and painfully addicted to vampiric behavior. They continue to live hiding in the shadows because through our fears, we allow this force to feed on us, giving it a form, as a collective species. With a United Humanity, with the courage to face our deepest fears and demand transparency and truth in our lives, this shadow force would be vanquished.

Seeing the bigger picture and encountering this level of information, leaves all of us with a personal choice. How much are we willing to know the truth? How much are we willing to let go of our belief systems and see the lies being fed to us to keep us complacent, ignorant and fearful? Where are the blind spots where we shut down and go unconscious? Are we willing to finally face the disconnected shadow and refuse to let it mind control us as an spiritual authority?

Being aware of the bigger picture happening now (during the Planetary Ascension cycle) and having the context and clarity for what appears so disturbing at the global level, brings one the peace of mind. When we are calm we have improved awareness to make better decisions to interact with the energies from informed consent. Empowered with information and an open mind, one can shift consciousness to discern what agenda is running behind the many façades. Then one can consciously shift the placement of inner spiritual-energetic authority; that space where a person places their priorities, energies, attention and value.

If you place your authority on impermanent or insane structures, the consciousness energy will direct its power to value its impermanence and insanity. This creates even more insanity.

This is exactly where the "Alien Deception" tricks us into believing we have to be in terror for our physical safety in this insane and cruel world. If we give these psychopaths our spiritual power, it has a great consequence to whether one can embody their inner spirit (ascending vehicle) or not. Without our inner connected core spirit, the form and DNA degenerates and carries out the same life patterns never-ending, like a horror film based in a ground hog day. In many ways this is happening in the macrocosm now. Humans keep repeating the exact same conflicts and dramas, repeating the same mistakes over and over again. For what? A Negative Alien feeding frenzy designed to incite terror and collective compliance to the Megalomaniacs that humans have given over their power and resources. These Megalomaniac Human Leaders have been hand-picked by the Negative Alien's themselves, some are aware, while others are not.

The Alien Deception

Ancient Extraterrestial conflicts are manifesting on the physical earth plane, in every day Global Dramas, like the Middle East, in order to complete and end multiple cycles of warring based on genetic discrimination and dominance of territory. We are enduring another level of NAA conflict at the end the current Magnum Opus cycle, this weekend with the Lunar Eclipse, is the pinnacle of these heated conflicts. Humanity is at the crossroads of evolutionary change. The Krystal consciousness returning to the planet is mediating the unification of all genetic mutations to bring peace back to the people through the Guardian Host. Knowing there are multiple Alien agendas operating on the planet gives the power back to the individual to consciously participate with their personal awakening. Without this awareness, you are a pawn in the game of a chessboard of manipulating forces used between these groups creating division by aggressively duking out their power conflicts. Their power conflicts are around which group is ruling humanity and continuing to use humanities resources, and the future governance of the planetary body. From this position, one's life force is not your own and is being directed by off planet (extra-dimensional) forces that have been controlling the human body by suppressing the consciousness through fear brainwashing and artificial intelligence structures. Humanity has allowed this because we did not know these alien groups existed, and we have been told that humans have free will. The majority of humans have a degree of free will if they stay here as slaves, playing the 3D program in submission to the alien handlers, quite the paradox. It is an incredible deception of trickery and is painful to face. Most of us do not want to wake up and face that this is the reality we live in. We are here to change this Alien Deception and evolve through this painful time learning to reclaim our sovereignty during the Ascension cycle. However, to liberate and free oneself, to feel one's inner spirit, one has to stop this insidious lie from controlling and deceiving them. Humans are Free in the Authority of the Eternal Love of God. We can free others from living as that example on the Earth.

Additionally, in this cycle there are conflicts and negotiations occurring about the protocol of which Extradimensional disclosure is revealed, which highlights involvement with the human military (in a variety of hidden programs) and if that will be revealed to the public this year. It appears that pressure from some off planet groups to stop deception of the public are being applied to mediate sequential protocols for public release of the existence of certain extraterrestrial groups on the earth. Other groups are not in agreement with public disclosure, because obviously it would mean that certain areas where humans and non-humans have had no accountability to their actions, this disclosure would force that change. Conflicts for control are raging on in higher dimensions, and some of this conflict manifests on earth as meetings between these varieties of extradimensional groups negotiating with the groups that have been already here working with the military.

This situation creates weakness in the collective fields, this grid conflict, and the nervous system and brain is where it plays out in individual experience. The sensation can be one of feeling like inner sun burn, hot or cold flashes, with the bodies nerves flushing and tingling, with pressure on the heart and head, and with chaotic thinking interference. At this time, check for and clear holographic inserts in your energy body. There has been a spray of disease implants that trigger disease miasma in the collective consciousness fields. The NAA prefers to keep people medicated and vaccinated.

Suggested Technique

Here is a suggested technique that will help if you are finding yourself impacted. The impacts are largely via the back of the neck and back of the heart as these are the areas that source into your nervous system and its controls.

Step One is to pay close attention to how those areas of your body feel and intend that your personal 12D shielding be concentrated there to repel intrusions.

Step Two is to speak to your body as a separate intelligence. It is you, but it is not you. It is like an intelligent space suit. Tell your body that you love it and appreciate all it is doing for you and that YOU ARE IN CHARGE.

Step Three is to program your brain and nervous system to accept only messages that are organic and in alignment with your higher good and Divine Being. Speak to and treat your body (and brain and nervous system in particular) as an Intelligence that is separate from your Self. Train your brain and nervous system to accept no messaging or impulse that is inorganic or artificial.

Step Four is to stay as calm and relaxed as you can. Do not permit the mind looping and adrenalin to take hold, but keep as calm as possible. Unplug from stressful stimuli, take baths, do deep breathing and generally remember to stay as relaxed as possible. To achieve this clarity, one has to stop allowing external programs and other people's energies to run their life. When one learns to create the inner space to communicate clearly and embody one's spiritual core, one can begin the road to personal freedom and permanent release of suffering.

(Source: Pushing for Timelines, April 2012)

Today's Reflection

"You may be God, but some days you have to get on the floor and wash toilets without griping, because it’s what you have been asked to do. Let's work as a team. Let's learn to be unified, and if you have time on your hands - help your brother or sister in pain with a gentle heart or kind word." ~Lisa Renee 


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