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Law of One
The Law of One is practiced by the Advanced Races that promote Self-Responsibility and accountability in our Universal Time Matrix through the comprehension of the energetic interconnection that exists between all living things. The Law of One expresses and acknowledges the interconnection, value and interdependence of the spirit and Consciousness that animates all things. This is the path to GSF.

Through eons of time our Universe has been founded upon One Eternal Source whom divided itself into multiple expressions of form at many lower and higher dimensional levels. These are projections of consciousness made in the sacred geometry of the Pairs of Opposite. The Principle of Gender and the quantum physics governing consciousness units have followed Universal Laws governing these creations which influence their perception of evolution as moving throughout the fabric of time and space. Over many millennia, many vast expressions of Group Entity Families in other dimensions of existence sought to create their own worlds of which they could control evolution themselves. Hence, they replicated these origin creator codes through Mental Laws they developed through the use of technology and determined to write the DNA code best suited for themselves.

These Mental Laws as they were being written into the blueprint many levels of DNA code became Artificially Bent Light. These are energy matrices through which its Creator or Programmer in the Group Entity Family could manipulate its holographic realities from hgher dimensions in order to perform controlled actions of behavior in its manifestations within the lower dimensional worlds. Since it had programmed the various levels of DNA code, it perceived the manifested creation as a possession or investment that it had full rights of ownership – like a slave or plaything - the programmer felt entitled to manipulate and control life forms in lower dimensions for its own pleasure or personal agenda. The bent light matrices and the artificial bent light holograms projected into the planetary architecture were designed ultimately to exempt its creator-programmer from the consequence of personal accountability and dump its energetic responsibility with the karmic load of consequences onto another group of people.

The Crucifixion Implant Strategy is an example of an alien programmed holographic inserts that are designed to artificially bend light. This alien architecture is designed to promote mind control to further the savior-martyr archetype on planet. This beleif system is used to make undeveloped or young races submit to other entities in higher dimensions as Gods. Therefore, it is designed to promote the belief system of Salvation from the Alien God in the Sky as a requirement for redemption of sins. This mental program designed to propagate into the collective consciousness on earth created intermediaries and Imposters (the False Gods) that are interfering with the human being's direct relationship to their inner spiritual light and eternal God Source. The correction of these energetic imbalances are beginning to be restored in the planetary architecture, which increases amplification of these pairs of opposites in the collective, yet, ultimately this is to restore balance and freedom to humanity during the time of Ascension.

Every Entity is bound to the Universal Truth of Cause and Effect which is ultimately, an accountability to the personal use of consciousness energy that they have been given or have stolen from others. Every Entity, human or nonhuman, is responsible for its directional use of life force and therefore is made accountable for the choices they make with their own Consciousness Power from a point of knowing or not knowing. The intention held in a being that knows the Laws and continues to abuse them for his own selfish agendas at the harm, expense and killing of other beings, has a harsh energetic consequence of which to face in the stealing of others energy when they refuse to stop. Many entities refuse to stop their behaviors of harming or killing others even when they have been given the internal knowing. This is a great consequence of feeling pain, as the pain you create is the pain you will be given to heal and transmute. The NAA will be rehabilitated into forms with emotional bodies so they can experience all the pain they have created in others as the result of their actions. This is a benevolent action because we only learn what we have created by having the capacity to feel the actual experiences. We have to feel in order to heal. This ability to feel deeply and profoundly is the process of becoming a true divine human. 

Consciousness is intelligent energy of which all actions and behaviors are recorded in the cellular memory of the individual and group entity Lightbody. At the end of this evolution cycle, many Entities are being held accountable for their actions, not in judgment but in the energetic physics governing the Natural Laws of Balance. The artificial realities and their bent light forms eventually wither and die as they increase calcification with frozen dead light and miasma, further damaging and destroying original living light creator fields. The more grid and Lightbody damage that is manifested, the more distorted and disconnected the creations become and this destroys the soul-emotional body which further disconnects the form from the God Source. This dead light has created problems in the timelines, as more and more entities were digressing into states of mental diseases thus digressing into dead light bodies. This state is soul-less which is without emotional body or feelings and is the state of the fallen entities. As the fallen continually created more bent artificial light matrices and frequency static nets to harness human consciousness energy these nets were designed to transfer the accumulation of the dead energy fields (phantom spaces) to the backs of human beings to carry the weight of the energetic trash they were responsible in creating on the earth. This is called superimposition of karmic miasma. After the tragic event of the Atlantian Cataclysm, the asleep humans were recycled for their use of superimposed karmic energy on the earth. The collective human soul became burdened with the enslavement of massive karmic superimposition loaded into this density by various off planet Entities that think of humans on this planet as their personal slaves. This is the common thought process of violent groups of people who are the victors of war against native populations after the racial slaughter. Many subsequent agendas of ethnic cleansing are on earth to obliterate the native gene pool out of rule or existence, and what remains in the rest of the population are treated abhorrently. The population is considered to be slaves of the conquering races of a region, nation or in this case, an entire planet. We can see this NAA agenda clearly at work to divide and conquer the people of planet earth, many False Kings of Tyranny have learned the strategies of War and creating a prison planet from the NAA. 

Because these off planet entities believe themselves to be superior as a "God", using or creating inferior human beings to run their energetic waste is the inherent design. We can observe these beliefs superimposed upon the human minds that are pawns in the domination game, put in positions of power and have lost their identity as a true humanitarian or earthling. These Entities became False Gods of Religion as they perceived themselves as the Supreme God of their own replicated holograms and worlds, thus, they energetically enslaved others to serve their continued existence of domination and "Divine Right to Rule". Drunk with power and toxic with the ultimate delusion of the supreme ego arrogance, they believed they conquered this earth and made themselves the self-proclaimed "God-Kings". These entities became the Fallen Ones or Fallen Angels.

Over time, the Fallen Ones increasingly digressed as they infected their diseased predator mind into the planetary mind and intermingled and hybridized with human consciousness. These artificial software programs were programmed into the earth to become the mental bodies they created and these were based upon the mimicking of falsely masked Universal Laws. To make this actualized in the physical world, they cultivated their human and non-human contacts into alliances that would serve these Archontic Deception agendas by trading powerful positions on the earth and promising immortality to their followers. The Fallen Ones systematically infected the God-King lineages of the planet and replaced beliefs of sovereignty and freedom as Universal Truth for all people, to accepting concepts of hierarchal enslavement, genetic discrimination and karmic retribution. As they proclaimed and defended themselves as the True Gods of this Creation, the War over God and God's Natural Laws became the main power conflict in our Universal Time Matrix. These False Gods in their corrupt actions to have total dominion and control over others on the planet, programmed software programs and loaded them into the planetary brain. The main agenda would be to destroy the energetic balance between the male and female principle, and to rise with the brute power and violence inherent in the dark archetype of the False God-King of Tyranny. The Kings of Tyranny fought amongst themselves as they usurped the Sovereign Truth belonging to the One people, and the battle over proving the True God of our Universe became the primary battle within multiple dimensions of existence. In this timeline, 3D Humans were dragged into the raging Galactic Wars and used as pawns to act out this drama to actualize the battle over God in the physical world. As above, so below, and the War Over God has been the Battle between Personal Wills to finally reach conclusion and come to the Great Revelation of Truth to be discovered during these End Times. What is God?

These replicated artificial worlds and their fallen creators started to deteriorate becoming increasingly distorted and mentally diseased. To prevent the destruction of these mentally projected realities, and therefore aspects of themselves, aggressive siphoning and vampirism, DNA manipulation to mutate core manifestation templates and the consumption of other entities became the survival tactic. This planet and all life forms on it have been influenced and controlled by these mentally diseased entities which staged invasions of manipulating its mental laws to superimpose agendas that feed their artificial systems. Ensouled Humans became the survival mechanism of an energetic source of feeding those entities existing in the realms of dead light.

The Supreme Arrogance of their God delusion is now being revealed that they are not eternal beings and this is the greatest fear of any Fallen Entity, the total annihilation of their existence. These Entities are being revealed to the consequences of their Ultimate Truth, that they are not God as they are not of the Eternal Living Light. The Cosmic Rage of this revelation is reverberating throughout the Cosmos and on our planet and is increasingly being played out by the subconscious actions of the unconscious humans. The time has come when the Fallen Ones must submit to the Truth of Universal Laws. The One God Source is the Only Eternal Living Light which is Living Light capable of form embodiment. All other forms are not Eternal and can only buy immortality for a period of time while feeding on others or using them as slaves. This is one reason why this planet is ravaged by vampirism and parasitism. These diseased minds and those entities infected by these predator minds are enraged by this revelation and instinctually will fight to the end in fear of their annihilation.

The Antidote to Mental Torture is Psycho-Emotional Centering by Spiritualizing the Self

The below is a graph of a Psychological Centering Model to use to better gauge thoughts that are recurring in either polarity. The two main polarity groups the brain likes to occupy itself with are "Superior" or "Inferior" thoughts. Negative thoughts are going to amplify to even more surreal levels inside our own mental body when they are uncleared, and this is residue from the collective human mental body of which we are all connected. When using your Mental Discipline Refocus technique, identify the thought as stemming from Negative Ego (Reptilian Brain or Predator MInd) and revalue the power you give it and stop its control over your emotional body and other selves. When you drop into either an Inferior or Superior thought-forms, immediately label it as Negative Ego and Dis-Identify with the thought as defining your self-worth, value or true nature. Do not let it control you or assign a judgment or value to the thought-form. Refocus your mind and affirm the correct thought pattern by referring to the circular spiritual self-model and choosing a new thought to refocus your mind upon.

Success happens when you do not allow yourself to go into an auto response trigger. Identify the triggering thought-form and immediately Relabel the negative thought as it is happening in your current perception. The faster you can identify the trigger in your self-awareness and stop letting your mind go on auto-pilot, the faster you will see success through relief of mental anxiety or feelings of pressure. The goal is to not feed negative responses or emotional charge to any thought-form that may trigger negative thoughts in you, such as fears, obsessions, panic or anxiety. The goal is to remain in neutral association to the triggered negative ego thought pattern. When you correct the thought, you can mentally command neutral association to the thought pattern to correct it. Learn to focus breath which will take you out of your mental body and back into the now presence. Stay in the now moment and focus your mind on breath. Let go of what your mind thinks you should be doing. This is the key to achieving mental body health and sanity.


(ES Newsletter, Liquid Light is Freedom, August 2011)

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