Shifting Timelines
There are many subtle force reconfigurations occurring at the quantum level of the planetary mainframe that are changing the way the external and collective energy fields organize and manifest into the world.
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We have to move through the series of Timelines in each dimensional octave and reclaim our identity while recoding and changing the obsolete or false reality from interfering with our continued spiritual growth.
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Bifurcation of Time
Bifurcation means the splitting of a main body into two parts.Thus, the planetary fields and humanity are coming to experience the next phase of the planetary Ascension Cycle, which is the nature of Bifurcation of Time.
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Dear Ascending Family,

During certain periods of time, such as with the date of 12/12/12, these master numerical sequences in the time field influence the instruction sets in the collective energy fields of the planet. We have extra accumulative consciousness power which can be gathered and applied for the intention of service to the earth, as well as to serve the highest expression of our spiritual being.

Thus we have a powerful intention when working to diffuse the ARMAGEDDON software programs, such as Pestilence and Cataclysm fears, or many other fear programs which can be interchanged as they are similar control programs used on the earth to suppress consciousness. If you are guided to participate today with the energies of 12/12/12  it is a powerful intention to dedicate your prayer and intention to a specific issue, such as; friends and family, a group of people, (such as children) or a demographic land area, an earth kingdom (plants or animals) that you personally feel a direct connection towards. You will be able to direct God Guardian forces to that person, place or planetary position.

Today it is suggested to reflect and gather our group consciousness light to be of service to humanity for Planetary Freedom.


Beloved God – Our Families of Oneness, Open All channels of light, clear all light fibers to be fully connected and resonant with the Living Light Code.

Setting Space

We call Upon Our Group Avatar God Selves, The God Force Guardians, Aurora Krystal Families and Guardian Mentor Band, those aligned to the Law of One Mission to work together for the highest capacity of exchange of GOD’s infinite light, love and power in divine right order and harmony.

Quick connect to fortify 12D Hub ( see 12D Technique)

We command this space as sacred in the name of God and consecrated to the service of the One Source Light.

Connecting to Inner Core

a. Authentically declare your Intention from your Heart to resolve authority issues and defer your Ego to Serve God and Oneness.

b. Declare lntention: My declaration of intention is to serve my Source. I commit to serve my highest power, fully, completely and totally, I am God, I am Sovereign, I am Free!       

b. Activate your connection with your Inner Spirit and core base Shield (12D field Hub and top and bottom lids)

c. From within your 12D Hub, intentionally create the Hub Handshake with Unity Intelligence or the Krystal Star.

d. Boundary Test with your 12 D shield pushing it outwards with spinning light and include the decree – I encrypt my shield with the GSF triad in “I am God, I am Sovereign, I am Free!”

Close your eyes a moment and place your attention on your personal platinum white pillar of light, your personal shield. Stay contained in your personal shield. Intend seeing yourself filled with the 12th dimensional liquid light, Begin to see the Aurora Rainbow colors oscillating within your shield, as you see your feed line of energy still connected to the Mothers Heart,  the Aquamarine Gate in the Core of the Universe. Spend a few moments focusing on that feeling as the light fills your body. Feel yourself sustained and nourished in your own inner light source, emanating in waves from your still point. 

In your mind or out loud as you feel guided, please repeat this command:

Today on 12/12/12,  we set our Group Intentional Field, dedicated to the Law of One and that which stewards the Divine Plan in Human Sovereignty and Unity. We are fusing our intentions with our own energetic integrity by committing to our God Service Mission with the Planetary Consciousness Fields here today. We are connecting our group Intentional Field with the Power of the Natural Laws and Intelligence Forces operating on the Earth and by interconnecting to the Cosmic Intelligences of God present here. Our objective today is to be the pure light channel of God Source as One, and by holding and embodying the stewardship of which we have been called to represent for all of Humanity, that which is the future Sovereign direction of our species and of our planet. We must as well petition the Progenitors of our Angelic race, and the Cosmic Intelligences of God to apply direct intervention in our co-creation to create the opening leading us to experience a higher reality system for our own liberation, the freedom for our race. As we come to witness the end of time, we are intending to influence the Field by using our Collective Efforts as directed by our God-Self  to call upon the Power of our One Source to utilize the Powers of Nature in harmony, on this beloved body of the Earth.

As the 12 D Avatar and the Light of God that I Am, I choose to represent Human freedom in God’s Sovereign Power on the Earth. I ask that these words and intentions represent all of those human beings who are unable to speak whom wish freedom in their hearts.

For One, For All, we cancel all contracts and/or agreements that have been made with any entity, being, guide, in this timeline or in any reality, that were not in the highest alignment and expression of the Eternal Light Source in service to the Law of One. I terminate all false matrices, controllers, implants, or illusions that may have obscured my highest God purpose and soul mission, from the past, present and future. I further declare that the cancellation of all such contracts is to be irrevocable and permanent in all time frames and realities in harmony with God’s will. We choose perfection to stand in the Eternal Light and represent full sovereignty and freedom for all human beings on this planet. As I receive this Gift now in God’s Authority and in Christ’s name,  I will Share this Gift with ALL. All is One with the Light. I AM UNITY.

Beloved God Free Humanity of the Timeline of “Armageddon and Enslavement “. We command dominion on this beloved Earth to return to God’s natural laws, the Unity Consciousness. Collapse and terminate through the Resignation of Programming any Armageddon timeline, specific to the timelines of “Armageddon and Enslavement “.

In the Zero Point Field and Unity Consciousness,  we command and reclaim our Presence of Perfection in One Source Light for all of the Human Race and the Earth. As a Guardian Representative - cleanse all of the Ancestral or Miasmatic Record through the human Holographic record, through the histories of Origin and throughout the planetary interface records of cellular memory. Reinstate Divine blueprint record to all layers of our human families to be Unified in the truth vibration, liberated, sovereign and free, now.

Thank you God, Thank you God. Thank you God!

And so it is.


(Source: Guardian Representative)

Luminescent imaging by P. Goldenlotus