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Law of One
The Law of One is practiced by the Advanced Races that promote Self-Responsibility and accountability in our Universal Time Matrix through the comprehension of the energetic interconnection that exists between all living things. The Law of One expresses and acknowledges the interconnection, value and interdependence of the spirit and Consciousness that animates all things. This is the path to GSF.

99% of Ascension development is emotional healing.

Why is this?

In the Divine Human Blueprint, the emotional body at the 4th chakra is the seat of the soul, the base of the Soul Body Triad (see image of Triads in Section 6.)   In an organic Ascension process, awakening the heart would lead effectively to higher light body development.  The Heart Chakra is also the bridge between the  3D physical body and the non-physical realms.

In our human experience of an invaded prison planet, however, our experience is largely capped at the 3rd dimensional, 3rd chakra level, which is the ego mind,  and most humans experience emotion as only that which is lodged in the 2nd chakra which is meant to be and is the instinctual body.  As well, the 4th dimension  astral plane which is the level of the human heart has been a reversal dimension for ages, full of distortion and that which returns humans to a round of suffering  instead of offering impulse to truly liberating developments.

Thus we are split in our hearts between the higher feelings of the true heart and the addictive patterning that is lodged in our instinctual body as reaction to  trauma over eons of time.

This is a very brief and simplified summary of an extremely complex situation that is also being impacted daily as planetary clearings and releases occur more  and more rapidly now.  (More detail can be learned by pursuing further information available through Energetic Synthesis, as well as by accessing more of your  own Knowing through these development and clearing practices here offered.)

In order to heal the emotions one must discipline the ego.  In order to access higher frequency mobility in complete frequency sets as needed for full DNA  repair, one must have a clear heart.   Because of this situation as described and the resulting distortions, traumas, and implantations in the human energy  bodies, we often observe ourselves and others having aspects which are very advanced while other aspects seem quite stuck in lower formed expressions or  traps of reversal.

Clearing and healing trauma is thus a major part of Ascension work.  Learning to discern where an outer impulse, teaching, or apparently high vibrational  expression is sourcing from (and whether it is in our best interests to follow) requires having a clear heart.  Unfortunately as there are many distortions embedded in world religions, so also are there distortions of similar effect in many spiritual teachings not associated with religions.

The basic practice of the 12 D Light Shield is key to creating the conditions for restoring clarity to the heart. Clearing implants and debris from the astral dimension, which are associated with the gall bladder meridian, is important.  Also working with some fundamental energies from the Higher Heart at the 8th chakra (Universal Harmonics technique) can be of support here.  These along with some basic self-care practices, are included in this section.

Emotional Release Technique - Quick

Good Emotional Tool for Immediate Circumstances:

  1. Patience: pause, step back, take a breath
  2. Surrender to the process: The Divine is at work AGAIN!  I do not know why or what caused this, but I surrender to my highest power. I will get myself out of the way
  3. Acceptance: I may not like it, but that is okay, I am at peace because something larger is at work in my life
  4. Forgiveness: Tell the story, feel your feelings, Revalue them and shift perspective
  5. Be Here Now! Be Here Now! Be here Now!

Gallbladder/Meridian Clearing (29:25)

Miodic/Diodic grid attunement and Universal Harmonique Alignment Technique for gallbladder meridian clearing and Crucifixion Removal.  Also, a petition to steward humanity into freedom from the false blue sword of tyranny and False Archangel Michael matrix. Terminate NRG reversals, vesica pisces, false male creator programs, and resignation from the mind control program.

(Source: ES Foundations Section)



Today's Reflection

"Your daily life is your temple and your religion. When you enter into it take with you your all." ~Khalil Gibran 


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