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The Law of One is practiced by the Advanced Races that promote Self-Responsibility and accountability in our Universal Time Matrix through the comprehension of the energetic interconnection that exists between all living things. The Law of One expresses and acknowledges the interconnection, value and interdependence of the spirit and Consciousness that animates all things. This is the path to GSF.

On Friday it was declared “International Women’s Day” which brings a lot of disturbing facts to consider when we start to look at the larger global pandemic of human enslavement, along with the abuse and rape of women and girls. As we learn that millions of human beings are being tortured this way, both male and female, and that these facts remain largely ignored, we can see that this is how the human masses are continually enslaved by the weight of energetic averages played out in a population numbers game. In a global Patriarchal Dominating society that harps on Salvationism through a False Father God or Father Authority Figure, the enforced rape and pillage of the feminine principle for religious, social or economic reasons continues on, largely unaccountable for their abuses. The psychological damage this has done has crept deeply into humanities unconscious mind so that very few of us seem to want to recognize the behavioral red flags that are surfacing everywhere around us to pay attention. 

This False Father archetype has shaped the current terrain of belief leading into the moral decay of humanitarian life-giving values, the very representation of the female principle. The False Father God is said to “protect” all the while the mask of its belief in protection hides the continual enforcement of enslavement and rape, (or pedophilia, such as in the case of the Vatican’s Draconian Grip) and IS the archetype of which the reptilian (anti-human) stronghold has used to gradually sicken humanities collective thoughts, therefore infect our individual minds and bodies.

We must learn how to reclaim our mind and body as pure sovereign vessels of our core inner spirit to begin the process which allows us to regain our sense of moral and spiritual responsibility to save ourselves from anti-human enslavement and help this planet from spreading this insidious infection.

It starts inside with us, and all of us can begin to become aware that is our personal responsibility now, to reclaim our own mind and right to self-determination, in these shifting times. This is the first step towards freedom by living in  Truth, by facing the facts of this reality. 

Globally, there are more slaves than ever before in history. 

As long as we are unaware of the mind control and alien agenda and their reasons for war and carnage, depopulating, chemtrails, (producing more methane by destroying the ozone layers), and hybridizing the planetary earth surface, we will not come to understand the sociopathic sickness behind the sleeping humans that carry out the anti-human agendas through the process of psychological warfare and mind control programming. Our planet is and has been undergoing psychological warfare for many years now, and it has accelerated. 

To begin to understand how that alien psychological warfare is continually propagated to warp human values, please consider these seven facts in a recent article that highlights the ongoing treatment of multiple millions of women and children on our planet: 

(Start Article)

On International Women’s Day, we have a number of groundbreaking accomplishments to celebrate. This year alone, women in the U.S. won the right to serve on the front lines in combat and President Obama inched closer to pushing for equal pay for men and women. 

Women across the globe still face horrifying abuse and health risks, including sexual exploitation and genital mutilation, devastating injustices that are in our power to eliminate in this lifetime. 

Read through the seven disturbingly sad truths women face and find out how you can get involved in improving the lives of women around the world. 

Female Genital Mutilation

FACT: In Africa alone, 101 million girls have undergone female genital mutilation, a cultural practice that’s meant to keep girls chaste, but subjects them to intense torture in the process. With no anesthetic, a girl’s genitals are carved out (including her clitoris and labia) and what remains is stitched together, allowing a small enough aperture for urination and menstruation, which can lead to serious health consequences, New York Times' Nicholas Kristof reports. 

What you can do: While the practice has been recognized internationally as a human rights violation, activists say that through education and raising awareness, we can work to ultimately change the culture to end the practice. Find out more here.

Huffington Post article here.

Maternal Health

FACT: Every year, life-threatening complications from pregnancy and childbirth claim the lives of nearly 300,000 women, according to the Gates Foundation. While the number of mothers who died in childbirth has been reduced by nearly 50 percent, it is within our reach to reduce that figure to zero. Low-cost medical interventions with local healthcare providers are critical to protecting and saving the lives of expectant mothers. 


FACT: Fistula –- a hole that develops between a woman’s vagina and bladder or rectum –- is one of the most devastating birth injuries and it affects between 30,000 to 50,000 women a year simply because they can’t afford proper medical care. The condition leads to such severe incontinence that the woman’s body leaks urine and feces, and oftentimes, the smell becomes so unbearable that her husband will force her out of the home to fend for herself. 

What you can do: Support the Fistula Foundation, which raises awareness for the condition and funding for repair, prevention, and educational programs worldwide to help eliminate fistula. Get involved here.


FACT: One in three women on the planet will be raped, beaten or assaulted in her lifetime, that’s a total of 1 billion women subjected to devastating violence. 

What you can do: check out 1 Billion Rising, a global movement that came together on Valentine’s Day to demand an end to violence against women, and continues to fight for women’s right to live in a world where their safety is never at stake. Get involved here.

Human Trafficking

FACT: An estimated 2.5 million people across the globe are trafficked, ( sold into slavery or prostitution) according to the UN. Of those victims, 43 percent are used for sexual exploitation, of whom 98 percent are women and girls.

Globally, there are more slaves than ever before in history. 

What you can do: A number of organizations are fighting to finally put an end to human and child slavery once and for all. Find out how you can get involved with Zoe Children here.

Child Brides

FACT: Child marriage has been outlawed in most countries, but enforcement is so poor that more than 60 million girls under the age of 18 are married (many to men twice their age or older), according to CARE. This forced institution subjects girls to health risks and deprives them of the opportunity to pursue an education and personal development. 

What you can do: A number of organizations are working to put an end to this inhumane practice. Find out how you can get involved here.

Infant Mortality

FACT: Every day, more than 19,000 children die from preventable causes, according to UNICEF. What you can do: When mothers across the globe have access to clean drinking water, nutritious food and necessary immunizations (?), we will be able to bring the infant mortality rate down to zero. Find out how you can give your love or support to children around the world. 

(end article)

So the question becomes if humanity was sane, rational and understood the consequence of their actions, would they allow this to continue? How can we be human beings and allow this kind of torture of other human beings to continue and escalate? If you are not ready to consider the negative alien agenda of extra-dimensional origin, are you willing to consider we have a force that is “anti-human” ( therefore alien to the earth) that is benefiting from the enslavement and torture of women and children? 

Who is benefiting from the mass enslavement, torture and rape of our women and children? How does this planetary energetic weight of multiple millions of people enslaved impact your life? As long as we live here, we cannot put our head in the sand and ignore these facts. The anti-human agenda impacts everyone, and every single event which has plagued mankind starts with the origin of the negative alien agenda. Please consider this awareness coupled with the fact that you alone have the power to free your mind from their control. Please check out the negative ego clearing tools and psychic self defense section to increase your skill at clearing mind control structures and the many tools here for clearing alien implants. One cannot clear and heal these issues from controlling their mind until becoming aware of these issues. All of these topics can be addressed as sessions in the HGS system.

Thank you for your willingness and consideration in this most difficult topic. These are areas that many of us are needed to shine the light of consciousness upon in order to show the truth no matter how ugly it may appear. The Truth will set us Free!

With Love, Lisa

(Source: Huffington Post March 8 2013)

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