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Law of One
The Law of One is practiced by the Advanced Races that promote Self-Responsibility and accountability in our Universal Time Matrix through the comprehension of the energetic interconnection that exists between all living things. The Law of One expresses and acknowledges the interconnection, value and interdependence of the spirit and Consciousness that animates all things. This is the path to GSF.

Dear Ascending Families, 

Because of the challenging nature to penetrate the incredible obstacles, frequency fences and mind control that is placed to prevent this overall body of spiritual ascension information from being easily available to the masses, conservation ethics and relationship mastery skills are critical to the success of protecting ascension material to remain freely available from the clutches of infectious negative ego behaviors.  Conservation ethic is a STO relationship mastery skill that anyone will benefit from learning how to apply in absolutely every area of personal lifestyle, all inter-relationships as well as the successful management of any type of energetic currency or resource. Ascension knowledge is an energetic resource that must be managed correctly, and as we step onto the pathway of spiritual development, we will be required to overcome dark resistance, at multiple levels. We cannot overcome that dark resistance unless we learn to conserve our life force and precious time and energy to direct our focus with clarity and purpose.  We have to overcome our own fears of moving into unchartered and unknown territory as well as navigate the fears and judgments projected upon us by others in the environment. This can be some of the most painful emotional material to sift through, the incredible psychological, emotional and spiritual aggression one undergoes when progressing their consciousness and spiritual light embodiment. 

Many of us on the ascension pathway learn quickly that we become perceived as a threat to the 3D ego “status quo”, and the dark forces behind these ego identities, and therefore we become easily scapegoated (targeted) through others fears. It is very common for lightworkers and those spiritually committed to world service (STO) be exposed to consistent attempts from judgmental ego’s to discredit, defame or sabotage one’s spiritual development and spiritual projects. Weak minds and judgmental egos feel the need to spread negativity about others in public, and for those who fall prey to the predator force manipulation, these people are compelled to go on spewing campaigns to defame the character of someone (or spiritual groups) they may not even know firsthand. The process of working through the shadow levels of emotional, psychological or spiritual aggression generated by forces of vicious ego, either unresolved inside our own bodies or sourcing from other people - is referred to as dismantling the Victim/Victimizer software program. The NAA has set up a self-enforced mind control system of enslavement through ego mind control, using manipulation, deception and astral delusions, and the V/V software is the most powerful machinery they have to control humanity through psycho-emotional warfare and spiritual terrorism. This software is designed to manifest belief systems of victimhood by allowing ego consent for off planet predator forces to wreak its psycho-spiritual energetic warfare against humanity, and for humanity to enforce its own spiritual warfare against their own through religious control mechanisms and forms of judgmental discrimination. 

As a Starseed or Lightworker committed to spiritual development and STO, in order to navigate the mine field of explosive and threatened negative egos in the environment, it is wise to increase our communication and relationship mastery skills. It is even wiser to be educated about the NAA and the Victim/ Victimizer software to comprehend how it operates. In every relationship; personal, professional, family members, colleagues, public perception, we can increase higher frequencies within every interaction through observing the Relationship Mastery Guideline. Please see Relationship Mastery Skills here. 

An important skillset that is not often remembered is the necessity to CONSERVE one’s energy, which is to place value and priority on one’s life force and spiritual energies. This includes where one chooses to place attention and direct focus. This means to not allow others to run you ragged to their whims, urgencies and desperate cries for help that expect you to drop everything at that moment in order to be available to help them. This is especially important for a Starseed or Lightworker because we are extremely empathic and compassionate to other’s pain body and suffering, we want to help. In the earlier stages of our spiritual development when we are pouring love and energy indiscriminately, this is called exercising idiot compassion. When a person draws you in from “crying wolf” it usually is generated from self-entitled behavior which acts like an energetic “meat hook” and includes some of the most destructive behaviors I witness in the untamed (razor sharp) egos of people. I have learned through many years of service that some of the most troubled, wounded narcissistic people that have begged me for help, later when I took the bait of their emotional hook because of their desperation, they revealed themselves to be the most blood sucking vampire that I have ever experienced. Usually it is these circumstances of not only will this person suck your blood to the last drop, and have zero value for your life force or service, they usually turn out to be the worst adversary of dark interference you will have. When you stop them from sucking the energy resources dry, the antagonistic rage is set off and your image becomes projected as the “evil one” that created their problems to begin with. I cannot tell you how many people dabble in spirituality that refuse to do their own inner work, or take responsibility for themselves, just want to blame someone for their pain and issues.  In fact a few of these type of blood sucking vampires are out there in the lightworker forums on a campaign to defame my character and propagate a bunch of lies. When you become more public this blaming game becomes sequentially worse, all the sudden the blood suckers come out and blame you for everything that has gone wrong in their life. This kind of attacking agenda is a regular occurrence when asked to travel on grid projects as the NAA forces are very unhappy about my presence there. This is a good example of how the Victim/Victimizer software works to target gridworkers and lightworkers into distraction and exhaustion while creating even more desperation in the broken person who is being used as an ego vessel (dark portal) for predator forces. No one benefits, it’s a vampire game that must stop. 

What is Conservation? 

 1.         Conservation – Being able to discern the Right Use of Action – harnesses precious time and life force energies to be more effective and impactful through conservation and right timing. These skills expand and differ slightly as one develops skill with conservation ethic in the management of the personal self, the management of children and family, the management of group resources, the management of community. As this planet is ending the waste of consumptive modeling and energetic vampirism architecture as directed by Dark Forces, to adapt to the shift, we will be required to develop energetic conservation skills. This is a practice to meditate upon and learn what its value and meaning are to you personally.

Conservation requires cultivating the wisdom in learning when to engage (or apply action) and when not to engage with others (allow) especially within conflicting circumstances used to divert precious energies. No person needs to justify their existence to another or to care what other people think or judge upon them. Staying clear of emotional tantrums and dramas and not engaging means one is not feeding the drama archetypes to escalate into chaos and confusion. Dark Forces use drama and conflict to instigate schisms and chaos between yourself and others, making us less effective, distracting us and scattering our energies. This is a dark force (ego) tactic of “divide and conquer” to spin out confusion and prevent unity. Sometimes this requires a “defense” posture, sometimes this requires an “allowing” posture. Conserving energy means a stronger focus of energies, and one becomes much more effective and productive with managing overall levels of forces of energies. When we learn this skill, we gain access to more resources, and improved exchanges to connect with our spiritual sources. If we waste time and energy, if we abuse our spiritual energies or others energies, we reach an energy threshold that cannot be increased, draining us, and therefore it will dissipate its positive influence. 

Conservation is a major theme being pushed in every area of our lives at this time as we must learn to conserve energetic resources and apply the proper use of resources in proper timing. That timing is not ego timing but obeys a larger purpose in its impact through an efficient application. Starseeds are here to learn how to exist and manage themselves in a group consciousness dynamic to achieve unity with the whole. Most of us do not realize that spiritual-energetics or consciousness is a resource that cannot be squandered without backlash. The resources here in ES are a community and group Guardian resource that must be managed to align to the frequencies which allow the physical group and extradimensional groups to function within the container. This material is not here to make egos happy, it is here to serve evolutionary purposes for the Spiritual Ascension. 

Collective Spiritual forces of energies, align to the most accurate, focused and efficient use of management of those energetic resources, whether in an individual or group setting. This accumulation of resources has nothing to do with value difference or rank. It has everything to do with being efficient and applying conservation ethic to your spiritual mission, role and being self-aware with life force energies in order to manage larger projects. In the application of Dark Forces, they possess or manipulate the thought form of the person that they will yield the most energetic harvest from, so this “productivity” example in generating quantic yields applies in both polarities. Dark forces (such as the NAA) abuse the conservation ethic and instead choose to steal, vampirize, superimpose, abuse or kill off life or energetic resources that are not recognized as a valuable or a threat to their control agenda. 

Conservation is an ethical practice of determining what practical and grounded means are required in determining a moral course of action; the term moral does not imply a meaning of right or wrong, however the alignment to the right use of action. This action which has an implied use of resources that is in full deference to the spiritual mission and that stewards the plan of sovereignty as a model. 

In matters relating to the change and development of the ES community resources, there is a transformation occurring now to comprehend conservation ethic at much larger levels, because the Guardian host cannot accomplish our collaborative goals with HGS and the building of the ES website, without having mastery of conservation ethic. This means energies must be accounted for and personal responsibility is taken to another level of self-awareness. As we all know this is fantastic, because what this really means is that we are on a road to personal freedom and achieving sovereignty. 

For these reasons as our website and community undergoes developments and changes, I want to explain more about CONSERVATION and why it is required, so that many of you will not feel frustrated at the changes, but understand where we are coming from as we grow together. 

The primary focus of applying conservation of my energy resources and other ascension resources is required in the maintaining the health and balance of the diversity that is in our communities requirements. Such as the website technology requirements, the human need requirements, the fair exchange requirements, the energy and time requirements, the leadership requirements, the administrative requirements, all of these requirements are my responsibility to manage, communicate and apply in the most ethical way that I am capable to serve this mission and collaboration between Guardian consciousness and this current station of my identity. To bridge all of that between all of us here, who are equally valued and appreciated, who also participate with that entire process, in fair value exchanges, revelations and in spiritual and personal development that happens at many different dimensional levels in the community itself. 

My overall direction in the management of our community structure is that I follow a conservation ethic, a sustainability ethic, and I am working very hard to advocate and guide the future work of ES and HGS toward these conservation goals and energetic sustainability goals. Sustainability is the long-term maintenance of responsibility, which has multi-dimensional repercussions, along with it also being environmental, economic, and social and spiritual in its scope of influence among all these dimensions, and this encompasses the concept of stewardship, planetary stewardship, which is the responsible management of resource use. Sustainability describes how all biological and energetic systems remain diverse and productive over time, which is necessary for the well-being of future humans and other future life forms, all of nature. 

Moving towards applied sustainability, conservation of our ES resources to build yet more resources as an educational resource for humanity, as an informational commons and open source, while keeping the quality of our community operating, is an immense social challenge and pressure. 

While I recognize the value of everyone here, and the diversity of everyone here in our community, where each one of us has individual lifestyles and ideas of how those larger resources should be managed or not be managed, and how exactly I should respond to all of those requirements - is another challenge based on each person’s self-reflection of awareness to participate with the larger community. The Mentors group is one way to bring concerns of the community consensus into the equation, however we are subject to our Guardian collaboration which does not operate on human timing and human perception of need. 

All I can say, is that I know it’s my role, and I must take it on and show up for that responsibility, as much pressure it puts on me. Only YOU know your role and I cannot define that for you, and you also, must respond accordingly to those things you are also being guided at this time to change or rebuild in order to show up for that responsibility. 

We all know the adage, that evil prevails when good people do nothing. I do not say this as a judgment, but as a spiritual ethic, it is clear as a community we must commit to follow and reinforce the goodness and the preservation of the human spirit, life force, the spirit of humanity, we must do what we can each in our own way - to help others comprehend a pathway that allows for them to feel and experience the goodness that is inherent within the eternal nature of the human spirit. To focus on goodness without ignoring the larger accurate assessment of planetary events and dark tactics of psychological warfare is the philosophical balance of information that is relayed to this community to produce spiritually mature human beings. 

It takes a very strong and stable inner being to hold love and goodness, while being able to recognize the psychosis the sociopathy that has taken over the majority of how the worlds resources are being used and how the majority of people, such as women, children and animals are being treated. Those of us here, cannot subscribe to that behavior as normal, as then we become infected with its disease. 

I want to express to our community and those that have not felt my availability or feel that the community diversity is a hierarchy, to forgive me and attempt to understand what the immense challenge is here, and to comprehend what our larger project is and what the longer term goals are. My heart is and always will be UNITY with everyone, and yet the paradox I have , like all of us here, is we are not living in a structure that supports unity in the material world, and we all have to find a way to live in the selfish material world and not be of that selfish material world. I have been given a large project of which I cannot set down or be remiss in its detail. That sacrifices things that I would like to be more personal in relating with all of us here, but is impossible for one human ( or a few of us here) to accomplish. 

For this reason I ask you to pray, meditate and consider what way you can support the ES community to be elevated from petty ego grievances and dark entity manipulation, not from in your personal need, but in the service to the whole. Whether its prayers of light, becoming expert at where the resources are located in this community, doing HGS sessions on self or troubled planetary themes and locations, being self-aware of how your energy impacts others around you, it does not matter. However, in all ways together we can accomplish something larger, if we join forces as one committed to a spiritual cause without ego agendas, if that feels resonate to your heart. I assert now that we need the community support to accomplish the massive load beyond continual dark force attacks from unconscious egos, and other dark manipulation. 

May we together as a conscious community feel and be connected to something larger than ourselves where we have a chance to make a difference in the pain in the world, lifting it from its current state of mass confusion and suffering. 

Thank you so much or your time here, Love, Lisa

(Source: Forum discussion on Conservation Ethics)

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"You can't be suspicious of a tree, or accuse a bird or a squirrel of subversion, or challenge the ideology of a violet." ~Hal Borland 


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