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Law of One
The Law of One is practiced by the Advanced Races that promote Self-Responsibility and accountability in our Universal Time Matrix through the comprehension of the energetic interconnection that exists between all living things. The Law of One expresses and acknowledges the interconnection, value and interdependence of the spirit and Consciousness that animates all things. This is the path to GSF.

Another level of critical mass has been reached with Galactic Source frequency and its connection that opens various vortexes into the planetary grid structure itself. 

This allows for more in depth revelation of the problems existing within the structural integrity of the planetary body and therefore the human body. Once we (Guardian consciousness) can see where the problem exists we are then able to reconcile the problem through the healing of the energetic template or giving that consciousness a choice directly to rehabilitate that damaged portion of itself. The choice must be made by each being on its own cognizance. All choices with intention have a direct consequence on our future direction and these consequences are amplified during this time. 

These energy vortexes and their circulatory systems have anchored into the planetary grid into an elevated platform which causes collapse of the many layers that have existed as the planet’s multidimensional time and space field architecture. Each of these “layers” are a dimensional plane of existence that has a Law of Creational Physics that govern the movement of that particular energy field that exist within that frequency band. When we understand this reality is a holographic projection ( like a movie projected onto a theatre screen) we begin to see the layers that make up the mass consciousness fields and see all patterns and coding as an architectural blueprint of human and planetary consciousness. 

No Thing is a random creation. This is similar to saying when we are able to “witness” the hologram, we then get to see WHO is behind the curtain. We are then able to see who is producing the movie and all the beings behind the movie that are controlling or “making” the movie. Then the question becomes who do you want controlling your movie? 

Ascension is a physical science that governs the movement of energy and consciousness through a time/space field instruction set which is arranged in collectively layered matrices. Currently we have a huge change underway systematically happening within our spiritual identity cellular memories and therefore the layer of our Aura that comprises the total experiences of our human emotional body. The reconstruction and the shift occurring in the Collective Human Emotional Body ( 2D and 4D planetary dimensions) is unprecedented and has many different effects upon our planetary body and our individual body. This process is an extremely intense light body activation and reconfiguration which will likely accelerate in the coming months for many of us. Participating with this awareness of clearing negative emotions and related abuse patterns from the Tyrant archetype at this time will prepare one’s being to align to these future changes. 

This is clearly a time of the Rite of Passage that initiates the human being into radical and drastic life and behavioral changes. This current global energetic terrain acts like an “explosive powder keg”, where a mine field of energetic bombs are going off in the mass consciousness fields. Most of the larger collective patterning at this time is related to the collapse and decay of the False King of Tyranny (FKOT) structures that have been enforcing the power abuse over others.  For many of us that are sensitive it may feel like energetic debris is flying in every direction. This is accurate. Spaces and timelines are exploding into bits within areas of the field that are unable to align or ignite the frequency that allows the necessary vibrational shift to occur. This is why self-care, self-love and at times - isolation may be required to minimize the energy "fallout “or backlash. For many of us right now we need a lot of rest to recover the healing of our body and spirit from the memory of tyrant abuses. With so much going on in the fields at this time from recent events of the bifurcation, as well as the related necessary reconstruction in the personal auric field/blueprint, we may feel like we are in a holding period. 

It is important to understand we must recognize and see what is hidden or suppressed in order to begin the process to recover and heal it. We are undergoing another layer to unmask the mind control programs of the False King of Tyranny, the inner and outer “Tyrant” that has been tormenting humanity through the sick mind of the Archon. This revelation is a huge step into our comprehension of how we have arrived at this current global state of human destruction and planetary sickness. To empower ourselves we must identify and locate where the mental sickness and its energetic infection exists in the Tyrant archetype. If we cannot see the infection underneath the glossed over surface we cannot inoculate it. This phase is tantamount to the beginning of a massively expanding possibility of healing the human race from the mental body sickness of tyrannical abuse in the future direction of the ascending timeline. 

We are being asked to hold more of the Inner Light of Truth inside of our own being. We endeavor to embody the essence of our essential divinity and request to be the Guardians of Earth, the Blue Flame Holders as We were Designed to Be. We will take this Tyrant archetype burden from collective consciousness of the male principle known as the Families of Michael and Give it to God to transform and heal. It is within our own hearts and our inner connection to God that we can become the Knower’s and Keepers of the Inner Light of Truth. We can no longer ask ANYTHING or ANYONE outside of ourselves to hold this perception of Truth or to enforce this Truth for us. To regain our Cosmic Citizenship we must rise to our inherent God wisdom and Become the Truth Vibration. It is the Truth that sets all Things Free and We, as Divine Human Beings are the POWER and CAUSE of Gods Will into Action to rise and set forth all that which is suffering – To Be Born Free from Tyranny. As we dedicate ourselves to uphold the Natural Laws of God, we agree to be the responsible Keepers of the Natural Law once more for the earth.  Through this action we end tyranny and will not accept the human abuses and earthly abuses committed daily as a standard of life for our communities. This Tyranny of the Earth must end. This is God’s Eternal Law! We command it into Dominion on Earth more than Ever Now! I AM God. I AM Sovereign. I AM Free. 

Connect inside with no intermediary and Know you are the Revelation of God Returned to restore the Earth. All Change begins Within. Give voice to those who cannot, and let the healing of our Divine Masculine begin to be freed of Tyrannical mindsets of warring abuse. It is he that is the Rod which will help to anchor our Spiritual Staff into the Earth and He is treasured beyond measure. Our Male is Destined to be the Rod of the Earth and from within Spiritual Union - our right to Sacred and Divine Marriage can then be embodied to fulfill our Ascension timeline as the risen inner light of Christos returns home. 

(Source: adapted from Newsletter, Code of the Blue Nile, March 2010) 

Today's Reflection

“I am too conscious of the imperfections of the species to which I belong to be irritated against any member thereof. My remedy is to deal with the wrong wherever I see it, not to hurt the wrongdoer; even as I would not like to be hurt for the wrongs I continually do.” ~Mohandas K. Gandhi

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