Shifting Timelines
There are many subtle force reconfigurations occurring at the quantum level of the planetary mainframe that are changing the way the external and collective energy fields organize and manifest into the world.
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We have to move through the series of Timelines in each dimensional octave and reclaim our identity while recoding and changing the obsolete or false reality from interfering with our continued spiritual growth.
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Bifurcation of Time
Bifurcation means the splitting of a main body into two parts.Thus, the planetary fields and humanity are coming to experience the next phase of the planetary Ascension Cycle, which is the nature of Bifurcation of Time.
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Dear Ascending Family, We have returned back from a hard project of which we are recovering. We resume our weekly Blog with the hope and prayers for deeper clarity and support to help you on your pathway of spiritual development and ascension. 

Through a variety of unique cosmological events partnered with new collective consciousness templates on the Earth, many humans are being shaken, awakened and penetrated to the core with new self-realizations or horrifying discoveries of the truth. We are in a time of heightened spiritual initiation process to deeper levels of awakening. Intrinsic to spiritual awakening is to clearly see the false identity and false beliefs that have operated which previously led us into misaligned thinking and therefore a misaligned pathway. Some of us have operated these masks of identities and beliefs for many, many lifetimes which embed energy blockages even more deeply into one’s cellular memory. Many of these identifies and belief systems are also sourcing from an alien genetic memory or from a past or future timeline of alien hybridization. These levels of alien hybridization and inter-breeding have impacted inter-generational bloodlines, and many can be traced throughout certain families that were chosen to be a part of hybridization, or in worse cases, experimentation for NAA purposes. 

We are preparing to move into another position in the evolutionary chain which impacts Universal timelines with alien hybridized identities and their relationship to the Personal Christ gestalt of consciousness in new ways. Our spiritual communities will be impacted, and will continue to feel the energetic and spiritual impacts of these recent events. This opens up the potential of meeting future hybridized selves or other self related identities throughout the timelines during the spiritual initiation process which may happen in lucid dreams, meditation, sleep state or other consciousness work.

We can mistake these alien or other identity masks as our own body because we, along with our ancestors, have lived with them for so long. We have forgot who we are and from where we have originated. 

The more we are masked from the inner spiritual light, the more confused, fearful and chaotic our thought processes. Therefore, the more disconnected we are from our spirit the more distorted our external behaviors and reactions become. These distorted behaviors create energy blockages and they are inherited generationally and genetically, most commonly from hybridization damage. Additionally, when we are disconnected from our true spirit, we are like an “actor” in a play following a script someone else has written. As an actor we are not living truthfully, therefore, our identity mask becomes the “deceiver” of its own projected images. The NAA are experts at perpetrating deception and creating false identities in masking archetypes that people may believe are their “real identity”. We may have manipulated these “masked” images that we show others from a variety of our own insecurities and self-deceptions. When we reach a point where we remove blockages and no longer require wearing an indentity mask, we can see clearly when others are wearing them. This is acutely obvious in the globalscape now as many masked identities and alien identities have an agenda to carry out. 

When we realize that the consequences of our actions today were the result of inauthentic decisions made in the past (when we were projecting a mask of deception), that moment of realization can be painful. Every little event is connecting throughout the golden threads woven in the fabric of all time for us to see. Some of us may play out these memories or events consciously or unconsciously. At this time we are being required to reconcile false identities in time and their related memories in some kind of format as it surfaces to present us with a task or conflict to prove our inner spiritual integrity. Many of us are reconciling the past or future timelines where genetic or spiritual damage has occurred, as well as issues presented at the individual level, the ancestral level, the karmic selves related to alien hybridization level, or the collective planetary issues and so forth. We may have the “Come to Jesus” moment in our life and be forced to see the pain, harm damage that has been caused (or that sourced from our ancestors or other identities) to ourselves and others. We may have allowed another person, thing, belief system or organization that we love to have authority in our spiritual and life direction and then come to learn that these items have been completely misrepresented through deceptions. No matter how this deception has occurred, if we have based our life on a foundation of self-deception (though masking or false identities) that deception is crumbling away beneath our feet, and this can feel scary. Administering compassion and offering kind understanding to support those in this situation is greatly needed today. 

Removing the Deception 

This is a time when the life foundation is crumbling away if it is not really solid and aligned to our spiritual core. This crumbling is positive in that it may also crumble internal energy blocks. However, this crumbling can look like the deterioration (the decay) of our reality and may be exceedingly disruptive, chaotic and painful when focused externally. In the macrocosm many people are struggling to understand what is happening to them and how to make sense of their world perception. Has the whole world gone crazy? The conflict lies in removing the mask of deception, removing its blockages and finding the authentic truth for each being. This intense conflict brings about the deception to the surface so we can stop perpetuating and feeding the lie. This process brings us to live in our own authentic truth by reconciling our inner conflicts through finding inner peace. As we find greater inner peace we are capable to clear and release energy blockages, ancestral memories and other future potentials that need to be cleared from memory influences. 

Dead Light Miasma 

Many of these conflicts and trauma have been carried for eons of time buried in our bodies as ancestral memories and alien hybridization genetic damage from other timelines. When these various levels of memory trauma remain unseen and unhealed, they turn into dead light (black energy, frozen or static fields). This dead light creates energy blockages and distortion which is also called miasma. (When discussing the reconciliation of ancestral and alien hybridization memories it is also referencing the dead energy blockages of recorded ancestral miasma.) This dead light (energy) miasma is recorded in the planetary body as well as our own individual bodies. When we clear miasma and their imprints from our individual body we are helping to clear the larger macrocosm and planetary field. When we clear alien hybridization pain or trauma in our own memories, we are also helping to heal the alien abduction phenomena by regaining our power by refusing consent to NAA mistreatment. 

Because our true galactic history and relationship with extraterrestrials has been hidden from us, we have been greatly deceived, therefore our own bodies may deceive us with cellular memories that are suppressed that we do not understand. This is especially prevalent with the cover up on alien hybridization, alien abduction and related genetic experiments that are carried out on unsuspecting human beings from a variety of sources. The deception is in that we are lied to about the alien involvement with our planet and we are lied to about how our bodies and multidimensional consciousness actually works. Until we understand our body as a multidimensional energetic and spiritual being, and have Ascension context with comprehension of our hidden galactic history with extraterrestrials, we will be confused by the nature of this reality and the cellular memory messages of pain or disease that result. The body is intelligent and our communication with our body has been largely blocked, suppressed and controlled neurologically as well as damaged by alien implants. These unresolved trauma memories can lodge hidden pain that create energy blockages throughout our bodies. Most people do not recognize the pain they feel in their body is being created from energy blockages, many which result from unresolved ancestral memories. (a.k.a ancestral miasma) The ancestral miasma is used by dark attachments and alien hierarchies to manipulate the person who is unconscious of these memories buried in their body. This is one reason the real human history is hidden from us so we cannot get to the bottom of the trauma we have in our ancestral memories and with the history we have with the many extraterrestrial races. The internal violence of humanity (along with the ancestral issues, deceptions, reptilian overlays and hidden alien genetic manipulation histories) is surfacing in waves to reconcile back into choices that can be made to bring energetic balance and peace. Hence, there is a lot of death and rebirth happening in this cycle simultaneously. 

The Power to Forgive and Forget 

Through this intensity, new creations are being borne that we have come to witness during this incredible time of human history and planetary evolution. Yet this timeline will require all we can muster to focus on the positive and upon the “goodness” inside human beings, the real spark of life that exists beyond all these painful events, ancestral memories and alien manipulation. These many conflicts are playing out in the confused people that still believe using bombs, wars and discriminate killing is the way to find God. This cycle requires a tremendous focus of inner strength to call upon unconditional forgiveness and forgetfulness for the past pain, the past timelines which have caused the root of all planetary pain, thus human pain today. The ancestral past, and the alien hybridization and genetic mutation histories are that memory which exists in our blood and is haunting some of us now, and it lingers for remembrance, reconciliation and resurrection. The reconciliation of ancestral and alien timeline memories have many intersecting layers and is impacting many other dimensions of time. Multiple dimensions containing millions of beings are lining up to comprehend what has happened to the earth and transit out from their specific time continuum. Many of us may be attending to that process to help as portal jumpers, gatekeepers and interdimensional chaperons. For during this intense phase, we will see and observe a lot of pain in this world, pain from the past, pain from seeing lies, pain in the planet, painful death, pain at the alien deception and the pangs of a great spiritual birthing. We must reconcile the past and the future which seeded its memories in our fleshly body and spiritual being to apply the power of love, which is, the transformation required to resurrect our true eternal krystic being. Once we can see this truth and forgive this pathway from the past of our true hidden alien histories, we become open to the future experience of spiritual freedom and inner joy with the Cosmic Christ consciousness.

(Source adapted Newsletter, May 2013)