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Law of One
The Law of One is practiced by the Advanced Races that promote Self-Responsibility and accountability in our Universal Time Matrix through the comprehension of the energetic interconnection that exists between all living things. The Law of One expresses and acknowledges the interconnection, value and interdependence of the spirit and Consciousness that animates all things. This is the path to GSF.

No partner or casual relationship that one has intimate relations with, either sexual or platonic is accidental or by chance. We are ending casual relationships and all relationships will be first and foremost about personal transformation and spiritual development. Relationships that have been entered into with a basis of deception or pathology, such as addiction, fantasy or sexual misery (Princess Code, Hero/Savior, Tyrant King, Ice Queen) will crumble hard and fast. We are being taught to move away from destructive archetypes that play mind games and delude our perception between our intimate relations and sexuality.

Once it is realized that all relationships are about spiritual growth through applied life lessons, you can participate with that comprehension in order to easily graduate to the next level. Applying nonattachment and unconditional forgiveness in your relationships will allow you to skip the harder (more painful) lessons. Eventually through your balanced self-mastery, you will have access to create the most loving, spiritual marriage you ever could imagine. This year we have this possibility and it will continue to grow stronger as more of us wake up and remember to live our divine purpose and love again.

Take steps to clear and heal your emotional state, as well as mind, body and spirit, when you recognize inner pain, or inner violence towards self or others, to inquire on the nature and source of the pain or fear. Continue to develop a skillset to transcend pain and fear and improve communication skills and lifestyle habits. We have a bevy of tools here in ES to help with that process. When these skills are mastered as a way of everyday life, they are much easier to apply in husband-wife/partner/spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend or Alchemical union. Some changes that are unique in these types of Christos based partnerships extend further to extremely deep transparency, honesty and intuitive knowing in the evolving dynamics of the relationship. This new type of Christos based relationship is ever evolving and peacefully, ever loving!

Birthing the Solar Sacrum

The second internal layer of our Tree of Life is the elemental-emotional body which operates as the instinctual layer of the ego which generally remains a hidden part of the unconscious mind. The first part of spiritual healing is to be willing to pay attention to emotional and sexual drives and one's motivations though dedicated self-awareness. The second layer is directly impacted by the first layer to the degree the painful memory is experienced in the person's hard drive. (See last month's newsletter) This second layer could also be called the pain body. It is the location where unresolved pain memories will manifest as instinctual drives within the person's ego. If the 1D storage memories are not identified or cleared, the pain of these memories creates "walls of separation" in the 2D layer as a pain body. The pain body further creates "walls of separation" which manifest in the ego as seven primary mental and emotional states identified above. These walls of separation isolate the ego self in the person and as the person identifies with that ego state, they become disconnected from their inner spirit. This disconnection from the inner spirit creates a wall where another part of the ego identity may split off and may hide itself from pain. This identity could have been created when one is a baby, a six year old child, teenager, or even in other timelines. This phenomenon is called ego sub-personalities. The goal of our inner spirit is to find and locate those sub-personalities to heal them, reclaim them as Children of God, so that the spiritual light can be reintegrated and brought back into wholeness.

Using this chart below may be helpful to identify and participate with the reconfiguration transpiring throughout this year in one's sacral centers and inner space chakras. Intend and ask Holy Christos Golden Ray to help heal all the walls of separation in one's 2D elemental-emotional body and to bring the sexual-sacral areas into balance with unified loving patterns of inner sacred marriage.

 Tree of Life Branches

2nd Tree and Sacral Chakra

Grounding Ray Sacred Marriage (HG)

Merging with 14D Rishic Sun and 8D Gold Ray

Balancing Archetype
for Sacred Marriage

Sovereign Son and Daughter

Negative Archetype
- Blocked Sacral Chakra

Martyr, Scapegoat

Negative Archetype
Too Open Sacral Chakra

Addict, Fanatic, Seducer

Tri-Wave Unified Pattern

Strong Core Self Identity, Emotional Competency, Letting Go, Harmony with Relationships and Sexuality

Fear Thoughtforms
Negative Polarity

Codependent Relationships, Addictions, Betrayals, Abandonment, Rejection, Guilt, Shame, Sexual confusion

Love Thoughtforms
Positive Polarity

Healthy Relationships, Creativity, Loving connections, Acceptance of Self and others, Sexual clarity

2D Unconscious Pain/Separation                 
Seven Main Areas

1. Unworthiness 
2. Shame / Guilt 
3. Lack of Trust / Self Doubt
4. Betrayal / Abandonment 
5. Anger / Rage 
6. Fear          
7. Entrapment / Enslavement

For additional tools on developing practical communication skills to help enlighten current relationships into Christos heart based relationships, this week's blog may be supportive in the sacral center shifting to evolve our behaviors within intimate relationships. See Krystic Relationships here.

(source: January 2014 Newsletter, Sacrum Healing Graphic by P. Goldenlotus)

Today's Reflection

"One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious." ~Carl Gustav Jung 


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