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Law of One
The Law of One is practiced by the Advanced Races that promote Self-Responsibility and accountability in our Universal Time Matrix through the comprehension of the energetic interconnection that exists between all living things. The Law of One expresses and acknowledges the interconnection, value and interdependence of the spirit and Consciousness that animates all things. This is the path to GSF.

The heart-brain complex is an intelligence structure that can best be defined as the original, organic design and function of the collective human soul/oversoul matrix and its cellular memory interface with the planetary grid heart consciousness network. As a part of the mechanics of the energy structure of the many fields of consciousness, (the morphogenetic field layers that control time and space), the heart–brain complex is a consciousness structure and architecture that has been largely dormant within the planetary body fields. This consciousness intelligence has remained dormant primarily from the genetic manipulation of the negative alien agenda and their inorganic enslavement architecture used on the planet. The heart-brain complex is a part of the planetary nervous system (grid network) and the nerve cell(s) of the planetary body that directly message into and through the individual human body via the heart complex. We must have emotional depth and empathy to receive and understand the planetary heart signal. Many people on this earth cannot feel or sense it, because their heart is closed or blackened. It is important to recognize, that on our planet, essentially we are in a struggle to retain and protect our heart to remain strong enough to connect with our inner spirit and directly link our heart communication with the infinite God source. Everything that we endure on this planet has been designed by the Controllers to break our heart in order to maim, damage and kill our loving feelings of empathy, kindness and compassion for others. To make us feel disconnected and apathetic about ourselves. To be emotionally shut down and uncaring towards the crimes against humanity that contribute to the chaotic and dark state of the planet. Extremely dark forces want humanity to lose all sensory feeling abilities, and to shut down the loving kindness that comes from an awakened heart . Thus, it takes spiritual maturity, courage and bravery to be able to accept the nature of this reality, to see it as it is really, and to keep our heart open, loving and kind - no matter what. To endure the intensity of the recent shifting timelines, we will need to never lose sight of the power that resides inside our loving heart, and to never allow the external forces to harm or diminish the quality of love that we can broadcast from our heart. Can you make the true committment to unconditionally love with all of your heart without expecting something in return? 

To open our heart and be unconditionally loving takes strength of character, and this is the fastest way to gain the power of virtues. Virtues are the qualities of goodness that define the very purpose of our human lives, they are the content of our character and the truest expression of our heart based spiritual-energetic nature. Virtues are the qualities of goodness which also inhabit in the world of forces, they are consciousness that quantiifies through the higher spiritual forces that awaken the soul and spirit within the heart complex. When one builds strength in virtues, one builds strength in the power of the forces of unconditional love and kindness, which translate into the direct connection that links with God Forces. We reap the quality of our cultivated virtue in that which brings incredible gifts of spiritual powers, directly from the spirits of God. These living forces are the Spirits of Christ, which become connected with the embodiment in ones inner spirit. These gifts are the “Bestowal of Grace” that is received through the sincerity of one’s virtuous thoughts or virtuous actions to be of service to the whole, to be of service to God. It is made clear to define that the Bestowal of Grace is not dispensed through any premeditated intermediary, such as with a Guru or Priest, but is received as a dispensation of grace from the personal cultivation of virtues that are made strong through the practice of unconditionally loving. To strengthen our spiritual foundation at its root in our personal Tree of Life, we must place our relationship with God as our primary focus, finding the courage every day to cultivate strong virtues through practicing loving kindness and compassion. This practice may sound easy, but in the state of the world today, it is not. 

A virtue is a characteristic of a person that supports the development of individual goodness, having ethical standards for honoring life, for the purpose of personal spiritual development, higher consciousness and collective humanitarian well being. This is a person who chooses to promote principles of love and kindness while giving their best every day, with whatever they have in the moment. If one focuses on building strong virtues through being unconditionally loving,  these accumulated behaviors translate into higher frequencies that lead to personal freedom and direct God connection. If one is allowing strong vices to take control over them, such as addiction, this leads to personal bondage and servitude to dark forces. This is our personal choice, to have spiritual freedom or spiritual bondage, through the choices we make every day to either cultivate virtues or vices. When we are spiritually strong, we are a fortress of heart based devotion and dedication to serve the highest expression of our goodness, as a spiritual and multidimensional being. Heart based devotion progressively builds solid ethics and strong virtues, which are the collective attributes that directly attract the consciousness of the Spirits of Christos, which are the rays of love that emanate from the heart of God. Once we embody the Spirits of Christ, these rays emanate from our own heart, and our heart grows increasingly larger, capable to hold extremely high frequencies of love, light and power that are directed from the infinite source to benefit the planet and humanity. 

The original astral heart complex of earth is the fourth dimensional, green spectrum of light, and the brain (logos) of the planet is the ultraviolet spectrum of light. In order to rebuild the heart-brain complex pathways, these ley lines, dimensional bodies and their related structures have to be shifted to make way for the new heart-brain structure and to run its spark current.That is what is transpiring now, a demolition of black source blockages, the grid structures that hold distortion, damage and waste product debris (miasma). These are being broken down to consciousness units that are re-assimilated or transmuted out from these impacted areas systematically, that have black heart circulatory systems that have been feeding satanic hierarchies. There are higher dimensional conflicts around the perception of how Guardian grid projects are impacting the earth at this time. Each perception is based upon a vantage point of existence in the time and space field, yet this is a necessary part of the re-assimilation of the many levels of consciousness units to experience the synthesis of polarities back into the Unity field.

Recently, Guardian Teams went to San Francisco Bay area to research and correct artificial intelligence signaling that is creating DNA mutational damage in humans and in the earth, from running these specific currents of AI that power up black heart networks, and satanic architecture used to house massive hierachies of demonic forces. These "black houses" are used as phantom portals to allow satanic forces to easily walk around on the earth, and take over the area without human awareness. There are conflicts in other dimensions around the placement in time and space where the break down and removal of the black house interface is impacting other networks, and forcing entities to be moved out from that space in time. Satanic forces are extremely arrogant, which is their blind spot, entities are trapped in lower dimensional or material reality perception where the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing, nor for what purpose. From every dimensional level of perception, there is a vantage point that is unique and many times, limited to that specific time and space location. Satanic forces have a very limited perception while they are desperate to exact complete control over other people's energy sources. 

Therefore there are many kinds of Celestial beings, both dark and light, at many higher dimensions (and partial ascensions) that are also undergoing a process of God realization and transformation of existence, throughout the Universal Ascension Cycle.

The planetary heart- brain complex is ignited from within the core of the earth, as well as the replica of that complex existing in the center of our human skull and brain. The heart brain link up in the individual is between the center of the brain at the pineal gland, igniting its spiritual spark and linking directly into the higher heart center of the permanent seed atom. The heart brain complex is ignited by the Collective Monadic Body Spark, which is fueled by the proper phasing that exchanges directly into the heart of God (Universal Core) and returns the spark to ignite and expand itself as a running current throughout the complex meridians, axiatonal lines of the heart brain complex. This is a Universal Cosmic Orbit, the macrocosm version of the “microcosmic orbit” that runs within our own central vertical channel.

The heart-brain complex is coming online within the smaller ascending human population now, as well is the result of, the larger Guardian planetary grid demolition of satanic architecture and ongoing grid repair projects.

To ignite and run the circuits of this heart-brain complex, many levels of the architecture and grids of the planetary network must be either, repaired, rehabilitated or demolished to be rebuilt into the new foundational structure. Since last year, there have been sequential events leading to this process of demolition, implosion in order to rehabilitate and reconnect necessary axiatonal lines, spinning grid points and various vortexes. A portion of this issue was that there were holographic insert implants in the planetary body that were projecting pineal implants and cages that surrounded the pineal itself. This was to “freeze” or calcify the pineal functions and to actual deteriorate the pineal gland functions, since this gland is key in the ascension process to activate the deeper awakened heart, as well as ignite the higher mental processes of the spiritual intelligence.  

Some of us will be more sensitive to the flying energetic debris than others; it depends on our unique role and genetic package. Like being a construction worker on a work site, we need to be wearing a hard helmet and protective gear and goggles, as there is debris, trash, waste, pollution, fallout and confused people all scattering about in the middle of the worksite. (Wear your 12D Shield!) This is a time to remain calm in the middle of the darkness and chaos, it is better to conserve and direct our energies with purpose, protecting and fortifying our bodies, and aligning to the highest frequencies of loving kindness within our heart. Finding the stillness, while in the center of the tornado is what we are called to do in this cycle, along with having a proper evolutionary context for the war over consciousness that we are all exposed. As we find the inner stillness and remain mentally and emotionally calm, there is an incredible amount of spiritual support and potential activation into the higher intelligence of the heart-brain complex that we can rebuild and attune to within ourselves. It is our strong heart and capacity to love that protects our ability to embody the Krystal Consciousness,  while we are exposed to the war game over the earth. 

The heart-brain awakening will directly impact the skull, cheeks, eyebrows, neck, jaw, including the crown, third eye, pineal, and pituitary glands, which may be presently shifting in one’s awareness. We have many physical and energetic body changes happening now that change bodily metabolism and homeostasis. Many changes are being felt in the energy centers in the center of our head, skull and brain, as the Monadic flame ignites these centers for the awakening the heart- brain complex, which is a monadic body function. This allows the head and crown centers to communicate and transmit intelligent energy with the source field, in more effective ways.

(Source: Newsletter November 2012)


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