Shifting Timelines
There are many subtle force reconfigurations occurring at the quantum level of the planetary mainframe that are changing the way the external and collective energy fields organize and manifest into the world.
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We have to move through the series of Timelines in each dimensional octave and reclaim our identity while recoding and changing the obsolete or false reality from interfering with our continued spiritual growth.
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Bifurcation of Time
Bifurcation means the splitting of a main body into two parts.Thus, the planetary fields and humanity are coming to experience the next phase of the planetary Ascension Cycle, which is the nature of Bifurcation of Time.
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Due to the changes in the geo-magnetic field, the EMF shifts in the energetic terrain are magnifying the stress and anxiety that many people have not healed from their Ego Filters and negative ego belief systems, which form from one’s innermost thoughts based upon the contents of their unconscious mind. This is a topic that is discussed and explored in a variety of ways in the ES community to outline and highlight the critical importance of identifying and taking steps to clear mental anxiety and negative ego thoughts and behaviors (predator mind, spiritually abusive behaviors), from taking total control over our lives. Most people are highly susceptible to psychic sponging of the rising collective unconsciousness stream in the environment, and the magnitude of the force behind these chaotic patterns is immense. When a person is in consistent states of experiencing mental anxiety, this is a dangerous state of mind, which can develop into more negative ego pathology if it is not curtailed or redirected in more healthy behavioral outlets. The mental anxiety many people are feeling during this time is at extreme levels.

The negative ego is conditioned from the reptilian predator mind, so it is inherently violent and aligned to service-to-self behaviors (selfish). Ego Filters when left unchecked and unhealed evolve into a Physiology of Fear where the nervous system is turned on in a nonstop sympathetic stress, which pumps adrenalin into the body which can generate feelings of anxiety and panic. When a person does not take steps to evolve their mind, or reprogram into more spiritually healthy, loving thought forms and peaceful behaviors, the Ego Filters are grossly exaggerated. As a result, an undisciplined and unhealthy mind can easily generate negative states of inner violence and inner terrorism. Many people on our planet are not faring well mentally and emotionally in these recent timeline shifts, and this may be painful and disturbing to observe in those around us. It is for this reason I open this topic to help our community get deeper clarity on this disturbing topic, so that we become experts at shifting thoughts away from negative ego filtering, and back into peaceful states of being, no matter what kind of chaos is in the immediate environment.

Finding acceptance in the moment to moment, is very important in order to maintain peaceful states of thinking and behaving, while being exposed to the tumultuous energies of the world at large and the collective confusion many people are feeling. If we understand Ego Filters as the source of negative ego thought-forms that are stemming from the reptilian predator mind, it helps us to not identify with those thought forms, which many people use to reinforce their sense of self worth. We must change the thought forms that we have based our self worth upon in the old paradigm, and truly find self-love and self-acceptance for where we are right now. We cannot run and we cannot hide from these facts, no matter how much we want to avoid facing the truth. This is not an easy time on the earth and the earth and humanity need all the compassion, love and caring we can muster, while holding peaceful and empathic states of being, while in the chaos. We are hitting into the anti-matter fields and they are intense. Many people are losing their sanity or mental grip in reality, and the old energetic structures are starting to crumble in the world. This forces us to change, transform and evolve further, to move us into a new paradigm of higher thought and consciousness. If we can comprehend some of the reasons why this is happening, it gives us the strength, courage and endurance to keep centered and to discern the forces we are dealing with that are using other people or manipulating blind spots. It is helpful to see the force of ego operating in the person rather than thinking that behavior IS the actual person. Most of the time, it’s not the person who is consciously behind the negative ego or destructive behaviors, it is a dark force, attachment or entity that is controlling the behavior through their wounding, unbeknownst to the poor soul that is awash in the seas of chaos.

I hope this blog can serve as an informative topic to strengthen the context around these dangerous states of mind, to gain even deeper clarity and self-awareness that lead to total mastery over Ego. Ego Filters have to be kicked to the curb, they must go and we must be self-aware and become awakened in order to tell them where to go. This is not a delusional fantasy state of being or wishful thinking, it is finding the balance of practical and grounded behaviors in our every day that help our physical body to allow greater energetic integration to happen within the body, mind, emotions and spirit, while accepting the reality we have on the earth as it is now. This is digging into everything we have inside our core essence and refusing to stand down, refusing to succumb to negative thoughts, behaviors or attitudes of violence or terrorism to the self or to others.

The Ego is false, violent and inflicts terrorism, essentially destroying everything in its path. It has been co-created with Alien Mind Control technology and downloaded into the collective consciousness of humanity.  

The Christ Spirit is truthful, coherent and is the consciousness state of Perfect Peace and Love. 

As more people start to lose sanity from the downward spiral of unhealed inner violence that is held within the Ego Filters, the Controller medical system will start to organize its crusade against the human spirit, and it is important to know that. The medical systems position will be pharmaceutical, and their prime directive will be to medicate and anesthetize the nervous system and brain, which can lead to deeper forms of dissociation. For some people this may be required, as lower doses of anti-depressants or brain altering drugs cam serve as “water-wings” to get beyond extreme pain and mental anxiety, in order to function in high stress environments. As we know this is a band-aid solution that is short term and does not address the real issues of the soul trauma and mental fragmentation. However, staying aware of the NAA agenda to take total control over the human body's bio-neurology and being clear of this playing out in the 3D system, can be helpful when you are striving to be a conscious and awake human being.

There are a lot of challenging situations in our world that are coming into Energetic Balance and even though that shift may not look like restoring balance, because there are harmful intentions that are flowing into these lower energy fields, our chakras membranes are being dissolved to become free of these obsolete energies and things that we were connected to that were trapped in time.

We have understood the necessity of clearing out these lower frequencies from the Lightbody means being truly liberated from the Consciousness Traps in time. This process holds something relevant to the Second Death, with certain inhabitants of this earth. We have a situation that can go either way depending on the bifurcation that seems to be called the same thing, but it manifests in a different way depending on if you are on the arcing spiral or you are on the descending spiral. We come to the awareness that the Second Death is a dissolution of levels of the lower Astral body into the physical body, when these bodies are coming into a synthesized integration within the overall aura.

The Soul is the feeling part of the female aspect of God in ourselves. Everything in existence is either the female principle or the male principle. The Monad is masculine and the soul is feminine and in order for the soul and monad to communicate with each other, they must unify so they cease to exist as separate. They do become one, the soul and the spirit become one. Some people may call this losing the soul. I don't agree with that terminology because the soul is our higher feeling body, it is our feminine aspect in the Lightbody and because it merges with the spirit and with the body, it doesn't mean the soul is dying so to speak. It doesn’t mean the soul is being lost or fragmented. It means it is being integrated, it is being integrated into the Consciousness of the body and those membranes that were separate, cease to exist so that they might become unified.

If the person is on the descending path, this same process occurs but because they haven't done the masculine and feminine principle integration that is required in order to have a positive result of the Second Death, the second death for them is a disconnection or an implosion of the Soul body. Because the density of that descending arc creates a fragmentation, where the physical body and the etheric body of that person are unable to connect, integrate or enmesh with their soul source.

We have an interesting event happening on the earth during this cycle, with what could be termed the Second Death. Something that is very positive on the ascending arc, can be not so positive on the evolutionary journey of a human being who is on the opposite trajectory. Yet, we do know with Consciousness Corridors that when the body is dropped in this timeline, the rehabilitation and support to connect or build the soul body, will be taught about the eternal living structure. This information will be given to the consciousness, to the person so that they will be able to rehabilitate themselves.

This feels to be a very important milestone with what's happening in the cycle of the Magnum Opus right now. That schism or the bifurcation that is playing out in the world scape and recognizing that these lower first, second and third chakra membranes that were connected to first, second and third stargates are reconfiguring in us, and the particle spectrum that was being interacted with in our consciousness, this is going to cease to exist in the same way. This radically changes the energy foundation structure on the earth as well as in human beings. 

Many of us may have been experiencing collective consciousness processing or Planetary Miasma clearing more than usual because most of the collective consciousness is stuck on planet in those lowest dimensions. As we know, these are the primary areas of technological Mind Control. This is where the extremely low frequencies are sent out to the Unconscious Mind and so most human beings are still extremely reliant on what we call the false AI architecture, this mind control architecture that has taken advantage of siphoning out the lower energy centers. People who become completely governed by the Three Layers of Ego and remain polarized in their lower energy centers, without understanding if they allow that to continue, they are in bondage and servitude to the Negative Ego consciousness. This means they are also in bondage and servitude to predator mind Archontic Deception Strategy, which has placed this false architecture in these lower energy centers, that many people believe is their identity, when it's not.

The following information on Mental Anxiety and Ego Filters is the beginning of adding more clarity to our research. This is to stay on top of and monitor our own thoughts and behaviors, and to have some tools to support ourselves and others around us. During these end times of the Ascension Cycle, we need all the tools we can get to help people redirect their mental anxiety into healthier ways of being.

Mental Anxiety

The Ascension frequency shifts and the changes to the energetic terrain still remain largely unknown, ambiguous and confusing to the majority of the people on the Earth. Most anxiety is a result of mental confusion, when we do not have a proper evolutionary context of which to reframe our old beliefs, traditions, habits and their dying structures.

Imbalanced behaviors and negative mental attitudes are not tolerated in the new frequencies and if we have not cleared our ego to submit to higher forces, we are getting hammered by external circumstances which amplify these inner distortions. It may feel our world is falling apart, and that we are spiraling out of control. 

The Three Layers of Ego if uncleared, will manifest depression, obsessions, anxiety, mania and other brain dysfunctions when not integrated with the inner spirit, the Soul Matrix. This mental and emotional imbalance is referred to as Soul Fragmentation, the root cause is persistent negative mental thoughts created by an untrained and undisciplined mind. Mental Miasma such as thought or belief obsession can also be inherited and can be improved through clearing family of origin issues and ancestral healing.

One cannot resist the change upon the planet or fight against this massive transformational current without getting energetically pummeled. Everyone is feeling some level of this evolutionary change now. No matter who we think we are or where we think we are going - we must learn how to return to inner balance. Breathing and mindful meditation techniques can be mastered to release the mental anxiety. Learn how to shift the body into peaceful and relaxed states of being, even when in the midst of facing great challenges.

See Where Can I Start? and the Krystal Aegis section.

Ego Filters

Ego filters are Dead Energy Mind Control structures. We have become accustomed to the ego identity as a supposedly normal part of being incarnated on the 3D earth. These mind control structures (also used in companion with alien mind control implants) were inserted into the physical elemental bodies of human beings. This aggressively commenced as a hybridization and complete planetary infiltration of the Negative Alien Agenda approximately 5,500 years ago in the Sumerian-Egypt Invasion.

At which time this structure began a systematic DNA fragmentation and deterioration of the collective consciousness mental bodies. This obfuscated the individual’s mental body function relating to the control and awareness of one’s physical body and spiritual-energetic bodies. The collective race mental body and its individual ego filters are that which has interfered with the easier capacity to access higher spiritual-energetic intelligences, also known as our higher self.  It is important to understand as real as the Ego/Personality may feel as a part of our human identity; it is a dead energy structure of the reptilian predator mind. Continual use of dead energy structures to focus our consciousness and personal energies through will deplete all of your multidimensional bodies, and eventually deplete one’s inner spirit and life force. When this is not corrected it creates soul fragmentation damage and disconnection which allows that portion of one’s life force and body to be misdirected, abused or used by someone or something else.

See Where Can I Start? and the Krystal Aegis section.

May we hold gratitude and appreciation for the privilege of Self Awareness, understanding our own responsibility and accountability to strengthen our inner spirit, to acknowledge and love our spirit, and to protect the light and highest consciousness within us.

Many prayers of strength to all,


(Source: Ascension Glossary- Mental Anxiety and Second Death)